X4:Foundations 2nd Q&A Session: Modular building

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X4:Foundations 2nd Q&A Session: Modular building

okay hello um I hope that people can hear me until I see Michael nodding Wwe are back after one month and hopefully now you can even see us I’m here with Owen and Michael helping me to stream a little bit this is of course not not the large event that we had one month ago but we thought maybe we give you a little update about what’s going on in the development and show you a couple of new new scenes from the game and a couple of things we captured for you already and maybe even some life stuff depending on well what what kind of questions come up so we we have prepared a couple of topics for today one of them would be about the geography of the universe what kind of systems we have the second topic will be well it’s not only limited to that but just roughly about building and building in the universe and the modularity of stations because we saw quite a few questions about this and thought we could give you a little bit more material on that and a little bit more inside and the last section will be about the tech behind it the engine and some of the improvements we recently made about rendering yeah so maybe if if we start with with the with the beginning with with the scenes about the sector layout and how are you okay even with music oh and I forgot to mention of course with each section if each section we are talking about we also give people the opportunity to ask questions we have CBJ and the chat I forgot to mention we have also Katra and what’s the idea Sparky Sparky so thanks to everybody helping us with with moderating here as well by the way and yeah so questions can be filtered and some of them hopefully we can answer but we try to do it a little bit by topic so we start with with this rough topic of universe layout and and what you already see here in the background is the map of the game in a in an x3 style sector because that I thought was most important that you guys see that we also have these kind of systems people were a little bit complaining about all the highways they saw on the footage last month and I know that not everybody likes highways I think that’s a mistake and I still believe in the concept of highways for some things but I also believe that we have to that we overdid it with X rebirth and so we are making a lot more x3 style sectors and only using highways in yeah basically in the core of the universe where where there’s the highest density of stations and where where the factions where the races in the universe manage to build those highways already so in in other areas they depending on what faction it is and they they don’t have highways or they have different types of transportation systems what you can see on the metal also is is how big these systems are and the ones with highways can be bigger of course because using the highway you can cross a bigger span but there as there can also be some exceptional systems where you where you really can fly with with your normal engines for for many minutes until you get to the new gate to the next gate but of course highways since they can accelerate you a lot faster than that can can bridge even even larger distances and that allows us to make make some systems really big so in contrast to to this system here I I also capture the second system that’s the one called called highway system can you switch to that maybe yeah core yeah it’s this one and I think it also shows the meth again so we’re sorry we have the window open you see you get some noises but the room is rather small we need some fresh area so this is I think a teal a decoy system and it it’s really densely populated but still as you can see here it it can still be very far from one station to another and by the way this is also the same system that I’m late later using for building of stations so this I think when I captured this material they were you you will recognize the same stations again so you can see the highway now

popping in and and near the highway there are lots of stations and there is one really big tell re trading stations but also trading station but also lots of factory separated yeah I hope it’s going to the map soon because that was a whole yeah yeah so um yeah you can see this is it takes a lot longer of course you can zoom out and and get a big picture of the whole system at once but at some point it’s the map automatically starts grouping stations together so what on this level which is still not the lowest you can also zoom in further of course especially when you want to see details of stations but on this level you can already see the geometry of stations and when the geometry comes in then this is actually proper one-to-one scale that’s not necessarily true for icons of course icons can be yeah I always the same size no matter how far you zoom in but that’s why they start to be grouped together when you when you zoom out further yeah also maybe I can I can already quickly talk a little bit about the jumpgates and other ways of transportation people who played the x3 games know that we had in the past also the Terran systems with accelerators and they were called trans orbital accelerators and we we plan to do something similar in some of the systems in this universe as well so while there are jump gates that can also be yeah a little bit in a way they are similar to super highways but they are instant so what what you saw in Terran conflict SS trans orbital accelerators and this was developed by a corporation I think in in the time frame of Albion Prelude is was also spread to some other systems and I think that these are the ones that we will see and in x4 but this is some still yeah under development and you will you will see some some some changes there this is yeah maybe also an opportunity to talk later a little bit about trading and because the menu shows us a little bit maybe we can take a couple of questions about the whole geometry or universe feel free to ask questions about stuff we’re talking about what’s there something shadow the unconnected systems that you can find some way when not completely unconnected how else would you reach them as the disappoint we we do not have a jump drive and it is not planned that we will have a jump drive because we we did consider this and thought to solve long and hard about the advantages and disadvantages of different transportation systems and the jump threat was always yeah a little bit it’s not the nicest solution because it instantly brings you anywhere and on the one hand it’s nice that you can can use it for a very advanced player but it also can in the worst case destroy the the whole idea of exploration a little bit so I think I mentioned last month already that we now have the teleportation as something you develop in the headquarter and teleportation also is instant or well almost instant but the big difference is of course that you can only teleport to a ship that you already have somewhere so exploration is in no way different you you have to be you have to send a ship somewhere to be able to teleport there and just jumping around as well you still have to send your ships and they still need need the time to travel there so that’s a that’s a big difference and of course without the jump drives I can know there cannot be unconnected systems so at the moment that’s the situation oh yeah sorry the the question was if if there’s still the need to scan entire

stations and no it isn’t and the the whole the scan gameplay has completely changed it’s not entirely 100% decided yet but we we do not have at the start of the game the the same yeah this this whole gameplay with flying from info point to info point to collect information for a station there is still information collection and you will have to fly or you you have an opportunity to fly over the surface of a station sometimes but it is not necessary to do that all the time it’s it’s a special thing usually done in missions only and and it and it works differently but more on that later we are we yeah any more questions well yes we yeah of course we we have our sorry again I have to repeat the question I’m sorry the question was if there is a resource collection and mining ships and resource collector ships and yes the answer is yes that’s a big big thing of the game that you can harvest resources and send mining ships to asteroids and there are special ships just for that purpose I unfortunately we don’t have any video material for this topic today and and I don’t think we are prepared to just now jump into the game to show that it’s but that’s maybe something for for another presentation but there are already quite a lot of unique ships just for this area of gameplay and that’s that’s a big big thing for us I think that’s something that you can answer yourself the whole workforce thing maybe you can also repeat your question and answer it okay because then I’m not the only one talking here all the time so just hold it so on the topic of planets the planets themselves are not directly influencing it but we are using the system of workforce so if we have a system where there’s predominantly perronnette place there then the workforce that is going to be on stations will be typically paranoids because they are living there and of course also the stations will have habitation modules you can even build some for multiple races and depending on what the living quarters are for people that’s the people on that station working on that station this dynamic camera view is amazing yeah and I’d like to hand this back maybe I wasn’t listening to be honest yeah speak of habitation modules and some not directly but we do want certain areas to be attractive more attractive for workforce so over time if you have them in a busy area you’ll build up workforce quicker and your station production will get a bit more effective it’s essentially building off what we had with the specialists in rebirth and yeah it’s a nice little extra thing you can manage on your stations in addition to just keeping wares stopped for the production’s but this is we act a little bit breaking out of our our plant order already maybe we should move yeah maybe we should move to the building part oh wait I’m sorry I have to go around here maybe we should get a wireless microphone you wrote over over my mic thank you the the second the second section is maybe a better opportunity to talk about workforce actually if we start showing some material about building so building some some people in the last last month’s presentation were well saying that they were worried a little bit about station appearance

being not so beautiful and if stations are mati Modula and yes our stations are Modula but that is absolutely not a reason for them not to be pretty at the same time maybe you can turn off the camera so people can see the corner and so here in this video you can see me really building a station and I cut in between always the actual destruction which of course takes a while and happens later so I’m cutting between the design phase and the actual construction phase always and you can and at this time here you see the actual construction of the first module of the station which is a pier a dock for capital ships and this is one part that is oftentimes the same so now I’m starting to connect other modules and many of them are like like interconnection parts which which are mostly giving you the freedom to connect things in different orientations but as you can see at the side I mean the whole menu is far from finished you see that there are lots of icons missing but you see the categories and in those categories there are production modules and there are storage modules there’s the stuff you need for productions and there are living sections and yeah and and piers so here this these things are connected and this is again a little later when when these when the station is already being constructed the the reason why this is in why stations would hopefully not be in any way affected by this is that in the past our stations were always planned to be modular and actually they were designed to be modular from the start at least for the graphic artists because in X rebirth and partially also already in the x3 games artists designed individual production components at least for productions that was always our plan and always the way we worked no cameras not important I think if people don’t want to see us and it would have just overlap in it the corner yeah see this is by the way now an interesting point in the construction phase because I I used this sixty degree angle down there and then you and you can see that I also can start rotating things freely and this really gives you a lot of freedom in designing stations and the individual modules in especially for production components and and storages represent the same functionality that they did in the past so in some if you if you did play X rebirth you you surely have seen production components like the or refining component with the long conveyor belt and the minerals being burned and and processed and things like this of course are modular because this is this is a an element of a station which has a certain function and this is a category you see in the top left the production components this is now the first production component I’m connecting here by the way this is solar solar panels and they of course produce energy and as you can see I’m connecting them here to this station and it looks pretty cool and when it’s built later so this this is by the way now the dock for small ships that I’m then I’m adding but first you see the solar panel being constructed and so yeah with every module you’re at you you see you see how it’s being done and you can rearrange it you can rotate it move it and you can ya get an overview of what functionality of the station is being added as well as I said the menu isn’t finished yet because there’s some information missing on the on the right side which is currently just listing the prices and not not yet all the details about constructing but yeah this is work in progress oh and what’s of course most important part no I think iíve Airy soon start also adding more vertical elements because here this is still more or less two-dimensional at just one level but the connections with which these modules are being connected not just in a two dimensional space they are of course also to the top and to the bottom and then you can if you rotate your camera in this view you can also move things vertically and given that the connections are there connect everything freely also in many levels you can you can stack things especially with living sections that’s usually how they are designed like what I did there in this case I didn’t have

to zoom in yet but of course if you want to see the details I think happens a little bit later but this is this is now back to the ship docking platform this is one ship dock for I think one M ship and 6 s ships so this gives you already a pretty decent capacity for docking but you can always add more and design where you place them and and and things like that freely yourself but of course we this is one of the necessary components if you want to have a functional station usually one one dock one storage module one living section one production component this is kind of like the minimum for a station to to to function and also the large pier is a good idea because without it you can only have M and s ships docking which is possible right yeah yeah because we do now also have in the normal NPC economy a lot more M ship traders but yet if you want big numbers being moved around and PR s is usually a good idea I think oh yeah on the on this picture you can already see the living section at the bottom of the station and the second solar panel I think I don’t know I i reaiiy didn’t watch the video the whole whole way all the time while I was talking but um yeah I think the editing phase also shows you how you can zoom in and rotate and freely edit so I think this is pretty cool and another thing that we wanted to show in this section is also how the NPC’s then use those same modules to construct their stations freely I think that is something that we mentioned in the in the last video but we didn’t really show examples and people again they were worried that freely constructed stations would be very ugly and I really think the opposite is true our stations really look cool and they are of course more the right than ever before because they are not designed in many cases but designed by AI so to say but here by the way this is a liquid storage module this and you can see when it clicks into this vertical connection here it this is a relatively limited storage at least at the moment maybe this will change later but it only has two connections but still even with only two connections it allows you lots of possibilities and you can rotate it of course and and put it anywhere on top of anything else maybe we jump to the to those screenshots section we made a couple of screenshots of NPC build stations yeah that’s the slide show and all of those stations with one exception Michelle can tell us exactly which one it was basically designed by NPCs and only one of them is built after a blueprint that we provided maybe yeah so this is a pyramid station it’s definitely one of the generated ones as at Allari station yeah actually they’re producing space weed there this is a specialist xenon power plant and this is one that generator adjacent station this is a paranoid shipyard that was manually designed in that editor that you saw earlier yeah to Lodi have these domes for there especially those habitation modules were the Teladi live and of the paranoid the specific shapes here also recognizable yeah this is a sugar again oh yeah okay random then we can expect to see things again sometimes another paranoid production facility yeah the randomizer really likes the Zenon yep yeah so this is I I think also pretty pretty nice proof that the station’s

don’t don’t look more yeah generic in then than they did when when we designed them because we we are doing basically the NPCs are doing exactly the same that we did in the design phase of X rebirth we put together they are put together from what y’all’s designed for certain functions it was only only the user interface that limited us from from doing yeah more sophisticated design for the users in X rebirth and now we with the map went with the dragging and mouse control this business became possible so we can can do a lot more yet maybe we also when we talk about the map we also switch to the or maybe first let’s let’s first see if there are questions specifically for buildings I mean we are we are showing you a lot of the question was is there anything unique that you’re that you build as a player and yes of course there is the best example is of course the player headquarter which is a unique and special thing you built and and not really from the ground up but in a very special situation as part of the plot but there are other a lot of those modules also that you saw today and they are not immediately available to you if you play the game you you will have to find them first and and make them available so at the beginning of the game you will you will be limited to a small subset of modules and then be more and more become available and and of course many of those more advanced ones and more more unique ones will we’ll have to yeah we’ll have to be unlocked through missions or through special things in the game the question was can we rearrange station parts after they have been built the question is yes you can but that means they will be torn apart and rebuilt again because the the NPCs are not moving the finished part around they basically deconstructed and reconstruct the part that you moved this yeah read the deeper question behind that is how expensive this is and of course we the player doesn’t really have to pay the full price again when he does it yeah when you build a station and you want to change the plan then usually that means if the modules have already been built that you get to recycle what you currently have and some of those resources go back towards the next modules you want to build maybe we can see some these videos but yeah you can redesign whole trees of the station if you decide to change it from producing mainly one product to another one and nothing stopping you changing a normal factory into a shipyard eventually if you put the right modules on it maybe but yeah it’s a pretty flexible system things like being able to plan a whole station without having to wait for each module to finish before you go on to the next stage like it was in Reba and yes you have a very large area to play in it’s not just maybe 50 modules you have a whole area where you can put quite a number of modules inside this is a example of a relatively small build plot we call it okay you can’t see the body and that’s why this is no you can have some plot is pretty big but maybe we should say something about the plot anyway you saw this this big ugly yellow block at the beginning when I started building in this video the look of that that design face will certainly change but this block is what we call the plot at the moment so this is basically the this the space that you get to build your station inside and this is how you start the whole construction phase and depending on how many what dimension this block has then the editor that you

see further on of course has has more and less space available and you can you can also later increase the size of a plot but it’s it comes with a cost depending on where you do it the details of that are not all decided yet but the idea behind it is that it is more expensive for the player to build near the economic center of our game so especially near near a very attractive highway next to other stations where you get your resources very quickly and where there was a lot of NPCs and a lot of demand for the products that you are making building will be more expensive because you need to get the plot first but if you if you are willing to go go a higher risk go more into an that is dangerous or very far out where where there’s not not a lot of traffic by NPCs and then you can get it a lot cheaper or maybe even for free yeah this not everything has been set in stone yet but that’s the idea behind it the question was about the docks and if they can be used also as a garage for ship collectors and the answer is yes if you have your own dock you can also use it as a garage that’s actually one one thing that I feel strongly about that this is also really well presented because III think people want want this experience that you land in your home station and that you see your coolest chips and and that’s why the AI should also not stall them away so quickly because every dock has the ability to store away ships which is important especially when you have a lot of NPCs visiting but I want for a player station with a lot of players that the player ships get a priority and more likely not to be stored away of course you can even if it’s stored away you can always call it back and use it again but it’s it’s it’s not it’s of course a lot cooler when you have it standing there on the platform and and can just walk right in but you mean the docks right yeah yes they they they I think this is even can it would be seen in the at least in the videos we showed last time where where I think there was a lot of walking around on the platform you can see that it has a kind of a field above it that that also keeps air inside and yeah so you you can walk without a spacesuit yeah I may be before before we go to the general questions I think that the stuff that live at least a little bit loosely fits into this same presentation this the the map mighty selected stuff maybe you can show that video and I say a little bit about that because it’s it’s also again back to the map and all of the features that it adds to the game and especially the the ability to to manage a fleet again none of that is final as you can see some of the menus still look quite ugly and and not all of the functionality is exposed but what you can see in this video is how you can select multiple ships at once assign them in groups like like select ten ships and make them the subordinates off of another ship tell a group of ships to land on a carrier the carrier again to attack something and then it launches its its subordinates and and so on so here the blue lines are the commands and the game is currently while I was capturing this was running with Zita turned on so it’s possible to use the menu while Zeta is turned on and I think we will leave that it’s this was a topic we discussed a lot recently whether Zita should be more restricted like it used to be in the x3 games where it always turns off automatically when you when you approach something for example or when you open a menu but we’ve made a lot of changes to how Zita behaves and so it is it’s very possible to to use it with with menus and even while walking around on bridges so you are not walking

like yeah like on on drugs when you are playing in in Zita so actually the whole game works pretty well wild eaters turned on and this is of course very neat especially when when you’re doing something that takes a little bit more time like making arrangements of a fleet or building a station that you can directly see everything also with with a higher speed oh this was by the way Carrie you’re launching ships I have another video of just that but but I think I show it a little later again all of that isn’t final and it’s the the movements especially that you see in the video are yeah can be improved but yeah you see this is yeah I think there there there was a ship launching other ships also the the amount of information that is visible here on the map you can always change that sometimes it looks a little bit ugly when two men too many text lines are overlapping again we are still working with a presentation but most importantly you as a user can always turn turn this on and off right by the way there’s a lot of missiles flying there and in the lower right corner here and I think this is now yeah and now that now the carrier is launching ships here you see the carrier was ordered to attack that group and then launched a lot of ships so this is pretty cool but again the launching sequence will will look nicer later things that we are going to improve yeah and more questions in this about the map maybe I’m sure this can be done I don’t have it yet right I mean oh you have to repeat the question again and the question was can we have hotkeys on the map and while yes we do have a lot of flexibility with mapping keys there are no hotkeys specifically for the actions on the on the map because you can do everything with the context menu always and and at the moment this is our focus to make everything really fast with the mouse control because that’s yeah that is what works for everybody and not just for the super experienced player but I yeah I’m pretty sure we can add hotkeys later and that that is much easier than the almost interface now here I’m using the filter by the way you can see with with the big button at the top it turns off that all the filters and if you if you go in the lines below you turn on individual parts of that so the Y the Y the big button turns on the whole area like trade inside trade you can turn on individual elements of trade information and yeah sorry the question was how stations are built technically is it the station that builds itself or is there any kind of construction device and yeah it is the later there are construction vessels and they can be hired you don’t have to own it yourself and even NPCs hire them just like the player does so there’s this basically they’re like service providers flying through the universe you when you when you set up a plot you can hire the construction vessel it comes in and the the plot has certain space where it stores resources where you can store resources or NPCs do so as well and that are needed for building and then the construction vessel comes in and executes that again how exactly this is presented will definitely change a lot because I mean we did show this a little bit in this video but we are still working on all of this building visualization but this principle functionality will will remain like that so the construction vessel is the one that executed the cost of not the question came up if you I mean the class mm-hmm the question was if you always have to pay for a lot or if you can also take over a lot by Foss if you have a large fleet behind you and the answer to that is it’s actually not even necessary to use force you always have the choice to place a lot plot this is not an plot not as the thing that you

put stuff in and the plot is the place anyway yeah you can always place a plot in a sector and do so without a license but that is not liked by the races so you basically the same mechanism that you see in this video for a peaceful economic exploration and and building where you build just a normal factory this same user interface and and and the same building mechanics can also be used for building a military outpost and even for an invasion into an enemy territory and of course you don’t need to ask for permission if you do that you go there and you build but that is seen as a threat by the other race and the game doesn’t distinguish between doing this for military outpost or for economic stations so in theory you can also go into in the middle of the Argonne Territory and just start building a station an economic station but if you do this without a license then and the Argonne CU which is – which is a condition number – then they will attack you and that will of course lead to you suffering a loss in reputation so it’s it’s a question if you want to do that or where you want to do that is the map top-down view two annoyances yeah it can freely be rotated it’s I mean oh yeah I’m not doing this in this video much but you could see that it is three-dimensional and I think didn’t I show that any other not sure maybe yeah yes it is so which can we can only leave it with that answer I’m sorry that I didn’t put that more in this video I just realized it when I watched the building video as well that I’m not rotating the camera a lot because of course top down it was the most useful most of the time but especially when you when you when the station you are constructing becomes more sophisticated then you will rotate the camera because then the the stacking a layering of the station becomes more important and yeah with with normal strategic map like this it is the top-down viewers is really the one that you use most the question is about teleportation and can the player only teleport to ships or can you also teleport to stations and if so also only two-player stations yes the player can teleport also to stations and yes you cannot even teleport or NPC stations the limitation is with the range so we are thinking about I think we mentioned that also already last month that the range has to be extended and that that is a big part of the plot of the game via research in the player headquarter but once you have stations in range then you can teleport to them maybe we move on anyway because we are running out of time we have to we have this last section about the technology and then maybe we have a little bit more time after that so the last section for today that we planned was about the engine of the game and wanted to show a couple of clips that show our new graphic engine so this is about I think we mentioned that already last month Vulcan we when we made the video for last month we were actually internally still using our old graphic engine which is based on OpenGL and while the Vulcan engine was of course already developed very far because it’s all already being used for X rebirth VR Edition and and during the last month we made the switch to Vulcan also now for x4 so what you see in this video and today from all of the clips you saw today I think 90% of the material was now captured with the Vulcan engine and yeah that changes with the look and and and the shaders as well of course but for us the OpenGL engine was was a very neat thing to have because it allowed us that we could actually work on the gameplay and under design of the game a lot earlier because yeah oh and here the video is showing something else that was a little bit criticized last month and that’s the the

colors of the game the game appeared to be too colorful for some people’s taste and again not everything is final there are assets a lot of many many assets are actually not just not final but there’s a lot of placeholders still and I think you could see that in the material last month where a couple of turrets for example are completely untextured lots of stuff like that but what we also added in during the last month is color correction so this is the most extreme case yeah I just switched just to show it off to a profile which completely deserts the game it’s so is this is almost black and white now there are there can be other profiles and they change the appearance of the game but this this would be a level on top of what we do on the asset level so there’s of course improvements happening on the asset level and then you have the ability to change to different profiles of look yeah so this is just a couple of scenes on the platform again and about taking over I should maybe some more yeah if there are questions about the engine and the technology or the vikon rendering or anything regarding the engine then maybe this would be a good place to ask those questions oh yes yeah the game this multi-threaded and that was I mean this was actually a long long time ago when we were working on when we started working on X rebirth this was a very very big deal for us to make an engine to start developing an engine that is multi-threaded and with X rebirth we struggled a lot and we designed a lot of new technology yeah we had problems with it I don’t have to mention that and that X rebirth where did did have a lot of problems on release but yes I think by now we are getting the rewards of all of this new technology and all of the things and the changes we did over the year yes the x4 engine is completely multi-threaded and from scratch see we only have ten more minutes anyway so by our plan this would be the time for the open questions yet the carrier launched it was actually included in the other video but boosting tied to the shields yeah exactly subject to change the question was about boosting is the boost duration and intensity bound to the shield energy and to be honest we are not sure we are we this is one of our development focuses for the next month probably maybe in two months it’s a little bit subject to change at the moment because we are moving a couple of tasks around but it’s definitely on our list to work on that currently it is based on the shield energy but this will probably change will there be equipment docks for capital ships and the answer is yes we must traffic tree will they still be mass traffic training what what do you mean with maastricht training that we do use the mass traffic system so there are mass traffic ships we there they make they do also they reuse the system also for in transportation of wares between capital ships and stations for example so if that is the question then yes quick addendum on the mass traffic trading between stations that are in the same logical zone in the game still is working via mass traffic that’s possible and works I’m trying to read some questions myself but it’s hard to answer speak while

reading how extensive are the modding capabilities compared to X rebirth where to be honest we don’t know yet but we are doing what we can to make everything possible that’s what we tried with X rebirth and that’s what we definitely try with x4 so I think it is safe to say they will be at least as good if not better well if if there is nothing there then it will be harder to get workforce that is the idea and sometimes well that will be a limit but it can be and it will of course have to come with advantages in other areas so where we make it hard to operate a station usually there must be a benefit on the other side so of course yeah the universe’s very diverse and there’s that there can be and everything can exist but of course it should always be possible to get workforce one way or the other but it’s just it can be in big difference in how fast y foundations turn is a name oh it’s a fun one yeah I think some people get confused because of the two different uses of the word foundations I think some people maybe think foundation like a corporation or a charity where we’re more thinking of the building foundation something we build off and what the races in the universe of building off they’re still recovering from all the gates shut down and they’re finally getting on their feet and yeah it was a once it was suggested it really sharp to the top of the list yeah it’s it’s funny how we choose names it’s we it was not not long before the presentation actually that we were we we had a long list of possible names and and yeah some people like some but not there was no name that everybody liked and once that we found this name everybody seemed to like it partially for different reasons some yeah but it’s it I I what I like about names for x-games is always that they leave it that they leave some things to interpretation just like the X itself because the game is I think if it is if it stands for anything then it stands for the freedom and that the game can be different things for different people so we’ll explore introduce new ship classes well by the classes we have many different purposes for ships things like carriers we want to have better carrier behaviour so you can’t just have a ship a big capital ship with docks and call it carrier we want it to have real AI behavior where you can send it in and you know that it’s gonna be sensible with launching fighters staying out of range of of a destroyer class things like that so yeah we want to better specialize the ships that we have but of course because it’s an X game you can use ships in a multitude of different ways there’s always a bit of crossover weather you can have like now we can have fights with small cargo bays if that’s how you want to start your game still low bit of trading in between fighting so yeah it’s a lot more diverse than it was in X rebirth with a lot of different crossovers yeah it’s always a small yeah it’s always a little bit of a compromise between ships that are specific for a a purpose and butBut and on the other hand still allowing the player what we call it hybrid ships where you can actually take a ship and change its purpose by equipping it with different from things so it’s a compromise between the two but the class they’re different definitely new classes and different last the question is if if sector take over will be in the game or not and yeah it looks like Lee I think but I wouldn’t

want to promise something that isn’t in yet so but what we what I just said before about the lot and the play the plot not a lot omit the plot hostile plot placement is already a big step in this direction and basically you are attacking a sector that way and you are attacking the faction as soon as you get detected by them and in a way this is a sector takeover already we do not currently have the mechanisms to declare a sector your own so yeah not for the player NPCs do that already yeah that’s that’s an important thing but I think it’s possible that we make that last step as well but I don’t want to promise anything that is not in yet so the transition between executive is it possible to directly engage the map shows seamless movements between sectors and between clusters and between that’s you-you-you can zoom around and and scroll around the question was can you also directly fly from one sector to another there are no borders between zones within a sector and I’m but actually then flying from is it definitely is not possible to fly from a cluster to another clusters form a system to another system that’s like the solar systems the coordinate ranges of those are completely out of the leak this isn’t possible with sectors I think it is practically impossible is it am I saying something wrong here yes it’s not really possible and it would take a long time yeah yeah that’s that’s the main reason why we don’t do it but it’s not theoretically impossible anyway there I think the the relevant part of the gameplay relevant section of that is you can fly beyond the the gates as far as you like and the map adapts to that that is it zooms out further and further so basically what you see as one system on your map can change and and the the sizes of systems and also the sizes of sectors can be dramatically different from from sector to sector or from system to system that’s so just because it appears equal in size when you zoom out and see multiple system doesn’t mean they are equal in size the question was with the absence of the jump drive how do capital ships move between sectors and the answer is well they fly through gates they fly through highways and they flew and they will also use the accelerator so they will use this and they have boost boost drives of course so they it’s one of the reasons why we went with transporters and not having the jump drive was that we want the player to be a bit more tactical with placement of units across the map not having to just say ok I have a fleet of capital ships I can fill them with energy and go anywhere instantly we really want well we also don’t want that for the NPC’s as well because that takes away from the strategic value of you like a gate you try and stop them making an advance and if they can just jump behind you then it’s very tricky to control it really does add thinking where do I put things am I missing any areas that they can get in and yeah I’m enjoying looking forward to really trying to figure out how to stop the AI and expand myself things like that and see what the NPC’s do with each other yeah the hour is over do we have some really really important question that we have to fill in otherwise I think we have to slowly say goodbye Joystiq options especially for joysticks that have many many buttons what’s the word on the support for those yeah we support them we totally do it did a lot I mean yes sorry it wasn’t the the joystick support wasn’t great at the launch of X rebirth we worked on that a lot recently also for X rebirth we added a lot with VI addition and also ported that back to X rebirth so there is

actually an update coming coming I think with the next update of X rebirth VI edition and also then with for the next patch for X rebirth that includes already deep also default profiles for something like HOTAS systems and but the mapping is possible for a while already and and this is not limited you can basically map as many buttons as you like and I think we now have like 8 devices so lots of options for really sophisticated joystick setups ok I think that’s enough for one day and for one month we will see when we when we can do this the next time but I think it was yeah fun today hope you enjoyed it and see you again with the next presentation and thanks for staying tuned