Pat McGrath Gave Us A FOUNDATION And I’m…| Jackie Aina

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Pat McGrath Gave Us A FOUNDATION And I’m…| Jackie Aina

– Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel It’s your girl, Jackie Aina ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ Today’s video has been a long time coming, so y’all can stop sending me death threats I finally got the package from Pat McGrath, okay? Looking at my Gucci, it’s about that time Pat McGrath has launched the complexion category Skin Fetish System It has a primer, a translucent powder, a collection of translucent powders, and of course, her foundations I feel like nobody does skin the way Pat does, and this was definitely a long time coming Obviously, we fell in love with her through her legendary eyeshadow palettes, and then she moved on to other categories, but the skin, the skin is what the girls come for Period Gonna start rolling up the sleeves, getting right in to it, and in a typical ode to Ms.McGrath herself, I had to wear the headband Pat is just like wow I know she put a lot in to this, because she told me she put a lot in to this, and this took a couple years to just even be thought of Pat is a perfectionist I definitely have high expectations, and high hopes A little about me though, in case someone cares My skin type is oily-combination I tend to be acne prone, and I usually typically look for like a full coverage I don’t know, in case you’re new here, hey, welcome First of all, you should subscribe You’ve probably already binge-watched like five videos by now anyway, so might as well join the Jackie Aina family, thank you I’m pretty much going in to this really not knowing very much I’ve only seen this foundation modeled on actual models When it comes to me, I’m like okay, but what about me though? Like I got blemishes and shit Let’s just jump right in, and start with the primer The primer, first of all, packaging Wow It’s actually gold It’s so pretty, but is this gonna come off? Oh, it is coming off, oops, okay Don’t touch that The primer retails for ooh, girl, she’s $60, she’s expensive I’m just gonna press this primer right in to the skin, so I will definitely say there is a scent In my opinion, it’s not off-putting at all I’m reading the website, it’s supposed to be a makeup, and skin-care hybrid You guys know I love products that are makeup/skin-care hybrids, but it does definitely feel like it is blurring the skin My problem pore, ignore my nails This is usually where my pores pop up, you know, start Crip Walking all over my face Right in this area here, I feel like the primer did a pretty good job at blurring My skin feels really smooth so far I actually wanna test the setting powders first, because if the foundation looks great, and then the setting power looks crazy, I’m gonna be really pissed Plus, I like to set my primer with setting powder, or a translucent powder anyway, so you get a little chic first There are one, two, three, four, five setting translucent powders in this collection Oh, the powder’s expensive To be really fair, you’re not gonna go through a powder the same way you would a liquid foundation, or any other product The powder claims to be the third step in the iconic system It’s supposed to be a soft-touch finish, flawless coverage It also claims to be a barely bare feel Okay This is in the shade Medium 3 Ooh, I like this color Okay, so this is actually a pretty rare color that we ever see in translucent powders The camera is not dong it justice at all It definitely looks golden yellow This is in the shade Medium Tan It literally pretty much looks like my skin-tone This reminds me a lot of– I’m gonna definitely put this one to the side Deep is probably one of the deepest translucent powders that I’ve seen They don’t usually make translucent powders that deep Now as I told you guys, I like to set my– Oh, my skin feels really good I like to set my primers with translucent powder It just helps with the long wearabilty of the makeup I get to kind of test the shade out before we go and do it on top of the makeup So I’m just gonna take a bit of that on the butt of my beauty blender, and start to press that in to my skin Very matte, and it leaves a bit of coverage This actually kind of reminds me of the Too Faced powder, that matte soft-touch feel, it’s very reminiscent of that Now when I put this on, I do feel like a see a little bit of red, just a little bit It’s not gonna look perfect, that’s not the point We’re gonna put foundation on top of it anyway, so don’t try me It’s kind of weird that this powder dries matte, but my skin, I still feel like I still see shine on my skin That’s a little different for me This powder, I think, has more of a natural finish than it does matte or anything else What does it say on the website? It doesn’t really say it has any particular finish Well, from what I see in person, and on camera, I’m getting skin-like vibes This isn’t matte-ing down my skin, and removing all the shine totally I think when I apply my foundation, I’m gonna actually try that with the brush, because I don’t want this to happen when I put on the foundation Now it’s time for the star of the review, and that is the foundation itself I just, firstly, want to take a moment of appreciation with the packaging The packaging is absolutely gorgeous Super classy in typical Pat fashion It’s very unique, it’s got this top cover, you swap her out, and then you have a matte bottle, which please don’t ever pick your shade, because matte will run some tricks, okay?

It will completely deceive you The bottle looks and feel very reminiscent of the Estee Lauder, now I have to look it up, Double Wear On the box, it says it’s buildable, perfecting coverage, weightless texture, sublime satin finish, runway tested, well, can’t relate to that, and mother-approved It also says it’s oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free It says it’s for all skin types The only thing that I’m a little worried about, truthfully, when it comes to the foundation is Pat is constantly working on models who already have flawless skin, and even though you guys think I have perfect skin, I really don’t I have blemishes, uneven texture, pores, freckles, all the nine You can’t really see, but it’s there, okay? I’m the one looking at this damn 4x magnified mirror Factoring all those things in, my worry is this product going to be the product that meets the needs of a model on the go from like Brooklyn, that is vegan, smokes a jewel five days out of the week, and is at yoga every Thursday? Like is it that kind of product? Is it gonna give us Glossier, or is she gonna give us Double Wear, or something in the middle? Like, that’s I think what I would be interested in knowing I have quite a few of the Deep category shades, and the Medium Deep category shades I’m just gonna go ahead and swatch all of them, so you can see what they look like on my complexion I just put it on like a J-Towel It is also worth noting that this foundation is $68 (laughter) – Huh? – I will probably say that’s the most expensive foundation I own, or one of the most expensive foundations I own It is categorized in five different categories, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep, and the Deep category This is Medium Deep 26 Definitely looks like it would be too light for me even in the winter It also claims to be self-setting, by the way Post-perfecting, long-wearing, that’s extremely important Makeup just has to be long-wearing, even if it’s lightweight, I just need everything to just stay the Hell put This shade that I just swatched was Medium Deep 27 That’s described as neutral on the website The next shade that I have here is Medium Deep 28, Medium Deep with red undertones I would say that’s pretty spot on, which is very weird, because these two have very similar undertones This is Deep 29, described as deep with golden undertones Deep 30 almost looks like the neutral version of Deep 29 I kind of wanna put these two to the side What y’all think? Oh Definitely looks like it would be too light for me, even in the winter I actually feel like the first color matches my undertone the best The next color that I have is Deep 31, a little bit more neutral, a little bit more pink, and then the last shade that they sent me is not the darkest shade in the collection, but it’s Deep 32 This is probably the category that I would say suffers the most with golden, ’cause like once you get this dark, it ends up just being really red, or really pink That is the lineup of the shades that they sent your girl Not even just now, but when I went to the event, I initially definitely felt like the Deep category suffers the most There could have been more shades in the Deep category There should be crossover there Deep, to me, doesn’t start until here All of this could have been in the Medium Deep category This is nice, I see a nice gradient I mean, it’s okay Like, I saw it in person, and I definitely, and my initial reaction then felt like the Deep category was kind of lacking a bit 36 shades, I mean, it’s definitely not bad I still can’t help feeling really attached to Medium Deep 26 What I’m gonna do, since the center of my face is a little bit brighter, I’m gonna start there, and then if I’m not feeling it, I will switch to something else So I’m gonna start with one pump, ’cause we can always judge the coverage based on just that one Starting towards the center By the way, Ms.McGrath gave us some brushes with this launch There is a foundation brush, and then there’s also a really good powder brush, so we’ll get to that a little bit later The brush is the Sublime Perfection Foundation Brush for $55 and we’re just gonna go in Oh, that’s the perfect undertone It’s blending out really nice I don’t even look like I put on any makeup Damn, Pat, okay So it’s blending out really nicely I don’t know if I would call it spackle, but it’s definitely, I would say blendable I am wearing translucent powder, and that translucent powder did make my face a little bit darker, so that kind of might be the two mixing in with each other That looks really pretty A little on the shiny side, but really pretty This just feels like my skin Yeah, skin is popping Let’s go in with one more pump Let’s just see if we can really push it to the limit Oh my God, I got it on my pants, oh! I’m getting light coverage vibes Light to semi-medium Like, it’s not too light, where I feel scared, and I feel really self-conscious about my skin You kinda get the best of both worlds with this foundation Wow, my skin just looks so hydrated, and dewy, oh my God So far, I think the finish is absolutely beautiful That powder underneath, like I said, did help, but I do wish there was a little bit more coverage, because that’s just what I’m used to It’s undeniable that I think my skin looks absolutely beautiful,

but dare I add a little bit more I feel like throughout the day, it’s just gonna not be cute Let’s go to Deep 28 Deep 28 really got some added warmth to help with correcting Oh, that’s really beautiful So back to my question earlier, is this foundation from the girl from Brooklyn who wears Glossier, and lip gloss, and smokes a jewel every Tuesday? This is that foundation But, but, but also, glam girls, I definitely think you should give this a shot Like, I’m really not mad at this finish at all, and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing any makeup Pat, who told you? How dare you, Pat? Basically, I would bookmark Medium Deep 26, and Medium Deep 28 are like the two colors I’m rocking with at the moment I feel like the only thing that’s missing is a concealer, Pat! You really wanna systemize? Girl, we really should have got a concealer, like a cream concealer, that would have been fire I’m sure that’s coming down the pack-line, I don’t know the stuff that Pat launches, like we’re cool, she keeps it tight-lipped at the factory, honey, okay? ‘Cause I be asking, I’m trying to infiltrate, and get the tea I wanna go ahead and do the rest of my face, so that you can get inside look at what other products I use and all that stuff I do need a little bit more coverage around my mouth though, so I’m gonna take a little bit of my NARS concealer in the shade Cafe, which is like my skin-tone color, but it’s a little bit pink And this is why I said Pat should have gave us concealer, because am not exaggerating, I do this with every foundation Every foundation I’ve used, no matter what, I will go in with concealer around my mouth, because concealer’s just a little bit more concentrated for me, so I get a little bit more of that long wearablity Sometimes I always notice, whenever I wanna take pictures, not only would it be gray around my mouth, but that’s where the makeup would break up the most I just find that going in with a little bit of concealer Everywhere else can be light, everywhere else can be dewy, and BB cream, as long as the area around my mouth is really packed on, then I feel good All right, I’m gonna go ahead and set my face now with the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray Long Lasting, and then I’ll just brush over it one more time to really lock it in place By the way, I do approve of the brush I don’t necessarily think that you need to go out and buy it because it is quite expensive, but it wasn’t that bad You know, it was a cute little moment I’m taking a little bit of the Fenty Beauty 430 concealer I’m gonna pop that on underneath my skin I freaking love this concealer I’m using Born This Way in the shade Chestnut now Sometimes, the products that look good in our videos are very clockable on Getty Images, okay? Getty Images is so sheisty They don’t even edit your pictures, not even a little, you can’t even look a little soothing filter over them, just a little white wax-on, wax-off, just something real quick, clean it up, okay? One of my favorite pictures from Getty Images was last year when I went to the Essence Hollywood Brunch, or I think it was the year before that I was just feeling really composed, and confident, but there have been some other times where foundation was maybe a little too matte, or probably you should have put some bronzer in your lace so that you couldn’t see it, you know? Like, it’s happened, okay? Nobody is exempt from having a moment As I continue to apply more products, this foundation claims to be self-setting It feels very self-setting I almost don’t even wanna put powder on top, but I’m not gonna do that Now for powder, I think I kinda wanna use a combination of Light Medium 2, and Medium 3 I don’t always do this on camera, but sometimes, I do mix my powders I just like mixing things, okay? So sue me! A little bit of yellow on first I’m gonna go in with a Morphe m501, and just kind of ever so gently You know what, that’s pretty on its own This is kind of like the preset that I do first, the soft set, if you will I actually don’t think we need Light Medium 2 Let’s just go on with Medium 3 first, and if we feel like she just is a little too stand-outish, then I’ll tone it down with the lighter powder So she definitely sets almost instantly I’m glad we did a little soft push with the brush first, because you saw how that powder reacted on my bare skin That created a nice little soft barrier Wow, now the way that this looks on top of the foundation is quite different from how it looked on my bare skin It definitely looks way more matteified now than I originally thought it would Let’s just go on with the lighter one, just for a little extra added highlight, and see if we like her Not blending it too far down Okay. So I’m really feeling those two colors together I’m gonna set the center of my forehead with Medium 3, and the powder brush, then Deep 5, which is my all-over face shade, I’m going to apply all over my face, even though I don’t even really feel like this foundation needs powder It looks really pretty on its own, just to say we did it, we got to Now, I’m not usually a fan of brushing on my powder, but I have to say this isn’t bad I’d rather stamp it on top of brushing, because I feel like if you put the powder directly on the sponge, that’s when it starts to have that splotchy appearance that we had on my bare skin I would brush it on, and then stamp after with a sponge, to really lock it in place I honestly feel like I can keep putting on more powder, because it’s so lightweight, it really doesn’t feel like

I’m wearing a ton of powder at all, and you know what, I was a little concerned about my under-eye dip Sometimes the powders that are really, really matteifiying, and like this formula, they kind of have a tendency to extenuate texture, and so far, I’m not seeing that at all So I’m gonna take my bronzer from The Lip Bar This is the shade Just Got Paid, and I’m gonna go in and add a little bit of extra warmth This foundation got me switching it all up, girl Ready to risk it all Okay, I’m back So I finished the rest of my face using, of course, we had to do it to ’em This is the Mothership V, clearly very highly, highly loved ♪ Security ♪ – I also used one of Pat’s new single shadows in the color Sextrovert This is just like a pretty beigy copper-gold that I thought would be really nice for an everyday slay To highlight, I used her Bronze Skin Fetish Highlighter Balm Duo I’m not sure which one this is, ’cause I know she has ore than one, but this is like the darker one, ’cause I feel like she has a lighter yellow one And then on my lips, I’m wearing her Lux Trans Lipstick in the shade Attitude, which is a really nice kind of mauvey dark pink, it’s pretty dark One of her glosses in the shade Heavy Petal, so it’s as close to a full face of Pat as you can get Oh, and lashes, can’t forget lashes I’m wearing the I-ENVY by Kiss in the style KPEI121, my favorite pair from their collection I’ve actually been wearing this foundation for about three hours now It is now, boom, just after 7:00 p.m I felt like this launch was pretty spot-on to every claim it gave It was self-setting, it was buildable coverage More light, but definitely buildable It was very lightweight, like I really don’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup This is coming from someone who’s used to packing it on It doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing a ton of proud at all I would definitely say this was a satin finish, runway tested, I mean why wouldn’t she test it on the runway? I’m sure she probably was testing the product long before we got it If you are in the category Medium Deep, or what most black people would call the brown skin category, I would definitely say you’re probably not really gonna have that hard of a time finding a shade in the Medium Deep category There’s a ton of undertones, there’s a lot of variety there I would say the Medium Deep, and the Deep categories get neglected the most The depth is there, like the foundations run dark, but I don’t see a ton of variant undertones in between those two categories, and also, as I mentioned earlier, I felt like some of the Medium Deeps were not deep at all They really should have been in the Medium Deep category, but they were categorized as Deep instead SO far, I really like this foundation I have a wonderful relationship with Pat I mean, not only do I admire her as an artist, but I also admire her as a person I’ve gotten to travel the world with Pat, I’ve gotten to do shows with Pat, I’ve gotten to spend time with Pat, like you don’t even see me posting about it, and I adore her as a person, as a black woman in this industry (phone dings) Stop texting me, I’m trying to talk about my (mumbles) I admire her in so many different ways, and I think that a lot of people are going to expect me to be harsher It’s almost like they look at you under a microscope when someone is reviewing a brand when they know that the influencer has a relationship with that brand, and I think it kind of makes sense to do that, because you kinda wanna see how they gonna clock, and what I will definitely say is I don’t owe the same energy for everyone I don’t believe in this keep the same energy as it relates to your friends, as it relates to relationships Why wouldn’t I do the same for brand? I feel like the biggest thing that I owe you guys is honesty, and integrity It may not always be me shouting, and shucking and jiving for the camera, but I will definitely be honest, and say that yeah, the shades could have been better, but I think that it was for the initial launch, actually pretty good The product itself, I think the product is phenomenal I think it’s a really beautiful foundation I don’t know if this will be a foundation for the girl who wants like a beat, ’cause this is definitely like your skin, but better Like I almost kind of feel like I could sheer this out, and wear this with nothing else I could wear this on days where I don’t wanna look like I’m wearing makeup It’s also very watery, be mindful of that Some people like a really thick foundation, and this isn’t that All in all, I’m very proud of Pat I think that this might have to be a new way for the summer beach days, ’cause sometimes I feel like I haven’t really tapped in to a complexion product that I could say, that I could wear to the beach without a whole face of make-up, ’cause it sometimes doesn’t even look good It doesn’t even look good It doesn’t even look good, ’cause all the other girls on the beach aren’t wearing makeup, and you are, Jackie This is kind of nice, because I feel like this gives me my beat but better If you were, like I said, expecting me to come for Auntie Pat, I definitely saw some Tweets where people were like, “You better go after her.” Calm down, okay? ‘Cause the thing is, is I’m always gonna be honest with my reviews, and if you don’t like the way I review products, I mean YouTube is called YouTube for a reason, so feel free to do it your way You’re not my voice, you don’t have the same relationships that I have, you don’t have the same rapport that I have with people Sometimes I feel like people expect a lot Like, they’re almost kind of like hound dogs waiting for you to attack It’s 7:30 now, I’m gonna check back in in another six hours or so Have I really been wearing this foundation that long? ‘Cause I wanted to do a check-in at 10:00 p.m I’ll try to see if I can give you a wear test a little bit later, and we’ll check back in

‘Sup, crew It’s the end of the day check-in It’d be end of the night check-in, I should say, and I did way better than my goal I wanted to be on camera to film this part for you guys at 10:00, it’s almost midnight As you can see, I’m quite shiny, but I’m not as shiny, and as broken down as I would have expected from a foundation like this Most of the time, when there’s a really light, really sheer foundation, I just expect it to be like water I would definitely say this is wearing like a long-wearing foundation I would love to blot though Once you blot her down, she looks, in my opinion, as good as a fresh app That is– (beeping) That’s an eight, almost nine hour wear-day She looks good That is why I usually consistently keep our apartment at like 75 degrees, ’cause we don’t like the AC, we just don’t So I’ve just been chilling, but I think I like the powder all-over slightly more than I do as under-eyes This applies better with a sponge in my opinion I’m just used to being able to press products in instead of lightly sweeping and dusting, but lightly sweeping and dusting is like a whole different finish to pressing it in with a sponge – [Foreign Man] Several days later – This is my second time testing Pat’s foundation I wanted to see how it would hold up in this New York heat And so far, it’s doing good We’re halfway through Brooklyn Bridge, so I’ve already finished it halfway, and I feel pretty confident it’s gonna hold up today Not a single sweat gland in sight (upbeat music) Okay, guys, the results are in So it is now 10:00 p.m, and I got ready at 8:00 a.m Haven’t washed, haven’t blotted, haven’t touched up at all Actually, I prefer not to touch up I’ll do it, if I really like a product, but I didn’t have to at all Pat’s foundation is definitely heat-proof, and I will honestly say this was probably the best foundation to wear on a really hot day I mean, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, we took a tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum All day, okay? We were outside in the sun, it’s humid in New York, it’s summer, and it really hasn’t budged at all, however, I did forget to mention that I did where this with my FARSALI Skintune Blur That might have helped with a lot of different things I love Skintune Blur I did mix it in the foundation a little bit just to thicken her up a little bit About two pumps for my full face I actually think this is one of the best summer, hot-weather formulas ever, because it’s so lightweight, but I still have a really nice amount of coverage Also, now that I’ve tried this with my normal routine, I didn’t pre-powder with Pat’s powder this time, I just used my usual method of doing Laura Mercier, and I do feel pretty strongly about, I think it was shade Medium Deep 26 Anyway, Medium Deep 26 is my shade I did use Deep 28 around my mouth again It was a great, great match, but if I had to pick one, 26 is that golden formula that I rally love (bell dings) All in all, it’s definitely Jackie Aina approved I think this is the elevated version of a foundation that’s just light coverage, but still buildabe Congratulations, Auntie Pat, on the launch of your, is this your first? This is her first complexion product I really look forward to seeing even more I would love to see some concealers, I would love to see another different type of foundation I know Pat has a tendency to go really glam I’m gonna wait for it In the meantime, I’ll definitely be getting some use out of Pat this summer Let me draw a boat, hey let me draw a boat, let me draw a boat If you enjoyed this video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up It really helps rate my videos, ’cause I’m working with an algorithm here, you know? Help me out, spread the love It just opens everybody else to the Jackie Aina goodness that we call this channel And I mean, if you bored, if you got nothing better to do, you might as well watch another video, because that’s what we do You know you’re gonna do it You know you already called out to work You already called out to work, so why don’t you just watch one more upload? Exactly I’m going to bed, goodnight