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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel for those who don’t know my name is Vanessa so today we are going to do a Brown makeup look and most of the products I will use today are readily available in Sephora and because I’m based in Australia all of these items I got in Sephora Australia but I believe this should also be available in Sephora Philippines and before I begin I would like to say you don’t need to have the exact brands or products that I’ve used in this. Use what you already own If you’ve got similar shades or colors, that are the same from what I’ve used, then by all means just use them In fact, there are many Filipino brands today that are readily available that have great quality. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go home this year it would have been nice to try out and purchase some local beauty Filipino brands. Before I came to Australia one of my favorite local brands was Ellana Cosmetics Some of their makeup brushes I got before I still have and used it here with me today I also remember their mineral eyeshadows that were very pigmented and mineral blush that I used when I was in college so anyhow hopefully in the future I can try out more fellow local Filipino brands because I am seeing a lot of things popping out now in YouTube and are being used by youtubers those based in the Philippnes so yeah and hopefully in the future Alright so I’ve already done my skincare so my next step is to use a primer It’s important for me to use a primer regardless of where I am because this helps the longevity of the makeup particularly in the Philippines where it’s humid so it’s important to have a good base that way it helps prevent us from retouching during the day or at the same time, it creates a better application of makeup so yes the primer that I’m going to use at the moment is the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer Next is foundation so the one I’m using today would be the Sephora Ten Hour Wear Perfection Foundation and I’m using the shade Claire light. I’m just going to apply a bit in the back of my hand now let’s get a flat foundation brush just to apply in the face then we get a damp sponge the one I’m using now is a Beauty Blender. You can use any makeup sponge that’s damp to apply the makeup I mean the foundation The next is a concealer. For concealer what I used is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer and this is in the color Light Pale so with concealer, I apply or draw it in an inverted triangle because for me it looks more natural this way when blended it doesn’t have to be perfect triangle but just the way we apply it is done into an inverted triangle so again using the the sponge I’m just going to blend it Next step is to use a powder. The one I’m using now is

MAC Blot Powder, it’s a pressed powder in the color Medium Dark. So we just dab this in The way I apply this powder particularly a compact one like this pressed powder with a puff, is to gently pat it in we do not rub it otherwise the makeup gets removed in the process just use it gently, patting the powder into the skin So next would be our eye makeup Before I begin my eye makeup, I would use an eye primer. This is important for me because it would help the eyeshadows stick better and makes the colors more vibrant. Since my old primer is finished, I got another eye primer from Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion this time I’m trying the Anti-Aging version of it When applying the primer, extend it towards your eyebrows. So when we do our eyebrows later, the color will also stand out more This is what I do to also give a base for my eyebrows So next is I’m going to use an eyeshadow palette I’m using Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. Unfortunately, while this smells really good it does smell like chocolate, I don’t really like most of the colors because of its patchy application and some glittery have some fall outs. But not all the eyeshadows here are like this The colors are really pretty. But some of the colors are hard to blend but anyways we’ll make do. So first I will use Salted Caramel from the pallet. Take a blending brush and to tap of excess powder from the brush, I use the back of my hand to control the color pickup from the brush to prevent an uneven application Apply Salted Caramel as base for our eyes. For those with hooded eyes like me I extend the eyeshadow application beyond my crease so if you can see my crease is very small I apply the eyeshadow beyond the crease line of my eye. My actual crease is just from where I can feel the eye socket but because my eyes are hooded my crease line is almost non-existent So I extend the color application over it it also helps create an illusion of a bigger eyes this way we just continue applying the eyeshadow up towards the crease layer the eyeshadow until you get the desired effect. I’m just trying to darken the color to create a standout color for the brown shade which is our base Next is to use the color Semi Sweet

which we will place in the outer corner of our eyes just to create a mild smoky effect for our brown eyeshadow. Again take a fluffy brush and what I’m doing is taking the eyeshadow into the outer corner and slowly blending it towards the crease as you can see I’m using the brush to feel my actual crease which is going towards the eye socket. That’s where I’m blending the color Get a clean blending brush and the purpose of this is to blend the colors a bit to make it more seamless the transition of the two colors but a word of caution is not to overblend so as not to wash out the colors and ruin the effect. So blend eyeshadows very gently taking a blending brush I will start blending from the top, very lightly, there’s not too much pressure that I’m applying and what I wanted to do most of the time on the outer corners is to sweep the brush outwards to create a V effect. Do the same for the other eye blend at the top slowly and softly and towards the outer eye now using the same brush we are going to blend the two colors meeting in the middle but do it slowly and gently Next step is to use a shimmer eyeshadow. The color I’m using is Creme Brulee, a brown shimmer eyeshadow color Now the best way to apply shimmer shadows in my opinion is your fingers make sure your hands are clean. Using my ring finger I like the ring finger because can control the application with it Apply the color slowly starting in the middle of the eye so do a tapping motion sometimes with shimmer eyeshadows what I do is to slightly press my finger onto my crease to help the color stick better slowly bring the color towards the inner corner of your eyes if you would notice I placed the shimmer color from the center towards the inner corner. I’m not putting the shimmer on the entire lid We don’t want the shimmer to cover up all the colors and lose the 3 eyeshadow look Next is to use a highlighter underneath the brow bone I’m going to use White Chocolate this will serve as a highlighter underneath the eyebrows Use a brown eyeliner to line the waterline I’m using the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL pencil in Matte Brown

It’s usually better to use Brown over Black for a more natural look For the top, we are doing a cat eye using a liquid eyeliner At the moment what I’m using is the Fenty Beauty Fly Liner in the color Coz I’m Black Next is we are going to use false eyelashes I usually like using falsies especially for dramatic makeup looks at the same time it helps for hooded eyes create an illusion of a bigger eye For the brows, I’m going to use an eyeshadow from the palette called Triple Fudge I’ll usually start from the middle then diffusing the color gently outwards with the spoolie brush this ensures a gentler color application on the eyebrows so start building the color from the middle until you achieve the desired color for your brows then slowly extend the application towards the inner brows don’t forget to brush as you go to distribute the color evenly and create a more natural effect. I’m not really particular with my eyebrows I don’t try to create a perfectly lined brows. What’s important to me is that just to fill a bit of color and make my brow shape look the same That’s it. I don’t really sculpt them that much Okay so for now, I’m skipping the blush. I wanted the focus to be more on the eyes Although you can still use blush if you want anything that’s peach colored or brown based color would be good Now so I’m just going to skip the blush and I’ll go ahead and use a lipstick so for this look I’m using one from Pat McGrath and this is the Luxtrance in the color Unfaithful so this is the packaging that’s so cute and before anything else make sure that you have applied a lip balm to prevent a dry lips application so this is the final look