How Come They're Not Hawking "Hemp-Derived THC Oil," Too?

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How Come They're Not Hawking "Hemp-Derived THC Oil," Too?

to bring you the latest developments in medical cannabis adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual gunshot it’s time for the marijuana agenda with rust Belleville now here’s your host Ross Belleville date ogres and tough cats at non-coking lovers of Liberty it is Friday July 7th 2017 and it’s got to be 4:20 somewhere in the world welcome to the program and welcome to the weekend and I know some of you out there listening are gonna go see that spider-man Home Coming movie the newest one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe bringing spider-man back into the Marvel fold that’s way too geeky we don’t wanna get into that geek level let’s save that for our too but in our 1 today we’ve got an amazing show for you when it comes to drug law reform in our drug policy reform update we’ve got a very intriguing panel from white faces black lives a presentation the drug policy Alliance put on last year and two speakers David Hertzberg and Helena Hanson who are speaking about racism and white drug exceptionalism it’s fascinating talk that’s coming up first then in our middle segment our reefer rock review we’ve got herb Thrasher from 4/20 radio stopping by to tell us all about the upcoming string summit here in the northwest out of hornings hideout great bluegrass music going on there then in our UK cannabis Chronicle we hear from greg de haut the chairman of the UK cannabis social clubs on his experience as a Crohn’s patient travelling through for us medical marijuana states will cap things off the radical rant where I ask hey where’s have derived THC oil huh you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville looking for the 420 friendliest way to visit beautiful legal pot land Oregon I’m Lori Duckworth inviting you to come stay with us at delta-9 house in studios you get your own private room with queen bed and access to a high-speed Wi-Fi premium entertainment system and more we’ll even cook your breakfast look us up on Facebook at Delta 9 house that’s slash Delta number 9 house Delta nine houses book theme city of Portland Kermit number 17 – one five nine eight five five it’s November whether you see the words medical marijuana on your ballot or not the issue is there in the halls of Congress – your state capitol or City Hall politicians are already making decisions on Medical Marijuana Policy on your behalf this election make sure they are representing you every vote is a vote for medical marijuana visit vote Medical Marijuana org today a marijuana agenda like the liberal agenda but with profits hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda putting together the most comprehensive live weekday marijuana Newstalk program is a full-time job now you can do your part to ensure that listener supported independent cannabis radio journalism can continue by becoming a patron of the marijuana agenda just log on to MJ agenda comm and click the become a patron button for your four dollar and twenty cent monthly donation you’ll receive over 20 hours per vigil first hour podcasts plus other materials only available to paid subscribers or for just $9.99 a month become a VIP patron you’ll get over 40 hours of podcasts for the complete program including toker talk radio plus add free downloads of the segment’s heard on the marijuana

agenda plus VIPs get exclusive access to the video replay of the two-hour live stream show and downloads of the spreadsheets and charts I provide from my years of curating marijuana datasets thank you for your support and remember I cannot do it without you please become a patron today @mj agenda dot-com this is your cannabis headline news brought to you by marijuana moment net the complete source for all your marijuana news in one morning newsletter from marijuana majority founder Tom angel subscribe today for free at marijuana moment men this is your cannabis headline news for Friday July 7th 2017 I’m Russ velvet CBS reports that Nevada’s first four days of legal recreational marijuana sales produced three million dollars in sales revenue and about a half million dollars in tax revenue according to the Nevada dispensary Association these figures put the silver state on track to generate an estimated 30 million dollars in recreational marijuana sales revenue throughout the next six months according to the Association estimates made by monitoring a period beginning with Saturday’s first day of recreational marijuana sales and ending on Tuesday July fourth depending on local regulations Nevada’s tax rate for recreational pot ranges between 33 and 38 percent with all state and local taxes included thousands of shoppers waited in line or as long as three hours at marijuana dispensaries over the weekend for their first chance to legally purchase pot in Nevada’s the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will begin offering training to prepare prospective workers for the medical marijuana industry according to the Baltimore Sun the move puts the Baltimore School in league with few other established universities and colleges including the University of Vermont College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology seeking to bring educational standards to a growing national industry that grapples with evolving science and uncertain legal standing pharmacy school will offer classes through its online platform toward certifications required under the state’s medical marijuana law for those involved in the business its partnering with the advocacy group Americans for safe access on the certification program that organization will provide the instructors and the curriculum which the school vetted and adjusted the pharmacy schools partnership with Americans for safe access gives the nonprofit advocacy group quote immediate legitimacy for its courses in quotes shad Ebert a professor at an arendelle Community College who teaches a course about the marijuana industry for credit but not yet industry certifications in New Jersey Phillip Deep Murphy the Democratic candidate for governor and the early favorite and recent polling for November’s general election announced his unambiguous support for making recreational marijuana use legal reports the New York Times a six billion dollar nationwide cannabis industry has since aggressively accelerated its efforts in New Jersey while his Republican opponent lieutenant governor kim Guadagno opposes legalization a coalition of lobbyists out-of-state companies existing medical marijuana dispensaries and even marijuana app companies are eagerly anticipating mr Murphy’s possible election as New Jersey’s next governor and are working with lawmakers in the democratically controlled legislature to have a bill ready for him to sign in the eight states that have legalized marijuana over 82 million dollars has been spent on advocacy both for and against according to jeff brindle the executive director of the new jersey election law enforcement Commission mr. Rindell wrote in an op-ed that he expected more industry money to flood New Jersey politics in a story from Kate UNC Colorado a marijuana credit union has won a small victory in its quest to provide banking services to pop businesses attempt US Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a lower court’s ruling regarding a credit union called fourth corner according to Alicia Wallace the National marijuana policy and business reporter for the cannabis fourth corner submitted an application with the state and it was approved giving the potential credit union a routing number when the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City denied their account fourth corner sued but a district judge dismissed it with prejudice or ‘the coroner appealed and the Tenth Circuit Court sent the case back to the lower court with instructions to dismiss the amended complaint without prejudice so they can apply again and if denied take the case back to court the Alaska dispatch News reports that some state marijuana shops have suddenly found themselves with one less outlet for marijuana advertising this week owners and employees of at least six retail marijuana stores in the state said that within the past week their Facebook pages were either taken down or entirely deleted by the tech company the timing of the Facebook page removal seemed odd to some people in the local marijuana industry as well the pages went dark around the same time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was visiting Alaska for the 4th of July weekend this has been your cannabis headline

news for Friday July 7th 2017 I’m Russ Belva you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville and herpes cannabis seeds we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality seeds from the world’s most respected cannabis seed producers all at lowest online prices you can find her B seeds at Murphy’s head shop comm all came to see their solar souvenirs and as comedians appeared in chemistry X Furby seeds in domain tends to condone promote one cycle use of illegal or controlled substances which Ronnie urges all this Bank investment detector has no flaws prior to placing an order Hermey seeds at her bees head shop calm proud sponsors on the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for the freedom leaf preview with Steve Blum from freedom leaf magazine learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about you are listening to the marijuana attendance with Ross Belleville if you work in the cannabis industry consume marijuana or just support freedom you need to know about breaking policy news that affects you marijuana moment is the daily newsletter that helps you stay on top of all the latest and most important state federal and international cannabis developments brought to you by longtime legalization activist Tom angel marijuana moment puts a concise yet comprehensive overview of cannabis news in your inbox early every weekday morning wake up to marijuana moment and rest assured you’ll be ready for the canvas news that’s driving the day subscribe now at marijuana moment net this is the drug policy reform update brought to you by drug policy Alliance at drug policy org the war on marijuana is just one aspect of the global drug war that corrupts governments enriches criminals and in prisons consumers while marijuana may be safer that doesn’t mean that other substances should be criminalized learn why legalizing all drugs should be every cannabis reformers goal in this edition of the drug policy reform update welcome to the drug policy reform update I’m Russ Belleville drug policy Alliance held a seminar at Columbia University entitled white faces black lives today we feature highlights from a panel entitled racism and its role in white drug exceptionalism moderated by Samuel K Roberts of Columbia University today we feature two panelists David Hertzberg from the University of Buffalo and Helena Hanson from New York University I think that there are as a historian there are three ways that belief in the in the ideology of whiteness has done damage in relation to drugs and drug practices the first relates to drug policy first wave of widespread drug harm in America took place in the late 19th century it’s important understand why this was a time of industrial revolution growing consumer markets people were using all different kinds of consumer goods more shirts more cars more books more candles more forts and more drugs because they were more widely available for the same reason that all other goods were more widely available with more use came more of the harms associated with drug use and as those harms expanded dramatically social authority said we have a problem we want to respond to this problem but they responded to the problem in two different ways because they saw two different kinds of problems these mostly white authorities they saw white native-born middle-class men especially women buying their drugs through the medical system with the advice of a doctor from a pharmacist and they saw these people as innocent victims if they experienced drug harm such as addiction they saw them as innocent victims of broad social forces beyond their control so an out-of-control drug industry ignorant poorly educated doctors or the stresses of Lee time of raccattack rapid economic change so they responded to these drug victims with consumer protections they regulated the drug industry they regulated medical practice and they created mechanisms to allow continued provision of drugs to people who had become addicted through the through the medical system over the next over the next half century meanwhile working-class immigrant and non-whites mostly men in cities who had less access to the medical system and tended to be purchasing their drugs in a different way still legal there were no anti-drug laws this time still legal

they saw this group of people as wilful deviants who were criminals because of their innate racial capacities because their innate character flaws and so they passed the law you heard up before the Harrison anti narcotic act in 1914 to outlaw them and and arrest them by the mid-1920s drug violators were 30% of America’s federal prisoners that’s 100 years almost 100 years ago so when you look at this first response you see these white middle classes in the medical system got up I got a response that looks has bares some elements of what we call harm reduction you got regulated availability with a focus on the safety of end consumers and you had drug maintenance for people who had become addicted how well did this work well slowly over about half a century drug harms related to medical provision of opioids and cocaine it went down it did work slowly to reduce the harms associated with drug use in that context but these other populations these immigrants non-whites their numbers the the numbers of drug harm related to their use did not go down just punishing them and locking them up big surprise did not was not effective so the first harm of whiteness I would say is that it helped prevent good policy from being applied widely because they looked at this policy look at its success and said well that success is due to the qualities of the white people that we gave it to it’s not a success based on the policy itself that was especially something special about white people that made that policy work for them so that’s one the the second harm has to do with drug harms and especially addiction these policies that were they were oriented towards white drug users they helped them but they also hid them when people studied drug problems the 1920s they thought a lot of the white drug users had disappeared because they weren’t showing up in jails they weren’t showing up in hospitals because they were being taken care of in a different way and so addiction came to be ever more closely associated with these urban populations sometimes called the dangerous classes by these reformers and authorities so what this meant is that the ability to see and recognize drug harms among those white middle class populations was reduced and when drug companies and physicians came up with new drugs to replace the ones that had been so tightly regulated talking about barbiturate sedatives and amphetamines stimulants these were very lightly regulated because they were being used in the medical system where addiction had supposedly disappeared those those white people didn’t want to be addicted so they were making good decisions right so unsurprisingly these drugs became massively widely used in America starting in the 1920s 30s 40s 50s the overwhelming majority of people who were using psychoactive drugs in America during these decades were white middle class people using barbiturates and amphetamines these drugs have risks associated with them and a very large and significant problems with drug dependence and drug overdose were associated with these drugs just to give a quick example 1953 the overdose rate for barbiturates was nearly eight for a hundred thousand to give a point of comparison in 2013 the overdose rate for prescription opioids was almost five for a hundred thousand so this was a genuine public health crisis taking place right in the teeth of a supposed drug war with drugs that were being widely advertised everywhere you looked and widely used so this is a second harm of whiteness in this story it made the risks of so-called white drugs if you’re a drug company and you can have your drug be considered white it makes it that much harder to have it be regulated with the consumer protections that can limit the kind of harms or risks that can come along with widespread use that’s the second harm third and last harm relates to drug benefits not drug harms but drug benefits once you add in pharmaceutical sedatives stimulants and narcotics to this to the story of drugs in American history the idea of there being a drug war kind of proceeds a little bit and you look at a you look at a tale whose overwhelmingly dominant numbers are about the promotion encouragement of drug use because these drugs can produce benefits to people sedative stimulants and narcotics are important drugs that the u.s. government has clearly throughout this entire period decided should be used and should be widely used so instead what you see instead of a drug war you see what might best be characterized as a segregated consumer market for drugs just like you had a segregated consumer market for houses and movie theaters and amusement parks etc you have one whites are invited to participate in a consumer market called pharmaceuticals these are of drugs that are relatively well regulated you know what is in them they are provided by actors who at least in theory share the goal of the well-being of end consumers in that market and meanwhile non-whites have less less privileged access to that system and have easier access to a

totally unregulated drug market providing drugs of unknown provenance where if they run into drug harm instead of being taken care of as the ones in that the white half of this kind of Jim Crow drug provision system get they are punished because they become visible when you experience a drug harm you become visible and you actually get punished and suffer further harm so that’s the third harm that whiteness perpetrated in the system is that it has actually helped restrict access to the benefits of drugs it’s important to remember that these that there’s a reason why these drugs are widely used and have another basis of you know one of America’s biggest industries great thanks Helena thank you so we are now in the era of the endangered white American with the media lamenting the decline in life expectancy among white men and women largely due to opioid overdose right that’s the leading cause in this one instance racism seems to be protected of non-whites because they’re offered there less often offered opioid painkillers but the lesser-known story behind the whiteness of opioid overdose as well as the pharmaceutical eyes government response to white overdose is the way that whiteness has been used to relax narcotic regulations to ethnically target less stigmatized white markets and to biology’s addiction in ways that mask the social and economic conditions surrounding drug use so I’m gonna give you a quick racial biography because Jesse gave me five minutes a quick racial biography of three key opioids based on my last 10 years of research on opioids and raised something that really hit me over the head and my practice as an addiction psychiatrist and as a cultural anthropologist the first drug is oxycontin so its FDA approval in 1996 as a quote-unquote mimic minimally addictive pain reliever was based on a three-month long clinical trial among terminal cancer patients that failed to account for real-world social condition conditions of its use such as the ease with which the sustained release capsules could be crushed and injected or snorted Purdue pharmaceuticals then had licensed to hire almost 700 drug reps to canvas general doctors in largely white areas of states like largely white suburban and rural America including states like Maine Kentucky and Ohio which led to tenfold increase in prescriptions for opioid pain relievers so this aggressive marketing was possible largely because of the white identity of the anticipated opioid consumer the second drug that I want to give a biography before is beep an orphan otherwise known as suboxone and you already heard that drug mentioned this morning in the qat as a meatman Streetman for opioid addiction it has become the primary governmental response to overdose along with naloxone overdose reversal kits Congress specifically legalized it for prefer private office treatment of opioid dependence into the year 2000 out of concern for the growing numbers of quote and here I’m quoting the Congressional Record suburban youth not appropriate for methadone so in doing so Congress reversed 86 years of prohibition against physicians using opioids to treat opioid addiction that is outside of stigmatized methadone clinics that are DEA regulated and required daily observed dosing bear in mind that methadone clinics were introduced by Nixon as the first weapon and the war on drugs during the black and brown urban heroin crisis of the 1970s and that’s really why they’re largely located in poor black and brown neighborhoods so in contrast in the 1990s the National Institute on Drug Drug Abuse allotted twenty seven million dollars for clinical trials of suboxone as an office-based treatment for addiction Congress designated suboxone an orphan drug in order to extend the patent protection for suboxone in additional ten years and worked with the manufacturer to develop an eight-hour certification requirement for doctors who want to prescribe suboxone which help to limit suboxone to the private and therefore largely white sector okay the third drug to offer a biography for is heroin which is now recapturing its whiteness due to due to a crisis of blame since white opioid addicted people are not politically acceptable targets for arrest our government’s response has been directed at prescribers and at the drug itself that is the prescription the prescription drug monitoring programs that enforce physicians participation with threats to their medical license in New York State for example and with the withdrawal of the original oxycontin from the market and its replacement by newly patented tamper resistant formulations as supplies of pills dried

up new white users turn to heroin the majority of them are now women given that women disproportionately see doctors for pain treatment so we’re now back to a middle class what we’re now back to middle-class white woman’s the primary clientele for heroin this replicates the 19th century demographic following Bayer pharmaceuticals introduction of heroin to the market in 1898 as a non-addictive treatment for morphine addiction which was widespread among Victorian housewives and this demographic in turn now in 2016 is inspiring bipartisan calls to enhance funding for addiction treatment and to begin to decriminalize heroin use so what these biographies teach us is that whiteness is a powerful instrument of bio capital it works by not naming whiteness I heard someone calling out when I when I cited the congressional record suburban white youth yes that’s a code language for white so it uses coded language such as suburban and mainstream America Pharma and biotech make up the single largest industry in the world and the u.s. consumes 80% of the world’s opioid supply bear in mind that we make up less than 5% of the world’s population whiteness is a major driver for opening otherwise stigmatized and outlawed markets with newly patented narcotics netting and the billions of dollars whiteness is an industrial strategy a cloaking device that lures white America to pay for dangerous drugs that inflated patented priced prices but also with their lives this episode was produced as part of the Marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville The Daily News and interview podcast covering the world of medical cannabis adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual ganja and jade agenda calm hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda putting together the most comprehensive live weekday marijuana Newstalk program is a full-time job now you can do your part to ensure that listener supported independent cannabis radio journalism can continue by becoming a patron of the marijuana agenda just log on to MJ agenda comm and click the become a patron button if you’re an organization or business looking to promote your brand we have sponsorship patronage available at MJ agenda comm sponsorship includes 15 and 30 second ad breaks and six minute interviews on the podcast depending on sponsorship level which begins at $19.99 a month thank you for your support and remember I cannot do it without you please become a patron today at every J agenda comm hi this is Willie Nelson alcohol prohibition didn’t work in the 1920s and marijuana prohibition isn’t working today it’s time we stopped arresting responsible marijuana smokers it’s the fair thing to do for more information contact normal the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws call toll free 8 8 8 6 7 n o r ml or visit their website at n o R and L org the marijuana agenda like the conservative agenda – the hypocrisy new beginner guitars and banjos are often constructed much better than ones built before your time why struggle get a new instrument or fix the old one the trusted professionals at the fingerboard extension will evaluate your instrument for free repairs are priced for people who work for a living stop by the fingerboard extension downtown Corvallis at 120 Northwest 2nd Street today or check out its inventory on the web at fingerboard extension com as we prepare for the weekend we remember that the fight to end adult marijuana prohibition is as much about culture as it is about criminal justice music has always been at the forefront of revolution and the marijuana movement is no different join us as we visit with herb Thrasher program manager at 4:20 Radio org for this edition of reefer rock review all right folks we made it to the end of the week and that means it’s time for us to let our hair down and join up with 4/20

radios herb Thrasher who’s going to give us our reefer rock review for the day or her welcome to the weekend how’s it going right on thanks so much doing great lots of things happen less than a week till the northwest string summit happening here in legalized Portland Oregon happens to be July 13th through the 16th coming up right around the bend lots of great bands 420 radio will be out there we’ll be out on the grounds got a photo pass an all-access pass so we’ll be discussing a lot of things with these artists and taking some great pictures again it’s held at hornings hideout many great bands playing like Yonder Mountain String Band playing three sets green sky bluegrass playing two sets Del McCoury bands going to be there elephant revival will be there this year we have a new artist to the lineup Todd Snider real excited to see him Portland’s fruition a lot of great bands we’ll also be seeing got the test apes looking forward to seeing them that’s a danny barnes banjo picker meeting max brody ex drummer for ministry and those two have put together a weird kind of Funkadelic kind of bluegrass so we’ll be getting all kinds of things there’s a funk band on the Saturday night late set turkeys and so looking forward to many great things a lot of camp in the fest Thursday through Sunday July 13 through 16 you can go to the string summit dot-com there’s still tickets left you can hear an interview that I have with the festival director Scott McDonald tonight on Earth thrash and flower at 8:00 p.m. on 4/20 radio and you can also go to the Facebook page and find the link for that successful as well and speaking of music that’s going to be at that stuff so we got a brand new release the band is going to be playing late Thursday nights that really looking forward to seeing split lip Rayfield who just released a brand new album on my way these guys are from Kansas and it’s a full-length album will over ten songs on it and these guys have been going for quite a while kind of regrouped and they’ve got their strings back in gear kind of known as a flash grass as they mix this up got a speedier kind of vibe to their bluegrass tendencies and they’re playing again late night set on Thursday night just released a brand new album on my way and you can go to their Bandcamp page and you can hear this whole album stream and also go to their website split lip Rayfield dot-com and you can find out information on that and get out there and support these guys as well and one more story real quick story rock pioneer stoner rock legends Black Sabbath has announced September 28th as the end of the N we’ll be filming they filmed their February Birmingham’s final concert and it’s going to be playing in over 15-hundred cinemas worldwide and adding more as it is but it’s kind of like a documentary and this will the whole tour has been going on for about two years now as far as the end and this will mark the end the end and according to Ozzy Osbourne there won’t be any coming back no matter what five years down the road ten years down the road they’re saying the end is and if you’re not familiar with Black Sabbath you should be to have the greatest stoner rock songs of all time sweetly so I’ll be in a cinema does sure where but I’ll be posting all the cinemas and information as that as well so follow 420 radio on our Facebook page hit us up on Twitter and check out our live shows tonight 8 p.m. herb thrash a flower hour followed by 10 p.m Big Daddy Fink’s funky roller rink and there’s your reef or rock report for today thanks herb pressure and have yourself a great weekend and we turn out into 420 Radio org tonight at 8:00 p.m Pacific time and check out two hours of the best live stoner rock metal bluegrass music you could enjoy followed by an hour of the deepest funk tracks on the Internet herb Thrasher and 420 radio bring it all to you thanks herb we’ll talk to you again next week all right this episode was produced as part of the marijuana agenda with Russ velvet The Daily News an interview podcast covering the world of medical cannabis adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual guns and Jade agenda calm

you hey everybody its Russ fellow from the marijuana gem is inviting you to be like me and get your internet lucky horseshoe tattoo forwards most female-friendly clean sterile awesome tattoo shop Thomas this group are true artists you can design a custom piece or use a design you bring it but he or she also offers all the styles of tattooing as well as piercings an all-around fun in the DFW area stop by lucky worse you tattoo and tell the radical resection trust me it’ll feel did you know that in Georgia one of the 13 adults is in jail or prison or on parole or probation as a mother and as a professional I advocate for access to drug treatment instead of incarceration we need you to join us in this important fight this October were coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference come lend your voice to the fight register now every form conference or you’re not high you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville I’m astonished to hear people suggest we can solve heroin crisis have you heard this by having more marijuana okay maybe you’re a little hi I’m Russ Belleville with the marijuana agenda join me every two weeks for the cannabis minority report from the minority cannabis Business Association learn more at MJ agenda comm slash about welcome to the United Kingdom cannabis Chronicle brought to you by the UK cannabis social clubs at UK CSC co uk your source for relaxation and reform today we catch you up on the latest news and speak with an expert from the United Kingdom on the latest developments in ending adult cannabis prohibition this is your UK cannabis Chronicle what’s up guys welcome to kind of a tequila TV I just thought I’d share a story about legal medical cannabis and from my travels in America Oregon has recently legalized cannabis for recreational use so I feel very comfortable speaking about this experience now I’m sure down to John kvitko happy for me to talk about it we’ve talked about it and before anyway so it shouldn’t it shouldn’t really be an issue you’ve done so online and but on my travels throughout America in 2011 I went to Colorado Washington Oregon and California and checked out their legal medical cannabis situations they’ve all got some kind of exemption in the law if you’re a patient and you’ve got a qualifying condition or in California any anything goes condition and you can have a certain amount of cannabis on you you can consume it at home or in certain public places and even grow a certain number of plants now I was with one such patient gandered John he is that thing’s on his fourth kidney now and he’s got one eye he’s on medications that he will be on for the rest of his life something like immunosuppressants and he does use cannabis on top of it as well our thing was on dialysis for 18 months the period of life that I’m am I think it was that like might not be quite along it was an incredibly long time and his body would not really have been able to take that kind of a treatment had it not been for the cannabis that he used and he used a hell of a lot of cannabis and he still does and he gave he gave me some great advice once when I was desperately opening I said grip just you know use more cannabis and I said I’m not I think I possibly can he said like you can just usually going to have to do it and I said alright okay and I did it and I’m here to tell the story and so anyway we were in Oregon we were driving down from a legal cannabis shroom job and I just done with a group of friends it was a Ken doc trim and it was stinky and he absolutely reeks of fuel like that really like Ken dogged easily and smell

absolutely all over us and each one of us meet Kalika and john were wearing cannabis clothing or maybe I have made apparel and actually we know it offers I have a token daily t-shirt on Gander John had a live is like it’s legal t-shirt on and I think liquor probably had a normal t-shirt on and because of time we were working for normal show like a radical Russ so driving down from one part of like North Oregon down to South Oregon began to around Eugene to stay with Gander John’s parents and he and we’ve gone into a convenience store about 11 o’clock at night maybe midnight and just looking around for snacks as you do on your you know and you’ve been trimming all day and and dabbing and baking with smoke and in you know enjoying good company done a hard day’s work we’ve been trimming for eight hours so we’re going to stock up on food before he got back to his parents place for the night and while we’re in there John’s seas bumped into an old school friend and he’s talking to her and you say ah what you know I haven’t seen you for so long where you’re up to and John says um I’m just on my way down to California and we’re gonna go and see some friends I’m you know I’m taking taking my friend here to meet them me me and I said you know just gonna hang out for a few days and has that happened two police officers tackle to walk through the door and they heard California and SECAM to John with livid like it’s legal rivet written on there and a big weeds leaf and probably a you know weed leaf on his hat and admittedly we did smell quite a bit and he did taste of like lingered around the store sort of like I walked out of there I’ve just been my oh my god I don’t like this situation I’m just I’m gonna go back to the car so I went back to the car all three of us said you know walked out and as we go into the car the officers walked out of the store and flick their flashlight on the car and we’re like don’t move stay in the vehicle will come back ended at that point and and they came over to it at the you know to Topeka to beat cops and their beige uniforms and they they wanted to search us they said they smell now they said it smelled like we had 10 pounds of marijuana on us and they needed to search our vehicle and they heard that we’ve been from being to California and Gander John was just like laughing not laughing but sort of like I can sense this sort of going oh my god this is Dickie this you know he’s I’m a medical marijuana patient I have a card and he said on I’m registered I have these you know have these conditions he said when we’re not going down to two we’re not coming back from California said we’re actually going down to California and anyway who the hell wants to smuggle ten pounds of cannabis into California though you know how much they grow there and this guy didn’t quietness of John um which and he wasn’t being aggressive or you know too snarky at all but he was it was just an obvious fact you know who does when I grow who who does want to grow cannabis in Oregon and then smuggle it through the Emerald triangle where they grow you know some of the best and the largest quantities of cannabis you know that gets shipped around the whole of the United States and not just the not just the stay and then that’s been happening since the you know the sixties and seventies when the hippies really sailed up there and so so so John’s John’s given the misinformation that looking at his thing they’ve pulled Kalika out and one of the officers actually went through the car and goes you you go out you smell the worst and it was clearly a racist shop kvitko is Mexican Hawaiian and and they pulled you know they they pulled him out and they tied him down searched him they’re asking him questions which he answered you know you know truthfully and and you know carefully and and just said as much as he needed to say and which was all he needed to say he wasn’t carrying any cannabis he didn’t actually have any cat you know any any you know there wasn’t any real probable cause and to point out that he smelled the worst was just a little bit strange considering when we actually left I’ll fill you in on that

beer in a minute and we uh I managed to get away completely unspoken to in the whole situation I think I was there luckily just left on my own SAP’s pulled out the car they searched the car I just sat down on a wall and just watched it all unfold really like medically go to my left and John to my right during during the during the raid we another two police cars pulled over it must have been donut hour or something of the at the shop and the hot fresh ones just came out the album and to City Police two or three see for these came out and they’re like oh do you need a hand guys oh my god you know this is crazy they found in the car they found my Sheldon black bomb in the back in the case they pulled it out there was one gram of Jack the Ripper in there the guys at Boroff on gave me and it was the pink lemonade cart Oh smell absolutely fired I remember seeing the guy I was looking in going oh please don’t drop my bomb please don’t drop my bomb and they pulled out the pole this uh this this this old tiny little bag you know just just you know just a kitchen back with the gram of Jack the Ripper pardon me and he saw like look to him smell it and put it back in there cause it’s not a large amount and Jonna doll representing this medical marijuana card it wasn’t an issue he put it put it back in there they were looking for signs or for weight or anything like that and they didn’t find any and they were very disappointed hey let’s go they didn’t make it I think I think they gave any record of his own research to John or anything like that and we were we were on our way and it was a pretty scary experience to be honest I thought you know if they find out I’m English they might might start interrogating me thinking I’m some kind of a you know the international drug baron or something like that my dreams but yeah it was um it was a situation where although medical cannabis was legal and John had access to that and John had 10 grams of scissor hash in his pocket which was fine nothing I basically made I think you can have six carry six pounds on you in Oregon and not be a problem and despite that they still had an issue with the fact that John smelt like weeds and he’s a patient and and that he might have might have been you know a large amount of cannabis in his in his vehicle and it struck me that even though you are a patient for they’re gonna still try and get everyone else and patients are going to get caught in the crossfire I think that’s a really important to remember when when we’re trying to fight for our for our rights here in the UK and the way we go about it so one love the gander John and kvitko out there in Oregon and congratulations to everyone who is making their way forward in a new legal cannabis industry out there it must be a really exciting time I’ve been watching some of the progress over there and not just with the cannabis side of things but the hemp side of things as well because you’ve got the right to grow hemp legally as well now good watch didn’t write sketches stuff on Facebook he’s he’s you know on the ground really seeing things moving as they’re going on all around him I had a lot of good fun with him out in in in Washington actually when I was out there and yeah well forever forever I remember that time but I’m gonna stop rambling now and let you get on with your evenings but I just thought I’d let you have that story about patients living in a in an illegal medical cannabis world and how it’s not quite as simple as it might seem this episode was produced as part of the marijuana agenda with russ Belvin the daily news and interview podcast covering the world of medical care adult marijuana industrial hemp and spiritual gun and Jade agenda calm the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville is proudly sponsored by the marijuana business association the MJB a called by NBC News the cannabis Chamber of Commerce is the fastest growing business association in the fastest growing industry in America I’ve been working with emj VA for years and I personally invite you to join MJ VA MJ ba also publishes the popular MJ headline news on Facebook and the MJ news network calm and marijuana channel

1 on youtube visit MJ VA net for more details as a formerly incarcerated person I know firsthand all the ways that we are disenfranchised when we are running through the system every day I work to help people regain their rights and dignity but the fight is far from over we need you to join us in this important fight this October we’re coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference join us in the fight to individual registered now every phone conference down org you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville like that picked the wrong week wish motor learn more at MJ agendas calm I’m Ross Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for our government at work the latest in cannabis reform at the local state federal and international level learn more at MJ agenda naked well if you were listening yesterday you got to hear me go off on the hemp oil hucksters these company companies that are selling CBD oil over the internet in all 50 states claiming that our product is legal in all 50 states completely legal which is hard to understand then why the federal Congress has three bills before it to legalize CBD by taking it out of the Controlled Substances Act hard to understand why 16 states spend all that time and money holding elections to legalize CBD for epilepsy in their state if it’s already federally illegal in all 50 states but but that’s their argument right they say hey we’re some of the CBD oil it’s legal in all 50 states and how they put that together how they put that legal theory together is based on a few rickety planks and one of them is the 2004 case h EI vs. HIA vs. DEA the hemp industries association versus the Drug Enforcement Administration and what had happened back then is that there was hemp products like hemp seed oil hemp foods hemp lotions and such the DEA in the early 2000s tried to ban when they banned him by saying look this stuff has THC in it and THC is a controlled substance you can’t have THC that’s an illegal drug even though it’s in tiny tiny tiny tiny amounts that’s not gonna get anybody high you can’t have it because it Steve CNN cielito and the hemp Industries Association sued when they argue that the way that the Controlled Substances Act is written that if you extract something from hemp it’s legal in that the Controlled Substances Act is set up where synthetic THC is defined specifically tetrahydrocannabinol x’ are specifically defined in the Controlled Substances Act and the court ruled in the favor of the hemp industries Association because they said look if the Congress put synthetic THC in there then that doesn’t mean all THC is illegal THC that has naturally derived from substances that aren’t marijuana wouldn’t be illegal now the problem of course is that THC is only found in substances that are marijuana yet THC from marijuana flower marijuana leaf marijuana resin that’s considered marijuana that’s a Schedule one drug is completely illegal but in the hemp industry’s case they were talking about making hemp soaps and hemp seed oil and hemp seed you know flour and bread and whatever else with hemp that it contained less than 0.3 percent THC and when you go look at the definition of cannabis in the Controlled Substances Act the definition of marijuana I should say marijuana is what they call it and marijuana is illegal if it comes from the plant except and

there’s these very important exception hemp stalk hemp stock and hemp seed are not considered marijuana those are exceptions and those are legal now you can’t get a hemp stock without growing a live cannabis plant so you can’t cultivate hemp federally right and both living and dead plants count as marijuana so the plants themselves are still illegal under the marijuana definition the Controlled Substances Act but if somebody in another country somebody in Germany grows some cannabis and then they just trim it down to where it’s just the stalks the stalks themselves aren’t illegal and so that’s legal that’s why we got have products and have fibers and all sorts of stuff here in America so getting back to the hemp oil guys the hemp oil guys base their theory that CBD is legal on that 2004 case they say well if it’s derived from a hemp stock then that can’t be illegal but the problem with this reasoning is that there is no synthetic CBD versus natural CBD rule going on here all CBD all cannabidiol is illegal because it comes from marijuana it comes from the plant the it comes from the leaves the flower or the resins the claim that you could get CBD out of seeds or stock is dubious because there’s just not enough of it in seeds and stocks to really be practical to be possible so their argument is like well we’re getting this from hemp stock so it’s legal because so stuff that comes from hemp is legal and that opens up a brand-new sort of thought that I had this morning on a simple soundbite to debunk this legal at all 50 states CBD oil if things extracted from hemp are legal then where is the hemp derived THC oil that’s legal in all 50 states the logic that these hemp oil hucksters are trying to use to convince their customers that they’re not breaking federal law is based on the 2004 hemp industry’s case that said well you’re extracting stuff from hemp the the if you got a shampoo or a lotion or a food that came from hemp that was less than 0.3 percent THC it’s legal but less than 0.3 percent is not 0 it means there’s still some THC there right so why aren’t these companies getting a whole bunch of hemp seed oil like they claim to be doing getting hemp seed oil from Northern Europe and extracting the CBD out of it because that would be legal because it came from hemp if that’s your excuse then that excuse works even better for THC because the 2004 hemp industry’s case actually set the precedent that naturally-occurring THC derived from a source other than marijuana is legal it the whole case is based on this idea that if Congress wrote synthetic THC down then that meant non synthetic THC natural THC was something that was a constituent of cannabis and was thereby illegal it that does the whole legal reasoning involved there so if you’re trying to build use that as your excuse for why CBDs legal then that’s an even better excuse as to why hemp derived THC would be legal why not take those big vats these alleged vats of Northern European hemp oil that you’re extracting CBD from why not extract the THC from it wouldn’t it be legal in all 50 states I’ll tell you why they’re not gonna do that because they know in the minute they extract THC and try to use that same [ __ ] argument on it the DEA is going to be seizing their equipment seizing their bank accounts then perp marching some people into federal prison because they know that D H the DEA does really care a lot about THC and people getting high off of it and then CBD they don’t care so much about because it doesn’t get people high and it’s really restricted to people using it for medical uses and if we bust those people it’s gonna make us look really bad that’s the only reason they’re trying to play this wink-wink nudge-nudge game with CBD oil and not with THC oil that would be as legal or more legal under their reasoning they know they’re breaking the law they know they’re hoodwinking their customers into thinking they’re not breaking the law and to some extent you could say this is cool civil disobedience in that you build up this patient base this customer base of people all throughout the United States even in states without CBD laws who become dependent on this medication they find the relief from it that it cures their seizures that it does such wonders

for them and their kids and then if the DEA does come and shut them down which the indications are it’s starting to look like they’re setting up the the battleground for that if they do come to shut them down you’ve got enough money to build a really good case and enough public support for people to be behind it still it is immoral to engage people in breaking unjust laws without them knowing that they’re breaking those unjust laws follow empty agenda on Facebook Pinterest Instagram you and follow the show on Twitter something that gets passed around a joint streaming live on the marijuana at Jim it’s time for toker talk radio great the voice of the marijuana nation marijuana is listed as a schedule 1 drug that is absurd fallen now at six five Oh legal MJ that’s six five oh five three four twenty five 65 what’s to keep somebody from Gitmo potted up on weed and then get behind the wheel and okay-dokey talk radio is your chance to make your voice heard in the marijuana nation that are welcome on their pants from their cap on by Christmas minimum a mystery Snoopy poop dog send that message with clarity the good people don’t smoke marijuana now let’s get to joking and talking with your host Russ Belleville all right welcome back everybody it’s our final hour for the week this first week of July hard for me to believe we’re already halfway through the year things are looking good for Monday monday is the 710 holiday for those who don’t know 7:10 July 10th 7:10 if you write it out 7 1 0 and you rotate that paper 180 degrees it will spell the word oil you know this is that old calculator trick from back in the 80s read spell words out turn the calculator upside down it would spell boob or something you shouldn’t have to turn it upside down for boob do you anyway 8008 anyway 710 holiday is taking place on Monday and High Times Magazine is doing a huge celebration of 7:10 because it also coincides with the 500th edition of High Times magazine issued number 500 it’s coming out that’s pretty amazing so Danny Danko and some of the others from High Times will be live-streaming on Monday for 500 minutes and they’re going to be doing all sorts of dabs and such so we will see if we can kind of take a look into what’s going on in high times if they’re still up and around during our during our regular Showtime also having a good time here at Delta 9 house in the studio’s house is full again for the weekend all sorts of great guests from both coasts we’ve got a guest from Los Angeles and guests from I think New Jersey staying in us in here this week so lots of fun we are almost completely booked for July there’s one next weekend is open in sativa room and the last weekend last week is open in indica room check them all out at Delta 9 if you’re interested in staying here you can also watch me do this show right here from delta-9 house and studios we have a lot of fun we’re gonna talk about the rest of the news that’s going on in the world will get to some politics as well Donald Trump is out there embarrassing the hell out of the country again and recently spoke with Vladimir Putin I mean yeah his boss right so he recently spoke to Putin and I guess the latest thing coming out of this and I need to follow up and find out in more detail what’s going on but apparently we’re gonna set up some sort of Commission Council study whatever group on cyber hacking and electoral security Hey good so far right but from what I’m getting from my Twitter feed it’s apparently going to be set up in conjunction with the Russians we’re gonna work together US and Russia on our election hacking really this is like the news these days it’s so hard to even satirize like I I think the people with the onion and must be going crazy like how do you write something that’s

crazier than that all of the US intelligence agencies say Russia had a hand in meddling and hacking in our election so to fix the problem we’re gonna bring Russia in to help I mean it’s just the naked traitorous treasonous nature of what’s going on in the Oval Office these days so blatant I mean think about what was scandalous prior to Trump think about remember when like Al Gore side during a debate that was oh my god such disrespect he sighed during it to pay doto Watergate I mean my generation I’m almost 50 right so like otter gate in my lifetime is the biggest political scandal ever or maybe iran-contra right but definitely water date has at least in Watergate some people went to jail but in Watergate the scandal the big problem was the attempted cover-up of a break-in at the Democratic headquarters we’re talking about Russia breaking into our electronic headquarters of the Democratic Party right the Republicans try to cover up one badly executed burglary and that’s enough to topple the president he’s out right he’s resigning in disgrace these days you got our biggest enemy not a generation to go the president was calling them an evil empire all of our intelligence agencies say they’re hacking into it which which I think a lot of people they don’t understand the nature of cyberspace and that what has happened is akin to a navei in a land invasion like we’ve got Soviet troops like this is Red Dawn right they got again going back to my teenage years 1984 this is Red Dawn this is the Soviet invasion of America except now it’s Russians and it’s in cyberspace and since it’s not real it’s not tanks coming down the the the square and it’s not Russian soldiers marching in the streets people don’t feel it like it’s a invasion but it is we’re engaged in a war right now we’re gonna have them help us oh my god good thing I got lots a really good weed Oregon we’re gonna be right back gotta pay some bills make Jesus a tune you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville looking for the 4/20 friendliest way to visit beautiful legal pot land Oregon I’m Lori Duckworth inviting you to come stay with us at delta-9 house in studios you get your own private room with queen bed and access to our high speed Wi-Fi premium entertainment system and more we’ll even cook your breakfast look us up on Facebook at delta-9 House that’s slash Delta number nine house Delta nine houses booked through Airbnb tom city of Portland permit number 17 – one five nine eight five five did you know that each day in the state of Georgia more than six people are diagnosed with HIV as a person providing life-saving services to those most at risk I know HIV is preventable we need more people in this fight which is why I want you to join me this October in Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference join us in the fight to end the drug war register now at reform conference dot org the marijuana agenda like the alcoholism a lot see I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every two weeks for the voice of the industry from the National cannabis Industry Association learn more at MJ agenda dot-com / about hello mr. man hi I’m doing I’m working I’m sharing no food till this is done it’s time for choker talk radio the voice of the marijuana nation call in now at six five old legal MJ all right welcome back continuing on the politics tip interesting poll coming out from YouGov that was a reported in newsweek

headline reads that democrats want a socialist to lead their party more than a capitalist interesting right and you know this comes on the heels of something else i was watching earlier which was a Jake Tapper interview with Bill Maher on CNN and it is asking Maher about you know what should the Democrats do and this is something that Dan Savage talked about recently on on Bill Maher’s show as well and it’s something I’ve focused in on a lot because I’m a I’m a student of George Lakoff and I believe in you know framing and messaging dynamics and that’s one way in which the Republicans have kicked our ass for years and years and that is on framing and messaging and I believe part of it because Republicans are the part are the money party they’re the party of business and and capitalism and Madison Avenue right and no neuro-linguistic trying to motivate people to do certain things and feel certain ways then the non neural linguistically trained people on Madison Avenue marketers advertisers there’s a whole science behind getting people to want to buy this flavor of ice cream or that scent of perfume or this particular brand of clothes and they take that same kind of idea and they use it with their party and their platform and their political candidates they’re not policy people it’s not about governing it never is you’ll you’ll see whenever we get Republican administrations the economy goes to hell we end up in war as terrible things happen right the social safety net gets decimated get richer you know trickle on economics goes on hatred Rises we don’t like the minorities and the immigrants and the in the gay people or whatever right always comes around with Republicans because they’re not about governing they’re not about policy they’re about business and in order to conduct business and to make business better for business by taking the levers of government and controlling those and the the regulatory agencies and making sure they don’t interfere too much on making a profit in order to do that they have to win elections so they figured out how to win elections because it’s like marketing it’s like we figured out how to get people to buy a certain brand of frozen pizza we’ll figure out how to get people to buy this particular candidate and they’re good at it because they understand that people are like them they don’t vote based on policy necessarily they vote based on identity based on tribalism based on their feelings on who tells the best story so Democrats keep coming back with well if we just you know show this policy and how to be think about like no Dan Savage when he was right in his column had a part in it about how on the mark Belmar show he had said how Democrats big mistake is they keep calling Social Security and Medicare entitlements well what’s the framing of entitled when you hear the word entitled you think of yourself or do you think of some snooty rich if feed pinky finger in the air warn of the silver spoon in his mouth think he deserves everything kind of person that’s what those are the kind of things that the frame entitled brings up and Democrats keep calling it that entitlements call them what they are earned benefits you paid into this you paid into Medicare you paid into Social Security you paid into unemployment insurance through deductions on your paycheck you paid into it you invested you earned those benefits and those bastards are taking him away from you that’s the way Democrats need to talk and so there’s other examples of this the Dan Savage speech goes on to talk about the one that he had forgotten to talk about I’ll see if I can bring that up in the the old Wayback Machine here no not there all right so I just forgot what what the other example was but entitlements is is one example of Democrats just blowing the framing and this latest story on Newsweek has got me very interested because Nancy Pelosi is under attack again she’s head of the Democratic Party again and the Republicans are saying you know they’re gonna keep using attacks on Nancy Pelosi tie Nancy Pelosi to whoever’s running in the 2018 midterms and she brings him down she’s an anchor that brings him down in people’s minds now what that’s true or not we don’t know but that’s their plan and they think it’s a successful plan and considering that they’ve won the most elections over the past ten years it appears to be a successful plan and the way they do it according to their little memo is we will be highlighting Nancy Pelosi’s toxic agenda and reminding voters around the country that Democratic candidates are nothing more than rubber stamps for her out of touch liberal policies this is going again paint paint the Democrats as being out of touch you’re not one of us you’re not with us you’re there you’re San

Francisco you’re other you’re different Republicans were in America we’re you right that’s what this really gets down to when you get to the framing of it so should Pelosi go well 41% of Democrats say no 27% said she should be replaced but then if she goes if Nancy Pelosi is forced out who do you want replacing her when they asked about a hypothetical replacement Democrats opted for socialists 35% said it’s somewhat or very important to replacement be a socialist while 31% felt the same for a capitalist since Bernie Sanders launched his presidential campaign the number of activists and the Democratic socialists of America has doubled to nineteen thousand socialism used to be a dirty word we were just talking about evil Empire and the Soviet Union and socialists was supposed to be communist was supposed to be evil that’s falling away too especially among young people 43 percent of people under 30 years old have a favorable view of socialism just 32 percent of that same age group has a favorable view of capitalism younger people are beginning to understand this Bill Maher said this too he made his advise for Democrats was go to where the energy in the party is Hillary Clinton couldn’t fill up the banquet room in an Olive Garden Bill Maher said but here’s Bernie Sanders a 74 year old Democratic Socialist pulling rockstar crowds people standing in for mile lines to get in go where the energy is and clearly people understand the system’s broken that was a large part of Trump’s appeal a lot of people who say you know screw it America is all messed up it doesn’t matter who we put in let’s put in someone we’ll shake things up who’s not one of the regular insiders of course they were fooled again because Republicans aren’t about policy they’re about winning elections this was just about painting Donald Trump is something he’s not three years ago those same voters would have called him one of those elite out-of-touch Manhattan liberals but again it was just about winning elections so they can once again decimate the social safety net give more tax breaks to the rich people but the younger people the energy the next leaders of the Democratic Party have a more favorable view of socialism which is interesting given that the Republicans say they want to attack by painting Nancy Pelosi is an out-of-touch San Francisco liberal here’s where the Democrats need to make the changes they need to get to wear it like Maher says get to wear the energy of the party is and understand how to frame the capitalism we have now is not the capitalism America is all about that what we have now is crony capitalism what we have now is capitalism run amok here’s here’s a perfect example of Nancy Pelosi being a lousy messenger last two paragraphs of the Newsweek piece Pelosi meanwhile made her views on socialism clear in February a student at a town hall asked her about the Democratic Party perhaps moving more to the left on economic issues quote I thank you for your question but I have to say we’re capitalists and that’s just the way it is and quote Pelosi said and the Republican Party thanks you because by saying we’re capitalists and that’s just the way it is we’re capitalists period we’re capitalists the way Republicans run the world then really see the world is correct and our ID is on the left are not that’s what she said that little tiny short sentence we’re capitalist and that’s just the way it is automatically set a frame where any sort of leftward thinking social democracy thinking is automatically off the table and that’s just a before n’t I want a democratic leader who understands how to say capitalism is off the rails its run amuck capitalism is like fire when it’s harnessed properly its power is unbelievable when it’s left to run amok everyone suffers government is the only thing that can put the brakes on runaway capitalism government is the only thing that can level the playing field government is the only thing that can hold the powerful to account we need to start painting the capitalism as it is now as the robber barons have taken control the the greedy banksters in capitalist are robbing the Treasury course Nancy Pelosi in the older Democratic Party in the centrist among them can’t do that because they’d be biting the hand that feeds them that tech side that Wall Street side of capitalism that likes it just fine the way it is thank you we like getting our

h-1b visa people in we like sending stuff out of the country to be manufactured cheaply so Amazon can distribute it and make a whole bunch of money we like those kind of things so can there be a revolt from within the Democratic Party can it Bernie Sanders or a Bernie Sanders led coalition move forward in 2018 and 2020 and rest the Democratic Party from the the control of the DNC centrist the mark pens and these guys that keep offering the same lame advice let’s just be a little let’s just be nicer lighter Republicans let’s just be nicer lighter Republicans and that’s what a win for us they were fooled by two incredibly gifted politicians in Bill Clinton and Barack Obama fooled because these guys had the charisma and ability to overcome the Democratic Party losing ways our chat room John Thomas just comes up and says I got a letter from Dianne Feinstein responding she doesn’t support marijuana legalization there you go 83 year old senators way to be on the twenty first amendment tip on the West Coast happy 4/20 everyone [Applause] [Applause] and herpes cannabis seeds we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality seeds from the world’s most respected cannabis seed producers all at the lowest online prices you can find her B seeds and Kirby’s head shop calm all Canada seats are sold souvenirs and as a means of preserving cannabis genetics Furby seeds and no may intends to compelling from unsightly use of illegal or controlled substances which Ronnie urge all respect investment detector – Claus fires amazing order herby seeds at her bees head shop calm proud sponsors of the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville did you know that in the u.s. black women have the highest HIV infection rates of all women as a public health professional I know we can do better every day I work to close the gap in health inequities but I’m just one person we need you to join us in this important fight this October we’re coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference join us in the fight to end the drug war register now at reform conference org you’re not high you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville this is high purity THC content marijuana and its are not a healthy substance okay maybe be here a little hi I’m Russ Belleville with the marijuana agenda join me every two weeks for cannabis Q&A with dr. Mitch Earlywine from the burning issues podcast on cannabis learn more at MJ agenda calm / about Jinna has heard of a week as well it’s time for Chopra talk radio the voice of the marijuana nation call in now at six five-o legal MJ alright welcome back everyone we’re talking about politics and can party actually win anything anymore 2018 coming up part of this was part of this was based on four stickers that had come across from the Democratic Party they were basically trying to float some ideas about you know what would be what would be the theme of the Democratic Party right couple of them were like she persisted we resisted Democrats 2018 or we resist Democrats 2018 but one of the tag lines was Democrats 2018 I mean have you seen the other guys seriously they they floated that as a potential campaign slogan for taking back the house in 2018 Democrats I mean have you seen the other guys yeah that worked real well for Hillary Clinton in it remember her whole campaign 2016 Oh Donald Trump’s a bad man who says bad things can you imagine having to explain to our children how the bad man said the bad things and I’m sure a whole lot of people in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and

Ohio and Michigan at that point saw that commercial and said yeah I’ll have plenty of time to tell by hit about who said bad things because I’m unemployed I’m sitting at home and I got no job prospects but yeah I’m real worried about the bad man you might say bad things hell if he gets my job back he can say [ __ ] on the air for all I care that’s what a lot of people thought in that 2016 election Democrats need to stop being Democrats have been gun-shy well that’s maybe not the best term Democrats have been so trepidatious about the word liberal the idea of progressivism being painted as socialists it’s like a post-traumatic stress we’ve got from getting our ass kicked in the late from since the late 70s let’s say since Jimmy Carter and so what Democrats have done is they didn’t stick they didn’t stick with what brung them right later that old saying stick to what brother dance with them that branya right you talk about in football for example if you’re a running team well and you get the playoffs keep running and even even if the running isn’t going so well this game or this quarter or this series you keep running because that’s what got you there that’s what you do that’s who you are that’s what people know you as and that’s the same thing I mean Democrats lost some elections in 1980 1984 and 1988 he lost his three elections in a row to Ronald Reagan which again like Bill Clinton like Barack Obama unbelievably gifted politician not a gifted policymaker but an amazing politician amazing human being who could connect with people had a lot of charisma was a great great communicator right so Democrats get their asses kicked in 80 and 84 and 88 and they start to think that well it’s because America’s moved to the right and America’s much more America doesn’t like the rulers of any more America doesn’t like progressivism any more and to be fair there was some of that there was some of that malaise in the 1970s there were some of that disdain for welfare and what was going on but those are things that could have been fix just it was the the problem wasn’t the concept itself it was some of the details around it as you know policy is a difficult and complex thing to deal with but a Democrats get their asses kicked through the 1980s they decide oh it’s because we’re not rightward enough we’re not centrist enough we’re way too left we’re way too liberal and ever since Bill Clinton won in 1992 by being basically Republican light by being mr. tough on crime mr. three strikes and you’re out mr. let’s open up trade through NAFTA mr. let’s give you know the telecommute communications companies are the ability to merge if they want to let’s just let business run wild basically the best Republican president we’ve ever had and that convinced him it’s like oh we lost three in a row and then yo we nominated Jimmy Carter who was the president he was liberal we Loudon in Mondale he was liberal we dominated Dukakis he was a liberal and they all lost and then we nominated the centrist business friendly guy Bill Clinton and so therefore that must be what we should do didn’t stick with what brought him and his reelection in 96 you know cemented that that thought process into a lot of these Dems no this is the way that things are now the way things are now way you have to have money we all have to be money party we’re both the money party everybody has to be friendly to business nobody says the poor anymore remember when politicians used to talk about poverty talk about the poor no that’s not even in in the discussion anymore working-class is as close as anyone I’ll come to saying poor anymore not even in the discussion so Democrats they get this they get this string of Bill Clinton in late 90s being all business friendly and so of course if the opponents have moved to being far more business-friendly the only way for the Republicans to react is to be even more business-friendly even more let’s deregulate even more let’s put the goldman sachs and the all the other CEOs in charge of the agencies that regulate their industries and then once there’s two terms of george w bush setting that then by the time obama gets in that’s the standard now that’s just the way things run and he’s gonna continue to run that way as well again moving more toward the right and democrats have completely forgot what their brand is who they are are they a running team are they a passing team what are they the all they’re all

we know about democrats anymore is solidified by what that one little saying was democrats 2018 i mean have you seen the other guys that’s all that has become of the democratic party it’sjust we’re not the [ __ ] we’re not those guys and that I’m afraid is not somebody you want to get behind that’s not somebody you want to fight for and put your money behind Democrats get need to get back to being the party in opposition to business and not in opposition in that we want to shut business down or keep business from growing but the party in opposition in that I guess opposition’s probably the wrong word the umpire the referee that’s what government needs to be again back to that frame of highlighting how capitalism now is run amok the game has no rules there are no referees there are no umpires and what few there are work for the team like the Dallas Cowboys get to pick their own umpires now own referees that’s what needs be hammered time after time after time but but Democrats can’t grasp it they fail to do it you want a real slogan for 2018 Democrats make government work again Democrats pass bills for the people again point out that the Republicans are not the party of the people take that mantle of being the party of the people and this is where the other the other failure with the Democrats comes is that when they do want to be the party of the people they’re the party of the aggrieved minorities not and this is not to say these concerns should be dismissed but how did the Democratic Party get painted in this last election as being the party that’s for transgender bathrooms and illegal immigrants undocumented immigrants I should say undocumented immigrants pens gender bathrooms black lives matter got trapped in this this being trying to be okay struggling for the metaphor but uh one of the metaphors I have here is the difference between a musician and someone who knows some songs you know a guy who can pick up a guitar and he can play like eight or nine songs on the guitar but that’s it he doesn’t know how to play guitar he’s played a few songs on the guitar so if you’re gonna put a band together you’re not gonna pick that guy even though he might play you know uh no I don’t know but born on the bayou better than any guitar player you’ve ever heard he only knows that song he doesn’t actually know how to play guitar how to play other songs how to jam how to all that right and you’re thinking where is this metaphor gone well the Democratic Party has become that guy who can play a few songs on the guitar he can play the blacklivesmatter song he can play the transgender bathroom song he can play the right but he doesn’t know how to play music the Democratic Party doesn’t how to play the people they can play that group of people and that group of people and those people and that person but not the people for many people Democratic politicians policies speeches issues focus have felt to them and and I’m not even just saying white people I’m saying just people in general have gotten the feeling that the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for one overarching concern it seems to stand for these little transactional individual concerns and for people that don’t get addressed in those individual concerns it feels like it’s a it’s a party of a whole bunch of separates rather than a party of one together even think about the taglines for the two candidates in the last election Trump’s was make America great again and I got a ton of the problems with that is really make America white again and who says America isn’t great now but make America great again in the framing of it is a framing of we a framing of us a framing of us being Americans all being together what was Hillary’s I’m with her I a singular thing em with her another singular thing and if all of us are with her all of our little singular things and groups are all with her that one person and now if if I’m with her if the idea

was to follow a a strong galvanize a strong you know motivational leader and we’re talkin John F Kennedy or Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama you might pull that off a cult of personality around someone who is popular but Hillary Clinton by her own estimation was not popular but a built the campaign I’m with her was just doomed from the beginning it’s time for folks in the Democratic Party to recognize the power of what Bernie Sanders put together in this last election against all odds against all political reasoning ignited this fire within a lot of us Americans who and a lot of them who voted for Trump but a lot of us who feel that we that government doesn’t matter to us government is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate america and we need somebody some party that stands for us that used to be the democratic party who knows if it can happen again we shall see I know I gave about 200 bucks to the Bernie Sanders over the campaign cycle I would do it again all right we’ll be back right after this you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda putting together the most comprehensive live weekday marijuana Newstalk program is a full-time job now you can do your part to ensure that listener supported independent cannabis radio journalism can continue by becoming a patron of the marijuana agenda just log on to MJ agenda comm and click the become a patron button if you’re an organization or business looking to promote your brand we have sponsorship patronage available at MJ agenda comm sponsorship includes 15 and 30 second ad breaks and six minute interviews on the podcast depending on sponsorship level which begins at $19.99 a month thank you for your support and remember I cannot do it without you please become a patron today at MJ agenda dot-com did you know that in Georgia one of the thirteen adults is in jail or prison or on parole or probation as a mother and as a professional I advocate for access to drug treatment instead of incarceration we need you to join us in this important fight this October were coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference come lend your voice to the fight register now every form conference or the marijuana agenda like the pharmaceutical agenda without all the side-effects overdose deaths technique monopolization dry mouth constipation congestion developing which can occur without warning and may cause death I press Bell Bell from the marijuana agenda join me every four weeks for shark sessions from the marijuana show learn more at MJ agenda calm / about I have a package here for radical Rick is there a radical Rick here about a Rick Russ – need any Rick ruts so many names Freddy Barack has sent him a package anybody what is this like a stuff it’s time for Tilford talk radio the voice of the marijuana nation call in now at six five-oh legal MJ alright welcome back to this decided lien on marijuana our and I really into this politics topic today I mean we can always say that all political discussions have some sort of marijuana angle in that who we elect has a large degree of responsibility with respect to all sorts of marijuana issues I mean if Hillary Clinton had one and Democrats were in charge of various offices EPA FinCEN etc some of these issues we have a taxes and banking and other federal issues you know Schedule one studies all that kind of stuff wouldn’t move along a lot better a lot easier under democratic rule I’m sorry that’s just an absolute fact even though there’s no way it’s one of those I I know it’s true I can’t

prove it but I know it’s true we would be a lot better off with Democrats in charge right now on the marijuana issue that being said they’re not necessarily great themselves as evidenced by the senior senator from California Dianne Feinstein once again putting a fundraising letter or fundraising pitch out and noting that she does not support marijuana legalization uh so I don’t like the [ __ ] about politics without offering solutions and have some solutions I’ve talked a lot on this show about ranked choice voting and now the folks out at fara have uh I don’t know if this is new but it’s this is the first I’ve heard of it because I I’ve already known about rank choice voting the rank choice voting is where in an election you get to pick more than one person you get a rank them like this is my first choice this is my second choice this is my third choice and so an election that was like you know Clinton and Trump and Bernie Sanders and let’s add you know Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in there right if those five were running you could vote your conscience you could say hey I’m voting for Bernie Sanders first he’s my first choice but I can’t have Bernie Sanders I’ll have Jill Stein if I can’t have Jill Stein I’ll have Gary Johnson if I can’t have Gary Johnson I’ll take Hillary Clinton if I can’t have Hillary Clinton then it’s Trump right you could have ranked him that way theoretically right and then the way the voting works is if we count all the votes for everyone’s first choice okay and if all amongst all the first choice votes nobody gets more than 50% nobody gets a majority then we kick out the lowest vote getter of all the first choices we take the guy who got the lowest amount of votes votes in this case let’s say it’s Trump and then you take a look at all the second choices of those Trump voters those now become the vote right so we throw away all the Trump votes but their second choice now gets added into the rest of the votes who’s the second choice well some of the Trump people’s second choice was Gary Johnson so Gary Johnson gets more votes a few of the Trump people’s second choice was Bernie Sanders so he gets some votes right and then we crunch the numbers again didn’t even get a majority no now we kick off the last person on the bout let’s say that Jill Stein was last then all right the rest to hers who was the second choice there well a lot of them pillory a lot of people and basically you keep doing that until you get to a point where somebody’s got the majority of the vote and the advantage of this ranked choice voting is that you don’t worry about a spoiler effect like if or a Jill Stein voter in this election you had to worry that well especially if you were in a swing state right i if I vote for Jill Stein I know she’s not gonna win but I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton but if I did vote for Hillary Clinton least she’d beat Trump at trumping there’s all sorts of you know thinking they had to go in your head as far as what’s the strategic thing to do in ranked choice voting you don’t have to be strategic you can just say I believe in Jill Stein and Just Dance they just set your vote there knowing that well if she doesn’t get enough at least my second choice the not Donald Trump choice has has a shot at winning so so I already knew about this part I already knew about that part of rank-choice voting I loved it but now comes this thing from fair vote org called the fair representation act because there’s another problem that we’ve got in addition to our winner-take-all districts right that’s the problem the math of this you know if people talk about third parties we need to support the Green Party to support the Libertarian Party do it all you like but the math says there will be two main parties not matter what they’re called right now they’re Democratic and Republican you can pretend that you could build green to be the one that takes over Democrat maybe that happens but not likely you’re you’re likely be stuck in as duopoly like we’ve been for decades and decades and another part that exacerbates that has been gerrymandering has to be in the Republicans winning these state houses and then after the decennial sent census writing up these districts and cramming all the Democratic voters into one district so like you might have a state that’s 50/50 Democrat Republican but if we can cram off fifty percent of them Democrats into one district and have three other Republican districts they’re not as as populist but they’re Republican dominated we get to send three reps and one Democrat to the Congress even though our state’s a 50/50 state so that’s been a problem with this gerrymandering and the winner-take-all single-member district so here is the plan a plan and the fair representation act is that the districts would become larger and each district would elect three four

or five winners think about that right now state like Idaho or Alaska this isn’t going to work because there’s only one representative what if we take a state like California there’s 53 representatives imagine in California if instead of there being there 53 or 56 I think there’s 56 now imagine if there’s instead of 56 separate one member districts in California there were eleven five member districts and one with six or whatever numbers we need to make that work twelve districts two or three the rest of five something like that right but imagine that your district now is voting for five representatives to send to Congress the chances that one big district is going to elect people out of those five that more closely match the demographics of that district are much better than a tiny district that can be gerrymandered to pick just one republican it’s gonna be real hard to gerrymander a district for it to produce five Republicans when you get 1012 people to vote for also this fair represents the representation thing would give green parties and libertarian party’s a chance along with the ranked voting because the ranked voting takes away the spoiler effect but if you’re electing five congressmen from a California district and you’ve got you know one area of town that’s strongly a Green Party like a non Marin County or something they can actually get one of their green people into Congress but the idea of trying to find one congressional district where a single winner would be a green or libertarian not likely to happen so this is an amazing development I love this fair representation Act it’s it’s House it’s House bill 30 57 and it’s it’s completely constitutionally legal because it you know people like that violates one man one vote etc no there’s no no constitutional problem this whatsoever the Constitution does not say how the states elect their members of House of Representatives and there has been a lot of different ways we’ve done it over the country’s 241 year history but since about 1970 all of our districts have been one winner winner take all and we’ve seen what’s happened to our house we’ve seen what’s happened to our Congress since 1970 I would say 1970 is about where you can point to America becoming more of an oligopoly more of a not I don’t want to say dictatorship but a you know kind of a corporate power so I encourage people to check out fair because it’s a great resource for how we can actually do some of these innovative ways we can achieve these innovations in our electoral system that would actually benefit the people bear is the place to look for and they give you all sorts of information on the polarisation of voting gerrymandering unfair representation how the primaries are messed up I think sometimes that people lose track of the problem that it’s not the players sometimes as much as it is the game you met that last segment I you know went off on Bill Clinton and went off on the centrist but how much of that was them just figuring that’s the only way they can win the game have we gotten to a place where our politics are so broken where things are so partisan so polarized on a partisan basis and so dependent on on huge amounts of money that leftward politics are impossible to execute like they’re good in design but we can’t execute them I don’t think that’s true I think Bernie Sanders showed you can raise a ton of money on the Internet 27 bucks at a time from a lot of people if you really believe in the people and you really stand up for them that’s where I think the DNC mark rich type Democrats have made the mistake is not not trusting in the people not recognizing that if you motivate if you inspire the people that a whole bunch of little donations are far better than a few big ones Obama started that trend with his campaigning Obama you know Obama just gave us a taste you know when he was campaigning in 2007 it was hoping change and something different and you know he got into office and we got a lot of the same now I think I think Obama did a masterful job given what he inherited given the devastation of the economy that he inherited the war on terror that he inherited from george w bush I think being faced with the social obstacle of being the Jackie Robinson of

the Oval Office was also you know we can’t understate how much that affected his presidency especially in the unprecedented obstinance of the Republican Party dedicated to making sure he failed I mean I remember I think that’s the first time I remember in my political life where the opposition party wasn’t just in disagreement with the president but they actively want him to fail they act actively wanted him to crash and burn they obstructed everything he did everything even stuff that was Republican ideas Republican policies that had they been offered by anyone else I think they had a followed along with him but no because it was the black guy had to be opposed it’s funny Larry Wilmore had his show on Comedy Central in his bit about the 2016 election was called the unblocking right and now it’s like we’re living in the unblocking like they are literally trying to erase all evidence of President Obama’s achievements accomplishments anything it has to be undone I mean this whole thing about health care we have to repeal and replace we have to redo people replace Obama care who out there is complaining who out there’s got the problem that is saying boy we really need to be kicked off our health care again oh I really need to go back to not being able to cover pre-existing conditions again boy I’d really like it if my college-age kid living in the basement wasn’t on my insurance anymore who’s callin for that the only failures that we’ve had in Obamacare the only problems we’ve had with health care have been due to Republicans purposefully trying to make it fail that reminds me what the other day and savage point was about framing the Republicans when they come up with a bill they call it the Patriot Act why how could you be against the P are you out of Patriot do you hate Patriots are you against patriotism right there framing is all about selling it sell it what did what did one Obamacare get the Affordable Care the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ba-ba-ba-ba and they’re still doing it now when they talk about we mean to fight for single-payer we need to fight for single-payer healthcare now policy-wise they’re right we need a policy where the government is a single payer into a healthcare system that covers everyone the problem is from a framing position single-payer sounds like you will be paying you the single person will be paying you will be paying the taxes for someone else to get health care they don’t deserve because you the single payer paid for it call it what it is man call it universal health care or call it Medicare for all people love Medicare they love the idea of that Medicare for all or universal health care but no Democrats can’t buy a framing message when it’s right in front of anything if them not having George Lake off scripting everything they do and getting everyone on board too strong a strong messaging platform is one of the many downfalls of what should be the dominant party in this country you look at the polls of what people like what policies people want to see enacted what regulations people want and they’re almost lying for lying the Democratic party platform but Democrats don’t know how to sell it they don’t know how to show how America is great because we care for each other and we invest in one another you’re listening to the marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville hey everybody like me and a design that lucky horseshoe tattoo clean sterile awesome tattoos John Thomas is group are true artists if you design for a custom piece or use a design you bring it but he or she also offers all styles of tattooing as well as piercings it all around fun in the DFW area stop by lucky worship tattoo and tell the radical resection trust me it’ll feel did you know that in the u.s. black women have the highest HIV infection rates of all women as a public health professional I know we can do better every day I work to close the gap in health inequities but I’m just one person we need you to join us in this important fight this October we’re coming to Atlanta for the 2017 drug policy Alliance reform conference join us in the fight to end the drug war register now at reform conference org you’re not high you’re listening to the

marijuana agenda with Russ Belleville it’s not recreational it can be destructive on and it consistently is destructive okay maybe here a little hi I’m Russ Belleville from the marijuana agenda join me every Friday for the reefer rock review with herb Thrasher from 420 radio org learn more at MJ agenda calm slash about [Applause] most of us pirates we go on vacation to North Dakota you know John come it’s time for Joker talk radio the voice of the marijuana nation callin now at six five-oh legal MJ alright let’s end the day and the week with some local marijuana news right here from the state of Oregon where House bill 2198 is heading to the desk of governor Kate brown expected to be signed so do two major things the first one is it will finally create the Oregon cannabis Commission you know our our adult cannabis market is under the control of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission right so we’re finally gonna get our own Commission yay we finally have the Oregon cannabis Commission and the big development the one that everyone’s really excited about here is that the onnum oh mmm pea growers the medical marijuana growers under this bill will be allowed to sell up to 20 pounds a year into the regulated adult use market now this has been kind of controversial because the way things started is we had dispensaries first illegitimate dispensaries and medical growers took their excess cannabis and that you know the above what the patient needed and took the excess and sold it to these illegitimate dispensaries then by 2013 we got our dispensary bill that passed and set up legit dispensaries it was the same kind of deal we had medical you know this cadre of medical marijuana growers who were selling marijuana to these dispensaries but then the adult use market kicks in in 2015 and they start licensing adult use and licensing recreational it grows and well we didn’t want the two systems merged here we didn’t want the the medical growers we didn’t want growers taking advantage of the medical program to skirt the regulations and the taxation and the the oversight that the recreational growers have to go through but on the other hand we didn’t want to make it so the medical growers couldn’t sell their excess somewhere and what’s happened is since a lot of these dispensaries have gone from being medical only to being both recreational and medical they’re getting a lot of their inventory now through the recreational growers who can grow up much greater scale and so forth right so being able to sell 20 pounds it’s not enough for some of these growers they could have a much higher limit but it’s better than zero and we aren’t talking about crossing the stream so to speak we’re crossing over taking cannabis plants that are owned by patients medicine from those plants that’s being grown for treating their medical conditions and after we’ve given enough of that to them the excess up to 20 pounds of it can then be diverted over into the recreational market in competition with growers who are recreational growers who have Weiss has spent light’s license money and inspection money and all that you know fees and such they get to compete twenty pounds at a time with them per year I don’t know if that’s enough competition to really freak out the large-scale growers who are selling twenty pounds you know at one shop in a day but at least give some of these medical growers some way to make up some cost some way to make up some money for the time and the effort they put into growing this cannabis for the patients and considering that I am now one of these medical marijuana growers I’m kind of happy about it that’s like yeah I can have another income stream that’ll be fun so that’s the House bill 2198 there’s a write-up for it by our friend Anthony Johnson the chief proponent of our adult use legalization initiative you can find it at wheat news it’s up on the main page of weed news at weed news dot Co check that out there’s also a story about a vape pen bust happen in

Indiana they got thirty thousand vape pen cartridges on the highway and in Indiana the recreational market the underground market is starting to adapt and the underground market now wants oil it’s a lot easier to conceal it’s a lot easier to transport it’s the same exact thing would happen under alcohol prohibition you could make more off the whiskey in the trunk than you could the beer follow MJ attend on Facebook Pinterest Instagram YouTube and follow a message and the show on Twitter flirt water at MJ agenda all right folks well that’s all the time we got for this week time flies when you legalize thanks for joining us here every weekday at 3 p.m. Pacific on live mg agenda calm everyone here at Delta 9 house the studios are radical s until next time take care of each other stalkers