Empty Beauty Products #8

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Empty Beauty Products #8

hey everybody so it’s time to talk trash again I really honestly feel like nobody else burns through product like I do but hey more products that I burned through the more reviews that you get so here we go now first up is a product that I just recently finished up in my shower and into the hemp’s pomegranate sugar body scrub now hemp’s is a pretty good brand um I know I’ve seen it around when I’ve got my nails done and things like that I was not impressed with this um the sugar scrub it really dissolves on the skin pretty easily and the base of it instead of being oily which I actually really like because I feel like it’s moisturizing the base the the bit that kind of holds it all together is much more of a gel so you know when it’s out its out but I just felt like as soon as I put it on my skin it just kind of melted away and really didn’t do an amazing job of exfoliating I’ve never been that impressed with a body polish like this because I feel like you could just make it with some olive oil or coconut oil and sugar and salt um but kind of my own I’m doing but I I didn’t love the hems pomegranate body scrub now next up I have a secret clinical strength deodorant I used it up you’re welcome it works and that’s about that so we have more shower goodies now this actually does have some products in it um I was just over it man over it it’s the alterna caviar brightening blonde shampoo the concept of this shampoo is amazing because it’s a toning shampoo that also cleanses I don’t feel that it cleanses that amazing um and I don’t feel that the purple is that pigmented so I definitely instead of this would recommend using something like matrix so silver or mixing matrix so silver or shimmer lights with one of your regular shampoos but I just didn’t feel sorry next up I have a big sexy hair spray and play hairspray this is a tiny little purse sized volumizing hairspray I think it does a great job it’s kind of a light to medium hold spray um I would use it again but um yeah I just finished it up I had a bunch of these samples I’m just trying to work through them and then I have a beauty blender cleanser solid this is the first one I’ve ever purchased that I’ve worked through this is an amazing product it truly is an amazing product and I love that it’s easy to use it’s portable I i love this i use it with my brushes not only my Beauty Blender it’s great it’s great great great great great great now next I have an aveeno daily moisturizing lotion now this is honestly not bad at all um I just I use better um I don’t think that it a groove ated my skin and all my skin’s fairly sensitive i like to use fragrance free products and whatnot um I just felt like it stayed on my skin a bit it never quite absorbed into my skin kind of like like palmer’s cocoa butter to me my skin will absorb this had a little bit of almost like a watery residue that would like rest on the skin it was the weirdest thing I I I would use it if it was someone else’s house but i probably wouldn’t buy it again I just and i know i like the palmer just fragrance we better so that’s that another mini we have a renkins quick tease backcombing finishing spray now you could use this at your roots for a little extra volume you could use it to form or hold its wicked strong yo wicked strong but sometimes we need themselves mmm have a boa deep cleansing pore strips because nobody ain’t got time for Black Hills a bamboo style cleanse extend dry shampoo this is really neat because this is the sheer blossom scent which is so nice and fresh and summery and it’s just delightful I love the cleanse extend dry shampoos there they’re potent but I think multitude of textured hair can use them I just like to mix up the scent from time to time and the sheer blossom was delightful duh lightful I have the lip balm that was in my car it’s the

aquaphor lip repair & Protect thing- goal um it did a pretty good job of protecting my lips rehydrating my lips but i will say from staying in my car i do feel that it changed like taste it was very weird it was time to swap it out but it did the job maybe don’t leave it in your car for like three months another the poem that i have is the Nivea lip butter in caramel cream kiss I don’t I haven’t tried any of the other lip butters however i wouldn’t based on this one I felt like it was lightly moisturizing which is nice I felt that the scent / fragrance was nice the texture is very lotioning like it’s like putting lotion on your lips is anybody else like have you had that experience that not enjoyable for me so it’s out its out I have an up and up cleansing towelettes for sensitive skin they remove makeup I have repurchased them many times and they are fragrance free um they’re not overly cleansing because they’re a makeup wipe and not face washing water but they do the trick in a pinch here is the caviar brightening blonde conditioner the companion to the shampoo that I just had up here once again it was ok i would not necessarily recommend this as a super hydrating conditioner for uber damaged hair this would be for you average ladies out there that wanted to spend a little extra I just don’t think it’s worth it I just I don’t I’m sorry I just don’t I have this maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in inked and pink um i haven’t used it in forever and the consistency is kind of changing in the pot and i really don’t need a pink eye shadow at the moments i figured it’s time to clean it out i love the texture of them and i love the longevity of them um but I was just over that color and I honestly couldn’t remember how old it was so I just feel like you should clean stuff out from time to time this is another thing that I don’t know how old it is so I felt like it was time to clean out the brand’s not even on the front day more if that tells you how old it is it’s a golden medium press base from glominerals i love these press spaces they are great they are gentle on the skin golden medium is my summer shade and once again time to go now on the dry shampoo front we have a not your mother’s clean freak refreshing dry shampoo I got the little one of this to try I hear more photos getting it for travel or whatnot I like it it’s lightweight it does the trick um I do personally need something stronger that’s why I like the bamboo dry shampoo but this is a good one for fine hair ladies that just need a little refreshing i would highly recommend that one it’s nice that it’s at the drugstore it’s a very reasonable price point next up I have a sephora triple-action cleansing water now I got this because everybody’s talking about my seller waters and this and that and so I was like I’ll let me give this one world I really liked this um I would repurchase it I haven’t because I got a coupon for the simple micellar water but this was a really good product that’s that’s honestly why I only have juan makeup remover wipe in this whole bin because i’ve been using just a micellar water and cotton round but i really like this i would highly recommend the sephora cleansing water does a great job and it’s not highly fragranced it’s not stingier Bernie like a toner might be it’s just so gentle I can use it on my eyes it’s awesome you’ll really like it i highly recommend it a um maximum strength acne medication from up and up just good for dry and junk out it’s nasty and funky on your face um of course I repurchased it you just I personally feel like it’s always good to have something like this in and around you can always treat kind of your jawline for hormonal breakouts um it’s just a good product and I don’t see the point in paying extra for the name-brand up and off is pretty awesome go up and up next up I have a Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion this puppy is so old um I love it I’ve tried the two-faced one I just don’t think it works that great if you are so stinkin oily and you may be live in the south or or anything anything that would just work your eye makeup and make a crease or schmear or anything try the Urban Decay primer potion it’s amazing and I repurchased it like you can’t beat it up

promise next is the Tarte Amazonian clay tinted brow gel I got it in taupe I think it works pretty well for me being kind of blondish brownish you know what not but I love that the brush is little sometimes I wish the length of the wand was shorter sometimes I feel like it’s a little brush on a long wand and it almost feels like you do this sometimes but this is a second one I’ve had so obviously it’s an amazing product that I would repurchase because I did playing around some other stuff right now but I really really like this tart brow gel it’s pretty awesome not gonna lie here is a sample of a verlaine maxi lash soul Volume Mascara now the brush on this puppy is intense and I love it the effect of this mascara i canno in it the effect of this mascara is amazing and like stunning it looks like extensive eyelashes it’s amazing the fragrance I cannot get down with the fragrance and that really makes me sad I’m very Pro drugstore mascaras I’d never used one that’s high-end that I just felt was like so amazing this was amazing in effect however that scent is so intense I cannot hang with it so if that’s not something that would bother you fragrance doesn’t really aggravate you I would sow so recommend the maxi lash from Guerlain it is awesome like I was so pumped with this table mascara it was awesome but that fragrance out of control out of control and next up I have a Burt’s be a nourishing lip balm obviously does the trick I love them I like that these are tacky and really stick to the lips I have them tucked all over the house so obviously I repurchased those up next a couple little little goodies I have an Anasazi a brow is in taupe as well this one I have mixed feelings about to be honest with you i love the spoolie um I like the texture of the pencil in theory but sometimes I felt like like initially I felt like it was very hard to work the product out which is very annoying firming but it’s a great product I would repurchase it i’m using the NYX version right now so we’ll see how that goes um but then I’m Stassi brow is I can see why people really like it I don’t know if I have absolute love for it though and I realize that sacrilegious but I like it no real love I have a Maybelline fit me concealer in sand this works really well on my face I don’t love it in my under eye but it is a great lightweight drugstore concealer I like the doe foot applicator it’s very easy to just put a little bit or you can use a lot so it’s a very versatile product but i love the formulation of it it’s a great product just dabbling with some other things right now but i would highly recommend it to anybody on my budget or anybody that just doesn’t want to spend a ton on a concealer it’s an amazing drugstore option the maybelline fit me now here is a mascara more my speed that doesn’t have a crazy fragrance it’s the L’Oreal telescopic carbon black I love this teensy little brush here it is the cutest little thing great for getting your bottom lashes it’s very much going to give you the effect of somewhat artificial clumped in a good bonded together lashes I won’t take clump it’s definitely not clumpy but it’s going to attract your lashes and make them a little more kind of individual and pc then a traditional fluffy mascara brush but i love how black is i love how tiny the brush is forgetting your lower lash line and even getting in very close to your inner lash line awesome product will repurchase i love the shape of the brush it’s a win all right up next I have the Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper this is a deluxe sample this is something everybody and their brother talks about there is a reason it is a satin finish deep inky dark black liquid liner I love it I have just been using honey the Revlon felt tip liner and that does a great job I’ve used brushes in the past and they just made me so nervous and I felt like my eyeliner was all over the place and just

a hot mess you have so much control with this even though it’s a brush it’s an amazing amazing product I I’ve not priced out the real size but I’m have a hard time not having this so i may have to happen up next I have my glow therapeutics oil-free moisturizer this puppy is amazing for combination to oily skin types it’s lightweight yet still hydrating for summertime I’ve repurchased it a million and a half times it’s awesome I love it up next I have another disappointing hem product this is their strawberry lip balm now it’s in like this cute little tin and that honestly reminded me of like the smiths strawberry rose bomb which I keep in my kitchen cuz it’s just like delightful sounds like oh sweet let me grab this I hate it I hate it so much um it just doesn’t do a good job it doesn’t stay on the lips overnight and that’s where this was this is on my nightstand for kind of my overnight lip balm it doesn’t stay on your lips it tastes artificial which is silly because it’s lip balm obviously there aren’t strawberries in here but it just tasted gross I didn’t feel like it was that hydrating it’s just I’m done with it man done with it next up is another lotion it’s the first day beauty ultra Repair Cream intense therapy I believe this very hydrating this is another product that leaves a little bit more of a moisturize with water texture to the skin that I can I personally continue to feel and I don’t like that effect for the price point I don’t feel like it’s that much of a bargain or necessary so I won’t repurchase it I am really happy I tried one of their products but yeah I wouldn’t repurchase the first day beauty ultra Repair Cream I I just don’t think it was amazing for the price point so lo siento but I did like this so this is the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover so this is a by face hole to part I makeup remover great for waterproof makeup it does its job does it stop well I would totally repurchase it it’s easy to get a hold of the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover is it is a win for sure and here’s another dry shampoo this is the kenra platinum dry shampoo I thought this was actually amazing very fine and texture for sure going to give you a white cat so make sure you brush out that wig so you don’t look like George Washington but absorb oil very well I flew through this so fast though so that’s where I just feel like for the price point you’re going to burn through it if you want to feel muji you can but I put that money somewhere else to be honest with you um I also picked up the alterna caviar perfect texture finishing spray now I got this because I want a hard time getting my hands on like the or evade dry texture spray so like hey let me try this puppy out um I feel like it’s unnecessary I honestly don’t love the caviar products that I’ve tried I’m sorry I’m trying a couple in the studio right now and I’m having better luck with them but I don’t love this I feel like it’s unnecessary if you want a dry texture look with your products just use your dry shampoo this isn’t worth it the orb a spray that is money but the perfect texture finishing spray with caviar I just find unnecessary ill two more products from my shower and we are good to go so next up I have the nubian heritage coconut and papaya body wash this body wash gotta bowl foods it doesn’t have any synthetic properties it doesn’t have any artificial fragrance and it or fragments added for that matter and it is a gluten-free product this junk is delicious it is the perfect creamy summary sent I love this I trying I’m trying a product from nubian heritage right now their body wash like a different scent and I still really like about to but this is perfect for summer the coconut hyatt I know you can get it at whole foods so it’s delightful and you should try it now next up I have an oldie but goodie it’s the nioxin number 3 cleanser this is the leader size because my husband I both use it and might as well go big or go home this is excellent excellent for cleansing the scalp of debris and oils and build up the skin cells and gross stuff like that but it’s great for men or women it has a very minty texture and scent to it so men like it it’s very refreshing in the summer time to use as well the number three is color safe and for fine hair so it’s good for people like me that have

lightened ends but you know really need their Scout cleanse very well I have this in the shower already and I went on bought another leader because it’s bomb those are all my empties I hope you enjoyed have a good one