Best of 2013: Beauty & Fashion Favorites (Hair, Nail Polish, Skincare & Makeup)

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Best of 2013: Beauty & Fashion Favorites (Hair, Nail Polish, Skincare & Makeup)

you haha hi everyone its rose and welcome to my randomosity today this video is going to be on my yearly 2013 favorites I did to these videos last year which i will put in the description box along with you know individual links for everything that I talked about if there is a link now I do believe this is going to be split up into multiple parts is if your scabbard my you know my videos tend to be long already so I may have one that’s just random stuff and then one is just beauty concentrated we just have to wait and see when judging by the title you should know the type of yearly favorites this should be and yes if your subscriber you should recognize I’m still filming with my cell phone which is why the angle the set up the lighting is completely different I don’t understand the focus all my cell phone is actually pretty decent but anyway let me get started really the only favorite hair product that I have to talk about from 2013 and my lighting is so awful that you probably came and read this at all but would have to be the Carol’s Daughter monoi oil I saw a major difference when I use this not when I wasn’t using this my hair actually thinned out quite a bit and uh yeah and as you can see my hair straight now got quite a bit of a trim and I actually have layers in it the white hair is it six right now secretly see layers monoi oil something it’s really fantastic better than what the things you hear about now with argan oil and they package it differently now where they actually give you the pump separately but I don’t even use the pump because i always use more than one pump when i use this but Carol’s Carol’s Daughter monoi oil fantastic product works on all hair types it definitely controls frizz and actually does strengthen their to prevent breakage you know some things I talk about I may not physically have so if you actually don’t know what the product well I looks like and you want to check it out then check the links down below on this first product actually do you have a new bottle of but it’s packed away with all the things that I have to haul in another video hopefully really soon but it’s the drill polymer topcoat completely dries your polish in five minutes it gives it a gel-like shine no I know it doesn’t work out for everyone but it works perfectly with me and it does help my polish last longer with a shiny finish and I actually have a first impression video on it now on to my favorite 2013 polishes I’ll show you the Jewish ones first these three a war during 2013 and these little ones I absolutely loved and got tons of compliments on and while it’s not zoomed in or focus you kind of see like the sparkle qualities of this first one but this first one is beat tricks got this in my October julep maven box if you’re interested in joining julep maven I will link my blog posts remaining this box down below um this most Fox um at the top of log dividual at banner you can click on it that band actually has the promo code where you can get your first box for free the app batrix is a black base and it has a multi-dimensional multicolor holographic glitter in it this next one is ivy and this is a gorgeous blue base that has duochrome blue and purple glitter in it and this last one is harper and this just reminds me of a mermaid and while it’s not focused you can just see the shimmer qualities but it basically has blue teal and gold glitter in it the next to our color club this don’t know if you remember this when I wore

this but this is harp on it one of the I’ve tried a few holographic polishes this has to be like the best like the metallic shine quality holographic quality is just amazing with this in my crappy lighting in my cell phone is probably not doing it justice this next one is another duochrome and its editorial and it’s basically a Chanel heard and dupe its grain it’s purple it’s gold this one’s fantastic and then this blast wine I don’t know how available this is but this is Ella mask is rare and it’s basically a yellow highlighter and nail polish form first few things i’m going to talk about i currently don’t have because i’m out of them but i do plan on purchasing soon then you should you know makeup remover cleansing towelettes they come in the kind of like the sky blue packet so far the best salads I’ve ever tried with actually thoroughly cleansing and removing the makeup with just one um as you can see I well I really don’t know if you can really tell but I we’re pretty much waterproof makeup that’s pretty heavy and Matt tilite successfully gets if not all majority of the make off the next thing my favorite I make it remember what happened be clearance and gentle I make a river it’s not oily I think it has rose water in it it being gentle and plant base does a fantastic job getting all your eye makeup off the last thing that I don’t physically have is the Lancome absolute I actually just started using it you’ll see it in my next empties video or ridiculously expensive I frame but it works fantastic and it will last you oh really really a long time because the littlest dab is enough for your eye area and it absorbs so quickly it does not mess up your eye makeup when you use it in the day this isn’t exactly skin care including it in this this is the new lash let new lash lash enhancing serum I do plan on doing a video on this product eventually um and this is actually like a sample size that I got a year ago and I’m still using this because I don’t have to use this daily all right I would say make me to use it nightly the first month but you will see a difference with your lashes after a mother I’m gonna have to do a video on this eventually I mean you’re not going to be able to tell right now but basically my eyelashes were the typical asian short when it straight down lashes athenee using this for a month amazing like just a white were not so special mascara my friends and family began asking me if I was wearing false eyelashes because this stuff is fantastic it is completely lengthen my eyelashes are so long and thick now that they actually are long enough where they actually grow up on their own it is ridiculous you’re not gonna be able to tell right now but um I do plan on doing the videos soon this stuff is so remarkable my mom bought it my mom is in her 60s basically had three single eyelashes on huge I she will admit that she actually has a full set of eyelashes now after only using this for months a new lash it’s ridiculously expensive I can say this lash enhancing serum actually works and this next thing I invested in recently on amazon I only cost a couple bucks is the neutrogena on the spot acne treatment now I’m sure the quality of my phone you can see that I have a few friends on my face due to me being irresponsible with my skin um but this stuff has the highest amount of benzoyl peroxide that I’ve seen in a product 2.5% it works incredibly fast fantastic with raised and it’s cystic acne on my

own skin now my favorite pair of shoes they’re in the garage and I don’t feel like that in them they are by naturalizers now if you’re an adult and I’m the gold if you have a job where you’re on your feet constantly they are by far the best brand of shoes to wear because I have a pair of shoes that I wear almost every day and my feet do not hurt even if I’m standing walking out all day I gotta admit they’re not the most attractive shoes but they’re not horrible looking if that makes sense the Naturalizer is a fantastic brand I’ll have some links to some great pairs that seems similar to the ones that I have because I now have trouble finding exact pair of Mary Jane naturalizers that I wear every day now this next thing i don’t know i’m showing you this because I know it’s not available this exact thing because I had trouble finding it when I talked about it in the mostly favors video um but I’m sure you can find silver stylist but this original priorities pretty is by far one of my favorite movies it’s really long almost like a dress fits like a glove fantastic whip pockets I wore the crap out of this in 2013 my favorite black blazer would have to be this sheer little roll one I know when I showed this originally i said i was going to do about for the day those are definitely videos i need to make more of cuz the two that i have are very successful on my channel so i guess a lot of figure out there appreciate my fashion sense but the sleeves are sheer it’s incredibly sexy it’s like a ringmaster style where the back is short and the front is longer this is not doing any justice whatsoever to look these pieces but I’ll bore the crap out of this and if you look at my Instagram actually um recent pictures out of my good girlfriend Chloe her birthday celebration this is the blader that I am actually wearing in this pictures quickly my talk about the items that I’m currently out of that I do plan on repurchasing if I haven’t already skinned an alien makeup setting spray the original non-fantasy formula one of the best my best friend first leaves actually tried it well we were in I think it’s the color run last year and it did such a great job of keeping her makeup intact that she actually plans on buying her own bottle for herself fantastic makeup setting spray like I said I’ve ran races before use it to set my makeup sweat the crap on myself during those races and my makeup still looked fantastic when I was done so that is a great product next product and really sad to be out of out of it the it cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer in the atomium by far the best under-eye concealer that I have tried and if you watch a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube you probably have heard them talking about this product I had anybody sample that was like this big it lasted me for over a year because the little is and dab will be enough for both your own dryer for both your under eye areas does not grace last all day as the fuses where the concealer actually lasted on my face longer my foundation with the Bible under eye concealer fantastic pretty pricey for like a one-out sighs um with that size would probably large to you for like 10 years because my sample size that I got from an old movie date has to blasted me forever for over a year the next thing is a foundation i’m sad to be out of what i did a review video on it the revlon colorstay whipped cream makeup foundation fantastic foundation they don’t promote it as being oil controlling but i can wear it some days and now have to powder my face at all and if you’re a subscriber of mine or if you just know me well you know that a grease fall full coverage you gotta wash your face two or three times to get that stuff off but it is a fantastic foundation and I am a high end goal foundations I’ve used for last seven eight years have all been high end it is

drugstore so much cheaper and i can say that it’s holy grail status next makeup item i do plan on doing a video on I’m actually kind of ensuring because I just quickly what to look for um to the other colors I want to show and swash you guys and I’m not really are I’m about to freak out but the 1i have looks disgusting it’s the wet wild mega last matte lip colors these things are like a dollar ninety-nine a CBS the specific one is Sugar Plum Fairy which I will show you and swatch a dollar ninety-nine folks do you see that color the other two colors that I love that I’ll link down below along everything else is bear at all a fantastic nude and red velvet the perfect pent-up red color um this next thing yes I did just talk about this and when I member november december favorites but this has replaced my beauty blender i recently died it’s the sigma flat top kabuki f80 synthetic brush fantastic this wool and you could tell that useless thing this will ensure that your nation is perfectly blended goes on evenly full coverage pull up this brush next thing I still not done a video on why do you plan on it it’s the clinique chubby stick intense lip colors then intense ones actually go on fully pigmented and this is a beautiful nude color and I wore the crap out of this color last year next thing I do plan on drinking you on I swear you guys the next mega shine lip glosses this is the color that were the most sugar pie fantastic new these things smell lovely like starburst my eyebrow pencil and I use the whole year actually color that i use for most was once the light brown color which I recently ran out of this is actually dark brown don’t know if you guys have noticed at my brows even darker definitely a higher in pencil the same retails right 23 24 bucks but fantastic eyebrow pencil last a long time like I said I use light brown for probably 10 11 months out of last year or on a fall day another recent favorite this fresh sugar lip balm and the Rose flavor yes you can say you see almost out of this but this actually has really good pigmentation to it and I don’t know I may not be able to successfully swash this for you guys right I have used this is probably the third lip on apt on through the last couple years and it’s the first one actually moisturizes my lips he keeps them moisturized and prevents them from peeling Revlon lip butter and you can tell that this has definitely been a favorite creamsicle it’s basically like a peachy nude and what do that 13 of these watches are even worth it to some filming with my cell phone fantastic drugstore lip color my Holy Grail eyeliner the clans waterproof black eyeliner I’ve been using this for years like seven or eight years the best waterproof eyeliner out there I can work out like run not get right in your eyes so creamy so pigmented um just to show you let’s see if not even a lot of pressure again more expensive but this is fantastic and this thing will last you for perfectly a year the main bronzer that I’ve been using the Lancome tropics middle round this is actually like a deluxe sample / tester sighs this is a different color the one I was using earlier in the air the actual product comes in a big round like

drawer but this is a fantastic bonser this is actually in that one the one that I used earlier in the year was a slight shimmer to it still work perfectly fine another favorite concealer actually got from o birchbox and this is a full-size product that i got my birchbox this is the dermablend quick fix can see there and my color is pan and they actually they sent me the correct color dermablend another fantastic and see their brand don’t know if you can even see that but it blends to my skin actually fairly well basically like waterproof sweat proof works fantastic the next things are urban decay they’re electric 24-7 these came and electric set eyeliners and the one color i’m missing it’s a damn for this pencil it’s a few dollars cheaper like big they’re not nineteen dollars perversion another favorite black eyeliner the pigment in it is slightly deeper than this a favorite of mine but these are the other four and you can tell by their sizes the ones that I wore the most the purple one is ransom which you might be able to see beautiful purple color this pink one is Woodstock beautiful bright purple a bright pink eyeliner the blue one is radium again very clean e League light on they stay on all day and the last one of those four colors of the five besides the black that amount of perversion the green one junkie I think I need to do it to tour all of this because when I do this look the idea where I put this on my bottom lash line always get tons of compliments fantastic and last but not least my last favorite makeup item is gonna be obvious because this palette is destroyed basically for the majority of my eyeshadow works after i purchased this palette have been from this palette and unfortunately well first fortunately it is drugstore violet and loaned with a color sensational eight pan eyeshadow palettes 499 your drugstore and if you recall when I first got this it was when I had my wisdom tooth surgery so back march i have this prob like 85 cents i can’t remember but yeah when you look at this you tell i’ve used a crap out of it these shadows for being drug store they’re so pigmented go on last little day my god they are incredibly soft because two of these enough shattering which I don’t even want to open it I guess I will as you can see my lid completely broke off with the labels keeping it there but yeah basically that bottom color is the dark color that I wear it to find my face all the time and the one that’s right next to it that’s right here is like a duochrome brownish green color absolutely beautiful if you’re looking for good drugs for eyeshadows definitely check out the wet and wild ones comfort zone is my favorite palette and this is it for my 2013 all time favorites if you found this video at all helpful or inspiring give the thumbs up um and if you find me entertaining and informative then please subscribe if you haven’t already but again this is rose from IRA animosity and thank you so much for watching this crap you can follow me on all of these social media outlets and until next time I hope you all have a great day you’ll be seeing hopefully very soon and again hopefully on the camera but I can’t promise anything again everything will be linked individually down below including items I didn’t physically have to show cuz i’m currently out of them or they might be just packed away have a great day