How to Make A Duct Tape Wallet (updated) :)

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How to Make A Duct Tape Wallet (updated) :)

hey guys this is really good drove over my wallet tutorial but it’s the same one as best one that can we make it a large that’s just different patterns and if i write i don’t even have to make this inside part different and these words inside a bucket so first i’m going to do is I’m going to take your main colors going to be on the outside so it was this one be a big one picked on so this one I’m going to using skulls and stars and if i have to i’ll be using the other students starters that this also forever 21 this one that’s from target and these two would forever 21 so first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to take your first two pieces and line the first one up on your cutting mat so it’s like the beginning slug 0 just had this on there for a while so you have to face it so it makes it three inches tall so they’re going to be 3 by 8 yea though i ated so is for you to put four strips that are eight inches long then you’re going to take your next one and line it up so you can leave this cheek down gosh I’m gonna pull up because the Deborah long time and probably gonna get really stuck like yeah glad i can let stop my kind of it okay I’m gonna go check this trip be a mistake a lot of stick line it up at the exact same thing make it three inches so 3 inches tall and eat which is why ok so now you’re going to cut four steps of your other color minor back here edge signal rd north on something else that I started making that I didn’t finish I’m going to take your first worm and your first sheet if you’re using this move into sheepish grin really hard I didn’t and I gave it like a bunch of wrinkles where the two tapes overlapped I’ll just try and push it down really hard before you pick it up oh no it’s standing up ok just flatten this one and then I’ll continue oh ok what stands up you’re just going to cover up the back of your other color this is a weak inside the billfold double color you can take your second straight cutting lighter than that Bay before I put the motor back I’ll put in enough you going to take your second strip and just completely cover that and then just use how one sheet dads have one color half the other color let’s look at the side you take your other sheet wait this really hard we’re going to the exact same thing just flatten this one first and on the back burner because it will be ok to take it just completely cover up the sticky I’m sorry I just really really long like the other one for my other other ones vostro was like 36 minutes something garnish that long um I would have made it into two parts but I don’t like when people do guys to make this harder but sometimes I look at the end of the video just see how a while it looks since you don’t want to get so now you should have

to like this and I’m going to make your credit card pockets so you’re going to take your color that was your main close your pup first like the way up so let’s like these balls really you’ll be have enough of this probably i’m going to touch two pieces that are three and a half inches long so you’re going to cut three and a half and you’re going to cut it seven using the cutting up or i guess if you’re using a ruler okay now you’re going to take one and place it directly on top of the other back then you have your cred pocket so now we’re going to put it on trimming so I already did the trimming for all the other one so it wouldn’t take that long so i only have the bar my strips left but what you have to do is you cut a strip of your second color that is three and a half inches long ties into thirds then you’re going to say what were you doing right now and then so since we’re going to have six pockets you’re going to make six of these like want a bit more dream right now so you cut two scripts that are three and half inches long and divide it into thirds the changes you’re going to line it up on your cutting mat and overlap it by about a quarter of an inch so page is not perfect nobody’s cook it then you’re just going to fold it over on the opposite side you should have something that looks like this hi guys behind an edge then you’re going to make six of those in total so I have a 1 here 1 2 3 4 5 6 so they gonna take the color that you have more of actually I’m use this we have leftovers from this one that I needed for just going to think you would cut a piece that is three and a half inches long and like the one you have an old stove and cut in half this what isn’t 300 days long that I go hold that you all useful so you’re just going to stick a half way on the bottom just like that I want to cover up the rest of this right now well say anything comments are you I know my channel so that populist if he puts right around how people so you should cover the half of it they’re on a thing so it attaches and have down here then you’re going to take your sheet with your main color on it and place it on wherever you like to stand up to fit three pockets and then you’re going to do you’re going to cut more pieces that are three and a half I have another piece of blue ah and wrap it up like a good hey things are sticking to my arms to hear the hiccups alright I’m going to take this and divide it into two scripts that are three and a half inches long so at seven and at three and a half and I have a little bit of excess here let’s go throw it away you can use really any color you want for the focus that will behave so your check your next pocket and make sure you find the side you determine straight like this run that side buckle so if I thought you could show me straight on and stick the t’s halfway on the reason just about all of these are because they’re going to be hit in again have any excess try cut it off and not fold it over just because that since the back is a different color in order to agree you’re doing it you’re going to leave those two for 90 with a 380 side but if their way you have to make the same color as the back we have to pay for his pockets mean or this one visible here together warm up the eunuchs one your third and you’re going to stick it on the other side so we’re not doing the fourth one the third one yet we’re going to place it down in line with the other one but for them to the side just stick it I’m going to take your next one sorry I figure be sniffing and coughing I have that out I’m going to line it up at the second pocket on the other side and then trim off any excess and you’ll ever have the best camera

angle but I don’t have a tripod or you can i’m just a film on my laptop and you know something i saw do this like a boom and a cut a strip that is three and a half inches one of your regular follow your main colors on the same color as your billfold or your sheets which is not the framers going to make a little and you’re going to cut that in the back piece in half then you’re going to take your last two pocket and stick those two strips on the bottom then to give the other pocket sign the straight side I’m going to stick them down the same way you did the other ones every I do have to pull the word of it dr. you at all nor I don’t and then if you haven’t attended access to get it over the line or fold over though using Sophie this smooth one is actually really really stiff it’s kind of hard to fall like that’s why you see this one you play down and kind of pops up a bit especially with five films I’ve I made a bifold with this pink one it was so early I’m going to stay close second one a line it up well here I can actually cut this one in half and easily I just save me takes i’m running into the skull cake thank you guys i could get it widely so i got it in the hole all right missile range this is just been called it that I’d picture yeah mike is not cutting just not touching my back that I want to really remember that name but whatever ok so just another take the edge to cut the cards of your coffee you’re going to take this trip that you saved and you look place it just like that over one side you’re going to lift it up and stick it down so it covers part of the pocket I didn’t place that very well I was doing it on camera and action suit ok nitram off the excess that you have caused the holders only three inches and you’re just three and five so you should have not shown it happen yourself together sorry I don’t kind of hard to see oh then you’re going to cut another strip of this just three inches fish a little bit longer than ranges maybe cut it in half let’s check out and a half and half oh my god in half and you’re going to place it on the other side to cover up those pockets with that so now the outside the top introduced it is to be out the middle one you’re just going to trim off the excess back we should have this first shoot so now i’m going to make the ID for this pocket second i drop my plastic ok so i have this plastic it’s not actual ID plastic is just picked up on the back of the sticker and they actually looks pretty good are desirable so now you’re going to take your card just cover me with one and i’m going to measure off camera because i can’t let me show you about something but what you’re going to do is you’re going to place it on with plastic like this like in a little article i can see with the middle the plastic they use some users are going to trim like positive you’re gonna make it even if they ID plastic a little bit bigger than the credit card or the ID so get choc it so i’m just going to quickly

turn it up up you can see my garbage the duct tape garbage thing now that i needed update like this community and i’m just leaving a little bit of space we’re cutting between the car and where I’m cutting think if it moves just line it back up to enjoy supposed to be it all around and done okay sorry my thumb’s covered it so oh my god i just didn’t quite come around okay so you’re just going to pull off the pieces of you cut it should come off pretty easy if you cut long enough and you’re going to take this other half steps you have cut that half and half if that makes sense I’m going to take you straight I’m sorry about everything you’re going to play six whole alongside here if it on short side and just cut off the excess you’re not going to fold it over because just going to stick it down the Chairman is going to be stars when you take your other half and just pick this up now let me take your stars I’m going to cut a piece that is as long as this part you can see it as long as this part the shorter side you’re just going to measure without it I wouldn’t measure it and then cut it best to just measure let me get a little bit longer just in case you can trim off the excess off you and you’re going to trim off about a quarter of an inch and try and cut it pretty straight so it doesn’t like show through the plastic you do the same trim you to put the credit card pockets you’re just going to overlap it by about a quarter of an inch even fold it over make you see how it’s CL is showing through there I want to prove it and actually think the other side cuz it’s not something first I gotta take this piece off cut off the excess if you have excess if you don’t then we’ll go for you because I did then you want to take the other half is get down like starting some trimming so you cover the trimming a little bit live on the side you this much cup at the bottom is it really matter how you can wheel it with cow your own the part that you don’t stick to it it looked at to look because just going to kind of blend in there’s a little bit look I don’t think I have enough skull to eat so i’ll have to I’m when I became your drawers on the outside put that in it for there so I just cut another strip that is as long as the plastic over here make from the even for the journey like include the trimming and be into the plastic and I cut a quarter off of SRM most about time cooking don’t know so now you’re going to take your plastic and place it on the right side Archy whatever side you want a leader on the right side the right side of your shoes so you’re going to place it so the pudding is is facing inwards and just do your best to not have to fold it over don’t kind of ruin the inside it’s going to turn off this piece on the side that can go now they bought the piece just like starchy’s Bruce it okay so now we’re going to make the coin pouch Oh Cleo I don’t want to do a coin pouch I believe i did a coin pouch in my other video and if i didn’t i sorry i will check and if i don’t know what to tell you how to do a coin pouch on there and i’ll make one if I remember so I have this like Jays sticker my name Judah and probably just gonna end up sticking it like on it and it fits perfectly obviously I don’t like sticking it on it

because um raio on tape so I’m just going to leave it as is but if you want to put a coin pouch feel free go ahead yeah so you’re going to take your extra skips over here I like them face up all over the board i have another kitchen going to take it and stick them on the back of your board the leader just in case you use a failure i only need to poke it on one it’s going to cut it out let’s go throw it out ok so now you have your two sheets that was credit cook 13 pocket on each side and one with an ID and a coin pouch with me over to make one then you’re going to measure it with a height you want to be so i want to be about six and africa machine so you’re going to take your star tape there every type using in the place of the star and cut four strips that are eight inches long this is going to be making the inside of the billfold like I’ve natural billfold so the color that’s on the other side of the sheet that we’re going to make right now it’s going to be outside we’re not going to have a flap on it it’s going to be like what’s up it’s going to be like this one just going to flip open no flat bar anything related I guess you could add magnet school so now you’re going to just take your pieces and overlap them a tiny a tiny little bit like maybe like you’re not even a quarter of an inch and just stick them down until you reach six and a half inches tall you may need another ship depending on how much you overlap it I won’t just get it stick it down so now you should have like a sheet just like this one a little bit differently that so you’re going to peel it up and make sure it’s stuck in a really good this is another one that still it can wrinkle this little threads that you get so you’re going to peel it up make a stick and look back and then people have it up in my skull I’m not gonna take a chance I’m going to use my stars but if you still had if you haven’t a lot more tape left then you would use this fun that take everything in place of the spells or if it’s all cool so now you’re going to cut four strips that are nine inches one of your main color if you guys do like my tutorials please subscribe and PM me if you want more stuff if you didn’t know p.m. use personal message those people probably know that though that’s kind of stupid thing say its name is sympathetic clinic so now I’m going to bring back your star sheet over here and you’re going to rip up your first few space or peel up I’m gonna say good I’m gonna slip your sheet sticky side up and you’re going to place it down so the sticky on the bottom and on both sides just like that so you see i have e over here over here and over here so now i’m just going to keep placing these nine inch strips until i have them left you just try to make them as even as possible on the side that ok get up okay now that you have your last strip you’re going to place it again so there’s sticker on the bottom or on the top whatever you want this to be just gonna stand out of it so I can see I just on this angle so you guys can see better on camera there you go so now you should have a sheet that’s um well I wish it was skulls but its stars on one side and I’m yeah the most art school black stars on one side and colorful stars on the other side and your steps

to eat all around the colorful stuff so now here you take the side with more sticky on the bottom and you’re going to cut little boxes in the corners like this ok so now you’re going to take your credit card sheet and place it down with this and you’re going to fold up the bottom arm to it I think it’s cool how to start turning ok so now your things your first thing should be attached good should look down so now you’re going to take this are you going to cut with a slit right in the sticky part like right word in like right with the top of it ends on both sides which will make it be able to fold over doesn’t actually came really long so I can trim it down so it doesn’t cover the pockets too much it fit ok sorry I use is too long and just trip down shut up I just said that this one’s pretty good and it over and if you have extra pieces that are going to go inside the space of you leave just cut them off don’t wanna meet in a second if you don’t then I’ll spin it again ok so now you’re going to cut boxes in the other two corners okay so you’re gonna take your sheet with the ID and you’re going to place it down just like to get the other one and you’re going to fall over the top part okay now you’re going to cut with this one ends also in both size and whatever it doesn’t get like into the cut just cut off like if you see how there’s like space of stars right in here if there’s like sticky over there all right cut the world really like sticking betweeners cut it off just that way you want the fold star and to plot the black one into the caught ball one so now you’re just going to fold over this term it i’m just going to make it even but it’s a different pattern and it’s not even that I what kind of funny could use a ruler but I think I cut pretty straight so okay really hope this isn’t too long because last time adults are really long before a tussle snowy it’s going to close another solution and that is it I hope you guys liked this tutorial um also adjust it down the bottom here I’m going to do this in a minute but cut another eight it’s strip and cut it in half then just place it over top they’re off to go right now okay cut an eight inch strip for our one major role you put it made along if you wanted to and you’re just going to cut it in half I didn’t fold evenly just refold it like if I am ok see you see how they’re sticky right there you want to place it in a place this is halfway on probably good make sure it smells good even rate and then fold it over just like that I hope you guys liked this tutorial please comment rate and subscribe I