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hi beauties and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you all about my Sephora beauty insider sale recommendations I know that I’m a little bit late but there will still be time for you to use some of my recommendations during the sale so if you’d like to find out more then just keep watching first let me say I had a little bit of a sound issue and I just recorded this video and I’m recording it all over again so let’s talk about my recommendations for this spring sale I will try to go in order of how I would apply this to my face so first let’s talk about primers I probably have recommended this primer in the past I’ve talked about it a lot in my favorites this is the YSL Touche Eclat blur primer and this is the gold one you can see gold flecks here in the bottle this primer has a lot of slip to it that silicone feel although I’m not sure if that’s in here but it does blur the skin but what I really like is the radiance and it gives me I do have it on today and I like the radiance and I just love how my makeup looks and even though I have combo skin and I get oily in my t-zone this does not make me oilier it doesn’t necessarily make me matte it’s going to give you a more radiant finish but it just looks beautiful and I love it this is my favorite primer it’s a little pricey and now would be a good time to purchase it another primer that I’d like to mention is an all-time favorite as well this is the tarte timeless smoothing primer base and this is the limited edition one and I have used quite a bit of it and I used this today in my t-zone area that’s typically how I like to use it although you could use this all over it does mattify it does blur like if you press it into the pores it will smooth over your pores it’s very similar to like the Porefessional except to me I think this mattifies more and I really like it it’s in a beautiful jar without the limited edition top I’m sure but it’s really really good and it’s the other primer that I would recommend to you guys I love this this is the Hollywood flawless filter by Charlotte Tilbury and it hasn’t been in my collection that long although it has been on the market for a while and I really like this I forgot to use this today I meant to put it on underneath my makeup I typically use it all over or sometimes I do use it like in my high points here underneath my makeup and I just think it adds a nice radiance under makeup but I have also used this product by itself if I was just running out to the grocery store and I wanted something to make me look just a little bit better than normal then I would put this on I think this is a perfect time to try something like this because it’s different and I think that if you didn’t buy anything else as far as a complexion product and you bought something like this that it would add something different to your makeup look and it’s worth trying right now foundations that I love 4 foundations that I want to mention one is not here I really love the Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation I think my shade is 9.5 it just always gives me a beautiful makeup look I’ve repurchased it before and will repurchase it again I always love how my makeup looks whenever I wear that I think that the tone of it is a little bit more golden and it just looks beautiful on my skin and I don’t care if anybody ever talks about that one I love that foundation but I don’t have it so I’ll pop up a picture is in my other home the other foundation I want to mention that is another Holy Grail foundation that I have loved for ever it was one of the first high-end foundations that I purchased it was a winner a lot of the things that I bought that were my first high ends they were winners I did good that was the Make Up For Ever HD foundation my shade is Y445 amber I think might be what it’s called I’ve been wearing it forever I have re-uped on it more than one time I don’t talk about it as much here but I still go back to it and love it it practically disappears on the face when you put it on it just looks so natural it looks great in picture and video that HD component high-def okay looks great I don’t know what’s in it it makes it look so good but it looks amazing it’s one of the best-selling foundations at Sephora if you search for foundations and you look for best selling this is on up there but you don’t hear people talking about it that much it’s one of those foundations that I think people go back to over and over again like loyal customers even though we may not be talking about it that much on YouTube everybody still wears it and I would be one of those everybody’s that continues to wear it another foundation that I have that I love that I discovered a year or so ago but it’s been out a while is the YSL all ours foundation it’s like a long wear foundation it feels great on the skin it feels like second skin and I only have to use one pump to get full coverage one

pump is all it takes and it just looks beautiful on my skin I wore this in my cover FX monochromatic bronzer video as well as the same day I filmed how to look 10 years younger with makeup video I filmed a video about that and I had this on and it was beautiful and when I wear it like I wore at home for Christmas this year my mom was like whatever foundation you were wearing was great what was that because she asked about it that’s how good it looks this one is a little bit pricier so now would be a good time to purchase this the shade I’m sorry my shade is B 70 mocha my final foundation is the Pat McGrath Labs skin fetish sublime perfection foundation my shade is 18 it’s a little bit light so if you’re looking for shade reference you may want to go a little darker I purchased it online so I did my best with my shade match so I could use a little bit deeper shade but I have it on today and once I add on bronzer it always looks great so I’m not sure if I will buy a deeper shade it’s in a frosted bottle there are mixed reviews about this foundation I don’t think everyone loves it as much as I do but I love it every time I wear it I always like how my makeup looks and it doesn’t do me wrong it’s expensive it’s more expensive than your average foundation that’s one of the reasons why I think people are like why is it so expensive but I can see a difference in my makeup I can certainly tell a difference when I’m wearing this in video and when I’m not wearing it I can tell the difference so it’s something about this stuff I recommend it and I think now will be a good time to try something like this because a little bit more expensive than foundations I love it and I like it so much and like the packaging so much that I just keep it in the box concealers I have lots of concealers that I love at Sephora but the ones that I want to recommend today I only have two that I want to recommend from Sephora today one is the NARS radiant creamy and this one is in biscuit it is one of those Holy Grail concealers that I have never been without since I’ve been wearing it I love this concealer it’s just a perfect everyday concealer it’s a couple of shades lighter than my foundation and this one is peachy in color so it’s good for helping conceal dark circles and color correcting so I really like this one it’s beautiful by itself but I also like using this Giorgio Armani concealer I can never remember the shade because the print is so tiny but I will link it below and this is a little bit lighter than this one so I also use this today just to kind of brighten a little bit more under my eye I don’t like to use this one alone because it doesn’t conceal my dark circles the texture and consistency of this one is great it’s a little bit thinner in consistency neither of these crease under the eye or get caught up in the wrinkles it doesn’t cling to dry patches these are beautiful and I love them so these are the two that I would recommend if you have dark circles you may want to go with this one but if you don’t have that problem and you just like a beautiful natural finish you will love the Armani powders I talked about these in a recent favorites and I don’t really have to spend a lot of time talking about them because everybody talks about Laura Mercier this is the translucent this is the medium/deep I like both of them I have them both on today I use this in my t-zone I use this in the perimeter of my face the medium/deep is just gorgeous on deeper skin you can use this in place of or in lieu of a bronzer if you have fairer skin these are just my favourite face powders sold at Sephora I also like Chanel that’s another one I love I like Huda banana bread and I like FENTY banana as well if you are looking for something other than Laura Mercier there are a couple of other powders that I’d like to try and some others that I have used there but these are probably my top three these are still the reigning queens I love them it is so late and I’m so hungry because I have not eaten I also want to recommend the Sephora Micro smooth powder this one is in bronze this is actually a powder foundation so you could use this by itself it is so great when you’re in a hurry and you want to get ready quickly this is beautiful and it just smooths everything it does exactly what it says micro smooth love it you can also use this to set your liquid foundation and it’s beautiful and I didn’t use it today but a lot of times I like to use it right in this area because when my highlighter is on top of this it is much smoother than when it’s on top of a loose powder this particular powder just adds a smoothness to my skin that is definitely noticeable I love this shade for powder foundation but I really would like to have it as a lighter shade to see how I would like it for setting under the eye that’s how nice it is and it’s a four collection so it is very affordable so I love this oh I have one more powder product it’s not quite the same as the other powders but I do want to talk about it in the powder family this is the ambient lighting powder radiant light and I have this on today it is like a finishing powder that adds

radiance it’s very subtle but not subtle how do I explain that I can always tell when I have on a radiant powder but it is subtle like it’s not gonna take the place of a highlighter but it adds little sparkles little shimmer little radiance all over your face so I like this one and this one is in the shade radiant light and I also like my lancome powder the loose powder I like that a lot too but that’s not sold at Sephora but this is so this is really great hourglass is not the cheapest products so now would be a good time to purchase something like this if you like something that adds a little something to your complexion and just takes it to the next level this is good oh I meant to tell you guys this to a puff that comes with the Laura Mercier is so nice like right here guys it is perfect like if you want to just take this shine down on your skin a little bit it’s great for that but it is just really pretty it just helps to really press powder into your skin so the puff would also be something good to add right now if you were ever interested in it because it’s on sale because there’s a sell there’s a sale since I’ve just mentioned a tool let me talk about a couple of other tools this brush by Tarte is also something I would recommend as a foundation brush I love buffing in my liquid foundation with this I can also use it for powder but I love this brush it is synthetic even though it’s lighter in color and I like the size of it it’s just large enough to really buff it in very quickly and smoothly and it is by Tarte and it’s like a bamboo I can’t remember the name of it but I’ll link it down below but I love this brush my favorite foundation brush these are two sephora brushes that I want to mention but I didn’t want to mention these too because I use them today and I really like them this is the I have to do this guys you know can’t see this is the pro airbrush detail 57 it’s smaller and then the other one is the pro flawless airbrush 56 it’s larger this one is really kind of like for foundation but I use it for concealer because it’s a little bit small for me and this one I also used for concealer so I use this one like to put the larger amount of concealer on everywhere you know and then I will use the smaller one to kind of get those corners that’s hard to get or you can use it for small spots here if you want to conceal a little marks this is also good for that any Sephora brush that I purchased I loved these two are very good this is another ridiculous brush guys this is the Surratt artiste face brush and it comes in its own little coffin and it’s just beautiful it’s really pretty it has like an ombre handle it’s amazing and I actually filmed a video on this brush recently this video will go up before that one but this is I’m not gonna tell you the price you guys look it up this is the most expensive brush sold at Sephora it is a squirrel haired brush and it’s amazing if you’re gonna buy this type of product now would be the time to do it it does just about everything like I used it today for bronzer you can use it for blush you can use it for powder it is so soft and amazing on the skin and it just causes everything to just meld into this skin it just looks your makeup application is just gonna be quite different than with other brushes and I do really like it but I’m not telling you guys to go out and buy something like this I got it with my employee discount because I have been eyeballing it and wanted it ‘m not telling you guys to buy it but now would be a good time to do it I’ll mention a quick brow product today I use this perfect brow I think that’s the name of this one by Anastasia Beverly Hills is usually this long but I’ve used it so much and I’ve just been trying to finish it before opening up my next brow product I like using the brow wiz most of the time but there was a point in time when I was wearing this little thing out and I loved it and it does sharpen and I typically don’t like pencils that sharpen but this one is made of a really good wood and so it doesn’t get eaten up by my pencil sharpener and it’s been great and it’s dark brown and it’s gonna give you a little bit heavier brow but this has been good as you can tell I’ve been using it also speaking of brows my favorite brow gel is the Anastasia brow gel but I also like the benefit brow gel as well but I haven’t purchased that one in a while so right now I have on Anastasia it’s not that expensive but it’s expensive for brow gel but it is good now might be a good time to to check it out I’m gonna finish the complexion before talking about eyeshadow let’s go ahead and talk about contour products because I only have a couple I’m pretty sure I talked about this last year this is Kevyn Aucoin look at it comes in this nice little velvet pouch and it is such a pretty package and it’s the smallest little product

probably in my collection look at it’s even that little tiny mirror but this is such a beautiful contour powder it’s the perfect shade it’s not warm it’s a perfect neutral contour product this one is the darkest one they have lighter ones if you like but it just chisels out your face really nicely I’m not gonna add more because I have on a lot of product but I did use this today with another contour product I like kind of doubled up this one is one that I might use if I want a softer contour but it definitely gets the job done and I did use it today to contour my nose here but really really nice it’s pretty pricey for this little powder but honestly if you buy this powder you don’t need another contour product it’s great by itself this little Joker does a lot this is probably the newest contour product that I’ve purchased in my collection I make up forever and I think that this one is the S118 but I will link it below along with the other products here because I love the highlighter and the blush as well but this contour is more red in it and it’s definitely deeper for deeper skin it’s deeper than my Kevyn Aucoin for sure so it just gives you a different kind of look and I really have been enjoying it and wearing it out so those are the two contour products let me say to you guys make up forever makes really great products but I don’t hear people ooing and awing over makeup forever anymore but every time I’ve purchased a makeup forever product I’ve never gone wrong it’s been so good you purchased this case by itself for a really small amount like two dollars and then you purchase the products that go inside and you can mix and match you don’t have to use the colors that I used they have other contour shades blush shades and highlighter and you can mix this up you can make it a complete contour palette you can make it just a blush palette a highlighter palette whatever you want that’s what I like about it but I also think that it may cause people not to purchase it because that makes you have to think about what you want to put in this and some people just want it to be done for them but if you have the time and the energy and you want to make your own personalized palette this is great I bought the trio but they also I think have it in a duo as well or just a single so whatever you want to do but I really like these products they have been so so good you know the bronzer queen so let’s talk about bronzer I would probably recommend this little baby every time that I talk about bronzer you know it it’s what guys the BECCA Ipanema SUN it’s a BECCA sunlit bronzer but the shade that I like is Ipanema sun it’s just this perfect bronzer shade for me and it’s hard to tell on my hand here can you see that there you go it’s warm but it just looks beautiful on my skintone and so I love this and they have any different shades I like it because it’s not completely matte it’s got a little bit of radiance to it and it just looks so beautiful on the skin I’ve loved it since the first day that I’ve used it it went straight to number one and has been there ever since so it’s my favorite love that one I’d also like to recommend panties bronzers the Fenty Coco naughty and Fenty Bajan Gyal did it get right I always get it wrong y’all know so Coco naughty is this one in this deeper and Bajan Gyal is warmer and I wanted something warmer and different so I picked this one there is a caramel shade in between the two I use this one the most and like this one the most but I also use this one it’s a darker brown this is warmer I have both of them on today but mostly this one I love these bronzers they are matte bronzers and they are so good and I like the shade selection I think there’s a deeper shade than Coco naughty if you have darker skin I think these are very much so worth purchasing another bronzer that blew my mind probably within the last year when I tried it is this one by cover FX the one thing I don’t like is the packaging it looks like a bar soap don’t like that but the powder inside is beautiful I actually dedicated a video to this product here on my channel if you’d like to see me testing it out this powder is so soft and easy to blend and then this adds like a radiance if you’d like to add that so you can either wear it all matte or you can mix the two together but it’s beautiful the only problem is that this is the deepest shade there are only two shades of this this is the darkest so if you’re much darker than me you won’t have a shade for you but if you are my complexion or lighter because there’s a lighter one this is definitely worth checking out I was on this kick for a while the final bronzer I want to recommend that you try out is the girl on Terracotta number 5 they used to have a number 7 I’m not sure

about an 8 but I think there was a 9 they discontinued their deeper shades I don’t think they were selling as well even though they were good too I used to have the number 7 I still have it but I repurchased number 5 because I wanted a newer one I’d had them so long and the reason I recommend this one is not only is this powder amazing but the packaging is just beautiful I think that when there’s a sale that’s the perfect time to purchase something that’s unique so a lot of the products that I’m recommending are things that are just unique and different and collectors items if you love makeup they have good products inside but the packaging or something about it is really special what it does like this ambient powder very special like this is special so I think that a sale is a great time to buy something like this and this is what the powder looks like it is earthier redder has a little bit more red in it then some of the others but this one is just beautiful and it was the first high-end bronzer that I purchased and I just love it and it’s not completely matte either it has like a little bit of a shimmer in it it is very fragrant so if you don’t like fragrance in your makeup you may not like this but the packaging just the way they made this case blows my mind and I love it let’s talk about blush and then highlighter these are new to my collection so I wanted to mention NARS blushes I think that NARS is known for having good blush I have orgasm as well I just don’t have it over here the regular orgasm and it’s very pretty soft beautiful pink this one is dominate and then this one is orgasm extreme they are very deep as far as their color orgasm extreme is not super deep anybody could probably use that one but it is darker than the regular orgasm then dominate is like a plum wine color and they both have a sheen see how those look like a glassy type of blush so they’re not matte they have sheen to them so they’re gonna add this radiance to your cheek and I think that spring and summer time is the perfect time for something like this and during the warm weather you like that dewy look not a matte look it looks healthier radiant so that’s the perfect time to purchase a blush like this I think so that’s one of the reasons why I selected these and it’s also because it’s new and I love things that are new to my collection so these are very very good and would recommend them I have one other blush that I’d like to recommend to you guys and this one is buxom wanderlust primer infused blush and this shade is mykonos and I purchased this a year or so ago and for the longest it was like the only blush that I would wear my daughter discovered it as well and I ended up buying her one because she was using it so much that I was like look here girl you gotta get your own let me swatch this one for you see this is more of a coral it doesn’t offer as much sheen as the other two I left them on there so you can see it’s not as shiny but on the cheek that primer infused still adds that radiance it doesn’t look matte on your cheek I think that this is like this perfect shade for me anyway but it’s a perfect blush shade that you could use every day you could buy this one and get by with it for a lot of looks so I really like this and I think everybody was going crazy over it when it launched and this is the shade everyone loved as well let me let me show you guys – same old Sephora coconut wipes and look at how easy it removes makeup these are also recommended and they’re affordable highlighter in addition to the one that’s in this make up forever I love that highlighter it will be linked below with all the make up forever stuff I also picked up cookie and this one is my benefit it’s very bright so if you have deeper skin than mine it be a little much it’s a little bit much for me like I don’t wear this one typically by itself I usually wear it with something else so today I have it on but I have it on on top of another highlighter because it’s so in-your-face when it’s by itself but if you have fair skin this would be great by itself I’m sure but it’s just one of those really blingy highlighters that it just adds a spotlight that’s just out of this world and I wish they would come out with more of a champagne color that would be nice if they do have that let me know guys let me know what it’s called this is really nice and it’s cookie by benefit these are all Becca highlighters if I had to tell you guys like my favourite brand of highlighters like where I haven’t gone wrong when I purchased it I

would tell you guys Becca and I’m getting ready to show you guys the magic so the first like high-end highlighter that I ever purchased with champagne pop thank goodness I wasn’t a highlighter wearer this is champagne pop after this I did look at this huh like it’s so smooth it’s so smooth this one is the Chrissy Teigen one and it’s kind of got a mixture of highlighter and blush and bronzer in it and I just swirl them together and still get a highlighter very soft beautiful this is like a rose color one but it’s very subtle I believe I like opal I have a little sample of opal and this one was like a copper shade that I used to wear his blush it was pretty as well so if I had to recommend a company I would recommend Becca highlighters whichever color suits your skin tone the best but they are like always a winner you can’t go wrong with Becca another highlighter that I talked about here on my channel all the time that is a little more expensive is the Dior Nude Luminizer and the packaging is pretty it comes in a nice velvet pouch here this one is nude glow the only thing is my compact broke after many many many uses and you can tell it’s in loved but I love this highlighter it looks a little bit like champagne pop right there but it is beautiful and see how beaming that is it’s so smooth on the skin and it is beautiful now I put it on top of my skin after I use that wet wipe so that’s probably the reason why it’s so in-your-face blinding but it can also be extremely subtle you can build it up to be very bold but it’s also very subtle on the skin I love it so so much so if you want something really special this Dior one is so beautiful the final product I want to mention this and the highlight of family is this Fenty how many Carats and the brush and I’m gonna put some more I’ve worn it out on my shoulder here though but it adds these diamonds how many carats and this is perfect for the body I love using this when I’m applying it to my body and it just adds glitter and it’s just beautiful but I have also worn this on the face and I use a Beauty Blender most of the time to get that shimmer on my face but it’s very different this doesn’t feel like a highlighter it’s something else it’s different so again I like recommending things that are a little bit different so this is perfect as we get to warmer weather because you can put it on your body when you go out and just add something different it definitely gets attention okay if you don’t like attention don’t get that let me talk about one palette that also has highlighter in it but it’s not really about the highlighters the palette so this is the diamond and blush palette and this one is citrus I have been forgetting to tell you guys this is citrus there’s another one that’s a little bit lighter but the reason I wanted to recommend this one is it’s on sale right now or at least it was as of yesterday and I actually bought it 50% off myself so it’s like 80 something dollar palette for 40 something dollars plus if you get 10 15 or 20% off you can really get this at a bargain price if you buy it now and it has like cream highlighter cream blush powders highlighters and this duo glow product I actually used it today it’s the cheek color I have is mostly this but I also put a little bit of the powder one on and then I used the glow extreme highlighter it’s the same one in the bloom palette too and it is so pretty on the skin so the highlighter alone is amazing but the blush is beautiful and it’s just the perfect colors for spring and it’s nice I like it so I would definitely recommend that you check out that face palette I’m loving this Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow primer this particular one I got in point perks but the mini is the only size that I have seen that they sell and I don’t know how much is in the mini I don’t know if this is the same as the mini but it only takes the tiniest amount for my eyeshadow looks like you don’t have to use much of this at all it is so good and I used it today it’s great now let’s talk about eyeshadows there are a couple of eyeshadow palettes that I will recommend that are not here they’re in my other home I would recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam palette that’s the only palette where I have hit pan in multiple places I’ve used that palette more than

any other palette ever it’s beautiful for everyday makeup but you could also glam it up even more so that when I definitely recommend along with a lot of ABH palettes I also recommend the Urban Decay Born to Run palette it was a favorite of mine forever I probably filmed more videos wearing that palette because it was so versatile and has so many shades in it so I also recommend that one palette that I want to recommend is also by Urban Decay I’ve realized that I really like the urban decay formula but I want to recommend the naked heat I bought this palette for my best friend for Christmas and she and her niece who also uses the palette love this palette they have deeper skin than me and this palette is a darker skinned girls friend it’s just like made for women of color I think but other people can use it too there are quite a few shades here that are lighter so it’s not necessarily just for women of color but it is one of those palettes that women of color will definitely get a lot of use out of I’m gonna swatch some of the shimmers just so you guys can see a couple here that I like these shimmers alone are just so beautiful and the mattes are so easy to blend and give such a beautiful look you can wear an all matte look it’s just a great palette I also like the naked cherry I’ve used The Naked cherry more than this one but I think people probably like this one better than naked cherry it’s just one of my favorites but both of those as well as the Born to Run are great Urban Decay palettes I want to mention these Sephora Pro palettes because they’re a little pricey this one is the warm palette I haven’t used it that much I probably got more compliments on my eyeshadow when I use this in a video I think was an October favorites video I did last year and everybody come in and on my eyeshadow to the point where I redid it you guys loved my eyeshadow and I was wearing this palette so it’s got a black it’s got beautiful colors and it’s got so many shades in it it’s very professional feeling it’s a beautiful matte black case but these are a little bit more expensive like $68 now it will be a good time to purchase a Sephora Pro palette I’m gonna have to get it back out I’m gonna get it on my vanity so that I can use it more I just kind of forget about it this is a Natasha DeNona mini nude palette one of the reasons I recommend this is because I think the quality of this little nude palette is so good you can do a full eye shadow look with this nude palette it has like a transition shade it has a deepening shade to add dimension and it has shimmers and these look more like what you would wear every day I actually will reach for this little bitty palette over a whole lot of other on a daily basis I love this palette it’s the perfect opportunity to try Natasha Denona without buying the larger palettes it’s great I also want to mention the Huda beauty desert dust palette it’s also another favorite of mine I just think that shades are very pretty warm I’m a warm person but those pops of purple and some of the shimmers are just definitely different duochrome colors I have hit pan and there is a little bit of a glitter here as well that I don’t really use but I know I couldn’t use it if I wanted to I also have a couple of the 9 pan palettes I like the nude one that I just bought this is just a very very beautiful palette I used it today to create the eyeshadow look that I’m wearing I used this palette and I just think that they blend very pretty and I love the color scheme and it’s just a fun palette and it’s $65 so now will be a good time to buy it on sale the final palette that I want to mention is one by Pat McGrath this is the Mothership 5 bronze seduction this packaging is busted but I think it’s so pretty that I don’t want to throw it away this is the packaging of the palette and it is just this beautiful black sleek color it’s very heavy duty and it’s the only palette that I have that has a beveled mirror you hate to even throw this away if you were in a hit pan it’s that type of palette that I would probably keep and just put it on display somewhere but it is so gorgeous my favorite color I believe is this red I wore this palette one of the prettiest looks like created in a favorites video last year sometime I had on a hat so you guys go back and find that when I head on like a Myrtle Beach hat and I had this red on and it was just beautiful and then I swatch the gold just now this is not an everyday kind of palette this is to me a palette that you wear for special occasions but you can get an everyday look like you could do these Browns and then maybe use

one of these muted shimmers on your lid and it would be very pretty but some of these are just not for everyday there not they did not made they’re just they’re made for something more this is more of a night on the town collector’s item type of pallet not necessarily for everyday if you’re looking for something that you can wear everyday and look amazing and not look like you’re doing too much go with one of the others that I’ve recommend it if you’re looking for a collector’s item this is easy I want to mention Pat McGrath lip liners they are good very creamy the only thing is I wish that she had a brown that was lighter than this one I bought two of her lip liners I bought this deeper brown which is ground control but before that I bought a different one that I can’t remember what the name of it is and it’s too light but this one is a little bit too deep for me but if you have darker skin than me you would probably love this it reminds me of chestnut by Mac and the other one that I like that I’d like to recommend is this Charlotte Tilbury one this is my old one I actually have a new one that I haven’t opened yet and see the brown lighter brown this is more my speed like it’s a more medium color Brown and this is deeper I wish that Pat made this color I used the Tilbury one today this is a lot creamier I have quite a few lip products mention let me go ahead and start with my more affordable lipstick brand this is Becca I love that it has the magnetic case and this particular color is a new color to my collection Blaze maybe is the color of this one and I like this color a lot but it’s fairly new I had it on in a video recently I believe and then I bought a new one I re-uped on this one is at my other home tulip and I like to look it reminds me of Spanish pink my time for then I’m getting ready to talk to you guys about in a moment but these are like maybe $24 I think these are much cheaper than a lot of the lipstick products that are sold at Sephora I think you would really like these becca lipsticks i think they’re creamy and beautiful i love them i bought a second one because i was wearing it every single day I like wore it out I loved it that much other ones I want to mention are very similar in color I have on today I mixed my Spanish pink so I’m getting ready to show you like that’s how much I have left a Spanish pink I need to buy another one I think and it’s like a fifty five dollar lip it was less expensive when I bought it like fifty three dollars that Spanish pink and look how close it is to the Becca and then I have twist of fate and I’m gonna put it beside the other color that I just bought oh my gosh I can’t believe it so that’s that’s twist of fate can you believe it I bought lipsticks that look practically the same this is my favorite lipstick formula it’s creamier it’s pretty I probably could touch up a little bit here do have on lip gloss on top we’re gonna talk about that too but it’s like the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever tried and I just love the Tom Ford formula so now would be a good time to try it but if that’s too rich for your blood I just showed you two colors that are the same they’re half the price half the price gloss is today I topped my lipstick with my Marc Jacobs sugar sugar this is my favorite lip gloss formula I loved like the color of this one it’s like a whiter color it’s lighter so it kind of lightens any lipstick you put it on top of I like the color I like the texture the consistency of it and they have a ton of shades so this is just what I like to use the top glosses but I have tried some of the other shades and I loved it I think I’ve tried four shades it’s great I also love hourglass in the shade child this is almost on empty so I really need to re-up on it I’m not gonna swatch it it’s beautiful it’s a beautiful pink peachy nude love this one on top of everything I applied this Dior lip Maximizer is like a clear lip plumper that I’ve been talking about so much but it’s by Dior it is clear but it gives you that plumping sensation I love it I have purchased it three times but it’s by Dior so it’s more expensive now it’s a good time to buy it by now you should go tell I love lip gloss other glosses are my Fenty gloss bombs this one is Sweetmouth it’s a new shade and this one came in a holiday set but it actually was still on sale for a long time after the holiday so they may still have the holiday set and there are four minis in it the gloss bomb just as this

juiciness to your lips I have the set of four and then I have three different shades of this larger one it that tells you anything I love it I have fussy I have the original shade and then I have this one I love it so good I have some skin care body care and fragrance really quick guys the one skincare product that I want to mention that I have been loving I’ve already purchased it again this is a new one the other one that I have is at my other home the first one I received in gratis and this is the drunk elephant la la retro whipped cream and it is actually one of the top selling moisturizers at Sephora I like to use this at night it has six rare African oils in it ceramides it says on here as well it’s so good and I love the drunk elephant packaging I hate the waste any but I’m going to just for you guys are so special so I like how you just press down and your product comes out at the top and it’s this really nice creamy moisturizer but it’s not heavy on the skin but I do like it at night over using it during the day but you could use it nighttime or daytime but I love how it feels on my skin drunk elephant has amazing skincare amazing skincare you guys know that I’m telling the truth right another product that I want to recommend is the bum bum cream or the bum bum cream by Sol de Janeiro the Brazilian bum bum cream and this used to be all the rage a few years ago and I need some more as you can tell but it smells so luscious it smells so good and has a little bit of a shimmer that when you’re in the sunlight and you put this on your skin you can see a little bit of the shimmer in it and it feels great on the skin the packaging is so cute and it’s just a fun product I love it also by Sol de Janeiro is the Glowmotions Coco Cabana bronzed glow oil this is the shade that I selected for myself it’s a glow all that you put all over your body it’s perfect for summertime it’s getting warm outside hopefully we’ll be able to get out interact with each other at some point it’s just gonna make your skin look great and it’s not sticky there are some other body oils that I tested in a store buy other brands that I felt were too sticky for me but this one is not too sticky and it smells like the bum bum cream here so love it and I would recommend that if you’re looking for a glow oil this is empty don’t know why I keep it around I think because I just want to remind myself to go buy it again this is the flower bomb by Viktor and Rolf I enjoyed this fragrance is a very sweet fragrance and whenever I would wear it out I would get compliments on it from me and they like flower bomb I think the reason I haven’t purchased it again is I got a bunch of them as Point perks and so I’ve been using those so eventually I will go out and buy that again myself purchased the bon bon fragrance by Viktor and Rolf as well and this one I just love the packaging and I think that was one of the reasons why I wanted it it smells similar to this one is sweet as well but not the exact same but I wanted this packaging in my room I just like it and I’ve used about half of it it’s really good as well I would recommend this because it’s beautiful and it smells good the other one that is new to my collection that I really like is this YSL Libre and I haven’t had it very long it is so good guys I talked about it in a recent favorites and haul video I’m so pleased with this fragrance so i also recommend this one as well concludes my video for today i hope that i did not miss anything if you are still looking for other recommendations you can go back and check out all of my favorites videos where I talk about different favorites I may not have mentioned them in today’s video and you can look at my previous recommendations video I love a lot of products at Sephora and we will be here for 24 hours if I talked about all of them so you can check out some of my previous videos if you are still looking for suggestions so I hope that you guys have enjoyed today’s video if you did give it a big thumbs up if you have any questions or comments leave them down below and I will respond and if you’ve not already subscribe to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave so i’ll be seeing you guys again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this is Savvy signing out