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your List of Demands for sure because I have this Big comfy couch where we can cuddle and watch a good TV like insecure because the new episode came out on Monday and I haven’t watched it yet because I’m waiting for you for the drinks I did replenish your dream of thin and there is some espa long tequila for our margarita so there’s that that for banana bread super easy I can even put chocolate chips in there which is delicious I bought two kinds of cookies so lemon Oreos that are like and in crunchy they’re delicious and chocolate chip cookies but with white chocolate and milk chocolate chips so should be delicious and for my you know that it’s your so have at it whenever you want and I have plenty of food to make you a real dinner so you know just let me know no when I need to pay up and I’ll be oh yeah you you make me laugh and you make me smile so far it’s great still being around like I know it’s literally not even been 12 hours since I saw you last but it’s weird like like I really just enjoy like waking up and seeing your face and touching you so yeah that’s where I’m at today I miss you and it’s a little bit bit dramatic because I saw you yesterday but you know I’m a little bit dramatic so so today so no worries take care of your body take care of you get some rest you obviously know you’re more than welcome over here whenever you come tomorrow I can try to make you a dinner so we can do that so you just rest and I hope you sleep well well Chen is what it is a girl like me do to deserve to have somebody like you want to hang out with somebody like me it’s blowing my mind but but it’s kind of my goal to make people feel comfortable and so I’m glad all of my charms are working on you and Foods love like you’re not comfortable in the street eating right I don’t know it’s a weird Polish thing I think but but I’m really happy peaceful peaceful and like this today time with me naturally all he’s worth okay world voice messages to I really didn’t even know it was a thing until you showed me and I approve of your executive decision thank you for taking that for me because you know I struggle with decision but just let me know what you need from me and I can’t wait to see you and also so proud of you for keeping all of your clothes so clean it’s very appealing appealing can I come this is Robert Frank and you’re listening to the man getting help for men with your host Steve the teen Williams I’m Tyrone and you’re listening to the man mindset Dayton help for men with your host Steve Dean Williams on board long dick stuff beef be the dean Williams give me your chain Punk yeah sleep with the lights on I still got the bicycle must Love Steve do what you do God bless Steve Steve congrats on your podcast the man mindset go to man mountains and listen to it keep up the good work I for for this is not not motivation this is a way of life life

your new life life in the darkest corner deep in your mind is there telling you what you can and cannot do making you feel like you can’t grow or achieve anything you want want it’s time to hunt what’s been hunting you all your life it’s time to take Back Control control it’s time to say there there it’s time to find your authentic self self please encode the information properly this is only for you and you alone the code it own it stand by it and most importantly live by it don’t just listen to the message we come the message message let’s begin what’s going on everybody hey what’s up sugar boy DJ man we are alive man I just got to get the connect all the buttons and everybody kicking some music let’s get it right man how y’all doing man my chat room dogs give me one second guys I know I’m gonna do this jump um give me a second man let’s keep going some music man while we while we could get smile for Yak today let’s see and and that’s fine it’s find some music for y’all to play while we kicking off this month we can saw it show let me see here see this work I did we go home or send me just click this all right here you go what’s going on everybody it’s your boy to Dean class is in session I am not home where with chilling up north northeast side of the sector man let me get to my chat room dogs you’ll quit give a shout-out to my chat room dogs out there how you guys doing hope everything is good with you also to the ladies out there when you say hey ladies how y’all doing all the ladies out there how y’all doing man we got a good show for you guys if you want to call in call in number is five 1560 five six oh five nine three seven three that’s five 1560 five six oh five nine three seven three is the number we are live I’d say we’re live we’re gonna have a good show today we will chop it up got a lot of stuff to talk about last of disgust and definitely take your calls I can say I’m in the suite chilling this is this is the sweet section and the bathroom is over around that corner so it’s not a bad setup and stuff so I’m gonna be here for a few days I’ll be back on Tuesday where spice and I are going to do a show Tuesday night we won’t be able to do the cardio because I’ll be flying a little bit late so so just want to let y’all guys know that that let me see you around well yeah we had a rhyme with the div I’m mr. we had a rhyme with the dean show earlier today um you know what they might be a possibility that excuse me I’m gonna have her I’m gonna do another rhyme with the dean tomorrow probably around 10 East in the morning 10 a.m. or something like that so yeah we’re definitely going to do that but if you have any questions y’all know 5156 059 3738 toxic people we’re getting ready we got a lot of talk about want to talk about fear when I work on fear today okay that’s going to be our our attack today we’re going to be discussing fear today and just kind of guide you guys through all this stuff man I mean it’s just so many beautiful women out in this world just so much ass so many so many gorgeous women that y’all should be all should have have at least East I would say 10 ten women on your roster man y’all have a bunch of women on your roster but you don’t I’m not judging you because I understand your fears a lot of you guys have fears and that’s what we need to talk about we need to discuss fear now in order for you to be the man for the woman you’ve got to show the woman that you’re man enough to handle handle whatever comes your way and that’s what going to talk about today so the lines are

open if you want to call in we definitely do that if you have a question okay just put a queue just put a queue and the comments and any question that you have I’ll be happy to answer your question again we’re live up in around New Jersey area chilling the the next travel date will be in December I’ll be in Vegas and every December I we’re going to do a show of Rosebud will go to rosebuds house and do a show live there but also will will kick off some shows while I’m in Vegas so Vegas in December so until then I’ll be here for four days and I’m home then we’re going to just kill it man we just going to kill it so I just want to let you you guys know so let’s get into this guy’s again if you have any questions if in listen let’s look at the questions meeting women approaching text in a woman relationship with a woman if you’re in a relationship if you’re married if you have marriage problems yeah have any kind of issues that you have calling because we cover everything under the sun the only thing we don’t cover is feminine feminine energy so we don’t we don’t talk about bit so but we have a great show today there’s some stuff I want to get off my on my Dawn for you guys but chat room y’all got it chatroom dogs what’s up lines are open open close some of these some of these things all right so let’s get into it okay so so for a lot of people out there I have to ask you this question how do you approach women women and a lot of people that when I asked you how you approach women I don’t mean how you approach women but how do you approach failure how do you approach fear because most of the approaches that y’all are dealing with is not necessarily have anything to do with the woman it has something to do with her but it doesn’t really have anything to do with it because a lot of you guys worry too much about about women and because you guys worried about women because you guys don’t know know that fear something that you shouldn’t have but you have it how do you approach fear in your life okay that’s something that we want to discuss and that’s something we want to talk about talk about see the thing about rejection for a lot of you guys you look at it as something that’s very painful you know what I mean and and you got to ask yourself the question when it comes to fears and and these type of issues doesn’t Define Who You Are okay does it Define you and if the fear defines you gentlemen not only is the fear going to Define you it’s also going to stop you from learning and stop you from growing okay see see I love learning from my mistakes as I do make mistakes mistakes I love me because it gives me more to learn you know every woman that you meet is not just going to throw the at you okay just doesn’t work that way every woman I keep telling you has certain standards and it’s not like I say you have to Chisel away at her it’s just at the end of the day we want you men out there too have women me just check the phone lines we want you men out there to have women that truly submit themselves to you they you want a woman to want to be with you you don’t want to beg or barter your way into a relationship like a lot of y’all are doing right now I’m telling you you’re going to meet women that just are steadfast and what they feel about themselves there’s a there’s a lot of women out there there that you know what they have certain standards of what they see as a relationship and you came force a woman to do something that she doesn’t want to do now again you can you can force the issue of course but if you force the issue it’s always going to bite you in the ass later on that’s why I always tell you don’t ever force the issue that’s why excuse me that’s why it’s important to be able to walk away from a woman I don’t want you guys to ever feel that you got to hang around a woman

and wait for you know life to happen when she’s ready she’ll do it on her own and that’s what I want you guys to see but how can you get to that when you’re allowing the rejection of a woman or the fear of a woman prevent you from learning Who You are okay and see the thing about your mindset okay because we’re going into the mind right now but the thing about your mindset is that you’ve got to look at the role that it plays in every every part of your life every aspect of your life okay everything everything see most of you guys guys have this thought process that your body controls you you got this thought process that you’re not allowed to move you and do what you want to do because the way your mind is working right now now is that it makes you think think that you have no choice or no options and if you look at young men today they always say well I can’t get a woman women are hard it’s difficult to date is difficult to approach a woman you know women have changed in you know a lot of people say that those things are terrible and those things are difficult but women haven’t changed changed much they’ve always did they’ve always been the same really if you think about it it’s just that now they’re more demanding because they have to be careful I mean if you look at the situation that we’re in right now women they just came date any old body because most of you most of you crazy are crazy the other half of you are thirsty the other half the other the other half so that’s a 3/4 the other half you are don’t have any experience so what is a woman to do what is a woman to do when you are in those situations hold on a second oops wrong button you see something you want to say it what is it woman to do okay okay and let me see here once you seconds just and trying to see something real quick so what I’m saying to you you gentlemen out out there the change can happen for you gay it’s not like you can’t change it’s just that most of you guys don’t want to change because also the fear the fear of success is something that will stop you from even doing the stuff that you need to do to get a woman because the most you guys okay with that like you listen if you listen to the show it was okay zagging if you listen to the show last last night what did the guy say last night the guy said that you know he’s having problems picking up a woman so what we did is we went through every phase of him meeting a woman and talking to a woman what did he do he failed in every face he didn’t know how to text her he didn’t know how to talk to her he didn’t know how to go on a date with her he didn’t even know what to do when we had the coming knocking at his door and a lot of you guys don’t know that and it’s no knock on you but this is what brings the fear fear the inning that you have with women most you guys don’t know what to do with a woman y’all think sex is excuse me a lot of y’all think sex is what you see on porn and that’s not the truth it’s X is not what you see on porn a lot of you guys never think about fixing your apartment up you never think about setting up the mood a lot of you guys don’t even think that far down the line when it comes to women because you for a lot of you guys you don’t believe in yourself and you think that I I get a woman you know it’s not going to work it’s not you know things like that so see when you look at people that know the game and could get easily and stuff like that okay all right what do they have it’s not that they have a gift and they don’t have any kind of a talent or anything like that it’s just there more in control of their actions versus you guys who are not in control of your actions actions in order to get this down you got to be in control of your actions you see beautiful women you know you know what you know what’s so fun I went to the mall today and went to the mall I was at this sort are posted some I was at the mall or whatever and there was a group of women that notice my little cupcake ass they were like hey how you doing you know it’ll ggressive but but the cool thing about when you can get women you don’t have to go after every piece of ass that comes your way

way it is if it feels so good when you have the option C this is what women have all the time that’s why I keep telling you guys women have this option when women love the most is they love when they can shoot down because they know they have options but guys when you create options for yourself when you’re becoming an opportunity you don’t really worry or care about women to that point that you feel like you know what yeah I just don’t feel like it but but but what do you believe about yourself that’s a that’s a thing that you got to ask you to what do you think and what do you believe about yourself and the key thing is what do you believe about yourself because the only way that you’re going to improve your life is to believe that you have in yourself nobody’s going to put a gun to your head and force you to grow the up as a man it just doesn’t work that way and it’s a shame that so many young guys today y’all just have no idea idea your thought process is we got to look at let’s take a moment and look at these women for a second your opponent okay let’s look how they work how they move how they think think they have a cheat sheet I told you these women have this Sixth Sense and they have this this cheat sheet you know it’s on let me check the phone lines real quick I got to periodically check the phone lines as well as any questions in the queue but these women have what I call a cheat sheet and the cheat sheet of they have is they can tell what kind of person you are are based off of how you approach how you text how you talk if you’re a kind of person that gives up easily it’s going to show in your approach is going to show how you talk every everything that you do is going to show the woman something about yourself and and when’s the one thing I always tell you guys you’re the last last to know when you begin to make the change you’ll be the last to know because everybody else around you is going to start recognizing the differences in you but the problem is there’s no difference in you because most of you are the exact same you give up easily okay you avoid women you avoid approaching okay all right some of you are threatened by the success of other people all right so guys just don’t believe in yourself there’s a lot of things that happen to you guys out there that really prevents you from this gaming it is just it’s like like the the information that you get inside of the information that you you get or the thought that you have is the reason why you’re having the problems that you’re having right now because you never challenged things you never challenged thought or anything like that you just I mean what happens just just happens and it should never it should never happen that way with you guys you should be able to talk to women and not really just assess every situation but because I think about about excuse me thinking about how you limit yourself in this game think about this for a a second think about every principle every rule every law and every code that you have you limit yourself Jay and what reinforces the limitations that you have for yourself are the excuses every excuse that you make is a limitation at hold you down even worse because it’s like okay instead of being honest with myself and saying that I’m the problem I don’t know about women I don’t know how to text I don’t know approach a woman I don’t know how to kiss a woman I don’t know how to make out with a woman I don’t know I need a I don’t know how to make love to her not to her I don’t know anything about a woman have no idea what I’m doing most of you guys won’t even look and see that truth most of y’all don’t even want to do that man mostly I don’t even want to do that and you validate your failures to yourself you beat yourself up every damn damn day every every damn day because in your mind you’re saying yourself there’s no way I can improve I don’t have it in me to improve check the lines here and check the lines here

and when you say that when you say that I don’t have what it takes to improve ask the question why would a woman want to sleep with somebody who is not improving himself himself but as acting more like the woman okay so something to think about about your your thoughts and your beliefs you mean you don’t even believe see you get always tell you guys the importance of believing in yourself you gotta believe yourself at the end of the day because at the end of the day it all comes down to you you at the inlet and for some of you guys out there you think about well I can’t approach a woman because I had first time I approach her it didn’t work out out most of you guys will take one scenario in one situation and you will generalize Every Woman based on that situation in the game doesn’t work that way your thoughts your beliefs how do you feel about yourself yourself I feel feel when I’m talking to a woman I feel that I can pull things out of her that no one else can do you feel that way but why do I feel that way versus why you might not feel that that way because I believe in me I know what I can do versus what I can’t do okay again again we’ll bring in the calls and remember I apologize early if we get any toxic calls anything but you know it’s just the world we live in anyway let’s go and bring the first call in area code to 5/2 which questioned me what’s up hey man Steve I’ve got a question I was talking to a woman on the phone keep going on Facebook and I said here hey I was scrolling through Instagram and was wondering how I haven’t taken a woman so safe you out for ice cream we’re just kind of worried about your feedback what is this is this someone you just met met no it’s someone that was in my friend friends friends list okay wait so you your friends will okay you’re friends with her and you ready to put your bid in with your friend the one you’ve been friends all right well yeah I was just going through the list of friends that I had on Facebook I was picking all the the photos with the women in it it and I was just sending them them out out okay let me let me explain this to you real quick let me break this down to you all right me okay okay okay understand this every woman now look at this as a scary okay this has a scale every woman that you have been hanging out with with that you consider your your friends you’re always going to start in a negative position because they won’t see a woman’s eyes are going to look at you three ways creepy weird Okay creepy that mean creepy not getting any okay okay she’s gonna look at you as she likes you like you’re a brother to me your friend you’re sweet you’re kind you know you’re like family to me you’re not getting on this one okay or are you going to act like that man that knows what he wants and he’s gonna go for it and I’m not gonna say your that way but that’s the route you want to take and so what you did was you hung out with the food which you didn’t know and every day you hung out with these women you kept reinforcing why were the best of friends so what I’m saying to you is going to be a weird thing because here’s my question of my ass right out of the blue what are you going to do if you hit one of of these women up and they say to you will why didn’t you tell me when you first met me or why didn’t you do something when you had the opportunity what are you going to say then brother what do you want to say I’ll probably say take care no no no okay no no okay all right let’s stop let’s think about let’s take it no no let’s back it up back it up okay all right by you please understand why I keep showing you guys listen this is the very important thing thing all right get a piece of paper let’s get a piece of paper out out because you got you have to live by this this is the this is the this is the thing that will throw a woman off her square this I’m about to tell you okay this is very important okay okay okay now what up when I want you to do is I want you to I want you to draw a circle

and we do it circles I like for some reason I like circles and so we do a circle okay right right all right inside the circle I want you to write the word own own no you done the next word I want you right in the circle back up back up own backup backup next thing stand by it meaning that you’re never going to move from it last but not least two more your why you know why you’re saying that it’s just put Y in a circle right and last but not least you’ll die for it meaning that you you you’re so adamant that you’re going to fight to the very bitter End okay now now that now that’s inside the shop okay okay it’s inside the circle now now what I want you to do is draw a line like the sun you know like you Joy like a son or something draw a line from outside that Circle right at at thinking another line texting another live video video dating dating everything you do comes from One Source my brother okay that you are the one constant okay that’s what you so this is what I’m saying any statement or any action that you do do before you make that action you got to know why you’re saying what you’re saying you got to know why you’re saying it you got to be accountable and only you saying you got to stand by it so there’s no take here here we’ve got to look at okay you’re hitting a ball these women why are you hitting these women up you tell me what is your honest opinion why are you hitting these women up what is your reason for hitting these women well I was just testing myself internally you know what if I do it well you doing what internally I was testing okay now this is sentencing my that’s okay okay that’s fine but here’s my thing did you pass or fail when you said take care yeah yeah why tell me why you you failed because I’m not growing growing no look in the circle is circle will tell you why look at the Circle you just created so why are you failing failing are you looking at the Circle because I didn’t own it and what else I didn’t back it up what else right and what else I Wouldn’t Die by yes yes that’s why you fail see if I go to a beautiful woman and I say you know what I know you don’t want to be with me you might not like me you have reasons why you want to be but you know what I want to get at you I want to be with you you know you see them saying I want to be with you right I don’t lose because she says no what I’m doing is is that I believe in myself so much that whatever comes out of my mouth I can own that and if she asked me why I can back it up and if she tries to challenge me or debate me on it she can’t because I this is who I am okay yeah I forgot he also stand by that’s true but you does that make any sense sense so yes it is so so I’m saying is okay I understand that you want to talk to women to see you practice I think that’s one a dude I’ll give you a a for that I’ll give you a plus for that but you know why I got a failure though I got to feel you because as soon as she because I wouldn’t run because as soon as a woman is okay when I’m saying to you guys this see a lot of you guys are these women you know a you know he’s my friend he’s he’s my friend and that you like hey you know what I want to one day I want to get at you know what I mean okay hold on a second hmm yeah I want to I want to get at you you and she’s going to automatically take a defensive position because first off you’re like a brother to her or she just likes you you know there’s not a traction because

when the when the opportunity you have the opportunity to find attraction with this woman you beat around the bush and walked on eggshells so it kind of puts you in a negative you or any kind of like in the hole now with sudden you want to let her know that hey you know what and this is and you can do this you can go down all the list of all the women that you know their friends say hey why haven’t you taken me out too and then that’s fun why haven’t you taken me out to dinner wait why have you made dinner for me you know why haven’t you hit on me yet why haven’t you asked me out on a date I mean just just for fun you say I’m saying you change it up with every woman right right it might throw them off the off the highwomen horse little bit but they’re going to say well well some will say I have somebody or some would say well I never thought of it or whatever but at that point maybe I should be asking you why haven’t I tried to pick you up why haven’t I you know started dating you why having that why didn’t I make a move on you maybe that’s the why I’m going to ask instead of you telling me but you know what why don’t we we listen why don’t we go out I’m not you know what hey what I’m saying is this you won’t have fear when you’re focused on what you need to do but understand whatever it is you’re going to do you’re not going to win every time time there went man there are there women that I want to get with like right now I can’t get with right now but I am I mad about it no I you you just gotta put your be it in I’m sorry I’m I’m listening what y’all looking at that’s the thing I was just saying I was just kind of playing with it and seeing what I mean well I don’t want you to play this as in your testing your limits and your boundaries what you’re doing is you’re pushing your comfort zone out a little bit more this evening you remembered I don’t care what woman you talk to you that’s a friend right now you’re not going to fail and you don’t lose by putting your bidding because every woman is going to be a different experience right but it goes back to me asking you what happened what are you going to do when a woman says hey well well where did this just came from what I hear women say this came from Left Field so what Gibbs and what are you going to say what are you gonna say no wait C star we did way to stop you wait with you thinking too long listen right right silence is a killer okay hmm raisin the reason I want to talk to you and I’ll give you one here’s one the reason I’m doing this have you seen you before I mean have you taken a moment and looking at yourself in the mirror right why would I want to talk to you you know well well we’re just you know we’re just friends or whatever well maybe at the time that I want to talk to you okay okay maybe the time maybe it’s time I want to talk to you you involved with somebody and leave it I got I don’t know your situation right now word I’m sorry would you use the word lately I would you mean lately as in what well like and see some online operates a little bit so instead of saying when we met why don’t you say and I’m asking you why don’t you say have you seen yourself what if they ask why now what have you seen yourself lately exactly not even not even look in the mirror why don’t you look in the mirror then you’ll see why why right wait what do you remember remember the painting we got to go beyond the painting so so have you seen yourself look at you well look I mean you have a very sexy smile beautiful eyes eyes and you know even though we’re friends I still really didn’t get to know you the way I wanted to know you get to know you because I want to get to know you the more intimate way way and the only way I can do this is by putting my beard and now you have to say bid but the only

way I can do this is by being honest with you and let you know what’s on my mind and here’s the beautiful thing she could say no she said I have a boyfriend and this and it goes back to the approach boot camp look I respect that and the next time you want to laugh they sell you want to get away you want to smile you have a good time the next time you want to do it just no that I’m interested in getting know you in a more intimate way I mean that’s there’s nothing wrong because because you can hold your head up high because think about all the time that you looked at her you want to get with her but you just didn’t know what to say and maybe you were too nervous right right but what I’m saying is is is now that you’re starting to do it which I think is admirable admirable I think I give you a plus I think that is awesome that is really great what I’m saying is that this this one why are you talking to you right now and we’re just friends well hey have you seen you I’d be at listen to be honest with you I I’d be a fool not to try to talk to you that’s all the truth I’d be a fool not to talk right and and see here’s the thing I don’t care about the end result because what you don’t understand women is that even though they may so they may say no right now no it doesn’t mean not right now but I don’t mean no as insects I’m not pushing sex I’m pushing her wanting to get to know you and want to pull you in and invite you in so so what I’m saying is is that if she says no you chill you still talk now let me ask you a question are you talking to any of these women are you saying anything there was I was going from like a doozy okay and I’m telling anyone huh no no so you just well there’s there’s a there’s a few the keep trying to come back and add me and stuff like that well no no wait wait wait they accept the invite accept the invite right send them a private message message and say hey how you doing what’s up what’s going on start talking to him don’t ask look I don’t want to know why you added me as your friend I just want to know when can we get together together that’s all I know when can I can I take you out when I get to know you in a more intimate way that’s what I want to know I don’t want to waste my time again yeah so but the ones you’re not talking to well what what prevented you from talking to these women was it that you were nervous what prevented you from talking talking to him what stopped you from talking to these women I guess I guess at the time I was just I mean I would really think about it you know they’re just like oh this one out of me too you know well what I’m saying well what are you thinking about when you say you want to think about what are you talking about about well well during the and obviously talk about social media right now but like on social media if somebody added me as a friend I’m like okay well there’s an o numbers like confirm and I mean I don’t know anything about it at so my thought process is well well I don’t know why he’s adding me at innocence this is Wilma okay we’ll get something but if you don’t know why not ask right yeah thank you for the ad you know allow me to induce myself to you I don’t know you but you know I don’t know why you’re adding me but but after looking at your profile at the seeing some of your photos I think adding me is one of the best things you’ve ever done before see why not say that right I mean yeah right if you’re going to add me then add me and if you look good and you add me let’s talk if you could and you add me you think I’m gonna sit there be like well okay thank you for that now what’s up it has to be reason why you had me this is what I see this is why I keep telling you think about Facebook see when you join the Facebook groups and stuff and it could be groups and and and sometimes it could be other peoples pages but but

when you say things that are really impactful or clear and concise it can draw women to like it or comment on it and like I keep telling you when a woman likes a post or she comments on the post that’s that’s that’s dumb going I’m gonna talk because at that moment member what a woman likes or comments on your post is at that moment that she’s thinking about you at at that moment your on her mind right because she’s liking it or she’s reading it so if she looks good I’m hey what’s up how you doing hey would you like about the post I see like my Pokémon as well go ahead and that’s why the not yeah but yeah but what you say let’s see your problem with these women is that you sat around so long I don’t know if it’s going to work out but I do know you need to start doing yeah you know you need to start you need to start saying that yeah I got you so so but you have to have okay real quick remember you have to have your answers in order yeah everything that you do if you okay if you don’t do the things that I just told you to put in that Circle when you make a statement that means on the phone that means texting that means putting a note on a dove you got to have order Within yourself yourself get a woman to follow the order that you have because if you don’t have it in yourself why would she follow you if you’re all over the place you’ve gotta know what it is you want you have to know what you expect and in this and that and I keep telling you since the trick is a slippery slope because if all you want to do is sex then you’ve already lost if all you want to do is you’ve already lost you yet you’re out you you’ve already lost and people don’t even understand it because she knows you ain’t no I mean I’m not even about that well no I’m not saying this I’m not saying I’m not your I’m wrong no I’m not saying smashing it I’m not saying that’s wrong I’m saying when y’all you want to do if all you want to do is you’re going to get and not the way you want to but because women have they think about something think about let’s let’s look at the numbers real quick thing about this number quick let’s take a below average chick like a 6 all right because I don’t want you talking to ten nine eight seven right let’s take a 6 OK or five do you know that as 6 into 5 they have hundreds of guys thousands of guys trying to get at them and we’re talking about sixes and fives the more you move up the scale the numbers go up and she knows that all these guys are cattle in the one little area that they’re either thirsty creepy weird or they ain’t got a shot at the and they’re all cattle in there right because all they want to do as and that’s why the cattle in a certain area because she doesn’t want to she doesn’t find him attractive there’s been there’s no sexual chemistry there r a man that doesn’t have experience in Israel and game that means sense yeah let me see Swatch and one thing was that but I’ve learned is with other eye learned over the years is is is a lot of guys out there don’t know that looks don’t matter at all oh no and I were in the brother brother let me let me tell you how it works yeah menu looks work when you can tap into a woman’s between her ears okay that’s that’s between her ears hmm when you tap into that right there they have these goggles is it is okay it’s something that happens to the mind and something that happens to the body when you tap into what’s between your ears okay mentally she’s going to notice things on you that’s cute they do it all the time oh you got a nice smile oh yeah have pretty eyes oh you have a dimple oh you have soft skin you have smooth I mean they they will find something in you that’s attractive to them right right but also body-wise when she’s connected with you on that emotional level because I talked about the emotion as is skeleton skeleton key once you have her that way it doesn’t matter if you have a small dick a large dick tiny one if you’re if your erectile dysfunction if you can’t get hard or anything are you come real fast because the connection with the woman is different from us don’t get it wrong yes they love sex sex

but their connection is on the emotional level first not the physical where we’re about the physical so when I’m saying is once she connects with you it doesn’t matter how that’s why I keep mindful he’s always talking about their looks and and your looks as soon as she sees you and your yeah yeah the attraction it is got to be a traction and what I mean by the attraction is the assertiveness the the smooth guy the guy that is talk when I say that I set you up to texting the talking the voice message all these things play a role in what I’m talking about is that make any sense yeah thanks purposes okay all right well if you have any questions out throw you back in and everything and view if you want you to call back but are you good you have another questions brother yeah for right now might give you a call back later I do that man will thank you for the call me I appreciate the call okay okay brother all right thank you thank you man great called it was a very great called let me go and answer this question right here we got a few questions that I gotta answer here one let me see here that’s okay it was that 0 6 font right I’ll get you next okay Dean question I’m 20 years old but the inspiration on being the biggest Ladies Man in my circle what do I need to do do well dear you’re not doing it right now because because your if you’re making it about women you’re failing failing and if you’re making it about other guys you’re failing so you already you’re already you got to kind of a double fare here fail here because you want to be the biggest Ladies Man but the game ain’t about women so so you just can’t say I’m a ladies man because here’s the problem here’s the problem okay you’re saying the biggest lady man in your circle so I guess your circle of friends I guess you talked about your friends what do you need to do well well this is what this shows about you should call in and let me know where you’re where you’re at and you’re approaching what do you see here’s the thing that you got you gotta you have got to make a decision right here right now when it comes to your friends your friends are still stuck in high school that means I’m telling you right now when you go to try to talk to women they’re gonna laugh at you when you get shot down and going to laugh at you they want to talk about you laugh at you and they’ll be watching what you’re doing you got to understand what kind of friends do you have do you have friends that are crabs in the bucket that’s gonna hold you down down do you have friends that wine moan and complain it is a lot of things you got to look at so I don’t want to see this is what I’m saying I don’t want you to be the biggest lady man in the the circle I just want you to be a man that goes into a circle of friends as as a man you should be by yourself learning yourself and the more you concentrate and work on you the more is going to happen because your friends are going to notice things in you that when y’all see beautiful women right now all you do is y’all get scared and but as you are doing what I’m showing you right you’re going to start to go talk to the woman and they’re going to laugh at you I look at you got turned down what you doing over there talking to to but see you got to dedicate yourself but again I don’t know your situation enough to tell you what to do because I haven’t talked to you to find out what it is you have with you have going right versus what you have going wrong so you want to call in you can find 1560 five nine three seven three so number it’s next one all right um um that’s a difficult question that’s the let me tell you why it’s a difficult question question because because we got to go back to Friday because Friday Friday I’m not either Friday I’m with someone who saw the cooking for me and we I’m out hunting with the fellas and and then I’m gonna meet up with a chicken we so I’m gonna carry that over to Saturday so Saturday morning I wake up at the chicks crib crib oh I guess go home home look at my schedule my calendar and I got to figure out okay it’s Saturday so let’s say I got a roster of 10 women so I’ve got to remember dates and times because I know some of them want to go window shopping someone want to go to the mall with me some of them want to go to Victoria’s Secrets some just want to go to lunch with me so I would have to figure out what woman is going to get my time

but also got to look into I was playing basketball I was doing video games and like that so I was doing so much I would just living so it’s kind of hard when I would be doing a daytime but I know know that the day in the process I would you do the fellas we try to figure out okay okay am I going to any Gatherings get-togethers parties picnics anybody’s house am I is it poetry night am I gonna do a poetry reading tonight tonight what you know am I going to go to the club and I go to a bar I mean I’m I’m doing so much and I have so many options every weekend was totally different because I knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go and I was only rolling with it my women were you know whether you had any college parties or anything like that what you know whatever was going down where they’re like the women were mess with with did it they have get-togethers and like that so so every day is different and it’s hard to pin down what I would do on a Saturday but sometimes I would go to the club you know what I mean and meet women and then after the club we go to IHOP or Denny’s pickup strippers over there there I mean it’s just a million and one things after the club I call someone up or you get the phone calls you gotta you know your Saturday is mixed with so much stuff because not only that you got to look at what you’re doing number one you always got to look at the women calling you you know hey how you doing you know you are you busy today can I can I can see you today can we go out today can I take you out to lunch today are you doing anything later on tonight are you free well I’m going to dinner with this guy but after I get done I’ll I’ll be back home around 10:30 and you know or I’m going to the club with my girlfriends and you know why don’t you join us at the club or you know if you want to join us at the club I’ll be home at this time so what I’m saying is it’s not just it’s a it’s not just you just doing something all day it’s you trying to navigate because everybody wants your time man these women want your time these women want to spend that the especially on Saturdays man they want to you have a handful of them want to cook for you you have a handful of them would just you know you have a great idea you know I’ll go to the store let me know what you want to eat and I’ll make I just have a nice romantic dinner you know you got those let’s go hang out yeah those ones yeah you know let’s you got those it’s a you got the ones that are going to be mad at you you know you know I’m mad at you you know you’re my feelings and you know I want to spend time with you but I couldn’t because you you with that and know you don’t care about me and you know what well this is what I’m going to do if you’re really serious about you know spending time with me you think about any got those ones and you got the ones that’s going to try to make you jealous where they’re going to tell you you know what I’m going out with this guy you know I’m going out with him you know he treats me better than you so I don’t really need you and I don’t get your so you have those I mean so your Saturday I mean this is a daily thing but we just home on Saturday it is crazy hectic because because you’re being pulled in so many directions now you have order of things that you want to do but you have to prioritize things but yet your memory even when you do that you’re going to have women that are going to want to spend Saturday with you like right now it’s like was it 10:27 yeah 10:27 so around this time right now I’m getting the I’m getting ready to go to the club right now I’m at at dinner with this right now I miss you why don’t you come over and you know suck your dick or give you a massage or you know let’s just hang out let’s just watch TV you know this great movie on let’s I want you to come and watch you with me or you know I’m not feeling well can you come over or I’m a little sad today you know I just want to hold you tonight and so it’s it’s not not it’s just just is it that’s a great question because it at there’s no one answer for Saturday because when you’re messing with so many women they just want your time they know how valuable your time is so you’ll get those so it’s just it’s just it made again it’s the fellows to you know use your boys you know you know what I keep telling you man we we used to do Saturday like Saturday morning we all would go spread out remember I told you we were sliced the slice the city this way slice it that way and what we do is we all spread out as kind of like a

hunt thing we all would go in different sections and you know we had to do thing you know Saturday mornings usually when you go to the grocery store because that’s where all the bad are anyway Saturday Saturday morning so but when something goes down because no matter if it’s one of my boys and he gets invited to a party t-then the ass and titties signal goes up okay Yoda is a party going on you know it’s going to be some badass there let’s roll let’s go ahead and clean that up all right cool um but also I failed to mention on Saturday you got clients if you’re if you’re like a you got clients that want to spend time with you on Saturday night now only on only that when you really get into this the right way I’m trying to get you into you’ll get it now you for now I’m going to save you guys you’re on don’t get a call Friday or Saturday you’ll get a call Saturday morning for Saturday but it will not be it would either be a morning call Saturday or late call Friday that is going to give you an invitation to maybe a swingers a swinger like thing they swingers and like orgies and where you know you’re more than welcome we’re going to have a I don’t know that was last date orgy orgy I don’t know like what six women Six Women in like sometimes 15 20 guys or some like do you want to come you know you know you got a little bit of that I’m not saying that’s every Saturday but you have the orgies going on you have to threesomes you got you know you got the couples that say you know hey you know are you busy are you busy this evening you know you know you know the wife wife was asking about you and I want to know if you want to come through so you have that what I’m saying is it’s just it I don’t know what I would be doing but the beautiful thing about it guys is that the choice is mine to make of what I want to do if I want to spend time with a woman and this is part of being a man you gotta say no you got to deal with hurt feelings you’re gonna deal with women upset you gonna deal with jealousy is going to deal with insecurities you going to deal with all that because you got to say no to a lot of women I’d be careful because when you if you tell one of you going out oh my God she will find if she finds out what club you’re going to because you have certain hangout spot they will show the up and it’s like when you go out we always expanding the realm so we would when we went out we didn’t just go to the regular clubs we spread out to where the rich like it was like barely that the rich the the six-figure clubs and like that he’ll Saturday night would be a theater and Opera opera if I adieu or be a museum it’ll be daytime wine tasting Gallery wherever they were women that we would always show the up and show up and just just hunt and we was always on the hunt always on the prowl but also we were looking at you know what what do I want to do he’ll let me give you one some Saturday nights was it dick resting day sometimes I would get a get a bag of frozen vegetables and sit them right under my nuts not like on the in some shorts and just played video games or play video games with money I mean we used to play for money and shitty one just it wasn’t just it just plain we play for money and she had a pot and so um but every day was absolutely different let me check the lines okay as I was saying this stuff yeah every day was different it was just it was just it was just a free and we would go to the bowling alley and pick up women they were women were everywhere it would just women I mean then when were everywhere now know because of the covitz a little bit different but it’s still not really a still the same because a lot of women who are in your area want to spend time with you and this isn’t not even mentioned the ones that are in your area you’re going to get hit on Thursday night for the ones that want to know can you spend the weekend with me as far as if I got a plane ticket can you fly and spend the weekend you come in on Friday you leave Sunday morning you have those you have have rich women that to get away you know I’m telling you when you deal with corporate vote counts doctors lawyers got get cake they want to get away so you have a little bit of everything so just depends what you want to do but you know it’s it’s just the lifestyle you should have when you have all these options of every Saturday just not the same it’s just what you want to do but you’ve got to manage these women got to manage attitude you got to manage feelings thoughts but you know you know women want to pop up you know just you know let’s let’s just hang out together you know I got

this I made this meal for you you know there’s a movie it’s just so many things just so you just have so many options that the question is what do I want to do do I want to do the orgy thing do I want to smash one woman do I smashed in part was the easy part because at the end of the day they all want to right right they they want to you I don’t know I mean I don’t go on too long in that but I was just thinking it’s just so deep that’s a very interesting question it’s a very good question 61 but it’s just it’s a hard one to answer because so many options that you have you have so many options man um now again if you want to get paid you would definitely I mean you know you know the husband watching matter of fact fact you even you even have the like the husband that watches you his wife you might get a call from them too meet up at a club or something where you can meet another couple that I mean that’s how deep it is yeah and it’s not going to happen all the time but when it happens is beautiful they’ll call you and say okay let’s go to Club whatever you know there’s a couple we want to introduce you to now when they say a couple they want to introduce you to what it is is that again I keep telling you not only women pass you around like baseball cards but but couples you around as well because of the the service you give the wife so if there’s another couple that you want to meet do you want to go there do you want to meet the couple you want to do you want to sit there and get interviewed by the guy have to deal with the woman and if you buy her and then C then go to their hotel room or wherever they’re staying and have them watch you smash his wife so so I don’t know it’s just it’s just a great life to have meant it I don’t know that that you just see always tell you guys if I wasn’t retired you wouldn’t hear from me because I’d be out there doing I I’d be out there it’ll be it’ll be come home it’ll be it’ll be Monday morning remember guys for my members remember that the sex the sex kit remember that y’all and if you all our members I’d there’s a sex kitten the membership I told you I had a sex kit already set up all that in the trunk so I rarely was home I was home but I was out there doing so much that I read I would come home but it was it was just a whole different it was just a whole different thing man was just it was just exciting but now that I’m teaching you know I’m out the game yeah I mean I’m I’m I’m not out there like that anymore so that’s what I’ll probably do I I need me to go too long we get it the all the question stuff we keep going here goes another question here Steve when do I know that I’m not chit-chatting hold on a second let me blow you up a little bit blow you up so we can read this all together when do I know I’m not chit-chatting for nothing online well you gonna meet me as is easy question clear concise transparent within the first three messages she should know why you’re there and if you don’t tell her why you were there and you don’t tell her what your intentions are and you don’t let her know what you want to do then you’re wasting your time now I’m telling you right now how do you know is that if you don’t if you don’t make your intentions clear I do not want to be your friend and and let me tell you number two I don’t want to his ship well if you don’t want to be my friend you don’t want a relationship or what are you want to do is have sex now I don’t even want to you what do you mean you don’t want to me well I want to get to know you the more intimate way what does that mean well that means there’s your character match your beauty because I want to see even if you’re worth that’s the truth but see I’m on a different level than most John my voice because I ain’t making it about because the easiest thing to get I’m want more out of the woman that just so what I’m saying to you right now is is that that’s the first question if you were just chit-chatting and that’s what I’m saying how you and how was your day what’s going on oh that’s funny oh yeah that’s nice okay and was and don’t know me doing that don’t be doing that how much is enough for me to see who I am who I am for me not to waste my time well Yugi you you already know you waste your time with me cause you ain’t man enough to talk to him you’re not man enough to tell a woman without saying I want to you you’re not man enough to challenge her to be more than just a piece of ass and and titties you know you don’t even challenged women that way and see when you begin the challenge women that way it changes everything but but you don’t even tell women why you even want why you’re talking to her you’re too busy asking a bucket

a bunch of boring ass interviewing questions so that’s your problem a lot of young guys have that same problem y’all just chitchat about that has nothing to do with the game and it’s something I don’t understand it’s just some y’all do let’s keep going um you guys aren’t calling about a question five one five six oh five nine three seven three is the number doing what was it like when you perform your first poetry um did you rehearse a Prep High they go um well my first poetry my first poetry reading no it might one thing my mentor said this is when you know you got it down first you got to learn it then you get to be able to say it and then you got to be able to perform it and when you can perform it in front of people then you have one but see what I didn’t know what I didn’t understand was the was the biggest holy I need to be here here because you guys don’t understand the women that will dress up like like they’re going to the club they where they wear tight clothes oh my God they come and group I’m talking about for minimum five sometimes six tools there’s never maybe his one every once in a while by themselves there with men there with other guys and the reason they go is for sexual stimulation that they’re not out of getting at home and I getting it from there man and they want someone to them mentally on stage that’s what that’s why musicians are musicians that’s why rappers are rappers because the groupie see I don’t understand groupie 101 women and groupies they’re all the same thing and what makes women and groupies the same is that that its mental stimulation that makes them like the artist or makes them want to sing the artist song So when the women I’m talking about college and older women yeah I’m talking about 19 all the way up up they’re wearing is Sunday’s best to getting their hair did and all that and they’re sitting in this dark area just waiting for the guy to go on stage how is this guy going to make me play with my tonight how is this guy going to end up the best thing about it it is the is the the race I call it the race race you have two races One race is who is going to run into me first and try to pick me up or who’s going to send me their number on a paper napkin or a who’s going to buy me a drink when you get off that stage all you got to do is sit down all you got to do is sit down and a waitress gonna come over and say hey the see that group of ladies over there this is a drink on them and the women the women are waving and you just you know you toast them a women are coming to you oh my God that was beautiful they’re going to be passing up its it’s the most it is really honestly truly one of the easiest ways to get women because when you can talk and spit Yak to them on that microphone microphone they’re the words are penetrating them when you’re on the stage and I always tell you guys if you ever get a chance even even tonight I wish I told you tonight or anytime go to a poetry slam go to go to one near a college just go in there and look at all the bandwidth up now there is a few defensive tackles I ain’t gonna lie but but you’re gonna have bad women women you’re going to have that are in relationships is going to hit on you they’ll slide your new number even though they got a man they’ll give you their number women there’s something about a man on stage looking at the women and reciting to the women that just gets them off I don’t even know what the it is the same that happens in music it’s like the groupie thing but the beautiful thing about it is that these women is it’s like I was telling you like the high school girls are going to college and stuff that are like we’re learning their bodies and stuff they really fall in love with the I mean they it’s it’s like you’re like a z list celebrity if that’s the best way to put it because when you go on stage all the women are looking at at you there waiting for your words to come out of you go through this microphone and touch them here touch them here or touch them between their legs mentally and when that happens it’s the race it’s just who do you want

to talk to you what because the women are open they wide open because again the arch The Artsy kind of woman is not just artsy kind of woman is the woman that just wants mental stimulation they just want to hear man spin ya and oh my God one of the easiest places to get hands down you give you get faster there than a club because the women are just clapping and when you walk off that stage there watching your every move until the next guy comes up but a lot of them is to Great race it’s okay let me hear him give him my number or let me buy him a drink or let me go over there and talk to him because I know they’re going to be other women trying to get at this guy and that’s just a is one of the best feelings in the world but it is because they know that if you can do it on stage they know when you smashing them from behind are you smashing that and you got him up against that wall then we like talked to say that you just talk to me talk to this that’s how they gonna learn that so I’m just saying that don’t look at don’t look at the crowd just read read it read it you can’t be you gotta show these women that you’re not afraid that your you’re really sexually grounded where you can express yourself because here’s the thing that’s getting most men can express themselves most men don’t even know how to express themselves so when you can get on stage in it like a singer rapper that’s why we if you ever notice women why are they always singing songs of other why they always humming songs and like like that you know that it’s it’s the same thing it’s the connection of the words that are penetrating so that’s the if you want sex easiest way to do it is there go to the Poetry thing dog so it’s not hard it’s just you just got to get out there and do it let me get some next question hold on here we go go with the so let me tell you you something if you are a child you did chout chout this is your problem brother you’re not even proud of yourself if a woman asks you how old you are why the would you not tell the how old you are that’s weak as man as weak as you you ain’t ready for this because you don’t you you’re scared of dog you just get a let’s keep the next one let’s get the next one one okay let me see let me get back to what we’re talking about guys want to call them 515 one five six oh five nine three seven threes number want to say what’s up to all my chat room dogs and everybody’s listening right there you got any questions go ahead and put a queue in there would be happy to answer your questions or call in we are talking about really fear and understanding fear and understanding how your mind limits you on things okay okay see for a lot of people out there because you don’t believe in yourself because even if you think about or look about what you’re doing you guys don’t know what to do with a woman if she comes over now because you guys have high school thinking see High School thinking is this a woman comes over I’m open the door tell her to come in get your clothes off let’s a woman doesn’t want to with anybody like they can watch that and porn they don’t need that from somebody women are looking for an experience no excuse me they’re not looking for an experience but when you give them experience that’s hook in their asses asses in are so used to basic boring that when you give them an experience they get hooked on the experience but again for a lot of you guys you don’t ever work on you you I mean I I loved I loved doing this when I would go to my apartment and I’m all by myself I’m already doing the sound check sound check and it’s a sexual sound check on I’m I’m taking and I’m going to show you I’m gonna show you update right now for guys you should walk in your house okay first thing you should do is you got to get the the you want the sound that’s number one because that’s the first thing she going to hear what she walks in that door you want to make this sure that you got the Bluetooth

speaker in the living room you got a Bluetooth speaker they don’t like $99 at Best Buy then little small little speakers one in the one in the one in the living room one in the the bedroom one one excuse me the bathroom first thing I’m doing is my sound check so I’m taking my phone to every Bluetooth and I’m going to play some music I’m going to close my door and I’m going to open it and when I open it where is it coming from is it coming from one area or can I adjust it to fill up the whole entire area okay I mean this how deep the game man so y’all don’t even hold on wait before I wait wait gentleman wait a second sorry guys before I do this y’all know what I’m about to do before I before I say what I’m about to say guys I just wanna let you know everything that I’m saying right here nobody is talking about on the internet so with uncles about to show you I want to make sure you all know is a hundred percent authentic it is under just saying nobody else is talking about this but me so I want to make sure and when y’all hear this is originally coming from my ass I just want to let y’all guys know this now now okay let me walk you through this this first thing I’m doing is a sound check so it’s not just a sound check but they’re too two different things you got to think about okay number one is the music okay slow music Okay so my question is all right all right I’ve got to get what I call not a tape is we had tapes but for you I’ve got to have my list of songs 2030 a list of all these these slow songs the mother mood I also got to have my jazz songs because when she comes over now the songs are for the jazz songs are for when she comes over okay then there’s another section now when you get to know the woman you’re going to know that there’s are certain songs that she likes from certain artist she likes to sing so you’ve got to have that list of songs that she liked if you want you don’t have to go through that you don’t have to be that deep but that’s the first thing I’m doing I’m doing my sound check First Avenue in the audio sound check all right then as I step in I’m saying to myself okay if I’m new here we’re what am I looking at visually okay that’s where I want where am I putting my new dart all right where am I going to place this because I want my house my apartment 2B be a sex museum him where she is she can come in and start looking at things and start asking questions but also not that the lights I got a its music and light so now we got to we got to have the light dim we got to work the lights we got to work the fireplace we got to make sure that’s correct got to make sure that we then there’s so many little things that you’ve got to do but you guys don’t even prepare yourselves for this kind of stuff because you guys ain’t about the experience experience that you give woman so that’s what I’m saying I want to do these things because I know that if I get her that I’m gonna give her the experience and I’m a walk to my whole entire house I make sure everything is laid out everything set up Musik right lights right all these things tighten up but then I’m gonna do an extra sound check now I always tell this for my clients that they’re just starting his stuff practice the greeting practice opening the door you don’t have the necessary open the door but practice going in opening the door when am I going to do when she first walks in where am I going to take her because you could take her to the living room you can take her to the kitchen you can’t average sit down and eat where do I want to take her but not just where do I want to take her why do I want to take her there what is my purpose for taking her to this spot versus that spot now now for me me again I if she’s if I’m cooking as she’s at my place okay seven course meal will start with a salad start a nice salad we’ll start with wine I’ll give her a wine I have a wine chilled and all this or whatever favorite drink is and when she comes in again the door give her a hug troll around too unsexy she is come on then relax you already know that step walking her in and you know you relax yourself with the music playing and then I’m gonna go ahead and go get a nice chilled glass and and I’m a poor wine and then I say you know and then the order see y’all doing oh my God guys I’m just I know a lot of y’all saying man this is just too much work but guys I’m telling you it pays off I’m always

looking at the big picture man there’s a bigger picture here but but when you’re with top women ten nine eight seven doctors lawyers lawyers judges musicians and non-musicians again anesthesiologist lawyers who would kick the up don’t get me wrong with it there’s going to come a time when you can come in they want to but what I’m saying is is that from the moment you met met me through the text messages through the wanting to see in this is the best you know what’s so great about this I would say six out of ten is I would say a 6 out of 10 when they go over my clients house the first thing they want to see is the infamous wine above the bed that’s the first as soon as they walk in is the funniest thing they always say man she came over and did all the stuff with Steve she was like I need need to see it and you like oh I got to see this wine above the bed type thing he like come on and as you’re walking her towards the wind the bed she sees it but she also sees a nude art but she also sees the next thing that you don’t even talk about see always leave this I always leave this out because that’s the kind of like the surprise that I want her to see and it’s always the refrigerator when she walks in your bedroom she’s gonna see a refrigerator it with whipped cream fruit water and and chocolate syrup and on top of that you’ll see they’ll be towels and lotion and a candle on that or other but but see that’s part of the experience so they always want to see the infamous wine above the bed thing it’s it’s so great because they see it so much they want to know is this really true wow you really do have one above the bed but so that’s something they don’t have to get used to but it’s just doing the sound checks it’s making sure that when you walk in if I’m walking in how is everything set up is the music right where’s the where’s it coming from is it just coming from this side coming from this side was it coming right at me or can I spread it out where can I adjust the Bluetooth speakers where do I adjust the Lambs adjust the lights all this stuff all these things got me step by step now in the fireplace again we’re getting it’s getting cold now again if you don’t have the fireplace they’re fake fireplace is is you can have and you have a TV in your living room you could do a fireplace I showed you from Netflix you do a fire that way I showed you the kind of fire that you can have but this is the most important thing from that point I go right into the bathroom right into the bathroom I want to make sure that my drawer has all that female that she’s going to see my told you go to the airport get all that female get two of everything get the shampoo the conditioner get her wet wipes makeup wipes get anything that anything women you get to wear that and throw that in a drawer in your bathroom because you said that’s the that’s the first place that she’s it the very first place she’s going is in that bathroom you will make sure that monthly is airtight but you know she’s going through your drawers in there and when she sees that drawer man rap let me check the lines real quick guys give me a second to one know what’s your question sir what’s up how can I help you sir chewing are we how can I help you sir hey what’s up man how you doing I’m you like it into a sort of miles and then when you when you are talking to these women you want to make sure that as you were going through through checking out the house in your in your doing your sound check I’m talking every part you got to realize realize okay these are sections of a museum that I have and if she comes in there she’s going to see there’s going to be what I call talking points you always want to have talking points okay but what is a talking point a talking point is a piece of art on the wall now and I showed you guys let me show you guys this second second I’ve got it on here here let me see here here I know I have give me a second guys obviously gonna try to pull this up five one five six oh five nine three seven threes and number if you guys want to

call in you see here I’m sorry guys wrong thing sorry trying to see where I put it at at this is why I’m talking like this see see when you have and setting the atmosphere you have art on your wall and I’m talking about new dart okay that gives you want her to know that your place is a playpen but it is also a sex rule Museum where everywhere you take her is a story story about you that you have not shared with her yet so when she walks into your place and sees the art on your wall she’s going to ask questions about the art well what is this piece and this is these are conversation pieces that you can have with the woman that works every time that’s why I was tell you get that light that the light when the light comes down it doesn’t shoot out the light shines down so it keeps the essence of the the darkness where the it’s the the the long so that’s all I’m saying guys I mean I don’t want to get too much in the center but I’m saying these are things that you need to have as far as it make sure you get the soundcheck done because if you get the soundcheck done you’ll be good you’ll be good let me see here let me keep going here any questions going put a queue in there room but when I’m saying for a lot of you guys is that most of you guys have it in your head that okay okay somebody can put in your head that women ain’t somebody put in your head that all women are and so when put it in your head that you know don’t go all out for a woman because they ain’t worth it not in this and what I’m saying is this is not even going out this is basic as this is not really going out for a woman this is just this is just who you should be and what the you should represent okay but for a lot of you guys out there who have the mindset mindset that that we call World is Flat thinking that means you take a drop of information and you make it you make it the story you mean you take that and make that the end all be all but see where your lot of young guys go wrong is that you whenever you up whenever you mess up you don’t ever look at it you run away from it okay okay there’s no desire to want to fix anything you know because a lot of you know that the chassis a lot of you look at the woman as a challenge as far as when you approach your but the challenge isn’t necessary approaching woman approaching a woman is not the challenge the challenge is really believing in yourself and standing on your squared that’s the greatest challenge challenge the women remember women have nothing to do with this the greatest challenge that you were going to have is focusing a lot of you don’t Focus a lot of you cannot focus that is one of your biggest problems focusing and that’s your biggest challenge see a lot of y’all think the challenge is the woman because she looks good and she got a fat ass and nice titties and so how am I gonna talk to her oh my God what am I gonna do what am I going to do that’s not the challenge the challenge is standing on your Square that’s the challenge the challenge is saying to yourself you know what all right I’m in it okay right now I just met her now I know what I got to do I need to get this done that’s the chest the biggest challenge that you would have and it has nothing to do with the woman it has everything to do with you because if you can’t win that challenge of standing on your square I mean that’s just even even for a lot of you guys even win you’re driving in the middle of the day or you’re walking down the street or whatever you’re not even scribing you’re not even saying yourself if I met a woman right now this is what I would do in soaking the information and then when it comes time for it to happen you already got what you need to do are a lot of here but again it goes back to the challenge see a lot of people think women are the challenge a woman will never be the challenge when you stand on your square because what you’re doing is that you’re doing what you want to do this is what I want to do this is what I want to say and that’s why I keep telling you you got to own it stand by it know why you’re doing it die for that you gotta do these things because if if you don’t do those things then

you’re coming you’re going to come off creepy you don’t come off weird and and a lot of people don’t work on that part of themselves a lot of people don’t even work on that part themselves they don’t work on focusing on what needs to be said versus who you’re saying it to see I’m saying that’s all I’m saying so so let’s carry on a second says 25 year-old told me when I come over there weinreich better have to kill her and cigarettes well I’m sorry look I don’t know about you guys I don’t women at smoke that’s that’s I don’t women at smoke I do not When the Smoke you unfold a woman that smell I just gets in her skin is already a Beretta yes no no I’m not I don’t know know No and I’m not saying I’m not saying that fancy women smoke well women have money smoke but I’m leaving those alone dude let’s get you this one focus is the key to playing both big dog let me show you why when I see a woman yes I know I noticed her body I’m an ass man I love ass and titties I mean come on I mean right now now the focus let me explain the focus real quick the focus will always be on what I need to get done and let me explain it to you okay I see a beautiful woman it’s go time it is okay okay now I got to look to myself for the the answers I know she’s either going from a to a which means she standing still or she’s a to be moving is it I wanted okay where is she well I’m saying to myself okay she standing still she’s moving McCoy McCoy every over there in pro Chur approaching 101 boot camp now remember just because he approached a boot camp is one two three four five doesn’t mean at any point she’s going to throw a b c d or red green purple blue or Square Circle it doesn’t you never know when she’s going to try to throw you off of your square why you stand on your Square because that’s where all the answers are at the answer is not in the woman the answer is in you and how you deal with not only her but also her throwing a wrench in you because you can walk to hey how you doing my name is Steven your name is hey how you doing your name and yeah you know now the reason I came over here well I got a boyfriend I’m not interested or what happens when she says oh you know you you a ladies man you’re a smooth talker do you say this to all the women I mean you don’t know when she’s gonna say what she’s done say but that’s why I keep telling you this is something that no one tells you about when I walk out that door door I Have I told you 25 different ways to get at her I’ve got what already got 12 of my ethical reliables in my accessible already happened that’s from the conversation class already know the different ways I can talk to her that’s about 11 right there in the conversation class I know about the smooth the kinky the dirty and a seductive II know that so so I already have in my possession different different ways that I can talk talk to her and even though I have 25 different ways that I can talk to a woman I only use one or two this is how it worked I prepare from 1520 but sometimes they use one sometimes I too used to and sometimes I don’t but thing is is that I’m always playing I’m always playing defense as well as offense be well here’s a defense the defense is win she throws something at you you it’s not really deep as because it’s a defense okay remember okay remember I showed you guys look at this gentleman check this out guys I want to show y’all this scuse me if you’re on the call and in five one five six or five nine three seven three is the number if you want to call in let me show you guys something always remember when her and I begin to talk okay her and I begin to talk we are playing tennis tennis okay now

for me this is my blueprint this is where I don’t care if it’s showing a clay Court grass hard surface I’m going for with the surface is I’m staying in my area flirt the out of them but flavoring or ear flavor in her eye I’m make her sexually smile laugh and and moan blush thank react I’ma hit it with some master bedroom I’m always whatever she hits me with now remember see when you’re when you’re dealing with your opponent even in tennis some people can spin the ball see it’s all about the control of where you’re placing the ball because when you throw that money from the ball up and hit that over on the other side side you’re going to angle it to get that person to start going left to right where your controlling where’d they go based on the ball so whoever has the most control over the ball is the one that’s normally going to win because they’re making other making the opponent to all the moving see what ya’ll guys do when you meet a woman she’s doing it she’s standing still smacking that over there or smacking it over there and you guys are doing all the running because you’re trying to take what she’s saying you’re trying to come up with something clever and all the stop you try to know what I’m saying is I don’t care where she hits it I’m going to control it by returning serve to make her move because I’m not basing it off of her body I’m base it off is she worth my time I’m not even she hasn’t even got to the dick part yet is she worth my time because when you really do this there’s so many women you’ll be taught you and me talking to so many women that that you’re going to have to start to separate be you’re going to do with women are doing right now I keep telling you right now when women meet somebody she’s separating a herd from She’s excuse me she’s separating a weirdos to creepy guys she’s cutting hurt automatically figuring out what the you are and you guys are not doing that but once you start to do that you’re going to challenge her to be more than just be a piece of but but while you guys are doing this this is where y’all always go because you’re a really sporadic so when you when you start to talk to her you had when you start to ask what were you doing and what’s up girl and you know let me get your phone number and all this other you’ve already up because you beat around the bush you having to be walking on eggshells are you gonna be kissing her ass or begging for or you don’t hit too hard go too far left hit the friend zone or go hit that too hard hard above beyond her and fall into the creepy zone so why you’re doing that remember as you’re doing this because I’m going back to the highway still the highway I want to stay on the street that is going to lead us towards intimacy and sex but for a lot of you guys because of the lack of experience they’re going to move you where they want you to go in and put some music in room talking they’re gonna move you where you they want you to go and that’s I’m saying so you’re going to you’re going to give you moved by the woman because the woman is controlling the board you’re not controlling the board because you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to believe yourself to be the board so when it comes to playing offense defense yeah you wanted to play a little bit but it’s based on your focus because as long as you stand on your square and know what you have to do in this situation you have to give a what happens as a result there’s really no no end result on that it so we see here you have any questions let me see your chicken and questions any questions go and put them in there guys you’re going to call in y’all can but let me continue let me continue see see the thing about most you guys who when it comes to this you avoid any woman that gives you a challenge man and if a woman challenges you in a way that you’re not used to maybe she’s a little more aggressive or maybe she had challenges you to saying let’s go out to dinner you know real man buys me drinks you know you’re like hey you know what let’s go for ice cream coffee cocoa or something like that she challenges challenges you by saying don’t do that I’m not I’m not I’m not why would I go for ice cream and why would I now you got to feed me if you want for a lot of you guys you do not accept the challenge because you ain’t standing on what the you saying that’s when you start to give up and give her what she wants and then you lose anyway okay okay for a lot of you guys you feel threatened by the success of other men you’re so busy worrying about another man’s doing you worried about his success and not your own love of you guys because

of the feedback that you give yourselves you know the feedback but you never look at it and try to fix it and solve it as well okay so you know you have all these things going for you but these are the things that women find they’re not really attracted to they really don’t like that kind of stuff man and I’m not trying to you to shame you make you feel bad I’m just saying that these women women plan a whole different ball game but once you start to believe in yourself and say to yourself it’s not about these women man I don’t and listen I don’t give a what she she say as long as I stand on my see the one that stands on their Square wins let’s just look at it that that way whoever stands on their Square wins and when to see two people cannot occupy the same square there’s always going to be that one person when two people try to occupy the same square that’s when it comes down to experience then because I keep telling y’all even a zebra can be Alpha even a zebra can be over a young that’s the truth there is there zebras out there that are alpha zebras but but what happens when a zebra gets in front of a lion changes the game rule again so what I’m saying is is that whoever stands on a square wins but why do women always win win all the time they you get throwed off of your Square when you’re basing everything on for you get thrown over a square when you just looking at her ass and titties you get thrown off the square when you make it all about Sex you are to is why I keep telling you a lot of you lose before you even begin because a lot of you don’t even see what’s in front of you you know when you see what’s in front of you but you don’t even challenge the woman to be better than just being titties and ass because a lot of you guys want that you’re like you know what all the other I’ll give her what she wants I’ll take her out to dinner and all that’s something you really don’t end up first place so it’s very important to understand that unless keep going but when I’m trying to text okay when you stand on your Square as a man and why you when we were standing your Square okay is that that just like your home okay think about your square is your home away from home home you’re home is a representation of what you are sexually now now you can’t take your home with you when you go out that door but your Square is a representation of your name your Warrior your king your lover Your man all these things are representation when you stand on your Square meaning that when you meet a woman for the first time time you’re just showing her that you know what this is why I’m the opportunity see the man that stands on the square can understand what an opportunity is versus the option because once a woman throws you off the square you cannot be an opportunity it got it it’s like it’s Matrix really Matrix 101 rule basically it’s a it’s a no no stop wait can someone correct him please can somebody please correct him anybody please correct correct him hold on guys we gotta pause real quick cuz we got to correct these young young man made me see if I can finally give me a history lesson and um let me see if I can give him a history lesson while y’all lay into his ass ass hold on a so so I guess I can’t find it but yeah please correct him y’all correctly yeah okay so thank you thank you I appreciate that

mr. and please correct them sometimes they need to be correct and I’m not mad at him but he need when someone needs to be corrected we need to correct these guys so good correction correction all right so what I’m saying to you is this now I’ve lost my train of thought what was I talking about but in dealing with that was I talking about it moves I just talking about goddamn it oh I’m sorry your Square thing about this Frame okay your frame not your friends here you got me saying stupid your Square not your your frame is your laws rules codes and principles which you stand on okay there is no such thing as a frame so get that out of your head that’s like that goofy P way but when I’m saying is this this is that it is a representation of who you are as a man that Embraces challenges it finds inspiration it’s always it’s always growing it’s a it is something that is always soaking up information in and you’re just taking it along with you and that’s your name Who You Are that’s what you stand on your name and what you do your house is just a representation of you just like you’re closer rotation of you but what when you stand on you and on your square with a woman you throw her off because as I said earlier today they’re not use to a man challenging them to be more than just just is it I’m not it’s not complicated it’s not complicated at all see most guys who can’t get will always make it about and then you have those guys that sometimes gives a little bit of they still going to make it about because it will make it about the woman but when you have a to get all the time he don’t give a about or admit I don’t give a about that that what the are you bringing to the table what do you bring it in my world that nobody else is bringing me see if I can keep going to music while I’m doing this seriously seriously I wanna see what else we got here mr. peggotty one callers no call as a check to thing question question question as answer the question here I see you let me let me blow up your question sir let’s see what you got here she’s crazy only y’all are y’all is sad man there there is there is something wrong wrong I don’t know maybe it’s the the feminine the Places You’ll Go to maybe it’s that y’all have mommy and in you there is something as really off with you man this is got to be a joke joke this has gotta be a joke joke did y’all read this this has gotta be a joke there is a virgin woman I want to can you week leave the virgin’s alone and let them find someone that really cares about them that that’s not just gonna them and leave them please can you do that man man you want to because you’re so weak weak and you’re such a why the would you want to take something from a woman that she wants to give to somebody that really cares about her why the would you want to do that man that’s strike number one man that ain’t cool man that’s some weak that’s weak man the woman told you she wants a relationship she’s telling you she wants a relationship and if you don’t want one why don’t you be honest as a man and tell that woman goodbye Let Her Go and release her man come on dude this is not I don’t listen listen I’m with when I’m

telling you right now is his mother like you see see guys today about women because of like him you want to know why like him lie to women get the and roll and make these women bitter and then when they’re bitter they’re looking for these good guys to run the all over it’s because a bit like this look at this evening what he’s saying man I don’t I mean I’m going to keep you in the room but I was really close to blocking you dude I’m not gonna gonna lie to you I was really close to blocking because we don’t dissed you you’re not a man – that guy I don’t know where the you came from talking that because if you don’t want it why the are you not being a man until that woman that you don’t want a relationship and here’s the a guys this is the funniest part listen to what this says this this said should I follow my path who the says you were man you weak who says you were a man because a man doesn’t lie a man does not manipulate a man does not deceive a man is going to tell the woman what the is and let the woman decide what she wants to be so you’re not a man and the fact that you’re worried about losing the shows that your weakest this is dude is this guy for real real this is nothing but you can’t be real with this dude this is the look this you really I don’t know if you belong here not I don’t know if this is the right place for you but you need to go to a Pua or a place where they teach you manipulation you can’t come in here with this dude this is some this is some bitch-ass this is is nothing but solve you want to take a woman’s virginity you want to listen she wants to give it to somebody that wants a relationship with with her and you’re weak ass wants to take her that’s that’s what’s wrong with y’all man can you at least consider that don’t pick the fruit until it’s ripen leave the virgin’s alone they want relationships unless the Virgin comes to you and says you know what I want you to take my virginity but other than that man don’t don’t manipulate a young girl in the and you want to sit there and try to give a relationship that’s week is man that’s that’s all your whole post nothing but sought you ain’t no man you ain’t no man you dog you you I’m not trying to be mean but you’re you’re you’re you’re the problem you are the problem because a lot of women a lot of women are going to this is why women get mad guys see this is why we do the man mindset and this is why I talk to you young men because I don’t want you I want you to do it right right I want you to win right and I want you to learn right but but this is nothing this is sad man this is sad it’s my thirsty ass woman wants to take a young girl’s virginity by telling her that I want to give you a relationship and then listen should I follow my path as a man in lied to her this is this is some gay man so Royer from this point on please don’t send me no message no I’m trying to be nice today but this you talkin about man you get see what Allah you understand when people used to talk like this in the neighborhood they got up I got up because in the game we don’t take we don’t take virginity’s from when we don’t take we don’t take the best thing that a woman’s trying to give somebody because of our thirst we don’t do that now it’s different it’s different when they come to you if a woman came to you and said you know I want you to be my first totally different thing because she’s making a choice but her choice is based off of lies and manipulation man you better get the out of this with that don’t you ever come with that again and and we serious man we care about you guys I don’t want I don’t want you to do that but

I know a lot of you guys deal with bitter women it’s because of that weak-ass you saw it right there man crazy dude why why would you try to take something something from a a young lady that wants to give it to somebody that’s in a relationship while I can’t be here lying I don’t I don’t teach you to lie and if you want to learn how to lie you’re in the wrong place okay well I know you’re new here okay going going let me talk to you let me talk to you this is called the man mindset okay my job job is it make sure that every woman that you deal with your clear concise transparent you don’t lie number number one but also now I’ll give you an example I’ve taken a few Virginia Virginia Tech virgins and stuff I have I have have but let me tell you how I did it it I did it by telling her the truth she wants a relationship I can’t give you relationship I don’t want a relationship and and let me tell you this much the reason why I got a couple versions was because of people like you you I when I when I when I meet a woman that’s a virgin until I’m not the guy for you II tell you I can’t Christian guys yall dont believe me when I tell you this I always warn women don’t with guys like me y’all think I’m don’t think I’m playing I’m serious I always tell women that you don’t want a guy like me stay away from my mother for these like me because you won’t get caught up in some that you ain’t gonna be able to get it you’re not gonna when you get the drug you there’s no one coming back there’s no return I’m telling you they laugh ha ha I heard it before and even with Virgin I tell him listen I don’t listen your virgin you need to be with somebody to give it to someone that you care about okay but but in that Honesty and it’s not a lie him see me and the whole different light because they like well most guys wouldn’t be that honest well I’m not here to take your virginity I don’t want I don’t want to take the best part of you give that to someone you care about but the reason they always come back is because of the high school Behavior a woman doesn’t want to give her virginity to a that just gonna lick her one time kiss her neck to times sucker titty one time get on top of her pump three times nothing roll over wanted to she didn’t want our first time to be that way she wants her first time to be on Jose I mean hordes amass question right here she was her first time to be special and she Joe Mr Turner wait sir sir play some music want to do play some music all right I keep telling y’all guys guys what I am showing you is not rocket science science and I will keep saying this to you you I give you three options options you know turn on the light switch you can go turn five pages of a book and I’m adding you can go make some cereal you guys think this game is complicated that’s what these YouTubers want you to think that the game is complicated the game is not complicated complicated when you learn how to focus focus and stand on what the you say and you’re willing to walk away and you’re willing to say no and your behaviors line up with your thoughts you can’t be a at that point you can’t be you cannot be that way way and when I’m saying to you guys out there there no that’s okay Eric Eric please don’t please don’t give false information information please don’t get that false information I hate when y’all guys I hate when you make

your life like I hate when you give somebody a drop of knowledge that you think it because it’s your truth that is Falls dude strippers are note you can a stripper outside of her area when she’s out on the strip club she goes from Cherry to Lisa she goes from Porsche too devonté or whatever name is so don’t give me this don’t talk that way dude that’s your world man that’s your world man come on dude I got to be better than enemy see if any calls in all right lines are down so we will will take the lines down I answer down will open up y’all want me to but no one’s calling so it’s cool what I’m saying to you guys out out there you can’t be a when you’re focused on what needs to be done what makes you a is when you tell me show you a few ways and make you guys now follow me on this this what makes you a is when you see a woman that you like right because you’re too to talk to her you’re too mad I mean you’re too to scary you whatever the you are you don’t talk to her right and then when you finally get the nerve to talk to her and she blows you off you get all emotional on you get mad at her ass ass she doesn’t want you that’s what do a is somebody that goes on YouTube and listen to somebody tell you that all women ain’t come in all shapes and sizes but it’s what you believe in that makes you a I’m telling you when you start to believe in yourself when you see your behaviors line up with your thoughts you’re no longer going to be that because you’re not even focusing on that man y’all gotta I gotta think think man yeah I just think man man you got to think but I just hope that what I’m saying it is is connecting with your guys I wanted to connect them I do want your guys to win yeah Johnny questions pop those pop that in the queue okay okay pop it in the queue and we’ll continue just put a queue there and will continue but as you begin to grow and as you begin to build who you are as a man okay okay you’re entering a world in which you are the soul architect of that world world you are the architect of Your world in a lot of you guys don’t even know it all this is going on because it’s just is experience a lot of you guys have too much pride a lot of you guys would rather sit around and complain about women then going after them and that’s the truth is he another question I’ll go see any questions here any questions go ahead pop any quit any questions you got guys go ahead and pop that in any questions that you guys have popped the in there that’s what the shows about popping questions okay yeah man I got y’all cover man I’m trying to try and help you on one for this out oh yeah sorry turn on the music well it’s okay but listen brother is saying about fair enough it eats eats see this is when I say go throughout want what goes through one ear and out the other other they’re saying about fair enough this is not about fair enough this is about you getting off your lazy goddamn ass and going after what you want is easy to talk and show at me I’m up for you that’s a lie that’s a lie brother because a man a man does both he doesn’t he doesn’t set the to or not separate dear they’re one in the same but on the mansion’s question here the square philosophy is your last name your name and your name is broken into

laws rules codes principles narratives mission statements Legacy statements and vision statements meaning meaning when I meet a woman woman I never look to the woman to be the answer for for me I’m always looking at my chessboard or my name to give me all the answers that I need I don’t care what a woman does to the next man I don’t care what a woman treats how she treats the next man I don’t give a about the next man I only care about me I only care about what the she does to me so when I see a woman woman I made sure that only that not only do I have my Approach lockdown I’ve got my place set up I know how to talk I know how to text I know how to ask her for a date I know what to do on the date I know how to make her smile and know how to make her laugh or not to make her blush I know I make a think and what to make a react I know how to make her want me now and you’re new you haven’t seen it God damn it I should have kept the Line open so I can show you this but but my my end game or excuse me I will let me rephrase it it’s not an in-game chapter my first chapter is showing her why she should be calling my ass that’s chapter one chapter 2 is the way I communicate with her unlike any other on this YouTube I make sure that I text voice message and video the woman I make sure I do that that’s chapter 2 chapter 3 is based off of the way I communicate based off my Approach based off of the videos in in the audio I made her laugh blush thinking react she then then creates the next chapter because it is at that point where she decides without me trying to manipulate her without me begging she decides to bring me into her world she decides when they cannot stop thinking about about you and they questioned what did you do to me why am I always thinking about you when I go to bed at night when I wake up in the morning so so Chic once she creates the chapter the next chapter it is at that point that she is getting more the drug of me that’s why I I understand like I don’t understand how ya’ll guys are not within a week dude these women will throw the on you when they feel like see the the okay there’s going to be two different chapters horizontal plane has its two different chapters you got this one okay you got this chapter right here okay a won’t remember when you throw her off first Square okay this is going to be one chapter right here where she’s going to tell you right there you know what I can’t you know I’m thinking about you all the time I can’t stop thinking about you now she’s going to have its going to be that or is going to be something like this right here here see you see what I’m fine as Antonia whole be no naked photo do or it’s going to be something like this woman right here right right this woman right here on Prince I got you dog like this woman right here right so it’ll be her realizing hold on one second I can’t with you I can’t because if I with you I’m going to lose who I am and I love my life where I have these guys running behind me I love the fact that I have control of what I’m doing but if I get what your ass and I’ve never met anybody like you you you’re out of my League because you’re forcing me to be more than just ass and titties you’re forcing me to do this one thing that I rarely have to do and that’s think you’re forcing me to I mean what when you ask a woman because this is what we always do sometimes what separates you from all the other women they can’t even answer that question because they’ve never been challenged that way right right

hold on Prince I got you but let me find find you see right here this is this is here’s a prime example see that right there I definitely want to get to know you a little bit better you’re beautiful smart you seem to have a good head on your shoulders you’re right I’m gonna give you my number checks to call me look at what she’s saying look at that guy right there boom jumping on that ship but that’s not the one kind of find a is there a saying do you know me to give your number out see this is a are look what he’s saying right here many have my number because I run my business but don’t allow too many people get close to me on an intimate level Something About you I feel that I don’t either so let’s say alright see this this is It’s just Beauty man what we teach man because mother hold on Antonio what are you showing Antonio I’m not showing any ass and titties what what do you got all right Antonia I can show this all right Antonio just sent this are you got a photo from a woman right here all right that’s clean that’s clean I can show you that window but I can’t show her the but I can’t show it as I promised I would show you this room right here all right so this is a message from the chick that he scribbled out let’s see what she says right here okay okay this is her talking once you took the dick off the table I was like well alright this is what she’s saying right and that’s her sending that titties I can show you that part let’s get past this part right here now this is him talking I was read your message about your dream going to Paris I said to myself she deserves to have my dick back on the table and wow look at you baby girl she said good morning from the three of us okay okay you know the three years I think there’s a mouth ass and did what what I’m saying this is I’m trying to show you guys we ain’t fake man this is this is the lifestyle that y’all should be having right now women throwing the at you man let me go back to the questions I got some questions here let’s get to the questions man cuz I hear all right Xavier I guess I mean thank you for the super chatter whatever I mean how do you get to the point having women women interested in you and well O7 your your I keep telling you it’s investing man you have a long way to go because excuse me cause you don’t know yourself section that you have a long way to go brother you have a long way to go don’t worry about you getting that point man because you still got a long way to go you still gotta learn how to y’all are on a kiss you gotta learn how to eat you got to learn how to set up your crib you got to learn how to cook yelling you got to learn a bunch of dog and it’s not like I give you an example with the other cooking thing you know the cooking show that we have this absolutely free you know it’s the cooking show even the even in the cooking show when you can make desserts the way I’m showing you in the cooking show show it changes up the game so let me show you this right here now the man mindset presents when she comes over a cooking show for men who want to show a woman why he’s the opportunity and not the option Steve is here to show you how to make simple dishes that can win her mind her heart and her body one thing a woman loves most is a creative man one who can make her toes curl in the bedroom and one who can make her toes curl in the kitchen yes that’s what I’m saying keep going keep going to the questions man next question let’s see here you sir for for that I appreciate that sir appreciate that Super Chat thank you very much sir that was kind of you let’s keep going I think there’s another question my 21 all right so here’s the next question I have not understand the question of who are you you wait I’m not understand the question who are you I know it doesn’t have to do it your career what do you mean who are you with the do you what are you talking about dude dude what are you talking about what what do you what do you what do you mean who are are you can you do please answer this question again a different way what the you

talking about you’re breaking my brain trying to read this what the are you talking about about I only understand what you mean by that and as far as who are you you where is it at I don’t understand what you saying you got to you got to rephrase that window I don’t understand what the you’re talking about right here what is he talking about who are you what the I don’t give a let me see what else I have for you well I guess I guess the thing I guess you must mean this unless you correct me but I guess this is what you’re trying to ask Maybe I’m wrong but but where’s it at at it’s got to be under this one way maybe you’re asking this question benefit is that know it’s kind of be here on this one right here yeah you lost me though it’s just a question you’re asking is this this right here wait let me take off your your knowing yourself as a man then you mean what what which one is you you what do you mean I mean which one is is you you give me that is that what you’re talking about I don’t understand what you mean knowing yourself as a man what the does that mean I don’t understand I don’t understand what that means means guys can someone help me what does that mean I don’t I understand I mean knowing yourself as an I don’t understand what the does that mean I don’t know I don’t know what that means but anyway all right what a 21 wait for you to get that together we’re running another commercial we’ll be right back its demand mindset I’m the dean we have a long show to go so we got time so let me go and play this real quick guys this is a new product coming up real soon and this is from an idea I had in 1988 that finally I get to use now so this is going to be coming out real soon check this out they do it while lying on their backs their stomachs rubbing up against of the objects and running water they use their imagination to porn sex toys thinking about past and future experiences and erotic stories they do it in their car at their jobs anywhere they can as much as they can it’s time to learn how to change up the game by pleasing her and getting off on her reaction to all the amazing things you’re about to do to her body or mind her dirty thoughts and her ear erotic fantasies learn how to be the most dangerous man in the bedroom and our shower in our apartment at her job and her car and anywhere she wants to play with herself guys sexual communication goes Way Beyond just words it’s a deeper connection most guys don’t know about or care to learn the drug of you as a series of classes that will teach you ways to touch a woman without touching her at all it’s time to change the game game instead of half getting off to porn why not have her get off to you you why we’re back 515 605 937 through the number I’m the mother bleep be in class class is in session while we’re waiting on whatever D21 there to explain what he’s saying let’s get to the next question question my girlfriend is independent she doesn’t really ask for anything I would like to buy our stuff every now and then because she does the same for me any advice was some smooth I should do well do Maura come on dude I already showed you dude I showed you what to do listen for a woman is not about the the gift it’s the little things that they appreciate more than gifts gifts it’s reading between the lines it’s knowing that if your girls having a bad day at work that you have the bubble bath Rady the candles and you want to relax yourself when she when she’s stressing the out she wants to be held I mean it’s little things dog you don’t have its little things you have to do it’s not give see we were too busy thinking women think like us and that’s not the case okay but I already told

told you what to do Valentine’s Day with her Valentine’s Day game I told you to do on Easter with her so you’re locked in so what do you mean what’s the problem here man you’re saying that that just as smooth you should do man I told you smooth it you know maybe she comes look tomorrow when you see her tell her take all the clothes off lay on the bed and give her full body massage massage I mean these are the things that women value more than them shrink is that motherfucker’s give them who have no game okay so anyway I’m gonna keep going if you got a question go ahead and pop it in that’s continuous keep going let’s see here I don’t know if he’s I don’t know if he means that I’m waiting for him to answer I don’t I I don’t know the answer I don’t I’m waiting for him to explain itself better but this is why I’m telling you you’ve got to learn how to explain yourself better as well well okay I don’t know Eric I don’t know I’m just saying saying here we go finally finally hi man all right go get a piece of paper again here we Go again gentlemen go get a piece of paper Jesus Christ man talk about this all the time yeah II just can’t understand how you I don’t comprehend this get a piece of paper please okay get a piece of paper paper please get a piece of of paper draw two circles sir draw two circles circles the first circle is what you do do and the second circle is who you are are okay okay the first circle is what you do the second circle is who you are are the first Circle above what you do right outside of yourself yourself and then the second Circle right internally Jesus Christ christ now write this down I’m going to walk you through this because this is not complicated II don’t understand how the you guys cannot comprehend kindergarten ass language you’re saying always say working now is what you do and being on so-called purposes your responsibility so what do you mean by being a man and what part of you says about your last name let me ask you this question riddle my dumbass dumbass this you lifting weights have to do with your last name did you have a nice Armani suit have to do what your last name there’s you have a nice car have to do what your last name no those are things you do do that has nothing to do with who you are are can you show me the last time that your muscles showed you how to text a woman can you show me how your nice Armani suit knows how to navigate a relationship with a woman checks your ass II don’t understand how it is you can’t see with the I’m talking about Limas loaded down things that you do outside of your body in your mind or your purpose you want to know why it’s called responsibility because you can’t

stand on your muscles with a woman and you can’t stand on a car with a woman now listen to me you can stand on that but she’s going to use your ass because I’m I’m answer your question what are you going to do when you get out of your nice car what are you going to do when you take off your suit and you hang it up in the closet see see all that that you dumb want to do if you want to work out work out what’s your problem is you dumb doing all this for you’re working out for you’re getting your clothes for your car everything you’re doing is for now listen to me I understand if you’re in high school and you get rims and and all that in high school you’re a kid I understand it you get it you get a pass in high school but if you’re a grown goddamn man man and you can’t see the difference between lifting weights and learning some internal there’s something wrong with you there’s something wrong with you now let’s look at these thing thing again is lifting away driving a car having a nice outfit having a degree in in money what do those things have to do with you not knowing how to text a woman what do those things have to do with the fact that you don’t know how to approach a woman what do those things have to do with the fact that you don’t even know what to do with a woman on a date what do those things have to do with the fact that you don’t know how to put any smooth-ass flavor as can you tell me please can somebody tell me me how is your muscles going to tell you how to text a woman come on I’m waiting 21 anyone tell me you asked a question because I want you I want you to think for a second why don’t you tell me how you being on your purpose is going to help you navigate and make a woman want to you on a mental level because you would what has your because you got a little chisel body you think that’s gonna make you a man you think your clothes make you a man within you don’t even understand manhood right there your name doesn’t need to lift a weight your name doesn’t have to put on an outfit your name doesn’t have to have a nice car clothes and money you dumb your name is internal it is what you do on the inside that’s going to help you learn and navigate how to handle women because you’re learning how to stand on your square dumbass why the what makes you think a little you okay look are you diesel right your arms are we probably can’t wipe your ass your arms out like this this how the is that going to help you with a woman when she checks your punk ass because let me tell you something brother go lift all the weight you want to lift you’re just gonna be a that’s big go have all the nice a drive a nice car you just gonna be a driving a nice car go ahead and get that nice suit you’re gonna be a in a nice suit and and what do those three things have in common that you’re a and and you can do whatever you want you’re still going to be a at the end of the day let me show you why so you guys let me show you when when month was like that one and I like your question I’m not trying to be mean but I hate when y’all ask these questions man these questions don’t make any sense man this is rocket science I’m not complicating this let me explain something you see back in I think it was in another the 40s or the 50s they had a show show okay the for you 50s that kind of told you about yourselves even before the internet came out sir before the internet came out this show explain exactly what I’m talking about as in what you do versus who the you are that me find it so I can go ahead and explain it to you where I can slow this down because apparently this is going over your Cranium and you can’t even see that for what the it is you want to eat you want this to be something else but it just look the game is just what it is man I’m sorry you want to you want to live off of other but you’re the

problem see let me explain something to you let me move your your thing real quick hold on hold on on hold on hold on are you sure hold on put this in so what I’m saying to your ass is that this is your car this is your body this is your money your degrees and all that that’s outside of yourself but when a woman peels the curtain back she’s going to see a behind the curtain when you’re standing on what you do now now your dumbass me get to this see this is what I’m saying this is this is the most amazing thing is you don’t even listen if one asked you who you are how do you answer answer you want to know why you lose 21 you ain’t got none of the product so you don’t even understand the the the depth of what we teach so I’m not even going to answer this question for you because you’ve been on here long enough wasting my time I’m gonna tell the guys out there who were new who might want to really invest in their sales everybody else other than this dumb right here let me explain something to y’all please let me explain something to y’all real quick everybody other than this dumb let me explain something something to you we keep telling you you in order for you to know you you’ve got to build with his called a standard that means you have got to build laws rules codes narratives principles vision statements mission statements and Legacy statements about your self so who you are is based on the knowledge you have of yourself yourself the do you mean if one asked asked you you mean it’s this is why this is why the majority you gonna lose I’m telling you right now you’re gonna lose to lose because this dumb asking this question he ain’t put any work into herself this is always looking out the goddamn window he has not established any kind of anything for himself and that’s why he’s been doing this show for months sitting there with a dunce cap on asking a bunch of dumbass questions because he chooses not to learn he chooses not to learn what a shame let me keep going going let me keep going let me see what else I got ask me that silly ass man I can’t believe this I see this holding onto relation with any requires was one thing ready for common sense and it confidence in the personality get everything you need let me see hold on holding a relationship with anyone were cars one thing ready for this common sense with the is it it personally I don’t even I don’t understand what the you mean I don’t know this is not a nice analogy no no this is wrong this is wrong wrong holding a relationship with any woman requires you to be able to say no and be able to walk the away at any moment stop putting your goddamn emotions in these women and start being assertive and telling these women with the you expect of them all this require one thing it’s not one thing because as a man you’ve got to show her that you are all things man is that I don’t even that don’t make any sense man to you you I came to you and nothing analogy that’s why you up as you won’t even know what the you talking about y’all take all these analogies and y’all got to stop that stupid ass dog come on with that silly we keep going let me keep going boy that was crazy next next question she missed the bus arrived in her town she gave me a she gave me BS and I said let’s meet two days passed now and she wants to meet should I wait wait wait she missed the bus bus wait am I missing is some guys she missed the bus bus I arrived in her town and she and she gave me

when I said let’s meet what the are you talking about about wait wait how can she missed miss all right man you got a let’s let’s let’s let’s go let’s back up for a second gentleman now let’s back up for a second because maybe maybe we’re we’re we’re we’re going a little too fast okay mr. G what the do you mean she missed the bus bus what does that mean please let me know I got you I need you know that I arrived in her town and she gave me BS when I said let’s meet oh my God now please correct me this is what I think it is do you you too in this relationship dude let me ask you a question why the would you arrive in a woman’s town without establishing anything before you got on whatever the you suppose get em man do you might have to redo Maybe maybe I’m reading this wrong because I don’t want that look just do it all over again dog cut just is clean up with the you saying and be more specific because I don’t understand what the you talking about she missed the how can she missed a bus and then you arrive in our town something something clicking so mr. G go back and do that all over again so we can read it and interpret it right please please please please what is he saying The Travelers have rules and statements that we abide by on a daily as crazy people to have their own rules and stem well it’s okay Vibes vibes vibes it’s not crazy it’s the choice that they make brother is is not complicated choose not to want to learn man it’s not crazy don’t look this is why I keep telling you don’t worry about these mother if they choose to sit around and not and not believe in themselves enough to want to learn this they’re making the choice to be what they are are that’s the choice man I tell them they know they can create their own laws rules and codes they just choose not to okay okay well regards to be coming in later not brother I still don’t know what the you talking about with that rule you just throw in some up on the wall dog you got to do you say something better than that man let’s let’s keep going mr. bus was an analogy I okay let’s go back okay so let’s Okay well okay okay okay let’s go back so if she missed the bus has an analogy all right hey let me show you the dog you know I’m not Booboo the fool here so let’s look at this let’s take our she missed the bus everybody’s just throw that out the window read what the he just said I arrived in her town and she gave me when I said let’s meet meet why the are you going into a woman’s area and not establishing anything before you go go over there why why when she when you said let’s meet let me tell you what it sounds like it sounds like he was desperate as it sounds like he found out where she lived he got in her town he’s like hey I’m in your neighborhood let’s meet up and she’s like I don’t know you you I don’t know who you are and say yeah we we need to Ella we ain’t going to pass judgment we gonna let this man clean this up and explain himself better because this sound like some stalker creepy but we Maybe I’m Wrong we’ll let him clean it up well let him will let her clean it up I don’t know if he’s the bus but something is really wrong in that statement because why the would you be in her town and say let’s meet and what’s even weirder about this is that if you knew you were going to be in our town

why the when you man enough to tell her I’m going to be in your town lets me see that guys see you guys there’s some creepy going on right here because it’s really odd that he’s in her town then all of a sudden out of the blue no I’d meet her at the front call in this Alliance a noble right now you have to call in we’re just trying to figure this out out this is this is doesn’t make any sense he went to go see the business she didn’t pick no no no no no no he didn’t say that he said he went to her town and said let’s meet he said let’s me after he got in town my brother 21 this wasn’t this wasn’t I’m coming to meet you come pick me up oh no uh-uh he said when he got into town he asked to meet up so now the uh-oh mmm wait always say a prom let me show you why this all roads lead to him being weakened because Prime check this out out even if and guys are open the lines up even if okay follow me even even if she didn’t pick him up at the bus stop and blew him off why does he still want to meet the after she disrespected him come on dude Prime every road leads to him being weak there’s nothing he can say the clean this up man man isn’t that he can say guys we’re gonna open the lines up y’all want so we can chop it up this this is the man mindset I am the dean guys class is in session we are live from New Jersey we’re out of town for a few days so we going to be chopping It Up All Night I’m doing some of the Kario tomorrow we would definitely do a show for you tomorrow which is Sunday then we’ll have a show Monday night we do a show Monday and then I fly out Tuesday we’ll have a show Tuesday with with all here we go now let’s see what he’s saying here we met online talk for three weeks and set up a date for Saturday Once I arrived she talked about how long will you be in town for and it and left it at that that well here’s the problem mr. G G listen to okay listen listen listen mr. G and what you saying sir let’s go back now guys y’all see this right here right and let’s go back to his question question the fact that you’re asking the question tells me that you’re already emotionally invested in that and you can’t even see what’s in front of you you can’t even see the disrespect that she did and not only did she disrespect you you want a water Behavior by asking should you this is oh my God man is willing to talk it’s what I’m talking about man y’all think see y’all y’all guys think that I’m the problem okay y’all guys think that I’m mean but I’m just trying to get you all to see that you’re the problem G G if the disrespect you we’re is the law rule code and standard C 21 where is this at that if you disrespect me you you’re over with I’m throwing you back in the water even after she disrespected him he still thinking about spending time with her because now she let me show you this woman let me let me show you how cold the game is okay let me show you how cold the game is check this out when she disrespected you you got in your emotions G I keep telling you once you start getting in a woman’s emotions you playing her game you begin to play by her rules sir so because she didn’t respect you she was like it not only can I make him feel like a and make my what I’m an offer him to come see me now and I bet you that dumb gonna do it and that’s what she’s saying right now because because you never look you talk to her for three weeks you never stablished a standard telling her ass I’m a drama free man anybody brings any drama in my life you’re gone if you disrespect me you’re gone a matter of fact you got to do a lot to stay you didn’t do that you would like we was getting Laker girl hey you know what

okay will you go to Steve right now okay we’re gonna hang up no no you hang up no no you can’t go okay we go hang up on the count 3 okay 1 2 3 3 hello I told you know you hate yogurt that – that’s what you doing doll because a woman is not going to treat a man that way because she knows if she does it there’s no coming back back no coming back back you went to go see her she you over and then she saying come see me and you want to know should you do it come the on man when we got here we got here 85 85 strip that but but but appreciate this let’s see what you got let’s see here well let’s let’s get to I don’t give a with your mother taught you and I’m glad your mother told you I want you to respect all all women but I want you to respect yourself that much more I’m not saying your mom is wrong respect all women don’t hit a woman walk the away don’t yell at a woman walk the away don’t don’t get in arguments with women walk the away and drop their asses that’s what I’m saying when you talk to a woman for three weeks weeks when you when we saying here just smash the nurse and made off of Tinder thanks for the I all right clothes aren’t the acos 12 you smashed her I’ll give you a little bit of yak 101 why don’t you tell her to send you a photo of yourself so you can tell her how good a taste do that dog so tell her singing photo let her know that you had a great time the other night when you smash tell us in the photo of yourself so I can tell you how good that tastes all right dude that that’s what you want you to do do that for uh let me go ahead lines back up guys guys we the lines are we guys are we going over the lines back up for you like are man we gonna be on for a minute anyway I’m in a great mood you’re gonna be on chopping it up I’m still not done I got y’all muhfuckas back I got your dog it’s just weird different flavor dog I we got receipts we want to talk some other and you see you’re gonna um you got some more stuff is called because I we are talking about fear we talk about rejection we’re talking about growth we’re talking about a lot of things and this is what the show is for Man – oh it’s for you guys and I’m not trying to be mean to you I’m just trying to to show you if you can’t handle what I’m saying you can’t handle woman man because I’m not really being mean I’m trying to get y’all to see that these women if your oh matter of fact before I even I’m not even going to tell you that I’m gonna let the dog my dog tell you this I forgot what grass allergy ruled is serious but let’s go to a rule real quick I think it’s this from the book grass allergy keep eating grass you weak while we eat meat meat grass allergy rule one a woman isn’t gonna with a man whose is tighter than hers guys this means if your wimpy scared have no confidence well you just can’t lead her she’s going to make you her why because a woman doesn’t want to date her cell Jimmy real that’s right Ruby as grasshoppers right there man y’all man I can tell you all y’all worried about you’re too scared of these women and has got to stop I’m trying to show you how to stop worrying about these women and start man in the up and start being honest with these women tell them what the you want but I’m telling you right a guys listen to me I’m if you make women if you make your interaction with a woman about sex she’s not going to with someone who doesn’t have experience in the bedroom I’m telling you it’s like a double-edge sword sword that’s why I always tell you intimacy but let me see I’m October lines up guys I got any questions let me know we go back to the chat room dogs oh oh I’m sorry Sam 21 21 listen to me listen to me do you want me to do you want me to hold your hand and take you to bed make you some warm milk do you want me to tuck you in and tell you life is going to be fair

do you want me to tell you that everything’s going going to be all right okay okay let me tell you something you want to know why I have a different perspective on a dating game because if you follow me you see I have nothing but results to show you that I not only can make a woman play with her live on my show nobody’s teach you what the I’m teaching you okay but don’t give me this I wanted to sign up for your products and it seemed like you any you ain’t getting no listen you know what let me tell you something don’t you get the out of my room how about that how about that why don’t I help you along because you know what let me show y’all something I want to show y’all something a lot of you guys think that I’m in it for the money a lot of see let me tell y’all something when you are not ready for the I teach I’m going to show you what the I do all right I’m going to show you what I do okay I’m going to show you what I do because this person right here he needs to leave 21 you might as well go buddy just go get the out of this room this is not for you you ain’t ready for this kind of you are not ready for this so so what you need to do is take your ass and get the out I don’t need you because I got people here that want to learn I got you been in this room too long to ask me that dumbass dumbass question you’ve been in too long telling you right now this is not for you see guys yall think that I’m the kind of muffled to take anybody in your same for you 21 just get the out Des this is time for you to go you ain’t ready you need to go to somebody else that is going to coddle your ass that’s going to Hold your hand and give you warm milk I can’t do that this is not for you brother this is not for you you so so with all due respect you are are gone there you go see her right there y’all think I’m yelling I’ll play let me tell y’all something me tell you I love y’all I love y’all okay y’all my boys I don’t want people in here here I tell you guys all the time don’t believe me me don’t believe a thing I say okay much let’s see she actually had to do see I’m blaming Bulldog see Bulldog made me do this see this bull see my dog will talk make me to it see Bulldog always be making me do this much love my dog Bulldog my big shout-out to Bulldog mind said job go there check him out he’s a real let me explain do you guys out out here I tell you don’t believe believe me I tell you to go to the main website of the man mindset and there is a long list matter of fact matter of fact guys when you go to the man mindset let’s go there right now let’s go to the man mindset okay let me show y’all with because if you don’t I always say don’t believe me right let’s go to the man mindset let’s listen some of these shoes wasn’t yours you let me turn this music down down give me a second guys music blasting hold on guys give your boy second hold on we’re about to go to the man mind right now I don’t say let me see something here let me show y’all something y’all think I’m playing with y’all man hold on a second give us two seconds seconds where’s the music coming from hold on ICU is coming from Roseanne I’m sorry we go I always tell you to go to the man mindset right when you go to the man mindset you get to hear receipts from my clients receipts from my clients let’s play one well that is some very descriptive poetry I just read and and I totally picture of everything when I just run didn’t realize that I can be so turned on by words but oh my God god that made me feel things

the like sandwich of which I have not previously felt so Bravo to you because that was rather erotic no no way we got I’m gonna show you more because apparently y’all think I’m bullshitting with y’all I show you receipts I’ve nothing to prove this more listen this hi gorgeous just Sydney girl again I have to say listening to your last message got me so freaking wet it’s not funny I listen to it over and over again a few times times and I could just picture it all happening and in regards to your volume of come the more the better bring it on and in regards to where I like it it I’d like it anywhere anyway you want whichever whole you prefer this three holes to choose from we can have it in my mouth in my wet on my really tight ass ass I do like if it drips out my and drips down to my ass and you get a bit of both finger in one hard dick in the other other kissing me at the same time it’s going down kind of better for me to not have my mind there when you’re not around you know it’s kind of torture if I’m always just walking around ready to be flipped onto my back but I’d love to see you let me know if you’re coming up because I’m gonna have to switch a couple things around like you know just just clean up for you stuff like that let me know and gentlemen this is because they’re doing voice messaging video message because they’re training a woman to talk this way but let me find my best one was my freshman season Maya teasing me you better send me a message that’s not it wait are you suggesting that it is just hope that is it you are so sweet I just I really really appreciated the fact I thought you came over when I was having a hard day and that you know hugs go a long way for me yeah I do mean that don’t come inside me that’s not it I’m thinking about a that’s not it and then every oh this is what we always do good this is good this is good time I said good day I want to know if I’ve improved or not but not only have I improved but I also also want to know no if I’ve moved up in rank and then I want to know I’m sorry okay well you were the first person I was actually surprised about with the conversation usually it’s like a sexy hey gorgeous what you doing things like that and I just don’t reply and that’s okay for me not to replace I don’t want to and to I sound like such a to what else did you say let me think oh yeah thanks no we’re not night I have to do two pictures only to support you whatever you like that’s not it where’s the is this hi trying to find the Hallelujah you know I love the final Hallelujah when I was saying that you guys is this I don’t have to prove anything to anybody because I know how to spit Yak I know how to talk a woman out of her panties I’m teaching you things that nobody else is showing you on the internet I don’t have to explain myself I don’t I don’t but what I’m saying is that I don’t want you to believe me look at the receipts and then if you want to why don’t we go to one where Steve is making some play with her live on the internet how about that let’s play one of these this isn’t this one I know you would call your mother live known as if you had a choice between eating at stake again

and a piece of spam or you saying she when she goes to bed at night I mean thinks about you wish it I know Stephen hold on we go back to the man my set let’s go back to hearing I want y’all to hear one of these see what Steve can do where we’re making somebody play with her live on the air air I think this is it right here on the that they tell you because you said you were many Morgan not taking your ass what I want is some something sooner when are you coming I don’t know are you awake wake me up by sucking his dick are you going to wake me up by sucking his dick dance I want you to wake me up by sucking my dick is that a deal I want you to wake me up I suck my dick dick oh you probably okay I promise okay let’s do it whose is it it whose is say it louder I can’t hear you you sure sure put a third finger in put a third finger let’s get you another one where we made another guy made a chick play with her live on the air let’s listen to this one one after me typing it typing yeah um typing live on air play the for me to play with her right now who does this what’s your name I’m coming with you Daddy daddy I’m sorry typing typing come for me one for Daddy come on come from hopefully hopefully and I is Percy I should take effect that stay clean up was going to back I think it from the back see like this I love to stick together together that’s my dick thanks me take that

you dealing with a bad mother look the finger I made I told him what to say live on the air and he got her to come live on the air this is what I’m trying to show you man this is what we do in man did what I’m saying but wait wait let me get to this other one let’s get to the other guy who had the one that she was in the shoe was in the um room she was in the parking lot of her mother’s house and we got this guy now this one you’re hearing he’s listening to me and repeating what I’m saying but watch how he gets this one off in the parking lot as find the one who love your name name and realize that everybody let’s see my statement come on bro I’m saving it right now and she makes her apply where is it at Rosie all right guys here we go me get this one play with her here we go stronger fastest but I’m sorry dog my bad stroke it I’m sorry new healthcare technologies that can adapt to meet current challenge was to attach our current laws aren’t keeping up with the times high quality affordable health care will better serve seniors come on guys give me a second I want to show you this because I want y’all to I don’t think I’ll believe believe what I do live on the air a guys say play with that wet juicy well this extra words you supposed to be the Revenant a Savory say what do you want you to say I want you to come for me I want you to come for me me I want you wait say I would say Sal come inside your mouth I’ll come inside your mouth and I will come anywhere you want me to play with a tell her what a slide another finger in there slide another finger in there because that’s how I’m gonna trade you out of sight a lot of second finger there and stroke that and stroke that the way you want me to stroke it you put that dick in there hey hey hey is it say whose is it it whose is it it whose is it now hold on guys let’s see if we get there before he got hurt I use for the the watch you know it is what it is she was excited about coming over there she couldn’t wait to drop a nice also she can come on over to drop my knees off the kissing 101 the five play master bedroom this is where the okay let me show you let me give you let me give you an example now you don’t have you don’t have the wine on the wall right right you have the lights in the bathroom right right right now yeah okay but why no no it’s okay but look this is the only bad grade you get because much had you had those things right right they would not they would also enhance I watch guys why you did what you did I see them

listen somebody call me right now say what’s up y’all say whats up beautiful say how you here and say how you doing beautiful say how you doing beautiful okay you’re not a saint you say I got a bone to pick with you I got a bone to pick with with you say y hat why haven’t you sent me a picture of yourself why haven’t you sent me a picture of of yourself why haven’t you sent as my brother say say I need a reason I need you to give me a reason to tell you how sexy you are I need you to give me a reason to tell you how sexy you are did you give me a reason reason I think you’re very sick sick tonight and I didn’t do anything with it so that’s not the point baby so that’s not the point baby that’s not the point the point is I want to see wait focus on with you yes I’m trying to focus on you is that a bad thing to focus on you shatter bad thing to focus on on you sure I tell you hey can I tell you how soft your skin was was can I tell you how soft your skin was a how sexy you smell let’s hurry my skin is attached time it really really hard to mean mean it go for that Primal instinct yes I ask her ask her can I taste you Can I taste you you Can I taste you you yes 2nd I whisper something in your ear right side I can I whisper to me in the air to make you smile make you smile to make you blush thank you boys she make you think and react to my my bidding thank you thank you can react to my bed y’all see that part let me see I think we made a come twice let’s let’s put what we got it how wet is it we talk about it but this is what I’m talking about guys I mean y’all go down to the Man – it is see see that but what I’m saying is this all right I am trying to show you guys guys that you can do this with just about not every woman but when a woman can sink in with you emotionally on an emotional level a I gotta I gotta wait let me bring the goddamn I gotta bring the calls and let me open up the lines or quick I told you I was gonna open up the lines give me a

we’re going over the lines real quick guys for you on a second let’s open up the phone lines guys I’m calling five 1560 593 70s number we go ahead the lines are open I’m I’m over the lines for yours welcome to Blog Talk Radio sorry guys I got caught up to start your show my lines are open all right you’re sure we’ll go live in five seconds let me go back to you all the material sorry too one would up what I’m trying to tell you guys this log talk baby maybe I am showing you how to put yourself in a sexual position with a woman where she wants to you I do not teach you how to get sex I don’t teach you how to have sex because that is beneath me what I try to get you to do is put yourself in a position Ian for the first time of your lives where women want to you with they send you messages like this okay where they tell you they want to be with you okay when they tell you that I’m thinking about you I want to cook for you I want to be with you these are the things and I’m talking about okay this is the that I want you guys to see from women I want you guys to win like this okay all right I want you guys to let these women know that I don’t play play by the rules a hands down Society is going to tell you guys that you got to take him out to dinner you got to kiss their asses You gotta buy him drinks you gotta take their crumbs and all that other stuff I don’t do that okay I don’t do that at all this is this is not where this is not where about my dad loves my dog Bulldog man I’m a dog Bulldog hold on I think you should be messing boy give me a second I’ll check it out but when I’m saying is I want you to see the women this is this is the lifestyle man you want women to send you photos like this other cells where they’re telling you things like you know what that they love that they’re taking back all right never had anyone tell me this before this is this is the kind of information that you want women to say okay see that right there what are you saying I enjoy the hell are they being single waking up I’m very selective about who I I allowed inside my universe because because I won’t allow anything or anyone to ruin what I’ve created that’s what the I’m talking about this is what gets women horny this is what turns the morning okay all right this is what I’m saying okay look at that okay baby think of me while you touch your sweet record it and send me the video what is she saying okay this this is the lifestyle that I’m trying to show you you let me see my dog Bulldog said something damn all right no doubt but this is what I want you all to see this is not fake This is the lifestyle that you can have and when you know what you’re doing you’re going to get these women to do the kind of I’m saying okay all right now let me show you this one hold on let me let me I’m a disco kiss hot this is hot off the press this is hot off the press guys give me a second to grab this hot off the press hold on one second guys I got one hot off the press give me a second got a crop it a little bit the old crop it and we’ll show you how it off the press on second give me a second guys we want to crop it and this is coming hot off the press guys let me save it I’m saving it right now now I’m about to upload it and we’re going to read it I mean it’s a let me find where Emma hold on give me a second but gentlemen this is what I’m saying this is why y’all have to worry about women and because if you follow what I’m showing you you’re going to have women throwing the at you where you’re going to be in control of you I’m downloading it right now we’re going to look will read one right now okay all right okay and this is on some Mentos if you want you to both it’s important to use a strange situation a all right so let’s get it to let’s get to one okay this is why I want you all to see see the old boy got mad because he couldn’t understand why he can’t get no women let me delete a damn about to upload this right now live and unscripted here you go I edited it out so there’s no numbers in there are here you go guys I want y’all to check this out read this right look at this right here let’s read it together let’s read this together hold on all right so this is saying saying all right had a feeling that you were something special because I trust I got above anything else I had no idea I’d be so drawn to you all right this is the woman saying okay it also seems like a cool twist of fate that I would hit it off so well to be so far apart but I

still believe everything happens for a reason okay listen to this the ice cream thing came from you o being with you gave me a lot of inspiration for that talk you are are definitely my amuse look at that look look this is what guys this is what the I’m trying to tell you is this is not fair I know this listen guys listen I know for a lot of you guys out there a lot of this sounds like it’s fairy fairy tales is fairy fairy tales but this is what I’ve been telling you man this is what I’ve been telling you but it’s not just in the text messages guys it’s not just in the audio guys you can call in the lines are open but I this the call of all calls right here because this is how they are food this is how it should be you want to know why I warned women you want to know why I always tell women you don’t want to with a guy like always want to and they always laugh at me right but this is the reason why because when you get calls like this when you get women opening up now remember women don’t talk like this all the time but when you unlock something in them listen to the giggle listen to the openness for right thank you adore we have a couple of days to actually think think about what freaking happened the other night anyway it was so funny how I had my whole Mind made up on like when you lie your ass alone I just felt like you were trouble and it’s so interesting how Vibe is because I was right you know know I don’t lie do have questions I’m like how do you do that like you know who taught you that like are you a goddamn professional so I’m just on a real note like that was amazing it was was totally like perfect like if I were to Vision this is what I want my man to be sexually sexually you would be that person is that person and down am I mad at you hell yeah because you know that you got those skills so for you do that to me that was not at all as I was getting to know you in a whole different way and it was it was cool to like that other way was also nice you know so yeah I don’t know you know what makes me more curious about like who you are and what you’re really about I won’t lie you know but I again I keep feeling that Vibe of like how you gonna do me like that that is not night we stopped to think I’m like this is weird this is is the lifestyle that you can have if you just believe in your self the reason you’re not having this lifestyle is because you’re thinking is not lined up with your behavior you don’t believe in yourself you don’t build yourself up the show these women why they should be you guys that’s what I’m talking about man let’s get to Matthew Matthew what is your question here all right let’s get to your question this one chick was a a 5 oh wait Matthew I don’t understand you guys man man when my mentor mentor said that you’re going to with the best of the best and you will never settle for anything less than the best best Matthew do you think that I said what you say and I’m going to find me a raggedy ass woman woman why in the are you with a bottom of the barrel I can’t help you with this woman I can’t hear what this one man see the y’all have no Pride man this is see there’s some there’s some problems with y’all man do y’all do is this what you think of yourself do y’all just think that y’all just are is your self-worth that low where you

accept a five and you think you’re doing something why why why why why the would you even 5 can’t even cut my grass of a 5 doesn’t get to talk to me and if I’m being an and being shallow you goddamn right right I’m not oh my God howdy howdy I don’t understand why you guys hate yourself so much much why do you hate yourself so much where you’re with a 5 we you have beautiful got do you know something my mentor told me a long time ago that just it was like a like a punch in the chest even in high school did you guys know that the pretty girls always stayed home on Friday and Saturday nights did you guys even know that the bad chicks in the school so even the ones in college they stay home on Fridays and Saturdays why because dumb automatically assume that she has a boyfriend and the other half of are too intimidated to talk to to them prettier she is the more insecure she is gentlemen gentlemen the prettier she is the more insecure she is is I don’t understand understand if you are exposed to be a king Matthew why why are you with with peasants why listen I don’t want to die that high to be a player dance with the fat chick to get the pretty chick no Eric Eric you with the fat you with the pretty one too with the pretty one I don’t understand why you guys feel this bad about about yourselves why the math you would you be even asking me a question about a five a five A5 a5 Matthew you’re with a 5 Matthew that tells me that your self-worth is so goddamn low that you’re the bottom of the barrel you’re grabbing the lowing man hey Matthew the wine and that I teach you that ain’t for sixes and fives and fours and threes and twos twos I’m showing you is for the upper echelon woman because the woman that these women that have money that are Caked Up there they love drinking wine Matthew they go home to an empty house they crack open a bottle of wine read a book cry and play with their cat watch Lifetime or the we Channel and fall asleep to only repeat the process again again why I just cannot oh my God I cannot believe this guys lunch over going to call in five one five six or five nine three seven threes number when I’m saying to you guys out there is that y’all have got to start having a standard see the man that has a standard is a man that is going to be able to handle women you guys can’t handle women because you guys think that these women are special special let me tell you something I love the curve of her ass ass I love her hips I love her thighs love her lips I love her breasts I love those things about a a woman but I love myself that much more more and because I love myself that much more more I can’t just give her a pass into my world my life In My Kingdom just because she’s looking good and she sexy I’m tellin you they don’t do that to you they don’t give you a pass into the most of you have got a slave the Minotaur you’ve got to do circus tricks

you got to do five dinners you got to buy drinks You gotta buy you kind of do a bunch of Matthew Matthew if there is a five and there are hot friends why don’t you just talk to her hot friends and say the five why aren’t you just talking to her hi friends what has she got to do with this because Matthew this is the problem starting to see what you don’t see I’m not dumb Matthew Matthew what you should have done is you should have told that woman you know I see you got some hot friends you know what you introduced me to them that’s all you got to do that’s all you gotta do that is all you get see y’all too much that’s you got to do Matthew hey hey Smeagol come here Smeagol yes my precious hey my prey you’re a Smeagol check this out man I see that you got some badass chicks well I’m going for the ring The Ring The Ring okay Smeagol go for the ring but you know what can you allow me to go in and talk to some of your friends my precious why the are y’all talking to the past women Matthew what I’m saying to you is I don’t care if she’s a 6 5 4 3 2 or a zero if she’s got beautiful friends just tell her I want to talk to your friends let him know here’s my number pass it on to him when do they go when you get together with your friend like if you’re in a cubicle and you see a fugly chicken you see she got friends hey yo hey yo Smeagol yeah my press is what a speaker hey check this out who’s this oh now those are my friends well how about this are you doing happy hour with your friends you know what I want to get with this one right here why don’t you give her my number for me until you back with me fast with the I’m talking about guys guys you don’t need to hold Smeagol come on Smeagol thank you let’s go get the precious my precious ring and all that you’re the took her up to whatever Mount Mordor wouldn’t get the ring know Matthew you jump over Smee glass and you let that know that you want to get with her friends don’t want to hear this I’m messing with a 5 and she got friend that that I listen Matthew I’m telling you I’ve done it before I’ve done it before when I used to Clark Kent my ass in the mail room and and I would pass out male one thing about up women they always posting photos of their friends doing hey speak what’s going on nah nothing well yeah hey sweetie that guy that’s it what what you do me a favor I don’t really know her but I want to get to know her can you go and give her my number have her call me hacha we’re going to do something but I’ve got to get my precious ring first hey whoa cool with just going your mind and Float the off that’s what I’m saying man I don’t want y’all sitting around here trying to be let me can I have a hug Smeagol why you like me I don’t want you’re doing that come on man thank you for too much at man but that’s what I’m saying man I don’t listen listen don’t have to let me teach y’all something because I care about you let me show you something see when you’re in a club you gotta understand the lay of the Serengeti now the Serengeti is broken down into into three three components you have the alpha female you’ve got the lieutenant and then you got everybody else let me explain how this works works lieutenant is the one that is priming herself to be her own alpha female but with the lieutenant does is she positions and goes around the club to set up the alpha female

who’s always the fat listen the alpha female in the group of women is always the most fucked-up one in the group because she’s the see when you miss me go and and and you you you up but she thinks she’s the baddest in the bunch guys have you guys ever walked up to a woman and she was in a group he tried to talk to that woman in the group and then somebody started to walk away she said oh well I gotta go I gotta go you like that what the is happening because you didn’t pay homage to the alpha female the alpha female is looking for the Ballers the shock collars and money she don’t care about people like but I’ve got to pay homage to her to talk to the one I want to talk to because the prettier she is the more insecure she is and the further down the line she’s on right so what I used to do is again I wouldn’t talk to the pretty one I I talked to the alpha female I wouldn’t talk to her as a pick her up I would just introduce myself to her first first why because she’s the gateway to give me time to bite that motherfucker’s neck and take her up to goddamn tree so I just say how you doing my name is Steve how you doing oh I’m fine I was nice meeting you okay cool then I’m just gonna slide all the way down to old girl put my bid and remember this is Mission Impossible you gotta get in you gotta get out but you got to pay homage to the alpha female that’s how the game works but when you’re Matthew if if you’re not clubs setting in that bitch’s is on a I don’t know how the do you even spend time with me press it I got it I got a fish I’m hungry I’m like what the am I doing with this right here when I could be fine friend see Matthew look here’s a second way of doing it okay let’s say you go Kiss Me Goes cubicle all right hey Smith what’s going on hi I want to press this ring will right write and you know no she got some badass friends dad hates me what y’all getting into this weekend nothing we’re gonna have a picnic a pool party before I get my precious and when she saying that oh you know I’m coming cool and you just go to the party do it like that man come on man come on man man come on let me check the phone lines y’all call him five one five six oh five nine three seven three is the number we chop it up but but Matthew I’m disappointed in you because why the you with Smeagol dude leave the fives alone it doesn’t work with a five you can’t do the wine above your bed with a fucked-up ass woman wait a second why isn’t that mad dog or Ripple or you know they want that they want that ghetto ass I want some Kool-Aid and you don’t believe it believing mud duck so long doll we don’t with mud ducks you with beautiful women yeah me yeah yeah question Point Q in these people queuing up the chat man but I’m just saying man y’all gotta stop this cake kind of man y’all got a up let’s see here we got some more we got some more okay you did this puzzle I see you got it did it puzzle um what is this hold on what is this what is this wait wait whoa wait oh you simply simply saying hey hey oops hold on a second I need to talk to my girl on a second all right I’m sorry I didn’t finish it at somebody all right yeah I’m looking at I’m looking at said hold on let me see something I miss something hold on let me look at this screenshots oh yeah this is the wrong thing yeah all right yeah all right my bad yeah it’s wrong to ain’t all right anyway what I’m saying to you guys out there there um II really think that you have what it takes to get get women

but I think that a lot of you out there don’t believe in yourself because of the the your mindset okay see Gentlemen let’s let’s let’s let’s talk about okay C4 lot of you you have what is called a you have a foundational mindset meaning that you have created a foundation of I’m up hold on hold on a second hold on on hold on a sec I got to send something to my hold on a second hold on a second let me just grab this it’s copy that paste this all right so so what I’m saying to you all guys as this is that for a lot of you out there okay okay you must you must develop develop a thought process in which when she comes over over okay what I’m saying is this for I’m saying for a lot of you guys out there let me show you something let me see let me see let me show you a little bit of Yakety Yak all right I got y’all hold on a second I want to I want to show y’all something because I don’t think you understand is I want y’all to Clarity man I don’t want to be tough on y’all I just want to guide you through this because there’s so much about this game that a lot of y’all don’t know and a lot of y’all don’t see it in a lot of y’all think that you cannot win with women okay you you can’t I leave that you can when you focus on what is important but you have to ask yourself what is important to you so so you gotta ask yourself what’s important to you let me find you some songs like so let me see something here let me show you all some hold on a second five one five six oh five nine three seven three is the number oh I’m here for you guys and I love y’all my dog’s man you know I roll with y’all man I’m whoring y’all sometimes but I want to I want to let y’all in guys know that as long as y’all can trust yourselves and Trust what you do you got it you got it okay one second we show you all something trying to find that that let me find it anyway guys I don’t know if I will go to a quick commercial I need to put some more commercial ads and let’s go to a quick commercial real quick let me do this real quick go to a quick commercial this is the Man mindset guys we have a lot we’re not done we got we got a lot to go we were here all night so let’s just chop it up let’s get it right let me go ahead and let’s do a do a quick correct commercial at here we go picking up women isn’t the hard part of the game the the hard part is taking the first step if you’re ready to grow in a way like you know ever have before then send Steve an email at the man mindset at leave a number and Steve will call you the question is are you ready to stop trying to be like someone else and find the true you the the man it’s more than website it’s a lifestyle and five six oh five nine three seven three is the number I am the Dean this is the man mindset we get to the chat room dogs have you got any questions in this okay let’s see what he’s saying right here here well here’s the thing here’s the thing here’s the thing here’s the thing here’s the thing let me see this on a second going on sure all right that’s what I’m saying you guys right here okay okay um well well well mr. Rios rails or whatever your name is I appreciate what you’re saying but I really think you lying dog II listen I’m not trying to be disrespectful okay I see what you’re saying but you’re okay I understand what you’re saying about about I don’t think what do you mean a lot of this black peel guys

care too much I think I think the problem with what you’re saying here where you’re going wrong is it’s not the fact you care about what women say why you worried about the next man and then you saying Front Street I say I don’t care what a woman think or say I was still sleep with her I do me I love love well well I don’t I don’t don’t I don’t I don’t think that you about the game man I like I say man mr. Rick what I’m saying to you is this this is that one of the is that’s in the game they don’t they don’t even talk that way brother they don’t they don’t behave that way man so I think you might be in the wrong place because this is not like some black peel you know we you learn it for some authentic man we ain’t about no pills because we were before there were pills before they were peels their us men so I don’t I think that maybe you you got it wrong I don’t I think you’re I think you think that this is a place where complaining about women I’m not sure but I don’t at this I just think you’re probably in the wrong place man that’s also it’s all good so you just sit around and you can hang out with us if you want so it’s cool don’t even don’t even worry about that so it’s all good but anyway guys like I was saying let me see if I can find anything I cannot find it it em can I find it it but for my chat room dogs out there you know the thing is that that this lifestyle is not for everybody okay and I don’t and I don’t think that people understand what it is we say in what it is we do I don’t I don’t want you to force women to do anything that they don’t want to do and I think that that hold on no No all right there’s a good question Steve how do I know if a girl’s giving me choosing signals let’s get some music in this muffin by talk to y’all guys let’s put some music in here while we chop it up all right he has to question let’s go ahead let’s go ahead and get some music in here while we chop it up up hold on a second all right so we’re gonna play some music real quick and we’re going to chop it up all right so let me turn it up and okay so he’s asking this question he’s saying that how do I know if a girl is give you choose signals thing is is this is the problem I’m not looking for the choosing signal because I’m not I don’t give a about listen to me I don’t look for choosing signals in a woman because I’ve chosen her that’s what I’m saying okay how do I run hold on I’m back to this what I’m saying is this mr Dawn Dawn or that’s your name I’m not looking for choosing signals okay and the reason that I’m not looking for the reason I’m looking for choosing signals is

because to be honest with you you I want to be assertive I want to be in control of the situation I want her to know that yes I’m interested in her I’m going to put my bid in I’ma let her know I’m interested in her but that’s as far as it’s going to go she I just want her to make the choice is she going to invite me in or she’s not and if she doesn’t invite me in that school if she invites me in that school okay that’s what I’m saying and and did the difference here I don’t want a woman to choose me okay I don’t let me see what you’re saying right here hold on hold on hold on a second let me see what he’s saying right here okay mr. mr. Rios mr Rios sir please listen to me and I say this with love you sound like an 18 year old and I’m saying is not a cuddle party you sound like someone who can’t get any why the do you will you please listen II must say this nicely because I’m trying to be cool today because I’m in a good mood what I’m saying to you is we put this in my ear damn damn I don’t know so let me pop this in my ear while listen to this what I’m saying to you is this man don’t come on this with that goofy ass dog okay that’s what I’m saying to you all right that’s what I’m saying to you don’t come in with this goofy ass let’s keep that 100 all right I mean it’ll talk about that’s that’s feminine dog that’s some feminists should you saying right there they no bad to say are some that was funny man all right look look when I’m saying to you is this and this is this is a is is what’s going on here here look I really think that not only not only not only with with this I really think that that we got it wee-wee we we as men well we’ve got to do is we have to really be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves what is that we want okay what is it that you want what is it that you want okay wait I don’t know I’m lost how huh hold on I’m trying to like walking and chewing gum and let me see what he’s saying what time is this weekend with you are we guys better I can see it better um what is this choosing signals signals get it there you go t – t you find T you said something good tonight that’s what I’m saying when you put your beard in you don’t have to worry about the choosing signals because at that point you’re saying that you know what I’m interested in you what are you gonna do about it that’s how you doing man that’s how you doing man yeah well I don’t want you to think about choosing signals because if you’re thinking if if you’re thinking about choosing signals then what you’re doing is is you’re saying that okay I’m going to wait for the woman to pick me so what I’m going to do is I’m going to sit back and I’m going to play defense I’m gonna sit back and I’m going to not make any moves I’m going to wait for life to happen to me you’re not supposed to wait for life to happen to you man you supposed to after what you want and if you go after what you want you’re fine Missy five one five six oh five nine three seven three is number

five one five six oh five nine three seven threes and number let’s see here okay yeah me see see see I’m looking sound I see here Okay so where we at guys have any questions going to go ahead and get back back hold on a second Missy anyone calling right now and I’m trying to walk and chew gum gum and all right let’s see here what are your questions how’s it going tonight all right let’s keep continuing the class and everything class is in session let’s see what we have here here you see here oh oh rod always remember look ride this is the thing that that makes wait let me go to a commercial hold on let me go to the commercial real quick I’m as your question that commercial let me go to commercial I’m actually commercial guys I got any questions check it out but let’s go to the let’s go to the grass to real quick and I will be be right back let’s hit the grass to and we’ll get right back we’re heading commercials and stuff and answer your questions and all the other stuff and we go let’s do this be right back the following Ed is rated G for grass-eating lions rough day in the Serengeti did the zebra of void you again well don’t worry take your panties off and log on grass tube the place where grass-eating lions come together and about zebras grass tube has a wide range of topics you can listen to such as zebras are evil don’t eat them don’t don’t help them eat grass the zebra was mean to me so go your own way don’t ever Chase eat or go after the zebra if you do you’ll lose your territory how do I approach a zebra what do I say to a zebra are you me Steve with this Ed the game is different now and zebras have changed the zebra will use you and how to manipulate and use indirect game on on zebras yes grass tube for the grass eating lion wants to about zebras and eat grass grass come pulled me close I would back we’re back I’m the Man – the Man mindset I’m the dean class is in session guys we are chopping it up a rod let me check something rod the thing that I’m saying rod that’s important here is that that I always what I love to do we turn on this music help me turn on some music share this means down all right rod this is what I’m saying

Rod you have got to learn how to pull out sides of you and this is this is for all you guys not just rod I think that a lot of you guys need to learn learn your romantic side and you got to ask what is romance to me what is being sensual what is being sexual what is being smooth you know what is being seductive okay all these things are different doors but you got to ask yourself is what is it about these things that I can enhance because remember intimacy is a broad range but again when you’re dealing with a woman or you’re in in a relationship or you’re just spinning even okay that’s to me even when I’m spending time with a woman I’m going to treat her my okay my job that I learned is that no matter who I’m with with need to make sure by the time I get done that she loses sight of time she feels like she’s the only one in the world because that’s part of the drug that I want her to have because when she goes forward goes across the fence because the grass is greener she leaves me she find somebody else they will tend to miss you more because of the way you treated them it’s not the the the gestures yeah the gestures are great but it’s I keep telling you guys it’s really reading between the lines it’s when you when you read between the lines and you begin to show a woman another side of you that you’re attentive see see I keep trying to tell you guys the thing about the game is not the game is not about what we think it is because the thing about a lot of women is that they are very very very attentive and they keep score score do you notice that she’s got a new outfit on do you notice her hair can you notice when she’s having a good day versus a bad day and when she’s having a bad day what is the remedy for the bad day it’s so deep and so much much no No okay okay huh I see boom I see woman I like to go up to her forever forever all right so so we’ll just do that see gentlemen always always remember you think about sexuality okay thing about sexuality is tapping on to her emotions okay all right well will rot right it’s not just okay right it’s not just the stop that man it’s not hold on a second hold on on a second hold on a second hold on one second let me see if I do this I don’t let me see something oh it was down all right wait a second Shawn tell me what you’re not getting guys can y’all handle this for a second handle that for for a second Rod this is what I’m saying

it’s not just the way you talk to her it’s really taking an and and making the experience something that she came live without without ironic I’m telling you there’s going to be so many guys out there that that when she when she sees what you’re about it’s a game man it’s a game changer so so but the only way you can understand that this whole thing is all about a game changer is knowing what you bring to the table what do you bring to the table table outside of just the touch or the intimate in the the voices and stuff but getting back to what I was saying guys I want to get back to class excuse me see for a lot of you guys there are a lot of disadvantages for a lot of you guys thinking the Way you are right now okay and the reason that you are this way is because it’s hard when the weight when you fix your mind to think that you can’t do anything the problem is it’s hard to develop L up news new sexual skills it’s hard to text women it’s hard to talk to women it’s hard because you begin to fight excuse me you begin to fight verse what I call a fixed mindset you begin to fight against something that that that you have created okay because a lot of you guys out there you doubt yourselves man that’s think about it think about how you feel about yourself a lot of you don’t believe that you are you are worthy enough of a beautiful woman that’s let’s be honest for a second okay a lot of guys they had on we don’t do frame okay Don I just want to say man if we don’t do frame okay so get that out get get try frame out of your head because frame is not saying that frame is not the thing that’s going to help you in this game okay but I’m just saying that the beautiful thing about when I’m trying to show you is that you I want you to create something in yourself that you can look to yourself or the answer but it’s not just at sea is not just building my castle and saying okay I have a standard it’s not that it’s so much more to this it’s saying that I’ve got to learn learn sexuality got to learn women I’ve gotta know the difference between shifting up versus shifting down I’ve got to know when the right moments to do things to show her that I’m not like everybody else without trying to force the issue you should never try to force sexuality to a woman you should let her know from the moment that she walks into your place that she sang wow Wow Wow wow you know she’s saying that you know what there’s something about this guy I don’t know what it is but I need to know more more and I don’t need a dinner from him and I don’t need a drink I just need to figure out why he is what he is and and and hell yeah when I’m saying is that ask yourselves this question question when is the last when is the last time time you said to yourself that I want to build like I always say going backwards forwards when’s the last time that you built a worked on your apartment was it the are the are the dishes in order order the smell of the apartment it is in need do you have your clones together do you have your watches in order do you have I mean it’s so much more than just the sex because many of you guys are looking many you guys are looking at women as

in they think like us us they don’t think like us they never will think like us and and the moment that you you think that they do think like us is the moment that you fail because these women they got they want some other some other man they they on some other but the only way that you’ll get the confidence to approach to talk to them to let them know where you stand is by accepting the the rejection don’t want to accept the hurt and we don’t want to accept the pain we don’t want to we don’t want to go against the current and that’s why I always tell you guys gotta go against that current you got to go against that current oh you gotta go against that current because if you if you can go against the current then guess what happens happens you get stronger you get tougher even when you get knocked down down and a lot of you don’t don’t I want to feel the pain of a woman saying no but she’s got every right not to want you you know she’s got every right not to want you but but you have every right to do what you got every right to be fine with her decision I don’t want um I never want to beg in the dawg y’all shouldn’t be begging in this and listen when you when you say to yourself okay okay am about to build in my castle I’m about to build an area in my castle that is going to be a sexual side of me that means that I’m not looking at the fear I’m not looking at the worry I’m not looking at the excuses but I’m looking at is I’m just going to try to be me and bring things out of her I want to bring things out of her because the more you bring things out of her right the more the growth is going to happen once you unlock that door that door inside I’m telling you they don’t even know I don’t even know how bad they can be they don’t even they have no idea how bad it could be be they have no idea idea but the only way they can understand the pain is by saying to themselves okay you know what I know what I want but the question is what is it that you you want now I now and then I’ve told you before if it’s only sex you lose so so you can want sex but then you know why you are where you’re at right now because you’re not getting sex like that because you have no experience wait what did he say wait what did you just say what the what does this mean mean Eric can you please stop giving these ass statements man dude you you got it I’ma tell you why you’re up e-dawg listen I say this with love why are you telling these guys to try to put a mask on and try to stop feeling what they feel what is feeling unimpressed going to hell how does how is how does you feeling unimpressed about a woman going to help you how how how why would you say that statement that’s that’s no that’s that’s not a fact see

that’s utter that is utter this is why y’all Ain’t getting any because it is silly let me show you how silly this is is do you think women are stupid let me ask you are and see you two that agree with that silly ass you said do you think women are stupid the moment she notices you noticing her she already knows you want to why the you lie I think this is weird see c/e I like you participating and I appreciate it and I want you to keep participating in it I don’t want you to feel like you don’t but I gotta check you on to some of this stupid ass dude dude why would you tell yourself not to be impressed by a model I’m want to know why would you tell yourself not to be impressed by model because if you listen check this out if you’re telling yourself to lie to yourself over a model that means you’re doing it because you’re emotionally attached to the the bench so let’s get this straight you have an motion for a woman and then you’re telling yourself not to have the emotion for the woman meaning meaning that you have a double emotion at that point follow me on his guys from following his up he looks at a listen when you’re looking at a model he’s already impressed that’s emotion and then what you’re doing is you’re trying to take another emotion to cover up the emotion you’re feeling by trying to be unimpressed that’s weak as dog you can’t do that man man you can’t do that man that’s terrible terrible that’s terrible right he’s in prepped – – what the I’m talking about he’s impressed by the model so he’s trying to trying to trick his brain by trying to be unimpressed do you’re making it even worse dog come on stop that see see let me Show you are how you supposed to do it brother follow me on this this you see the Instagram model A look brother I don’t care if you like her I don’t care if you’re impressed by her I don’t give a what you feel feel what the are you going to do about it that’s what I’m asking you and your do about it instead of going after what the you should be going after you’re looking in the Windows saying oh no let’s not be impressed let’s let’s let’s not be impressed let’s let’s be unimpressed unimpressed buyer and then you got a-you got see over here cosine in that silly ass and y’all got to stop thinking just just think if you see something you like what the are you going to do about it when I’m getting from you Eric is that you’re doing a lot of from the sidelines yes Matthew S what I’m trying to get him to see that’s what I’m trying to get him to see my brother okay okay I I I’m I’m asking I’m asking so this is what I’m saying if I see it it you can feel whatever the you want to feel but let me tell you why the the are you sounded

Eric Eric stop stop stop who said who said said that that treating them like like like Beyonce who said that whoo wouldn’t why don’t you tell me what is treating women like Beyonce tell me Eric I’m living I’m letting you talk well not now I’m not mad at you but if you’re defending the position I appreciate you defending the position so if you’re defending a position what are you saying about this defense explain to me what does it mean treating her like Beyonce you call in won’t you call into the show brother why don’t you call in to the show oh wait let me bring in 240 real quick for I’m sorry for the way too far was going on with your question brother no question of Steve if your boy from the DMV okay we did you have a question or you just listen yeah I just wonder what this one do is say that about gee models me personally I’m not impressed by something as virtual I’m impressed by the real you can you could be online all you want I deal with you when you you with me yeah I feel you you and you know one thing to sell it was talking about get these fives and all dude you gotta shoot you got to aim high hi and and I’ll say it also before is this you can you can learn a lot from rejection these man got two studies one and you can learn a lot from rejection and I wonder how many of these guys when they go to the store they look at all these women who are by themselves shopping they don’t study these women these man they can learn a lot from rejection studying these women look em in the eye even when they reject you and figure out why did you get rejected go back and figure things out what I think some of these guys need to do exist for two weeks every day holler at a fine woman and if you get rejected you get rejected but but line from it right no wait no wait wait wait wait what I’m saying is this what I’m saying is this Eric what does it mean okay hold on call it what does it mean treating like Beyonce are you had to call it we don’t try to get the mutual savings as noise in the background okay okay okay I don’t know saying to you is this what I’m saying to you is this is that that Eric when I’m when I’m saying to you is this okay okay is that mate mate so wait a second are explain what that means about to be ready to beat and Beyonce thing I’m waiting waiting what does it mean about the Beyonce here come on are calling to the show man I don’t bite come on come come on echo Eric

okay Eric Eric Eric Eric listen to me listen to me me when I’m saying is is that what I’m saying is this Eric but I’m trying to teach you is that if you make a comment like you did and that’s not bad I’m trying to teach you how to stand on your square but you’re running away from it and it’s showing me by you running away from this is that you are not really standing on that because you have no backed up evidence on what you’re saying I’m trying to help you out here man that’s I’m just trying to help you out here that’s what I’m saying that’s what I’m saying that’s all I’m saying so what I’m saying is is that what you’re saying is if you call in I want to help you but this shows me that you really don’t want help because I’m trying to help you correct your your thoughts let’s see if you don’t want to call in and shows that you really don’t want to grow man me and let me answer this guy’s question let me answer this guy’s question all right this guy’s question says hold on a second let me see here when first meeting a girl should you text a lot for me I’m busy work instruction so well okay cow when I’m saying is this all right what I’m saying is this I’m saying that hold on hold on wait wait a second I don’t know the first meet a girl should you text I’m not saying text it’s not a text a lot it’s really just just listen it is a weird thing cow because I don’t know basically the text that you all are sending each other but there’s nothing wrong with sending the text message to a woman see there’s nothing wrong with communicating with a woman as long as its it’s not what you’re doing if you’re if you’re going towards getting to know each other or if it’s going towards your endgame that’s okay but if you’re just talking to her to talk to her this really nothing going on you know there’s nothing really happening so hold on is are come calling dog Erica’s 817 is this you Eric 817 is you Eric I guess not 817 going once twice all right callback we let us know if you’re listening we’ll go hang up that you call back but Eric Eric what I’m saying to you is this I’m saying to you this is that that what is your end game with this person and is what you’re saying and texting pushing you towards that end game okay no I am let’s go ahead and put you in timeout because I don’t think you just I think your pranks are in your your toxic but there’s no purpose so don’t do that but Eric Eric Erik come on Erik are you there Eric what I am trying to tell you is that this is an opportunity for you to get more clarity so you can stop this silly ass that you’re doing and this is the problem with y’all guys y’all are y’all you were stuck in a way that’s this is why you’re up error because your thought process is up and I would like to help you but apparently you don’t want to

help yourself yourself you don’t want to help yourself and and I would love to help you and hopefully you’ll call in I’ll give you a commercial break to call in and think about this but I really am trying to help you man and if you’re thinking this way you’re in a this you thinking that don’t work man hold on one second let’s go to a let´s go to a commercial ad you know what let´s go to a commercial bad let’s go to commercial ad hold on one second I did did when it comes to confidence and feeling good about ourselves sometimes we need a punch in the chest to overcome any feeling of fear when it comes to meeting approaching texting talking and getting what you want across to her sometimes sometimes not all the time we just need that extra push in the right direction before fear Creeps in the man mindset presents the man at attitude it’s absolutely free I were back so so now I ask you a question for you but this is ok I’m going to show you know it’s not luck it’s not all love this is the problem Eric where you’re going to up up me explain something you guys as a man you got to stand on your statements you can’t be scared and are you acting like a woman dog is not a taint love is weakness because your position is when you see a woman your positions is when I see a woman I I want to unbe unimpressed by her and then oh go ahead and treat her like Beyonce dude this is why you ain’t getting no thinking that way dude I’m just trying to help and see this this guy’s this is what I’m talking about in this session I’m not even getting Alaric but a lot of you are like this Eric right here with the way you think you really don’t want to help you really don’t want that man man um let’s keep going to see what this is I’m see this is is okay leading the conversation let’s go back to Leading the conversation Eric I fail you in this one man so you know you you fail dude so it’s not all love so Eric I gave you a chance so so you know just aired for a while you just don’t you just sit here and listen I don’t want to hear any meth anything from me because if I’m trying to reach out and help your ass and you don’t want to help I don’t want I don’t want you I don’t want you to spew any poison in here so you just sit and watch watch the show you’re good to go man because I tried I tried guys you’ll see I tried but my is y’all don’t really want no man I really don’t want no woman man you’re scared to kill you is this week Eric just saying this week weak but anyway how can you talk a little bit more about leading the conversation and staying on the street okay well that’s a great question that’s a great question let me get to this they put this headset in in which one right let me put this in all right that’s a great question so what you want to do rjs all right this is what you want to do what you want to do is you want to look at where do I want to take now Eric Eric you can laugh all you want but I’m telling you right now maybe you might maybe you need to get the out out of here because if you find this funny I’m not joking as I want no in my room I’m telling you right now and you want some so if you think it’s funny you know you you really want to keep laughing let me know if you want to keep laughing because you I’m not the one that needs the help so what I’m gonna do is I’ll put you in timeout first and you run your my do something say something else smart be a little smart I don’t put you in timeout first come back and be a little smartass see what the happens this is what I’m saying okay this one saying n hate oh Oh wait wait wait wait wait all right so okay so when I okay what I’m

saying is oh no no wait okay all right wait a second wait wait hold on wait wait okay this is what I’m saying what I’m saying to you guys real quick is that JS when you’re talking when you’re talking when you’re talking to a woman all right what do you where do you want to take her that’s the first question you want to ask yourself what I want to take her is I want her to peel back layers and me to see that every time she pulls that curtain back every time she pulls that curtain back there’s another curtain that is just as exciting as the one before that’s what I’m saying okay that’s what I’m saying oh oh oh no sir oh man I gotta get something to drink give me a second my throat I get you something to drink let me get something to drink let me play a quick commercial and we will be right back but I might help you out JS we got you man let me find another commercial ad to play and we will definitely chop the up guys I we’re not done chopping this up let me find something for you guys to play for y’all real quick hold on a second I don’t want to say sometimes we need a boost or a punch in the chest to give us the confidence to approach to text to to meet with on your Square the man attitude is a free product from the man mindset that will help you get over that edge and help you get past any fears that you may have that can your chances with women we don’t believe in one magic solution for everyone so we’ll keep the content flowing so you can find what works for you I’m not playing so get back so what I’m saying is this is that we see here can you talk a little bit more about Okay so does that make any sense JS where do you want to leader that’s what I’m asking you where do you where do you want to leave you you want to lead her okay okay alright so I am perfect wish your question do you have a question put in Q and if you got a question I’m perfect but I am perfect we’re not on purpose over here okay man so please don’t talk that way I don’t know if you’re coming in here and joking around but we’re not on that purpose okay we’re not on that okay we on some real man okay so so let me know I’m a I want you to let me know tell me where do you want to leader so let me see something here Steve can you can you say you talk like Steve when you say you talk to people try to make them feel like they are the act like you know before could you wait a second will you say when you talk to people you try to make them feel like they are the you act like you knew them before could you explain no okay it’s a real simple thing but I’m saying is that I read the name tag okay that’s all I do I just read the name tag when I see him name tag I talk to them like I know them because it’s the name I greet them see people have a lot of shitty days a lot of tough days and stuff like that so when I see somebody I’m like hey how you doing Chauncey how’s it going how’s your day going I’m going to talk to them like I know them so that’s what I mean I just read the name tags that’s what I learned like when I’m in line I always practice and sharper my sword if

I see the name tag I’m going to talk talk to him I’m going to gauge them and I’m going to keep talking because I know eventually one of them gonna be leave me just more ass man let’s see here I was on a date last night I loaded the conversation and some laws and I want to lead or to amusement park well what okay but what was the date like okay Jas calling to the show man I can’t okay think about what you’re doing you’re just giving me pieces you’re not giving me everything okay that’s what I’m saying you’re just giving me pieces call into the show 949 wish your name where you calling from from what’s up from the cuchini Jesus Christ I’m sorry well I’m sorry man my goodness but anyway I’m saying is is that JS calling to the show because the information you’re giving me is not not the what you call the information you’re giving me is not I need more information information to help you out so called to what I’m saying to you guys is that the number is here call into the show because I cannot help you if you’re giving me bits and pieces because I’m giving you bits and pieces of answers and that’s not connecting you right so if you’re all about because I’m gonna give you that do Derek for a second okay problem is he came off with some sidebar we weak-ass he back it up because he because he looks at a model and he’s trying to lie to himself knowing that what the is Beyonce treat treatment that’s the problem right there so that’s what I’m saying okay that’s all I’m saying so so let’s see here here missing the next one okay I’m perfect listen to me when I went a woman brings an an ex around you why are you unless you’re emotionally attached to this woman why do you care that’s the question why do you care you got to ask yourself the question why do you why do you give a and once you can answer that you’ll have your answer man why do you care got it y’all got to get off this this shipment all right next up let’s see what we got here hold on a second I’ma is this man let me see what we got here Eric we told you to be quiet are guy told you be quiet are you you can’t you can’t talk because you want that okay you can’t talk Eric don’t Hush Hush Eric hush hush is well what I’m saying is is that y’all y’all online sir online Mr Turner online I’m saying that a lot of y’all are like y’all tripping over this man yeah yeah just be quiet you you and you kind of like in punishment right now cuz you I thought you had some potential of being a student of the game but you you’re is so emotional dude it’s just it’s sad so I just don’t I want you around I don’t want to kick you out I want you around but I just don’t know I just don’t know if if we’re right you because if you really want to

get good you’re showing that you don’t man and I mean I’m done with that I’m done talking about that man we keep going but but I am perfect you’re not talking to us or telling us about the situation that’s what I’m saying y’all are y’all ask these generic questions but y’all are not really and here’s another Prank Caller goddamnit y’all got the weirdest prank called numbers 2006 go and get the break out the way what’s up on hey this isn’t a prank call with the jungle stroke this is you man if you wanted to tell ya just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you man but but do you see what this did right here Eric do you see why you lose in this man wins because at least this doing so I’m sorry John go ahead man so you were talking to her tell me about the date talk to me about the day yes sir so I need I need help because you know I just broke up with a four year relationship and I’m trying to get back down the game and so there’s this girl that I went out with last night and I’ve known her Loosely around two years now and I was really looking forward to you know just basically just doing the thing but I noticed that there was some long the conversation and I’m just trying to keep it sexual but he kind of keep it more like friends don’t take talking and so I’m trying to so my question is I need some help with like different keeping it on the street you know what I mean I’m just gonna be okay what was your uh that’s that’s what I need help with okay well was your discussion and what we are discussing we are discussing on that is it wasn’t the a it was a it was a day like so why were you just one with you okay why were you discussing with her more intimate details or talking to her about not just work why don’t you tell her you know this is why you know I want to get at you you know you know you know if you look at you you know you’re very pretty you have beautiful eyes you know you’re gorgeous but you know there’s things that I want to know about you that you don’t share with people I want to know beyond your beauty you know I mean I want to know I don’t want to know what you do for work and I don’t want to know know when your last boyfriend was because I’m not a generic man and I don’t ask generic questions you see I’m saying I want to know what makes you tick I want to know behind your curtain I want to know things about you that you never told anybody before not personal things but I mean what makes you laugh what makes you dance naked in the rain type you know I want to know things about you that all all sham easy I’m saying easy I’m saying that’s what I’m saying yes sir okay all right cool cool cool yeah yeah no I mean that’s that’s that’s some crazy those every that’s some crazy questions that like hey I never even thought about asking like well yeah but I would see this is where the branch comes in at the branch so when she replied when she returned serve and tells you her answer you can take her answer in with the Texan toolkit you got three ways that you can talk to her after that that so that’s how it works so yeah but I mean did you get a kiss or anything would happen no why I mean was more like a was more like it know what what yeah yeah I mean I was I mean me up offering to drive her home because you know we was broken I mean I’m not drinking but you know she did all the drinking but but yeah yeah I just I just felt like I mean only one thing about needles know the the daily the daily podcast or you have it’s making me realize how much how much gas I got in my game I mean especially coming out of a long-term relationship and getting back into it it it’s just that’s why

I like to ask questions and learn more more all right well thanks I appreciate it I appreciate it yeah that’s that’s that’s a great question like that so yeah but also listen also where did you go where did you go where did you go eat at okay where did you go at go eat it well okay well okay well okay wait okay but y’all went to a place but when I’m saying is is that you know why don’t we get out of here and let’s go to the park let’s go to the park and let’s go there let me push you in a swing and less laughs and let’s just I won I want to learn things about you and you know I I am interested in UCLA you see I’m saying I’m interested in you you but um I’m very interested in you and not only am I interested in you but listen this is the kind of man I am you know I’m a drama free man you know in this is what you tell everybody anybody bring any drama in my life did gone but also with the drama comes that you know what I really don’t know what I’m looking for right now you know I you know I don’t want a relationship right now because and is you know I’m interested in you yes but I don’t know you well enough to to give you that of me yet because I the more we get to know each other the more I’ll know about that you see him saying those are the things you want to talk about okay yes sir yep nice nice all right well to this free flow man I got ya so the next time I see you I I’m going in for the kiss I mean you can say things like that to her her oh okay see ya ya 4:08 did you have a question what was this yeah I was gonna who is this I just want to have I have a question like regarding like books and like being like cut out to the game we should question sir yeah like waiting about I really wanted to get your opinion on like being cut throat because I understand that because women like straight cut those to the game so we’re you understand why we always look at that I long slow down slow down you’re speaking too fast I don’t know if you want speakers but if you can’t get off so you said when women are what I like women are like straight cut talk to the game you say women straight cupcake wait you wait women do what what bye like I say Cutthroat like which means like like they think about themselves first okay when we think about themselves first okay what’s the problem with women thinking about themselves first like I have to be saying well do the same way like do I like about that okay how do you big dope how old are you 23 okay relax are you are you on like some like energy drink or something cause you’re talking so fast are you nervous right now oh yeah you relax I like to help you but okay okay what is a woman’s looks have to do with the question that you’re asking yeah like you know how it looks like is like the first impression and and everything like the first the first five seconds is calling like that’s how you get them the first five seconds like you can get you out of that the looks down and then the personalities

like that doing it comes out there wait wait say it again no I’m not going to get hurt okay listen to to me you’re not going to get her because you don’t know sexuality you don’t know how to text you don’t know how to talk to a woman you know how to date a woman you don’t know what to do how to approach a woman so what you’re doing here unfortunately is your you’re creating a world wind of lies and is to cover up the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s no knock when you but you don’t know anything about women you know nothing about women but you’re telling yourself yourself these so you don’t have to even talk to a woman does that make any sense sense yeah does that make sense it’s like yeah for sure because like I really like you know all that personality personality naturally so it’s not really like a game because it’s part of my personality personality what about personal women like yeah so like pick up this like this part of your personality like your game like game is your personality that’s what it is well I guess what like we’ve been working for me me what I’m saying what’s that like I’m sorry like like I’m expressing my perspective like oh my spacing like everything like that is like coming from you is like you’ve been in the game for like a long time so I’m trying to make sure everyone coming from the right perspective What it took whoa but what do you say to a woman when you meet her what what are you saying yeah like like I have no problem you gotta relax I’m trying to help you but you’re talking so fast fast oh okay right yeah like the pickup up you know called pickup artists like all that yeah yeah okay all right okay you got to come close to the phone because it’s dry okay come close to the phone and as you to explain to me okay Whit what is your what is your question

yeah my question is would you like would you believe if I said said that pickup is your personality speaking of is picking up your personality yeah like is game like personality or is it something that like something like that wait I can’t hear you it’s pick up your personality yeah yeah yeah pick a personality like know what is pick what is picking up have to do with that oh yeah like yeah pickup has nothing to do with it because like I think it’s like like guys don’t understand that it has to become their personality and I’m trying to see if like you agree with it because like guys had to understand that it becomes your personality like over time like if you keep doing it it’s like if you keep approaching women like every day it’s like it just becomes a natural to a point where it was a big game is not about approaching hey women women okay oh yeah let’s not do that huh it’s like it’s a it’s a hold is a whole different world listen why don’t you do this look we’re gonna have a show tomorrow because I’m about to wrap this up we have a show tomorrow we have a show tomorrow okay and and I want you to call back here and I will you to come down little bit off of you or you’re going so fast mile a minute you were saying some things but I couldn’t decipher them okay so just keep call back tomorrow and tomorrow show and let’s talk and I can help you a little bit more but you know what for it I’m going to give you credit for something okay I’ma give you credit for something because I hope are can see this because you at least call into the show to ask a question and and because of that I’m I’m proud of you and that’s the first step Okay so I do want to work with you allow me to help you call back in tomorrow make sure you get the notification calling tomorrow and I’ll talk okay I got you I just wanted because I got to get you to see what’s going on because I don’t think you’re seeing something the wrong is kind of like what Eric was doing he was seeing the game totally wrong but you least you’re calling in so okay so I’m gonna throw you back in but yeah calling tomorrow okay okay is that cool all right thank you man you have a good night thank you brother great call great great car appreciate you too I take care brother I let me wrap this thing up okay 2006 I gotta go but 2006 did you have something to say real quick okay okay I think you’re going okay are you going to okay now my way okay well guys we’re gonna go we did five hours and go and wrap this thing up guys we have another show tomorrow so we’re here Sunday Monday so we got two more days of show so so definitely going to get into this I want to say to the chat room dogs I appreciate all you out there man okay and I feel like the game is like being director of the movie called she’s watching the audience what kind of movie are you showing her well not really David not really not really but hey guys we are going to get into some of this stuff tomorrow I am perfect I hope your call it’s all I’m saying you guys I hope that you can call in see here’s the problem problem if you can’t be a man a call in and talk to a man that’s going to try to help you be a better man the do you really want to be a man and that’s something I want you all to think about now again I appreciate everybody that’s listening to the show man we got another show tomorrow so it’s 138 we’re going to wrap things up but I want to say thank you very much Eric I am Eric I just I’m really I’m really ashamed of your dog I don’t eat dog I want you to really think about really need to be here dog think about that long hard because I don’t know if this is the right place for you I don’t know this is the right place for you cuz if you’re here bird watching this is just not for you man you had opportunity to learn something today and you’re showing me that you don’t want to learn you have guys calling in that that are about this man so I’m just saying something you might want to think about because because I just think that I don’t know I don’t know if this is the right place

for you because I because if you if you can’t hold a position when you had the opportunity you just might just have to look just have to stay in stay in and listen to the show but anyway guys like I said before I want to say guys always remember the graveyard remember everybody thought they had everyone thought they had Tomorrow coming to them live every day like it’s your last man live every day like it is your last and it for you EIG I feel bad for you man I feel bad and I hope you guys learned that a lot of you guys are like Eric y’all just sit around y’all have problems you’ll have issues and you’re not going to grow if you’re sitting on the Sidelines like he is talking they came in back to up man y’all got to be a better man we will talk to you guys tomorrow you have a good night y’all need me get that meet the man mindset at ma’am I said of the man mindset of G milk calm man what you’re bored