Beginner Makeup Must-Haves ( Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit ) | Nadya Aqilla | Indonesia

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Beginner Makeup Must-Haves ( Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit ) | Nadya Aqilla | Indonesia

Hi YouTube! Welcome back to my channel Today we’re going to talk about Beginner Makeup Must Haves or Makeup Starter Kit I will be giving you my recommendation for each part of makeup application. So there’s a lot to cover in this video But this doesn’t mean you have to have this much makeup when you’re starting out i just want to cover as much as i can so you guys can figure out where to start your collection maybe you want to start from eye makeup or face makeup so yeah, let’s just get started first, face primer there is sooo many type/function of primers. moisturizing ones, brightening, color correct, oil control, pore minimizing, etc my favorite is Benefit Porefessional which is a pore minimizing primer but that one is quite pricy especially here in Indonesia, so i prefer the cheaper dupe which is Maybelline Baby Skin this one also has pore eraser benefits it’s transparent and has smooth texture, makes applying foundation easier next, base makeup. first one in this category, BB Cream i used to use this all the time on my earlier makeup days this is Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream mine in the shade “fresh” i like it because it’s water based so it feels light and looks natural next foundation. First, Revlon Colorstay mine is the one for Oily/Combination skin but it also available with different formula for Dry/Normal skin this one has matte finish. the coverage is medium but you can build it up to a full coverage if you prefer lightweight foundation with natural coverage, i recommend this one Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum mine is in the shade “Light Beige” as i said before, i like this one because it has light coverage and feels light on my skin next, concealer i have three concealer to talk about the first one is Maybelline Instant Age Rewinder is that right? Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Erase Dark Circle i have two of them, neutralizer and brightener i like neutralizer for my dark circle because it has more yellow tones and i like this one for highlighting because the color is lighter and much brighter than my skin tone i like this one because it’s not heavy on the skin it does not sit weirdly on my skin and it does not crease the coverage is not as good as the next concealer that i’m going to talk aout. but i really like these ones for highlighting the second one is LA Girl Pro Conceal mine is in the shade ” Creamy Beige” i really like this one for my dark circle because this one is thicker, this also conceal better so i can use this to conceal my acne scars too even though this one has more coverage, it blends easy and does not crease and it’s also long wearing esp when you set it with powder the third one is Maybelline Minerals Concealer, i don’t have it right now because mine has ran out

this one is easier to get because the last two i mentioned is onlu available online ( in Indonesia) but i will list all the links to the online shop in the desc box below this thrid one is available on Maybelline Counters and this also the cheapest i find this one has an okay coverage but not as good as the la gir okay now powder for poeder i have two opitions, loose and compact powder this is from Marks, it’s a loose powder. I think loose powder looks more natural because the texture is more fine this is a setting powder not a powder foundation this one also is a setting powder it’s not going to make you cakey because it doesn’t provide more coverage if you already used liquid foundation i suggest you to set it with something like this. don’t use powder foundation the purpose of this kind of powder is to set and keep you matte i have three options for blush. first, NYX i have pinched and mocha i like this because it’s not powdery. it’s finely milled making it easy to blend next is from WnW, this is called Heather Silk this one feels a bit more powdery compared to the nyx one but it’s still a fine blush you can find this on guardian or other drugstores the third one is from revlon this is also finely milled mine is in the color Oh Baby Pink the color is so soft, when i wear this it looked like i’m naturally blushing there’s a mirror and a brush here. the brush quality is decent first is my old NYC Sunny it comes with a decent size of mirror it’s a warm bronzer so it’s really good to warmth your skin and give it the bronzing glow so it’s not the best for contour i wear this whenever i want to look a bit more tan next i have a duo from elf this duo consist of blush and bronzer the bronzer in this one is darker and cooler than the NYC Sunny but you can’t wear this for contour either because this one has shimmer

i really really like the blush in this one. the color is perfect for my skintone it’s a peachy pink blush with shimmer so it will give the glowing effect the packaging is very compact so it’s very travel friendly for me i don’t have the product with me now, but i like PAC Cream Foundation for contouring it’s a bit pricey but you get 3 cream foundation in 1 palette for alternative, you can use cool brown or taupe eyeshadow or you can also use a concelar that 3 shades darker than your skintone or you can try NYX Blush that called Taupe that will be perfect if you have lighter complexion for liquid highlighter i use this one Sunbeam is a pinkish highlighter, they also have another one that is more golden i use this on the highest point of my cheekbones for powder highlight you can use a champagne color eyeshadow like this one for natural matte highlight just use a concealer that 2 shades lighter than your skintone i love this one from revlon i’m wearing it right now. this comes with a spooley the texture is not too creamy. if an eyebrow pencil is too creamy i feel i don’t have full control most likely beginners will overdo their eyebrow when using a creamier eyebrow pencil a harder consistency prevent you from overdid your eyebrow it looks natural and beginner friendly if you want something more natural, i recommend eyebrow powder it comes with 2 brushes, 2 eyebrow powders, and wax the wax is for taming your eyebrow hair the one on your right is an angle brush

it’s for filling your eyebrow the other one is a spooley to brush your eyebrow for more natural look last, eyebrow mascara or eyebrow gel aside for giving your brow more color, it also keep your brow stays in place especially the water resistant one if you think t’s too pricey you can use your drying mascara next is eyeliner i like this one from revlon the color is so black and when it dries it becomes matte and the brush makes the eyeliner easy to use for gel eyeliner i prefer this one for starter you can use brown liner instead of black especially for the waterline, brown will look much softer for beginner i recommend a neutral eyeshadow palette like this one. it has 8 colors in it and the color is fairly neutral and it tells you where each color should be placed like browbone, eyelid, crease, and definer on the back it gives you guide for different looks too i also like it because of the pigmentation and it’s fine texture it seems i don’t have any place for swatch more these are the colors neutral colors are perfecst for everyday look or even semi formal event for night makeup just use the definer shade i also have this one from revlon it has 5 colors and also neutral shades it’s also creamy and pigmented so it’s easy to blend maybelline color tattoo is great for eyeshadow base you can wear it alose or put powder eyeshadow on top to make it last longer i got 2 mascara and both of them from maybelline first one is the hypercurl, i used this on my 200k makeuo challenge i like it because it’s affordable and kept my lash curled my next fav mascara is maybelline lash sensational this is really good to lengthen, give volume, and curl your lashes this is a bit tough to erase i remove it using an oil based makeup remover i left the makeup remover for a few second to loosen up the product before swiping it please do not rub your eye roughly

next lipstick! the first one is from revlon this is so affordable. mine is in the shade wine with everything they have many shades to choose and many finishes options like matte and cream next, revlon moisture stain this is as pigmented as lipstick, as moisturizing as lip balm, and stains your lips like lip stains next is wardah lipstick (indonesian local brand) i also like wet n wild lipstick they are mattes but it’s a comfortable matte it does not dried my already dry lips next is makeup tools! i have an eyelash curler here, i think this is a ver important esp if you have a very straight lashes like me even when you use an awesome mascara, it won’t look good if you don’t curl it my fav is from shu uemura next,powder puff i think you can get it on any beauty supply store i prefer to use powder puff than a brush for powder application because i feel a brush can disturb the foundation beneath when poff can really push the powder without disturbing the coverage of a foundation just use patting and rolling motion like this next is makeup sponge, i got thi sone from f21 you can use any sponge for this beside powder puff i like to use this sponge for powder because you can use patting motion with sponge and i also like it with cream products next is foundation brush, this is expert face brush from RT i prefer this than a flat foundation brush because you can buff the product and blend more if you use flat foundation brush, it will just like painting a surface you’re not really blending it next, makeup brush for eye this is masami shouko blending brush no 27 i like it because it’s tapered and it’s very fluffy so it’s perfect for blending eyeshadow on your crease if you use sponge applicator, you can’t blend the shadow as well this one is not drugstore, i just want to give you guys some tips to save up, find a dual ended brush it’s compact and cheaper because for 1 you get2 function

so that is the product i recommend for beginners once again i do not mean to start you have to have all of these but you can just pick and choose based in your needs thanks for watching and have a nice day. bye!