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all right you guys we’re headed to another job interview my bad we’re headed to another job interview sorry I’m doing the wrong I don’t smoke down whatever but hopefully this camera stay um yeah I gotta wish me luck this is the job that I really think will suit me heard he had phase I dreamed of but this is the job that people suit me I really want to work there like 10 p.m to 6 a.m. ish type of ordeals do I have time or whatever the case may be I’m pretty sure I won’t get much sleep because I’d be trying to do too much organize I think but hopefully they don’t think to me jakirah and it just be good it did affect my work schedule in a bit the work schedule baskets I don’t know you guys not been going on quite a bit of interviews lately and I been I’ll time for quite a bit of jobs because I just want like that ideal perfect schedule that will work with me and my children and I have it bad with telling jobs that I have kids when I know you know some people may say don’t say that but I mean we’re in 2019 I don’t go on interviews like that I have jobs for years so when it’s time to be you know going on interviews and stuff you know could be rusty at times and I don’t have time to like do a whole suite of what the job is or whatever the case may be because this is not my career this is just the job I need hopefully okay the role of my oh you guys I am gonna be showing you guys my first YouTube hopefully you guys are interested in that because I know I’m actually in one well this will be my second one but we’re gonna cite the first that video will be coming shortly because that chick baby girl we reach we reach baby girl so I mean I’m excited I’m happy that means something you know I’m making progress and the growth is the year my father and my teenage rent all that is eaten up there so I’m pregnant really I’m proud of my that video will be up soon I know I’ve been telling you guys that I’m gonna be doing the me becoming Beyonce’s backup dancer video I am doing that video I’ll still plan on doing that video I just want to have my receipts to show you guys and I don’t think it is like oh she’s a lion she just coming up with you know some cloud power whatever yummy thing but no I just want to make sure I have most these my news clippings and all that good stuff that’s all that is to it so that’s honesty I need to that I’ve

been working better work and I can also give you guys the story time for also day instead of Super Bowl if you guys alright I’m pretty sure going toward that I actually danced in the Super Bowl before I actually became Beyonce’s backup dancer so maybe I should do it my fans maybe I should if I can maybe I should give you guys the story time storytime fiance for that it could make sense when I tell the story so yeah that’s what we’re gonna do that’s how I’m gonna dance but at the same time there is some stuff that I want to tell y’all but I know I may not be allowed to tell you it’s just and you know I like to live my truth and tell you guys everything but I don’t know how other parties may feel about living my truth until then you know my truth or whatever so I don’t know how that would go with other parties how they feel because it does involve other parties but hmm I do want to tell you guys because I mean it’s me it’s you it’s us like I’ll tell you guys everything so I don’t know maybe I’ll running past that party and see how they feel about it which kind of already know what that’s gonna be like but I mean it won’t hurt to ask alright so I don’t know yeah how did you guys welcome back to my channel if you don’t know I am your favorite girl Avery and you guys I’m nervous I’m nervous to even do this video so y’all know that because it’s vlogmas if you don’t know it is vlogmas and if you’re not subscribed honey if you’re not subscribed to me go ahead and subscribe because this month is all blogging this month so that’s everyday uploads from you girl rather it’s blogs or content you will be seeing a video every single day this month and if you guys are not used to me or you’ve never heard of me starting last year I did a yearly declutter and you guys I accumulated so much makeup that it’s no way in hell I will put y’all through one long video of some serious decluttering it’s no way you’re familiar with my channel if you’re not I do have declutter series that I’ve been doing throughout the years but at the end of the year you guys I seriously declutter and most of the time I try to hold onto stuff and try to make stuff work and all that stuff but I’m not doing at this time hence to why I’m so nervous so you guys are interested in seeing the first portion of a declutter because this has to be broken down throughout every single day like I just cannot give you guys a three-hour declutter who’s gonna edit that so every single day you guys will see something could be cluttered right along with whatever content in blog that’s going up I’m going to explain what this box is this box is from all my shop mustaches for like the last couple of months the products that I’m putting back into my collection I put this bucket first I choose the things that I want for the next month and then I go and we put this stuff back in my drawers so that I won’t pick up the same thing over and over and get overwhelmed every time I freaking see my drawers so this is like the last two months I want to say I do have a basket here for giveaway like things that I want to give so whoever’s in my area that if it’s still you know if it’s still good enough to pass along because I don’t really like passing I lost them and then I have that same blue bucket down below for my sister and then I have the trashcan sitting next to shit oh and there may be some items that will go on to my posh Mart but you guys will see that in the beginning of the year what’s going on are Poshmark what I’m selling

on my Poshmark and I’m gonna break it down like it’s a declutter but I’m just gonna do like the halls palettes blushes setting spray you know I’m gonna break them down because I have a lot of stuff on my posh market if you guys aren’t are not following me on my posh Mart go ahead over to my Poshmark closet now because there is a lot of stuff already on there that I haven’t shown you guys you guys are trying to be cut through okay but it’s gonna be hard it’s gonna be hard so let’s just start off with Oh make it a bigoted me it forgot to tell y’all I am gonna make a pile for project pan items anything that I want to project pants for the year I’m gonna make it as I forgot all about getting a bucket for that so I’m gonna make it its own power in front of me for one the revolutions reloaded the vision palette you guys I didn’t do I think one look with this one we look with this because it was in my October or November shot my stash if you guys would like to see my shot mustaches I would have the playlist linked up here I don’t know how to feel about it because I only use like maybe 3/4 the colors I think it was these three right here and then this one in this one I think so what I’m gonna do is I am gonna keep it I’m gonna try to play with it some more and about time the next declutter come if I haven’t really play with it then it’s gonna go bye-bye alright so my Black Radiance and I should have pulled out some stickers because you guys as you can tell there’s a sticker on here my Black Radiance contour palette medium to dark you guys this is a project pan already and I did go ahead and finish this one I’m super excited about myself but these two I need to work on these two so I think I’m gonna keep this because I want to see if I can actually use it on them and you know give you guys a good video out of it so we’re gonna put that in project pan it may be a little swatch in here in the airplane right about now I kind of want to just run through this stuff so the next palette is my morphe highlight and contour palette y’all this ain’t going nowhere I’ve been using it little by little I’ll use it and I’ll put it up on you then I’ve lit up I like this palette this is a really good palette to have some Northey I do have the 8h you’re not gonna speak much on it check your name or nowhere baby no we’re okay alright but it cosmetics confidence in a cream I’m not done using it I still got a lot more to use I just got it like a little bit bored with it did I just want to try something else so I am gonna keep her but I am gonna put her in a project pan and let’s see if I can finish her up within the year alright so the physicians formula integrated face primer you guys know I just call this not too long ago as well as I’ve been using it in the last month or two and I like the primer itself but the smell I just can’t I can’t get with so I think I’m gonna put this anything giveaway power as well as so the next thing is this win while for the focus is met primer stick you guys I think I did a video a review first impression or something on this but you guys I don’t know what happened we went and while you guys know I’m a fan of wetting wrong but I don’t know what happened with this product maybe I got a bad one maybe it was all but you guys this stuff smells so bad and it’s so dry it is a matte base but it is dry and it stinks so bad so we’re gonna go ahead and trash this one what I know imma get rid of this hourglass translucent veil you guys I tried it I want to say it was in November I tried it and I’ve had this for about six months to a year but I tried this I really wanted to love it I got from Sephora but you guys this leaves such a light ghostly cast on me that I just cannot so I am gonna pass this along and see if any of my friends we want this maybe my co-workers or something to build really good price on my Too Faced shadow insurance 24-hour anti pre such a show I just don’t like it I tried it multiple times may not

have been on camera alive but I did try it a lot and I just can’t do it I don’t know why but I had it for a long time so I am gonna go ahead and toss it Michael Labs set the stage loose finishing powder in almond caramel keeping it I’m still working with it I’m trying to use it up I’ve been using it I’ve had it all year long and she’s getting there she’s getting there so I am gonna put her in a project pen and let’s see if we can use her up my Mac I’m gold deposit okay you guys I don’t know what to do with this I don’t know where this should I keep it or should I just go ahead and finally let it go I know I’ve had it for I want to say about two three years now and I’m still not done with it so I don’t know what to do with this one but I do like the color I like the gold deposit color I like that she sits pretty on my skin she’s very pretty I’m gonna keep her yeah alright now my fancy Beauty Universal blotting powder you guys the packaging looks so trash right back into him look so trashy look at this she still has the plastic on it like I’ve never really used her but I’m gonna do with this is I’m gonna put her in my purse I don’t really care where I my makeup anymore I’m gonna in my makeup bag if I don’t use her I’m going to get rid of her okay my fancy sun starter and welcome on me not going to wear y’all she’s dirty you could tell her I use her a whole lot you can barely even see the fancy in it anymore alright let’s see my Becca Prosecco cup y’all I still have her in the Box I used her all month long and I want to say I like her but I also want to say she may be too light for me she’s really nice I’ll be trippin with myself I only have a second top in topaz so I’m gonna keep resetting alright my fancy Beauty / filter a.m. banana I really want to give her one more shot but I really love honey more than I love banana but I gave buy the full size of banana and all in the travel size of honey so once I taste it like I was loving this but once I tested honey I fell in love with honey more so I kind of set her to the side and she is like brand spanking new so i’ma hold on to her for a little while if I don’t make it work okay the next thing is gonna be my covergirl loose professional powder and 120 translucent honey I didn’t really use this so I really can’t say anything cuz I think I opened her once I’m just gonna pass her along she still has the thing on and everything with the puffer puffer is brand new okay my fancy beauties ginger bench and Moscow Mule and the kilowatt these are the duo highlighters like it not a highlighter for me she’s more of a blush for me a blush topper so I’m gonna keep her a little while longer and see if I could make her work I’m pretty sure she won’t be no time soon but I’m gonna keep her and see if I can make her work oh my mica Kay’s matte lipstick silky stick is not going nowhere this is in the shade Irish Coffee you guys this is such a pretty color and you cocaine is found at the beauty supply store look at that she’s such a good news little clowny mood I like her she’s not going over him and let’s see how much I got a project being alright alright alright alright oh hey my to face Born This Way setting powder I’m gonna keep liking her but not liking her I have a love/hate relationship with her so I’m gonna keep her and see if I could love upon her some more my guardian skin active clearly bright daily moisturizer I’m gonna keep this we’re gonna put this as a as a project pan and see if we can use her up cuz I’ve had her for a while

alright you guys room okay so these elections I’m gonna give away and as well as the last hop Lech a holic luxury lashes I got these in a boxy charm these are in instaglam and they look like this this is something I think my sister will wear okay so my my it’s statement but not flat powder foundation in deep olive I need to run some of my videos back because what would I have deep olive oops why would I have deep olive you don’t even seem like that will be my shade I could see why because it’s rude oh my god Avery like she looked oranjee so I don’t know why I’m a toss around because she’s really oranjee and I don’t think I don’t know what I was thinking don’t know so my fancy beauty what is this matchstick and blonde you guys this is that cream highlighter she looks like that very very gold I think we could pass my card cuz I’m really not gonna use it I will sanitize her and everything but I think I’m gonna Poshmark her all right this essence get beat lashed by your current mascara don’t have much to say about it I don’t think I think I liked her so I’m gonna keep her my NYX white liquid liner I’m gonna keep some work because I just really haven’t really gotten into her my win while gel lip liner this one is in the shade don’t be a plum I think I like her I’m not was thinking yeah I like her so she stays alright my Maybelline fit me 30 heavy project pan you guys I think this is like my third or fourth one open but I’m gonna project pan her this is the concealer y’all should know I love this stuff so I’m Milani fantastic face them body baked bronzer fantastic Ingold I’m gonna keep her I think I had her in like my in my Poshmark pile to get rid of and everybody says hey you so love this it reminded him of gilded honey or laura geller so i said i was going to use her again so keeper my pressed powder from Black Radiance in the shade bronze glow we’re gonna keep her but she is a project pan yes we’re gonna see if we can use her up within the year okay I’m trying to think should I move that you should I slow down my weight in wild water drop primer and the cucumber one i’m keep it sorry you guys if i keep it looking down or if I’m looking downward that anything babe put the monitor in the air and I’m just attracted to looking down now how my wedding bra is this comfort zone yep comfort zone my wedding while I knew before I made a comfort zone she’s not going nowhere my Mac painterly paint-pot girl we’re gonna keep her too so we have some line nerves in here okay we have a few liners this NYX vivid bright this one is in vivid halo you guys ya know I have a love-hate relationship with these I love the colors but they crack they cracked so bad to make me not like them but I still want them so I’m gonna keep it my Ruby kisses bling liquid liner in this type of goal you guys this was found at my beauty supply store too and I really really like her now the Gerard cosmetics external eyeliner in black I’m gonna give this to my sister and see if she would like to use this because it’s a felt tip and not a brush and maybe that’ll be easier for her to learn her give herself a winged liner it’s not like super duper black like I like it that’s all why my Jordana cation the kalana in Twilight I think no Caribbean you guys this thing has lasted me so long and it is so good she’s still good right oh yes she is you know this is such a pretty freaking color look at that do I have some foundations I don’t think I’m going to get rid of any I may get rid of one of the 50 Pro filters yeah professor I

may get rid of one of the fancy Pro filters this one is three for twenty I think the other one is for 30 but I need to figure out which one to get rid of get rid of but the other one that I am gonna get rid of I’m gonna give it to my sister see if it works for her they can’t stop won’t stop foundation this one is in mocha not get rid of you guys do have to use a hydrating primer if you have normal to combination skin because this is very met met met but it is a great man because I love Mac products this just eek mascara I love the mascara this part is a eyelash curler but it’s a little bit too small for me to be trying to curl my eyelashes by section but the mascara itself is really good so I’m gonna keep this big-ass mascara try to use her my laurio and fallible Pro matte liquid lipstick this one is in the shade dose of cocoa y’all the best freaking mood out there on the market she’s not going to honey she’s not going nowhere now my jeffree star valoran liquid lipstick and deceased I know Jennifer Starr got a lot of controversy I know I know I know but I can’t take away from his product being clean so I’m keeping disease sorry okay and my warrior I don’t know what these are called but I think this one yeah this one is in Explorer L’Oreal Paris is these typing lips liquid lipsticks I don’t know what they’re called but this is such a pretty color this is where the ones that came out with their empowering liquid lipstick names like this one is explored one I think says love yourself powerful is those but this is a great use light it’s almost like a liquid lip stain more than a liquid lipstick but it is born so she’s not going to wear my glitter liners are not going nowhere this one is a pink one so this is a pink glitter liner that stand let’s see my fancy pro filter concealer in 370 stays with me but I do want a project payin her so my Morpheus parts you already know what this is my highlighter Murphy Sparks stays with me my blackboard has baked blush and brick house these days I don’t think there’s anything from Black Radiance that I will be get rid of so this stays okay this I luster by ciate London y’all this was pretty this is a cream eyeshadow I’m trying to see color I got her in a boxy charm but I don’t see the shade well she’s a purple I don’t know the shade but she’s a pretty creamy purple light this is a great gorgeous she fades with meteor y’all we’re almost done with the bucket indeed we got food shot my stash okay so my two-phase pineapple pineapple Sun is the pineapple paradise strawberry strobing bronzer you guys I use this as a highlighter and I mix the two because the bronze is too light and the highlighter is the tab you tonight so if you mix the two it comes out perfect let’s just go ahead five mix both of them you see how it gives it a little bit more darkness to it okay I’m gonna color pop I heart this in my super shock shadow you guys I’ve had this since color power first came out it seems like and I still love it and it’s still good but I need to project panic because I’ve had it so long look at her but she’s so pretty okay here’s my honey by Pandi she’s not going to wear you see how small she is but she’s not going nowhere thank you my Maybelline fit me loose setting powder is in dark forty not you read it up all right my Libya pulse bomb you guys remember when this was like the hyper go to kathleenlights brought that out and everybody was like all over the place I am actually gonna use this up because

it’s very very little in it I’m not gonna put her like in a price I’m gonna put in Japan but I know I’m gonna finish her up so and I just want to finish her up just to say I finished her I got a couple of concealers and some more glitter liners so my a be a New York 24-hour flawless concealer and honey she stays great concealer if you haven’t seen it being New York’s review I will have a link somewhere in the video make sure to check it out my blender liners this was the blue one this one is the purple one they’re like okay my lip paint long-lasting the color and skinny-dip lists watcher I think this is from my tattoo junkie or something out of Walmart yeah she could wanna trash she’s not like dying to have it’s gonna skip past her oh my buxom and centerfold this is the wildly whipped light weight liquid lipstick keeping when I said pursuing us in Center for y’all this one is pretty and I like them because they’re the meanings I got from Sephora and they are light whipped yeah I think I’m almost done with this one honestly she looks like that right there I’m gonna project being her to something she’s almost done my BH Cosmetics orange corrector I’m gonna keep just for a little bit longer I think this one is actually empty I don’t yep we’re gonna go ahead and toss him that was my lash adhesive from Walgreens alright we got a couple of all right we have the mixed professionals epic black liner I think this one dry down pink this one draw it out will get it I think she dried out so we’re gonna toss the LA girl gel eyeliner jet-black oh this one’s the new one that I talk to use for my brows so it doesn’t work for the brows because it’s almost like a Lucy texture so I am gonna use this for just a black eyeliner because my because my Sigma Wiccan gel liner you guys I love this stuff but she’s about done and she cracked and everything else on me so Sigma please oh my gosh I love this stuff I just couldn’t use it up fast enough but this was a really good liner if you guys know one like the coupon code to use to save you some money off check down below I do have a coupon codes okay my waiting while makeup Gillian eyeliner in legs and legs not your if you guys should know I love love love that all right so my ELF control wall control primer bees you guys this is a good primer miss but the spritz are on it sprays out so hard to wear you don’t even want to spray it on your face so I’m gonna go ahead and get that away as well as my covergirl eyebrow gel Tommy thing when they came with the little top on it double brush in the top I don’t know what color it is but it’s covergirl get black Harris when she goes now this revolution concealing defined full coverage foundation this one is in f-14 you got too dark for me I’m trying to make it work so many times and then I tried to use it for a contour and it is just too freakin neutral for my skin tone so I am going to I never thought I would hear that my ELF gloss where you take off your liquid lipstick that lasts forever not get rid of it my Maybelline fit me no my Maybelline doing smooth in 3:55 coconut you guys really a project pen and I haven’t finished it yet so she’s gonna roll over my Catrice liquid metal eyeshadow she looks like this you guys I just bust her open this year and I’ve had her for some time now and I don’t know what took me so long to open this but she’s very pretty but imma go ahead and pass her along

it took me forever to open it and once I opened it I was like well so let’s swatch the Kylie lip pencil and head over heels and I’m gonna pass her along too all right I’m torn I’m torn by the Rivier no nothing riviera is the noir Vina okay I’m keeping Riviera palette by Nastasia the noir be no.1 when we get to it you guys we got to talk so this one I’m keepin she’s great for the springtime in summertime love the color so she stays alright I have another glitter liner you gotta tell that’s right my Kat Von D’s to pull her out and walnuts you guys I’m gonna I’ve been using this for a while so I’m gonna shock my not shot my stash I’m gonna project paying her for the year unexpected I’m not gonna stop seeing G’s y’all listen up my artist Couture and jackie ina INLA peach night wanna wear is the highlighter I have a random tool in here you guys all right we have it you don’t let us in here oh yo look my little clip on those rings all right so this corrector from clean color you guys I did use this and I want to say like one of my shot mustaches and I really like that contour and this one here and that yellow ish looking color was pretty good I haven’t checked out any of these yet so I’m gonna keep her I think the other ones I wouldn’t use is this one here the purple the green you know these type of colors I wouldn’t really use but this contour excuse me was really creamy and really good so I’m gonna keep this so my NYX micro brow pencil this one is inexpressible let’s see we don’t have much lip so week a project pan her I think I liked her but didn’t like her don’t know yes she’s a little extra work she’s right there in between all right and then this concealer from Ashley leo this came in my hoods and my subscription box if you guys didn’t see that review I never opened this I thought I probably was gonna use it but I never opened it so I’m just gonna give it away I wonder if my sister were like this everything y’all look at is dirty so I’m gonna quickly put this stuff back in alright and we still have the fancy sitting to the side because like I said I’m gonna figure out which one it is that I want to give to my sister because I think the dark one would think me better in the light one with you my sister better so we’re gonna move on to the November shot my stash stuff and we’re gonna talk about that and I’m gonna see what I want to get rid of and all that stuff so one product that I had sitting to the side is the elf prep and hydrating bar hydrate balm I’m gonna continue to work on this I don’t know if I like it I don’t know if I hate it I don’t know so I’m gonna keep it my NYX eyeshadow base you guys look at this we got a project panic because Project panic now my ace beaut single eyeshadows that are gonna in a boxy charm I do have huckleberry and french vanilla huckleberry was really pretty and I use Turnitin a shot mustache and a tutorial but I don’t think I would grab for these because I’m not really the person that’s gonna grab her single eyeshadows like talking about this silver is gorgeous okay I’m gonna keep it for a little bit longer both of them if I don’t use them about time the needs my next declutter comb then I’m gonna get rid of them my artist Couture diamond glow powder and purple dream you guys I got this into boxycharm can’t let this go yet it is literally a purple juice highlighter can’t let it go products that I know I’m not gonna get rid of my NYX no filter this one is a deep golden my pretty vulgar the powder or mad about loosen powder not letting it go my lash Couture faux mink lashes in midnight can’t let them go yet the brown cow that’s on your crooks yard this is a brow powder I really do enjoy

these two right here but this one I just don’t use but I’m not gonna let go just yet all right now none of the concealers I’m letting go for one this one needs to be in a updated video that’s coming towards you guys this is the Cokie professionals be bright illuminating concealer and deep ten you guys I need to do a video on that my Milani concealer perfect concealer and cool saying you’re not going to wear my color pop no filter dark 40 now you guys know I love this but this one I probably need to project pan because it’s already almost done look at the front I’m a project people and then my Revlon candy concealer in deep 16 deep I need to do a update video for you guys so it’s not going nowhere this is basically no name there’s a girl that gave me gifted me her liquid lipstick her lip balm and her lashes and she’s not really in business right now so but it’s a great new brown always a great round my Kat Von D and vampires that power not going nowhere but I probably should shot my I probably my goodness should project peony my Belle cosmetics 666 y’all hate the name but this is the best met lipstick there is a milk cosmetics have some great matte lipsticks so bets please my Ashlyn the color matte finishing lip color this one didn’t have a name on it and I like you but I have cracked tons of brownie colors so I’m gonna give that so I’m gonna give it to my sister I am gonna give my sister oh no wait I’m gonna keep expresso and truffle from fancy the match sticks we open up on the mascara from Ulta amp’d lashes mascara i’m gonna give to a sister I have a chapstick I’m keepin my eye be a New York flawless comes flawless concealer pretty I’ll use it for contour this one is in dark cocoa I’m CUBAN okay this elf makeup mist and say you guys I’m gonna give this away I didn’t like the way it sprayed on my face so I am gonna better give away my Garnier skin actives through their facial mist I’m keeping you guys should know that my wedding will make a clear mascara for the brows look at this you guys I really want to just go ahead and chop this but I haven’t been able to find this nowhere so wait and well if you love your girl because I love y’all if y’all see this if you know the idea I need one of these so what I’m going to do is project painted it’s almost done but got a project painted my ELF liner I’m gonna keep my wedding wall liner I’m gonna keep I do have Pro fusions black liner Indian la colors brown liner my fancy uncensored stunts of the paint keepin now my torch found sealer in rich sand I need to test out some more she looks kind of neutral for my skin tone but I’m gonna keep trying I’m just gonna throw the box Oy my two lip liners by NECA K and appeal I’m gonna keep both of them my next milk pencil you guys this is getting smaller and smaller but I’m keeping it my foundations maybelline superstay or mocha stain my covergirl trublend a net made foundation in d 50 deep golden space my peach a lily glass skin refine serum Oh YUM God keep this is it this came from my boxy looks box and I’m in like miss thing so I gotta keep it my ol a moisturizing cream with sunscreen in it you guys I’ve been using this almost all year long maybe six months maybe before I don’t know it’s been a good minute I’ve been using this in my shop mustaches for everyone that from just a summer that’s

really what it was just a summer because they had the sunscreen in it and you guys you get it yet mutually she’s still at the top she’s still fool so I’m gonna sit her to the side for now and I’m gonna find something else to pull out and see if I can show it some love my maybelline primer the blur and pore primers I love this stuff she’s not going nowhere but I need to to project paying her because I have had her for some time so that needs to be project pan my glowing and illuminating face all by wonder beauty you guys another boxycharm I’m keeping it and for last but not week because we’re not done by Farber we’re doing this video my two maybelline dream covers my dream urban cover foundations this one is in cafe this one is in truffle you guys best foundation staff for the summer so these both stay with me and that is everything hopefully you guys enjoy this portion of the declutter come back tomorrow to see what we declutter the next and hopefully you guys enjoy let me know your thoughts down below did I get it did I do a good job start off with hopefully I’ll say yes hopefully tell me I started off good I think guys tomorrow’s video