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Naked 3 subtle eye

hi guys so today I thought I’d finally get to break out my naked 3 palette and do kind of a tutorial on it I wanted it to be kind of like a softer pink look because a lot of the ones i looked at were smokey on youtube so i thought i’d start with like a soft pink lip and then kind of play or soft pink eyes and kind of play with the different colors so that i could get a feel for them um i just opened it and used it today so I’m really excited I’m gonna show you this is what the eye look will look like so it’s just really soft and neutral but with pinks instead of like your typical neutral colors just get my hair out of the way and I’m going to first use my mac paint pot in let’s skate so this is just a shimmery pink and this will be a good base I already have Urban Decay’s um sin on my eye the primer since there is an eyeshadow to my hair is just like fling so that just gives it more of a tacky base i like to use both because this one if you have oily lids like the Mac Paint Pots or Maybelline um tattoo color are like really good for oily or skin wheeler lids so then I’m going to take the Naked 2 palette and I’m going to use dust which is this really shimmery pink or this one which a lot of people complained about fallout which I can kind of see but you just have to play with it a little bit and then buzz which is kind of this more pinky tone pink it’s a little bit deeper you can kind of see the difference I’m trying to avoid my mirror this isn’t the most perfect setup filming because I want you guys to be able to see so my muse like right here so I can see and then I’m going to use a little bit of black heart just a you’ll see where I use it and that one’s a really cool color I like that one a lot so I’m going to start with just my map to thirteen brush this hopefully because it was in the Wonder Woman collection and I’m going to pick up dust and I always wet the brush so that i can pick up more color that way and it doesn’t seem to flake as much then so i’m just putting that all over my eyelid then i’m going to take some of that buzz with the same brush because it’s a very similar color but it’ll add just a little bit of definition on the outer third it’s not the perfect lighting yesterday’s lighting seemed a lot better and it was actually dark out so maybe i have to film at night or it could just be because that lights interfering but it’s hard to tell now i’m going to take my 226 brush which is kind of like a shader brush but i like to use it in my crease and I don’t wet this one I just going to put a little bit of black heart on it can’t really tell just enough and I’m going to pull that into my crease this is going to add dimension but because it’s such a stark contrast to the other colors I’m taking buzz and blending that over top of it I started with just buzz in the crease and it just wasn’t enough of a difference to leave it like that now I’m going to take my 2422 to 13 and I use the same technique basically but um just to make the colors a little more vivid on my lids I put the same colors / where they were kind of up to the crease again but now I have that definition already done Plus these can stand out because they’re padded on fresh I do really like this dust shade I wish it wasn’t harder to work with but you can’t

complain too much and I pulled a little bit of dust and a little bit of buzz underneath my lid just kind of going halfway with both of them that way I can take this is my 212 brush and you can see it’s just a flat a lot of people use these for gel liners and I never could use it for that I just don’t like the line it gives me but i like to use it with shadow from my under eye lower lashes so I just put that in there and then I took 224 shader brush and just blend it so that it’s not so stark and that gives me because I’m not going to use any liner on my waterline as you can tell it just defines my lower lashes a little bit and I already have one coat of mascara on because we’re done with the eyeshadow and I do really like this palette I’m gonna do a review on my blog with swatches and stuff like that so you can kind of check that out i’ll put a link below and i’m gonna curl my lashes i already have one coat of the same mess kieran because i tend to do three coats and that takes a long time to film three coats drying in between so i curl at the base and then curl kind of halfway and then at the base again now I pick this up again the falsies volume Express and flared but this one’s the waterproof I feel like waterproof holds the curl better then non-waterproof always end up with either brush hairs or an eyelash that likes to stray this is one of my all-time favorite mascaras and usually mascaras are too wet for me right out of the packaging I have to like almost keep them out for a while so that they dry out so I can use them because they’re less the wetter they are the more they tend to just way my lashes down but this stuff seems pretty dry out of the package like not too dry where I feel like it’s you know no good but it’s perfect to be used right away um now I’m going to go onto cheeks so I decided to use my benefit Posie tint because I want to keep with the kind of natural pinks and I just got to be really quick with this but you want to blend it into your cheeks and I like the Benetton’s because they do kind of make it very natural glow it’s not too heavy it’s not too bright really um and it’s blendable you can i’m going to let this dry and i can go back and put more another layer on like that and they last of course because they’re tints i actually didn’t do Matt um didn’t do foundation today which is funny because I just forgot I did concealer and my normal routine for concealer and then forgot to do foundation which is really odd for me to forget such a step but I started powdering my face and was like oh well it’s already done and my face isn’t looking too bad so when I put concealer over the necessary areas it covered up anything that was bugging me so I already did my foundation powder contouring that kind of stuff so I love got left is cheeks and lips and then obviously my eye so now I’m going to go in and put one more job of this on focusing on the apples of my cheeks and then I just kind of blend it out and up a little bit and you can use this on your lips I do like this one on my lips it’s really pretty colored but I’m not going to do that today just because I wanted to keep a really neutral lip and i’ll do that book click just because i’m waiting for everything to dry i’m using bare minerals marvelous Moxie in icon I got these for Christmas and a little kit and this one is kind of a nude with

really pretty pink champagne shimmers so much easier to just wear a gloss with my lip humming my lips are actually still stained a little bit of red in the middle because I wore red yesterday for lipstick so you can just see it just imparts pretty much a shine it doesn’t put any real color and if I was going to pick a lipstick to wear with this I probably just do really neutral one I have a neutrogena pink splash I think this was like their lip shine or something not sure they still make this anymore oh I wasn’t planning on wearing that but I feel like I need a little bit more color on my lips I’m not used to just wearing the gloss unless it’s a really pigmented gloss so this helps me feel more put together now my mascara should be done so I’m going to go in and curl using the same kind of technique at the base and then halfway or at the ends it kind of ends up either way I feel like after I curl my lashes my lashes always end of clumping so my solution to that is I just put on a third coat and then don’t curl my eyelashes because with it being that this mascara keeps the curl I don’t have to curl them a last time even though I’m used to doing that step I’ll wait on that till I get done but I’m going to take my physicians formula I booster liner and I’m going to do a really thin line above my top lashes usually when i get towards the end that’s when I want the line to extend from my bottom lashes so I just kind of follow that invisible line and I follow it up towards the end of my eyebrow and then it’s just connecting mmm follow shading in what the spot is and then I kind of glance to make sure that they’re even this one’s a little less thick so all I go do is do that and voila now they’re much closer and you want the length and the thickness to look about right so you can see that they’re very similar and then I’m going to take my L’Oreal gel click cream a little gel eyeliner and this is just in black so I love this stuff l’orĂ©al’s i think is the best drugstore 1 i’ve tried I really don’t like the Maybelline everyone raised about it but maybe I just got a bad one but it like dried out on me really quickly and the L’Oreal’s just feels more high-end it’s a glass container and like well or at least it feels like glass container and it’s like a heavier the packaging it’s just like heavier and feels more like a high end and it glides on really good now i’m just using this on my top lash line it’s really good for underwater lines too but i wanted to keep it more neutral because I basically wanted a neutral eye but with the pinks so now I can go in and I’m gonna take um red candy 1,000 lashes this is what the brush looks like this was a dud mascara basically I don’t like this it’s really wet but it just if you’ve got really nice lashes already this might be for you but I like to plump up my lashes and make them look better so i’ve been using this on my lower lash line because it just coats them with color it really doesn’t seem to lengthen them even the only thing is the brush just feels more cumbersome so it’s not as easy to get into tight spots without smudging it under my eyes so this is a product I wouldn’t recommend but I use it because I can I’d like to use it just so that i

don’t feel like I’ve wasted money I actually like using the rocket maybelline the rocket volume on my lower lashes which is a bigger brush but because the spool brussels are thinner or shorter it doesn’t seem to get as messy alright and now i can go in and do my last coat of mascara I just try to do this evenly I don’t do the wiggle so much the first coat I might do where I wiggle the brush to get every last lash but the other ones are more about quickly coating and not having it clump on me so that’s my lashes done now my favorite thing that I’m going to buy in full when I run out of this is benefits wats up that’s how much I have left it’s just tiny little sample but I only really use this I might like as a highlight so I put it under my brow bone and it’s a cream following my cheekbones and then a tiny bit on the very bridge of my nose like I don’t know if you can see how little i put but very little and then on my Cupid’s bow then I use whatever highlighter I want to use which I’m going to switch it up you usually use amber diamonds on everywhere I just highlighted but now because the palette actually comes with strange which is this white matte I want to try that and I actually like the effects putting it over the sparkles um it’s a highlight in color instead of just being shimmery but it still has some shimmer because of the fact i put the walks up underneath it which just helps illuminate it and it’s kind of like that illumination from within so i’m going to do that and then i’m also using that stranger strange at stranger strange on a tiny 266 brush and i use this in my inner corner right by the tear duct I look so funny because I’ve got still the stripes from the other stuff I’m actually going to use Physicians Formula healthy glow custom blush and highlighter if I can open it when i moved i went through all my makeup so i saw some stuff that i haven’t used in a while and this is one of them i really like this one though because of pink who doesn’t look pink now i just need to find i’ll use this one are you oh there it is come on I to highlighter brushes but this is the one I’ve used forever um it’s a tooth 130 brush from Mac and so I just gonna dab it and i dabbed it all over not just the white but now i use that to blend out that wats up and the wats up also helps me know that i’m blending really well because i’m blending so the line disappears and if i didn’t have that as a guide i might just be like swish and not blend as well my nose I don’t want a lot of highlight and I just highlight it right here not so much here because this is more like glow and highlights the fact I contoured my nose a little bit but if I do it here I feel like it looks kind of greasy and then I’m going to use that to 24 blending brush again and I’m just gonna dab it for my Cupid’s bow ha my lip ring kind of messes with my lip gloss and that’s everything I always feel like was their stuff I forgot oh so I’m going to use my Urban Decay d slick makeup setting actually I might not use the D slick because that’s my travel-sized obviously i got it for vegas and i like the travel size but I’m not that worried about my singin skin getting greasy it’s like towards summer time I start to worry and Urban Decay all nighter long-lasting makeup settings for i’m going to use instead same brand but this one’s just for long-lasting see my there we go so i can put this away

anyways i’m all done so this is the urban decay naked palette just really like Pink’s focusing on light Pink’s kind of everywhere I wish the lighting was better maybe I can fix it in editing or youtube but i’m probably going to do a look of the day too because i did I kind of got dressed for a more casual day so I hope you guys are well I’ll talk to you later I