Tips for Spotting Legit Indie Cosmetics Companies

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Tips for Spotting Legit Indie Cosmetics Companies

I thought it was important that I come on here and I’m not saying that I need to defend myself or my company but pumpkin clean brought up a really good point about independent cosmetics and how you don’t really know who the person is that making your makeup you don’t know if you know their their practices are safe or if they’re being on the up and up with their makeup company but there are some kind of red flags and things like that that you guys could be aware of if you are supporting independent makeup companies I personally myself feel safer buying from independent makeup companies but I say that with a few restrictions the case I don’t necessarily think all independent makeup companies are created equal or I don’t think all of them follow the same safety standards of sanitation standards or even I don’t look a lot of them know what the ingredients they’re using are in their makeup I’m not saying the f to hear our God because they do a lot of things I don’t agree with as well they let a lot of things slide that I don’t necessarily agree with like letting cosmetics and different things like that and their whole spiel about getting rid of glitter I’ve talked about that in the video or two before that they are trying to take away glitter from a formulators kit or arsenal of ingredients and I just really don’t see how that’s going to work they’ve approved it for many many years and basically just saying get rid of all your glitter now it seems kind of like you know kind of the hot behind the times and i’m not talking about craft store glitter i’m talking about micro glitter cosmetic glitter they’re saying that we shouldn’t use that anymore at all around her eyes and they said it was safe for many years so that’s you know I have my own issues with the FDA they’re not always consistent they don’t always check everything the way they should they’ll crack down in certain companies they won’t crack down other companies especially with cruelty free statements and things like that so i always take what they say with a grain of salt but i do think as far as any other ingredient that the FDA doesn’t approve out i will not use in my formulations in this video i’m not going to be naming specific companies that is not what I’m about I’m not here to bash any specific companies the only company I’ve really openly come out against in the past was glitter sniffer and um yeah that was a whole nother Fiasco but um I just I don’t want to give negativity a power in my life anymore I kind of want to just inform and teach you guys as much as I can and then let you make your own decisions about companies I’m not here to ruin someone’s reputation or make them look that or anything but I feel like I do need to stand up for my company and my practices and the amount of research I do for my company it is a lot of work sometimes people think that running a cosmetic business is easy money or it’s very easy if you’re doing it the right way if you’re reinvesting back in your company you can’t make a lot of money to be honest most of my money that I’ve made goes back into my company to expand my lines to make new products to make things better for my customers so I mean I get to keep a little bit of that money for bills but most of my profit goes back into my business and I think that’s I feel good doing that because I know that I believe in my business I what I’m doing and I want to make the best products I can so not all companies are at the same page a lot of them are just starting out so you do kind of have to give them a little bit more slack but the same time there’s some basic standards and things that every company should adhere to you before they open up a shop you know my story with pumpkin and poppy I had talked about starting the company last December it was like an idea that I had in my mind and you’ll might remember it took me until about late July early August before I even opened up my company or started selling product and that’s because i was researching I was saving I was trying to do it the right way and learning all the techniques I needed to know learning about sanitation it took me a good six months to get to that point so it does take a lot of time to to run a cosmetic company in a professional way you do need to make sure that what you’re selling is safe there’s no excuse for anyone selling an unsafe cosmetic item or selling an item for a purpose that it obviously wasn’t intended for the ingredient and a good example of this is neon colors now I’ve seen a lot of

companies independent companies using lake dies in their formulas whether they list them in their ingredients or not you’ll be able to tell a lake die on it’ll be a matte neon color so Micah’s are different they’re their mineral particles that are treated with you know different color ranks and dies and things like that they’re like a separate entity that cannot be absorbed into the skin they’re basically just like a mineral that’s coated with a pigment so they’re on a different standard than Lake dialect I is just a straight powdered I that can be absorbed into your skin so a lot of the issues that people have with like dies is regarding their lead content um the FDA allows a little percentage of lead in products to be approved and you know lead is very dangerous to use in cosmetics and I I know it’s kind of a necessary evil sometimes but there’s also another stipulation that those who aren’t formulators may not be aware of independent companies independent brands like like me for example I’m not allowed to formulate with Blake dies they go through what is known as a batch certification so when your makeup supplier my main suppliers our DIY cosmetics and TK be trading which are cruelty free wholesale suppliers that’s where I get the majority of my ingredients from they they have someone come and do a batch certification on their leg dies in their shop when they open up those bags and portion them out and sell them to people they are no longer batch certified so you as a cosmetic formulator and not allowed to sell them on for retail you could use them and your own products you can use them for yourself as long as you’re not making money but you’re not allowed to resell any items with those ingredients in them so that’s a reason I don’t make bright matte pink colors or bright matte red lipsticks because i don’t use carmine and I don’t use like dice and it’s not just a matter of the lead I’m not allowed to buy the FDA to use them now there are some like guys that are safe again that’s up to the FDA to decide that I guess or up to you is the consumer what you believe and skin deep I’m going to link to some web-sites us can check out so you can check out your own cosmetic ingredients and do your own research and decide what you believe in I’m skin deep calm is a really good website with lots of scientific information on Kozma ingredients so you can kind of do your own research into the into those areas but yeah I’ve seen specific lake die colors that you can’t duplicate any other way I’ve seen um non I safe colors being marketed as I shadows like if you see a bright matt neon pink I’m not talking like a you know a Barbie pink I’m talking about like a neon bright pink that is not approved by the FDA to be used on the I in particular that’s one example there’s a lot of different ones though I suggest you do some research into Lake dies and different colors to to avoid if you see those from an independent company and the UK does have different standards they actually do allow some neon colors in their country and in their area like I know I’m sleek has some they’re on pallets they have some neon colors and that’s because in the UK it is actually legal for them to formulate what those colors but not in the u.s. like I do trust some companies that use them like Morgan is Victoria I know they use like dies but they are a larger company so maybe she does have someone that batch certifies her her life dies I have no idea but I’m just saying if you’re not hundred percent sure on the company and they’re using those particular colors and there were smaller company just that’s something to be aware of number two thing I want to mention is ingredients ingredients are all important on if a company is not listing ingredients for every product on their website they’re hiding something or they don’t really know what’s in there make up one hundred percent and you also do have to include like the official and I NCI names like you have to actually instead of just saying castor oil you have to actually say the scientific name and then castor oil in parenthesis like there’s a specific way you have to word that and I know a lot of newer companies don’t know about that I you know I learn I to learn on the go how to do ingredient labeling because it is kind of confusing but that’s how I label all mine now I do the end yet I do the I NCI labels and I do them by standard by their standards and it’s not just about listing your ingredients your ingredient list should

go in descending order meaning from the most the least in your product so that’s why it does take me a long time to post and list up items because I have to go through my recipes I have to figure out which one has the most in this formula that’s number three you make sure you avoid repackages um the main company that people get their ingredients from and I do get my ingredients from as well is TKD Trading’s um the owner has swatches on each mica pigment so you can tell if someone is just using that color without mixing it with any other Mike guys or oxide or titanium dioxide or any base powders you can tell by looking at the swatches on the site not saying that all colors can be a hundred percent original because colors are colors like there’s going to be similar colors in all lines just because that’s that’s how that is like you need to make certain colors and yeah but you want to make sure that most of the colors are unique and special and not ones you can find on basic wholesale sites and when you look at the ingredient list you want to make sure that they are listing base powder ingredients so not just like our kale and clay or some very basic ingredients like if they’re I shadow only has about four ingredients in it it probably isn’t going to be a high quality eyeshadow and it may be repackaged just because um for any given eyeshadow I probably use about 10 to 12 different items different Micah’s iron oxide ultramarines um titanium dioxide boron nitride for for the creamy feel or adhesion magnesium stearate magnesium mystery to hold the color and make sure it doesn’t oxidize or you know absorb into the skin so if they only have like four or five different ingredients listed they probably are repackaging or they don’t know very much about eyeshadow formulation I’ve also seen some some sites that just repackage like they’ll buy makeup from a really cheap wholesaler and then they’ll just stick their stick their label on it or something or pull out their own I have no problem with sugar pill sugar pill hires a lab to make make their items for them and I totally think that’s fine if you have the money to do that as long as you have creative control of the company know what’s going in your products and you’re not you’re making unique products you’re making products that are completely your own creations that’s totally great I’m glad that she can afford to make those and I I totally respect our company and trust her company but there are some there are some companies that just buy makeup from a wholesaler and then just to stick their label on it and they don’t have them creative say and the product they don’t they had no real part in making the item and they just buy it and then resell it for a higher price and for me like the point of an indie makeup company is so you can find more unique colors so you can find things that you can’t find in the grocery store in the drugstore add a makeup counter like their unique colors that only that company has so so that’s something to be aware of as well um I just make sure that you don’t find those items on a really cheap made in China kind of site like I think it’s called alibaba com they sell a lot of those kind of like wholesale makeup items that people were a package looks too intricate to be homemade it probably is because making cosmetics by hand is so difficult like I pressed I pressed my own eye shadows and it’s a learning process like it is very difficult it’s one of the most difficult things I’ve done as a cosmetic form here and to make pattern in a product to make them really unique and bold and make impressions and do all these things it does take a lot of work and i’m not saying that an independent company can’t do that i’m sure they can but it does take a lot of time takes a lot of work if they’re selling it for a really cheap price like I just that it’s kind of weird with me because you’d have to charge for your time like it does take a lot of time to make pressed items and things like that by hand sticks as well those are very hard to make by hand and if a company doesn’t seem completely on the up-and-up like they’re not listening ingredients for their other products they’re not listening ingredients for that lipstick those are kind of things to be wary a non-jew like the good stuff to look out for if a company is making a wide variety of products not just making eyeshadows but they’re making like foundations blushes cream products liquid products they’re making a wide range of items and leucine high quality like that’s a sign of a competent company that it really does a lot of

research in the cosmetic formulating and there are companies that you use melton core basis meaning they buy their bases pre-made and I don’t really have a problem with that but I do think that if you do use a premade base you probably should let your customers know I personally make all my own basis I make my own um Molly’s lips for example I make my own lip on base for that and it takes a long time like I do it all by hand I have to do it like it’s a double boiling method on my stove and I have to do it like for very slow prolonged periods of time sometimes I’ll use my my the wave as well but I try to be really careful with that to you you don’t want it’ll get gritty if you if you have that high power in your microwave and you’re not paying attention and you’re not stirring it and you’re not you know going in 30 second intervals like that’s just something if someone can do that well like their own with their own recipe with their own ingredients then you know that they’re on the up and up and out there doing um to me the companies that really stand out are the ones that try to do a wide range of products and yeah another thing to look out for is customer service now another reason I like a lot of independent companies is because if I have a question about something I can contact that person and they’ll get back to me within a day or so or you know even before they might get back to me the same day and that’s why I like independent companies with a bigger company um you might be waiting to three weeks months even more or maybe they’ll never get back to you on your question so that’s something i really like if if an independent company um is really slow in getting back to you on certain things or they’re not communicating with you if there’s a problem with the order or things like that if they’re not communicating that’s the sign that they might not be that’s a sign that you might want to be wary of that company independent businesses really they know their customers are so important and they do everything they can to make them happy I have in my store policies that you know if an item lost in the mail I’m not liable for the item but nine times out of ten i will resend the item anyway like that’s just how i am because i really care honestly like my customers happiness is so important to me I do everything I can to make products you guys want that’s why I try to know on my facebook i try to ask what you guys want to see what colors you want me to keep in my permanent line what collections you want to see I honestly really care about my customers and your feedback is so important to me so the only thing to be aware of is the company that can’t take constructive criticism I look to my customers to help me grow to help me my products better and you guys are giving me suggestions to make my items better and I appreciate that I think that’s great no problem with that whatsoever I want honest reviews I want I want honest feedback and that’s why I don’t really give out that many of my products for review I have like a blog review pack so you know we each are investing a little bit of our own money into it so you don’t feel like you have to you know kiss my butt or something or you don’t you can tell you can tell people exactly how you feel about the item because you are paying for it and then I know what you’re saying is true as well you’re not just sucking up to get free product or something like that so I’m guess i will give some free items to some bloggers that i really respect or that i appreciate their feedback but it’s it’s really rare that i do that i really will only do that for like really close friends or people that i really trust and respect so but the blog review pack is open to anyone that has an active beauty blog to make videos anything like that it’s open to anybody so I’m not leaving anybody out of that so I’m I’m not bashing anyone like you know but there is some basic hygiene like you need to take care of your parents need to present yourself in you know a professional way um if you have a beauty blog or a beauty channel you should be using your own products on yourself to show how they look how they wear and you should be proud of what you’re making this should be sharing that and using those items and that’s why I use all my own items on my channel and every day like most of the makeup I had is makeup that I make myself because I’m really happy with it I don’t really feel the need to go buy more makeup because I really like what I make obviously like I make colors I want to see and I make products that I like their texture I like how they feel on the skin so that’s something to look for it is the person representing their line if they have a beauty blog are they using their products are they swatching their items are they showing how to use them and look

they totally have good pictures do do they talk clearly and concisely about their procedures their products what’s in their products why why they use certain ingredients in their items so that’s something to look out for as well a shot policy section meaning they have their business plan mapped out really well they try to answer any questions in their store policies so that everyone’s on the same page everyone knows what’s going on that is really a good sign of like an intelligent company if they have really well thought out shop policies that is very helpful and just to make sure they’re not copying them from another website or another person you want to make sure that that it’s their own statement but it’s very clear concise and lays out their policies so there’s no compute want to make sure that the company is okay with showing you where they make their items I’ve made a video before showing my studio and where I work I can like that in the down bar if you guys want to check it out I just I work back here on my my studio table it’s the designated table that’s only used for cosmetic formulating and packing like one sides dedicated to packing orders and the other side’s dedicating to actually making the items I always wipe it down with one of these handy disinfecting wipes every time I make something it gets like the table gets wiped down with that I either lay down paper towels or saran wrap after i clean the table I wear vinyl gloves because I don’t want to it up I know there’s people that are lurch to latex so I use vinyl gloves every time I formulate and I have a giant boxes and if I’m putting labels on anything or anything like that after i pack the items i always make sure i wear hand sanitizer when I’m touching any items when I’m you know packing items in the envelopes things like that i always use my trusty hand sanitizer so um you want to make sure that whatever company is out there is willing to show you where they work I’m going to show like how they do things and it’s willing to answer any questions up front you know no hesitations on answering any questions so um I hope this video helps you guys and I know that there’s a lot of independent makeup companies out there and while there are some bad seeds and there are some companies that you need to be wary ax there are a lot of really good companies as well that really do care about their customers safety and I honestly I buy a lot of independent beauty products and bath and body products and the quality is outstanding on the items I i purchased because of new research I research the companies before i buy from them I am usually a hundred percent satisfied with the items that I use them right here I go through a lot of them that’s why I have a big box of them you another good way to tell is usually website to pop customer feedback or like Etsy or artfire will have like the amount of sales and then feedback like comments and things like that from customers that’s kind of the next way to tell their rating in their spores is a good way to tell on customer satisfaction you can google their name and see if there’s something negative reviews on the company if there was anything that wasn’t dealt with professionally by the company you usually can find the information with you google it so you know just take your time research every company before you buy from them and you know kind of stick with ones that people favor usually favorably review or enjoy and you know not because they’re paid to or because they’re sent items to people that actually just buy the items and then are happy with their purchases so yeah I hope this helps you guys and I know that it’s daunting and hard to know we were to purchase from and I’m not saying that like my company is the only the only really good independent make the company i’m not saying that but i’m just saying i do think about all these things and i do really care about what I sell and I do care about my workspace and making sure I do everything correctly and that’s that’s why it does take me a long time to to release collections to do restocks things like that because I have such a thorough process that I have to go through Megan item so if you guys have any questions let me know I’m not here to bash any company than that here to be unprofessional that’s not what I’m about I just thought I should address this issue because I care about your eyes a safety and I want to make sure you’re using safe items