Ace Combat 7 – Hori HOTAS Flightstick + PS VR Combo Gameplay PL / ENG!

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Ace Combat 7 – Hori HOTAS Flightstick + PS VR Combo Gameplay PL / ENG!

Hi there! I wish to welcome you in this New Year on my channel! As you can see I finally shown my face As a New Year’s resolution I decided to publish more gameplay vids with my face on it Some of you actually suggested that, so there you go! We’re gonna start with a video of one of my favourite series, which latest iteration – Ace Combat 7 was released recently And thanks to I was able to play the game with licensed Flightstick controller made by Hori I will also prepare a review of this hardware, so you’ll be able to know a bit more about it really soon In the meantime, let’s hook up this beauty with PlayStation VR and Sony’s PS4 Headset Gold 2.0 I think such combo should provide the best possible immersion with the game Let’s begin! For test purpose I’ve already played through first VR mission, to check how my stomach will handle such agressive twists and turns Luckily it wasn’t so bad And what I already know by checking reviews, second mission is the best for VR experience, so we’ll start our adventure here So apparently the goal for this mission is to shoot down every Bogeys! Doh! Allright, let’s skip this dull briefieng and bring me some action! Ah, right. To increase immersion I’ve built up a highly advanced seat which reacts to movement of my body – two pillows stack up does a great work on this Highly recommended So we’re starting in hangar, just like in previous mission Despite I’m already moving the controller, my model arms are not corresponding to that Black screen, I wonder where we’ll start this time This looks really promising Oh it starts! Right, something tells me runway just got short Why I can’t start yet?! I’m trying, damn it! Oh, finally! Wow, that feeling of speed is AWESOME! Yeah! We took off! Yeah, tell me about it! Good Idea would be to use those sticky holders, packed in the box with the controller To make the Flightstick more stable when you put in on smooth surface (like table e.g.) Unfortunately, holding it on your lap isn’t very comfortable My table is quite rugged so for me using those holders isn’t an option sadly

Here kitty, kitty! For sure I can tell that the VR Headset combined with Flightstick is the way this game meant to be played It feels really natural Oh no you don’t! Where is he?! Got you now! Where’s another one? Oh, right, I’ve got radar. Doh! OK, let’s do this! And…BOOM… One more left to go! Oh, here you are! Damn, you’re a hard nut to crack! He’s been hit two times already That’s a nice looking rain effect! Oops! Ground! Actually it looks like place around the Łódź city Allright, so for Ground Forcess we need to change our weapon of choice Wow, these have a pretty decent range Really impressive range Really, this rain looks awesome I’m hit! Great, our base is safe for now! Only three missles left

Just great! Allright, time to repeat Luckily there are checkpoints! It’s not so easy to play this way I’ll say this one more time however – this game is meant to be played like that O wow, missle count has been reset, Neat

It’ll be a little easier this time I need to pay more attention to missles fired at me No one said it’ll be easy This one’s down What you can hear in the background is my dog – Ragnar Now you’re mine!

And stay down! I suppose that’s it! Awesome! Great mission! It’s like I was flying around Lublinek (Airport in Łódź city) Really awesome! I wish I could fly a plane on my own one day! Oh, there’s landing sequence! I can’t reduce it more First time touchdown! Brilliant! So this is how it looks! That was an awesome play! You could also hear Ragnar, my beloved dog alongside with his snoring, as he snors A LOT! To the point That was hell of a great experience Flightstick are making whole game a lot better, a lot more realistic! They have few shortcomigs, and I will point that out in my upcoming review So make sure to check it later In the meantime I wish to thank you All for your attention I hope to see you i my next video Byezzz!