African-Owned Makeup Brands You're SLEEPING ON! | Jackie Aina

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African-Owned Makeup Brands You're SLEEPING ON! | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys, Welcome back to my channel It’s your girl Jackie Aina (indistinct) (fingers snapping) Today’s video is going to be a full face of African-Owned Makeup Brands The first time I ever did a video using all black-owned makeup brands was back in 2016, four years ago And I remember the conversations about black-owned anything was almost like controversial I do remember back then like the concept of black-owned things in general, was like so foreign that people thought it meant it was like only for black people or they would say, “Well, if it’s black-owned, can white people use it?” And I was like, I mean what did you think black people were using this whole time? – I wanna know that I really want to know- – This is just one of the many black-owned and black featuring videos that I’m going to be doing on my channel in the future This is not a one-off thing, today I wanted to put a special emphasis on African brands I mean the obvious black-owned brands are like the Fenty and the Pat, but those are already mainstream So it was really important for me to do this video and give a spotlight to brands that otherwise aren’t really heard of or aren’t household names yet Sit back, enjoy, roll your sleeves up, wash your dem teeth and enjoy today’s look So y’all wasn’t gonna tell me my wig was lifted this whole time, huh? I don’t know what kind of people y’all are I’m gonna start off by priming skin with the YangaBeauty prym matte primer YangaBeauty is a Nigerian-owned makeup brand Oh it feels so damn good It was started by Jennifer Lisa Uloko and she actually lives in Nigeria She has, I believe a retail store and a lot of products So I picked up a primer and it reminds me a lot of one of those like pore feeling, really bouncy smoothing primers that just kind of blurs the skin Some of this is gonna be brand new stuff to you, some of this is going to be stuff I’ve been slowly sneaking in my videos here and there, because like I said I don’t want these to be one-off videos Like we’re gonna make black-owned a regular thing a routine thing to do Since at this point it seems like the rest of y’all are canceled so sorry about it Oh I like to highlight under this skin, this is how I add a nice highlighted glow to the skin so that it doesn’t look dry Like your DMs When I tell you, I cannot say enough, good things about these liquid highlighters proceed with caution though They are pretty, pretty watery, you do have to shake them up and they do have gl- That makes it really nasty sound And they do have glitter in them, so if you don’t like a lot of glitter or if you have like textured skin and you don’t like (indistinct) protection from them, use these at your own risk, I’m just saying Well, the first shade that I’m gonna use is sizzle and I never get tired of demonstrating how beautiful these are I’m also using this Nuban beauty brush to apply these but look at this I rest my case (gavel striking) Just get it too bad It’s is offensively beautiful How gorgeous these look and feel on the skin Nuban Beauty is also another Nigerian-owned and Nigerian created beauty brand based in Nigeria It was created by Stella Ndekile and I’ve just truly, truly fallen in love with these products Like when I think of like an artistry skin like driven brand which is not really that popular in Nigeria, when it comes to Nigerian-owned makeup brands, they’re usually full on glam, very colorful, which is beautiful, you know I’m here for the glam But it’s nice to kinda see the variety like to me, if I had to compare this to any other brand, this gives me big NARS energy It gives me big NARS energy If you love skin, if you love artistry, different brands if you love products that let the skin really glow and just thrive then I really think you’ll like NubanBeauty It just feels so lux and elevated I’m gonna double highlight I’m gonna take Aurora and Aurora, it’s also another dual highlighter, this one’s a little bit lighter I’m just adding a little bit more dimension to the skin I kinda wanna the highlighters to look a little bit more dimensional so I’m adding a lighter one on top It’s almost like I’m sculpting but with the highlighters Now I’m also gonna just take a little bit of that right into my temple area and above the brow, you get just this multi-dimensional glow Today’s vibe is going to be passed out, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready Don’t ask a clown why they’re are clowns? Ask yourself why you keep going to the circus Give me angles you know, she loves a side profile Now, if I put in a product and you don’t see me mention it just assume is not black-owned and we ain’t giving them no air time on today’s video On tomorrow’s videos, all the rest of them we can go back to doing whatever we were doing anyway But today no, fall in line For real though like I was trying to say earlier, and this is no shade I really hope that we can continuously incorporate and care about some of these brands in general and all of our content regularly I mean, we as influencers we move the needle, we set the trends we talk about what’s hot and what’s not Black influencers in general have been hand carrying each other And black-owned brands, influencers are black-owned brands too So let’s just take it there, but we’ve all been kind of like internally collectively supporting each other It’s hard to do that for years and years and years to come So I wanna see non-black people care about black-owned brands, just as much as they care about stealing our culture – Ooh – I’m just saying this is a Nuban Beauty sponge, I really just bought it because it was Brown

I really liked the sponges that I already used but I just wanted to get a brown sponge I’m gonna take some translucent powder that matches my skin tone basically, in all my problem areas to cut down on shine This is my first time trying this primer, I don’t know how much she’s going to cut up girl, I don’t know if it’s going to be compatible for my skin So I always do this just as like a little safety blanket The sponge has a flat edge, so you can really get in the corners I’m going to contour using the Double Take UOMA Beauty, these are like contour highlight sticks I love these This is probably the darkest contour product that I’ve come across on the market That’s not like a professional brand, like a mainstream makeup brand UOMA Beauty was started and founded by Sharon Chuter Sharon Chuter fun fact was also the woman who was behind the hashtag pull up or shut up challenge and the pull up for change, Instagram handle Everybody kept saying it was my initiative and everybody was getting mad at me about things they didn’t like I don’t know why the hell whenever y’all seen me talking about stuff it becomes Jackie and this thing, Jackie and this missions stop doing that Stop it Sharon started it, so all credit to her It’s on my Instagram if you have no idea of what I’m talking about But anyway, Sharon has an extensive honey, resume When I tell you that lady has tea for days months, years about the stuff that she’s experienced in the beauty industry, she really does So she just went off and started her own and UOMA Beauty was birthed last year Sharon’s Nigerian and I love her She is just like so inspiring, like she just genuinely cares You know, someone just genuinely cares, like she just genuinely cares This stick thing dual situation, the shade that I use is Black Pearl You can find UOMA at Ulta, you can find Nuban Beauty on their website I just went straight on their website, which I will link down below And I also found YangaBeauty on their website I will link directly down below Your bank might send you some phone calls, they may send you some text messages We already know that there is a preconceived notions about Nigerians and ordering from countries like Nigeria, you know exactly what I mean I ordered all of the stuff featured in today’s video directly from their websites, without even reaching out I only reached out to one and that’s because I don’t think their system was set up to be sending stuff or taking orders from the U.S I had no issues with anything that I ordered today, none at all so I just want to throw that out there, just in case you tried to order and you saw something that seemed alarming, I had no issues whatsoever Next I’m gonna take the In My Skin Nuban Beauty, liquid concealer This is the product that I was the most excited about This was the product that made me want to give my money up I’m serious like this is the product that really made me want to get my money up and get my fanny up Because every time I see this concealer demoed it just looks absolutely beautiful I’m actually gonna start with a lighter shade, I like to underpaint and highlight from within, and then build my way up to the darkest color So I’m gonna take the shade zero four three, like I said, she’s borderline Caucasian, but just go with me here I’m gonna take a little bit of that, like just right where the darkened part of my under eye And I’m gonna let that dry down while I blend out my contour Complexion is just my favorite part of the whole makeup routine I love pausing to look at the contour blended just this right here, the highlight with the contour contrast, it’s just remarkable Okay, it’s time to blend Oh wow, I’m eating my words as I normally do So I thought this wasn’t going to be matte because when I’ve seen, oh, no, it’s a running, okay, let me shut up I thought this was gonna be like really slippery, minimal coverage This actually has a nice amount of coverage Please, I know the complaints are coming, I know you’re in the comments telling me to appreciate my black skin, save it This is just like I said, the first preliminary step in the process of highlighting, we do it in stages here I start with the lightest color and then I work my way to the darkest I was not expecting this coverage from this concealer, I’m not gonna lie, like it’s really pretty Oh, wow good as bomb you didn’t tell me it was this good Now I’m gonna move up to the shade 46, it’s darker than Ms. Caucasian So now we’re really gonna highlight we’re gonna take her in the center of my chin We’re gonna go down the bridge of my nose And this is like a really nice olive golden undertone, this shade 46 The applicator’s nice too, because it’s flat, so you can really cover some of that forehead, real estate Welcome to the grand opening of my forehead, thank you Am I really that shiny? Like my lights are doing it the absolute most There’s no reason why my forehead has headlights like, what is this? Okay, now we’re gonna go, go crazy, go stupid I never really understood the point of highlighting right above like the lip like this, because it’s darker here So I just thought that it’s stupid And then I tried it and I was like, no, you’re stupid I actually really like it, you know why? It just adds this little extra dimension to the face that you just don’t really see until you take a photograph This applicator’s everything, this concealer’s everything Okay, now I like to blend the upper lip, this always happens and I hate when it does I like to blend the upper lip first and then work my way into the corners of my nose Sometimes I get a little red there and like please guys, move your nose away and get in them corners because there is nothing that grinds my lace more than when I see like makeup gathering here Oh God, I’m gonna go back to my contour shade, UOMO again And I like to take a little bit of that onto like a dense brush sculpt like right where my brow and inner corner I me, I like to add contour there

Hi, foundation time This is the Nuban Beauty In My Skin foundation I have the same thoughts and impressions about this foundation that I did about this concealer I thought it was gonna be watery minimal coverage, very My skin, but better, ’cause it is called In My Skin, but let’s just shake her up and test it out and see what we get Because at this point everybody’s been proving me wrong today The shade that I use is W-9-D Akunyili that’s the name of it, D Akunyili Take my foundation brush, good luck finding her, ’cause I’ve been raving about this brush for years now It’s from Next (dramatic music) (laughing) – Huh? – Oh, I didn’t say that, never mind I don’t know where Next is, never heard of that brand I don’t even wear makeup, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about I’m gonna take this YangaBeauty set to go makeup setting spray I do like to dip my brush into my foundation and then set it with setting spray (spray squirting) For long wearability, then I like to apply Ooh, she’s red Well, you know what? I am a bit on the warmer side around this area, so that will be okay ’cause it will work to correct Oh, there’s coverage here let me see, hold on, yeah, there’s definitely coverage in there I could see it because I didn’t even put that much on It’s nice, even though this color, isn’t my exact shade, the other one that I had swatched was a little bit too red for my liking I think it’s definitely getting the job done at least on the bottom half of my face because it’s a little bit darker So it’s almost kind of working like I said, as a color corrector I actually don’t want that So I grabbed the shade Adichie W A this one still has a lot of like fiery warm undertones, but this one’s a little bit more calm down So I’m gonna concentrate this color towards the center of my face Oh yeah, I’m happy, I’m actually happy with that, but it looks much better And the good thing is when you work backwards the way that I did concealer, contour first and then do foundation, you kind of can cheat a little bit and you don’t have to have like the most perfect match Don’t forget that forehead girl Yeah, I think of the two shades I like the Adichie better Here’s a shot of the complexion before I set into powder, I’ll be right back So I couldn’t find any ethnic background on prime beauty These are my favorite bronzers ever, not just for a black-owned brand, but just in general, the shade that I use is Brownsville And I honestly just really, really love how there’s no shimmer It’s kinda hard to find a lot of bronzers without shimmer I don’t know why girl, like shimmer bronzers are cute but (groaning) I always want that like on my face I used this bronzer last week on my little sister, she literally, when I opened it, she was like (gasping) She had never seen a bronzer run this dark for her complexion This shade is chocolate lily by the way, this one is a little too bronze for me but I can sometimes use it as like a little accent, kick it up a notch But yeah these come in a really nice beautiful assortment of shades Bronzers are still such an untapped market and I just truly get my life from this bronzer, it’s my favorite, favorite, favorite bronzer Prime Beauty is black-owned, it was started by Shemika Harmitt Now, once again I couldn’t find any information on her ethnic background It really doesn’t matter it’s a black-owned brand, I’m gonna support it regardless And I just really, really, really love her products Now bronzers, aren’t the only product they have, this was just the one that really kinda broke the Internet I remember when I first heard about these, I think I saw these on Instagram and it was another one of those, like everybody was like tagging me, tagging me, tagging me, so of course I had to be the first to know what time it was Brent popped up out of nowhere, I don’t know if they get a lot of love Their products are always sold out, but I feel like a lot of people don’t talk about them I’m telling you their bronzers are so good, and they actually bronze the skin Like do you already see do you already see, how we’ve already invested in some of the property on the West side of my forehead and on the East side of my forehead like we’re still kind of working in that area, it’s getting a little gingerfied ♪ I’m like a bird whenever I’m away ♪ Love the UOMA beauty brow pencil These are really good dupe for precisely my brow The benefit collection brows are so good, they’re really like hard waxy, they’re not too soft, not too stiff The shades I use are five and six and it’s called the Baby Hair They have so many shades brush brush, it is double-sided, so you get a brush on one end spoolie on one end and brow magic on the other Sometimes when I want more of a softer brow, I’ll line and define with shade six, ’cause it’s the darkest color And then I will fill in the rest with shade five, which is the color right above which is the slightly lighter color The tip to getting a believable brow, not natural ’cause I think y’all know by now, natural is the last thing I wanna look like The tip to getting a real believable trustworthy brow is to sometimes use more than one color So don’t be afraid to go back and forth between like something slightly darker to sculpt and then fill in with something a little bit less rich I’ve finished my brow so I’m gonna go into like a little blending dense brush like this one and my bronzer taking your bronzer like right at the head of the brow just gets it It just hits different just softens out the head of the brow makes everything look a little more, not natural, believable don’t be shy brush it all the way through The longer I wear this makeup, the prettier I feel,

I just feel like this foundation It is a little red on camera, but you know what? I’m going to bump the eyes on, I’m going to show you what I see in person is not what I’m seeing on camera This just looks like a really beautiful chocolate woman but let me shut up and conceal my eyelids for this shadow we about to put on ’cause I love these shadow to shadow (indistinct), wait until we get to it So now we’re on the shadows and this is not the first time you guys have shee And this is not the Sheen? Let’s move on to the eyes Today I kind want us to do a lavender/mint concoction I’m gonna be using the OPV beauty rainbow splash If you could just focus please, thank you This is the rainbow splash palette from OPV beauty, Nigerian-owned, black-owned This is a London-based Nigerian beauty brand It was started by two women Bukola and Opeyemi The shadows are fabulous quality, top tier pigmentation supreme Once again, I wasn’t expecting the first time I tried these but I was wowed and I really, really liked the quality So I’m gonna be going for some color today I’m gonna start off by taking Motley So Motley I’m gonna start lightly, oh God, this is such a pretty color I’m gonna start lightly working into my crease I’m going to take eclipse, eclipse is a little bit more fuchsia Whereas Motley was more like Barney purple I told you all, I wanted this to be lavender, just go with me I’ma work my way there The fact that my wig is so tight is like snatching my eyelids up so I can’t really get my crease I’m gonna take Chimera, this lavender, it’s kind of dark actually but yeah, it’s lavender teeter-tottering on purple I’m actually just going, going to see if I liked it, oh it’s so pretty I’m just gonna dab that on with my finger first It’s just a whole different effect when you put the lid color on with your hands Now, in order for me to kinda soften out like the pink I’m gonna blend this literally all the way into my crease, without like adding product though Like I’m just gonna take what’s left over and go all the way up and pats So you just kind of get the shimmery halo see that nice little shimmery halo over our crease area I’m going to swap over with Phantom, this icy green shimmer shade here And I’m gonna apply Phantom on the inner corner of my eye I hope she’s green enough ’cause she’s looking real iced out that’s cute kinda getting like Mariah Carey, butterfly vibes from this look, like this just feels very butterflyesque Now I do have a purple liner that I’m going to pop in my water line It is from (indistinct) I’m gonna be using my favorite lashes These are from Whip Lashed, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful lash brand They have some of the most premium looking expensive looking lush looking lashes Shout-out to I am Kevin Wade on Instagram one of my friends, makeup extraordinaire He put me on, they are Nigerian-owned There’s not a ton of information online about them I did do some researching, but they’ve actually told me because I’ve asked them like, are you guys black-owned? And they voluntarily said yes, we’re a Nigerian-owned, Yoruba to be exact, which is my people Yeah, I mean it’s okay that there’s not a ton of info about them online, that’s fine Some people are a little bit more like behind the scenes, but they are black and Nigerian-owned The lash that you’re seeing is the fluff lash, this is my favorite lash from their entire company While that dries I’m gonna be sweeping Chimera along my bottom, lash line, yup, palette is all in my face, I am so sorry, it is really hard to do this and not have a mirror actually in my face Some of the pallet’s with mirrors by the way, my lash glue is still drying, I’ll probably get to it about 30 minutes So you guys have heard me talk about Marena Beaute they’re one of my favorite high quality, super pigmented very lux blush brands that I featured in so many videos, so you already know that, but you didn’t know, and what I didn’t know up until like two days ago is they just launched these blush trios, oh my God There’s a bronze/peach collection which is my favorite because it features, oh, they don’t have names, sorry This one kind of gives me bronzer vibes, this one is sweet brown, it’s my favorite all-time favorite orange peach tone blush, I think every chocolate girl should own at least one bright orange/peach blush because it just looks so flattering on a dark skin tone And then the other one is the mob terracotta collection Now, if you can’t find a color in this trio, blush may not be for you because these blushes run so rich and the quality is incredible This is a Senegalese brand which was started by a makeup artist, that’s based in Sweden, her name is D.R Marena, they have supported me so much, every time I feature their products or use their products in my videos, or even show them on the ground, they hit me up, they send me cool stuff, I am so honored and so flattered to have gotten this launch because these are gorgeous and these are gonna be so much easier to travel with now that I have three, not that I’m going anywhere, but you know what I mean, it’s just instinct, that’s what I think about, I think about traveling And I’m going to take sweet brown because it’s matte and it’ll fall right in line with my complexion anyway, it’s gonna take a little bit of that to the apples are much more (indistinct) Look how pretty that is, oh my God I just have a special place in my heart for matte blushes,

this is just everything I like to finish off by also applying this to my fivehead, sweep around the edges of the blush without actually adding treads and powder, but if you do this with like the brush you use to apply transits and powder to just make everything just look more blended, a little bit more natural, seamless all right, let me pop on these lashes and go eat my Uber Eats ’cause I’m hungry, just kidding I do want like a little inner corner highlight and I hope there’s a yellow in this palettes, there is a yellow, but it’s matte, it’s matte, do I wanna take it there? I mean, I feel like I could, I wanted it to be like a shimmery yellow or gold, but oh, that’s cute I’m not anti it, so I’m just gonna take a little bit of Atlantis and pop her in my inner corner, this is a really festive look No like really, I think she’s giving you festivals Lash is putting me on notice, yeah, this just completely wrapped and look for me I’m gonna just put on my mascara, like I said, eat my food from Uber Eats, finish my lip and come back Okay y’all so to finish up this look, Marena Beaute also has lipsticks, they sent me like an entire new collection These are not to be only black-owned lipsticks that I really really love, you guys know I’m a minted Stan but I really wanted to try these This is in the shade nude oh wait now, I think that’s the name of the collection is nude, this is the shade honey and it’s just like a classic beige, almost kind of caramel brown nude, even though it’s not my nude but it’s my first time trying it, they look No, wait, I have tried these and these smell really good by the way Y’all know I love like a contrasting nude (lips popping) The smell, this definitely is not what the inside of your protective masks smells like, close your mouth I’m a gloss snob, you guys know I can’t complete a look without two things, three, my mole and inner corner highlight and I’ll more than likely out of gloss because I’m a weirdo This isn’t an African-owned brand, but this is JD Glow Cosmetics, I’ve introduced them on my channel last year out of this world products, the glosses are bomb That’s actually how I originally found them, a swatch of their lip glosses on Instagram, and then I was just instantly just swept in by their shadows and have these gorgeous duochrome colors, like their stuff is baa JD Glow was actually started by Jennifer and Deandra who are based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana So I was thinking between these two glosses, I feel like this one, although it’s really, really, really pretty, I feel like it would kind of let me just swatch it and see because I feel like it might be a little too intergalactic planet theory, there’s a lot of blue, there’s a lot going on, it almost doesn’t even look purple In person y’all just looks purple, but on camera I swear it looks blue and then I swatch it and it looks blue, yeah, let’s not go there That was by the way, a Rubik Juul’s, I’m gonna swatch show up and she’s a little bit more of a true purple I like this one, this one is cute, it’s not as pretty and shifty as this one, but it’s okay, both of them are just this gorgeous I like layering on nudes, putting like different shifty colors, I’ll do like a regular peach nude but then I’ll put a douchrome pink on top of it just to add some dimension, look how gorgeous this is ♪ Look at how pretty this is ♪ Thank God for my big old lips Oh wait, wait I forgot my setting spray, this is the YangaBeauty set to go finishing makeup setting spray, excuse me Is there setting spray, (indistinct) (spray squirting) (sighing) I don’t know why I don’t like doing setting spray over lips, but it’s cool, it’s not going to hurt anybody I’m gonna smudge that into my skin so it really sets in, this is going to photograph so beautifully, there isn’t a single thing I did not like from today’s video and it was risky, it was risky, risky, risky, let me go ahead and change the clothes over this video Okay guys, so that wraps up today’s video, I really hope that the takeaway is that one, you learned about some really dope, really cool, really good quality black and African-owned brands that are featured in today’s video The next thing might I add, this is not a one-off, this is not a trend, this isn’t something to check box off of your channel just to like not get dragged for not talking about black lives, we see some of y’all In all honesty I really do appreciate a lot of the people who have been making content supporting these brands, there’s never gonna be a negative from that regardless of who the person is or what their intentions are like, that’s not my cross to bear If someone’s intentions aren’t in the right place, I’m not really worried about that I do however, hope that, like I said, these aren’t one-off things and that people learn to incorporate and uplift some of these brands routinely I think that Pat McGrath wonderful, Fenty Beauty, we all already have that, my goal is that today you were introduced to a brand that you’ve never heard of before, let’s help get them to occupy more shelf space in the Sephoras and the Ultas and the CVS and the Targets girl Like we want everybody to be mainstream, okay? While we are getting there and a lot of these brands really are moving numbers, it’s always gonna be a continued effort

If you don’t understand why it’s important to stimulate the black economy or to put your resources, time, energy, and money in the black businesses and you just came here to troll, you at the wrong channel honey, we are nine or 10, you was black, it’s gonna be a black, that’s all, thanks The last thing that I want to say is everything that I use in today’s video was purchased by (speaks in foreign language) To be fair though except for the Marena Beaute blushes but that was because this was an unexpected send, I didn’t even know they had a PR on this girl and this showed up in my house unannounced, I didn’t know, thank you though, I’m not complaining This is just one of many videos that we’ll be supporting black businesses on my channel In the future I wanted to do Nigerian-owned beauty brands, I wanna do Caribbean-owned beauty brands, if you know of any, please let me know in the comments They do have to be like reputable brands not like, it can’t be something you started making in your kitchen a week ago because it has to be safe, it has to be regulated to some extent, like I gotta be able to like recommend something that’s safe to my subscribers I’ve had some unfortunate hiccups in the past with brands that weren’t quite there yet, and we also wanna make sure website’s up and running and all that So yeah, I’m done rambling as I normally do, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s look she’s giving me spring is the end of July but she’s giving you spring, I really hope you guys enjoyed today’s look and enjoy hanging out with me on today’s video, why are you here? Why aren’t you watching that video? Everybody else has canceled except for the black people, everybody else is canceled just watching another video It’s true everybody else is canceled