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A louca do primer – TV Beauté | Vic Ceridono

Hey, everyone! I’m here today to shoot “crazy for primer.” Yay! But before that, two things: first is that I’m recording this on a very short notice because I had this nasty sore throat these last days No idea where it came from, never had a sore throat like this before I’m still recovering in fact, so my voice might sound wonky. I’m feeling better, though, which is good Second thing is about this blasting makeup I’m currently wearing Earlier today I was shooting a video for Vogue at Charlotte Tilbury’s shop, that’s for my monthly show at Vogue called “Beauté por Aí” (“Beauté Around”) Nelson, one of the top makeup artists on Charlotte’s team put this on me, and so we’ll have its step-by-step He shared some nifty tricks, in fact I need to retouch my lipstick. It’s almost all off He did the “Dolce Vita” make up using the palette with the same name That’s how Charlotte sorts its products: there’s the looks and you can buy from its palette of products I mean, from the look’s products. The lipstick I’m using is Penelope Pink It’ll soon be out on Vogue and I’ll post it on the blog as well There’s this playlist here on YouTube too with my “Beauté por Aí” videos if you feel like watching later My hair looks funny on the video, but it’s quite the thing in real life I tugged it all up and it started falling apart in a way that I like Anyway, let’s get started on Crazy for Primer Primer is this product that didn’t exist at all, but suddenly appeared and is now part of our lives The first existing primers were this general-use product, but they started evolving over time You can find primers for any skin need these days I certainly recommend that you find a primer that meets the needs of your skin An easy example: there are plenty of primers for oily skin that kinda cover the pore sizes, oilyness One of the most famous ones without a doubt is Porefessional from Benefit Girls with oily skin, don’t forget to leave us a comment below with your preferred primers There are pretty specific primers, such as the ones for oily skin, or the spots around the eyes An example of that is Primer Potion from Urban Decay, for the eyelids so the shadow looks more intense, lasts longer, don’t clot between the folds This one from Smashbox is a primer for the undercircles It also aids on keeping concealer in its place. Concealers might crackle at times, clot on the wrinkles, smear out of place It might be a good option because it works as if it was a moisturizer, only it’s specifically made to be used prior to concealer A regular eye moisturizer can be too emollient, which is usually more proper to be used at night time, not necessarily under concealer and during the day So, this makes it a good option There are even more specific primers There’s Nanoblur, you can’t find it in Brazil, but it’s really easy to find it on Boots in London Or this one, Instant Perfect from Sisley They’re primers to be used over expression lines and blur them out They’re focused on this and can also be used over put on makeup to remove brightness All you have to do is tap it over the makeup to absorb part of the glow There are many other details and categories, so I’ll start talking about the basic primer “Oh I wanted to use primers but not sure which. My skin is sort of regular, no specific issues with it I wanted something to use all over my face and just lift it up.” What primers really do is prepare your skin to receive foundation It smoothes and moisturizes it all out; if your skin is too dry and you put foundation over it — you might have dry skin even if is oily — the skin will absorb the foundation water and will crackle Primers prevent that from happening. They work it all out just like that first coat of product spread over walls before painting I forgot what’s that called I have all my standard primers here. No need to put them on, right? I’m not gonna wipe this makeup off, that’s why this was the perfect video for me to record today

I believe these three were the first primers ever to exist They’re so plain they even share the same kind of package Make Up For Ever, High Definition Primer. Spread it all over your face and be happy This one from Houglass, called Veil Mineral Primer, works the same way This is Smashbox Photo FInish, the first one ever, and the idea behind it is to make it uniform This one from Clinique is more recent, for the super-primer collection they created It comes in a number of colours, which turns to be our next subject: colour primers This one is universal, fixes anything And this one is Prime Time from bareMinerals, which unfortunately is not sold anymore in Brazil Such a shame, I love bareMinerals’ products. This one works as an oilyness controller Here’s how it happened: the basic primers were released and then started to become specific Smashbox has a lighter version of — I can’t remember if Make Up For Ever also has one — for people who need to care about oily skin and don’t want to use a primer like Porefessional over the whole face Today you can find primers for the whole face that also take care of oilyness I don’t have as many because my skin is not oily and I usually prefer the radiant primers; talk about those later too That’s what I have the most around here, I’m obsessed about radiance primers Colour primers, like these from Smashbox: Photo Finish Color Correcting Blend, peach colour, and also Adjust This one is Blend, this one is Adjust – both are Color Correct You can mix these and work them on specific spots of the face I mentioned about specific-use primers at the beginning of the video, but this doesn’t mean you need to use a primer on your whole face If there is a certain redness spot, like this area around the nose and the cheeks if you have rosacea, you can spread over the green colour one to neutralize these spots in special You’ll put on foundation later anyway, so there’s no risk in looking like Shrek after the primer It looks very green on the package, but dilutes when putting it on It doesn’t look quite green, it actually neutralizes This one is also very nice to bring up some vitality It’s not exactly bringing light It’s more like livening up the skin For those days when you feel tired and such Another one I picked from the basic category is Skinflash from Dior It comes in this pencil-brush form factor. You twirl this knob and it Hello, friend This one also has a peachy hue Only now I put on too much product on my hand The best definition for primer is “beauty cream.” Many women who don’t feel comfortable with foundation put on primer instead, because it provides that optical effect, light-play and such It smoothes out the skin, making its texture more refined, covers expression lines, pores etc It’s an overall beautification It also fits men very well, even if you don’t feel like using foundation or other makeup products, many men don’t like those, but putting on primer already gets your spirit up Now, before I get into the highlighting primers, I’ll talk about the enhancement ones They stand between the regular and highlighting primers. Kind of an “Éclat.” But before that, here’s Magic Cream from Charlotte Tilbury, which I happen to be using today

I also used Underglow, but I’ll leave that for last because it fits the highlighting primers You might watch this video and think “I don’t have a primer and don’t feel like buying one. What do I do?” You can use a moisturizing lotion as a primer The concept of ‘priming’ the skin is to prepare it Primers are nice because they bundle all of those optical illusion, velvety and smoother skin features You can still prepare your skin for foundation with a moisturizing lotion, which is the case with Magic Cream She always puts this on before any makeup It is a moisturizer she has been mixing over the years and using on people— Hey, there’s Harold! Harold~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥ I missed him, it has been a while since he last showed up He’s my pet squirrel, just in case you don’t know OK, not a real pet squirrel; it is a REAL squirrel, but all he does is walk over the neighbour’s wall while I’m shooting videos She always used this mix on models and celebrities This is one of the first products launched with her collection Just making it clear that it is not mandatory to have a primer on your makeup kit The important thing here is the priming concept on the skin, making it better for the rest of the makeup I have two representatives for this category, and a bunch of other ones among my Summer stuff, which are the bronzer-primers They add this warmer look on the skin. If you’re have ghastly-pale skin like I do, or if it is Summer and— Oops, this one is not bronzer… This is a Tom Ford one from the ‘Éclat’ category This is the original Tom Ford white primer They released these Complexion Enhancing Primers with the tone concealing feature for primers This one is an Éclat primer to make your skin lush and beautiful Don’t be afraid to try it out even if you have oily skin You don’t have to buy it, especially the Tom Ford one that, besides being expensive, can’t be found in Brazil. It’s really hard to find If an opportunity to try it out comes up, or if you’re having a makeup artist over to prepare you— even though it’s not wise to bet your chips on the artist without knowing if it will work But you can go to a shop and try it there, putting foundation on top of it to see what happens It gives you that inner glow, great stuff You can get the inner glow out even if you put on a matte foundation later The primer effect is very subtle, so you can’t really see this and go “whoa, look at those hands!” Or even “wow they look so different from one another.” This one is a bit shinier and the other balances subtones I love this one that does the Éclat trick, called That Gal from Benefit “Brightening face primer!” There is a bunch of words in English to explain different aspects of lighting, while in Portuguese everything translates to “highlighting”, related to highlighters We need more words for lighting! One of the things I like the most is mixing Porefessional with That Gal I wrote about that a while ago; you’ll probably remember if you’ve been following Dia de Beauté I was in San Francisco when Benefit launched in Brazil, in 2010 or 2011 Annie and Maggie, the two daughters from one of the twins who founded Benefit, were there to receive us and take us to an office tour Their skin was so beautiful, I was obsessed by it So I asked what they had on and she told me it was a mix of these two Get a drop of each on your fingers, mix them up and spread; it looks fantastic They add, at the same time, this diffuse “Photoshop” look that the blur-primers do,

but add some brightening at the same time It’s gorgeous, I use this combo even today We also have some rich stuff; these three right here. The Météorites with the pearls, cutest thing ever! These three have the same effect, which I’ll explain later better when I have the highlighting primers on They have the Éclat, brightening effect, but with no shimmer This one is Beauty Flash Balm, a classic from Clarins It exists before the very existence of priemrs, but already had this purpose This is Instant MOisture Glow from YSL. Let me show you how they look You can see there’s no shimmering here. They’re creams that add brightness to your skin It might not be possible to see right now due to the amount of stuff on my hand that led to this wet-looking skin I recommend these for oily skin or if you’re after an opaque finish, but feel like the foundation will leave your look too heavy I know a lot of people in Brazil worry about oily skin, but it is not everyone who has ultra-oily skin We do have this overall preference for matte skin, but sometimes that leads to a heavier visage You can balance that out with a brighter primer And now for the actual highlighting ones, starting with Luminizing, but it is also a bronzer; the Photo Finish Luminizing from Smashbox Can you see the tan? It warms up your look together with the highlight I remember the Smashbox girls telling me this is one of the favourites from J. Lo This is another Éclat-category one from By Terry, and the version with subtone concealing This is what I use when I look tired, a radiance elixir This is the same… What’s the difference? This is immaculate light, like the sunbeam hitting me right now, and this is Rose Elixir Go for the white one if you’re not sure It will not make your skin look white. It does blend in like a lotion If you feel something to liven up, the peachy tones are excellent And now let us head to— found another bronzer! It was lost around here. This one is from Laura Mercier, she was also one of the first to release a primer This is a “radiance bronze” variant from a classic It also warms up the skin Excellent to be used on Summer if you don’t feel like putting on foundation The primer itself livens it up with some added colour The good thing about primers is the moisturizing texture on the skin A foundation, no matter how light and thin it might be, always has that visible texture Primers don’t, they’re really like lotions And now, on the other hand, the highlighting primers This is Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting from Kevyn Aucoin “Celestial Light,” I don’t need to say anything else Here’s Glow Maximizer from Dior, not the same thing as Skin Flash We have Wonder Glow from Charlotte Tilbury, which I have on myself today And the famous Strobe Cream from MAC This one is also among us since much before the actual existance of primers,

just pulling back what I said in the beginning of the vid These don’t need to come with ‘primer’ written on the package to apply this effect on your skin These here are my highlighting ones I love highlighting primers because I love actual highlighters These bring out your inner glow too, but in more exaggerated means compared to the Éclat ones I showed just before You could say anti-oilyness primers are level zero, regular ones are level one, Éclats are level two and shimmering highlighter ones are level three So these are not optimal if you run away from oily-looking skin On the other hand, this could be a good trick you’ve seen me pulling on often I focus their application around here where I’m suppoed to put on highlighter later, like these spots, and then I put on foundation That glow is not entirely covered because you’re not putting on a thick foundation coat This means the glow happens naturally This ends up being a good option if you’re afraid of highlighters You can also put this one up like a liquid highlighter on top of it all, tapping over the foundation It has less shimmer than a liquid highlighter, despite being glowy Another fantastic way of using this is to spread it over your body Over the arms and legs… Any spots there is skin showing up. Works brilliantly One of my upcoming videos will be about Summer makeup and then overall-body makeup Quite an interesting subject which I have never talked about I might have some lost primers scattered around, but they’re multi-purpose You can also mix primers with foundation If you feel like making foundation thinner with a lighter, fluid and glowy coverage, all you have to do is mix them These are the tricks on how you can use primers in different ways I found these two buried in here and wanted to talk about them I used this in a recent video, from Juice Beauty It is an organic makeup brand, also fitting the highlighter primers category Quite a nice brand. Did I ever use this one? I’m not sure right now, but I’m positive I used their pencil before I know I put this on myself before, but don’t remember if I recorded that It also works like a radiant primer, but leaning more towards Éclat And the primer from Quem Disse Berenice, a budget-friendly option for everyone It is the blur-primer type, transparend and really basic to be used on the whole face or after your makeup is on to absorb some of the brightness A very nice alternative too I also have one from Natura which I can’t find here, but it feels more like a velvet matte primer Marcos Costa told me that it is one of their best sellers when I was at the Natura store You might want to try it out And I guess we can wrap this Crazy for Primer Please leave comments with your favourite primers because our readers also need to be aware of products different from the ones I showed here There are many products in the world and, even though my dream is to live in a cosmetics’ store, that might be hard to achieve! There are also many products I’ve used until they’re over and are not here That’s why I like when you leave comments to add up to the ‘crazy for’ discussion I have other ‘crazy for’ videos planned to be recorded: crazy for ratty shadow, crazy for red lipstick, crazy for contouring

Stay tuned! They’ll be released along the next weeks I hope you like this video and see you on the next one Subtitles: Breno Pires and Juliana Bordignon [email protected]