Discovering New Vegan Brands

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Discovering New Vegan Brands

hi everyone welcome back to my channel this is Demelza’s Delights. If you are new here my middle name is Demelza and it is a delight to be vegan!! In today’s video I’m going to be unboxing a whole bunch of PR stuff that was sent to me I’ve tried to narrow this down so that this video isn’t like 40 minutes long I’ll just see how I go so I’ve already picked out things that perhaps I haven’t yet shown on my Instagram story or things that I wanted to leave until YouTube to unbox Everything I’m going to be showing today has been sent to me in PR which is amazing. I’m very blessed to receive anything for free and so I’m under no obligation to talk about these products but it is fun to share them with you because obviously they come and I see what’s inside and you get to see too Then we get to try them out, so I won’t be testing too many of these because I’ll leave that for further videos but I will be showing you what I got The first box is from designer brands cosmetics they don’t normally send out big flashy kind of PR boxes which is good Sometimes they might send, like a release, which comes in a pretty box but they normally just send things in a cardboard box which I love! they don’t really include plastic packaging either and the reason I’m doing this one first today it’s because they’re lip products and I haven’t got any lipstick on So I thought we would try some of these. They sent 4 lip liners and the colors are: red wine, bright mauve, burnt caramel, and blushing nude I’ll go for the nudest shade which looks like blushing nude and they sent five lipsticks These are their moisturising lipsticks and they’ve released some new shades I have done a lip swatch video on their last lot of moisturising lipsticks, so I will link that for you somewhere here. These are five new shades now I’m not sure if there are more than five in the shade range but they sent five to me. The five shades they sent to me are: nude latte, antique rose, crimson red, peach dream, and mulberry love. I will actually do a full swatch video on these new lip liners and the new lipsticks but for today’s video I’m gonna go for nude latte I like a nude…. just thinking back to my old video I did sort of think I’m sure that ‘nude latte’ is a color that I’ve tried before and sure enough that was in my last video. so I thought it would be neat to just show you the difference between the two… this is the older one and this is the new one. so the new one has a magnetic close, it also has the logo imprinted into the lipstick and there’s a slight difference in shade between the two. I’ll still give nude latte a try, I’m gonna try it of course with the blushing nude lip liner I used to still work in pharmacy so I know how frustrating it is when somebody opens all of the new products and tests them but there’s gotta be a better way around all of this plastic because this lip liner is encased in plastic!! I’m finding it very hard to get into it seriously struggle street, Ok I’m into it… oh I like the sharpener on the end It’s a push up one. These are beautifully made! before I do my lips *takes sip* ice chocolate with oat milk these glide on beautifully I might not even wear a lipstick over the top of this one. I love this color I love any kind of pink nude lip liner lipstick that I can over-draw my lips with. And for a brand that you know is mostly under $15 per item, these feel very heavy, they don’t feel very cheap. they feel really nice while the lip liner was slightly drying this lipstick is very moisturizing hence the name so that’s the nude latte and it is quite pink. I probably would have peered it with the bright mauve which looks to be more of a match and I’ll definitely be sure to make a full lip swatch video so I can match the lip liners with the lipsticks for you and thank you to designer brands for sending me this PR package!! I’m very excited for this next one and I don’t even know if I can show it on YouTube because it’s alcohol. this is from Taiao Cellar, so this is a vegan wine cellar. I think that this cellar is actually shutting down and

it’s going to be more of a website where you can find out information about vegan wines but Tami the owner sent me this lovely parcel of a couple of vegan wines and she writes to me: “Hi Georgette, just want to say how much awesomeness and kindness I see in you. Your hard work is truly appreciated, love your passion, love your energy, enjoy these wines love Tamsyn”. That’s so nice and she’s actually one of my writers for the New Zealand vegan magazine she has a wine column and I’m assuming that these wines perhaps are the ones that we featured in the last magazine Chardonnay… oh! I knew there was a spider somewhere okay *haha* so this is the Matawhero single vineyard Chardonnay from Gisborne I really love Chardonnay but I’m an un-oaked Chardonnay drinker so I’m not sure which style this is All of the wines that Taiao Cellar used to sell or that Tami blogs about, are all vegan of course, but not only are they all vegan; they’re all vegan from the vine up. so she actually talks to the brands to make sure that they’re not using any blood and bone when they’re fertilizing…. all of those different things I’m excited to try that one, the other one is an organic wine which really excites me!! Little Darling Pinot Noir Rose’ This one’s from Marlborough 2018 New Zealand wine certified organic so thank you very much Tami, I so appreciate you! and I will link her blog, her Taiao Cellar and her personal Instagram account in the description box down below This next one is from Sante cosmetics and I will link where you can find their vegan range from online.. they always very generously sent me samples and I have been using a few of their products in my tutorials and videos and as you can see it just came in a big box with some paper packaging so no unnecessary extra plastic. They did ask me what kind of things I may like for summer, I’m gonna take you through some of those things that I asked for and then some of the things they just popped in as extra goodies So you can see there they got the bunny logo and it actually states on it that it is vegan this is a little compact makeup cream powder foundation oh sorry it’s a cream to powder foundation little mirror in the back with its sponge but I will try that one out for sure they also sent me the all-day 24 hour fresh skin Foundation, looks to be like a moisturising foundation and this is in colour ‘sand 2’ so I’ll give that one a go.. this is the petrol eyeliner now that’s the color, the shade color, there is no petrol in it and this is a green eyeliner pencil and I absolutely adore this color it’s like a emerald green I’ve used it before in a tutorial where I did my brows like blue and green so I will link that one for you too. Now body products, this one is the nourishing lip peeling. When I read this one on their website, it sort of looked like it was a really hydrating lip balm to stop your lips from peeling and then this one is a really ultra nourishing hand cream as well. Hand and nail cream which is great because I’ve been getting my nails done every couple of weeks and I always forget to use cuticle oil or a hand cream so I will do a review of both of those Also, two mascaras, so these are both vegan. one is the curl extend extreme mascara. oh! I love that wand. I love a curved one like that it just really gets into the roots of my lashes and then this one here is the Mademoiselle sensitive mascara the oh I like that one too looks very volumizing, so two mascaras for me to try and then they sent this little nail varnish in colour ‘wild strawberry’, that’s right they actually said to me which color would you like?? and I chose this bright red sort of pink red because I thought it would be great on my toes there is a one more thing which is an eyebrow kit okay very cute it has an angled brush a little spooly and some tweezers. in the bottom which slides out and then the top opens up and it is in fact darker shades so this is going to be really interesting to see how this one performs, I do like a brow pomade but I’m not opposed to using a brow shadow so it was a very generous package from Sante Cosmetics!! they have gluten-free, vegan, cruelty free makeup, so I will link you to the place where you can buy them from in New Zealand it’s called ‘save your skin’ and they have a vegan section on their website this next one I haven’t opened

so very dangerously, I will open this now with scissors haha just joking It’s a box from nil products I’ll link their Instagram website etc and I believe it’s like a monthly subscription box that they’ve sent to me to try and it includes vegan cover wraps everybody’s using like the beeswax wraps to cover their food, but I found some vegan ones and we wrote about them in the vegan magazine and they said they would send some to me to try so let’s pop em open… and it’ll be interesting to see, from an eco company what the packaging on insides like.. oh yes just the box very good! very cool packaging so it’s got NIL everyday ethical essentials and then it says making it easy to be ethical… says on the top: “Kia Ora, welcome to your nil subscription box here is a checklist for some extra goodies WIN: follow the instructions on the Instagram card and be into win some prizes SHARE: and review that’s really cool so they’re actually giving you incentives where you can win more of their stuff This flyer here, this is a magnet this is really cool so this is to put on your fridge and it says: “Your first six steps to a nil waste lifestyle” do you know what? this would be an amazing Christmas gift for somebody, or a Birthday present something to kind of kickstart their eco journey okay on the top is their dish touch cloth and I know that these are compostable! so that is super cool! I will use that around the kitchen and then the organic vegan food wraps there’s a medium one in there and a large one and the ingredients are: organic cotton candilila wax, New Zealand Manuka oil, jojoba oil, contains antibacterial and *struggles to say “antifungal” hahhahaha and “anti-fangalll” contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, there are certified compostable bin liners. You get 60 bags yeah that’s really good and then there is a bamboo toothbrush that is nice so I am assuming that what happens is this is like your starter pack and they probably have different boxes different versions maybe you get something different each month I will check it out and I will leave a link in the description box for you, thank you so much to nil for sending me all these goodies!! I think it’s a fantastic present and as they say “you’re making a start to your ethical journey” the next one I have to show you is from Aotearoad…. Aotearoa is the Maori name (the original name) for New Zealand And ‘Aotearoad’ is a play on that this is a plastic free company which really excites me, so you may have seen the range in supermarket as I did so, I actually bought this particular one here: the wild orange and cedar wood deodorant. I think I’ve got that somewhere… yes so this is the deodorant that I’ve been using you can see that I’ve gone quite a way through it, maybe halfway?? it smells really good and it works really well and the reason I bought this at the supermarket was ecause it was about eight dollars fifty $8.50 wouldn’t have been more than nine dollars ?? and it’s in cardboard packaging now I’m not sure if you could just pop it straight in the recycling?? because of the oils that would be left behind on the cardboard… perhaps you for compost it ? and these are made in New Zealand so really exciting to support local and that was the one that I already had and THEN they sent me (pretty much) their entire range!! the other two deodorants that I received ‘pure and cedar’ – I would say this is more of a unisex sent and then the ‘rose and vanilla’ I’ve already smelt it, it’s so good there’s another one it is ‘pink grapefruit and ylang ylang’ They’re easy to use, you just push up the base and then it returns down… so those are their deodorants. these two here are natural moisturisers one is ‘rose and vanilla’ and one is ‘zesty lemon and lime’ how would you use these ??? gently glide across your skin and rub in chemical free formulation that uses all natural ingredients to hydrate your skin making it feel soft and moisture rich It’s a solid moisturiser for your body that is really interesting looking on the back it says no GMOs no synthetic fragrance no nasties

these ones really intrigued me.. I wonder if I should use them on damp skin as I come out of the shower?? I’ll try both and let you know.. this one is a natural foot powder really good for summer, Peppermint and manuka it actually says that it’s a body & foot powder providing soothing protection to the skin by absorbing dampness, reducing friction, and combating odor. I really like that it’s talc free as well so this one might be something that a lot of people will use in summer and then they sent me three Hair products, two dry shampoos and a natural clay I’ve already smelled this natural clay and it smells amazing!! almost like vanilla, like a sweet dessert so you can see that it’s like a solid balm, medium hold with a matte finish suitable for any hair type. can use it to create classic slicked back look so I’ll be using this when I do my high ponytails and I’ll let you know how it goes I wonder if it is….. oh wow it’s quite soft. I’m really excited to use this one If I could eliminate as much plastic packaging and as much plastic waste from all of my cosmetics as possible that would be awesome so especially because these are available in supermarkets very impressed and I use dry shampoo a lot because I try not to wash my hair more than once a week sometimes I’ll drag it out to like nine days if I can, one is for light hair: ‘lavender and ylang ylang’ And one for dark hair ‘wild orange and cacao’….these are natural dry shampoos I am so excited to try these out I will get somebody with light hair, to try this one out… this is just too much I’m feeling so blessed thank you so much Aotearoad, who have sent me these products cannot wait to try them and I’m so happy that their in non plastic packaging…. so this last parcel it’s not a new unboxing, but I did want to show you how this parcel arrived this is from Raw Kanvas and I started my skincare journey with them probably like two months ago… they sent me three products initially to try then it arrived in this cute little pink box everything is recycled packaging so I can just pop these straight into the recycle bin, break them down and the packaging peanuts that it came with are the same ones that we use at Lush. so they’re made from like a potato starch you can eat them but don’t recommend it *haha just by running them underwater they dissolve and I did show that on my Instagram story so I thought that was quite cool and I’m all for people who are using these alternatives because they’ve existed for years to be honest and I think it’s really neat when you can buy from an all vegan company because Rawkanvas are all vegan On the note card it says: “Hi Georgette thank you for your support enjoy your new goodies everything is totally vegan Simona and Shannon”. I don’t really like showing skincare on my channel unless I’ve used it for at least a month or so…. so you can see by the hydrating gel moisture it’s called ‘Sol’ You can see by the bottle that I’ve used over half… I really like it it’s really nice and hydrating I’m gonna do a full video on Rawkanvas so I don’t want to give away too much in this video… this is the ‘eternal plumping collagen’ it’s really hard to find vegan collagen so it’s awesome that Rawkanvas have that option and same with this this is Retinol … another hard want to come by and this is called ‘the foundation’ now I have not made my way through this very much at all, it is a retinol product and I’m just sort of trying to experiment with it to see how it goes but as I said I’ll bring that all to you in a specifically rawkanvas video… they recently sent me their ‘luna vitality’ now this is a restoring moisturising cream, really thick, really intense hydration, perfect for dry skin and that is exactly what I’ve been having all around my nose area while I’ve had intense crazy hayfever !! Very nice of them to follow up with me and check in on me and how my skincare journey is going and I said “well you know this moisturizer is great but I’m applying it three or four times a day” and they’re like “we’ll send you this to try” so I loved that and their brand will be linked down below, that’s it for this video! I didn’t want to make it too long I hope you really enjoyed it please give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you’re not already everything obviously is vegan and cruelty- free let me know if you’ve tried any of the brands that I received PR packages from, let me know if you’re interested in trying any of the brands as I say it will all be linked and listed in the description box so you can just easily click and you will find all of the brands and their websites and social media, thanks for watching if you have a brand and you want to get in contact with me, again it’s listed down below or if you think there is a brand I should get in contact with, do let me know in the comments – thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one bye!!