Toxic Tornado Stamina Sorcerer Build for Imperial City ESO

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Toxic Tornado Stamina Sorcerer Build for Imperial City ESO

we’re gonna gate over there and that gate and do not use a nova yet my [ __ ] drop Nova everything drop the house the salt Israel so it may have been a little bit excited in that intro but I want to show you this stamina sort and it’s all its glory now that I’ve tested it single target PVE pvp leading groups playing solo playing in a dungeon it works and it works very well only with the fuel tweaks you can do whatever you want in Imperial City or otherwise okay so what I do is a dual wield and a maul look at that I call it Thor’s hammer look at that thing that’s circuits warmer I love it so I’m using dual wield obviously for this Hill steel tornado spam to do massive damage and then here for single target speed and self-healing okay so the main bar they like to stick on is dual wield and what I chose is Flying Daggers the first ability why it has awesome range it hits like a truck low cost it’s a snare and also grants major brutality I don’t use it for primary major brutality but the fact that I don’t I’m not just conflicted to melee damage makes this a must-have ability I think for a double melee build because if there’s a red circle you can still put good pressure on targets while using this and most other my stamina builds I pick blade cloak which is speed damage reflect AoE damage reduction but in this thought I took thundering presence is the stamina more from this update so it gives you tons and tons of physical and spell resistance which makes up for the 20% AoE damage or somewhat also the shock damage that you inflict for nearby allies is actually pretty impressive over time so this buff even though it lasts 15 seconds and my DPS parse I try to keep this up because it will do a lot of damage over time it actually is like a good 4 to 5 % of your damage even in PvE so really really like this of course it gives you major movement speed for 4 seconds so you’re gonna have to recast it and it does additional damage when you activate it though I don’t like to wait to activate this going into the mix I do activate it for speed jump in there the extra resistance is really really important it adds up so if your guy is not glowing like this you’re doing something wrong so just constantly remember that glow also if you’re wondering why my character looks different I got something really cool for the achievement down and or excuse me collections down in the final boss beneath the sewers you can get this really cool costume called the soul shriven skin so no I’m not a vampire but look at my guy it’s pretty cool huh so that’s kind of a disguise that I like to use because people think I’m a vampire when I’m not really a vampire so you can be a vampire with this build that’s not important I can answer that question right now the major reason that sorcerers have so much stamina as I’m sitting almost as my food ran out let’s go eat some food IV r15 food hmm ham hock look at that 39 thousand what 39 thousand now if you get the undaunted mettle here right here increase max health stamina and magic once I get two points into that I’ll be sitting at 40,000 stamina and the reason why is ability of one a double bar as a stamps orc bound armaments protect yourself with a suit of Mayo that gives you minor results so minor physical resistance along with the major that’s why we’re pretty tanky increasing your damage with heavy attacks about 11% and your max stamina by 8 ermahgerd max damn about eight plus I went with the race the red guard that gives you max damage by 10 also the Imperial has the same bonus 18% more stamina incredible bonus now another piece of information here that’s really valuable is increases your heavy attacks so when you’re doing damage you want the heavy tax to register not lie attacks so all you have to do to make that happen it’s just hold it down a little bit one more second a split second that’s Leia tack you hold it down just a little bit long to see it I read little register as a heavy attack why you want that 11% bonus and every time you do a heavy attack so remember try your best to do that okay good old crit surge before I

had lightning tornado which was my number one probably most famous bill because I got on the battle mage that’s where everything started for me Delta is game II gain exposed getting you know Elder Scrolls online and give me some attention was all from a lightning tornado and it was scenting around this bill crit surge it got nerfed in the past but now it is back major brutality so it increases our weapon damage now at last 33 seconds which is as long as rally so I don’t need a two-hander to have this major buff as a stamina sort now let’s just read this while active critical strikes heal you for 60% of the damage done Wow Wow 60% this thing paired up with some champion points produces such significant self-healing you’re not totally dependent like healer what it does do is make you more powerful the more enemies that are around you the fewer enemies that are around you you’re less powerful but it costs magic instead of stamina so it’s not going to be a complete drain in the last 33 seconds gives us self-healing give this major brutality it is incredible incredible not to mention guess what expert mage got changed just like I told you guys increase weapon and spell power by 2 percent for each sorc ability slotted so just merely having the slide of the art dual bar along with the other sort bilities at 6% weapon damage that’s why I wore a member buff for almost that 4k let’s see what we get I think we’re at over 4k 4200 we’re almost at for 40,000 stamina and 4200 weapon damage this is crazy I do 20,000 steel tornadoes stam sword is real as it gets not to mention you go in fighters guild a good old flawless Don breaker that’s 8% just having it slotted not to mention that this Dawnbreaker ultimate is really powerful in Imperial City why everything’s day-trip so if you guy need a low cost oh my god about to die kill stuff this is it trap beast also got a really big bonus I know this isn’t for the video but think about using trap beast ok this bar range and we’ll get our two buffs and we just a AoE spam that’s it the biggest nastiest AoE in the game steel tornado read the tooltip 4,900 okay so we’re going to get to the gear I call it toxic tornado we’re gonna get to that in a second but really it comes with this now this tip is from diorite I did not invent this causing damage with an execute ability infects enemies with poison damage every six seconds so what did a little delts you do got on the pts before this launch if you read the steel tornado plus up to 100 percent additional damage against enemies that are wounded this is a 100 percent execute gang if you get the sheer venom set and use steel tornado you have a 10% chance of doing an extra poison damage to every single target on the pts the AoE damage that I was doing with this setup was was cosmic it was incredible that’s why it’s a toxic tornado I only have two pieces of it so far so I just wanted to get this dough that you guys have been hammering me about it so that that’s why I didn’t get the full set up but once again look at this it gives you almost as much weapon damage as hundin’s rage plus causing damage with ax cube we got way more tricks than that with this sucker and if you want to focus on more self-healing you’re gonna want to use instead of hammers you’re gonna want to use daggers though I like the penetration with the sharpen trait okay so keep in mind that centered around execute Xu Xu Xu so what goes well with that if we go to the two-hander bar the first ability up executioner basically this is a finisher right against enemies was lesson help I’ll read this while slotted to hand abilities deal 18% extra damage low-health targets essentially what this does is make you put executioner on your bar it makes everything and execute pretty much so when you do crit rush with a guaranteed self heal guess what it procs at poison damage it is utterly insane what I did in the pts I’m so close to doing an alive server and even if you don’t have that set and just use hunting’s rage is still very very powerful this is the only pretty much guaranteed crit in the game notice though that the range is 3.5 meters 22 so you can’t Creek rush right on top of a target so the reason we use streak in this field is a streak past the target so we’re gonna streak past them not spam cast the thing do shock damage stun them and then we’re going to turn around and get a guaranteed crit which is gonna heal this for sixty percent of the damage we did if this thing crits you’re looking at 13 K or so paying on your champion points

and sixty percent of that okay so you’re getting five six K self heals left right and center it’s incredible the self feeling that this thing can do now wrecking blow I didn’t have this on the original build but since I do PB you with this guy now I recommend wrecking blow it’s spammable it’s cheesy it’s easy but it works and if you’re gonna do PvE with this guy really what you’re gonna do is take get rid of crit rush put another magic ability on your bar another circa bility and you simply wrecking blow spam it’s not that it’s not that hard but guys I was doing 15,000 DPS single target and blood spawn if you haven’t seen that’s a lot of damage in this patch so this stamp sort can do just fine single target – just with one change just slopping the sort ability right there okay and then executioner is her finisher really were just leaving on there to be slotted but it’s nice Pamela bility I drop vampire so I was a vampire and I was using bats but sort negate brings back the memories how absolute awesomely powerful this is it’s not a damage ultimate but for Imperial City using this in conjunction fighting other players like you see in the intro video or using on bosses to basically get rid of all the red circle crap that’s killing your entire group is amazing plus the morph I take gives you minor protection 8% damage reduction you can stack that with veil blades so you can get moths or monster monster damage reduction plus spell penetration I love love this if you’re gonna go for a single target dps though you’re gonna want to go mages guild and ice comet now is the best best morph does the most damage you can also go store maitre knock early on if you want to do that and of course overload does scale to stamina I don’t like it is pretty cheesy but if you really wanted to like do a burn get a thousand ultimate and take power Evers that power overload and you can burn through anything I mean literally just anything light attacking with that I just don’t like that so that’s what I did okay important passes we talked about in other videos expert mage look at it now baby update seven to your baby disintegrate this gives a chance to insta kill people well guess what if we keep up thundering presents that has a chance to zap them Street that has a chance to zap them and kill them take that I take all these things it’s not that important really the only thing that’s important here is reduce ultimate cost that’s very very good moving along we do stamina magic cost huge and that’s pretty much it for this orcs you go into medium armor these are really really important obviously when Walker is the most important early on lecher mend surprisingly you’re going to want to take points in a ledger min and level this up especially if you’re doing PvE this is gonna come in very very handy for one of the videos I’m going to show you later fighters guild Slayer and banish the wicked ultra important to get this thing leveled up as well as evil hunter if you’re gonna do PBE you’re gonna slot this thing in now it gives you major savage for having on your bar which is weapon critical I don’t have it on my bar 100% of time and the reason why is they used to stamp oceans so this gives me major brutality weapon critical and stamina back so you don’t have to have it on your bar if you don’t want to so just keep that in mind another couple things that are really important like I said earlier undaunted mettle kidney your undaunted level up I just hit the R 16 with this guy I’ve been busy the whole weekend so I haven’t gone through every single dungeon and done it yet I did that do you say did a trial some of those things to get it pumped up assault and support I haven’t got bigger yet that’s a really good strong option for group play race red guard Red Guard red guard it is amazing for stamina if it pairs very not only better than Imperial I think for this build because of the max stamina but stamina recovery sorcs inherently lack that so this makes it better an imperial for my specific build adrenaline rush restoring stamina whenever you do a melee attack that’s really good playing double melee the thing you want to do with wrecking blows family though PB you don’t want to lie attack in-between only once every eight seconds or so to build ultimate okay and forgot to mention something else a change which is really fantastic if you’re not like me and have a million champion points that you’re struggling with stamina use this dark deal morph bargains with dark mysteries to our health and stamina guys this work is so powerful stamina right now you have basically you can trade magic for stamina you have self-healing you have speed the highest mitigation for a medium armor bill that I’ve found you have an I win button and a negate it’s like the Imperial City beast built gang

it’s really that valuable so let’s go ahead and talk about the gear quickly so I’ve already talked about a little bit then we’re gonna go dink round kill stuff okay if you’re new to imperial city and wondering how to get your character power and performance up quickly I recommend two things one is your weapons your weapons at VR 16 legendary are far superior than master weapons of the same trait of ear 14 even a craftable set or not is very very important also think about picking up the endurance willpower or the other sets agility as well these go a long way to making your base power significantly more enhanced so right here if you look at the necklace of agility this three piece set is fantastic you want the robust trait which I do not have in all pieces but even running a three piece @br sixteen gives you tremendous tremendous weapon damage look at the in chin right there not only does the three-piece add you tons of weapon damage but the end chant the VR sixteen level allows you to get so much more weapon damage okay so how do you get this stuff basically when I’m running a five piece London’s rage two piece mem nuran’ themes whatever the hell it’s called because now it would be using wrecking blows using steel tornadoes using crit rush I get a chance to proc this lit crystal but does a lot of damage you won infused but I haven’t farm zoh yet to get the V R 16 or 15 updated helm but this two-piece is fantastic I do have the shoulder of it and you want to bind to infuse as best you can so you want infuse on the head chest and legs and then you want to binds on the rest now how do you get your venom sheer venom comes in the prison Imperial City prison I have ran this dungeon so many times already and still have only got two pieces so that’s okay it’s gonna take a lot of time to get this but hey new content new things to do new gear sets get tell them though really recommend hunting rage and you can do that just by simply crafting it so the weapons that I use is a mall now I like them all because it’s has tons and tons of penetration for the two-hander yes come on leave jokes in the comments but here on the mesas another massive amount of penetration which I like fighting against other players if you don’t and you want to use pure damage or survivability go with precise daggers you’ll have almost 70% crit and especially if you use a weapon power potions or with crimp potions and have fighters guild ability slot on your bar that’s going to give you a lot more self-healing though I prefer to hit harder so a really cool interesting way to play this bill will be running a Khajiit with daggers focused on high crit that would be kind of cool to do the crit surge there’s a lot of different ways you can play this build a lot of different gear that you can get the agility ring sets come from these trophy vaults and also you can get them from just doing dungeons at the end of these these veterans 16 dungeons if you do two crypto hearts or any of the spindle clutch weight rest whatever those bosses drop them so there’s a bunch of different ways to get them essentially I’m trying to say is just do content do the new content you’ll get plenty of the new gear okay that’s gear so I’m gonna go try to jump these guys if I fail it’s not gonna be in recording if I win it’s gonna be recording let’s do it so that was a 41 as you can see the stance ork is Roo last thing up to talk about is champion points on this guy so let’s go and talk about that in the green tree I have 600 now and yes I know a ridiculous amount

you’re gonna go with your typical warlord and or mooncalf I do sprinkle a little bit in archanis because I can trade magic for stamina anytime so having a good amount of magic cover is actually helpful for us as well over here I do like the tumbling passive for dodge rolling and stamina cost of break free goes very very good if your PvP pro tip here that I learned from Lars is if you get 75 points in you here and open up your gold keys you have a lot more chance of getting a awesome monster elm so before you turn in gold keys think about just pumping this up respecting and getting treasure honor protip moving on now I put tons and tons of points in here my tea this is what’s gonna come from your steel tomato wrecking blow spam thermit urge it’s probably not the most beneficial thing to pump up but I like the magic damage for using streak using my other abilities thundering presents that sort of thing piercing strikes in piercing now if you wanted to do something ultra powerful for self heals go this piercing strikes dump thermit urge and you probably want to put more in blade expert especially if you’re doing weaving that would help you out a lot but for me I do like thermit urge I just have a tons and tons of points so piercing is fixed now it does work so think about putting points into there but like I said you go high V mighty heavy precise strikes more crit damage you do Marcelle pill and yet speaking of self-healing I like to go 120 here to get unchained so probably not everyone’s gonna have that many champion points so what I recommend doing is going quick recovery increases the effectiveness of healing receive this increases the effectiveness of healing received guess what cred surge yes that impactful I mean I’ve gotten 11 K 12 K 16 K self heals doing a wrecking blower executioner because of this passive combined with everything else you could even go even further I choose the warrior smugness Munda stone he wanted to do that ultra crit build Khajiit you could go shadow here drop your weapon damage didn’t just go full crit full spell damage which would be really really cool okay so we already killed some other players so let’s go and kill some NPCs and make sure this build works for that all right so I’m gonna buff up here so let’s see I’m going to look around see what I got just a couple of PCs crit rush in right there that’s a 9k heal I’m gonna light attack here lie attack slash heavy guess what getting that ultimate and getting stamina back since I’m a Red Guard I blew through those guys with no problem now if you’re having trouble stamina like I said slot dark deal take something away and I have a tripod on my bar just in case they get jumped and I need resources quickly so that wasn’t that impressive let’s see if we can’t get like a bunch of dudes all right so come here and dodge roll money you go ahead and save my tripod gonna go ahead and use it now max damn do a light attack here get some stamina back this guy’s begging for a rookie bow into a crit rush see that combo a case l feel by doing that the wrecking blow into a crit rush is very very viable now let’s see if I can’t get this guy I don’t think this guy gets stunned but I want to show you how to do that even further let’s see if he can alright buff start off with a flying dagger into a crit rush light attack wrecking blow yeah he doesn’t get stunned oh yeah it does boom see look at that I love that combo so if you’re doing it to a player or an NPC let me show you it further what you want to do is backpedal a little bit oh here comes someone he’s trying to wrecking blow me so I’m gonna get away perfect for the video thank you and if you get someone who’s doing the whole runaway thing just do this just keep on crit rushing and then do you still turn a toe to get them out of stealth how dare you gank me when I’m doing a video okay so now get here right here crit light attack wrecking blow and backpedal now remember the more distance you have on that crit rush the more damage it does backpedal backpedal backpedal wrecking blow start right here backpedal boom and executioner so I mean that’s pretty much it the more mobs you have around you the more damage you’re gonna deal and that you see that guy trying to gank me I have tons and tons of mitigation you’re not gonna kill me very easily and if you’re caught off guard use a potion really quick remember AoE is your friend the more mobs around the better it’s gonna be so I’m sure that guy’s gonna try to come back and kill me I have an ultimate up so if I might ultimately fail here but let’s try something impressive mirror mirror I’m blowing way more mobs now I should be able to kill let’s see

if we can’t do it remember the more mobs you hit the more self feeling you’re gonna get so I’m gonna use a potion got tons of them here and a gate now I get a free I win button for a little bit and not going in with my lightning so I want to get that back up and look this is just plain solo guys you know I don’t do solo friendly builds this is it this is probably the best build I’ve ever created for pure fun solo group it might just be the most fun build I’ve ever had it’s truly that fun that entertaining that effective so we’re gonna end it there I thank you guys for watching I will be doing more deer farming to get that set that’s really viable also I’ll be updating this if anything changes in the future moving on to the Templar but you’ve seen in action the stamps work is here to stay PVE pvp group solo it’s just it’s probably the best imperial city build I’ve I found thank you so much for watching