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Makeup Starter Pack!

(happy music) – Hey guys So, today I’m doing a makeup starter packs video So this is basically makeup for beginners If you’re just getting into makeup and you have no idea what to buy and you’re like everything’s so expensive, how am I going to get makeup, how do I start, where do I start, this is the video for you Basically I’m going to be going through a lot of my favorite products, basically a product from each category of what you need and also a lot of inexpensive products so you don’t have to start off spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars Depending on where you live and what you have access to, some of these might be harder to find Some of them are online only brands Or some of them might be at the closest Ulta, but you might not have an Ulta near you But a lot of them are drugstore brands I try to have them be accessible brands I am going to start off with brushes because everybody needs brushes to apply makeup And I think that’s one of the things that people are like will I have to spend hundreds of dollars on these? And that was definitely my perspective when I first started I thought all my brushes had to be like Mac or like Bobby Brown or Sigma And Sigma is like on a medium end, but they are still more expensive than these two brands So this is Morphe and this is Elf I do love brushes from both of these companies And Elf, you can actually find these in Walmarts and I think some other drugstores This is their eye crease brush, their concealer brush and their fan brush I use these all pretty regularly Elf was actually one of the first makeup brands that I ever tried way back in high school like six years ago And I really really loved Elf And they do put out really good quality stuff for really really cheap The most expensive I think any of their stuff is is like six dollars All their stuff is like a couple of dollars and very very accessible As for Morphe, I am super addicted to Morphe And some these brushes are actually discontinued from the elite collection, actually only one My favorite of course, but I really really love Morphe I have their E27 as a blending brush This is the one this is continued unfortunately I have their M430 This is really good for getting right in that crease It’s a duo fiber brush and I really love it I have their M523 as a contour brush I have their M160 1/16 as an eyebrow brush It’s a very tiny tiny angled brush And then I have their 501 as a highlighter brush And I have a few more, but these are just the ones that I grabbed quickly I really like the quality of these brushes They are an online-only brand unless you live near one of their stores I think they just opened an LA store So if you live near that store or any other stores they might have or retail outlet, I don’t so I have to order them online, which stinks, but dang near everyone has an affiliate code So I’m sure you can find an affiliate code and find a way to get a discount So, that kind of makes it for the shipping, but these are very good quality and very inexpensive For a base I use the Master Prime primer from Maybelline and this is a drugstore brand obviously You can get Maybelline dang near anywhere And I really really like this I think it’s really good They also have a couple of other ones This is the blur and illuminate one, but they have a couple of other ones depending on what you’re looking for And then also of course the Nivea for men sensitive post shave balm A lot a lot a lot of people use this I think it’s only like five dollars And you can get it like Walmart or Walgreens or like dang near anywhere So this video is kind of for people who don’t know makeup as much as I do So I kind of have to get in the brain of someone who doesn’t know everything that makeup does Basically primer will prep your face So if you ever painted a room, you have to put primer on the walls before you paint because otherwise there might be discoloration from the previous paint or from glue from the wallpaper or whatever, but basically it helps give something to stick to because makeup isn’t necessarily what your face is used to, especially if you don’t put on makeup very often So this lays down a base so that your makeup sticks and it stays longer and you aren’t like looking like someone attacked you halfway through the day If you have oily skin or if you have dry skin like me, then primer is really good for you Moisturizing primer for people with dry skin

and mattifying primer for people with oily skin And that will help your makeup look flawless all day instead of changing throughout the day with like wear and tear I didn’t use primers for years because I was like if whatever, I’m not using that It makes a difference For foundation I really want to pick something that wasn’t scary I know that a lot of people who don’t wear makeup often don’t want to wear foundation because they’re like it will feel so heavy It will feel like there’s 500 pounds on my face And this is what I recommend This is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream I don’t know how many skin tones this comes in because it is very sheer, but there are a lot of companies that have tinted moisturizers and BB creams That is what you want to go towards because those will be things that it won’t feel as heavy It might still feel heavy to you if you don’t normally wear product on your face at all It might still feel heavy, but this is gonna be a lot more accessible So this is one of the things that I wear on a day where I want to not really have a whole lot of makeup on, but I still want more coverage The concealer that I recommend probably the most is the Maybelline master conceal These do come in quite a few colors I don’t know how dark they make it Again that’s an issue with a lot of brands So I recommend if you have much darker skin tones, if you have very very deep skin tone or if you’re having difficulty finding makeup for deeper skin tones, find YouTubers who have a deeper skin tones because they will be the best to help you I’m not going to be the best to help you because that’s not what I’m looking for when I’m looking for a brand I’m looking for who has light enough skin tones So you know just be aware of that when watching this video I’m sorry, but I really really like this concealer This is a very full coverage concealer, but it doesn’t feel super heavy If you want to know how to apply concealer, I do it in pretty much every makeup tutorial that I use, but this is what is going to cover some of those blemishes, your dark circles, things like that Things that the BB cream is not going to conceal Powder is important If you are finding that your foundation is moving all over the place or if you hug somebody and your face comes off, powder is what you want This is the Cody airspun powder Everyone and their mama uses this powder It is from Walgreens It is inexpensive And it is It has a powder puff in here Just smack it all over your face If you use that BB cream, that one I find does not move all over the place or have many issues on my skin So I don’t need to use powder, but if your oily skin, powder is a good friend of yours Also if you have oily skin, use blotting papers to get the oil off and then put powder on If you just put powder on to the oil on your skin, it will cause acne because it’s basically pushing the oil back on your skin It’s not a good situation So take the oil off with blotting papers, then use powder to cover up Everybody is obsessed with brows these days And you might be like okay what do I use? Anastania Beverly Hills is really great products, but can be way too expensive for a lot of people They have very high quality So you know if you can afford higher quality stuff, sometimes it’s the better option, but personally lately I’ve been using ColourPop I’ve been using their brow pencil and their brow color both in honey blonde I’ve used Anastania Beverly Hills in the past and I’ve used ColourPop I love both These are much more inexpensive though These are six dollars and five dollars I believe So you’re going to pay $11 for both if you want both I recommend a pencil if you just started out It’s easier to get your head around because you just draw hairs It’s pretty simple to figure out For blushes I really like rosy rosy blushes, but the Milani blushes and the True Match blushes are both amazing So L’Oreal has a True Match thing where you can find foundations, concealers, blushes all for your skin tones So if you know your number with their line, which this one is C5-6 So if you’re a C5-6, there’s a foundation for you, a concealer for you, a blush for you, a powder for you And you can just go and be like this is my color I know it’s going to look good on my skin tone So they make that really easy for you On their website you can find their matching thing to find your color

I would recommend using that Go to make up stores or places where you can buy makeup that you can return things because you might buy the wrong color Don’t wear the wrong color if you buy the wrong color Just return it and try and find the right color for you So that’s what I used to do a lot because I would be like I don’t know this foundation is going to work for me and then it wouldn’t because I’m very very pale Milani blushes are also insanely cheap and really really good and they come with a brush It’s kind of not great, but you know it’s very very nice quality Milani has great stuff and they’re like super super cheap So I recommend them For eyeshadows Maybelline The Nudes This is a really great palette I gave it away once because I really loved it I still use it all the time I used it so often that like some of the pans have started have falling out and this is a pretty old palette So I’m going to give it to them that it’s lasted a while With this you can do pretty much any natural look that you need to do It’s super easy It has instructions on the back of eye looks you can do with it And you know you can really do anything with this kind of a palette It’s similar to something like The Naked palette, but it’s much more inexpensive It might not be as high-quality I don’t know I don’t have The Naked palette I can’t compare the two, but it will get you everything you need to do just natural looks If you want to do more colorful looks, then the next brand is going to help out Some of my other favorite a shadows are by NYX And these are specifically their Prismatic Shadows I love these These are all very shimmery shadows If you want to do more color, then this is totally going to be the brand for you These are very very inexpensive and a very good way to do color So I totally just spaced and forgot that wet-and-wild is also a really really amazing brand They have these little palettes And these will give you amazing amazing color I used to use these all the time I don’t use them as much anymore because I have lots and lots of stuff And I don’t reach for them as often, but they do have a lot of stuff with colors So if you want to do more colorful looks And also these specific trios are amazingly helpful for anyone who’s new at makeup because on the back they have a little eye In the shadows they have brow bone, crease and eyelid carved into them They say where they’re supposed to go And then on the back it tells you how to apply it So easy So good for beginners So inexpensive One of the important things if you’re going to be applying eye makeup is eyelid primers I used to never use these When I first started makeup I never use these and my eye shadow looked pretty awful because I was using low quality makeup and not using eyelid primers These will help you so much, especially if you have oily eyelids, especially if you’re finding that your eyeshadows don’t look super pigmented like you apply a black and it looks like a light gray or you apply a purple and it looks like you just like lightly dusted purple and you’re like packing it on and it’s not doing anything Eyelid primer, eyeshadow base is what is missing So this one is by NYX This is in skin tone I really wish they would change the name of that, but they have these in white in this like beige color And I think a shimmery pearl color You can get all sorts of different eyelid bases I really really like this one I’ve used this one a lot For eyeliners, I really recommend the ColourPop ones, both the stick ones and the gel ones So with stick ones, these are easier to apply inside the eye It’s very easy to apply these inside the eye You basically just color in, but I also do recommend gel That is a lot more difficult to use inside the eye, but it is possible You just have to use a flat brush With a brush like this, it’s just a rectangle, you’ll press it up, but that can be very scary So stick liners are where you might want to stay These are by ColourPop, again an online-only brand, but they have tons of different colors You can also get ones from NYX You can get ones from Maybelline There’s lots and lots of different brands And I recommend starting out with a dark brown because it can be a lot less harsh and a lot easier to work your way into things For liquid eyeliner if you are trying to get a wing already, girl, girl or guy or other you’re getting a little ambitious,

but the one I recommend that I use on the daily is the essence eyeliner pen waterproof one with the blue lettering Important This one is really really great It’s very easy to use It’s very inexpensive You can get it at Ulta I really really like it I would not recommend trying winged eyeliner right off the bat, but if you’ve you know been doing it for like a couple of weeks and you want to do winged eyeliner, don’t do it before school or before work Do it like at night and practice a little bit because I did some messed up wings in my time and practice It’s okay practice and mess up and practice and practice and practice Just keep doing it I believe in you For mascara, one of the really great brands to get mascara from is Maybelline This is the Colossal Cat Eyes A lot of the mascaras you’ll see, you’ll be like I don’t understand the difference between all these They all promise tons of volume and tons of length and they all have different sized wands and different shape wands I don’t understand the difference There’s not a huge difference in my personal opinion between a lot of drugstore mascaras A lot of them do pretty much the same thing and have funky brushes to get you to try them So don’t feel like overwhelmed This is a good one There’s a lot of good ones Try one They’re pretty much all going to do mostly the same thing They’re mascara Nothing is going to make your eyelashes insanely voluminous and insanely long except for extensions or false lashes or fiber lashes A regular mascara isn’t going to magically make your eyelashes into something different They’re just going to color them basically Now on to lips So lippies are like the biggest thing and a lot of people are like I never wear lipstick, how do you tolerate that? So the one I’m wearing right now is the Revlon ColorBurst matte balm in elusive And I really like these because they’re very light, they have a nice like minty smell, and it’s a crayon You can color in your lips If you can color in the lines, you can use this And I recommend it Another one is ColourPop lippies This one is in Lumiere They have all different kinds of formulas and consistencies and colors This is really easy to apply as well And they have matching lip liners You might not need a lip liner It depends on your lips If you have a lot of lines around your lips, I would try using a lip liner If you have issues where things will bleed into them With matte lipsticks you usually don’t need a lip liner That is more for creamy lip sticks or glosses because they will move around more basically And last product, but totally not least, this is probably the product that got me the most into liquid lippies or just lippies in general, this is the NYX soft matte lip cream This one is in Milan These are a little doe foot applicator If you’ve ever applied lip gloss, you can apply this and these are really really moussey and soft and they feel like suede and they are very very very comfortable to wear They also come in a lot of different colors And for the longest time this was all that I wore So I really really recommend these particular ones They’re very very easy to use and they’re technically like a liquid lippie So you know kind of cool Alright so that was a lot of products and probably a lot longer a video than I originally thought, but I hope that it was helpful for people who are just now starting into makeup or have been wearing you know just mascara and eyeliner for ten years and they’re like I don’t know how to expand from here So yeah That was basically just my take on the starter packs, the basics of what you may need or what you may want to start with If you liked the video, make sure to like it down below Comment with any questions or suggestions If you have any products that you’re like hey have you use this I want to know if it’s good, I’ll let you know if I’ve used it Or if you want to know more about hey I want to try lashes what’s the best lashes?

Ardell 110s They’re the best, but you know that sort of thing If you have any other questions or suggestions, more videos you’d like to see from me, more stuff like this where I’m trying to like teach you guys stuff I’m not an expert I’m not a professional makeup artist So you know take that with a grain of salt And make sure to subscribe I really appreciate any support that you guys give me It’s really really great It makes me happy It makes my day Bye guys