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[Music playing] Hi, my beautiful love’s, and welcome back to my Channel! My name is Faiyza Beg A warm welcome if you are new to this channel For this video, I have listened to your request “Please do a drugstore makeup tutorial!” I have done precisely that in today’s video I have only used drugstore products in this video I have not used any luxury products So, if you are loving this look, which I know you must be loving, then stay tuned because I am going to instruct you First of all, I will use primers I am not going to use my normal primers I am using drugstore primer products I have quite a few different types here that I have purchased One is by Milani in rose color and it is Prep and Brighten Face Oil It will help brighten up your face The second is NYX Bare with Me Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Radiant Perfecting Primer It will help your face glow as well And the third is Milani Green Goddess Same, Cannabis Sativa This is a sleeping mask and primer You can use it as a primer too and Milani Green Goddess Face Oil is also available for prep And lastly, NYX Bare with Me Prime, Set, and Refresh Up to 8 Hours Multitasking Spray It will last for 8 hours and you can use it to both prep and set So, I will definitely try it And I think, perhaps I will Alright, let’s try Milani first today just because Since we are trying out products today anyway Let’s see how it works out I hope it will not break out my skin. Hopefully Because my skin is sensitive So, I am just applying it to my face Let’s rub it afterward, right? Okay, let me use the primer now Let’s take only a little amount of the product Ooh… you should take [Laughs] Oh my God! Please take the equivalent of two pea-sized blobs Whether you are applying primer or any other product on your face then apply to your skin with upward strokes like this Okay, let’s leave all the things applied to the face for a minute to be absorbed in the skin We will move to the next step once all of that is absorbed well into the skin But before that, let me use the NYX Spray Okay, our time has started. Let’s wait for 1 minute Okay, I must have waited for 5 minutes now for the primers to be absorbed And I think since I used the oil that is why it took so long to absorb It should not take this long otherwise Taking Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Color 128 It is labeled on the back of the bottle here, 128 And the other is 125 I will mix both these foundation colors to get the color of my skin And then I will apply it with a sponge Now, mixing it on the back of my hand Okay, this is 125 Okay, let’s take a Morphe sponge that looks like this With a shape that is a little edgy here And pointy on the other side Let’s mix the foundation with it Oh yes, it is a little wet. So, use the sponge after dampening it a little Let’s apply the foundation to the whole face I have applied the base Now, let’s move to the concealer I am using Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-use Concealer and it is Color 122 in Sand and this one is Color 120 in Light Let me try this first Okay, let me remind you If you want to use this product then make sure to rotate it open for a while Like this [rotating stick] That is how the product will come out I had done it beforehand since it took a lot of time Okay, I am applying the concealer right under my eyes I think the color looks fine now. It’s fine!

Okay, now apply the concealer on your nose with downward straight lines like this So that the nose appears straighter and finer Let’s take the sponge and using the other side now And let’s blend it By the way, what drugstore products do you have? Do you have more Maybelline or Revlon products? Which brand do you choose? Please do let me know in the comments below because I am wondering Let me do the eyes now Use the concealer on the eye Age Rewind Applying it on the eyes and then blend it And I am applying it to the eyes so that my eyeshadow lasts longer Okay, now taking a large brush And this is Covergirl Advance Radiance Face Powder in 110 and it will be used so that… ooh… [taps brush] I can set my concealer and see that creasing does not occur We are done with our eyeshadow primer Now let’s proceed to the eyebrows And I have three kinds of pencils here The reason I have taken three different ones because I don’t know which one will work better This is trial and error Let’s test and find out which one works best First of all, I have Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Definer in the number 315, Deep Brown And this one is Palm Aid too by L’Oreal and its color is 215, Deep Brunette All the products I am using will be mentioned in the description box below You can read it from there too First of all, using this one from Maybelline…- Okay, the eyebrows are done I will not be setting them at the moment with Clear Brow Gel Let’s do the eye shadow first and if we need to get back to eye brow, then we will This is why I do it toward the end Let’s move to eyeshadow I have about four to five drugstore palettes here This one is from Makeup Revolution London I know that it is available in Pakistan I saw their store in Karachi Let me tell you about a few other good drugstore palettes There is a brand called Colourpop It is available here in the United States I don’t know if it is available in Pakistan or not Perhaps you should tell me if it is available there or not Another brand is called NYX This is another good brand Okay, the same thing with Colourpop Colourpop is a good brand too Their pigmentation is of good quality and very affordable The same thing with Makeup Revolution Makeup Revolution is also a good brand Let’s try it on the eye and see the result Let me start with the crease Let me pick this color on a blending brush Alright. [taps the brush] Let us apply within the crease Let me take another blending brush And proceed to blend I think I will take this color on a small blending brush It is offering very good pigmentation I only took very little of the product This is a Morphe M506 Brush And I will take this product first, and

then the one above Let’s apply it to the corner of the eye Continue to blend This is Sigma Blending E36 Brush I think I will take this color Let’s apply it to define the crease Apply it like this Do you see how good the look is? I will use this color on the eyelid If you want the shimmer to look a little deeper then take a bit on your finger and dab like this with your finger Now, let’s set the concealer first And then, let’s work below the eye or apply the eyeshadow So, let’s blend it To make sure that all creases are eliminated If you can see a crease, then blend it properly first And then set it later Using Covergirl Advanced Radiant Powder Color 110 Using a small brush now called Real Techniques Setting Brush Only brushing away the powder I just applied Okay, now let’s move back to the lower lashes Using Morphe Jaclyn Hill JH40 Brush And let’s use a color like this But it is a little on the darker side and I want a lighter shade So, I will mix it with this one Right? Apply it here like this And we are done with lower lashes But let me clean it further So, let me use Morphe Jaclyn Hill E47 Brush and clean up here a little See how clean it looks This is a very small step but look at the difference that it makes Let’s do the eyeliner now First of all, let’s use L’Oreal Infallible Eye Pencil in the color black I will tightline my eye with it which means that I will apply to the inner side Okay, let’s apply the liquid eyeliner Let’s use L’Oreal Matt Signature Eyeliner in the color black Right? Okay, now curling my eyelashes and will apply the mascara I think that’s good Okay, now let’s use L’Oreal Luminous Base Primer After that, let’s use Luminous Lash Paradise by L’Oreal in the color black Then wait for 5 seconds Five seconds have passed and now let’s start applying the mascara Now, it’s time to finish the face makeup So, let’s start with contouring Now using Revolution Conceal and Define for Coverage and Contour in the color C12.5 Right, so let’s take a bit and apply it here I have done a separate video for contouring, which I will link here You should watch it so that you can understand contouring in detail Now let’s take the same sponge to blend i Okay Now, if it is looking a little lighter to you because it is looking a little lighter to me then there are three other cream products to consider I think I will probably go with I think I will use this color And this LA Girl Broken Seal High Definition Concealer But you can use it as a contour as well and this color is Beautiful Bronze, okay?

And I have taken out a bit too much of the product We can reuse it again You don’t have to squeeze the tube here and just take it off on the back of your hand Imagine if all that product was applied to your face It would be so difficult to deal with, right? I have really Okay This is just about the right amount of product that you need That is it! Okay? Then blend again Now let’s set the cream contour with powder contour, Using Morphe 8Lo Palette Let’s pick this color right in the middle here Okay, now let’s use donut color for nose contour and using Morphe A27 Brush Now using Covergirl Face Powder And now, let’s clean the contour Like this Okay Now let’s leave it for about 2 to 3 minutes Right? Meanwhile, let’s apply the bronzer Using Makeup Revolution Mega Bronzer No. 1 Cool It is a cooler color Using Morphe Jaclyn Hill Brush JH02 Taking another brush to blend it I am done applying the bronzer Now, let’s blend the powder applied here Now, let’s apply the highlighter Using L’Oreal Lumi Glotion I think it is basically a lotion that you can apply to your skin and it could give you a great glow But you can also use it as a highlighter Okay, and then let’s apply it with a blending brush Okay, and then you can use this sponge to blend it Alright, now let’s set the cream highlighter with the powder highlighter And using Maybelline Master Chrome in No. 250 I realized all of a sudden that I didn’t apply the bronzer on my forehead and neither on my jawline So, actually, I will not use the Revolution product I am using the Physician’s Formula Sunkissed Bronzer instead Apply like this to the forehead Okay, and then, I am going to use the same bronzer and applying it here Now, let’s move to the blush Using Maybelline Cheek Heat in the color 15 Nude Burn Taking it on a synthetic brush This is Morphe’s M427 And then apply it to the face Okay, now using L’Oreal True Match Blush in the color C56 Rosy Outlook Just a little bit Okay, first of all, using LA Girl All Time Lipliner in the color Nonstop Nude and the other is Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lipliner in the color 125 Magnetic Mauve So, trying this color first. Let’s see Okay, because I had put some pink on and it isn’t looking very good I will use the lip liner that I used earlier Okay, now let’s use a liquid lipstick of a nude, natural color, This is L’Oreal in the color 448 Tease Or Number I Tease Okay, I have finished applying the lipstick

Now let’s set the face makeup with setting spray The same one that I mentioned in the beginning NYX Bare with Me Setting Spray 8 Hours And let’s spray it But a tip first. Its spray nozzle is not of good quality So, spray from a distance because it throws thicker spurts I don’t know what they call it in Urdu Splashes! Right? So, keep it at a distance Okay, now I am going to finish this look with Clear Lipgloss This is by ELF [Music playing] Okay, my beautiful love’s! Our look is complete! I have let my hair down I have also put on my earrings And see how different and how good our look turned out to be! Right? I hope you would love this look I love the way it has turned out! Before I leave, this week’s video shoutout goes to Mahnoor’s Squad She has a LOVELY Youtube channel too! She’s a beautiful kid I LOVE watching her talk so much Totally unscripted and natural The way she speaks She reminds me of my niece So, Mahnoor, LOVE YOU SO MUCH! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! A VERY, VERY, VERY BIG HUG TO YOU!!! And thank you so much for leaving me those beautiful, CUTE comments! And I would have given you a BIG HUG if you were here! I love you so much If you want a shoutout in the coming videos too then all you have to do is to retweet the link to this video or to reshare the link to this video and post a nice comment below Who knows! Perhaps the shoutout in the next week’s video could go to you! See you next week with the next video Until then LOVE YOU GUYS SO, SO, SO MUCH!!! Take good care of yourself and stay happy! KEEP SMILING! And keep doing makeup and looking beautiful See you in the next video LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! MUAH! [blows kiss] Goodbye!