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Webinar "How-To" Gizmos, Gadgets, Tools, and Technology

all right Ronnie nishma here founder of Pilar dot mean i’m joined by am i Griffin Claire romance novelist to the stars does it sound like my name like I should be like writing Harlequin romances and at the bottom it says and really flowery little Allegra synclair Corp stands it at night and that’s your real name you how cool is that so you actually you have a legitimately awesome name unlike me which is I’m the only Ronnie nishma in the universe but I’m very very uh you know my last name actually means star in Arabic which is kind of cool and I’ll a ticket my my son’s name is Peter and after we named him my sister-in-law comes and says wow he’s got an awesome name Peter means rock initially means star so he’s a rock star oh I love that he’s gonna love that a lot in like five years yeah exactly exactly I don’t know we’re gonna love that we’ll see but we’re going to go over a lot of the cool technology questions that people have the how to’s the gizmos the gadgets you know what I’m using right now um what we like to use in terms of our technology our software everything relating to live streams webinars recording videos all that good stuff and I know that we have some questions that people have asked us so why don’t we get started with some of the questions and where I see fit I’ll yank out the appropriate tool or technology that we’re using do the demo so go ahead that’s fair enough so after a recent webinar we got a bunch of webinar related questions so what’s the best product to use for webinars in your humble opinion well you know it really that depends honestly and we typical is no pun intended go to whether you know it’s just an intended that was good but it will be maybe it is intended actually right it really is the most reliable um it’s it’s nice because it’s something that everybody kind of knows uses but it’s pricey to be honest with you I think it’s something like I don’t know they keep up in the price and then different plans but for the pricing level that we’re on which is a thousand participants I think it’s like five hundred dollars a month something crazy now we’re on a grandfathered plan which is good but it’s still pricey and the downside would go to webinar is that you can’t do stuff like this which is the the face-to-face live streaming component yes you can share your webcam but i think it’s limited to only the first 100 people to actually see your face which is kind of weird and why this is some kind of hard limit that they have and the other side of it is it when you record if you’re recording from the default go to webinar recording app it won’t record that face-to-face it’ll only record your screen and your audio so that kind of a bummer so um yes you could use something like ScreenFlow or Camtasia to record your screen and recording the webinar at the same time um but it’s just you know kind of not so great right yeah you got you lose some of the magic which is not not not as nice but I think you said that that’s your go-to pun intended because it feels like everybody in their mama right now is using google hangout in so that’s the next thing that’s a very good point so um yes we’ve done webinars with Google Hangouts particularly using a tool called webinar Jam um the reason why I like that is that you do get the real time or almost real-time communication you get to see that the faces you get to see share your screen you get to do a lot of nice things with webinar Jam the downside is that its not real time there’s a delay of about 30 seconds to 90 seconds depending so it means you can ask a question and if you’re waiting for an answer you’re going to be having dead air silence for potentially 30 seconds or longer and then but that’s because by the time they hear that question you know it’s 30 seconds later so that’s the downside of it uh but definitely you know webinar Jam lot of cool functionality and features in there so if you’re going to go between any between those two your you’re going to be in a good place there are other tools out there they’re zoomed on us which I have never yeah when you man that one I’ve never heard of that before yeah I haven’t personally used it yet but I know a lot of it’s actually a really popular tool and you can do webinar recordings and things like that what other ones I mean in terms of specifically a webinar those are the ones that we really paid attention to

anything else you know at it they can be finicky right you know either there’s you have the problem with google hangouts which is the delay or you have the problem with go to webinar which is you can see your screen but not really your face right so um the the other component though is why can’t you do webinars in this format you know so here’s where on blab blab allows you to also show your screen and actually you can even pull in YouTube clips and play things at the same time which is super cool yeah i mean i was watching a blabber earlier and you could you someone’s playing like classical music a YouTube clip while talking at the same time and both audio are and video are in sync which is kind of very cool yeah so you can do some kind of new things with blabbed also Facebook live it’s a little bit different because Facebook doesn’t let you show your screen you’re using your device and you can’t be using your computer at least right now you can’t be live streaming from your computer it really is based on your iPad or iPhone Android device that’s interesting because I never would have thought of Facebook live or blab as a platform for webinars right I had a separate set of questions that I was thinking about specifically for live streaming but before we move to that we have this question so frequently and we got it again last week so what microphone do you use for your webinars I mean like specifically like is it wired is a wireless what microphone yeah that’s always a hot question so I I have a couple of options it really depends where I am what’s going on right now the mic phone that you’re hearing me from is from the camera so I can’t actually show you the camera because it’s on it’s open on itself but it’s a logitech um I think it’s like the I don’t know c900 something series I’m sure if you don’t have an ami attached to your laptop that’s right yeah okay so not just when I’m not using it works on mac or pc it’s on its again i can’t really know i wish i could show you if i did a facebook live stream at the same time I could turn it on but no the the camera is excellent quality its HD like 1080p beautiful imagery for a webcam like it’s sort of best-in-class for a webcam and also the audio is pretty good it’s actually pretty good for the most part and its really compact it’s about this big quite small clips onto your screen desktop Willie whatever you’re using so that’s that now if I want slightly better recording I have a blue Yeti and I know a leg or your you’ve used these before I no use other things as well I I know I’ve had some pretty good success with it I do find that it’s very sensitive it will pick up a lot of sound and really got to turn that volume down so that it won’t pick up babies crying upstairs or whatever but I find that it is for if the room is quiet it’s actually a super clean good recording um the UH and honestly other times I would just use if I’m really in a bind I would just use my iphone headphones write whatever comes with the iphone that that’s also work as well so I’ve used multiple things in the past I did have a headset I’m not a fan of the headset and the reason why is I personally I find it distracting for me I don’t like like I it’s kind of for me I kind of like having a it’s almost like a phone I like to hear in one here and then here ambient noise regular stuff in my other ear if I were to hear my voice in both ears I Drive myself crazy for more reasonable don’t have to kill it would tilt tilt my world bruiser so I definitely don’t like big headphones i have had i think it was a cheap dragon dictation Mike that was just on one year so I could hear and a little boom but I find that sort of it doesn’t look as professional you know to be able to look good on a camera as opposed to like having the big cans on your head and I know you like that and I know some people like that is appalling like me like doing that bigger one no way but these I do these are not the biggest ones that I have but that’s it I think it sometimes it’s a personal preference thing but we also get the wired versus wire less than I think um for me I tend to use wire because i have so many blue two things i have like five computers in the floor adoptive and everything blut something and they’re just tends to be interference and I don’t have the patience to go back through and figure out like which device was like messing with another device so i tend to favor wired but the reason why i like um ahead said that goes all the way over is the little ones that like fit in your ear that be falling out of

my ear you know like those buds that come with your iphone i know lots of people use those for podcasts or webinars whatever and they love them my ears aren’t built that way oh it would be falling out it would be uncomfortable so I like it also because in a former life I was really into music so I like the whole like noise cancelling aspects i can really focus on what’s in my ears the headphone to me though is most important because you get feedback if you don’t have that so we’ve all been on that running arm or that skype call and when does not like that it’s just that what there are no windows because it could be a delay yeah yeah yeah and so so you might be wondering well Ronnie what are you doing like are you using how are you hearing a lecture right now and I’m not using my speakers so there would be definitely some feedback or hiss or ambient noise or adult like that like weird echo delay that happens sometimes what I do have and I’ll take it out so I won’t be able to hear you’re like for a second I have and this was cheap right off of amazon I forget how much it was maybe 10 or 15 bucks or something like that I can’t remember and super simple all it is is a bluetooth earpiece and so you can sort of kind of see it if I really turn my head but it’s wireless it’s Bluetooth it charges them through USB and it’s not good sound at all it’s definitely not good sound it’s kind of like a little bit better maybe than iphone cell phone call sound but that’s not the point yeah that’s just for me right that’s only so you know I could hear what I hear but it looks like we lost the leg wrestle out to get her back the that’s really just so that I can hear it’s not recording the sound poorly or anything like that that’s just how I hear it but the wires right I don’t have to worry about wires you don’t have to see a cord dangling from my neck and it’s not a huge deal but from a professional look and feel it just looks a little bit neater right and it’s pretty cheap it’s you know whatever was I can’t remember and i’m sure you can look it up on on on amazon you know something like a bluetooth were your back so no worries i was just talking about how much when you took that thing out of your ear my thing went okay there’s a problem we’re crashing right now and i was like what did you do thank you so you could touch any technology in front of you that you want believe that you’re beautiful oh oh this show there we go yeah I was just saying how I’m still here it’s not great quality that’s not the point of it though it’s just so I’m able to hear the recording quality still sounds great but it’s no wires nothing to worry about so that’s what I’ve used a lot and otherwise i would just use my iphone headset as well i mean that’s kind of the most common you’ve probably seen a lot of people use those again i like to only have it in one year that’s just my personal preference i don’t really like to hear it in both ears i want to kind of hear the world around me whatever reason that’s just sort of how my brain has worked over the last I don’t really know also like the big old cam because my older brother is a big DJ and you know they always were those like humongous things that look like apartment complexes on the cypress area so I just want to be like him so I have the big old headphones on mine too that’s awesome yeah and it really does boil down to a personal preference so you you know you can’t um you can’t really go wrong if you’re now here’s the other thing though if you are just recording yourself so if you’re just going to do you know our video recording not a live stream or you can’t really hear anyone else you don’t even need headphones on right because your microphone will pick it up so the microphone from my camera is going to pick it up or from my Yeti I wouldn’t even need this on if i’m recording by myself so um you know because that way then it looks like I’m shooting a video like a newscaster or you know watch a movie they wouldn’t have headphones on right they’ve just kind of watch without like yeah their ears are naked as I said yes I do you for work make it a lot it’s a southern thing one of the other questions that we have gotten and I actually had this question myself last week but I didn’t have the presence of mind to stop what I’m doing and ask you when you’re doing webinar do you use any sort of teleprompter so the prevailing thought is it obviously since there are slides you have something of an outline but if you have other notes or things that you want to make sure that you say how do you incorporate that into your setup so it really depends on what I’m doing if I’m doing a webinar so there are slides i have i use presenter notes and presenter notes has some or all of my script it depends now if I’m going in to pitch mode where I’m trying to really have you know that my message is really refined it’s like it’s in concise I want to really nail it I follow the script

and because if I’m on a webinar I’m not showing my face I could kind of read it naturally right you’re not seeing my eyes read your uterus hearing my voice typically on a go-to webinar webinar that’s one use definitely present your notes is something that I’ve used and it highly recommend doing that especially if you’re not comfortable for the very first time you do a webinar don’t turn the camera on that’s okay just right at what you want to say and do it just with slides right um that’s the first thing the second thing on the live stream especially if I want to again want to be concise I sort of want to follow an outline what am I talking about I what I done and I have the notes here for one of the recent live streams I’ve done I just kind of write out a really big ugly big marker sort of the key highlights and I just and it’s not it’s nothing neat it’s not meant to be neat it’s just something I quickly scribble and that’s just a quick bullet point for me to grab it’s kind of like I’m are you carving yeah yeah so Brenda question um if the camera is either i would actually just put them so i meet let me actually let’s see how the cameras here i would start to put them off off to the side and so what happens is and I don’t put them always in the same spot i might put them all over because then my i can kind of look like this as though i’m thinking and like look like this also i’m thinking and look just kind of look in different areas and it smells way off to the sides you’re seeing the side of my face but it’s just sort of kind of like if you if you watch the president speak he’s got teleprompters and they’re always in the same spot so it looks like he’s talking to the crowd he’s kind of bouncing from teleprompter teleprompter it doesn’t even have to be that much of a head turn but just kind of put it I would fix it to the wall if there’s a while okay so i just have it’s probably a bit hard to see but there’s little bits of tape just sort of tape it onto the wall behind and it all it does is kind of keep me on track so this isn’t really a script but this is like oh yeah what were those things i wanted to talk about and it’s just just here so i have three monitors but i have never thought about putting whether it’s written out the way you’ve written it out or whether it’s like a word doc whatever I’ve never thought about putting it on one of the other monitors because then in my mind I physically turned my head to go look and then I feel like that looks weird like the pudding is she looking at my bro is somebody else over there hanging out with her but I suspect I might be able to like put it on the monitor like just on one side you know so I could still see what was happening but might be able to have a sheet there because I and I don’t put the whole script there because i’m not going to read it and on a webinar it’s so funny because someone will say to me hey could you repeat what you just said I’m like nope because I wasn’t listening to me I work off an outline but I’m pretty organic once I get going it gets to a point for me that I have to record any time of speaking because I will not come right the second time the same way so I can’t tell I mean you know how many times have I just rattled off copy headlines sales pages whatever just by talking and then we have to go back to the record in a trance fryer because it is yeah so um yeah so it’s simple that’s that’s the second way just kind of a simple a-line big big you know my ugly handwriting I’m sure you everyone’s got better handwriting in me just kind of place it on the wall behind the camera to the sides off a little bit just so that it looks like you know I’m thinking like this it’s not really it’s not way off to the side and it’s I’m not reading I’m just kind of just getting that that hook the third way which is what you’re really excited about Electra I am a gadget this this is fun I gotta say this is fun so I got this off of ebay and they sell it this I think the company is called caddy buddy calm now this is the teleprompter so this here super simple oh I get to see when you were describing that that is totally not what I was picturing in my head okay so here’s so here’s how this works it’s actually pretty cool so on the back this is a mount that you can mount your device on so there’s a typical screw you kind of screw it on you can mount it so they actually even give you one so this is one of the ipad sorry I phone mounts I think it because i often record on my iphone my facebook is confused as I see if I feel right now okay i’m sorry i’ll show you okays a little screw and this is fall if you’ve ever used a tripod before if you’ve ever there’s a like your camera look at the bottom of your camera okay add a regular camera it has um it has yeah there’s a I forgetting what’s called it’s just a standard mount

adapter it’s a little screw so squeeze in like so okay okay then you put the iphone this is kind of her hole you put the iphone in here so in this case I don’t have an iPad an iPhone with me let me actually just screw this in so you’ll see tighten this way so what happens yeah is this will be the camera probably can’t really see this yet but give me a second so this here is now my camera right you cover it up so it’s dark behind it now you will be you should be able to see the camera behind right so the cameras backwards right now right but theoretically well know that that’s the lens right here that little dot that’s the count okay all right right so now if I have my iPad I would show you i put the ipad down here now I don’t have the ipad i’m gonna just show you by by taking the phone out and i’ll show you this looks like so that’s where that’s where the camera goes you could use a regular camera you can use an iphone whatever you whatever camera you want to use you get a teleprompter app from the app store so this is one that’s called parrot and free so if we see here now hold on try to show this without okay so this is see this at the bottom this is my iphone and it could extend it can be it can hold an ipad or tablet or whatever right now I have my iphone down here this is something that you’re seeing the reflection is called a beam splitter glass and I have no idea what that means all I know is what happens the camera that’s where my hand is now seen my hands kind of finger my fingers in the background that’s behind the glass the camera is still able to see me right if you’re filming the camera will see me it will not see the reflection you see all the reflections you my laptop you see okay I get it so wait that I probably didn’t understand it as far as I knew is like a magical wizard okay this is a bit tricky to show because its beam splitting when i’m recording like it’s fine i know if you’ll be able to see this so then whatever behind there right the cameras behind it so the cameras looking at me and then I’m looking at in essence reflection so whenever I’m scrolling through on my iPad shows up so that as I’m still talking on camera it sees me so obviously I couldn’t use something like that with my desktop that has to be with you could you’re absolutely good because what happened what would happen is you would just you yeah i mean so academy for take my point out for a second like um i would need to call my cousin the mechanics no no i’m not doing a great they’re way better YouTube demos of this so don’t trust me on the demo but bottom you see this little this is that that typical separator in talked about a that goes into a tripod okay the the camera goes behind the black and this is what prevents the reflections and all that stuff dan your iPad on your iPad or iPhone or whatever goes into the slot down here and this is extendable so you can you can actually put it that you get the phone in there or put your iPad you see that the little claps that would fit in ipad you load the app on here it reflects the text on the glass you read the text but it doesn’t look like you’re reading because right behind the glass is the camera lens how can you can absolutely put to the camera iphone or could be like for real camera for real camera and the app that has the teleprompter app sorry yeah but that’s what it is okay app that provides the teleprompter function goes on your iPhone or iPad or maybe an android device I know nothing about Android yeah just formals okay and got you at this you need and so on um now I’m assuming you read this this is just their default I’m assuming you can react words to me but I get it I was going to say it’s bad for something like that so fragile that is but I see words Chloe is actually for me it’s the right way but it’s actually mirrored so you need to get an ad and some of the free ones do it some of them you have to you have to pay some of the teleprompter on tape to pay that again it’ll be backwards probably for you but it’ll say pharmacy and euro note so if i turn off mirror mode I bet you now when you play it it will be right side up for you it is I believe you I believe you or you know I really I really believe you because you showed it I wouldn’t use that every single time because obviously first of all you need to write a script and then you need to put it in there you need to probably rehearse the timing of it so you kind of

get the gist of it but I would absolutely do that when I’m recording videos if I’m going to record you know a lengthy training session or more like let’s set a record I go on a binge recording session in a record 10 videos this is a part of a new launch or something like that absolutely I would use the teleprompter because it you can look straight at the camera you’ll be reading and as long as you kind of practice and kind of get the group of that no one would know that you’re reading so how I or could I let me rephrase the question since I don’t know the answer could I just get a teleprompter app for my computer you could now that the problem those where is the camera because the the goal of the teleprompter remember is the lens is right behind the words so when you’re reading people won’t know that you’re reading but if the words are down here so again here’s my where I’m pointing that’s my camera but the words would be down here so then you’ll actually notice uh yeah you’ll notice I just wondered says most of the time I have a camera but I don’t even know where it is so most of the time if I’m doing videos I’m using the camera that’s built into my desktop or my laptop does that matter happened to be on a desktop right now so i was just wondering if that camera if there was something i could put on my screen to whether they will maybe use the big old screen that’s in front of me because that’s the cameras up there there’s all that real estate available which you think i might be able to use now i have an odd thing so see up on the top where there’s three bubbles in blab yes yes and then there’s a third bubble oh ok so i was looking at that who that is like that person want to come on camera but now I think I know even hi Stephen today Stephen yes and inaudible sounds like okay does he want to be on camera if you want to be on camera then you just need to say in the chat box that you are trying to be invited I just didn’t want to ignore him when I saw his bubble pop you know Bravo no one even gara excavation excuse not to raise him I’m with local i’m working on a post for you later today at the hospita camera but i digress so the joy or the magic of the teleprompter app is that it looks like it’s behind the camera so that you can look at the camera and not have to look anywhere else I got you right exactly now you didn’t mention what if you have you know your big monitor you want to use that one trick it’s a little bit finicky so you’d have to practice it if you put the font again big font on your main or on your yeah on your on your main screen on your monitor you take your your phone or camera and you sort of put it right in front of it now it’s finicky right because that’s blocking the text the camera is now in front of the text whereas a teleprompter has the text in front of the camera but I’ve had some friends talk about doing this they put the camera sort of in front of the monitor and you can kind of get an idea of your outline it’s not it’s not perfect it’s not a real teleprompter but at least there’s some text there and the camera is still in front um I think I forgot it really i think is that the magic of doing videos is not to over complicate it so it’s not that i want a real teleprompter I just want you to make it easy for me to make it look good I no wonder your best bet if you record enough videos absolutely you get a teleprompter like this I think it’s you know you know the prices will change over time but around 150 bucks you can get something like this it’s really solid you it comes with amount for an iphone you could easily put it on here it comes with an area for an iPad or tablet or phone and you just downloaded teleprompter app and you’re good to go it’s really straightforward now that does mean you need a tripod because you’re not going to just hold that so I know one of the other questions that you we’re asking what kind of tripod should I get and to be honest I’ve just gone on amazon I kind of look at what the best sellers are I would grab from there the one thing to keep in mind is your height if you’re going to be standing like I’m six feet right so i want i want a tripod that’s at least if not taller than me and the reason why one of the most unflattering camera positions everyone is down below right you don’t want to get the double chin you don’t want to get up the nose you want the camera to be above you and then you want to be able to kind of have it look down so um this this is an optics tripod this is not something I got off of Amazon this was from a camera store locally probably 15 years ago we really solid really well-built the more expensive you get the more well built it is therefore more sturdy it’s going to be but to be honest you know whatever this one I think goes up to ya 72 inches so i’m just-just to at six feet and then you you know it’s

just about you have 11 sort of mode of adjustment and then a second so you can actually extend it and in it goes it goes long so you know you can adjust it and in different ways this way but also you can crank it from here so this can go up and down this section can also go up and down that does look pretty hardcore and we go up girl I got for free with a tank of gas I suggested that well as well and so this is a shorter one this is a cheap Polaroid when I got off of amazon I don’t know how much it was they’re cheap not expensive at all but you you feel a difference in terms of sturdiness it’s still totally sturdy i mean i’m not i’m not a professional photographer i’m not taking this to you know three events per day or something crazy this is just used pretty much at at home when i’m recording i record pretty much everything from home ain’t or some kind of closed simple set and it’s that’s that’s all you need went once once you get them easy this way once you get the tripod they all come sort of a bit mounting that comes on here you can put your iPhone on there you can put your iPad on there you just have to buy different mouths this one here is a clamp that you can clamp your iPhone with or whatever device you’re using so it just clamps it on and then you know it fixes on there so pretty straightforward medicines that I’m standing to do the video or that Polaroid or Siri small enough that you can put that one on a desk right uh it’s still going to be the height is pretty much going to be about to here so okay it’s pretty song you can absolutely get shorter ones I’ve seen lots of desktop ones like my one of my it was an ATR 20 20 Mike’s came with a desktop tripod which I never used but you can find lots of little tripods if you want to put the camera on the desk in front of you or on a surface you’re at Starbucks you want to put it on the table so you can find lots of smaller tripod so you don’t have that trying to hold the phone study in your handling and the downside though is you want to make sure that they’re sturdy enough like I have the the 6 plus which is a really heavy phone rang Cree so like drama it’s a heavy phone so if you have one of those like the kind we call them gorilla tripods that are all bendable and stuff I find that they just will tip right over so you want to get something that is strong enough solid enough if you’re if you’re using a bigger heavier phone or camera okay so here’s another really popular question if you are creating a webinar and let’s say you created the slides in advance and then you want to go back and add audio what’s your process for doing that how do you get your audio married with your beautiful slides um it’s a thing I mean that’s well you know what it’s to me I just wouldn’t do that I would record it at the same time I would always record audio at the same time as the video because to me it would be more of a pain to have to resync it afterwards that’s just typically what I would do now some people I guess what you could do is you could its recorded you really have to know your timing right because if I mean if you’re if it’s scripted and you kind of know when things are changing on the screen it’s it’s like you’re overdubbing or it’s like you’re watching I don’t know disney animation and they have to speak at the same time as a character speaking like that to me is a lot harder right but that’s that’s what voice voice actors have to do all of the time and if it’s not a lengthy process if it’s a short recording and I would say even an hour is short because it probably would take me personally less time to just rerecord that our with words then it would be to record just a video go back and then talk over top but that’s just my preference okay you have different experiences that though so go ahead if you i know you have different so i agree that it’s easy if you do it all at one time but let’s pretend that you have some video that doesn’t have audio or you have um okay yes your video that doesn’t have audit and you want to travel audio so while it might be easier to do it all over but for whatever reason they don’t want to i would simply run the audio and then use something that just recorded so i use a mac so i use GarageBand or lots of people love audacity right there’s a ton of different program but i would actually set the video to play and never record myself reacting with that video and then i just add them together in either garage band or ScreenFlow so what you said is ideal perhaps but if for whatever reason let’s say i did it and i want to add Spanish or I want to do something else of the audio right I want

to change a section of it I could strip out the audio but the important thing to me is the videos playing in its own timing so I’m not like recording the audio like in a vacuum and then trying to make it make it match that would take a lot of time to make sure that it’s synced all those little different audio cuts could I do it yes do I want to know so i would actually let the video run while I was recording so then they would match because I would be doing what mash what was on screen and then I just married them after the fact it’s an arranged marriage that’s that’s actually putting it actually is doing um you know that’s that’s actually true you would be able to play the video and record at the same time but like I was saying to me the hardest part is okay what’s coming next right so to know what’s coming next to then be able to you know it for example if you’re expecting to slide to come but you forgot that you actually recorded or e or maybe this slide it came too soon but you still have more to say and a slide already changed or something it just gets a little bit tricky in terms of that but yeah sometimes if you’re overdubbing into a different language or hey you know what you can’t for whatever reason rerecord I have allergies I listen to it after the fact of the Lord in the morning I sound like a cartoon character so let me redo that I would redo it and just put it in there yeah and that’s and that’s that’s definitely more advanced but I think that it’s it’s it’s a way of salvaging recordings for sure so what are the top two mistakes that you see coach is making when it comes to webinars and I limited it to two wasn’t that nice too yeah that’s nice of you okay so too much of me so what now hold on let’s start let’s start with they’ve done a webinar or they’re afraid of doing a webinar like what’s holding them back like which of the two I’m not leading the witness your honor all I’m asking what are the top two mistakes that you see coach is making when webinar well i’ll assume i’ll assume that they’re they’re doing webinars and you’re talking about mistakes with the webinar the the first mistake is really about the the sound the feel the fear really boiling down to it so not really putting them all their entire selves into it being too stiff just kind of being robotic right and that’s the kind of stuff that holds people back from trusting you from really getting all into your world anytime that you and I’ve done webinars together the feedback has always been the same the feedback has always been wow you guys are awesome you should have your own talk show yourself is so much fun as all that good banter back and forth now if I know because I’ve been there going by if I were to go back in time I remember i started this was a long time ago and this isn’t even the video it wasn’t even a webinar this was just an audio recording I did podcast before I was even called a podcast I think I called a radio show and this was trying to I I was had an affiliate website i was selling CD burning software and so i recorded myself but if i were to listen back to it now I would cringe I sounded so scripted and stiff and why would anybody want to hear that right it just it’s just that what people want they don’t they don’t want to it’s just it makes other people feel awkward so that’s the first day kind of just not putting your whole self into it I know that you have something good to say you know how to say it but the moment the camera comes on or the recording button is pressed you just kind of freeze up I know I’ve been there so I know you have tips on that allegra and we have some videos as well about that that would help overcoming that fear overcoming that stiffness that we often have when it comes to doing a webinar the second thing in terms of mistakes that that people make it again you’re limiting needed to so I’m trying to think of like the biggest one so um I would say just not really being clear and concise with the call to action with really directing people in the right way you know I see sometimes happen that people lead people to multiple links you know go here go here go here you know it’s here’s my offer here’s my you know go get this freebie handout go get this additional bonus go check out this website that i mentioned in passing that I think you should go buy this software and then all of a sudden they’re all over the place and they’re scattered and so they’re not focused now if you mention anything like that you what I would do is you you say look I’ll give you a copy of the notes I’ll give you a copy of the recommended resources at the end of this workshop and what I do and this is what works so

well for me is I have them to email me and the reason for that is twofold first of all I and not distracting them by sending them to someone else’s website or some other place on the webinar if I’m selling something my goal is to get them to my sales page and then make a decision that’s really my goal that’s the first thing the second thing is that if they’re going to email me to get the wreath of free resource or handout I can now engage them in a conversation I couldn’t do that if I just said go download these notes right now you got the notes and you’re not talking to me what if I said hey if you want these notes email me support @ p lord on me you know what happens we have a nice banter back and forth hey what you think about the webinar what was your favorite part are you gonna go and implement like and it’s just back and forth three millions you have all right right and so if we can now engage someone they’re much more likely to realize that we’re friendly we’re happy to help and you know these guys are the real deal it’s a big difference it’s a huge difference that’s that in terms of sales and marketing that’s the number mistake when it comes to webinars okay well I have two other quick questions one I know you recently launched a new tool to help coaches make really pretty really powerful presentations and they are created and the end output is PowerPoint so someone’s asking a question about using keynote instead so how can someone use keynote with a PowerPoint presentation yeah you know the beauty is that um Apple who created keynote on the Mac makes it cross compatible so you open up a PowerPoint file in keynote whether it’s on the your iphone or ipad or on your mac it will just open up so the tool you’re referring to is called auto slide deck and what’s think about it the reason we built it is that we didn’t want to have to struggle to create beautiful stunning powerful slides we use a lot of images in our backgrounds and color overlays and we want to make our presentations look beautiful but that took a lot of time to find the right image and to overlay it on a slide and then say it’s just it took you know honestly dozens of hours a lot of time so we created this tool that did it automatically pacing your outline your text it matches it together with beautiful images and colors and you know in a nice palette spits out a beautiful powerpoint presentation so when it comes to whether you use it on a mac or a pc you can open it up in powerpoint or you can open it up in keynote it will automatically convert and work in either place I think um those questions are so important because I think we get so locked in by technology so like what webinar platform to use well suppose you have said something that wasn’t GoToWebinar right and what people feel like oh I can’t do a webinar until I learn whatever that new thing is that you just mentioned or it created a slide presentation in PowerPoint but I wish it was in keynote okay those things are like the easily surmountable things right we’ve talked a lot about texts those are the questions that we got but I just think it’s important to point out the tech is the easier part right somebody else has usually figured that part out the work for us is figuring out the good content so we’ve been talking a lot about webinars but I don’t want to ignore live streaming not just because we’re on there are so many people talking about live streaming now so do you have a new favorite live streaming platform mm-hmm Facebook Lyla please book live by far is my favorite in their house I know where in God’s house right now let’s see i have so much press you will not rehab Jack you have not be invited okay I don’t I’m okay with that the reason I like Facebook live is that Facebook live just works it was very simple the audience is already there you use your your iPhone or iPad device you just tap make a couple of taps and your life it’s really straightforward um the main reason why i like it is that the audience is there it when you are live on Facebook your ranking in the Facebook new stream like in that in the fee that people see goes right up to ha so if you’re alive when someone opens up their app they’re going to see you because they predominantly value live events Facebook just wants to really push that it’s it’s what’s happening now right now if you were to just put a video on facebook it’s not the same it’s not the same it doesn’t do the same thing it doesn’t get presented in the

same way it doesn’t like video is is up there it’s even above text when it comes to sort of the ranking of content but live streaming is just even betters its much yeah it’s the precedence is there it’s like boom video on Facebook live video then it’s going to be you know video content and text and we know family and friends and all that stuff on Facebook so the audience is there it’s really easy to use and the downsides though with Facebook live is that you can’t do what we’re doing now and that’s why we’re on blab you can’t have two people on at the same time or more blob you can have multiple people on on the other thing about Facebook live is that it records in a weird square format it in that square format is kind of annoying hey you want it to be able to record a widescreen format but that’s sort of how they do it because there’s the chat rule under it so that those are some of some of the remain reasons I figured hey let’s try bloodless let’s see how it goes for us and I like the fact that you and I could still talk and there’s chat and there’s different things like that but it just doesn’t really have and it is you have to build a following no matter what tool you’re using if you’re going to use periscope you need to have a strong following on twitter if you’re going to use blab you need to have a strong following on blab / twitter and facebook right but facebook if that’s where your audience is go there that’s what i recommend and it’s just so easy to use so it’s funny to me because i think we all have biases towards one social platform or another so the thing i don’t well one of the things I don’t like about a specific line is that i have to do it from my phone and I’m like how come so I don’t hold my phone a lot right because I have carpal tunnels there’s that but also i don’t have the facebook app on my phone by design so that’s one thing like because I’m just rebellious and I don’t laugh don’t tell me what to do you offer a Mormon and you let me interpret it the way I want to but um the other thing that I find challenging about Facebook live and I’m not that I know you love it i’ve used it is that it facebook wants everything to live in their house right so I like blab a lot in addition to being able to play with other people and I love it would be looking like asked questions right in the stream and I can see it like doesn’t have to I don’t have to keep scrolling down and make sure I’m keeping up with a conversation but also i can share it in other places so i can easily embed it on my website or i can publish it to itunes or i can push it to youtube so i think that when all the live streaming first happened I was like oh I don’t have to worry about that because that’s just for Millennials yes no I rank things like as new things come across my filter I’m like wait do I have to worry about that nope why should have to worry about that so when live streaming first popped up i was like i wanted to worry about that that’s some Millennials right but then I realized oh wait everybody’s giving it so I think it’s just a matter of figuring out which platform works for you and then using it right yeah it’s what the world won’t do you much good if you don’t use it exactly it boils down to consistency when I was advising a client you know he said well I don’t want to do live events and I said well why not you know you speak in front of thousands of PETA’s he’s a speaker he speaks in front of thousands of people all the times is yeah but it’s weird i’m gonna be talking to someone and i can’t see then I’m just in my room by myself and there’s no feedback and I said yeah well that you get used to that the first probably five or ten minutes or it awkward to be honest with you and then you kind of just get used to it right so um but yeah you do it’s about consistency if it’s kind of like a show you treated like a show you’re on once a week or sort of some kind of predefined time and test it out cos you see what you like and don’t like it with different platforms but then make commitments and just go ahead first um the the key though is realizing that people do want to engage with you live events live streaming is engagement platform it allows you to get real time feedback imagine doing a coach athan you know imagine you have a bunch of people on they ask questions you answer them like how great would they feel to be able to interact with you that could be part of a paid program right that could be sort of part of you know you have to pay to get in and you could actually facebook you can have facebook live events in groups so it could be a private facebook group where you do a private facebook live events right so it could be paid like that but even if it’s free completely freely available to people you’re just going to be introduced to new people that you never would have imagined and honestly you would have you with more you do it you’re going to feel more comfortable and gets the point where it’s not gonna feel like anything any extra work it kind of will these things you used to feel like a lot of work you’d have to go back in time you’d have to set up a studio and lighting and fancy cameras and equipment with tons of cables to connect to the outer world and now we’re

using wireless devices to talk to millions of people potentially over the Internet across the globe it’s just an incredible thing use a technology for spreading your message and I think at the risk of sounding like um I’m shading coches which I’ve not my pen I just think we’re kind of slow to adopt some news I’ve I remember like 10 years ago when like tons of coaches didn’t have a website there like a website and I was like can you imagine now join read this is that a website so i think that um live streaming is like the websites of ten years ago we’re just kind of floored to adopt things which is not a bad thing it’s just we can be slow about adopting them as long as we adopt and and I that’s what I was telling my client I said you know look in your space nobody’s doing this like nobody’s doing live streams and you could be first and you will have that following that will come from that by being first by doing it consistently by just being completely engaged with your audience they’re going to love that and then your competitors are going to be following suit but you’re going to be the leader and that’s actually a really important competitive advantage so I asked you know you’re watching this and you’re wondering well you know should i do this like are other people doing it well don’t worry about what other people do it yes people are doing it in your specific niche are they doing it I don’t know you could look around but even if they are you absolutely can be extending your reach that and if they’re not you absolutely yeah yep I tell people that all the time I love that I’m like they’re not you you have no ankle you are only you so even if someone else is doing it to what you would do it differently yep I love demystifying tools that just make it easier to serve people which is what it is absolutely I was like a basic ABC afterschool special I feel like a song should be coming on now free to be you and me or something you know something very much wincing in like 91 then we sway Rob lifting back then that’s true yeah now it’s a whole different movie so I think we have five minutes left if there’s anything else that we haven’t gotten to that you wanted to make sure we share I want to get a couple other things so I have a couple of acres news here in trouble cuz I like it then you were surrounded by stuff what I am surrounded by stuff okay so i’ll do some easy stuff first this is a little bluetooth remote clinics with my phone uh uh and i don’t even know if this company still exists there’s a little bit but I’m so silly did you see me I’m like going like this like I can see it differently thank you exist it’s just a bluetooth promote and it just will you connect it with your phone or iPad or whatever and it can so there are different ones and there’s some that actually work with teleprompters as well so you can control the speed if you want to go faster or slower this is super basic though this is just take a picture or start a video or stop it that’s all it does pretty much I like helpful which is how am I going to do videos sitting cross-legged on the sofa and the computers way over there and then after like really know all the way over and hope I don’t like spilling over to either start or stop the video that’s there then you don’t have that that that awkward like you’re going going up to the camera to press the button and then walking back right so this is Halloween for that base right hook up against the camera that’s always the best look up of course so that’s super helpful bluetooth remote and there are you can get those on Amazon there I get there pretty cheap in fact there there’s even a bundle deal that I think you get a tripod the iPhone mount and a bluetooth Remote like in a bundle and it’s like it’s cheap under 50 bucks I can’t remember exactly but it’s it’s super cheap the other thing is good lighting and now this is a super small handy light I can’t remember how many i think there’s 50 little LED bulbs in there so it looks like a lil case almost that’s kind of what it does actually so it comes it comes with different I only have this one on but it comes with different filter so you see this is like the white filter and they come with like to match your lighting so if you have fluorescent lights versus if you’re outside there’s different sort of filters that soften light a little bit comes with it and quit your your put your phone right on it and so again there’s a little threat at the bottom the same usual one that would know if I want to put it on the tripod or something okay yep or as you know some people even use this with a selfie stick you could write if you if you have a cell phone don’t think as a little screw thing like that okay usually some time depending on the one which ones they do

yet I don’t have hob well how dare you me so I should admit that now I’m not cooling it cool no they probably could probably cooler now that you don’t have something sick okay what so you see see what I’m like without the late on right now if I put the light here you kind of see what it’s like with its that’s very different as like that right so now also this is why people often do three point lighting or two at least two point because if I’m on this side guess what this sides dark okay right so this is not powerful light I have other I have other lights that are more powerful from really recording but but even just this like you see here and so here’s the other thing if I put the light too low you see the glare of my glasses right right if I put the light higher you don’t see that clear wow it’s wireless and did you get that on amazon as well I like that Alonzo I’m even more excited about that than a teleprompter thing the company is called as hard to see probably with newer you make a lot of lighting things super small and it comes with the cable to charge it it’s just a USB micro USB whatever it’s called thank you have different brightness levels as well super super helping my monitor if I wanted to not put it on my phone or my iPad um I’m always asking that on I yeah I don’t know I mean you can find you can absolutely you can put it on a tripod and put it right behind you I better I’ve done I like that well very cool now I have a bigger one this one I think is newer to as well this is you’ll see here I have a different filter on it this is like more orange filter and they know these companies have a founder like remember how back in the day they all used to say that TV stars wanted a pink filters it made him look younger oh really i didn’t just like there was a famous three about the women fighting on dynasty to get the pink filter oh really thank you I’m such dealing okay give me anything anything like what guys listen this is also amazon um super this is bigger so it’s gonna be more powerful now that the light Wow yeah so it’s getting brighter but now I see again if you if you if it’s unbalanced here too much now this is this is really bright so let me actually not turn out that break but here if so you see it here it’s not balanced this sides dark versus like this in the butt now if I had two of these put one on both side it can be much better and I’m not setting this up properly but you see if i were to put it right behind versus not at all so it just gets enough it brings it up a little bit look well guys don’t care about this but I think you look younger right if you don’t have no chef sorry I talked with it most of the time but you look younger if you don’t have that shadow that’s created by the bad lighting right yep exactly one I want that light you have a contest where the gift where the prize is a light that’s pretty cool should totally do that yes I had that idea right now I’m writing it down here’s it so to other things this is going to be a simple one on a battery this is an external battery for my iphone ipad whatever you plug in it i think it even works with android it’s just a you put in you plug it in and you charge it through the USB here and this will charge my device I don’t know like five or ten times this is very cool I don’t know why I don’t have one of those that’s so handy right so now especially for if you’re recording a video you’re recording lots of video in your iphone for example suck the battery out in no time so um you just plug the same you don’t need a you don’t need a physical plug anywhere you can just plug it right into here and you’re good to go the last thing the last minute and go ahead and put a wish list together on Amazon gesture right now be ready so put it in my and there are lots and in fact so this one is this one has 10,000 mah so that’s that that’s the size of the battery so what that means is I think the my some and I forget the six plus battery is something like on someone’s going to correctly but it’s something like 2 or 3,000 mAh something like that so in fact this is right so 10,000 so it gives you an idea now you can get some batteries that are slimmer smaller that or maybe 3000 mAh but that’s only in the charge it once or one and a half time so just keep that in mind I don’t charge this I probably only charges once every few weeks right look it does last me for a while last thing I’m going to show you I think I’ve got everything here is the allowable a microphone so you see this here oh you say and this is a rode smartlav plus um it works with the iphone is built for dark rrod smart lab

plus and make sure it’s the plus because the original model had a lot of hits it was terrible and the new model the smart lab plus is excellent this is what if you ever see me wear it I’ve worn it for live streams I’ve worn it for recording videos it always works exceptionally well it’s very clean it’s um it it just works there’s no battery you don’t have to plug it into anything the downside is that the cable and the unravel it here the cable that they give you those that they make is completely ridiculously short it’s kind of like I’ll shoes that’s like so ridiculous this this is I mean it’s hard to really get a sense of the length yeah they should be ashamed that right that’s all they give you that’s fabulous but you can buy and I think this was off of amazon as well you can buy an extender so you want to make sure that your cable is probably a little bit artists e olio focuses you see it has three black lines you want to make sure it has three black lines okay really kind of tough to see because that’s what matches the iphone of the iphone is three black lines ones for left speaker ones for right speaker ones for microphone okay I think I’m not dimension rate this is way too much information to come tell you but this now extends it a lot longer so you could actually stand far back from your camera I think they built it really for like podcasters if you just want to record audio but record video you need a longer cable so you just need to buy and it’s a microphone but I can’t hear anything with it so if I’m using that and I wanted to kind of monitor what I was recording I would need a headset but that plugs it’s not USB so that plugs into the subway vehicle that little headphone jack on whatever device ipad iphone okay and the magic of that is what like why would i want to love Mike so the the that’s a great question so now I’m gonna pray i do that occasionally no it’s good I don’t know this can do just that it’s called the aux jack thank you Andrew little around headphone jack and aux jack me so right now i’m not using this it’s not plugged in now I’m using the camera I’m about under two feet from the camera right now so pretty close but if I’m further back you’re going to give them a lot more ambient noise you’re going to get just it’s just not gonna sound is clear when you’re using a lav mic it’s right here so it’s not picking up anything else and it’s a super sensitive to you Mike but not sensitive to the world Mike it’s not like a Yeti that’s going to be capturing noise like every little creaking and crackle this is really meant for you and so it captures you really loudly clearly and well that you can then mashed it records the video with it on so if you’re plugging it into your phone and your recording your video it doesn’t use the iphone Mike anymore it’s going to use that Mike that’s why it’s important to but that one seems like it would be magical for live streaming I mean you could use it anywhere but especially I’m not the Prime Minister’s because I can definitely see the immediate application there but I think the other thing that would be magical as if you’re doing a live stream and you don’t like these big old KN looks like someone i should get cans in a different color so people don’t think that my head is this thing but they just realized I’ve something on here but if you’re doing a live stream where you want it to be a little bit more transparent right you just don’t want people to be distracted by your tech at all that could be really cool and it just clips right to the band of your t-shirt or the lapel of your jacket or whatever exactly amazon as well on yep they sell it i think it’s about unrelated bucks haha is it roadie i call it road I have no idea road smart lining us I highly highly recommended great recording and um I don’t know that it works on a mac Ivan actually tested that before it does that mean anything well because it I guess it’s different right I don’t know I I have no idea because I guess it’s a headphone jack on your Mac versus you iphone it’s a headphone / microphone right because if you were to use your included iphone head headset there’s a microphone built-in that’s why there are three lines that you see right now showing you three lines on the actual adapter tip but a Mac I’m not sure how that works had no clue what one thing is the note this is sort of a future thing if you’re planning on there rumors who knows we’ll see the next model of iphone might not have a headphone jack which means that won’t work if there’s you you might need an adapter to plug it into the Lightning port which is that thing you use the charge your iPhone with that’s there all rumors for right now so we’ll see I

don’t believe that one it’s barely appreciating and I don’t want to yeah I know I have to go check out the macworld podcast I’m a little bit behind on that one and see if they’ve been talking about we’ll see in this over that possibility it will be great if there was a lav mic that was wireless that connects via bluetooth or something but I don’t know if that exists and and maybe will now soon exists because of the rumor with women headphone jack we’ll see but that’s just rejecting that notion I’m just not even gonna let that internment well they might they may have wired headset through lightning that’s kind of a rumor so that you could just plug in through the Lightning port but there won’t be a head work ok rejecting all of that but thanks for sharing no problem you can enjoy you’ll see receptacle yes we shall alright so any other goodies to share amazon and get my shop on no I think we’re good i think we covered everything it’s but lots of little tools the bottom line here is you don’t need everything first of all second of all don’t let the any of that be an excuse ok the all you need all you need and i’ve seen this you likely seen this is some kind of way to record yourself whether that’s an iphone and android an ipad or just a built-in webcam in your computer and that is enough absolutely enough do you need a lapel mic no does it sound better yeah but you don’t need it right away do you need a fancy you know big microphone no you really don’t just work with what you’ve got and then go from there but if you’re at a position where you’re thinking oh I want to teleprompter what should I use what is Ronnie use I showed you that right so that’s what that’s what I’d say don’t get overwhelmed by this there’s a lot of options out there this is just what i use there are many other tools out there it’s not about oh I need this in order to do X you don’t need it you’ve got yourself you’ve got some access to some kind of camera or whether it’s built into your computer or on your phone that’s more than enough don’t get hung up on any other tool or gizmo or gadget good answer I don’t say many other questions popping in the chat either Thank You commander yeah and we had a lot of fun i think it’s just nice to kind of get through some of the technical stuff and I like I thank you for compiling the questions thank you for sharing your knowledge that you use as well and there’s a personal preference and a lot of these things but hey go out do it use it don’t don’t worry about any of the little technical details the best the best way to blaster any barriers and obstacles is to just take action go do it that’s all I’d say cool best tool is the one you would use then that’s right and the best tool is you you’re amazing right you think about it you okay like you have well and you to allegra but I meant you watching this everyone out there you have the gift of being able to take something that’s kind of buried in some area here that I find mysterious and amazing the brain that will somehow get synthesized into wonderful sounds like it’s somehow interpreted into someones ears and then can change someone’s life that’s pretty amazing that’s the best tool out there so go ahead and use that whatever other external tools that you need great fine you can use whatever you’ve got but use the best tool that you’ve gotten yourself and you’re sharing your wisdom and mana I just get excited about that because we can learn so much from each other we can learn from our own experiences and if your coach and you’re able to help people do something amazing with their lives or overcome some Hugh obstacle that maybe wouldn’t have ever been like something that someone can do on their own you could help them overcome something some unsurmountable instrumental crazy obstacle in their life some past history that you could help them transform themselves you’re their tool go you know go do something amazing with that talent so that’s my last little motivational message for you thank you so much Allegra for for helping me out with this I mean yeah if there are any other questions that come up about any tools technologies or anything that we do please reach out to us the best way courses if you’re not already on our list go to Pilar dot me and you’ll see an opportunity to get on our list and join us and learn more about other tools and content and training that we do and you know you’re already a member you’ve got access to a library of really awesome tools for coaches that help you create presentations automatically and help you preload your blog for a year

automatically and all of these cool stuff this stuff that we built for you so I encourage you to go and check those out and go and do it and use it that’s really the ultimate way that you’re going to grow your business