Game Theory: Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!

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Game Theory: Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!

all right Master Chief let’s see how strong your armor really is Oh boom God friggin believable hello Internet welcome to game theory where today we’re out to answer question gamers have been asking themselves for 14 years how can Master Chief have a super suit that costs the same as a small starship one so strong is able to survive a fall from outer space and yet he’s killed with one punch one punch one punch okay so really it takes two or sometimes three the melee combat has always been a favorite of mine from the series since I can never quite line up a shot stop moving please just just stop stop moving what I’m trying to say is that I suck at Halo multiplayer and that without those beautiful insta-kill Deathstroke’s my screen would be filled with more teabags and a Lipton convention pardon the noob miss but despite it being my crutch it has always confused me how a titanium plated physically augmented super soldier like john-117 is so vulnerable to a mere pat on the back good job out there cheap great now I have to wait for respawn so with the release of Halo 5 I thought it was high time we put this Mjolnir mystery to bed what science goes into body armor how does cheap suit compare with the technology we have today and most importantly of all is there really a reason why melee attacks are so strong against the Spartan super soldier help answer this I partnered with Microsoft to let me borrow a life-sized version of Master Chief’s armor and then speak with a real-life body armour expert to get his take on this iconic armors design and what could be its fatal flaw but before we talk with an expert we should first take a quick look at the armor itself according to the game’s lore the Halo franchise takes place in the fairly distant future the 25th century and beyond and the power armor tech has been in development for nearly a hundred years or so so you can imagine that its design has evolved quite a bit in fact Chiefs signature armor only came after three other failed attempts before his suit came into being older marks acted more like exoskeletons with the wearer kind of inside of a robotic cage think of it like a Gundam erm suit but scaled down quite a bit these were marks one through three bulky heavy slow and powered by an external power source the armor we’re most familiar with in the series operates a little bit differently more like a second fortified skin for the wearer the soldier thinks about what move he wants to make his muscles begin the motion and the suit then predicts what the next action will be and responds accordingly it’s an extension of the body a fusion of man and machine protective exoskeleton ah that is so last mark this type of functionality though comes with a price you see canonically the armor weighs in at a thousand pounds which as buff boys you might be is gonna be a bit tough to tote around so what’s an aspiring intergalactic hero to do steroids well kinda as we see in the fall of reach as well as the halsy journal written by dr. Katherine Halsey creator of both the Spartan tube program and the Mjolnir power armor wares of the armor need physical augmentations in order to operate the device safely these include fortifications to the Spartans bones growth hormones into the muscles and parts of the brain responsible for growing muscles and even amping up the wearer’s eye sight and remember how I said the suits weight doesn’t matter since it predicts the wearer’s motion well its able to do this via a neural interface implanted into the wearer’s brain now in the Halo verse everyone in the UNSC or United Nations Space Command has won but the Spartans is special for use with the mule near Armour allowing the suits AI a direct connection into the brain so that’s what it takes to wear the suit but what’s so special about it well that thousand pounds of weight gets you a lot of protection the green outer shell from helmet to legs is made of thick titanium alloy bulletproof both in the game and IRL and is specially treated to disperse the heat from plasma-based weapon range to black you see underneath at all the flex points especially around the waist and neck is an armored body suit made of a titanium based material now I know what you’re thinking how can you make titanium this flexible you’re gonna be pretty hard pressed getting that chunk of metal onto your sewing machines bobbins well this body suit is made of what’s known as a nano composite material meaning that the titanium is being woven together with another substance at knee the atomic level this is the real-life concept it’s really cool but well it

allows for greater flexibility it also results in a loss of strength a metal is strong because of the ability of its atoms to link closely together think of it like a chain-link fence all the pieces interlock and the result is a big strong flat sheet what’s weird about this kind of nano composite material is that when you start inner splicing it at the nano level with another material it actually destroys many of the properties that made it strong in the first place going back to the fence analogy imagine if you replaced some chunks of fence with regular fabric even in plastic suddenly there’s a whole bunch of weak points everything becomes more flexible but suddenly the strength is gone which is definitely something worth keeping in mind as we assess the strengths and weaknesses of the suit below that is a layer of gel which regulates the temperature of the suit and helps lessen damage from Falls and finally the innermost layer is a sheet of liquid crystal that’s knitted together at the molecular level increasing the wear strength speed and mobility how it does this and what exactly it is is a theory for another day since let’s be honest it’s pretty weird claims for a crystal but for now that’s all we need to know in short on the surface Chiefs Mjolnir is like having a titanium tank strapped to his body why then would have the fatal flaw of melee attacks thanks to Microsoft I had the ability to speak with an armor expert to learn about body armor tech and ask exactly that all that footage and today we’re lucky enough to be joined by Anthony who’s our resident body armor expert Anthony thank you thanks for coming in so tell me a little bit about your experience in the space I’m with frontline international and I’ve been in the business for about 20 years ok so then that must mean that you’re really well aware of kind of what new advances are coming down the pipeline I am one so let’s keep up with what sort of things as a body armor research and developer are you keeping in mind where is technology in this space edited relation to halo this is probably the only full-body suit on the market that actually protects the full body you know head to toe this product right here is only meant to protect you an anti right situation but in Halo the Mjolnir armor is actually head to toe from the helmet on top to the giant oversized robotic shoes on the bottom that doesn’t really exist our armored developers not worried about kind of what’s happening on your legs we are concerned about that and of course yeah I don’t want to I don’t want to get shot anywhere right so please cover me up as much as possible right the problem with that is that you think about how heavy that suit would have to be okay for the most part we’re worried about vital organs and you know body parts that you know you definitely don’t want it hurt okay so what are the key areas of the body that we should be worried about protecting the chest okay and also the head obviously makes sense I’m noticing that there’s a fair amount of protection right in this region right here one hit there and you’re done that’s so true game but in Halo John is actually getting shot with anti armored artillery a plasma rifles regular bullets inand his suit has to deflect them all what sort of weight would that entail well when you think of a ballistic vest you think of a vest that’s going to cover you from neck down to about your hip shirt yeah that vest alone can weigh anywhere from 20 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds depending on what you want to protect against let me show you exactly what I mean sure great this right here is a called a strike plate okay you can see that’s kind of heavy oh geez yeah it is my gosh and this is made out of ceramic ceramic okay it also has a woven fabric inside the plate itself how many times can this get shot and still be operable that one right there is ready to protect against an ak-47 six times okay what happens after 6:00 it’s not to say that it will fail but there is a higher chance that it can fail were these always made of ceramic that seems very strange to me no actually at one time when these were first introduced they were made of steel steel which made them probably twice as heavy so why the jump from steel to ceramic the heavier something is the harder it is to move sure as manufacturers we got to get lighter and lighter okay so it’s bullet resistance balanced against overall weight of the armor and that was the key word yeah bullet resistant okay you know there’s a myth saying that you know this is bulletproof vest or a helmet is not bulletproof it’s bullet resistant really so there is no such thing as a bulletproof vest there is not that is a myth come on really yeah you know nothing in this industry is bulletproof so what you’re telling me is that there are vests that you then slot this plate into to make it more bullet resistant once you would yeah it’d be great they’d go get it okay basically slip this around like a t-shirt so just slot slot it in like this yep oh there’s gonna be anything where they do that right okay there is I just wanted to see you do that oh here’s a two-place one for the front and one for the back all right can’t hold that one for me wait this is a lot lighter than the other guy this is a level-3 as opposed to that level for

this level three plate will protect you against smaller handguns huh and that plate will actually protect you against higher caliber rifles oh yeah I see how it is when it comes time to make me bullet resistant he cheats out on me thanks there we go there you go so there’s the front one oh nice a nice and cozy and tight there you go all right I get one in the back I don’t one on the back here you go yeah so I gotta ask I’ve noticed that thing this whole conversation what’s with the Jason masts back there why don’t we go check it out yes please so seriously this looks like something that like Jason Voorhees would wear for Halloween what is this it’s actually a ballistic facemask ballistic mask so what you’re saying in all seriousness because I know that this is serious business ballistic masks meaning that this is a bullet resistant facemask that is correct and this doesn’t feel like it’s made out of ceramic what’s this one made out of that one is actually made out of Kevlar weight Kevlar okay so that’s a really good question this whole time we’re talking about steel we’re talking about ceramic where’s Kevlar Finn tall is actually the majority of the products today are made of Kevlar how long has Kevlar been in existence since the 1970s why hasn’t there been anything new all that time we haven’t made many advancements since uh you know about ten years ago with ultra high molecular polyethylene weight so that’s the new stuff that’s coming down the pipeline that is correct this new material is lighter than Kevlar and equally bullet resistant actually slightly higher in ballistic ratings but really lighter weight so it sounds to me like all of this technology be it the steel evolving to the ceramics or Kevlar evolving into this poly ultra stuff it’s all about achieving a better balance of bullet resistance to light weight light weight is the key word so okay with that being said let’s get your take on the design of Master Chief’s armor shall we so let’s let’s bring out John John can I can I call you chief alright master chief this is Anthony our body armor expert nice to meet you no offense sir but right now we’re just gonna look at the design of your armor and give you a little bit of a critique on what works and what doesn’t all right so for those of you who might not be aware at home these top plates are all made of titanium and underneath you see these kind of other darker sections those are meant to be kind of a Kevlar titanium weave bodysuits there’s a lot of other kind of futuristic tech but we’re just looking for some critical design failures or successes that you see here so in your opinion as a body armor expert what works what doesn’t its overall a great suit I mean of course being made out of titanium really helps titanium is bulletproof correct bulletproof but it’s heavy very heavy okay is tomato suit to be probably around a thousand pounds if I had to guess that’s actually a hundred percent right canonically speaking the mule near armor as it’s called is a thousand pounds the vulnerabilities I see here the joints you know you couldn’t make a whole suit just without any joints so of course you’re gonna have some exposure here here okay and here at the legs where you need of course you know to bend here so is there a way to fix that sort of thing it’d be a full body suit but of course again you’ll be losing your mobility if you were to kind of armor coat these parts of his side now all of a sudden he isn’t able to kind of like Bend and flex in there exactly so there really is no good way to solve for that problem or well there is a way you can do it but that’s gonna take away the overall look of the suit if it’s gonna keep me alive in a firefight why not what would that be that’d be a ballistic curtain like a curtain rod around my body or not exactly what we’d probably do is a you know have some snap-on’s maybe in two positions here okay Chu here and then build a ballistic curtain which would basically hang and cover you so it’s literally like like a like a skirt over blanket and it’s bullet resistant bullet resistant what’s it mean out of Kevlar or polyethylene oh really so that would still allow you kind of that flexibility of motion but a greater level of resistance to anything that might be shooting you at either of your side that’s correct those nice pelo love handles no offense so outside of that then I’m saying that all the other kind of like key places that you outlined are being covered right we have the heart and kind of the lungs being protected by the the titanium plates on the chest obviously you know the central groin region receiving a fair amount of protection with that nice Armour piece right there chief has this leg armor though and you mentioned earlier that in real life people aren’t as concerned with protecting the legs well we’re concerned about protecting our legs the problem is you can’t sacrifice mobility and speed well fortunately though for the Halo universe they’ve kind of gotten around

this weight and mobility problem by including all the Spartans to have these neural adapters to the back of their head which allows them to kind of link up with a computer system that runs the suit so nipsey Master Chief agrees it’s one of those things where now all of a sudden he’s not just wearing a suit like it like a man trapped in a cage instead it’s acting like a second skin wear because it’s hooked into his brain the suits able to predict his motion okay which allows him that ability to be flexible and carry that amount of protection and weights but do it in a way that’s allowing him to maneuver quickly on the battlefield which is cool it makes sense the next concern though and probably the most important concern is going to be the neck vulnerability here his neck is exposed interesting so a chief well you will you turn around real quick for me thank you sir you’re very accommodating so one of the things that has always confused halo fans is chief is wearing say a three billion dollar super suit right here it’s the top of line technology for super soldiers in the 25th 26th century right and yet in the games he basically collapses with one or two basic melee attacks which is always struck people is weird that he can have this super armor but then be so vulnerable to a simple like punch in the back or like an elbow to the head remember we’re talking about a thousand pound suit yes so the weight is definitely a factor yeah and once you get the weight of the helmet which could be anywhere from 100 pounds I considering the scale you got a hundred pound helmet moving forward and snapping your neck yeah because it that’s all resting right on his neck correct correct that’s interesting too because there’s also that neural connection maybe even if it’s not just the neck breaking but maybe there’s also kind of a loss in that neural connection and how the suit is being operated and kind of being jacked into the brain maybe all of a sudden without that neural connection the whole thing just collapses and masterchief collapses in on himself under that weight that would be my guess that’s actually really interesting so Master Chief thank you for coming in from the future letting us critique your armor dissect it a little bit and Anthony thank you so so much for coming in it was an honor having you on my pleasure now if you excuse me I’m gonna go wrap up this episode maybe chief you should talk to this man about protecting that neck a little bit huh stop getting tea-bagged up there all the time holy cow so based on the analysis of our body armor expert in trying to allow Chiefs neck to remain flexible the mjolnir’s design also leaves them vulnerable but what’s the issue here neck snapping or neural disconnect well to answer that we turn to a game that has absolutely nothing to do with Spartans or Mjolnir armor halo ODST you see in ODST the power of the melee attacks was drastically reduced requiring several hits to take down an enemy the reason that’s important is because in this game you’re playing as a regular human not as a Spartan in fact the ODST armor may look similar but is much much different acting more like traditional much lighter body armor and that gives us our answer for melee attacks to be so much deadlier in games with Spartans it has to be something unique to those types of soldiers their neural link with their armor and ODST soldier’s brain isn’t hooked up to a thousand-pound suit of armor meaning melee takes more hits to finish off your opponent because you’re actually having to beat them into submission but in games involving Mjolnir style armor melee is opie because it’s causing the neck to jerk severing the neural connection between Spartan and suits head banging at its finest as a result the suit is no longer able to read the mind of its wearer and without being able to predict that person’s move it crushes him to death so believe me we see it in the lore in chapter 13 of the Halo prequel story the fall of reach quote a flat video appeared in the air it showed a Marine officer a lieutenant being fitted with the mule near armor power is on someone said from off-screen move your right arm please the soldiers arm blurred forward with incredible speed the Marines stoic expression collapsed into shock surprise and pain as his arm shattered he convulsed shuddered and screamed as he jerked in pain Jon could hear the sounds of bones breaking the man’s own agony induced spasm were killing him holes he waved the video away normal humans don’t have the reaction time or strength required to drive the system it cannot be powered down nor can the response be scaled back end quote and then once john-117 tries on the suit quotes the slightest motion translated his thought to motion at lightning speed it had been so fast if he hadn’t been attached to his arm he might have missed that it had happened at all end quotes the key there being translated his thought to motion without that connection John is just as helpless as the spasming Marine the suits hyper powerful motion and extreme weight becomes deadly to its wearer in the end it’s not the melee that kills them it’s

the suit itself without a neural link intact to keep the suit functioning and under control it immediately collapses crushing the wearer inside it’s just a retelling of snap three john-117 is the purple guy in Mjolnir a spring-trap sure the death animation you see in halo looks like you’ve just punched this guy to the ground but based on the game’s own science and real-world body armor technology if that animation is actually showing the suit doing all the killing for you I guess that back massage chief was promised is off the table but hey that’s just a theory a game theory thanks for watching consider subscribing it does a body good like milk now welcome back to the super amazing n card tournament for last time you chose blue as your favorite color not all that surprising really 23% of you chose blue purple made a strong showing with 11 percent all of you must be feeling very regal and rounding up the rear poop Brown seems fitting today we’re picking at your psychology this one’s gonna be fun would you rather find 10 million dollars or your one true soul mate true love for life so there you go love or money money or love click on one to choose find out the results next video and in the meantime get taken to the channel page where you should subscribe and then check out some of our other videos since you’re presumably a fan of halo I’d recommend the video revealing the shocking truth behind Destiny’s lore or our very first episode on halo we look at exoskeleton science it is old so be warned bad editing and slow vo await you it’s wild to see how far the channels come and on that note thanks again to Microsoft for sponsoring this video I know that you guys don’t like sponsored things and I turn down a lot of offers to make sure that you guys don’t get overwhelmed with that sort of thing but just so you know it helps me to expand the team and ensure that you guys get more videos faster and that’s important YouTube’s algorithm feeds off of fast easy to produce videos so episodes like this that take hundreds of hours to make and lots of money to find the people cameras etc are honestly fighting a losing battle there’s a reason why we’re the only channel in the top 100 200 gaming channels that isn’t a big corporation or isn’t producing let’s play videos and the occasional sponsorship allows us to fight that battle and show that YouTube video game videos can be more than just a face cam and a green-screen thank you guys for understanding and for your confidence support anyway enough talking go click love for money I want to see which one wins choose one choose it