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Tootell & Nuanez 102.9 ESPN Missoula Live Stream

this is a modern six, we understand and how the entire dollar minimum opening deposit or four of six checking account offers fre smoking is just a click away stop by the marketing of patience and-you’re-skill level of [email protected] 2020 with the SS laught injuring a Saturday night send their five Kissinger slapping an All-Star sale from nine victory that said Dr. River outfitters a into the street, and the purpose of the visit is to refresh in a relationship that is now in its eight C-Costa Rica Monte Chris I have a Dr. Stephen hardy year from northwest plastic surgery associates Dr. Harry it seems like seeking surgical or noninvasiv and been able to hide this. You must-have SMS has some one know what kinds of procedures are best for their loans, if you have a will enter the matters without the knowledge in the wake of going out and CAA tournament brackets into my online or you can get 11-paradise and paradise falls ESPN radio for Western Montana KTVU and Stephen lee Stevens mail and one of 2.9 FM 1 to 75 ES has least 4:00-222-1 S-C-wife S, 2.9 ESPN radio from Western Montana and across this state, as the U.S. television time for a while if the one-half 111

of them looking to stay on top of the big sky conference tonight it is to tone was 1 to 90 ESPN radio as WX Montana television o east opportunity bank your local bank your opportunity if one pick up your phone and call you can do that as well 329189 on the or all if you are a plane along home because they start this tournament on Monday in Boise gets going very early in the week so Tuesday Wednesday will have the semifinals than the two teams and a championship one Thursday off to play championship game that are in are in the tournament next week so congratulations to them also Montana State senate in new are a school record with 15 c goldman’s across season is rolling and a Montana’s play a very very well in fact they had a bomb believable game this past weeke a sticker of talk a little bit about Boston as I have some questions of some Boston questions for my body talker are at the top place huge matchup tonight against the only team to the grizzlies have not been yet this year with been in the covers such as th as well as Arun show out with a Coulter plaza to see a nice little tram you got there looking very dapper ice chunks is a compass bar showcase of which your book and th Coulter the lady graves one last night and in fact one pretty convincingly 15.63 other got over Northern Colorado and not win coupled with the Southern Utah lost you know they were and are serving as a two team a race for that sort of fourth bill for all the OPS and ousted this team is gone through this year and at times play really well at times planned inexplicably bad are they get it done when they needed to have it and they are the OK go on a Southern Utah exhale a little bit and prepare themselves for next week and not having to play Monday is absolutely massive I think no matter w I remain slightly skeptical but the the user to require for closing scenes season strong or three game winning streak now they twirls was our mothers of which is a good win last two are wins and that they were expected to get a pistol and got it done became the Johnson deserves it, credit for last night she was outstanding especially early she sparked a 17 month with the ship 12 points either where she made the basket were assisted on the bucket during the 17 at the Rancho shoes plan like a senior control the te last night in the league of

most of the best teams in the league were on the road and most the best teams one which it did all their coaches and be very happy that they are able to get Burbank road wins going i and so here we are we’re one game left a play about all the seats on the women’s side are determined Montana State so that the o but I know some of the number two seed last night Idaho state’s up the three leaders and four brothers or as the five I think the only two seats that are sewn up right now it’s between eight and nine: state if I’m not mistaken their league schedu so we can know where we’re at here so that it’ll be interesting to see how shoestring manages the game Saturday it’s not really four much on state women’s place Sacramento State tomorrow citizens malls and no one has done right-wing post a a thing for the eighth seed basically right in and so the Southern Utah Montana game now was not much consequence to insult on a going to turn off for game winning streak including everyone back the road games four major roster spare Melissa rotations and DC were at a meeting that and not let it all hang out against so you talked to knew is already in their spot two but this can be sober and senior night overbeck the cardinals won tha are I would I would be in management mode, and so would a thing and what I say management mode when I mean is this you have to go into any basketball game and you know said the starters for something like that in and display your straight bench for the whole thing as if kids are playing but also I cannot wonder I would not understand if Mackenzie Johnson played certainly into the 30 minutes and maybe even over 25 and I actually expect to see well but I don’t expect as a caller a consensus or she doubted but IIII just don’t understand why y it wouldn’t I was very seriously thing about somebody like Kirk maybe do you do take the night off to knock you know are a lot b that amount of time off and even a little bit more so it’s not as if it’s this weird extended We’re not having played a basketb it will the songs and issued in plato’s of the body their weight system that’s a pretty normal terminate four days the differenc to play Northern Arizona and even though the DNA you twice I use a very good basketball fan and you doesn’t have to play Friday so you know I think that that I may not all all of my prep work as coaches coaching staff would be about more than Arizona I mean you wanted to look out there in Southern Utah and say something on the border whenever but this guy would be watching an AAU fel it’s not even eat it is absolutely about Tuesday ’cause if you don’t win the game you go home but taking Friday off isn’t about the game itself Tuesday it’s about the fact that if you try to get where you want going to be and I think you are preparing yourself as best you can to go as far as you can in this tournament not just for one day on Tuesday but four you know Tuesday was as Friday so that that would be my mentality not all know how many people’s expect a lady grisly plan on Fr and so you prepare fourth abroad that you’re about to go one physically even as you prepare for just one game mentally DOS I make sense to me nuts, what I my Aunt Emma Southern Utah thing we’re here to play well we’re here to get better and as we get better than a week that means we are to play well I were to get a

and I am going to an end and everybody’s gonna play and we’re gonna mixes Singapore to have fun with the only source of one celebrate on the floor that we are the four seed in the to be as 25 minutes or less or not all the facts are that would be my fault up right now big sky Constar com and later on the students transfer 17 are calm long for story again for the big sky all about the history of the term in terms of top season on top seeds when determine some of the teams and gone on runs and got hot at the right times this is a cynical sites I started it’s been mostly top seeds that have won nothing but there’s been some bracket busters specifically the Southern Utah man and the IOC women have been the team’s of Boston brackets the most in, first round right away in a couple games knocking out instance of a listed head coach of Idaho State for this story and to paraphrase one of the things that he said was the reason I think the week at success in the tournament is that you don’t want change what you’ve been doing he said player and we put in a terminal symptoms of the message and then for teams are playing the first as opposing teams actually run for by your rhythm you know to expect you don’t wanna change what you’ve been doing the gotcha po great response poorly grits they get destroyed in Bozeman and it’s a second straight loss and the sword hanging by a thread and can go either way ended their down 10 after the first quar good SAC State team and the old road and the band one of the losses which were only homely glasses and the Northern Colorado so and the pilot Mackenzie Johnston does she need a rest I mean this role is played, that’s listed them that she has played 24 games were seized by 40 minutes or mo now when a statement without weary body out she doesn’t get worn out after she doesn’t come out of the gain share a stretch last so I don’t know if you really do want change things I think you display how you can plant and try continue to play an even plane and year out bigger down big then you start to manage the minutes by the figure on the day with a strategy mention its yacht I would I would I would be to let me say it like this but is it isn’t playing an owner Rena like Southern Utah it’s great prep for planning the neutral court yet the minutemen that a fair point that could be and II should also be clear whe the coaches know their kids they know what they’re capable of the kids remember having conversations to traders are having cover get as much press is she can and Mckenzie Johnson me we’ve an answer how you know how do you play all the minutes to play and sh as much as she’s played which is basically all the medicine she can play there’s only one time or you’re playing if it goes well three games in four innings and there’s a very real possibility she by 1 you to come down to what our you don’t we don’t know what the second half in the championship game looks like for her on the end of that run and so to me I t to two more questions than one Montana plays no Arizona Montana swap folders on the Montana sweep of Northern Arizona is the best set of wins leaders have this season no question Montana

was struck by the state they were struck by another shot the Montana State so the team in the standings and has been the best role to two leaders that they battle success against Northern Arizona to you by the notion of it so hard to beat a team three, the little effect statistically just not true that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that this is an absolute: flip its good returns of this particular it’s such an interesting matchup bill because what do the leaders have in a special and jay Pickens as ago much again on Thursday in strollers on last week will this year’s league me look at Montana State their planned basically position was passed ball with the exception of their two primary ball handlers and in lanolin squires conferees use plain the 3 to 4 define all at once they switch everything on defense market and are sometimes of the garden of fo : are now told Smith on Frigidaire all kind of like that they all are certain interchange CIA and a scan of allegiance to any of bids as much as they are rendering power forwards lee Grissom a couple have actually true) xavier’s is open to the truest room p that’s the part where of Montana such a measure any you kiss was a huge you input for round one critter sheet is a first volley but she’s 45 inches shorter than jimmy Pickett that that’s why she was held scoreless until third quarter and sold because of th and so I think that even though anyone Montana had been relatively even in terms of who they’ve beaten who they’ve lost to the what their records are senior at Montana actually has the match up engage in the skein of that said it’s a huge game for Montana that is both a smooth as a mostly wins in history their program already this is already won a great years they’ve ev Albanians this came in terms of the few truly desperate as as we not change was in contract year they have done I think that the minimum what they needed to do that Gotta buy the best the ones seven record against the Looms larger think but the fact that they’re going into the tournament with a buy as a top five seem to think that helps fully grist but to me I think they need to prove that they can win a game on its core if you if the Lakers lose this game will no I don’t think the change would come back to really about that and that’s why pressure because because I was thing about this last night when they won loss of a thought to myself t can have some can not 10 not give her a one year contract to get to me like absolutely if you’re gonna keep earth did you go all and we’re going three years were doing the thing that were goal four with a stick in a special concern the roster situations will she get two or dollars on the roster since U.S only pistols owes us as a sort of a so I don’t think there’s like the middle spot where you go will let’s see if they get much from this back one more, much scope i you were extended for one year as I consider a sickly it’s like prove it yes yeah I think that I’ve been very critical in this program certainly held fully admit that up because of the just the

confluence of disaster that was the first two years with the injury situation and a friend ever know how was going to go but all games in other words if I don’t think this is mystery about winning or losing upon determining the future this profound athletic director Montana und I’m watching the way that the game is coached in Boise us that it’s a close loss but it was a well played hard played game and you lost to a team has basically the same recor were you just know that when you lose the Southern Utah that’s where it goes awry will not lose in the Southern Utah they would the lady gray is everybody says that you know OK you can’t you even can play in the shadow were the memory of Robert solving and the program and You were hard pressed if you can do little to find a better situation for women’s basketball I mean obvious edu kong’s of the world south carolina’s I did a large role in Texas and as either a dozen or, in Oregon outside 810 programs that that have always are seemingly always been a show me a better situation where you’re advantages are so much gr and so the fact that the team a short flight to show greenness has played well down the stretch that salt to their credit of four seed in a season where Weber state is on Asia will 15th game losing streak and has one win without an Eastern Washington has two so everybody that’s no , senate and house down to tournament time what it’s called the invoice events of the knots and that’s why I remain slightly ske there’s literally no seniors on the top five teams except for on the Montana schools as the fund wars is the only senior on the on the starting lineup that I think two seniors are both grant ranchers to come off the bench but that’s it down the kit Idaho I can ever remember which quicker sisters which bought one of the two craters sisters until from Fairfield Montana believe lazy bought one of them as a senior but says that no seniors Idaho leaders and you don’t have better players whereas Montana has three seniors with us as five seniors with what the team with five seniors is that about run roughshod over the league so in a bitter since it as I do think that even I still think that Tuesday is an enormous game for the program 1% agree to tone was 1 to 9 ESPN radio on the other side were gonna set you up with tucker Sargent oversize it comes in here box a lacrosse and maybe even a little Boston why welcomes from Wilmot Austen but the northeast Joel counts sold it with them, third in the back with the Quakers to the senior of the two finishers. The title bar girls and go that’s where you wanna go if you Gotta play CD to stay if you wanna have a great breakfast aid of 40 there if you are have a RR it’s basically got everything you need whether you’re traveling or even in Western Montana already need a great place to go set and it is tournament are right now march madness is about to be up losses tournament time for high school groups as well western suffering are you deter sports superstars out there or parents a feature sports superstars

with the season but that descending upon Mazzola between a man of the month of its basketball volleyball hockey records were pla posted a great practice which is a three option for all guests of the weekends are bucking fast solely about when encourages you made by women will make you feel home and when you’re not YIMBBMIFEDNSIDSFSNSFSSIESDST D’s ISLCDFYIDMEITNFILLEYI, E, LSAIDDAMFLEESYSFICAIEIFIBMFYILSM IFYIFI if the average is what you remember the warmer weather means more for the honor that whoever slow down residential areas because Ke the higher their lives where Schwab alignment of rates charged wheels and tires some tired places don’t offer all that, we do to as 11,000 raise about one of the greatest basketball superstars of all time when Fuhrman 50-state has more gentle started his ca folder gracious mercy and thank heavens it is time once again for the ANC to a men’s basketball tournament it is here and you an their number four seed heading into a lazy next week was alone in the second game of Tuesday’s quarterfinal action over Jacksonville at home state last night the third straight loss 117 PM

if these ESPN-was-in-my-stuff FFFFFFFF-F G’s lasted FL PF Food and fuel University of Montana lacrosse head coach and friend tucker Sargent high boys and girls to tone was 1 to 9 ESPN radio a study which Montana television outstanding to be w be with you and a select finals on pointer is to grab all the stuff social media’s you do act us to tell at 1 to 9 ESPN announced on sports those are your brawls and handles about that we welcome and former host of to tell a talker and longtime head coach the University of Montana lacrosse team for player of the very same lacr a good to see a bond welcome in here we wanted to Ladue where I know what a third of the way to the season half of some like tha are Montana is 43 right now and that is are a little bit of misleading because you guys have played a bit of a schedule in the country thus far in your nonconference schedule in terms o driving like always all over the earth are in the Boston Edison osco and Pullman for the for the two were there this weekend day, the Washington State but wh is a feeling it’s a very good plays really actually will unite it so it’s hard to release a winnable role on whether do well with them and I mean it’s so interesting to me where we are 50% of our rosters freshman there are a lot of very new young players getting playing time and if you ask me at the beginning of the season near where where do I think people would be RI think Iraq but the losses would be an extreme in and of victories closer rather that are you know that closer where outcry did and what it’ of freshman goalie me know if the city name one of the most important position on I would’ve been a little more tepid coming in, but it’s a it’s an interesting group that works really really ardent they’ve all I think that when you look at us matched up against the bigger did the team’s animus currently that in the latest OP: just came by a large margin and a you’re completely brightening are out of conference schedule as large as regular schedule couple years y that that’s that’s the power out Sosa the bluebloods of global crossing a national level. The absolute land and not only does no and we played three of one so far to and we would rather my nine Annan a good weekend there now serve the one rise them all star

and so really the first of 10 passes the no against number one and two in the country gets a Zen and are our guys fared very very well and Jose was a full team game of guys are actually on the day was not one person that you can point out and say this guy put us on our back its that ever a hand in Dennis Fung and final loss ago’s a win today at a hand in keeping us competitive in the game, and at the gate. You kno not knowing that you know we can make a much easier schedule for [email protected] are going with a long-term lease and a season aspirati you know we want these guys to be in these fights a node this is what this is what to expect because if you wanna play of the en think it’s pretty commonly known what the barrier for entry is for college sports like football of the spill was the hardest par the idea of a grandstander question was the hardest part for freshmen learn how to play at the college lock a white-knuckle ball on a moment after our for the third during read it right at halftime in the first game we play again same time as the defending and because we needed to be in fir and you know stern is a good player but you know that II probably prefer a more seasoned play this skill sets does a lot a lot of times you might think that it’s the skill of the game that you would need to increase is cer have all the stick skills to discuss passing Kevin skills issue would need to be able to play it and can be successful at this l is different when they died defending you is your same size or smaller at times as opposed to 10 Boskie this just gonna take you but when you’re pressed up against other guys who were gonna be more physical in your face come off the screen and hit the shot when the Zak system and physically trying to stop him and that’s the that’s the biggest issue the law to guys have come in and T not sound very happy with the dungeon of a showed up defensively to death to just a 21 a goal margin was we we actually have a r no matter who the opponent is you only need to win by one to win and there are games and you play like the Pacific Lutheran where you can essentially scored a well I mean like that of the day it was just it’s apples and oranges and as a sales will sign it wo

that could recover a day but he done but he did so are all very satisfied Coulter are there is a talker you are on the road now yet and I still wanted to mention too cool things a little bit unseemly, are the sophomore player for us just came out today use also than the national governing body are just now sits on Andersen was player of the month sophomore for us to have them from a on the road going to play all these to difficult team son and it just sort of that because we’re in a weird geographic location that we don’t have a lot near estate and you know we basically have to go out across the country pick these fights are and play a lot of the toughest teams on the road that that’ my north dakota’s writer on the quarter compared to your spring break Alabama into what Alabama takes at least as I might Moses laser writers as a domino two of these guys are flying charter flights a week of the popping out why would it take the bus to Alabama diets about 36 hours I would doubt on that stuff is out of the co proto Chevrolet locally owned and operated since 1986 retail of Corel potion what if you hear the term small business all the time that was me the answer is it depends whether you’re one woman show for lieu of one member of the AC the advocates want you remember warmer weather made for people who doubted that have slowed down residential areas to the VRML w sea for lovers it’s time to get cracking the content of the annual hubs for fast finish, one of her 19-watering-fishers live Mai a folks raise rates to coaching three politesse is been a wonderful broadcast series and we’re happy to have a report of inner r about his four years as the consumers Montana District events and return with his final season and his subsequent dismissal foll

older people into the calendar may think about college basketball march madness various things going on the professional world b were headed for the state tournament civil basketball and wrestling will cover onto film was 4 to 6 PM every single day for toni content is number one sports talk radio show to tone was two telling a lie is 1102.9 ESPN radio for myself FMS, S SS, the NS a L a S not also we spent a lot of time talking about the no plant 10 minutes and I need some help its two tone was 1 to 9 ESPN radio as WX Montana television by great to be with all of you appreciate you being with us on takeout crews grace the coaching tripod gas Wayne tinkle subject of this week’s are a pod gas was released on Tuesday episode eight and is there discuss search crews grace where ever yo on a talk to lacrosse just a moment ago and now we get some will summon a one time, here’s the deal was a girls of very I am very excited and very are a witness a blast and honored as not to what they say Coulter I am going to Boston Saturday to go watch the Boston bruins and the Tampa Bay lightning play hockey that the TNT the garden this time on team eliminate their are so I am very very excited about this I’ve known about this for some time are one of my a very dear friends in the world cap as you know I’m I got great friends are now headed into that decade are and beyond so anyway are eight it’s a surprise for him s is the is just a picture of the ice and Boston from the seat we’re gonna be yet another said that the snapshot of it is to take felt and fur while disease been no sense OK you actually had a pretty cold jails that they hadn’t made the Suffolk County prison $1,000,000, he’s OK OK we can be about media site at his body-class show we just have to offer to sit so I’m going to the hockey but outside of that but I would I was speaking with with fed with come and gone to but if you want to fully level will get itchy what am I supposed to what is the one and IE talking about eating right now, even drinking sightseeing of what am I supposed to than the evening after the game and that’s basically it at our site so I mean like and easy answers are logged in Boston is a ve are busily this thing happened on the night for example the nub the people you know what the Boston decided the ira’s coming to and if there’s a great on

and is museum to talk about and also has just like the statues of the Ukiah quite a bit of it is, as a records talking a lot of how much of a third rate lower class two stages and the Irish retreat when they came came over here and in all but you know that it it wasn’t the same as slavery but it was in a whole lot better identity and I did that beyond obviously they chose to come here because they believe in Irelan to want to learn about their because I think it’s a lot of things that people just don’t don’t consider on how is it the Boston here’s the four plus security can steer the tags and others that apple and write-up of I mean what it might add my point is that deer is made the same way but here’s the thing I’ve done microbrewery tours I’ve never done a macro, retailer and Sam Adams of B wide-eyed as the details if the velvet as a White House and you know when you’re actually the alike by got this guy is out of it all different parts of the close look different to write like you got brought the cost you got it would see the franc yet allows are helping his ad like you and I guess signature dish seven clam chowder lot [email protected] and the house and Ricci Prine and it’s ev because of exiles me my question Seattle sources go there and listeners the reward into Mr Houck Spencer they are as Boston very expert at Sergei about every resources of the month, but putting little trick as Texas isn’t as expensive as Montana 10 days is turgid and I mean guy like if you’re gonna go out into th us a great question briarwood 876 teapot sons. Occidental college’s and both not in a five star what ever sitting down to the ab but a good ball cans of the call box begins to talk to mike is like a bit like to be full know you’re never fully I mean that’s the fun is indeed a little go do I go to the north and were learned the the Italian area t nine the city blocks OK work, but it is I mean there are people there who are sitting up there still speaking Italian they’ve ne but it doesn’t like it are at the whole of the Clackamas a coming from the suburbs are working in there but if you’re like livin sky you do know that you’re feeling the market could talk to talk like an idiot Wells densely tomorrow night at men are done to all Prodi on that 1 hour one on the books our two straight ahead the grizzlies sent the last home men’s basketball game tonight watching grizzly stadium in by the renaming the doubt they will b bulk other night, Dover enough for the game isn’t a call about a huge matchup tonight is from the Colorado next if

has helped build unmatched Costner and city and state why if you’ve been thinking of making unrealistic move in the short or lon and sentenced instances and CCC CD is in the house and generally higher grade point averages, ms-DOS self esteem and has this point in the small nine fines if the lascivious and is committed to strengthening communities raiser in Montana of actions that have plans for assistant animatio high schools more stuff- physicist who-has loses a nation that has lasted into the concert association and you’ve been hurt or disabled the missing time , turning Chris Romer and Clark fork law offices and Zulus here to help our team specializes in worker compensation personal inj we fight for the benefits you deserve call Clark fork law and 728-0168 for free consultation all our visit Clark fork law dot com and gained 728-0168 ESPN radio for Western Montana KTVU and Stephen lee Stevens mail and one of 2.9 FM 1 to 75 ES Mazzola if good afternoon trying to tell Colton was 1 to 9 ESPN sports center until planar’s own in the second game of Tuesday’s quarterfinal action or seek over Jacques brel at Portland State the third los Montana State, and they shot 75% in the second half, when 180-1605 win over Southern Utah conference he had 20 points. One and 1 and finally the rest of the top five seeds for the women’s chairman are secured as well five deaths and one Idaho number two Ida these ESPN sports centers-914 half-highest in the U.S.-to-call 21 S , the boys and girls of that our number two outstanding to be with you to tell them was 1 to 9 ESPN radio

as WX Montana television as one of the allbaugh review we appreciate that very much Mana calls you can do with 329-1899 area cod 329-1899 all guests join us via the rates rose RV phone one you can also listen live on the World Wide Web 1 to 9 ESPN .Com ego if you missed anything in the first hour check it out on the plot cast to tone was broadcast available all the time it is their base to the Wingate by Wyndham hotel and Dr. Kissinger in eyes of the year: the titles of seniority stock on the animals not use very nice for coming in here doing to satisfy thousands of repression that very much are you check that all in the first complete a big act of Coulter Duma nothing that I almost did do it right there. He you almost the end of Okinawa brackets are lo began a pair of tickets to give away the VAT basketball game of for the MN grows against Southern Utah serenade senior night fou , we will get their tickets in this very segment so a stick around with us and are and get in on that , doing now that the bracket that a battered wife of actor will reconcile us, capitol routed big sky, Italy surprising result of in the stated they settles about one a game so, 46 to 20 the final as a capital in the semifinals that their party favorite in the west but in his action issue because capital is the number one team and they do have multiple d but said was a good team held it has a really good up and coming team so the rest of our round could get heated and the so this is going on down to mizell someone away from us a little action to check on the couple will hold of local users can dial 940-2305 cals publisher won that game and won the boys vs. Montana this gonna be are a lot of it but it should be a great atmosphere if you were around town and I go to this basketball game this is going this is to love and for my money the two best teams in th for sure there are there axial better record than a Colorado does but I need Northern Colorado when I’ve seen this year is them and also there the hasn’t talked about the only team that to has not lost to Montana yet this year out of the car suddenly played the once that’s one of those weird things you would some like the news likes this 6661 some like that are but nonetheless it was a loss and the grizzlies are again to get an opport goes to cure says your woodsy lost the same team in the same season one storm, then you’re not so he did not move sometimes to T coaching or talent they must add 4. guards and one ball and, the MATIF and bows the only non stellar year that Montana said many loss as a rejection came two Eastern Washington day parade in search of his second year that in reality is we’re a state that the down year deal with this issue 15 loss unknown the first round and then it’s been said that should change attention church a rare season and tournament back to back its orbital that is getting enough play rock or commensurate yesterday no team has ever won the big sky regular season title and tournament title three years in a row to think one team ever has won even just three

regular season titles are a thing as a Idaho vandals in the early 1980s so were creeping on historic ground here know Montana te time work still be at back to back term and times when tinkle back to back tournament titles but they have never won three straight regular season tiles nor has almost anyone else in this re from stem to stern that itself is read motivational factor for young team also were exceptional accomplishment as it has a program as all no doubt its march and as he started head downhill into the tournament things start to ratchet up a little bit and we always talk about t and does something change in what you do when Marcia get better or is it still just a continuation of the incremental progress e , I just hope that we needed to march in different states, consistent with which in one instance-defense, e.g., he has a huge hi 1,000,000 we are this point where you know teams or who they order was me and the identities of teams have been made and fours and you know we all the coaches know what all the other teams are up to win their conference and how they’re tryi do his point that what makes a difference doing what you do better executing not making 70 coaches talk about execution all the time in its or the catchall term buy goods it’s it’s obvious this sometimes overruns that the reality that real country were really is and that is you got to cull out there and and do the things that you’re capable of doing well consistently this is where we’re China leaders were arguing you were six and rafting trip to the rebuild and balance and rotations of things like that it’s a delicate thing for a college gospel team so I t that an addendum are what the ultimate goals, some Atty. and to do that you’re going to have to navigate an incredibly difficult is never won three of five or four of five or three after you’ve never done it no team in the league is done that Intel and support last year and the reports, stern and so I just think is staying in a room and preparing to play your best gospel at that moment every time every time to buy duct array probably everybody from coaches to players to you guys in the media say it’s all about playing your best fastball second and thi me to know how to do I need all the incentives not that easy to write apps and pulls a team are crazy said sometimes he said Mic adding four times and then won the term as the one seed a neutral court one time and he said a lot of times the roller coaster t it’s completely lock in a you don’t really know when a guest in a bus is it that you don’t know when someone gets done by their been on the upswing is just purely a matter of circumstance so sometimes cited about a prepare but I think that’s were in the coaches like just to cure come in bec terse charisma everything for better worse when he’s able to mitigate so many factors that could be destructive that worked about the actual gospels I think that’s why you see Montana near at or near the top of the league for al ideas were setting a tone of two were out in a spill the beans here terms of like when the interview whenever but the are you go execution to a face used me to do well there was safely you know you have some great

speech are adjustment halftime before the game will never get together and play and they sprinkle going into Saturday’s game was and again I love people myself included think that was gonna happen every got wiped off the four in Sacramento by abide by the h he said we turned the ball over like 22 times Sacramento use of course we’re gonna get blown out because you know what I did kno for all the ball to found that was his big instruction to NT to know to look over our seed jersey all got on see the jerseys the it is that simple but Israel or -12 and turnovers and -1010 rebounds you’re losing by 20 puri and if that’s going to happen to y off into the great defense grading of the 22 of art that are overhearing control of that but you and your responsibility to put perhaps the most unlikely run out of the 21st entry in the big sky tournament came when Montana State won the league title 2002 they destroyed the graves in their brother season finale in Bozeman a bit like 20 maybe with 25 points in the crystal some else has graced coach inch the coaching treat broadcast a check and IE compiler broadcast platforms with the part where Holst talks w in the tournament the next week how I get these guys write me sick already got one piece of advice is to ask your kids if you make them nervous when they have the ball as he said sunset, seniors and some guys to one when Mr. Mason actually coach he said by making a restore yell at your office th that you don’t have your butt down on defense that come out the game ball in three games later up, probably most unlikely to have two ever win any lease in this century to win the big sky tournament the six seeded grizzlies and eight and not only was it wasn’t it just as if the bracket was Boston four neither they beat the ho , upset type runs that what we’ve seen but let’s say there’s a sober either coaching practices sometimes assists a simple slogan guess what are we had a chance to tie , as a player for the grays and our conversations and what on a couple days but just generally talked accuses for sure 10 was th between what you thought it would be like to play division one basketball and what it’s actually been like this will be set on t tight end of the season to be something that was in each of the new economy and the NCS; suddenly some ways to settle on as many of the form an alliance and the questio a disaster what what are some things and he’s learned and was that like to play was cited project as a mentor this year, say dol Citicorp’s to someone would have meant he wouldn’t have the aisle of the mentorship their lone cypress and pass along some mills was it was an editor for holders of these incredibly disarming can be so why diamond and just innocent me so young guy mystery city can write that bond and he was in a school that as colt auditor because ESPN is just as re science tells a mere minds of him accidents completely inaccurate your car undermines me nothing is such a project to Cyprus has

a stray dog and strength get his since the beginning and he was going all out to try to me lead the grizzlies scored multiple time and use of fierce and fearless score right out the gates. Mr returns of what he brings to the team and is for affable nature is Michael dean in and tries to cares about two he said this is runaround going crazy does get the ball down, people that’s calendar Corel jury is that a 6 foot six version of Michael you’re right yet while I mean look if he’s a 6 inch version of Michael DNA market the aggressor go to the tournament for the next 48 when I o when he goes up and and hammer Segal and that’s that is a big time leaper Dr. Athlete and I know there’s some concern because he he 48 fall word whose you know a big athletic guy up often around the room is dark really great midrange gave me a tiny courses in the basketball shootout tar supplier the week even though the grizzlies lost this basketball game are developed 30 site for the 15 their car Holger had 10 Y but they did wide with 10¢ and eight that’s five JOS Vasquez two city falls zero Mac Anderson one balance zero and we are talking about tonight, employs a Maryland Jonah read a book he was 33 and a skinhead and aggressors are six and 19 it’s O is the best individual defender to big sky conference and he is saw those on both runners initially these absolutely phenomenal that you go that you can’t leave when they’re playing defense that you like I Gotta watch is guide du up its like doubting his s our time on a bargaining chip, died when three defensive player of years with the digital scholarship, as a sophomore grace must they are exactly even with all the Colorado in terms of their record and having split Springsteen but the result of the cattle been swept by another caller us they would be a game behind effectively node Colorado g if Montana loses this their chance there right now controlling their own destiny this day without they all that covers champions if they lose tonight I Care about 10 to 12% chance of actually doing it because they would be effectively by Norma Colorado and raised a congressional and I think they could just ensure the door, couldn’t win as I read with a win tonight so as it would be right if they beat, Colorado my baby two games ahead and on Colorado by scheduled away in the last game so course at that would are in the regular season so they don’t pay you wanna go to this game the night course to do the schema

first of all was too late to do that is to get a weary giveaway for the game tonight, one of those will begin using this to Satu watch was going to be one of the best basketball games of the year are on this penultimate evening at Goldberg arena get out to those Boswell game in upcoming support the same this is this is the best team going at the Universi will see gonna do you know a Thursday in early march she had nothing to logon became now you can call 329-1899 we are prodigious senior night on and seniors and are and and perhaps the clincher write this could be a RR a banner hanging net trimming regular season for third straight time clinching national ga right here and right now take a quick break on the other side Danny sprinkle him go to Montana State bobcats he joined us in here that interview right after this a new year’s sales event is on those time finder perfect ride at Kurtz Polaris and also it is snow check season experience the ultimate performance breakthrough technology and intelligent innovation from per snowmobiles new chaos SMS a new drive system quick drive two and a 2.75 in series eight track all of it as 100,000 different combinations and even find anything you need to com if opportunity because Montana and checking accounts are not one size fits all letters introduce its opportunity banks in full swin or for any cash back seats and opportunity reward checking that a person still need to earn interest we have those options to ca the average is one you remember warmer weather vane for people who doubted that have slowed down residential areas to the VRML w will and enter the matters without the knowledge in the wake of going out and CAA tournament brackets you can rely on one or you a-one-paradise and paradise falls Coulter gracious mercy and thank heavens it is time once again for the ANC to a men’s basketba if you did U-sell Colton was uses forces for the late rains join the bobcats and earning an extra day off of Boise Idaho next we

Montana State they shot 75% in the second half, when 180-1605 win over Southern Utah felon for a fee of 20.431 added 17 as Monta the times will first place Montana will try to secure in big sky record third straight regular season title tonight Mr Carr of if if meanwhile Montana State bobcats have a game tonight as well it is to tone was 1 to 9 ESPN radio as WX Montana television nothing to be with you here on this Thursday evening we appreciate that very much a choral Tyler Missoula Volkswagen’s poll of perl tyler’s lifetime Powertrain warr cruel Tyler Shively proposals would even auto group Coulter day sprinkled joined us so earlier on talking about the winds that were this past weekend for Montana State bobcats the and just when you think that is happening inside a sealed and delivered in the cats are just gonna just plummet after losing by 29 a absolutely in the thick of it in the last weekend for a bite in Boise are just quickly again for folks to recap, then that that orca of the season in that way and spend time open down all theirs they’ve had more big wins and big losses than at the break in Bozeman was stores and work of this big sky conference series of stories on held for it and talking a lot of coaches around the league about him we always have this debate specially when it comes the NBA who was the MVP was the MVP mean is it the most outstanding individual player as if the player that is the best player on the best team or as if the player that is the most important player to his team in the end and it the way that you define it could the waterways you, it would be cut in the right fashion a bronze but you said earlier this week at the coaches rarely get back on that the route this week as well in terms of who is the most important player to their teen herald phrase the most important player t I don’t really have any thought on how much as they could win any games without offering in here they are still somehow in the mix despite his injury despite their up and down but they have done a great job are responding I think it’s a great example of new age coaching your time on coaching in the first hour day sprinkle is the first division one and coaches I’ve had experience dealing with in the big sky that really empowers his players but he said they stole the ball that the guys in the blue jerseys he also said after the game we sat down and I said yes to tell me read what’s going on yeah I know what else to tell you we’ve practiced 100 times what what what’s going on

but the sometimes that works and I think that will win you watch this team they really are selling out for Coach Pringle I think that he has been a breath of the one thing that’s sort of a loaded them is the consistency ’cause it’s like he always says playing hard and competing are two they been successful more often than not but it’s an enormous game tonight because Southern Utah is way more Johnson Montecito s , the last Saturday but that there still a team that they have as many do it as anybody in the league is just a matter of Holman that and the tournament in its hungry as we know the Contras to march they are almost always when teams and speaking so it’s doubly gigantic game in Bozeman said enjoyed more opportunity bank coaches quarter with a gun to Montana State law against are a gun and a utility mistletoe a solo spot 1/4 place in a conference with a winning record and coming off that watched you go and get that they win Saturday O the Sacramento. A look, of Part of an angry at the El Armand grant. At one and rate code like a rocket. All it. I knew of governor. The dinner. A fun a They know whether apple. They plan a lot of work. Recovery We’re very careless OOOO in New York. Free throws away Army and the Irish and 80% of your knowledge over 4/5 am report OOO 2. O Newbury would write or an Arlington. National League one of the OO 15 of the third period. O November. Nine. National honor. I’ve been in a trap and three great. What they got a Army What will our members run third It became aware because worthy of what you say your guys lightweight when you do have a game wh that one. OBOOOOOO OOOOO Only one at I’m. And worship Robert elaborate OOO 1. You better off O. It never happened When you do work O Miramar war. O. .O. O. O O. O. O. O. O. Coverdell OOOOOOOOO OOO. Third shot repro die out Ordained a OOOO right. Another more know there’s no doubt be O O a review their third O. Nudity the period..: O. .Argentina. All are De Rigueur I won’t have a lot at a a a The 20. That. He a t of that opinion, that of a lot of what we know why the end of game will be part will be open Anyone can do that. A proper The Of the third thing apart. From there are no challenge of no matter what.. Finding number BO. We’ve always come back to share

Architect they were awarded the outcome clearly are no words were down a couple guys know that, with a limit.. When you open fil Above all know they played together now will 11 turnovers that Four were black. Where we O Coral at 340, where of 18 with a rematch. Though the envelope alone. All the OO OOOOO But I love the concept of keeping it simple and then try to continue to cultivate fundamentalists are high pressure games you gu or the most perilous and may be disappointing things than seems to happen in society and we see on full display and that in bask accepted now by their peers and I’ve thought about your guises team for a class couple weeks there’s been moments when the eyes, played a role at all well a but then you don’t have any man is the psychological elements of a basketball team It. At the art arctic ocean no doubt about it. The third down Mellon, pressured into our MoneyLine all actually envied by the I know they are acting mayor and a vote for me either. Bird or peer pressure everything. O mail We are taught me that the challenge of that OOOO. A lot about what they did wrong in how they can court A living at home about. I’m in it You’re not unlike the latter part of your neighbor to neighbor tell me that I’ve been OO a band called a wine Mccallum the art of making a better light. Farm They’re different than they were when we grow part of their nap Art. No one. Firemen are one of the old one tribe would call duchess last weekend of final home stand of the season is always be no big win talk about a pending senior day and all the but a and bigger the next the next one comes along a big O mio especially after the win left pattern of it Period. Next week. They’re right to know that we actually have a chance the third by the Arlington. Five O know it. Outlook: Utah beat I mean there are there may be right behind are made. After the opening Wheat. All of New England on a car on a LAN.. I told the program O. Everybody played part of a ride O. O. If a week. The O. The retarded of pneumonia down I’m one of wheat. A third share (5 to 4.. But, first at a record one. A little ball for a light and we’re building great love peeled away and white pepper and Arab and a leading role, shot Saturday years will celebrate your your seniors and watching the ms you women were on this last Saturday’s interesting because a it sure to be emotional then I got three seniors tour protect the one asking the world for a minute you talked extensively about hadn’t had a say in your job and so when his mature impacting a surfer 20 Nancy Weil to repair kit is unbelievable one will want nominee. Tonight. All of the irony that have a plan for event. Hold that thought of that knowledge OOO be misled Nine… Event of a share armed. When one of

And I believe we’ll know where related activity One. One way that period Action. O army O. While not able lawyer in the three O. In awe I of England. Where we can A reading the remake of the matter And held. With the ball Art. O. The arctic. Mike. A part of the average the dark covering out everybody all the fish and the diary to read and charter argued. Critical field [email protected] Here you’ll than 11. Or at one meeting. The third part. Of all army O and one 3rd 20 OO. Trout are part and I am developing trouble. People a partner bought a one know it. They’ll It may not be rushed Remarkable. Arming of a deadline without peril for one thing we talked, says a psychology major ad says that that actually translates on the court so much as one of the trial of i by Harold seems to understand that element so well how much to think that plays into this does pass 0.2 as ability to lead We are telling me all right Third part. And the like the party anybody I’ve ever code O The meaner Two O One vote…. Michael of the line are no coat at 5 feet. You ought to get our rewrite in one year coaching career known that th The permanent about period. The error One day we certainly appreciate your time is always best to this weekend Boise are after that saws gonn in OOOO You bet they sprinkle the cuts a Montana State broadcaster hosting Southern Utah tonight and other big game for IMS you that is our opportunity bank coaches quarter surely appreciate any strange a file when a landing in the final two regular season games and basic of this off-season in terms of the standings and outlook for the rest overrun the big stack o was the 16th annual customer appreciation day grizzly Hackl fly shop for Saturday and march every year they kick off the fishing since 1988, broccoli day of them probably serving the fly fishermen living in Missoula or traveling from all over the world to f this customer appreciation day will be bigger than ever been a great lineup of companies that will be on hand to show off their a kid are dirty water fly company and on Quotron Waiters cast fraud see new flies that if the latest and greatest year and a fly yeti of Quang Nam was hacked and more entire store as lee had hoped would be 25% off so don’t miss out on this great day if the higher their lives where Schwab alignment of rates charged wheels and tires some fireplaces, for all that, we do to help the

for more than 40 years boiled Evian-mama’s-firm’s state of Montana for me and Myers experience the first accounting firm of a 4- to search grades greats wherever you get your plot cast and listen to all three episodes are out now the first three coaches and if all the stuff of SMS and if Jeff F-C-S, S-SUSSWX Montana television , stating to be with you on this very very fine Thursday evening for about stover hour away from tip-off in Bozeman missile respectively for a the second to last home and said Watson general regular season game of basketball season and were already there a few misstating the show to get out on love it keep it close to you all times are no was no way is there all the time and is available thanks to Blackfoot Communications and Wingate by Wyndham hotel number bars and Hamilton and serving Western Montana over 60 years get in a test run intermec’s GMC are Chevy feel the differenc divisional basketball is rolling were given some real time updates the people you’re gonna go out of the south as mission for us gospel flathead leads Jolla capital 1917 that would be upset if I was able to pull that off the right now is allowed because publishers will settle in two semifinals on kills the glacier bay movement semifinals are up 52 with a 150-2409 aurora as will settle vs. be able to pick 630 at central hig repulse your group also inner city actual to 630

am in India girls eastern which aren’t the only senior be group also like the right now building playing great falls CMR saliva tomorrow after some of these other semifinal games are complete and RV of bobcats are basically the three teams fighting for this for the last 2 B and right now Montana State is the third there is currently the six seed with their only a game behind all of Portland State who is 10 and eight their 99 and so there and then in between the two was born state will just a place tha is gonna take a loss and have to figure it out but if Montana State wins tonight they will without question be in the fifth spot at least going into to the final game of the season right and as such Montana State does in fact control th but not already know they might not be playing field they were to lose tonight on Colorado’s gonna be the three see that’s if th knowing that it’s gone in terms of where your setup and slotted to be going into the next week’s tournament and that could could help a normal day in a Montana State in that situation but on the bobcats after three think they did they get a chance to it for Montana State two your soup will want and need to take your business tonight in Southern Utah we’re also rooting for an EU because although most teams are clustered in a you much as it swept me this year and was swept by perl states are tying with your those teams it’s like being a game upon at Portland State in other than the posted to lose a SAC State home on Saturday as lot that can still go on here but that the be mathematically eliminated me their seventh by Montana State but if they won the last two Are they could sneak into a tool by a fifth in the first round are a vote of the tournament to soes not as a Southern Utah bone of anything to play for tonight in Bozeman certainly they do bu that it’s that the bigger game in terms of what could actually happen the impact and so forth if the body is what it’s all about four for the entire year and now as the season has culminated its only gotten bigger and more interesting because of how well th Eastern Washington is a team that is wide open and they like to put out structure were as Montana plays a structure so those two goals to what they wanna do the update both play in your face hard nosed defense table, in your face competitive coaches and the in your face competitive leaders in a too many one man shows and arrival of support but the two best most intense competitors innocent to take nothing fracture the keys and th screamed under throw pounder Chester need a comp SCI prisons are out of our two kids out yet I totally agree by the way it’s an

bodie Hume is a phenomenal kid to watch play bass Graham and his car player of your company is reading from a year late last yea one thing I can say the fact that he loves playing in Montana he’s and always played well in Missoula and bows and city could be see the lovers it’s time to get cracking the content of the annual hubs for fast finish, one of her 19-watering-fishers live Mai the average is what you remember the warmer weather means more people beyond the lever slow down residential areas because Kevin help kids and evolution desperately need for ms-one ECUQ-rises for the commons and events throughout the state and one of the co joined every water forum for the 2020 international fly fishing film festival Thursday, March 5-for building in Hamilton and 7:0 highlighting the pension culture of fly fishing sinkers are available if you water for office-free phone line shop and recovery ESPN radio for Western Montana KTVU and Stephen lee Stevens mail and one of 2.9 FM 1 to 75 ES Mazzola