Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial for hooded eyes nicqui madden

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Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial for hooded eyes nicqui madden

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my channel Thank you very much for watching Today I have a look that I’ve done with the Natasha Denona “Sunrise” Palette Now I haven’t used any of the bright colours in there, I’ve really stuck to the golds and the apricots and oranges on this end of the Palette here. I would like to do a look with these really bright colours at some stage too Now the palette is a little bit smaller than her normal palette so the pan sizes are smaller, so it makes it more affordable So I purchased this from Sephora online It was 101 dollars I think compared to her normally you know two hundred and thirty something dollars from Sephora At the time I ordered it, I did receive it last week, it was only available online So today I’ve done a little bit of a gold cut crease for you so I’ve used a couple of different golds on my lid here and two or three colours in the crease and above in the transition area. So if you’d like to see how I achieved this, then just keep watching. Okay so I’m going to start out with my P.Louise base and on my P.Louise brush and I’m just gonna prime my eyes. Now I’ve already done my skin care products, my primer and my foundation and then I’ve just left the rest of the products to the very end of this video. So this is quite light – this is “Rumour 01” so it’s one of the very very lightest primers in their range. So all over and then I’m just gonna get my really lightly dampened Beauty Blender and just go over and just try and smooth that just a little bit more. Okay so the first colour I’m going to go into today is this real rust colour here called “Jasper” – looks absolutely beautiful. So I want to try and go for a gold sort of look today so I’m really concentrating more on this sort of end here of the Palette. So I’m going to go in with my Too Faced All Over Shadow brush which I love for packing on colour I’m going to try and do a cut crease today without that corner that I normally do so I normally go in and then create that outer corner. So just something slightly different. That is really packing on the brush; it’s beautiful. So once again just really relaxing my eyes and going in and just packing on that colour. Now I’ve been really inconsistent with my filming. I haven’t mentioned any of this on my channel as yet, but I do have a lot of problems with depression and anxiety and pain. I’ve got an injury in my neck and I also suffer from Fibromyalgia as well. So I’m not working full time now; I have a business and I used to work like ten to twelve hour days and even before that when I worked in advertising I was working ten and twelve hour days and going in on Saturdays as well. So I ended up with Fibromyalgia from that! The injury in my neck was from a whiplash injury from 4-wheel driving where I hit my head on the roof of the car. So I’ve really battled I think really since the birth of my first child which is nearly 23 years ago now It’s crazy how time flies! And really battling with the pain in my neck is just 20 something years worth So I go from almost manic – from being depressed to being really quite happy Out of a two-month period I can be depressed for like two weeks of that two months – which is not great! And then last Wednesday (I’ve been trying to get this Palette filmed for you for a week) but last Wednesday our dog died and she obviously was part of the family (really part of the family – she’s absolutely beautiful) and I mean she was she was actually my eldest son’s dog but she was mine as well! So we buried her last week and I mean I know that’s not a person but gee whizz – just really hits hard! I’m feeling very very very wrinkly today! So I’ve got that shape in there now I’ll ordinarily go down into that corner there so I’m just going to skip that today and see if I can do a cut crease without it. That’s really quite a true rust colour it’s

absolutely beautiful. So I’m going to go in with my Urban Decay “Contour” brush I’m just going in with a lighter colour – this one is called “Morgan” – so it’s an apricot colour there. I’m just gonna blend out the very edges of that colour It’s a sort of tap and pull sort of motion Right into that inner corner and right up into that brow bone there. So I’m trying to go just on the very edge of that colour. Now with my hooded eyes I do need to go up quite high with those two colours there which doesn’t leave me too much space underneath my eyebrows. But I’m going to go in with an E40 from Sigma and I’m just gonna go in with this very light colour here called “Morning” It’s a real peach sort of yellowy colour; and I just want to go over the very edge of everything – the last colour that we put in I’m just going over the very edge of that Okay cut crease – I’m experimenting with this brush here an Anastasia Number 3 which is a tiny liner brush; it comes to a little point. So I had a couple of goes doing a cut crease with that and it just seems to be a little bit easier. So I’m gonna give that a go. So I’m just gonna pop a little bit of the P.Louise base on my hand and then I’m just gonna saturate that brush and go in with that What I’m trying to do is actually just draw the line without actually pushing and placing (pushing in and pulling). So I’ve got to make sure that nothing transfers (because of my hooded eyes) – so I need to basically go in and map out where I want this to go And I need them to be both even, seeing as one of my eyes is worse than the other; or lower than the other. So I’m going to go in and basically just try and draw this in Because I’ve got wrinkles and my skin is old it’s moving all over the place; so it’s a real hassle and it’s very hard to do when you’ve got these kind of eyes; aging eyes. I think that might be a little bit easier. I might go in and try and hold my eye steady now and go back over it I think it’s a little bit easier! I don’t know how perfect that line is though! Sometimes I do videos and I just think “Why are you doing this Nicqui?” because it’s just not,really not working the way you want it to work and my self-esteem just goes plummeting through the floor. And then sometimes I think “oh look – you’re just as good as somebody else doing this so why not keep going?” You know! I know a lot of people don’t see my videos; I only get about 30 to 60 views on every video, but I do enjoy it. And I do know that there are some of my viewers out there – you know who you are – they watch every single video and do enjoy them – so that makes it worthwhile for me. Okay so I do think that that brush does make a little bit of a difference with perfecting that Especially like I said with that hell of a job that we’ve got with the eyes that just, eyelids that move all over the place all the time because of our wrinkles and our age! So yeah I think I might try and stick with this brush for a little bit – I think it does make it a little bit better. So what I’m trying to do is get up high enough so you can actually see the colour that I’ve got on my lid (with the cut

crease here) but actually still see those colours that we’ve put in. So with hooded eyes you can actually still see those. The battle is actually getting the other one to be the same. So what I’m going to do is just pat that off a little bit with that PLouise brush cause I don’t want you so much product on there. Just be ever so careful right in that inner corner there and right up where you’re going close to that line I want it to be tacky but I don’t want to be soaking wet either. I can feel that getting a little bit more tacky now on the brush here. So what I might do “Day Spring” which is that beautiful gold on the bottom there which is a little bit more coppery – so I might try and do the inner and outer corners with that and then go in with “Laurel” which is a little bit more of a true yellow gold in the middle. So we’ll see how we go. So I’m gonna go in with the Makeup For Ever flat brush with “Day Spring” and I just want to place that on the inner part of my eye here Okay so that gold is on – it is a real sort of coppery gold that one. Now like I said “Laurel” is a little bit more of a yellow gold – so I’m gonna going with that and this is a MAC 239 packing brush. And we’ll just go down the middle with that one and hope it’s a little bit brighter – just for a little bit of difference. You can really see the texture in my eyelids when I use a shimmer eyeshadow! Okay I’m not quite sure if I like it? As usual one’s slightly lower than the other It’s just so hard with hooded eyes and wrinkly eyes to get that line really perfect – so the struggle is definitely real Excuse me! So I’m going to go ahead and fix up the under eye and then continue on with fixing up this outer edge here with a little bit of concealer and the rest of my makeup Okay guys so that’s the finished look for today. I hope you like it!

I’m not quite sure if I do. I think I might try a gold look next time without a cut crease just with my finger as well and just some more neutral brown colours – just to see what that’s like. So I do like the Palette. I would like to play around with a few of the other colours here – there are some beautiful colours in here. There’s pinks and the yellows – it kind of reminds me of the Huda Beauty initial Palette that she put out. So if you like the look today don’t forget to give me a “thumbs up”, subscribe, click on the “notifications

bell” so you’re notified when I do upload some more content. I’m really thinking about doing a video on pain and depression and anxiety; so if anyone’s interested in listening to my story please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you So I’m really seriously considering doing that (on a day when I’m not too down)! Keep being the best version of you and I will see you in my next video. Bye x