Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial On My Friend | Jaclyn Hill

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial On My Friend | Jaclyn Hill

guys I’m Jackson Riley and I’m Jacqueline that’s terrible haha hi hi hey guys so I’m Jacqui Riley and obviously you know but this pretty girl is this is jacqueline hill and she wanted to do my makeup for years on camera and finally I was like I’m gonna do it but the blog because of a very round face I’m very oily so I feel like my face work to do but she was like on taking the physical challenge I was like you want take the physical challenge she was like yeah I’m gonna take that physical challenge day I’m super happy with it I love this look it’s a classic smokey eye my face is met and basically it slays I am love angular drag queen makeup I really do so I’m always telling her I’m like I want you to beat me and I just like very sharp edges so she gave me exactly what I wanted and showed up which is pulled up pull back with my people do this it’ll been up no matter no no my face like up here to go okay but that’s that’s what we created for you know I know with the power of makeup she’s very round the way to brother gods we didn’t grow a lot of angles I will just say that her face can take a lot of makeup so I really went hard today so for those of you who do not have Jackie’s skin type for those of you who think it’s like I’m not kidding hi warning do not try this at home no if you guys like this video and you want to see more Jackie because we really get to have like fun in this video we just did makeup we can do like the best friend tag or I would love to that video where it’s like the best friend versus boyfriend or like husband and it’s literally like you and John and like it’s a series of questions and whoever can answer first is the winner I think I I don’t know how when well I mean you’ll give me some tips right thank you so much for watching we love you enjoy the video and we’ll see you soon mmm my hand looked huge I was like get ready for that oh I just want to give the biggest thank you in the world to Jackie for allowing me to do her makeup on camera today not everyone wants to expose their bare face on camera so I love you and I appreciate you girl first she’s telling me everything that she wants to change about her face and all the angles that she wants me to create and then we’re going to get started I’m priming Jackie’s eyes using Mac Pro Longwear concealer in the shade NW 25 and then I’m going to set that with a mattifying powder because Jackie is very oily she has slightly hooded eyes so her eyeshadow will transfer so I have to make sure that I take the steps to make sure that this is nice and matte so that things go on smooth and do not run around now I’m picking up some good old scotch tape Jackie wants her eyes to appear more cat-like and kind of go upward because the outer corner of Jackie’s eyes do turn down so to create that illusion I’m going to take some scotch tape and go from the corner and take it up towards the tail of the brow to give her those sharp angles that she desires to kind of pull and lift up the outer corner of her eye now I’m picking up creme Brule by makeup geek one of my favorite colors you guys know I love this color so much and for Jackie this is the perfect transition color it’s a little bit too dark for me to use as a transition but for her skin tone it’s perfection I’m using the morphe m4 4-1 blending brush it’s just kind of a long hair white very soft blending brush to apply that and then I’m going to pick up a Nastasia fawn which is very similar to creme brulee just a little bit darker but it’s still matte I’m going to add a bunch of different matte Browns and different shades the outer corner for eye to give her a lot of dimensions so as you can see I’m blend in with creme brulee keeping it nice and low we do not want to go super high and bring this to the top of the tape we want to keep it lower to the crease then I’m going to pick up desert sands my makeup geek and the reason I picked this up is cuz I’m gonna use this to actually blend out those shades in the upper crease area now on myself I couldn’t really do this but because Jackie has so much yellow and honestly right now she is very orange based because of her spray tan that she is very unhappy with this is the perfect color to blend that out because it really matches the color of her skin it’s the same undertone in desert sands is the same undertone as her face right now so I’m going in to blend that out using desert sands then I’m going to pick up fudge by makeup geek and now I’m switching to a shorter hair blending brush this is the morphe m4 for three and the reason i switched to a shorter hair is because i want this to be more dense and i want the product to go on a lot bolder as opposed to the top I want it to be smoother this I want to be more intense so as you can see I’m keeping this low down beneath the crease I’m not going to bring this up as high as I did with desert sands or creme brulee I’m going to keep this nice and low and put it right there tight in the crease and then as the product kind of leaves the brush and I don’t have as much on I will begin to blend it out as you see right now even though it looks like I have a ton of product on my brush at that moment I don’t now I’m going to pick up a straight matte black I’m using

the matte black from the kat von d palette because it’s honestly just become my favorite matte black ever and the brush that I’m using was a limited edition Mac brush from like five years ago but any brush will do for this I just picked this up because it was laying there in my collection so as you can see I’m keeping the black even lower than the brown I want to keep this very low down just right against that scotch tape and kind of bring it into the center of the eye to give it just that smoky or three-dimensional look now I’m going to pick up makeup geek grandstand such a gorgeous foiled eyeshadow now on me it looks completely different different than it does on Jackie on me it’s more like a darker taupe but on her it’s more of like a lightish pink because she is such a different skin tone than me but what I’m going to do is I’m going to pack this on generously in the inner corner of the eye and then once we get to the center of the eye I’m going to just kind of fade out and not press as hard with the brush but I want the main pigment from this shadow to be on the very inner corner as you can see where I’m focusing right now and as I fade out I’m not going to press as hard I’m going to do a little bit of dabbing and I’m going to stop then I’m going to do is I’m going to go back I’m going to grab one of the other brushes that has like a little bit more of like desert sand on it or any brown and the very center of the eye just kind of run over it so it’s a nice ombre effect and then I realized it’s not black enough everything fades on Jackie you’re gonna see throughout this video I’m gonna put something on her and then a few minutes later it’s gonna be gone her face eats makeup we’re constantly joking like she’s the Cookie Monster but for makeup her face just eats it cuz she is oily her face can take so much product it’s insane so you will see things fade throughout this video just to warn you so now that we are peeling off the tape it is nice and cut on those outer edges just like she likes it very sharp so I’m going to go ahead clean her up with a makeup wipe so that it’s nice and fresh and I’m not distracted while I’m doing it the other steps so now I’m going to go in with eyeliner and I’m going to be using the Maybelline gel liner and blackest black and I am using the e65 eyeliner brush by Sigma this is my favorite eyeliner brush of all time I just think it’s so easy to maneuver when working with gel liner and for Jackie I wanted to do a really bold really intense sharp liner honestly I could have gone even bolder than this she has such large eyes she can get away with like the most dramatic intense cat eye in the world so this is what I was most excited for I’ve been talking about doing her eyeliner for the past month on my girl I can’t wait to get you in my chair and do your eyeliner because when you have eyes like a client with eyes this large it’s so much fun to create things that you can’t really do on yourself and look as good you know I’m saying her eyes were made for this so I’m gonna be using ghalichi glam Mykonos lashes these are very dramatic for me personally they are like Vava voom smokey drama intense on Jackie because her eye shape is so different there honestly she could wear these just day-to-day and just look normal on me they’re definitely party going out dramatic lashes but I think they’re so beautiful and they really complement this look now we’re going to prime her face and we’re going to use the hourglass a mineral veil primer this really helps with oil control and it’s one of Jackie’s personal favorites because she has a really hard time finding primers that really helped her with her oil control and this one actually does do the trick for her then we’re going to go in with the Becca ever matte foundation and we using the shade tan now Jackie was complaining about the color that she was I thought she looked beautiful but Jackie thinks that she her face looks way too orange and she did not want to be that orange so we’re gonna take a lot of steps to try to neutralize her face and at one point in this video she is gonna look kind of grey but in the end after her face eats all the makeup it’s gonna look perfect so it’s just a process you got to go along with the process I am using the Tarte foundation kabuki brush to apply this it’s a very large brush and it’s one of my favorites for applying foundation now for the under eye concealer I’m going to use the Mac Pro Longwear and NW 25 now I did not know this but Jackie had applied some Shiseido eye cream right before we did this and it’s extremely thick so I was having major issues with her concealer like creasing and like when I did her under eyes running just a tip try not to apply a really thick under eye cream before going in with your foundation your concealer because that will be an issue so I really really really had to make her like keep her eyes looking up because I’m like girl you will not stop creasing like it was a Creasy mess under there and I did not know that she applied that eye cream until maybe 30 minutes later she was like oh I applied my cream I was like thanks for telling me so now for her actual face I’m gonna use the RCM a no color powder I’m gonna put this on her entire face to keep her nice and matte Jackie said that she stayed matte all day long she washed her face off at about midnight this night and we were filming this at about two o’clock in the afternoon and she was like I’m so mad she was very excited so this powder kept her matte so that’s exciting for the oily girls out there so now I’m going to sculpt her cheeks and I’m going to be using the same exact color I use on myself because I wanted to bring back some warmth because her face was looking very grey as we were trying to neutralize it so I’m going to be using Mac shade ster which is a pro contour color you can get on mac

cosmetics calm and I’m going to really put that all around the outer part of her face bring it in down towards the lips and then I’m going to bake this girl like we have never baked before we have this joke because Jackie loves to cook and she’s always in my kitchen whipping up some amazing meal and so she’s always like okay I cook for you you bake for me so anytime we go out and she wants that structured contour I’m always baking her face because that’s what friends do right they bake each other we each other nice and hard so she see her complaining she’s like don’t you feel bad for me my face is so difficult and I’m like oh my god I can’t with her I just can’t so now I’m gonna fill in her brows and she was literally like holding her breath because like she’s like Jacqueline I don’t know how you’re gonna do this because as you can see she has little to no well she just has a few hairs her hairs are very sparse they’re kind of out of control they don’t really go in the same direction and this is very common for people to have these types of brows most people do not have flawless brows like we can’t all have gigi hadid brows and kylie jenner brows it’s just not realistic so what I did is I went in with the Anastasia brow definer if you guys want an in-depth tutorial on Jackie’s brows I could totally do that for you guys if you really want to see that because I feel like she does have pretty common brows because a lot of people struggle with filling in their brows and the Anastasia brow definer really just makes your brows look so natural she was so in love with them at the end of the night she washed her face but she was like no I don’t want to wipe off my brows yeah I don’t want to part with them so we used the brow definer in the shade caramel to bring back some warmth because we didn’t want her to look too cool and too ashy because we wanted it to kind of match her body and her body is a little orange so we wanted to keep her brows nice and warm and not too cool not too ashy looking then with some concealer I just cleaned up the outer tail cuz I didn’t want to look messy or sloppy I’m only doing this on the outer tail though I want it to stay like a little fluffy a little bit more natural-looking on the inner part of the brow now she’s going to line her lower waterline with some black kohl liner this is my ardency in I didn’t do this for her because we couldn’t find a sharpener and it was at like the very end and I didn’t want to poke her and hurt her so she’s doing this part herself and Jacqui agrees that the ardency Inn Michael is the best I call for the waterline when it comes to things transferring and running it’s her favorite as well as mine so now I’m going to go back in with some more black and this is a black from Kat Von D shade light eye palette and a small definer brush and I’m just going to kind of smoke out that eye cold that she has on the lower waterline but I’m not going to bring it down too far I’m going to grab some Mac saddle which is a nice warm brown on a pencil brush and then right underneath of that black I’m going to begin to just kind of buff and smoke that out because Jackie has such large eyes honestly you can smoke out her lower lashline down to her cheekbone and it just keeps looking more and more and more beautiful and Jackie is always afraid to smoke out her lower lashline so she was that girl’s smoke me so she was loving it as I was smoking out her lower lashline because it just looks so beautiful on her so I’m popping some nylon on the inner corner of her eye as a highlight but I’m only going to use that on the inner corner not on her brow bone because it is very bright on her skin tone I’m going to go back in with a little bit more black just to darken that up one more time because it will lighten and it will fade on her that’s just what happened so I want to make it nice and dark and I’m grabbing some L’Oreal voluminous mascara and I’m just going to put down her natural lashes so that they blend better with the falsies and I’m going to go back in with the same Maybelline gel liner and just run over it one more time because it was lightening a little bit and I just wanted to make it look nice and pitch black and fresh I’m gonna go in with makeup geek Mirage eyeshadow and use that as her brow bone highlight you guys know how much I love Mac nylon but on Jackie it would be way too frosty and like too white so Mirage is perfect for her skin tone it’s one of my favorite highlights it just complimented her so so well not too frosty and not too matte just perfection then for blush I’m going to mix to make it beep blushes and they’re both going to be on the bright side I am using summer fling and love affair and I’m going to generously apply these to the apples of her cheeks and bring them back into her contour as you can see I’m making it’s very bold because in about 15 minutes this blush is going to fade and become a more realistic shape because that’s what happens when you have skin like Jackies and it’s got a lot of oil in it it just kind of eats away your makeup so I go really strong that way when it fades it looks perfect you know what I’m saying so now I’m going to go ahead and just wipe away that bacon that we have the translucent powder and I’m going to add a little bit of it just the top of the hairline completely avoiding the center of the forehead I only wanted to just bronze up just the hairline and I’m gonna put a little bit of mascara on her lower lashes and I’m just taking a little bit of that same transfer scent powder and kind of wiping away the top of her blush because I felt like it came up too high and was making her cheeks look too big okay so I contour Jackie’s nose quite often because she really loves it when I contour her nose but you guys I’m gonna go through this quickly because I am very upset about how this looks on camera in person we both loved it it looks gorgeous on camera it looks like a zebra stripe and it’s really upsetting

to me but that’s just what happens sometimes when it comes to filming things look different and we didn’t notice until we were completely done for the day and we’re like what the heck why does it look like that but it’ll fade and look more natural in about 15 minutes that’s the good news so I am highlighting her with champagne pop and I don’t want it to be too super intense so I’m going to kind of blend it out with her blush so it’s kind of an all-over highlight as opposed to an intense highlight now she is telling me what she wants me to fix about her lips because she has uneven lips as we all do right I’m pretty sure we all have this struggle but the good thing about Jackie is the edges of her lips are very flat so she has the easiest lips to manipulate and adjust the shape because they are so flat like mine the edges are very curved so when I over line any part of my lip it’s like girl what are you trying to do we see that over line but with Jackie you can over line it up to her flipping nostril and you cannot see where her natural lip line is I’m so envious so I did use the charlotte tilbury iconic nude lip liner and then now I am using the Makeup Forever aqua Rouge liquid lip and number three it’s a really pretty kind of Mavi pink and we wanted it to be super glossy so after we do this matte lip I’m gonna go in with a Marc Jacobs gloss and honestly guys I don’t know which one it is but I will find it the exact name and put it in the bottom bar it’s got a little bit of shimmer in it it’s like a Mavi sate it’s beautiful and I thought it was perfect for this color so after that this look is complete you guys I hope that you enjoy me and Jackie had such a great time filming this she loved the outcome I loved the outcome other than that damns you brought a stripe on her nose but anyways thank you for watching I love you so much and I’ll see you soon bye guys it’s gonna be I’m gonna have to literally bake you for 45 minutes on 450 degrees in order to make that work I want wine right because the beso lab which is a place I don’t like this I’m hoping you’re Gail no Gail’s got a big head – but Oprah is queen so you should be very proud oh my god did I say yeah you can talk by the way like I know I talk a lot oh I know we shut up she talks so much why none of you even HSN Moloch no see you she talks so much or to me I can barely get a word we go out and just meet strangers and I start talking Jackie’s like her my name is Jackie like she is Sonia I like anyway so I’m 30 I’m old I should hide from the haters but you have shiny so hardcore like it’s stupid and why are my hands but white and my arms are just straight orange you get it together you lock it up if you lock it I’m not scared Jacqueline you’re scared and not scary I’m not scared baby me alone this no order camera like if I had a dirty martini right here I’d be like oh Jesus any day oh my God look how white I am next to you oh look at this just grab your face oh my god no one can ever say I’m Orange you are literally really scared be that hot call you ready you can’t do that really I’m fine with being Oprah give me some brand this is hard for me Jackie get a real problem like milk you honestly talk about yourself more than me anybody I know okay me me so II hate what I always wave and I feel like such a like a douche hey guys five six seven eight hey I wanna code you hard eyes you’re like when you see tiger my cheeks makes no difference who you give me a little water communal water don’t move your lipstick your drinks I got it I had I had face shape features in her with you I got you bring it to

get I played for 30 seconds and I took 15 second break sided three times I went to orange 34 an hour okay anyway always why not me with everything in life you know I’m lean on your tan your more wine me oh all right oh my gosh I love pasta I sculpted I baked this girl 450 degrees in the oven for 25 minutes she came out cold and Ron hey mommy and what you doing – doing something he’s talking so I’m just trying to like yeah yeah beat the face yeah yeah somebody I die I’m dying I died I’m dead yo um we definitely have the intro Jackie oh okay I do we’re good