Makeup Bag Swap With 16 Year Old | Makeup Collection 2020

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Makeup Bag Swap With 16 Year Old | Makeup Collection 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel I am Girl Beats World and I am so honored to have you this channel is about all things beauty from skincare to makeup routines to makeup tutorial reviews I do it all so if that sounds like something you’re interested in please be sure to like subscribe and turn on that little notification bell so you’re notified when I have new content you’re probably wondering who is this beautiful 16 year old beauty sitting next to me and it is none other than my niece my baby mia hi hi hey we’re here so today we have something extra special for you we are going to be swapping makeup bags so uh she may be 16 but she has a pretty good collection she gets to tap into all of my makeup so let’s take a look first into what we’re working with so mia you grab your makeup bag which is mine this one so we have this no show all of the makeup bags so she has that this is just brushes in that one this is other like mascara and eyeliners in here so she has this one that with a bunch of random stuff so she has a lot to work with here and then she has just… right but she doesn’t live her she’s just visiting me so she brought her makeup so she has this here and then she has um some awesome Morphe brushes she also brought with her luckily she didn’t even know we were doing this her Saweetie and James Charles Palette and I selected because I feel like it’s not fair that she gets to choose from the entire makeup collection so she can either work with the Tati Beauty the Under Construction by Shayla Modern Renaissance or the Jackie Aina palette so she has some choices to make I think I’m going to use the Tati Beauty palette okay so we have a look in mind did I send you the look yet yes okay we have a look in mind the look is right here so the challenge is is to get as close to that look as possible using the materials we have from our own palettes and makeup bags so I am going to start with uh some concealer because this flat face does not work for me okay so i’m starting with concealer I’m going to start with my eyeshadow because I like to do my eyeshadow first out of everything but I’m going to put concealer on my eyes so maybe we should just start with concealer okay y’all look how much lighter her concealer is than mine oh gosh all right so we’re both going to start with concealer um and then I’ll probably yeah let’s let’s just do our concealer and then we’ll stop and then we’ll finish the rest of our face this is her concealer wow… no it’s not that bad yeah it’s better darker than lighter let us pray oh sorry you’re gonna have to wipe this off later we have sacrificed gosh let us pray got my concealer brush I don’t know what she uses for her concealer brush oh we have the brush set we have the brush set oh I forgot about those okay so and her brush that we have at least hers is organized unlike mine oh yeah some of them I haven’t used oh oh it pops off alright so we’re working with this beautiful Morphe set oh I’m going to start here and this looks ridiculous oh my god it’s okay it’s okay we’re gonna… I’m gonna show you guys how to hopefully I could show you guys how to correct it it’s a lot the problem is this is I don’t think you have i thought it was gonna be a lot yeah you’re fine I’m the one who has concerns because of have like how light I am so *laughing* I’m literally glowing in the dark oh my gosh watch me get through this entire thing before Mia… with fixing it… before Mia is even done with her okay so all right wow wow wow wow *laughing* so funny okay hold on i’m what are you doing you’re finishing up I’m gonna finish up my face okay I’m just about to do my eyeshadow okay so I’m using this Morphe brush this is a cute

brush it’s a blending brush yeah I’m pretty sure you have some too you just haven’t opened a ton of your brushes all right on my side I am taking my foundation brush and I’m going over the harsh edges of this super light um concealer so it’s still giving me the coverage that I need but it’s not making me look as ghostly and then I’m just going to go over the top of it very lightly as well to try to even this out a little bit I didn’t add any more product I’m just adding this on top so it doesn’t look as ghostly I look so greasy underneath because it’s like I don’t think wearing my foundation was a good idea we’re here we’re here we’ve arrived okay so I’ve gotten that out of the way like actually pretty good yes yeah it’s looking good okay it’s getting there okay I’m going to put some more concealer on my eyes because I’m going to catch up with Mia and start the eyeshadow process exactly okay tell the people what colors you’ve used so far okay so I’ve used from the Tati palette this um I think this is Soothe this one mm-hmm and then I’ve also used what’s this routine Ritual okay so Soothe and Ritual which is right here with the little glitter in it because picture I think needs a little bit of sass so what are you going to be using I’m going to be using Desert Vibes and then I think I’m going to go in oh I was going to say Seek Shade but I think i’m actually going to go in with security instead yeah yes those are pretty good colors okay I think I’ve only used that palette with the colors only twice I used her highlight in her glitters a lot with all of my looks because no wonder you made a face when I told you I was using this I don’t know how I feel about these this is uh okay it’s showing up it’s showing up it takes a minute it’s not as pigmented as James Charles yes but I wanted a challenge because it’s only fair so we’re giving ourselves a challenge all right I’m gonna zoom in since we’re both on eye eyeshadow to make sure you guys can can see what we got going on so I’m just using her blending brush for Morphe and blending that orange Desert Vibe and if I had my wish I would wish for a slightly darker color but um like Mia said it’s not as pigmented so you kind of have to build yeah you have to build a lot on there but this look is all about soft lines you don’t want to go too heavy on any of the lines so for your question yes you have another question for me I want.. I feel like your people want to know what do you do to make your pictures look so perfect oh I forgot that’s what question we were on because when I started… i’m starting to be more active on my instagram and when I take my pictures I always have to get the natural sunlight because she has like the editing skills so sometimes I don’t be wanting to bother her so she can edit my pictures so how do you do it okay so the truth is is I use this um app called Meitu and it’s a Japanese app it’s probably steals all of my data I do know I don’t lie to ya’ll it’s stealing all the data all the data so um that’s how I do it yeah so if Mia is saying that people want to know I’ll get the people what they want honey I’ll give them what they want because when I haven’t made her one of her videos I made a look she made me put it right here yeah um I did a really good job but she needed to edit it to make the pic to make the eyeshadow more pop but when she did that I saw a complete difference I’m like how did she do that like did she touch zoom in touch the eyebrow make go higher I’d be like I wouldn’t know I want to know because her pictures be looking natural so don’t be looking like you edited them she’s like no I need to edit it it’s like crazy I will edit the hell out of your pictures whether you ask me or not sorry yes I do it to my friends all the time okay so I tried to only stick to one palette but couldn’t because uh Saweetie’s um pigmentation just… I mean the brown wasn’t dark enough so I like where it’s going you can see I like where the looks going Mia’s is just spot on for the picture right now and I can’t have her… let her beat me so I am using um No Beans and Benny I think Spooky’s gonna make it too dark because this it’s a soft smokey eye yeah right so okay so I’m tapping into both of those

and the trick is again tap on oh yeah that’s the perfect color i’m coming for you sis you know Spooky’s more like closer to Mia’s shade so I’m sure that color probably looks really good and dark for her but for me I gotta tap into James a little bit okay so what I’m doing is I am concealing I’m cutting my crease but I’m doing it in a way that is kind of not as harsh because you want it to kind of flow all together and be nice and soft um it’s a half cut crease I’m not going all the way to the end and yeah we just want to get in there as much as possible keep that nice smokey effect okay I’m sorry sorry Saweetie I’m really not loving the palette the Saweetie palette I don’t like the colors the highlight she did good on in the glitters she did A1 on oh but those are the two things that… I’ll be using a little glitter on the inner corner of my eye but I’m not loving it but it’s coming out it’s coming out okay okay so we took a little break to knock out our other eyes so that way we can keep this show going you know thought we would just do a little movie magic I kept telling her don’t mess with it off camera because they need to see what you’re doing just knock out the other eye so she sees me highlighting and I use um oh this is upside down I use Canvas and so good from the James Charles palette right so I use Canvas and So Good from the James Charles Palette and I hear mia laughing and so I look over and I’m like what could she be laughing about… Tamia *pauses* get in there look at this highlight that she did look at this highlight look at the brush I use for my highlight and look at the brush Mia used for hers show them the brush you used okay this is the only skinny brush I could find okay I wasn’t thinking that hard my channel got my glasses okay what do you think the plan is for fixing something like that yes blending it out good yes and the other thing that you did was you went a little too low for the for that you need to get right up under the brow it’s not… okay it’s pretty bad okay don’t worry we’ll fix it we’ll fix it I have so we’ve had some panic attacks this is really hard using someone else’s um stuff I’m pretty sure one eye is darker and smokier than either but you know we’re here it’s fine no big deal nobody’s perfect so Tamia doesn’t have any um eyeliner in this look you need eyeliner use something so I’m gonna use some black but actually what I think I’m going to do is get really creative I’m gonna use some of the gel that’s in the mascara I was gonna say that or you could spray my eyebrow stuff it’s too light oh because you use like brown so I’m using this flat I think I can probably use a flatter one but I don’t want to mess up her white brush so I’m going to use this flat smudge brush and I’m taking a little bit of mascara and I’m going to see if this works we’re going to just line the eye like so I have literally never done this you guys are the first people to ever see me lining my eye with mascara it’s working ain’t it I can’t see it yeah and you’re doing… you doing something I’m doing science I’m working on something so uh if you ever forget your eyeliner at home but you have mascara you can still line your eye Girl Beats World hack with mascara and then I’m going to smudge it out with the black and then I’m going to smudge out some of that um brown on top of it actually I could probably just smudge it out with a brown on top I don’t even need to spread it out with the black I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid liner Anastasia yeah oh it’s Anastasia it’s okay bougie people say Anstasia is fine yeah of course that smudge liner has been a trend all year long so you definitely want to try that out especially during fall because it gives that smokiness just a little something extra you know a little pull up okay okay we’ll clean it up just keep going don’t clean it up go ahead it’s just a little just you hear the stutter in her voice I think you need to hold your eye and do it like this usually I tell people not to do that because we don’t want wrinkles but when you’re beginning it’s easier and I also think that holding something smaller instead of that big mirror

that’s probably why it’s so hard yeah it’s probably gonna be easier because you’re worried about dropping it okay all right so we’ve smudged we’ve done um we smoked out the eye now I’m going to use the mascara and I’m going to try to make this as dramatic as possible it’s okay you’re fine the drama no it’s all the way on top of my eye it’s not even on my eyelid that’s okay just go ahead we’re gonna we’re gonna fix it so don’t freak out there’s ways to fix things like that if your eyeliner goes too high just make it as even as possible and then you may have to make the other one a little bit more dramatic and then let it dry you can clean it up a little bit with your finger or you can clean it up with some eyeliner so we’re going to finish uh mascara after mia finishes her eyeliner she’s going to put some mascara on her lashes we will be right back all right so we’re back eyeliner crisis is partially uh averted I have done my mascara Mia’s done her eyeliner and mascara she tried Fenty for the first time she enjoys it I have a video for the Fenty mascara if you want to see it um it just popped up right above my head now Mia is going to start with her concealer and she’s using Fenty Beauty concealer and I am going to highlight the inner corner of my eye like Mia said okay and then I’m going to use what am I going to use I’m going to use um #FOTD which is probably face of the day from the Saweetie collection to highlight the inner corner of my eye and then I’m also going to use All Access to highlight the inner corner give it that nice little pop okay you guys probably can’t tell that I have concealer on because it’s the same shade as my foundation but I do have it on seeing that they’re watching you put it on I mean I’m just gonna make sure it is literally the exact shade of your foundation so I mean better than looking like a ghost like I do that’s bronzer you’re gonna contour your face for the first time yeah okay here we go how do you do that okay I’m gonna actually talk you through this one you’re going to tap this in and you’re going to use it this way like you just push it here and push it up you don’t need a lot because this is really dark so barely even tap it into there yeah okay now second cheek stuff you want to do it like on here good now kind of brush it upward like this I actually just uploaded an easy highlight and contour video you can check it out the link just popped up above me I don’t really do nothing look at how this face looks like and look at the other side you see the difference no oh okay well keep going you’ll see it that side looks a little thicker oh I could see oh now you can see it so how do you do your bake I’m so jealous I want to bake so bad okay yeah and then you just tap the brush in and you just pack it on in here and in your t-zone here here here and here this is going to help you look a little lighter since you’re saying my concealer is too dark it is all right we got this really cute Juvia’s Place blush this one is called Seraphina okay that helps oh that helps pull together that hideous highlight from Saweetie if Saweetie ever sees this video I’m sure she’s gonna appreciate that you listen to her music but I don’t think she’s gonna like me too much because that palette’s womp womp okay um did you do the highlight I did it above my eyebrow do it on your cheeks all right I’m gonna go since it’s fall dark lips aren’t in Mia is going to do a nude lip right… with what what lipsticks do you have oh you’re just going to do a gloss yes okay so Mia’s going to do a gloss and a natural lip I’m going to do a dark lip because it’s fall both are trendy I’m using my black cherry from revlon this is a drugstore dark shade and I’m probably gonna lighten the inner part of the lip a little bit you did a little on the cheeks okay all right she’s looking good right for her first full full face using someone else’s stuff all

right next I’m using my um NYX Rhea um lipstick it’s a nude and I’m going to use just a little lipstick brush because I got lucky and it’s in the lipstick things okay so what I’m going to be using on my lips is Carmax this Boardwalk Rose Oil Lip Gloss and a little bit of my Elf Lip Gloss that you can get from Walmart you use that many lip glosses of course oh my gosh so while Mia does that um I just want to explain why in my other videos I use all the stuff I use so you see granted this wasn’t my concealer but you can see how I look compared to Mia who had a banana powder and a setting powder to set her face so it’s super important to set your face so that way you don’t get this droopy grandma greasy look like I have going on but besides that my girl had some good stuff to work with the Saweetie palette is a no-go for me love the James Charles palette it came through um I loved the brushes I think the brushes were great I think the James Charles brushes were great and the Morphe brushes were great I did use both of them and yeah I feel like this was a really great look I hope you learned a few things how do you feel I am feeling okay I feel like my makeup look turned out good for my first time using all these new products but I feel like some of these things personally right now I would not be using okay which is fair you gotta you gotta work your way up right the bronzer I could do a highlighter I could do that because I do that now with the Saweetie palette but that’s pretty much it but I think the setting powder looks good on her so she’s going to be doing that I love this Saweetie palette because I like the highlighter so yeah so you can see you can do this look with a slightly lighter brown or you can do it with a deeper brown like I have and I hope you enjoyed this first video with me and my baby uh this makeup bag swap if you enjoyed this content and want more content like it please make sure to like subscribe and turn on the notification bell until next time bye