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This week in weed…

because my computers to confirm this one was injured it’s just that don’t know which currently are getting first roster from as far as jurors since after reading your offers force. Didn’t you get if writer and thinker cools the needs was sent to two researchers from the list of the world as a device for slots in the opening kickoff–fifth, and also making some 21 am responding to concerns for some of something from a check box here it was as ever and this is going to be a campus newspaper solace for slots but we are natives this week in which he heard the word and excel and statements so could have a promising as we once they surrendered to the store and campus they played no one is Mary Jane pottery first with any one of college or is she was one is a saga starring as really would withdraw my changeup the body of data and others say something about this and other companies have 15-and-a-half or so big raisi update this is something our talk about it as a 1 inch and a baby from time to time with a starting it as it is really starting to forgot that first on the shots of those they are scrolling across the bottom of the screen was mo

die her sinking ship their shops and fulfill the show continue to grow they concede put out contents of a few guys and Gals also left inquiry train woods currently does break them as ceo, as the stop sign read the south, and who has the highest comments of the nineties, go do somet a slowdown as a result of the content of 78 sheer but the deadline but lauded the stock car keys to pay its as for the program for suspending some points as the painting was a scale year it’s if students 20 in such a stream of some type of shot, which empowers trollers cost about a restraining those guys and Gals make it possible for me to continue to wonder now this is the story really really really really caught my attention this is the first can strain to be awarded the U.S. cascades in the eyes and outs that the processes began a no-pound silver platter, sort of means I’ve ever read the story of the way if butts aware that there once I started reading th I saw this name right here charlotte’s web of shaw’s web is a IE CVD strain is then used for their use medical reasons across the United States and elsewhere the magic about was that of the series about a key to the fact it can as rows regulations are lost 18 on requires that strange stayed inside, the state’s inside warriors shows were started in offered at what stage in the U.S. but is not taking this week from its way into a dispensary near here on a project that some of when you’re in business you can read all of the linear regular old Joe skillet or your eighth in jail and swallow the Key U.S. ability to Yamaichi in her latest other settings as an offset it if Monday’s build a few yards but also the store early earlier started canada’s related on what is something I wanted to talk about inflation below is a city of commercial computer into our site in the computer for the shells sell likely, but the goals of NT clustering on this 161. We’re and that is the only as president signs or heard wall space again now and get all your college Arsenio anywhere in this somewhere and you’ve ever seen graffiti 188 scale, subway car-train and public transportation or are nine times out of 10 police is looking for the people of the committee that: called the families and AKA graffiti whenever I think a lot of these are you know

about three should order C after the game related stuff for people view elementary grades east of the envelope on a graffiti but Glendale a glance people in the arrested on a daily basis previous finding some people until 4:00 PM at the vandalism or or Fiji here it is our wonderful commander in chief with the police and right behind you looking over his shoulder as one of the company is acts of vandalism and Kansai his name on the wall deal that long now alive after the declaration just to make sure become one of the make sure it was that the sum is that those if the phrasing prop data or feeding with scouts that owner’s permission so no way of some can legally sign his name on this day on wall is you have to hold the wall of Arafat to the information to the server side on this. It was the best campuses is that we’re could’ve just talk about this year the it’s just charlotte’s web of it as I see the strain of one or skeptics and hotels national conversation radical cannabis charges would be one of the most now the strange trigger some other kind of banged a hole in the first U.S. patents for a call to board up can’t it’s the company by nothing strange shot as well see any USB Holdings are operated by Colorado’s fa of america’s first ever happens for a template previously unreported OPS are increasing and 40 U.S patent and trademark office firings show said the worst of its big business to the son of the Stanley Brothers and consider the AR E from what I know about him on the outside looking in a look like the wo either they started growing their campus trains more for medicinal purposes than about if it’s easy , a day of the children stay in general splinter strain the near CD Products and he was not so is so forth so I’m glad they did the first 10 weeks is somebody that is that has their fleets in t in general that they can catcalls and are designed to increase our designated as charlotte’s web 28

, the city of 205 of the celeron way that is not moving the clinical terms with the top and are in a sea of us charlotte’s web the two ion not only a guess if I’m going to last about whenever in their modest ranges Wells as the getting a raise in German if I always was under the assumption that she could not have changed eight clients that’s why the government’s on Chavez is that an office concerning cancer , if you go to the U.S. patent office of Dennis Moore said times and pass me by telling us we win two copies U.S. patent office and is searched at four campus area schools and cool San Francisco Duran what school do write us at six, U.S. patents, Slocumb he taught outside the U.S. Catholics and the events and all of this cancer Friday and so if stored in a civilian police work and was into shortly because that one of the company manage them some feel loved ones of time i one of the city I am superb anyone to somebody’s got their foot in your pages not sending my class a conglomerate I met a lot more older are you noted for R.J. Reynolds the kids that the first packet, planted sister given about now on the night did I guess is to be good news to some that used others, like think this will get the opportunity to 02 tolls inspiring for years and graders and around forever in the SAP AG will give them some inspiration two-year plan so maybe any and all their hard work and dedication to 9 to 1 of thousands of coffee break 1050 grade degrading to your ears for the collapse of japan’s the most searched her address so if it’s one I swear he’s staying in forest gump, AT&T will confer to spend some more to say you know it’s I still have the highest as the bookmarks it’s taking steps to choose from a number of months to and from our kids click search I am since 1976, one might check boxes sold next competition because I’m going to peers out of a lot of us are some start of a cell o are the spell correctly or any such as the identities of this 3951 at that sits right now exist on the if he if the hand Greenacres is the place for clinching for

this downtown and you see, I was losing season was a crushing state, tournament started coming in to the letter said it for the same server in Virginia others 3951 that it’s currently is the U.S patent office that have to do with this campus of the guys like to reiterate some of these you’d probably V amazing suspect is already packed to the trade some of the RT has a pat on the crystal Leann four have to stand out there that is on the timing differences on the database was up and see if you ever make dinner product after a disaster as a psy of the homeless aid to the City Council would dare touch ours is a case could be related to report crimes charged means cabins c onto the stack says it’s it’s the DVD the sleeve solutions rough edges nation’s economic pressure to expect the central elements and result in crude oil and it can all with the assault to sentence separator for offensive to two to report in this last season there is a passage on the extraction message for all is well as those reader and so we’ll ever get ready to start calling it a day in court order that it’s out there and start making money was canada’s start ship , more legal area in the Federal skies and journals of Enron’s alleged that its estimate of speaking the truth if I was undergoing some bullish its local 1 g bats is that the option of rising I have a fresh connection to it if I was doing some dumps tolerate of the beating down should ship did a solid $1.00 and the fir some people might decimate one has been right now and I just think that might not be a reason it’s a nice the ice at the time on going to the new computer together for the show it was just an office us to Dr. Site were invited to gather some respect they ha happening documents describe charges within two days of party planner resistant to call the capable of producing up 26 24 percent CD only 0.27% CAC so fairly and the army fairly cost of starting with comes the presentation of the Federal definition for Hampton this is a perfect place to the 0.3% CAC was is what it’s disconcerting and so congratulation shot as well shot to the Stanley Brothers you guys or them taken any steps with a giant leaps forward into a December 2 to city lies in campus worldwide I say believe that the USB summarizes campus to be taken off more fairly scheduled

I think an America as a big influence over what the world does on a national basis in general and slowly but surely other countries are legalizing those are stationed in Eisenach here and I really believe believe that’s it is the United States was in the last in the world policy by these are really strongly believe that down because this that his nation means the CME to his label to grow under the terms of up to 20 18th for bill signed into law about presiden wishes penalizing were one of two although it’s a piece of the Allies as December the strains seems an IDs or for him to write C if it’s destroying the truck believed that this CD-ROM E decided in two loss to like overnight. The deal seems like nobody voted on a ship why is it that we have to do some muscle ely’s campus what it takes up the stroke of somebody signature style to somebody’s pain to this esoteric of the state house of the selling a truck is going to try a two way as soon as election and was canada’s signs of a way of filling on the psyche of other thing about the UC that can be using c worries makes termed his reelection I think you can return a call for a campus into the strategy and the future just remember setting it easily talked about in the past but some ones that money starts flowing if it’s the city officials in his direction as most politicians do they will jump on the bandwagon so it’s organization see any obvious that a company shot is one of the CD price, you know one of 50 states or the past week not as calling the authority of the NATO action role so we’re still a saucer Olivier not have control united coach, I am not alone that investor 12 hours it or not Mr. Either the state things of the stock of the house is on the stock, all pusher so say that’s news ideas as a possibility that someone in your pocket united is the CRT you a whole should not be the all these is the first business to get a legal campus camp at six in my view, the NEA this might be a company that should not worry that seemed so wild west and one is making money within the campus marijuana is a 21: that’s more kids united is something that’s not stopping by Sunday night that buys anybody to put your money anywhere where you got no curfew likes to be safe but it was fully invested in real

good research on the company’s decision to enter the company and overnight able to blast it’s it was Macintosh or partly sunny p last year to see the commanding share of attention, trees bird in the next CD markets if it’s too early to fight decisively these enormous growth rate among stocks lower as investors and buying public with a CD were his lap is consistent consumer trust the brain is both from a year and available across the cou for the first to claim that the actual the spoils could be enormous angle could be as follows the only game in a is up to par on data czar of the lives of a skull from the cobras that get you know of some of the DB because canada’s not going anywhere it has only one last 80 years away the loss is ch I was sitting again for the first time out in the butts stories like this make me happy because I see that we are moving forward and the outcome bracing as a nation as a country inn is just don’t the universe the world in general were moving forward to give them a Citicorp as a nation to the extent) you guys are to one small step for trick and this one giant step for legalization of its , Uni as U.S. can set the story about school will contain the team that shot will likely lose its talks without a written by holding the think it will pass from listed below 40 and for 20 people is doing this to 420 we showed it to the lease morrison’s return to camp are not from campus to brody’s can do it If it is to weather is the smart thing to do it’s gonna be the popular thing to do I think that if you know there’s another news story th sheer only for the that speaks about all the 2020 elections and Michael. Michael where the 2020 presidential candidates stand on campus on this group Crosby tortoise to report, by the candidates and campus the Eisenhower year in presidential candidate stands on campus store was canada’s a small radio or do we have to refresh our memories right now with a sense of the cleric and is ready to take on President Ronald number 2020 the eyes of the primary voters so why not use canada’s past the sorting price is about people the ici list of these people right here, have them that these supposedly supports their own the isolation, half the school’s Yearwood, Bernie Sanders it’s idle Corey book tour of the loan, is that the court is one of these places the court is that I know that’s true that does not support early in a station see U.S. support legalization to me this is his partner to any other workers are clear it’s crazy that’s the scenes as if there’s more people that supports campus than those that don’t

the sales are convinced the line with CompuServe season, process and side so that your revival of this story is eyed, grays over because some of like the Greece over new stores alleged two into this to you guys can get you 12 at the worst ideas put some information out the designated supports Federal the laceration he was not hurt attendance and after shoveling past record he has no record one Joe Biden has a record toast into the sunlight announced that he knew deal in a seal has a record as well to my hair is has a record high blood and the key to that particular part of a list of this is one of the space of one hazard or record one that’s where the lead officer have records I guess you can forgive them for gates is for the $6.00 sale go there as coordinator its longtime critic of the want ads attacking this guy that I click and as for why reported over his day of times, the couple bills on the floor in the past is and what not to just don’t get that it’s just gorgeous time and money for these people that think they can this is good for the issue of this and any other information about these in a scene of the that only returns for Hud Secretary former mayor of centennial to leave Castro is skeptical of cameras for 4 minutes past three years have really become critical charge in the station interfa of fairly nasty she and others say hurley hurley here for students in grades of callers channel 79 countries are just a Normal Range and it was yes no representation candidate stands with canada’s leader in boats to see if you’re a canvas consumer you know any vote for that at this time my TV that if there is a percent of canada’s reforms and sever ties the CHAMPUS reform legalize they should become a station be scheduling and general USC jewelers so check it out to see we’re presidential candidate stands of all one can dispute is because a while I mean is, thank you for is uk’s possibly if you don’t know which one of which are which are much racial and that he was in office says the enough level as well as that there were her dashing a legal issue people’s

it’s a six to do with its two away until we also cycle and using the Disney that I cannot get as many tries to five start over its that’s on the edges of justifying the every other Sunday News to some real estate already suffering the only about 1120 ram that right now, she will be fine if I wish on the merits to campus must remove the fine you know but the untied teaching to make people aware of what is going on around in one of the attention has already survived a stake in the advanced me about your we live in the body that I used to say that was going on a limited talk about leaving the traders me out of the somebody, if I notice of the run-up as you too, I noticed an end as I noticed the names of the ladies, liaison on a two to onside apologize four that shopping list of my Lai into Cisco has seen the budding part of a possible into the single person to offer home of Idaho to anything if you’re a dummy or a device here’s something like a one liner lot that night we have had about 200 in the show will sign a Boston lawyer was on sales of 1/49 I’m looking at a basis and sinker stream under

the sun longer cremation taking care of everything else has, in turn away some of the after Christmas arrival for Christmas to s Denise that this came out game that enterprise Johnson would not comment sold the ideal of the century Burlington this you feel that this contest and I see are her renowned to end, all with someone to disagree shape up, people are asking about ago are told me that had parceled out of the senate, died in light of the list of that one of the hourly haven’t sat down having taken the time just say I’m sure that it’s actually not where I just go after the season of the box on one touch screen right is the screen in the c soul as the study is available on the shelf and a sellout you can do more in general mike we’ll have the C Kurz locks for somewhere in this is not a direct computer singer I just made of the scenes of time the scenes that surprise sist the need all that IDC not to be overdue a seamless shelled for home games to be a workaholic, a spirit of us again their data board not be used in some ram not be used well as to when the state of three should , yet is not somebody said I have a really mean? A the idea that the route of the city every other live stream are selling some of the service is not something the eyes of is on the stalls the son of bat like sideburn road to simmer right now might wait on the ice station you have any ideas have a lot of the simpler to the city would erode the a 3¢ sorry chance encounter since it wasn’t that it is a question that’s the gist of the CMOS acts like much of boxes next up for som we see is check boxes and

the status of also before all this overturning the celebrity would rather deal from studios that the recall is on the sum of grace and the sixties to its Xbox Kmart and founding sponsor we talked about cement server scheme that if you guys catch those are the skus into the other from a watch and it might check box is offering a right decision not to a date to date, was a month, seem only rocky hardly see the checks are so cheap rates are you just what I just literally barely talk to them that question, which or check our some other source or something, it’s something from that it’s were made a turn of the Libyan its pledge of stone and Evelyn skimpy some more campus for inclusion of the 935 minutes 35 minutes for campus shares to -9.32% its U.S. and Russia and the stocks for Dallas maverick that were never leave as the key thing to your research this to campus co Wilshire did speak on its U.S. arms open up its own she has sent 1.8 billion insecure to start from those reforms on syndicate state company the delay, which means that the chromosome watch list as stocks missed or wanted to the stocks that you have to spend th least of which one of his 1001 one C campus leader warned readers for this question from the scanner my e-mail of locks about its technology and we are still r and find out for time served well, as the citizen is a fox news story of the retainer stocks as but its fifth} go to school is, as though this also compute, so computer denied knowing the form of that all of these over the steal the COMDEX Computer city of west and allowed the Serbs a well, it’s this was awaiting the New York City college student arrested in Russia for position of medical cannabis was released from jail after being sentenc

Oregon $200 that has a very small fine as compared to find a means of eye with one of the 2 hours plus from the western canada’s anywhere but our economy is that what this lady right now all warm 1/2 lower per your beer body should last through 19 are raising from seven and was found guilty Monday on the tempting to import an error to one of the into Russia after she was arrested at Cole all local phone call: Airport to Saint Petersburg would 19 g of the medical marijuana the New York Post reported sighting of district Matos got this to court to an end to the tensions are there was released from serving their sentences well as from custody of translation of the stateme a sales to the case university or she was also fined 15,000 rubles or just over 230 U.S dollars details surrounding her restaur or less polls are not quite so some utilities should call for a six P does take the burden July 22nd, they share the same list post office look at the parent from a seal latino the criminal my gosh Mr. Glass ceiling a performance arts center in Saint Petersburg and a user or mayor’s arrests was confirmed by the Moscow District court mistake a THS Friday report states use the job would be solely Russian govt Russian officials said at a time that the patent for marijuana use in medical program issued in the United States, Florida what the facts will lead us computer why he just he just talked of the short term, it’s like its fifth in a swirl was idea, sinc career now not just a small computer beer on the net for ideal weather and stands for the medical program issues accuser in was heard is not up to 56 years for the Russians are as this serves their agents are Isaacs strongly at her there would have to stay in a rush for 10 days from her release train trips time and the government has a right to appeal th says she’s gonna be there for a week and 1/2 after merely suggesting case the gov’t works two the site of a corrupt after she’s already spent time in jail and spent 15,000 will be schools to close of trading on the meaning the they’re lucky that made these overseas travel guide to enter russia’s it’s crazy guys it’s birthday we see with that in the chair will get the coquille road for 25 close average price of panic also marijuana growers for the four one of the locals offering training sauntering their one conditions from the criminal record it all day in: Cleveland to subdivide up into myself as well because the state of that recently passed where you can picture Chavez commissions taken off the record but it doesn’t happen, and that it did something issued at two and the shyer was a film like this unless something is either

a Tustin, a top level druid but as of now it’s almost like you have to pay somebody or the other case of interstate five and were something in order to get sure record taken care of so instead of down at us we’re not that of the tide into completely so to speak by the employee and two of completely accepted are public is well, it’s clear that is something of an alliance that you have canada’s conditions on my r to stay in office so if you’re in California was called into question or as ours are less work in this picture is why it did see some of our commander do not have the information products for months for our services and issued a copy of which originates in addition to dismiss as a nation , while to get up to share some we’ve been up for in this picture while we’re talking about tiny had betrayed the Lansing Michigan of credit extension of severance and some 41 am considering constructing the cornea and 2:44 the rest of your attention to Sharon s attending any of the company’s services they misled 2017 more than 20,000 hysterectomies were arrested on a level marijuana fixes according to the campus legal group of othe prior conditions can have negative effects even after sentences having surgery as if you are somewhere or campuses we’ll make sure to check your state mollusk four Any news, reply statues of the pools are made available to you to see the we celebrate are as usual squash for concealed four taking care of its finest, most for 12 to 04 to work all 20 of them went to work so it was announced sorry as if I can I say I’m sitting here much of release their lead architect when I came seeking this one again that’s one of your day several so-changing in a savings on the [email protected] my computer acting funny what made it dangerous offer a neon lights if it’s easy if you’re the shooting was your machine guns and misfits and served until Mr. Chavez’s (as I was in California : coffee items of the corporate systems Severino, who led the buyout: why not the case as if you’re in a shooting or any state were eight campuses renewal

and they might have made it possible for you to explain to record and not put that information out there to be a succeed because in the state of the idea that they not believe as of July 1 to 2019 the Schering plough beach or record expunged butts I have not seen one knew that are sold and I have not seen any dispensary Zaire and the DL push any information of IE you expected from this page $3.00 to the dispatcher is in general would have this information 88, fly were people that don’t necessarily why a senior people that don’t have the early setup one ages: hey you know what is the data h canada’s conditions able to be expunged and it happened already have a look at why it was only one-third is because not actually it’s just a mere reasons because of an actual reason that’s it’s using one of teh you something is because they’re benefiting from the backfield investing from our demands for dates so that the case also just about the campu