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yo yo what’s up in Japan vapor what’s going on let me just explain what this video is all about and first of all most I do apologize for making a video of this nature again and it will be my last video that I ever make in regards to anybody hacking or somebody calling me a hack or you know talking negatively about somebody or something of that nature I’m never going to make a video like this again but I got more comments from this nvs storm kid again today and I had to make this video i just felt compelled because it really gets under my skin and I know it’s childish I know it’s stupid but I had to do it and like I said I apologize and it is my last video never alright alright alright people what’s going on sure man vapor and today I got to make a challenge video that’s my rig that’s my mic that’s my interface this is my mouse losses use for hacking the hackers a mouse cold and cruddy that is right my hacker keyboard it’s myself single monitor that is a TV migraine screen you can see in the TV’s reflection that’s the monitor that’s a deal so now place this camcorder this right here on the tripod okay we’re going to do zoom in just a wee bit yeah that’s cool readjust okay so we are going to restart this computer ok verifying no hacks on my computer so then just a wee bit that focus steam updating steam but we’re not gonna wait for that okay so we’re going to do very quickly we’re going to open up a game of advanced warfare and with any at all luck any luck little Mike out of the way this is live man i’m not taking point to take camera off of that screen sure it’s up bikes all the way so up all’s going down ok we will focus on the monitor yeah I think that’s gonna make sure I’m

on the way okay my mouse mouse nothin to it CM stole paper I know the name comes from alright going to open up dance warfare some people might be paranoid about that blocks I’m sure we all see that blocks play call of duty advanced warfare multiplayer call of duty advanced warfare XO and XO zombies which you’ll never find me playing well I did once maybe I should antenna maybe I like it I don’t know we’re going to into a multiplayer match and we’re going to shut the EC off all right this is water it does not induce any type of hacks as you can see nothing weird on my screen just a pop-up from steam well you all know that is probably unnecessarily zooming in and out I know this cameras probably got a bay all right nothing weird down here vapor water mouse interface keyboard wires little baby tripod thing lights speaker batteries choose scissors Clippers cell phones iphone 6 plus an iphone 5s all right so this is a game we are whoa maybe we don’t play which we just fill the water in the keyboard I’ll be all right it’s tomorrow I need a new keyboard why because the key keeps coming out k is very special it’s very very special all right so if it dies [ __ ] wait wait wait wait you don’t want the water on the screen okay all right where am I it’s one on all right steam steam settings let’s bring it up too quick for the settings okay settings advanced video we have GTX saw know if we can see them you see that that’s a little blown out huh I’ll just zoom in there we go here we go settings full screen fiji 248 it’s a monitor refresh rate 140 for this is my settings when 1920 x 1080 everything’s on extra extra extra extra shadows on shadow map resolution is high cash son shadow maps off and spot off depth of field is off where you guys can’t see that oh wait wait wait wait all right fine so got it off here you go to see all the settings shade of preload on bullet impacts on diamond dynamic lights eight extra extra extra off what’s off Phil remaining

memory off and render resolution 1920 x 1080 resolution 1920 x 1080 feel the views at 89 i set it at 89 because 90 seems always snap back to 65 65 versus 89 makes a huge difference so if you’re not flying around the map most likely it’s because your settings are just whatever all right let’s go well so soon alrighty so out of that we are going to play alright so in just a little bit just a little bit tilt this down just bad so mental man okay find a game team deathmatch I just got the carbon back after selling it 17 times so I’m happy to have it back an in-game see those people that’s cool to be playing what today and fortunately stormed in and jump into this game alright so we got the reboot and we get the setup and the bit the game begins game begins so I can actually do still use my mic can use my headset I’ll just combine the audio sounds good sounds good let’s go one carving coming up boom looks lovely now the world can see how I see it i’m glad i’m making this video don’t think I was too hard to see that’s your aim the advantage some reason I felt what to do behind me was uh just seen him whoa could have been a triple she surprised how many people talk [ __ ] about that foot scenarios here Paperman how did you [ __ ] see me [ __ ] how’d you see me because i’m looking to it i’m looking at the screen man that’s why see I’m just quick with it except for this guy see what people don’t understand either is there is a thing called ping see that that’s a jump shot okay i’m fat aim ah and I got outshot pretty damn simple house where see you just got to look around the monitor you know the whole entire monitor from left to right see that’s

called skill of movement that guy’s not paying attention this guy’s up here somewhere blending [ __ ] well I’m not gonna be worried too much about my gameplay simply because I’m just moving a point oh I really thought that was one of my one of me oh my guys here’s what people don’t understand right I’m chasing him into that because I already seen them from way way way down there now if I actually kill them [ __ ] is [ __ ] lasers man they always [ __ ] with me because I always feel like you know when you’re getting shot with by a laser oh that’s close you can’t always tell the direction i already seen him up stuck oh that was sweet all right I don’t know if I agree with that one but I outshot them simple say I see him going in there right course I’m trying to chase them again I could pay about the pay attention a little bit better than this I can hear that right now in game [ __ ] all right damn it I’m not a fan of this not even a little bit was that sixty friggin slots hey he just jumped right over the wall and shot me in the face nope no couldn’t get out of that she’s jumped right over the wall and shot me in the [ __ ] face and he’s right on top of me funny how you were just right on top of me huh he just jumped over the wall again and shot me in the face nope I jumped over the wall and then I saw you and I got a little red dot right down here I don’t know they’re gone up seeing him he they went down went up so we got victims up here he just jumps right over the wall and [ __ ] shoots me rule Tim it [ __ ] okay he’s glowing yes the whole family those with kilt Jets I knew we hide you for really that’s weird here nothing on my

screen well neither but the other guys blood where am I 29 18 th master prestige 8 ok scan that screen a little bit it’s hard to do it’s like the mirror image that is shadowplay recording recording my mic intermission those are my frame rates dammit Irving’s opposite which is 91 if you don’t have 91 i am going to outshoot my monitor is also 144 hertz which means the screen refreshes 144 times per second which means it can handle a frame rate without screen tearing up 20 women let’s do some combat record it’s pretty cool I got to two recordings um where my combat record KD 1.0 I’ll you know i’m using this camera located puts my stats 1.02 when lost 1.03 squat for a minute 319 alright so now what we’re going to do nothing’s changing corn from this angle you can it’s like so what up what up what up microphone mouse bring that in the closer how’s that mouse keyboard adjust the mic and here we go team deathmatch game number two anything weird on my screen I mean I’m gonna have to see it ah I think it’s fair to say we all seen him I never say that that’s fine Wow I think nope okay always got a pre a man oh [ __ ] really swim the UAV above [ __ ] so I’m going to come up to the left

I didn’t even see that due to be Wow what the [ __ ] in the UAE above in the UAV opposed vapor man you just you just jumped up he just jumped up and [ __ ] shot me how’d you know I was there I didn’t I jumped up and saw you there and then when I saw you I pulled the trigger how that guy know I was there he didn’t I just walked through the door cuz he was expecting me to walk through the door I hate getting assess man I hate him oh I keep forgetting to say that like hide utilize their Haj Agha I was there these dots man these little red dots like the one over here but the guy right here to my left and Drake over there [ __ ] idiot what an idiot that was that was fun I gotta say that was that was fun wrong Matt for that gun okay oh look at that [ __ ] cloak thing man does what the [ __ ] this is just good aiming people can’t I can’t [ __ ] prove you know it’s amazing to this this this kid stolen oh [ __ ] calls himself all types of [ __ ] like he doesn’t understand see now there’s two people well one straight ahead easy there on the roof where he’s coming up right here ah [ __ ] camping [ __ ] see all these red dots facing the wrong I love killing people read closed-canister one to my left one to my left hopefully y’all agree [ __ ] alright so crazy hacker vapor here what the [ __ ] happen Wow and it’s like it’s like the whole world is just like let him do it All Right see that little

red dot over there all by himself and the other one that’s coming the XO the XO that’s right on the other side of this is probably jump up this way [ __ ] I can’t work today