World of Tanks Xbox One Gameplay 45 (M4 Sherman,Pz.Kpfw. IV,Churchill VII)

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World of Tanks Xbox One Gameplay 45 (M4 Sherman,Pz.Kpfw. IV,Churchill VII)

anal [ __ ] do walk tues gameplay video of wolfchase xbox one and there’s fine here playing well thanks the first one again and actually I was flying 360 Aras playing this on 360 you later or last night with some friends and I found something out using my to every chance that I listened to the vehicles whenever you switch a vehicle listen to this only I can hear but but what they do is they turn on and then rev up their engine which is pretty awesome and every tank does that little question if you can hear or not I’ll definitely try and make it so you can hear it in editing but yeah I just noticed that it’s very it’s very light touch it if you don’t have your TV volume way up or if you don’t if your work or if you’re not wearing a headset it’s extremely hard to hear that rip sound you think I can hear it at all and the with this headset on by yeah hey anyway so I actually met you I thought I actually did do some grinding with my German vehicles or my tier 5 in general and I got this gun yeah i got i used my CD for my pants or four and got myself its first upgrade and here it is as you can see much much variation without losing the rate of fire so it’s pretty good mix the video a lot better and let me show you what it looks like without the without that on it yeah listen that too hot yeah that’s good and also oh I was grinding up my m-my mine for a little bit that’s all the way over here at those planes son who’s just playing a loose crying in here cr5 so I decided just to use by here files which is by him for my fencer for my pencil 34 and this one and the reason why I’m granting the m4 Sherman is simple I want to get the easy eight and close to giving it mainly because I just want all the Sherman’s is that’s the only Sherman I’m missing out of all of them premiums included so having mine I mean I mean going to it the easy pineapple opportunity do it except for last night so you know what let’s start video with him for are not let’s do this I mean it’s a very good tank i’m using less than the 600 of course and having it is a good thing I don’t know what I don’t know why don’t play it more yes I just never well I guess the only reason why I don’t play Morris because I have the noe adds a 8 to eat e 2 so if that’s like a man taking on you said a lot and it’s fun because it bounces everything it seems for the most part and a Pacific Islander salt um yeah salt yeah this is gonna be interesting but like I was saying yeah then for basically if it’s 76 is better damage but not as much armor or at least time I saw him in front and the flat armor so it doesn’t really bounce anything but however to type it faster because it doesn’t have additional armor so yeah I also it’s upgraded so it’s also faster because the a2 ‘if they to eat a to e forest is uh you know Isaac’s drummer and it’s not great day today thanks guys talking for with the flat armor from a jumbo is this is what it is I think over there and we’re going up against tier seven I can do this I can do this oh we’re defending us better I usually tag on this map I mean I never I never spun up here this is my second time spotting up here is it yeah that’s the French traffic is this is my second time actually spawning up here for so yeah I don’t I mean my squadron is go right and just stick over there just kill things I mean I go that way I was the same way when I spawn on the other side of the island but right now I just do this or what I usually do is do this so you can find a spot where okay maybe guys moving in position all rights trying to anyway yeah this is a good spot to be remember we’re are defending we cannot allow them to get our flag you basically force them into a pig nope in them and that’s it don’t do what guys

in senator angus because of the center are trying to find a good spot hot good spot to be hey who is by the tank Oh give me one nice you got that Stuart you must over here he he must oh no he doesn’t know her oh we’re in there just keep thinking um makeup give Gibby oh I got on with the fire nice and it’s why I like it’s 56 good I can no haz I wear a fire it’s awesome this key ones I yeah they were waiting for us I’m gonna just get out here trip I can’t Okung a little free meat leg somehow uh no I can’t look oh that’s not good that is not good at all this guy knows what I was doing yeah rush yeah rush to loan him for those looking backwards I wish this i wish like in full warship you can look around without having to turn your turn because we will be a much better position if we could look forward to uh if you could look forward and backward unfortunately not this is one of thanks it’s not i’m gonna work for either me on my warfare you can just like your turret down that’s at hey I kill the kids of it I mean also was going to begin to a t29 which wasn’t gonna work out no matter how much you wanted to work out unless of course he was scared of me for some reason then that’s nothing entirely buddy let’s get moving i mean we we did okay we did okay these issues it’s not that good of that map except when i spawned on the bottom side and I said are bad hold an angle and I go left and then I’m pretty good especially on lower tiers otherwise not really I’m again we meet up against a IC 29 and then for it does not work it just does not work alright what’s next I guess is he’s the new pants are for or my upgrade to it and the fens therefore I’m going for is and long for the Porsche tree and and going down and I’m I go down the tiger through the three the entire if here the tiger tour to the tiger P or the VK 36 yeah either either are so yeah that’s who this you know depends on how successful I’m Alex assignment in either the know either the VK I have right now or the Panzer for whether I go down with weather which one I go down for which one did mmm let’s try explaining that again you know depending on how well I do with the panzer 4 curliest enter battle or the VK i will use either one to get to the tiger i’m probably going to use the transfer forward to go down the porsche training go to tire to the panther through the tiger p by mike use the pencil for me to third and get to BK 36 to go to the tiger and then just use the week and because i’m kinda wanna peek a 36 and the and the VK i currently have the V key 30 like what 30.1 is not that you know it’s kind of bad and it’s kind of hard to get anything good with it if you can’t you can’t defend you can’t attack can’t do anything I mean of course I got new were kinda which helps but still so yeah working on that story yard so I might just you know I might just go Panthro Thaddeus leave it at that and if I want to be and if I want Debbie g36 i’ll just use defender for together so yeah okay oh let’s go left me right no one sees we going this way okay what I’m going up against terrifies it’s not that bad I mean we aren’t your Phi secretary so that’s pretty good so she since this is a panther for and yeah it’s a fencer for oh by the way uh I haven’t seen like this I know like in

the lofts gameplay video link in the baby prefer I’m in the video before that I was kind of like did they have to sit maps or something and entered that is a no they didn’t because it cannot i think the maps would say you know if you can play 360 players if it’s a you know if it’s a cross platform game you cannot update the match one and have the other and at the other game play with it it’s just saw the visuals look which is kind of amazing that they made the maps look more bigger and more open and i have the link arrangers team longer that’s really good and there’s a mess look completely different from the two games okay we’re getting some very students in the support with that heavy now yes the graphics sing you’re looking at the clouds and the trees and the dust on the right side okay our heavies here let’s move up oh that’s our heavy all right we’re okay well then amis are they all in one set ello there in the center as well oh well that guy who we can get that guy we had no cover all we can get some cover though okay we just got their base house it’s got their face they have it to me somewhere oh they know we’re here yeah they know we’re here let’s keep moving stolen truck me wearing cover your in cover they have a heavy and what that would stavi okay ah what’s that I want outta out behind the rock I’m behind the rock how are you seeing the top of my tank if I’m behind the rock wow it’s rock it’s not big enough it looks like it’s big enough it looks like it’s plenty big enough to cover me but it’s not okay i’m definitely in cover here ok there is just no cover I wasn’t it I kind of was extremely back here but I thought there would be more towards our base by now but oh well oh they did hell is a single vehicle and that’s not gonna change ah I thought I did that I did that while they just decimate a I’ve never seen this happen before where they just didn’t get any they did not die not know they both are surely went down but that’s about it and the things it’s a fallback but there was no there is no falling back from right there new there no there was no way to fall back from that position there was the way the fall for from that position either so that was unfortunate mean these are the pin for four game because I was not good match I wasn’t yeah we we have opportunity to shoot the guy but fortunately I pull the trigger just at a bit too late i think so yeah alright well what’s this thing else usual 70 we’re almost do that upgrade oh of course like going for that actually okay let’s try that again don’t whine he takes it take forever to load in but you know just released it all that a loop train standard bail

our let’s do this Bellew fee then let’s go over here now I still need to learn how the new how loose plays guys this is like what might the same time playing it oh there is no come over here oh yeah there is cover but not a lot of it we definitely made I look pretty hard because wolf to bottom of the map in the time of man får completely different than why used to ending how did the map is very differently it used to be can tiger that will be a prom I’ll say that’s one of the hatches and no we cannot hit it no matter how much we try Buchan ahead with this cake with this tang of that range how about you owe you anything we’re gonna do an issue that could be thinking it no it’s not oh we’re not even trying to fence on that base we’re just camping in the middle i see well you know well let’s move over to the top and try to use that line to see font turn and there we go any of those good is it’s not horribly inaccurate but that’s just the drum again for you it’s during some again to make things yeah our entire team is basically just sitting in the center slapping across the map oh yeah what the heck they’re just good shot up I think you just got shot at ord if I gunfire for some odd reason yeah i think i’m using my time for controller it might be a little old and the trigger just goes off framley whenever it wants to I think that’s what I think that’s what because I think that’s what’s happening to my controller because if you’ve been following me for the last like month or so then you may notice like guns I mean actually it’s fiction in this series mostly in this series that my gun just goes off and I’m lie for no reason and I think that’s because my controllers old and trigger switches like bail is failed it and just goes off friendly for no reason I don’t know if I seen any other games before though I mean yeah then I haven’t seen him when I was playing a halo so yeah he was that what is that I’m done wrong intellectual fine what what what looking you see what those are 87 that is a problem pretty surprising if my gun woulda hit him ah i forgot i was playing a Panzer do not gonna rue missed get her missed I mean I got to say it’s not I’m word woofer it’s not like he does it every two seconds baiyang nest and we missed opportunity damage and there we go there we go i mean we just let me getting bad luck with the panzer 4 for what for whatever reason so let’s use something else don’t know while until i found work with the panther for what oh well I’ll overdoing the Cromwell you give me a better gun button along to this is going to do anyway 8 yeah and I’m not lying and with really bad super information about a lot of damage which makes a good medium and light killer but i prefer penetration and where a fire which is what this does right um it does more damage but loses a little bit penetration so you know I’m just going to stick with the I’m just going to not

upgrade this I love intuition but only a little bit more and i’m just going to stick with this thing it to the comment that way you know well let’s use the territorial seven and when you listen along time on the channel i don’t think i need to grind it to get to the final just show you any granted to get to the Conqueror I have like printer that is what’s up like Prince actually carnarvon conquer ok enough are off actually that’s good let’s do this who’s lost toys to Churchill knocking out how long ago in fire 34 that was last time I used it ellenburg Center battle okay we can do this you go back to the pen sir for yeah we just sent having bad luck with it we just can you know like the first play our first battle we just you know they just didn’t go that way and then we had to move up and we moved up we forget me to their backs and then there was no cover because I’ve still not used to that map if anything like that because I’m usually advancing down that side and set up that side I can’t let you should spawn up so I when I go down there so yeah and I used to it as well as and second match respond that we get out hellooo fan me sure win right cuz I went right I mean if we weren’t right we just got owned we were just gotten owned by the issue anyway so yeah and our gun just miss us unfortunate l-look is not the man for panther for now I’m up sorry for the pencil for but you know it’s more urban because it’s gun is like that because he saw I could that gun is like we know we looked at Tiger I know a secret entrances it is it is one of his few ports and that was it so yeah alright we’re going that’s gonna fly actually watch our Jackson and then we keep this goes you know it looks like a crucial to me cute I teach you like really Oh opportunity really bored oh yeah get a little bit of a snapshot but I gum there you go I helped I don’t even know this gun that will I follow that you off anyway year like a boss i amaze myself every time I do something like that I guess do I also teach you like going I was a teacher like to and he was going falstein which is like certainly Erykah eh which is like 900 miles per hour so yes free I was pretty hot now I need you a turn ELC which show harder to hit because they are smaller and their little bit faster I mean we actually look like we hit like dead center or at least on the hull so yeah he sneezed all right well we’re going up against let’s get moving our things going tops oh no one’s going topside no one went to upside i say or if they did when top or 50 go topside dr dead must move faster

visuals known about no visuals don’t you know visual on you either tillery seems to be prepping for shotgun um I thought I hit him but he shot a low Emily church oh where that come from look at bout it looking at the top of myself it comes the that’s a 40 them that’s looks hey we got off the five for the second anyway wait am I shot go ah way my shot go anywhere shark I can’t see where my shots go one guy put too much stuffing away only wise if all these guys where am I shot go also this gun or is it just server lag oh [ __ ] this thank you it definitely server like is my shot when way right Arnie’s good doing oh that wasn’t all for my tillery hey yeah well I guess this gun is not as far as I thought was I found not used to this gun and I’m doing with these two of whites uh it’s just come to the again I’m very far very far you can’t think your money frog n williams good I’m going this way I’m coming for you Oh tracks name a name took this ah come on come on oh boy way yeah we’re playing wolf tank so don’t cry not yeah I just got surrounded I don’t know how is missing a shot I mean I I know I’m not used to this tank but it does seem to have a very fast multiple ASEAN its gun so it should be going quickly enough not that those saw the shots with a missed I mean sure solo shots would hit so I don’t quite know what happened with the gun there you just give me like a little bit uh yeah I think I just thought I think I’m just not used to that gun I think that’s what happening or that’s what’s happening so yeah okay well so depends are for I’m determined to use the pen I’m determining every game with the Pens are fall on camera as I can’t have a big in with this thing on camera it’s just really really difficult yeah I’m definitely the BK 30.1 pee first I mean could get that I could get that but yeah much less penetration and Germany a game game with this thing on camera although we are almost at a time but to light I wasn’t a stellar battle oh yeah see we use them for in this four degrees depends therefore and we use the Churchill yeah I shawl for takes per video because while we haven’t done is giving a while and just want to show off my different tanks but it’s always tomorrow he’s always giving in that video a service but I wonder of course the Polo three that you need get that done so i can record new vegas so i can and get that done before getting season starts which isn’t attempt which is late to timber i’m on era out of time narrator I’m suiting that guy so we’re going against our pumpkins Tigers oh yes it’s better I mean dear seven and yeah let’s do this usual all right let’s go on this rock and yes stay here Oh breakfast again you get to

me every single time that’s it right here I’m as I move up with them poor how did I get sucking that Fisher on this guy no my guy friend 38 Canaan is moving up and get sounds of friends oh look they she’s like I shut yeah that dude did I mean the Panther for good come on did the matter where it did even me did tell you dude to come on dude it’s like I was safe for that because I had a shot on him and he got on my way and I had a long reload and there I mean we three bad games in the room what search engines well that he has gotten bad positions that’s it depositions bad luck oh and stuff he can’t penetrate I mean what the face before you need lots of luck because you’re slow we don’t have armor and your gun takes fire to reload and it doesn’t penetrate all that well and even if it does very trying to tell that much damage I mean it’s better now but it’s still pretty bad and you haven’t done damage yet yeah we only got what one shop in like these three games to Panther for so yeah that’s most unfortunate me wait um that depends are for I think I always do it’s not gonna like it like I said when I first got the thing but still I just you know it’s not a good thing or I don’t like it I really don’t like it all right thank you a so you’re thanks watching a new push college I was watching our this thing we thought to be mostly not spiritually they can’t take much like to show it to me before we go I just want to say one thing oh by the way the like a bug on 360 it doesn’t say my giving me more cuz i play like a good two or three hours of matches no it’s straight on the 360 and I didn’t like I didn’t encounter like a bug once so i think i’m good nag and played 316 time I want use a good thing they finally fixed it but you know what I also make the majority of these videos on xbox one by my boyfriend every now and then on 360 all right by my side like i was saying i will appear early apprec– I really appreciate you guys girls went leave a comment yeah we’ll leave a comment and also wait yeah well be sure if you guys um yeah thing about think about my outro is it’s muscle memory in my head so I must say it in the correct order every single time or else it does not work so it’s terrible so let’s start over again thanks for watching I hope I do everything she goes goes watching another thing about me what’s the answer is to leave a comment my check through so much right to enjoy to me an assistant for the series like what vehicles will see next enter to apply well thanks xbox one in general even on the person’s stimulus having three other to note app and I guess co and nessa