Dragonknight Tank build for Dark Brotherhood ESO 2.4 [T3 Build]

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Dragonknight Tank build for Dark Brotherhood ESO 2.4 [T3 Build]

welcome back Angus Delta from Delta is gaming calm and in this video we’re going to talk about the t3 Dragonite tank build for the Elder Scrolls online Dark Brotherhood made a couple modifications to it in terms of gearing skills but specifically I went in tanked veteran sanctum video and batma to make sure that it could handle all the way dis content in the game specifically trial space if you’re looking for a trial space a DK tank that can do dungeons as well this is your vid who doesn’t like three red balls floating around their character well tell you what nobody because it’s awesome and the t-3 bill we changed some things with gear skill and CP I’m going to show you yeah so the orbs we’re going to talk about the gear thing real quick now basically I’m still using the Tabas setup and that it was the sturdy trait so I had to recraft here on this new patch so I burn through a lot of temporaries taking donations still want to provide your group with some awesome ultimate regeneration using warm so with this setup I can usually average an aggressive warhorn once every 40 to 45 seconds if I’m keeping all my buffs up I just think it’s an absolute must-have now you notice the problem with the Tabas tank here and heavy armor is it the pieces don’t come in any mitigation compared to footman’s or something like that so you’re going to suffer from mitigation issues if you don’t counteract it in a couple different ways so I went with Chavez on a couple pieces of my body 3 then foot a blood spawn here sturdy as well and I chanted it magic I’m going to get to why that a little bit but this gives me that extra boost of physical resistance I need to get the hard cap the problem is it has a cool-down so you’re not going to have your hard cap CP lets you spike your CP differently at that 30 to 33 K range so when I buff here we’ll go back and look at this I’m at 29 K spell resistant that’s real good physical resistance that’s a bit low now the hardest boss to tank or the hardest hitting boss I should say in the game is really the manic aura now I’ve done it with this build no problem but you’re really dependent on your healer so you may have to change around your 5-piece depending on your specific setup to get that more mitigation or you can swap your mundus stone depending on your race so 5 peace with that true peace blood spawn ultimate regeneration and then a five-piece Abin Evan set so the Evan armory set comes from normal maul you can get some of the gold your I think from the last boss and bet I don’t know for sure but you can get purple now which is really easy to get so adds a ton of health now the reason I’m using this is because I have been using bajas curse right here and that’s for like normally just clearing trash doing group dungeons and stuff like that but for harder higher-end content you really need to provide something to the group and almost 1,100 health really helps those ultra glass cannon DPS survive during trash phase so it gives me a lot of health which allows me to put points into other stats you can see here I’m at 24k stamina and 18000 magic I have decent mad recovery and heavy armor all heavy I want was all heavy because I was feeling way too squishy with five to set up so all heavy I don’t need more stats with undaunted I’d rather just have more armor and resistance now I went with one recovery into reduced cost you probably want to go to recovery and one reduced cost but I ended up crafting the hunk left twice per but another really keeping to do with your build here is this weapon enchant on a few sword so this is going to be your main taunt and this really helps out the dps of the group reduces the targets spell and physical resistance by 1946 so if someone else has a crusher enchant it won’t it won’t stack but that allows DPS on your team if you’re the consistent tank to free up their enchants so maybe fire maybe poison weapon damage of course spell damage but something else besides that so our main top bar you can see that this will apply that debuff without just swinging your sword my problem is it lasts for five seconds you’re going to have to constantly bar swap and apply this buff and/or light attack in between when in doubt hold block if you’re struggling as a tank I see tanks get lifted all the time to wrecking blows and just inside a heavy attacks you should be holding block once you know the mechanics of fights and stuff then you can kind of drop your block here and there swing your TAC blight attack but really there’s no there’s no downside to holding block especially if your group is consistent and you have the

appropriate buffs then debuffs going you’re going to have stamina coming back to you at all times so don’t worry about that on the back bar I went with decisive so I really like this trait now it’s a little controversial I know people don’t think that good but it can add up and so what I do here on my bar setups so I have ransack as my taught me tell you why swish morphs but right here I have igneous shields on my back bar with the decisive trade so what I do is every six seconds or so I go back to my back bar and I’m getting stamina back but really I’m getting ultimate and so once I gain that Ally extra ultimate boom this is proc incarnates why I have that in the back bar the other the other enchant here doesn’t really need to apply you could even use some poison like Manor Minor vulnerability or something like that but if you do need extra stamina put on there so I just swing here light light attack here and there to get some more stamina back I’m an orc and so on my gear enchants I went 60 for stamina now depending on your specific race you really should be able to do some damage in a pinch because some of these dungeons like that MA that will require two tanks the majority the time sanctum both IDIA veteran mode doesn’t now you can run it with two tanks and that’s what we do because there’s the adds a really troublesome where you can pretty much be a DPS and just have chained things once in a while so it’s important that if you switch to DPS gear that you have a good consistent setup so what I did is inspect all my stuff into magic pretty much with one stamina engine and so that way I still have a decent pool of magic got a decent pool of health and a lot of stamina I really think stamina needs to be your primary objective reason why is spear shards gives you stamina back based on your amount so 25% so if you have 10000 stamina 25% 10,000 salmon ax math time is not very much 25% of 24 K that’s a lot so that’s why I go more into the max stamina specifically that way okay so skills let me talk to you about what I changed here now I have let me show you you guys see this coming up Lamia boss so task guard stalwart guard mah DPS guard tank I have a million different setups so that I use Lamia bosses the thing in the back the backroom orsa and it’s a really hard fight I’ll explain a little bit what I switch out so uh these two things here absorb magic and volatile armor now volatile armors almost a must-have but in trash polls or if I’m off tanking I dropped that I usually don’t need the extra physical resistance and it frees up an ability here to guard someone usually I’m going to guard a melee DPS that squishy or dying a lot or a magic build that needs the extra critical strike damage so you’re going to guard the squishy person that person running around with 16k eating popcorn getting thrown up you need a guard then prevent them to die you can swap guard as well so don’t just guard one target and think that’s all I’m going to sit on them and just never do anything you need to be active with your guard is your healer in trouble click it point at your healer click it again it can save wipes for your group Plus that extra damage will actually proc your stuff way more often so member that’s based on Tabas is based on dodging so more times we take damage the more chances this is to proc with their dodge up a same thing with blood spun more times you take damage more times it can proc our blood spawns so I drop these two abilities fall two armor and absorb magic it’s going to make me a lot of squish here but that’s like I said if I’m doing off tanking or I just need to get protect someone specifically through lending chains got to have it I love it now in very specific fights there is nothing to chain but most of the time it’s it’s prudent to have this on here I also use propelling shield and I would recommend leveling this up completely it’s a pain in the butt to level up as I asking you to look at this but the second boss and vet ma will require you to do some long-range taunting so it’s useful it’s also useful to have a magic dump in the final boss of that sanctum of IDIA and ransack it seems like an odd choice because I posted about you know taking the other morph here for physical and spell resistance but right now there’s a problem in most trial groups someone is going to be running this morph right here elemental drain so it gives you a major breach which is same thing the other more of our taught does the problem with it is when you reapply your taunt it strips elemental drains magic effect because every time you apply some new buff like let’s say you have a potion up and you apply major brutality another way like rally it

really does the effect and sometimes strips it away now we’ve told off about this I’ve tested it is true so it’s a big deal if you get if you drop elemental drain from your trials group so your healers will notice this so that’s why I went with ransack plus I’m pretty low on armor anyways the way it is so I might as well use it and get that minor resolve for 12 seconds remember that this taunt it’s hard to over taunt now so I use a little more actively on targets specifically applying that major crusher enchant so I wouldn’t go haywire to spam this thing but you can do it a little more frequently main thing is keep that block up if you’re having trouble next up is choking talons we’ve used their bread and butter minor maim for everything in the area for seven seconds and remember that it applies minor maim even if it doesn’t like necessarily talons the guy in place so if you’re out of stamina and you’re getting the crap beat out of you you can apply minor main to some other targets using choking talons so just keep that in mind the synergy that this provides is amazing and the damage is fantastic so you I really think you need choking talons now in fights where there’s absolutely zero AoE which is pretty much none you can swap this out so I just pretty much always leave an eye bar absorb magic I switch this morph as well so I one with defensive stance offensive posture for a very very very long time now I still like that skill but the thing about it is it’s somewhat counterproductive when we’re doing polls and the mob gets stunned because chains won’t bring them to me and I’m not going to go to them either but I’ll just sit there and do nothing so I really like this extra healing it provides and the fact that it’s reliable with my chains I’m not going to be able to down some map caster and not be able to pull X up Baroque slash this is is going to give you minor maim for 12 seconds major heroism as well and that will generate ultimate when you swap your back bar so I do like that I reason up on my front bar is because I do a heel combo with igneous shields resolving vigor so that way I don’t have to swap but when in doubt this thing needs to be applied on the boss again it needs to be applied on the boss because sometimes the bosses effects like you know ground crap poison or lightning or something like that fire sometimes it can be debuff through this ability not just physical attacks so make sure that you’re keeping this up on the boss priority if you can’t do this because you run out of stamina do choking talents do something debuff the boss it’s not literally just tank there and sit there and take damage you need to be active and D buffing that’s a big part of it next up aggressive war-horn Alliance war you need to take this more if not the other one it’s critical so you and your allies gain major force for nine point five seconds and the huge amount of stats it’s just the bread and butter of trials DPS right now having about four people run it popping it once every ten seconds if possible and at least every 30 seconds if possible having a nice solid war-horn rotation the extra max stats along with my abba knee you’re looking at giving someone a whole lot more health so it’s going to prevent a lot of deaths like I said if you’re optimized fully with this build using a lot of your buffs and debuffs you can get this every forty forty-five seconds but it’s going to be an active tanking role you’re not going to sit there and just hold block so if you’re looking at getting this up every four or four to five seconds you’re going to have to cast this about four times you’re going to have to guess igneous shields a crap-ton because remember you can get ultimate back here on the earth and heart ability every six seconds so you’re going to need to be very very active d buffing healing yourself providing utility if you want to get those war horns off reliably back bar igneous shield now I swapped out this and the reason why in my stam DPS build them and use molten iron mats and then most DPS healers anyone are going to be running their own spell power weapon power potions anyway since medicinal use is reliable now and the extra advantage that igneous shields give is just fantastic it’s just a juggernaut major mending increasing your healing done and it provides a nice little shield now the shield can be raised with the bastion that’s very valuable but the thing I like about it is you can spam this with the major mending and along with vigor and use some really nice healing so if we look at this 2.4 K’naan crit at times 2 so it doesn’t seem like a lot but once that major mending goes off you can see it goes down now imagine doing this it’s it’s like a week Healing springs so the tank my tank role here if I’m doing nothing else and I got all my d buffs and buffs out I’ll do an igneous and there now remember major mending lasts about 6-7 seconds three point five K and

a crit and then you can get back your resources and ultimate every six seconds with our earth and art passive so a lot of times I will do that combo every six seconds regardless of everyone’s at full health and I’ve gotten up to 20,000 healing per second just doing that combo because everyone was sacked together so you need to have magic but this gives magic takes magic gives you back stamina which I put right into a resolving bigger giving health back and a lot of utility a mandatory skill you have to have is shuffle now you can take the other morph but sometimes it’s useful to have shuffle to get rid of the snares and immobile mobilizations back in the the back room for the orsa fight so I really like this we’re not using any medium armor so it’s not going to increase the duration per se but the morph allowing us to remove those snares is really really nice now another thing that not a lot of people understand is that inner rage the synergy that this provides dps wise is incredible there’s some people that have gotten 100,000 dps hitting this energy once so I really really like inner rage and you need a range taunt nowadays so you got to have this I would take the extra synergy chance because it adds up to a lot of dps synergies are the way to go in this game free dps to give you back resources why not use it so I really like that skill now is talking about volatile armor cost magic gives you that physical resistance though I do swap it out for guard vigor and then I go back with magma shell in an oh crap situation let’s say we’re about to wipe and no one has a nova and the boss is doing a lot of damage it will give us a nice little shield but more importantly I can res and basically not die so what I do with this is I hit a magma shell I go to my potions here and I hit an immunity potion so immune to disabling effects so what’s that going to do if someone throws some poopy grenade at me or whatever I’m basically not going to die and I’m not going to be CC so it’s an it’s a go to Hail Mary to prevent a wipe and it has done amazing amazing things for me it’s hard to pull off but in the end a pinch 200 and you can do some ridiculous stuff here with magma shell I like this morph because the nearby always gained a massive damage shield okay so champion points and I probably don’t have that an effective champion points in the red I know you don’t want to hear that in a build video but now this is work for me I just will respect this in certain boss fights that I’m getting my butt kicked but usually that’s never the case the only hard a fight you’ll have is that sanctum first boss the manticore because it does so much physical damage now if you see this this is not a percentage based it’s more of a flat value so you put you know 20 points into this you’re getting 1k resistance I don’t think it’s worth it anymore so I make sure I stick over here and Hardeen element offender now you can do some interesting gear changes and go to the lunar Bastion and more focus on your igneous shield and I create a really cool tank doing that so that’s a really good idea over here I do a 50/50 split on stamina magic cost reduction because I’m using both quite frequently and then I go over here and just do all magic regen because it doesn’t really matter that I’m generating stamina remember this is for PvE player versus environment killing stuff my groups are going to have Templars running spear shards and repentance and I’m not getting stamina back when I’m blocking so I think it’s a non-issue to put in a mid-calf moving over here if you’re really having trouble to reduce block costs you can put it this way but the 50/50 split and the other other tree is really useful I have every single part of my gear as legendary sturdy 4% 4% 4% I mean 4 times 7 do the mats a lot I don’t know it was that number I can’t math kids over here now this is obviously not what you want to do for an off tank but if you’re like looking at just surviving this can affect vigor this can affect vigorous healing excuse me other healing that dragon Knights do as well so it’s just a cheesy lazy split but really you want to set it up based on stem your stem DPS or your magic DPS over here too because this isn’t necessarily going to save your life moreso being an effective off tank that can dps as well okay so let’s go round up some critters here and kind of show you what I’m going to do so the pre buffets I’m just going to get my shield up I’m going to put my shuffle on so I’m going to get my 20% dodge chance I’m going to bump up with my armor I’m in a bar swap and then hit absorb Magica so you can do it in whatever way you want igneous shuffle you see my resources are very very juicy with this build and that’s an all heavy armor so usually if it’s a boss I will obviously do an inner fire if it’s not I will do a chains in a bang so chains light attack in a bang now you still need to be light attacking even though you’re a tank while you’re changing them

in so now it’s priority mode I got three mobs so I’m going to apply my major maim debuff right there kill all of them you can see my character isn’t little ghostly looking so I need to get shuffle back on I don’t have spikes on my back knee to add spikes my back major maim is down on these guys need to reapply it my taunts down need to reapply to each of them I’m running out of stamina pop a potion so I’m going to go to back to my back bar in its priority mode so I’m going to do this little self-healing little self-healing and build it up for some ultimate when in doubt war-horn boom almost a full flood of resources and then just go back into priority mode let’s kill them my tank beeps is off the chains I can do decent VPS just spamming heroic slash so let’s just recap what we’re doing the pre buffets you need to be buffing this is not priority number one this is what generates our ultimate this is what will save your life a lot of times in stamina shuffle so 23 seconds this is going to have to be cast more frequently 20 seconds in a cost magic if you’re going to run out of stamina you’re dead if you’re going to run out of magic you’re not so when in doubt if your stamina is low spam igneous shields that earth and heart passive to give you back stamina but that’s priority number one this does happen on your bar is very good but if you notice a caster peppering you this is what you’re going to do is casting it and then you have your mames right here so you have your your AoE maim or debuff reducing damaged and you have your single target for like a boss this will also generate ultimate up so you really want to use it however when in doubt you need to be able to maintain shuffle over heroic slash trust me and then you have your taunt ransack single target on up close and then enter a rage far away so the priority here on ransack if you’re planning a trials group there’s going to be other ways to get major fracture specifically stamina dragon Knights are probably going to be using noxious breath which applies the exact same buff so that debuff is not so important the minor resolve given you that 1300 physical resistance is really nice but when in doubt the radiate is very very useful for the synergy potential and damage potential so I almost prioritize my taunting with inner rage over ransack nowadays which was never the case in the past but as I understand more and more about the game and more and more about trials and so forth yeah it’s all about group play it really is and if you can do something to help your friend while helping you it’s good for the goose is good for the gander okay last video clip here let’s show you how to manage resources I’m not gonna be able to kill stuff but I can last for a while so I’m here just in spindle clutch thinking around and see I got a snare on me put my shuffle on and so let’s see if we can’t just take a bunch of these mobs and to see how we manage resources so the very first thing I got a potion up so usually my first instinct is to always use a tripod first to get my resources back up maintaining my buffs here get myself a little self heal and I’m rooted in place instead of a Dodge draw just cash shuffle my stamina is getting down a little bit so I’ll go couple egg new shields and then now it’s time for ultimate so if I hit magma shell I know that I don’t really have to block unless there’s a heavy attack coming so that gives me some time to get back a lot of stamina so I’m going to get back my resources I’m going to debuff a couple times get heroic slash going to generate that ultimate make sure he ludes back igneous into a heal I got him again now I’m going to do some AoE damage debuff with choking talents igneous shields here do a little light attack get some resources back and can see how fast my ultimate is coming back see rogue slash and igneous shields now I don’t have to block I can use igneous a couple times to get my stamina almost max recast shuffle and that’s it and guess what try pots back up so let’s see if I can’t get more pressure let’s go grab this guy oh no I’m gonna die all right let’s panic I’m just kidding try pot here we go I’m gonna do absorb magic you know it’s probably not gonna help us here make me a pygmy DeShields give me that magic give me that stem here we go choking talents I’m here now I got my big old nasty magma shell let’s just see tank and spank I done my holding block here I want that resources to come back repping awful full heavy okay now magma shells coming down so I’m gonna get all my busts up all my bus so now I’m really in trouble here something needs to die or I’m gonna die 140 alts that’s what I’m at I’m close eight seconds on a tripod if we can last that long we got this there we go and come on spike dimer tripod ooh tripods up magma shells backup now

unblock four reapply all your buffs okay and this is how you tank basically a million thanks rotating between your Ultimates now I’m bellows damn so shut up Delta you do the Cygnus weapons and I’m already back at 130 ultimate low spam use my magic to basically get stand in the back and it boom got to back up drop lock I’m going to do a big old heavy to get stamina back I got five more seconds left better block I’m in trouble dodge roll potion got ten seconds left in a potion come on come here we go potion four seconds don’t die on a video you can’t go to the time spamming the button wrong button but I’m spamming something okay so igneous over and over and over spiked armors down going to reapply that I’m low on stem and boom that’s back up choking talons and I can just do this all day basically so you can see obviously when you’re solo tanking mobs like this is not going to simulate a box but what it does do is get you under pressure and allows you to figure out how are you going to manage resources independently of other players and this is how you can see how effective igneous shields is and transferring basically magic into stamina igneous weapons hold down the heavy tripod I am at full resources so you can basically go full resources with this build and that’s the strength of it it allows you to do group utility it allows you to have absolutely freakishly amazing resource generation and not be dependent on someone else for stuff so you’re gonna get a lot of friend requests if he pull this build off correctly okay shut up we’re not done yet 89 come on two hundred percent bang magma shell stop holding block ripping grip smack him a couple times most important buff I need to be gray so I’m just going to spam bigness look at that boom I can basically out igneous the block costs see that heroic slash and I did that because I knew a potion would be right back up and I got five seconds left on elude so I’m going to make sure I cast that again I know this is boring okay so let’s just start finishing these little tater tots c’mere Archer I’m tired of you now remember that absorb magic will not reflect them Archer bolts it’s going to reflect magic specifically so that’s not that effective against those guys then I use my taunt to reduce their armor if I’m gonna do damage and then heroic slash hope taking damage so I’m going to hold block go back to igneous shield I’m gonna do it a couple times that decisive trait will proc some extra ultimate and her pen a whole heavy Dhanam debuff his armor ripped down the whole heavy potions back up I’m not going to do damage but I can survive all day every day and why not horn fer to go while dare you run over son I mean nya first ed no this guy is tank come on nine videos about done lord have mercy so that’s the t3 updated most of the stuff was the same a few things have changed making it super super tanky very effective in almost every single environment specifically trials I’ve been doing dungeons but a lot more trials recently and so I needed to find something to offer group utility to the max that had a lot of survivability and a lot of resources and this is what I came up with so hopefully that helps you on how to use it stamp Templar should be out tomorrow or today so we’re going to get to that and then stam DK dps and a couple other things thanks for watching