Natural Cut Crease Drag Tutorial

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Natural Cut Crease Drag Tutorial

hey guys so here we go this is the first official video I apologize for the lighting it’s dark outside but I don’t really have any professional lighting yet but I think in the meantime this lighting should get the job done now before we get into the tutorial the prep for the makeup is also really important that I don’t think a lot of people take that into consideration whether you’re a boy or girl the way you prep your face before you do your makeup is going to dramatically affect your end result you can do the most beautiful makeup in the world but if your skin is rough and dry or too oily and it slips around it’s just it’s all going to be for naught and so you have to make sure you do the correct prep work oh because i am a burly mexican boy my prep work is going to be a little bit more intense than it is for a lot of other people out there but whether you’re a boy or a girl the skin routine is pretty basic so it’d just be a good idea to follow regardless so before i do my makeup i’m going to clean my face entirely and you guys are going to see me completely bare face no makeup no eyebrows or anything i’m going to look like an alien but um it’s important that you know we get our faces clean so first clean your face with your regular cleanser I use a cold face from lush it’s great it’s got black licorice and colon it and the coal really helps to pull the crap out of your pores and clean your face and give you really nice good base to apply makeup to after that you’re going to want to exfoliate um I make sure it’s really really hard before I shave because that’s a good way to prevent ingrown hairs so that all exfoliate I’ll shave with the grain exfoliate again shave against the grain and then after that you’re going to want to use a nice moisturizer vanishing cream from lush that’s a great one any moisturizer of the sort you’re going to want to put that on while your face is still slightly wet and then let it sit for about 10 minutes before you start your makeup and you’re also going to want to make sure you moisturize your lips to it’s really important any lip balm will work especially you’re going to be wearing lipstick then it’s super important this is just the Marc Jacobs lip balm it’s a little sample size and this is what I’ve been using for the time being so I’m going to go and prep my face and I will be back completely nude so we can start the tutorial ok guys so here we go first things first I just prep my skin or prime my skin rather with Smashbox photo finish primer I did that ahead of time because you want to let sit for a few a little bit before you get start and I didn’t want to have to sit here and wait for it so the first thing I’m going to do and this is only for people who have facial hair thick facial hair to be exact is I’m going to take a fluffy brush and flame point from sugarpill which is the orange and I’m going to quickly lightly dust it over my beard and the reason I’m going to do this is because my beard has a blue undertone to it and I kind of want to cancel that out so that way the foundation looks a little bit more natural okay so the next thing I’m going to do is lay my highlight really messily so basically I’m just going to put the highlight where I want the high points of my face to be you okay so now that we have our highlight placed we’re going to put our contour end now what I use for my base contour is I mix these two colors right here this is a really beat-up old theater palette that I’ve had for ages it’s starting to fall apart actually but it’s remember who it’s by anymore I think might be mayor on or a bun i er some theater company or but it’s a student makeup kit so I just take those and I grab a little bit of it on my brush and then I grab a little bit of the dark and i actually just mix them right in the pan I’m sloppy I’m a slop lobotomist so I just do it like that until I get the desired color that I’m going for it so now I’m just going to take that and go underneath my cheek bone and draw my line you know it helped a little bit he looks a little dark now but I just wanted out you know really no it’s too much and I’m gonna pull it up along side of my face and into my temple and I’m going to continue dragging it up along my forehead and towards the center now here’s a little tip where you want your contour to be the darkest start your product and blend it from there for example I wanted my cheekbone to be the

strongest and i hope you care so much about up here I do like a little bit of a contour but I don’t like it as much as a lot of other Queens do so i’m just going to front of naturally fade out on its own and i get towards the top of my head and giving level of hot now if i started around i want more if i can put more in but less is more in the beginning you don’t want to use too much interest rate is uploaded you can all be done more you try and take off at it a little bit more um child a little more pain so yeah I’m going to cut the other side you now i’m going to start setting the powders on my face with colors that coordinate with the powders so this is some elf HD powder that I’m going to use with this little puff and I’m just going to put this all over the highlights we’re in a really really are just really really quickly now I just want to let that sit there and cook serve it alone and while waiting for that to sound I’m going to take this cover girl simply powder foundation in 58 agree with medium light and I just going to set all the contours with this i’m just going to use your regular mother milk powder brush your back tip if you find that you have a lot of problems with fallout when you highlight your cheekbones like this leave all this powder on your cheek bone while you’re doing your eye makeup at least the top part of it and that way all the follow will fall down under your cheek bone on this powder so that way when you’re done you can just sweep it away and all that follow will be gone it’s a great tip and it’s a great way to not ruin the rest of your face I personally never find that I have a big issue with follow unless i’m working with a lot of black eyeshadow or a lot of really loose shadows all the shadows that i’m using this tutorial are pretty safe so i never really experienced too much follow up with them so i’m just going to go ahead and sweep this away now if you were to use an actual like pigmented powder your highlight would pop a little bit more but mine’s pretty insane already and for my taste anyway and i’m going to go on with some white eyeshadow and thank them pop a little bit more so I don’t think that’s really necessary for me so I’m just going to go ahead and sweep it off but if you wanted to let it bake for longer go ahead now I’m going to go in with a little bit of makeup forever Make Up For Ever HD setting powder the HD powder from ELF doesn’t really work as an HD powder to be completely honest it kind of just works like a normal powder but I love this stuff so I’m just going to take a little bit of this and I’m going to focus it on the areas where my highlight is because if you use too much with this stuff you’ll end up looking like a ghost because it reflects light so if it’s on your highlight and it’s reflecting light on the highlight it doesn’t really matter anyway does it so next I’m going to take my sugar pill which produce the sweetheart palette and mainly I’m headed for this white which is I’m not sure how you’re technically supposed to pronounce it I’ve been saying taco or take oh I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do oops and I’m just going to take another fluffy brush and put that on my highlight to make it pop even a little bit more you okay so now i’m going to go ahead and do my powder contour not to use for my contour color it’s actually a bronzer from Sephora it busted a little while ago so I just put it in this van Eyck it but it’s just a bronzer from Sephora and it gets on the plastic so I just kind of sweep it around the plastic and I’m just using this little flat brush I really like it because you can get pretty precise with it you okay now that my face is on contour contour my nose and what I’m going to use for that is just a small little angled eyeshadow brush in that same bronzing powder you

so now we are ready to get started on the eyes the first thing I’m going to do is grab a pencil and lightly map out where I want my crease to be I’m going to exaggerate my natural crease and make it a little bit unnatural so that’s why I want to do this to make sure that they’re going to be even and correct the first time you can see super messy not perfect at all that’s totally okay that’s kind of what you want seeing is it’s just a base for everything so now I’m going to go into my sugar pill pilot again and load a flat eyeshadow brush with some taco and just pop that all over the inside of the crease if you’re planning on wearing this for a super long time I’d recommend using a primer first I’m actually going to be taking this off soon actually going to take that same brush now that we’re done with the white and this is the kat von d what the romance palette in state and I’m going to take this a pink color right here it’s just a light baby pink and I’m going to pack this on the outside corner of the eye using the exact same brush that we use to contour our nose with I’m going to go in with that contour again and I’m going to shade out my crease you now taking that same pencil from before I’m going to very very lightly just kind of map out my brow so I know where it’s going to be so I don’t have to worry about it in the future just a very light little mapping out of that brow and now I’m going to go into my elf palette and I’m going to grab a darker brown color in this case this one might not help you can see that this one right down here and I’m going to pop that in the crease so now that we have that blended out nice we are going to take a flat brush like this and I’m going to go in with Cobra by urban decay it’s from the black palette and I’m just using this to kind of give a little bit of dimension and depth the look using a little bit not too much at all we’re just going to kind of smoke it out later you go back in with taco from sugarpill and then that we used to put the white on and i’m just going to re highlight everything now I’m going to go in with mixes jumbo pencil in milk and highlight our go on my waterline rather and taco by sugarpill I’m going to go ahead and set that really quickly now I’m going to go back in with this angle brush and the contour colors again and go underneath this way you using jordanna’s fabula nur liquid

eyeliner I’m going to go in and wing my eye out you just under that white line on the bottom and a very thin line just to kind of really accentuate that my eye is bigger I decided to point my tear ducts a little bit to kind of follow suit now i’m going to go in with miss manga by um mrs. Blair remember loreal normally I’d wear false eyelashes with this look but like I said it’s late at night and I’m going to go to bed soon and I actually can’t find my lashes right now so I don’t know where they are but I’m just going to go in and apply this quite generously all my I actually starts lower I’m only going to put the mascara after that white line so I’m going to go my brown pants and start lightly drawing in my brow now I’m going to go in with this little belief it’s just a little pencil brush and I’m going to go in with my elf palette and I’m just going to do bronze look Courtney with this color I’m going to do a lighter color in the front half of the brow and then a darker ombre as it goes that’s our highlight color from the very beginning and the brush I’m going to go in and clean up the underside of the brow and highlight you ok so now i’m going to go ahead and do the exact same that i did to this side to the other eye and i will be back when i am done ok so now that both eyes are done we are ready to move on to the lips so i will be using this dark purple lip pencil from sephora and i’m just going to line my lips and then fade it in towards the middle you now I’m going to go in with the losers Rimmel if the cake collection it’s the color 101 it’s a light nude pink and I’m going to go over all that purple now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take another fluffy blending brush and I’m going to go in with my blood the color I’m using today is um por Vida by Kat Von D it’s a nice coral the last thing I’m going to do to finish things things up is going with a little bit of wats up by benefit and just highlight along the cheekbones the center of between my brows the tip of my nose and yeah it’s probably actually about it I might put a little bit on my chin but I don’t think so okay so I’m going to go throw it wig on really quick and i will be right back alright guys so here is the finished look I really hope you enjoyed my first tutorial I had tons of fun making it took forever but it was awesome and I really hope you guys learned something if you wanted me to break down any of these like the aspects of this tutorial more in detail please let me know and I’d be happy to do it I just figured you guys wouldn’t want me to get into the ridiculous nitty-gritty and have this video be forever long so feel free to comment like and subscribe if you have

any questions go ahead and comment and if you’re interested in dread orders go ahead and send me a personal message or email me at land in 1996 at hotmail com that’s LAN d en 1916 hotmail com thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed by so here is the finished look I really hope you enjoyed you to throw in my shop