Tutorial: Glasgow grin (without special fx makeup!) -Halloween 2015-

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Tutorial: Glasgow grin (without special fx makeup!) -Halloween 2015-

hello today I’m going to show you how to make this look which is the last look of my Halloween tutorials of the year and yeah basically i saved the most horrific one for loss the gloves go green I’ve always tell Dan or movies and everything it’s just one of the most gruesome injury like injury things like well more like a torture thing really and if you can like creates with makeup and yes I really wanted to create it also I really wanted to do this with only the use of you know make up another stuff that’s probably most people have lying around the house for two reasons 1i don’t actually have scar where yet I still need to order that a sample any time but I don’t have yet so i confuse it obviously a second if you only want to do this look for one night of Halloween for like a little party I wouldn’t recommend wearing this trick or treating or basically when you’re planning on being anywhere around children probably and because you might make this garden which would not be very nice and but yeah in any case I figured if you only want to do this with once and you’re not like all into the whole face paints stuff and then we’re probably you sort of useless to best car wax because you don’t use once personally I wouldn’t buy skarbek see if I don’t used once and then don’t use it again for another year and because I’m not actually sure if it actually stays usable for that long cell is dead i only use products as you probably have lying around house and regular makeup and so yeah let me say as you can see this is going to be the perfect i look for a night out not um yeah then it going to be very simple i’m only watch entire look on basically only going to use three brothers and one of them the first ones i’m going to use is the favor blending by sigma you can do you see any birds it looks like this one and at a very cheap and falling apart eyeshadow trio that i was brought in a busy store here in that lens I music with tell quarters i can use any tell quarter he’ll happen to have and I’m just roughly evening up a crease also I didn’t apply any face base or ready to face base I didn’t apply any base like flotation or concealer or anything because I really want this to look like undone and like you’ll be walking around like this for like a year whatever and yes it doesn’t have to look nice and you know like this is this is meant to look at makeup issues meant to look in order to make your eyes look deeper deeper I’m also don’t apply this in the inner corner basically where it normally highlight i’m going to low light it and then you look like this seriously things falling apart then it’s time for the next eyeshadow i’m going to use a red eye shadow again you can use any brands you want my music page because it helps me my only red eyeshadow is actually a blush well yeah he’s using the same brush and just sort of applying it around my eye and I really wanted to look irritated and basically like you’ve been crying and it watching around it and yeah and around the face is basically like red blotchy and LC and also can’t apply some powder on the rest of my face so don’t matter if it looks like e to dark because you gotta be powder talk with any way not only actual I but on the rest of the face so knows this nice and blotchy and I’m also sketching out where I’m going to put the clock go green it does it doesn’t have to be completely even with the other side or anything just try to feel we’re like your jaw sort of ghost-like part between you’re like a protease and lower teeth just you know try to follow that line and I’m just blending this little bit because this is about to be the blood or anything as you said to be loath has to be has to be looking in fixes or irritated something like us that was normally English enough sorry and yet just a little bit more and also going to be if you add a little bit more to this part of a phase otherwise you know this part looks too healthy like machine yeah then it looks like this and I’m going to move on to the utter play this is also for Peggy shakes but again you can use any similar core I’m going to use the blue one and the purple one with the same brush and also have a blue one just to make bags are any mice and it was super scarab oops a little

bit of purple and using two colors are starting to make it look a little bits like deep river valleys from looking too fake basically and yeah that is for that part and then I’m going to use a brush you say long brush too long of a young teen I mean Irish by Sigma and the palest or not palace the top powder brown powders pretty pale 480 powder me and I’m gonna fill my eyebrows in with that slightly it doesn’t have to look fielding I just wanted to be visible and in real life or physical what’s with the bright lights they’re not really visible on camera so I don’t want them to look as if I actually spend time and effort on my eyebrows but I don’t want them to be visual so just leaving it like this and then I’m going to use a cake eyeliner for this part of this important you’re on your cake eyeliner or a really good black eyeshadow you can look this you can use with water i’m using the cake eyeliner back trees and a little bit water just regular tap water and it’s the same eyeliner brush and using a lot of water more than i usually use because i want this to look really runny Alexa and then I’m just doing it to really make it look messy and Ernie and not like normal eyeliners first look and also putting it on top why if using it really wet then they’ll be careful not to get too close your eye because will rip into it and that’s not very nice feel sort of uncomfortable and I’m really making sure to like making unicorn a dark spell and then I guess and then I’m just going to remove power for second and it’s really important to apply this first because i’m applying gonna fly more of it later mark the eyeliner and i do want it to be sort of you like you know 3d ish i guess mini case i’m using the true mineral loose powder by Hema which is dutch but again you can use any powder it is you have to laugh and i’m using a large fluffy face brush and just going to poo that’s powder on my facebook even and this is a really pill pill one this is the but even the palest cory have that one is paler it’s actually my natural skin color in winter but see if I where it is then because its face powder you know like it’s a mineral powder course really well also have actually used is in winter when it on spec 10 then I actually looked it basically I went to go to halloween not so great for other occasions so I barely ever used it for anything but Halloween tutorials but family tutorials it’s very nice I sort of looked like an evil brown interesting for some reason okay then I’m moving back to the cake eyeliner and i’m just going to fly a little bit more of the cake liner it’s still wit of the cake liner I need my eyes use because of the different layers it just gives a little more of a pool and Warren effects I guess and I’m leaving part of it wet it doesn’t really matter because it’s going to dry up mess anyways but it will make it look sort of more random i like it just really like drips and right there randomly I’m setting yeah and then it’s time for mascara for these parts you gonna want a sort of force carrier that you can make clumpy shall not wanted will look perfect anyways I’m so using the Rimmel scandaleyes retro glam mascara which is actually one of the used to hate and then I liked it and I still like it actually hello focus okay so we’re saying yeah but any case one tweet is right it’s kind of beautiful but when three that’s roughly it can also look really really really messy and if something like this happens then just blend it out and be like this is positive actually it’s a good idea you can apply a little bit more of this around my eyes I’m making this up as I go okay I’m but the other net on your

skulls really mentally like slamming onto my eyelashes because I wanted to be clumpy I want them to be stuck together and yep and i’m also applying a lot of it on my lower lashes and again I’m really making sure that to stick together again as if you’ve been crying and the wet because I imagine its own with like coach from I’ll jell-o pudding with her think it probably cry so realistic and you then that’s it for the ice and most of the face okay for the actual clothes go green I’m just using a very cheap matters i’m using a cheap glue stick by shore bell which about on register in the lens and a plastic knife and is using this instead of scar wax because 1 i’m still planning on orange garbage at the end of the month I won’t you focus on me so no II oh good thank you okay um yeah I know it was wrong with camera but I’m still planning on buying a car wax however I haven’t actually gotten around to buying scarbacks yes so I don’t have it yet and I figures if you just want to do ahead of wing tutorial like only want to do this for halloween you’re not into horror looks normally then the sort we waste to purchase car wax just simply for one single look I mean a figure no one’s going to buy scarbacks for one single look don’t get into my mouth and I’m gonna eat you okay and so I decided to just use a tip as methods I’m not saying this is good for your skin because a pretty sure it’s not but it works and yeah don’t get it wet I guess I’m not sure of its resistance against resistant against rain and I certainly don’t recommend using a glue that is water resistant because you don’t want to have to like rip your half your face off in real life to actually get loaf again and now I want to spend the rest of your life with blue in the face but yeah also this is White’s obviously and what I want to say with that is that i actually going to apply a lot of cool on top of it i’m actually not going to put a skin color on top of it because then I would have to put foundation on it and I don’t think they’ll actually work with pivot today the glue I think I’m gonna make us fall off so I’m just gonna fight for it to dry a little bit and then apply a lot of powder on top of it and I’m just going to make it a really fresh and bloody Glasgow Rangers like it’s has only just been like cut into your face and yeah I’m just going to apply a little more I really want to make it look at here it’s like you know really calling from the lips and not just randomly starting there and yeah I’m just gonna do this on the other side of her face as well and then get back to you with Corey and then it’s time to Corrine as you can see I mean I’m not putting any foundation over it is going to look like peeled off dying skin that sounds so nice oh yeah so I did put did make this this part like rider in the other part because I don’t want to look too even because the average strike okay probably isn’t I mean a little psychopath or how would I know but are probably not going to measure it out first before cutting itself you know it doesn’t have to look even I mean it probably shouldn’t look even because it will look less realistic again also I didn’t mention it yet but most time were people probably figure that out for themselves this is not a look you want to do on a child praline this isn’t look that you should do if you just a weird adults like me I’m just using the red eyeshadow again and a fluffy brush and just making this a little bit more rats coops and then I’m just using the powder brush and the Hema powder again so powder it over a little bit you can also go to get a smaller version the other side of the face did use a smaller brush but then I put water on the brush and we will find probably won’t work with water at all of it but this is just going to make the glue less sticky or at least less sticky from the outside part like part of this isn’t it in your face so you won’t get stuck to your own face or if you go out trick-or-treating you want to please and everything stick to your face because it would look funny but what does look sort of awkward i guess um yeah then I’m going to go you see where they put that sell the cake eyeliner over here again wait some water and this is the part is going to up the brush excuse the language and so really make sure to do this after you’re done with the eyes because also days you can’t really loogu supers anymore for blending everything until you’ve watched it but i don’t discount to fill in the hole

can also use liquid liner for this or red eyeshadow whatever you want to use but no I’ve just been loving the cake eyeliner lately or for like a year already since i bought it basically and also dragging it in like really in the inner concord open mouth don’t three put it in your mouth because pretty sure i’m going to be healthy I don’t really want to get it in the corner ok and then why the bushes to quit i’m just going to wipe it off and use the red corner again and it’s still going to be a little bit black on it so it’s going to create a darker shade of red and i’m just going to make the area around the gloves go green a little bit more irritated and or irritated looking basically and rough and yeah this even more unpleasant and don’t randomly stop here really do drag it out to your lip a little bit because you know like if something like this would happen then the irritation wouldn’t just random the end right here it would be irritated all around the area you can see i did use more blue here but you know don’t worry i’m going to ads fake blood later so no real fake let’s actually just lipstick and lip gloss because again i’m going to use stuff that everyone has and but at this point i’m going to put some water on the brush again not going to do that in direction of the camera obviously because it’s crazy camera with water which isn’t that’s what i’m trying to do and then it’s going to mix the blue and purple over here and make it a little bit more like Bruce and everything okay honestly I really didn’t expect it to work the gloomy good enough is nice okay then I have a feeling of hair stuck to my face oh I do have hair stuck to my face okay um yeah then that they say that’s basically it for the irritated part with a little bit more like so it’s really just continue until you feel like looks irritated enough and then it’s time to add the fake but then on to one of the most fun parts they’re fake blood AKA lip products because again i want to use stuff that the effort woman this has lying around your house and both POS everyone has a tip blood red lipstick that state your spots and never use i mean i do this is what my sheep i do recommend not using your favorite lipstick for this because i’m going to use the same person to use for the cake liner so it says gums it is going to be have read on it it is going to have rebel it yet so it is going to like stained lipstick and make the quarter darker and just going to use it to sort of paint over the cake liner is already on there and just give it a little italy hint of redness and it’s also going to make it more shiny because it looks more like it looks deeper and more realistic then if it Smith and yeah you could also use a bigger brush for this but I prefer to have like really be in my controller exactly equal combs so I prefer to use a small verse for this well if you had a girl you can always use a bigger brush and then it looks like this then I’ve come to add some lip looks yes as usual is my favorite fake blood basically it’s an old essence lip gloss the name is faded off the tech so I’ve nobody went to school it is rats its galleries reading more pigment it’s the Gators don’t actually show on the face because let it reboot will be sort of weird and I’m just going to start with giving that onto the wound you can also use ketchup or tomato sauce actual fake blood I don’t recommend using real blood that will be creepy and it’s 10 and i’ll get a little bit to make a little bit more even just feel so weird ok and then it is also going to edit around tu mundo easily and yeah I’m just trying to cover a little bit more of the glue and again I’m just keeping that i keep on getting

it out just to make it look like it’s been there for a while and also going to add obviously it to my lips because there’s going to be blood there as well and if there’s a little bit like of the black stars of the cake a liner on there that’s only good because it’ll make it look more grinch in dark and then obviously it’s going to be bleeding so I’m also going to make blood to run down my face that just sounds so very weird and yes it’s basically i’m gonna add stripes really roughly because again it’s supposed to be blood and just dab it down a little bit not definite out too much because it don’t want Zane entire red streak I do want it to be like separates like parts of blood still visible and also on top also if you if you burn your hair loose for this look do try to make sure not to get it in your face because lip gloss in your face is or lip gloss in your face in it all the bed but leave combing your hair it’s something that’s very nice I can tell you and you just want a little bit more fetching over here and a little bit more over here good a little bit work stripey but and yeah that’s basically oke so this is the finished look I hope you enjoyed watching this if you celebrate Halloween then half a lot of fun at Halloween thank you very much for watching in any case and yeah see you next time bye okay I’ll start telling you want to use its base because that’s just really easy basically basically the base was easy in any case you