How to Get a Flawless Face (My Routine)

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How to Get a Flawless Face (My Routine)

or a little sponge here and then you’re also going to need other tools like a tinted moisturizer I’ve been using this right here the covergirl BB cream and also a foundation so the one I’m using is going to be a Revlon Photoready and then you’re also going to need a face powder because you don’t want all of your hard work to come melting off of your face so I use the Maybelline and this is their mineral powder and then you’re going to want a bronzer the one I’m using is from ELF and then oh the little sponge you can find them anywhere pretty much and this one is actually wrong covergirl so you’re going to want to have moisturizer have moisturizer all over my face and I also have mine yeah and this is the nourishing lip balm with everyone its Michelle and I’m going to show you my flawless makeup foundation so anyway I’m going to use my sponge I’m going to take some of my BB cream here and I’m going to put that all over my face as you can see i do have little blemishes and all going on but we’re going to cover those right up I actually don’t have a concealer right now so I can’t really show you how to conceal your pimples or anything like that need little blemishes so you’re just going to take a little group of this and you’re just going to Pat that on and then you’re just going to smooth it out and this is just going to even out your skin tone I mean it’s not a whole lot of coverage I really do like this one though because it’s very light and I feel like it just really evens out my complexion and I like to focus on the under eye area just because I have as you can see I’ve got really dark circles under my eyes and I have a couple of little age spots going on as well and I don’t like those showing and you’re going to want to also do your eyelids as well and this also helps reduce like redness and any kind of shine that you have going on I actually have combination skin so I get really oily in my t-zone and then I get really dry patches like on my cheeks and all of that just wanna move it around make sure it’s nice and even nice and blended and so now we have our BB cream on and this is actually the first one I have tried so i will try others and let you know what I think of them and then I’ll show you which one I like best so now you’re going to take your foundation and just like i said is the photo ready by revlon and it’s a medium beige which is my color right now I get a little darker it in the summertime but i don’t know if i’ll need to change my foundation so i only use like one pump of this because a little of this goes a very long way i can cover my whole face in my whole neck as you’ll we’ll see so one pump of this and i just use the same sponge I just wipe that tip off of there and then that’s a lot of product right there so I kind of just squish it into the sponge and then you’re just going to Pat that on your face as well and then down your neck concentrating on any problem areas i have a spider vein right here i don’t know if you can see that because I just covered it up but I have that little spider vein right there by my mouth and then I’ve got a few little age spots right under this I so now I’m going to just start blending this out making sure to cover all the way to my hairline and then cover my eyelids as well and you can do this process pretty quickly I mean I’m just taking my time because i always like to get underneath right here and then also right there in the corner I like I said I just I smooth everything out just to make sure that it’s evenly blended then all the way down and then around the mouth

just cancel out all the color you’re going to look very one toned right now but we’re going to put that color back in there so you’re just hiding everything right now make sure you get all the way over here all the way down over here okay so now you’re done with that you can actually use this if you want to really pack on your face powder I don’t like that kind of coverage so I just used the little brush that comes with the mineral powder for the Maybelline so I’m going to put my powder on because you want to set all of this and then we’re going to start contouring and highlighting as you can see right there inside the lid so you just take a little bit from the container put it in the lid swirl it all around tap off the excess and then we’re just going to powder down our foundation luck here putting all the areas that we covered with foundation that’ll cancel out any shine and just really set your your foundation so that you don’t get runny and things don’t start sliding around so that’s not what we are after here we don’t want any sliding we want things to stay put when we put them on and I try and really pack on the powder on my lids just so that when i put my eyeshadows on they don’t start smudging everywhere I just get all the way down all the way by my hairline all of that my hair is getting in the way I’m just gonna do like this fact that color in there and this one is colored it’s not like a mineral veil where it’s translucent powder or anything I like using the one with color because this is actually what i used to use with just my moisturizer guess i’m highlighting and contouring for your face i also like to at this point do my eyebrows I just I kind of fill them in i use my little brush here brush them properly and then i use my art brush to fill in any kind of little gaps and i have my this is a palette that you hadn’t seen me use this is 1 i’ve been using for a very long time and i don’t know if you can actually buy it i got this when i was doing my modeling stuff and so it’s got all these colors that I’ve been trying to use for a awhile and this is the color a use for my eyebrows it’s the only one I’ve really found that works for my colored eyebrows um I will be looking into products that will work also so I can you know share with you what the product is where I got it from so I knew I just take my little brush tap it in that color pencil it or you know brush in my eyebrows I don’t really pencil in my eyebrows just because it gives too much of a dramatic look that I don’t really care for it I can’t really pull off that look so I just darken them up a little bit give them a little bit more shape and a little bit more definition here I’m actually trying to fix my eyebrows at the moment because they’re a little thin and I haven’t really been taking the greatest care of them so I’m trying to thicken them up a little bit so that I don’t have to even define them as much as I do now so they’re a little bit more defined now and then I’m going to just set them back in proper order here I just always go over them again just to set them down properly alright so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take have a little bare minerals tiny little kabuki brush here

and I’m going to take that white powder that you see right here I’m going to kind of squish my brush a little bit so that it gets kind of flat I’m just going to go down the bridge of my nose and then up a little bit on my forehead take a little bit of that go down the nose and I kind of wiggle it when i get up onto my forehead because you want it kind of dispersed out i’m also going to take a little bit of that and i’m going to make a little bit of a triangle right here underneath my eye I know the lighting in my room right now is like not very good for showing what I’m doing with this light color but this is a very important step you want to make sure that you keep the light areas light like right there underneath your eyebrow just for a little highlight there and always do a little bit elite in just a little bit and so the other part that you’re going to want to do is this little divot right here right there on your neck little tiny bit and then also your Cupid’s bow okay so now we’re going to highlight so I’m going to take my other I have two of these because I just finished the other mineral powder from Maybelline and so every time you get one of these it comes with a brush so I use the old one for my bronzing or Mike my contouring so I’m going to take a little bit of both of these shades right here these darker ones that one and this one and I’m just going to go up here and I’m going to start working that in down the cheekbone make sure my hair stays out of the way if you want this area to get a little pop of color and you want that also right up here and then swoop it down and you also want to take a little bit and go down by your chin and then down the sides right here just this little triangle and then also right on top of your collar bone right there and then same thing on the other side just little circular motion all the way up you want that to blend nicely right here and then right here just down the size if your neck and this just lend arises and gives your you know the normal natural angles of your face I mean there’s so much more contouring that I don’t do right there but when you’re using foundation and you’re using one that covers like all of your face makes you one color you don’t really want to just stay that one color because it makes you look kind of pale and pasty and not really very animated and lifelike so by putting this color back in you’re making it more of a flawless look and people don’t really know that you’re wearing foundation and Leslie you know I’ve seen you applying your makeup so there we have that I mean there’s other angles and other contouring that you can do these are just some of the basics and I don’t I just wanted to show you what I do and so are you take your bronzer and I’m going to take that same brush I can never open this there we go and this just adds a little bit of like a healthy glow to your face because see right now it’s kind of Matt and there’s not a whole lot of like this adds a little shimmer a little bit of you know warmth to your face so same thing just go over those little contours you can even go a little bit outside of that contouring that you just did and I like this because it has like a little bit of a it’s like shimmery so

it’s got a little shimmer to it and just adds that little like light reflective healthy glow to your face my hair likes to get in the way because i have really fine hairs at the side of my face here i’m going to just go down contour contour a little bit right here and right here and then even a little bit right here just for that healthy glow you can even do tiny little bit right here here and then just up there and that’s just with the excess so you see a little bit more life coming into my face and I’m going to put my brush on now and I’m going to use my feather light brush I think I featured this before in my videos and this is also from bareMinerals it was came with IE see if I can show you here I’m going to take this color and this color and I’m going to put that right over here just a little bit and I really like this brush because it just gives you a little pop of color just a little pop of color it really disperses that color very well you want to make sure that you get all the way to the back here and you can even go up a little bit because it’s all about layering if you want a flawless look it’s all about layering at your foundation layering your makeup and blending making sure to get all the harshness harsh lines and stuff out of your face and if the lighting doesn’t turn out with this video you can always let me know I it’s kind of a cloudy day so the lighting isn’t the greatest in this room all right and now I’m going to take this color right here this light light pink I’m just going to go into that and just going to put that right at the Apple as my cheek right here you can hear my speakers are going a little crazy right now but that’s okay somebody might be trying to call me so all right there at the apple of your cheek and then back because you’re just blending up like any little things plus this adds a little more of a brightening aspect to your cheeks now you can even take a little bit of your powder just go over just for some warmth a little bit of like a sun kissed glow right there and then a little bit we mix and match i mix and match colors all the time and just kind of go over everything alright so now they have all of this on here you can see you have your nice contouring your colors and your little bit of blush going on and then you have more life to your face it’s more of a dewy healthy complexion and it doesn’t take all that long me like i said i’ve just been look you’ve got your flawless foundation on and you’re ready to go so i hope that you enjoy this tutorial i hope you’ll continue watching rate comment subscribe for more tutorials you can also view my blog i will have new postings of new videos or project reviews that i’m planning on doing and i hope that you have a very beautiful day and i’m going to be enjoying the cloudy weather here so enjoy and thanks so much for watching I these on here your face and I have my hair back so that I don’t have any I can get all the way to my hairline so that I don’t have any weird lines from like my foundation and all of that because you have the plenty of product on your spot

and I know it looks like I’m putting a whole lot on but I’m not really i’m just touch and go with all of this just getting the coverage that will cancel out any so now that your whole face is ready you can put on your makeup i’m just going to do a simple little routine I