Sea of Thieves PVP Gameplay LIVE🔴

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Sea of Thieves PVP Gameplay LIVE🔴

it’s better this time you seem to be alright now the voice yeah good that’s better yeah my ping was like we were saying you were having us 1200 yeah that was just warping all over the place seeing gamers where that works in their advantage and then I’ve seen others where it doesn’t yeah oh I guess it’s we’re all here yep and I have zero viewers we’re going good we’re going strong laughs five now they’re probably I want to throw the other one it’s okay who’s gonna be happy you know I mean oh I mean I mean all right there we go pings good I’m not gonna lie those 44 frames a second monitors that work mm-hmm so much better than what I have here yeah it’s true right I would say my colors are better but the input lag it’s noticeably different really 70 frames a second verse 144 feel it Oh who’s coughing on the bong I forgot to do that open chatting yeah anyways don’t puke no puking what were they talking to me is that what are you staring at me oh no yeah they were they said no puking there we go again that somebody’s already puking companies over there playing some music I do like seeing which team they’re on oh I can’t oh yeah dude you can see what team they’re on now Nick that’s a super nice I caught ya so I’m gonna guess that red is probably gonna do the team working you’re on purple hello purple am i naked I hate this glitch why are we team Barney I don’t want to be a purple dinosaur purple dog Hey pg-13 scream what are you doing too much heat oh wait there’s all these pictures on the wall never actually looked at them before like a little fan – your shoes actually chip with the red that looks snow

all right let’s hope it works a little better this time what’s up Lexus so what’s our plan the usual when wait avoid combat hit up some small islands first and then take people out near the end it sounds good hey Zack can you guess what have you made porridge porridge I can hectic all right let’s go of course it’s one island it’s a long code it’s a big one one two yes so definitely let’s let’s let’s let somebody go fire it’s the plan or we could fire again well fire three over well one of us will just take the boat away you guys it is behind us to our southwest we are all facing away from the island yeah first boat to get there will die just sit yeah go for it everybody over I’m saying I’m going for the distance healthy yeah all right Zach you and I are gonna stay yeah all right go get some some stuff I didn’t see which side where we flew out at 20 faced good we are off the you’re upside down we’re off to Northeast yeah of the northeast side where the big hump is like the part that looks like a fucking Zek you old moving in hip joint yep okay yeah you got a ship coming in on the northwest side or north side it looks like Shh I see him coming I see rocks I’m not gonna make be to him you want to circle it around him over here to be pelicans yeah me right side of the island there’s a small dock to come up yeah that’s I’m pretty sure that’s going oh yeah no that’s not up then we should say in front of the guys that were pulling up on the island nail too huh yep which start well you run that I’m on their side of the island I’m gonna try and board their ship and I’m into the rocks all right we’re coming in behind there’s two more boats coming yeah anybody fighting chest yet they’re turning them nobody comment says all right all right break to the right break through the right but yeah I have no shot oh it’s okay sorry we’re still pretty far out oh yeah oh yeah we’re good one-shot wonder bus are you kidding me okay there’s two of them on there thought they’d fix that oh my god my control is broken not them not scoring hits but my rights Nick’s dead zoning oh shit okay yellows leaving you have another controller you want to check for holes real quick we got a hole we got a few holes we are almost in Avenue got it I’m helping the Bale checking where we add we’re I still know me I’m trying to run do you guys yeah I have a chest we’re on the northwest side we’ll take you up crazy mid alright raising back we’ll come around to the

west side now I can dragging the harpoon if he’s on land there were some of you know it’s awesome or purple team right I see yellow team ran from yeah just head towards the the outpost to yourself and west we’re gonna come in right there NIC’s off the boat what’s the snag a chest if I can everybody else is fighting I got oh I got a guy I’m coming I’m coming your gun shot sec are you okay with yep I got him I got him I got you chess all right you chest I’m missin you good with the ship for a minute I’m gonna shoot over yep I see you guys come to the bank here’s here’s another Chester here all right let’s go that was his good stuff fuck out they found another one there’s a whole bunch of chests we got two chance okay I’m on with you guys yeah that means there’s two us it’s cuz I killed the red team red team was here I don’t know where the chests in the middle of the map I think I do you got harpoon yep all right yellow is coming around I’m gonna get back onto the island I’m coming coming I gotta tear me another boat another boats coming all right dad get on the wheel start maneuvering oh we have precious cargo we’re about to get sidelined yeah hi still drops they’ll drop sail drop sail drop sail right now yellow just killed me great for ladders yellow told you yeah I boarded them they blender busted man they’re shootin I’m watching letters is that us getting shot Baggett’s yeah looks like there’s only two of them on yellow I’m patching right now there’s a movie – there’s no right here not going anywhere I’m coming to get water hey that’s a late night yeah it’s a mermaid all day Green’s in behind us yeah he’s up top Gold’s are so messed up there oh yeah I see him oh shit he’s on the outpost yeah just go to a different outpost I’m fine yep like a cow they let these guys Duke it out for a bit everybody’s gonna go after yellow I’m gonna check down the repair and we’re at the swing wide yeah yeah for sure here buck you want to take the wheel and defeat sales in the home no way 3001 sure so we have what two chests yeah we up to you right now Jesus there’s so much fighting green is trying to chase this right now one’s going to try and head us off sorry not well should I try to fire over an acre I’m stuff no no yet oh I’m gonna try and head this over to the other one out yeah that’s fine nice hit it’s mass that’s the wheel hell yeah alright but green and you could have racing myself yeah now don’t ya and trying tennis no we’re going all the

way over here Nate they’re riding the wind that a nice far spin from the everybody yeah put them Duke it out go might be able to swing into the island that last chest almost never wears yellow feldene I can hop over you guys fire somebody over there yeah I will go yellow yellow yellow hasn’t respond yet all right let’s get Nick over to the island and then okay all right I’m ready to go all right straighten it up there what cannon Brian hold on I’ll come with her fect just in case on the island yeah damn it there’s a mermaid here yep come on I’m pretty sure it’s not mine there’s still one chest you guys want you me and fell did you go sit sell and you got or you’re gonna yes we’re going to get this chest then you are going to pick up the chest and then we’re going to go sell all right well they have a real sales so we can slow down on the side of them oh this right this very second Oh to the left oh dude found guys I’m gonna you need help no no no sales serious I’m coming there’s two of them here oh they got me I got blender busted in sorrow that one now go over fealty go go help them go home got the boat sorry fella I just like CD sales up no good I fell D why I assume he’s there I got I’m coming over again alright looks like red is on the way in possibly all right I mean what Oh how much help does this guy have though I don’t know and I shot him with a pistol before I had him with swords means moving to cut us off maybe yeah he’s dead greenish chemists oh all right get the Chatham Oh I’m spawning back in a second oh my god greens me be honest although they anchor I don’t know I don’t know where the chest is Reds coming in I’m getting I’m getting black all right I’m back on the boat okay Reds coming to the other side I’m head back he’ll get us out of here if you want to yeah I’m all these chests I know they’re on the island stashing stash I see the readers if I can find them I will stash them all right secret I only see green and yellow oh wait red is here yeah ruts coming – behind us shit uh should we had to turn in no sales in the middle yeah we’ll sail through the middle yep I’m working around here – Nick I don’t see him though takeout we did read them there’s a really good truck yep that’s a big island they’ll stash them very well okay Green’s coming in as well help me start raising and then you know when you close feldy will raise mid and I don’t know where they put those chests yeah just I’m raising back he raised mid and okay we’ll cut in no don’t zoom tell me anchor no no no sales how could yellow deliver Chester up because they’re just camping that outpost they probably swap in the water you can keep moving and I’ll come back and get it alright let’s see where you dropping it oh it looks like blue and might be coming it shows you that the captains I see it’s right in the front right in the front I’m just gonna take my mermaid get out of here yes me too all right blues here I know

it I saw my god you guys spawn back in the boat should go over the outpost quick yep mermaids on our side all the way where’s blue there Kettlewell they were going to sell I guarantee a zircon how you doing buddy we beat them here geoffrey chaucer area disappeared off blue Blues got some chests on sweet Blue has worn it looks like all right I’m back we have to shut down gold yeah man I was gold doing this we have here a little island salty sands North has some ports got to let’s got to the fort directly south of us has to let’s go hit OK and then lonely has to mm-hmm and the fourth is that lonely no it’s not one is that there’s a little one up north behind us icy cold going in to sell na na na let’s go hit gold doesn’t goal dirty in in there no not yet head west promise okay red is trying to hit them right now so they’re going to have a lot of damage done Wow I have faith I was gonna say we have to free chests available yeah let’s go get them Oh No yeah they’re just yeah Nick it’s right dude that’s right here no booze there all right I mean if we’re all but I have a very strong feeling that gold has chests and they are going to go in to sell but red is trying to hit them yeah Gold’s coming down here to hidden spring keep now hey looping there looping greens on them – yeah they’re gonna leave us alone cuz we’re second let’s go get some chests and then all right let’s get the chests let those guys fight it out then we were Oh Lycan again a little something we’re here sales alright somebody head over oh that was Chester on the south side beach you know we’re coming in right now blue team I have at least four chests that’s Nick Nick hold the boat up you couldn’t hit me okay thanks there’s one two let’s go sell all right greens are screens on the screens Oh is red team gotta have mean set F all right sails down it’s fucking play bitch

oh nice I’ll check for repairs pretty good well gold’s going in for sell looks like yep we’re just shut off no oh green just hit a rock I see an opportunity yeah where’s bread I’m going for him red come on buddy keep going to yellow yeah they’re coming around to me guys oh shit what about to get into an engagement I’m coming back we’re good all right yeah fine well I missed my chance spent too much time I’m back though we have white too two chests two chests on board I was alone still to have a guy in the oak post all right I’ll just you know jump off the outpost Nick yeah back when I drink Jeff I’m glad just discovered somebody over here or Discovery Channel you’re sorry not sorry ready to go Zack had the chest I don’t know how many people Reds gonna have we have anyone on this see you murmuring you see where me lie there all for sure then it was definitely one over there it just went away it just went away mermaid just left me just last shirt oh oh anchor what that’s me it’s me just in case just got somebody fucking got on a boat no no no we’re good somebody’s just fired up I am still worried level teams coming yellow team’s coming all right knickers up everybody owns that got a boost from the shark fuck the shark everybody on yep here kind of yellow Cody and I are about to that’s funny down some fuck I’m making my way out to yellow me to battle positions with the sails alright gonna try keep our boat alive I think yellow still got some chests Jeremy and I are swimming over and blue on the other side we’ll get the we’ll get the dub if you can camp the outpost I’m not gonna make yellow is just shooting they’re just trying to shoot us oh yeah just Trump sails later on over there at score points oh wow they’re hit all right I’m heading back to you no this thing I found some shark meat all right I’m back I’m cracking them guys oh he got me ten points you can get it’s not having their feet off his boat I saw that yellow just sunk oh nice dude sorry yes well done guys well done we came second but like well done this yellow

only had to pee oh I did it it didn’t register it should have been yeah I’m afraid of you you see the one it’s okay next one there never had a spy at least 700 and what 15 does it giggling guys ah I love this it’s good I like that we’re gonna be able to see the gold guys so we can give them a good hats off like good game good game I that is a nice thing and you like update you don’t – c-captain bear and point that I’m like I shot you off your boat you tool bag yeah buckles on the cannons right next to me so it’s been a while since I played that just took me to 19 and a quarter almost 28 like the 20s is brutal before you win like with 10,000 points you only get like a sliver of crap mmm why is this game so fucking awesome oh man oh look at that guy look at this gold hoard of shit I need the curse fast 420 your toe is it’s me Nick look at the curse doesn’t look like that cool it’s either that or I’m gonna do the order soldier hopefully yellow sticks around I only had two that looks like Borderlands kind of doesn’t it just like the the fucking time about it looks kind of cartoony all right yellow knee s3 who’s left one read looks like they only have one well no yellow just have four it’s mister so yeah there’s captain Beartooth so yellow house for okay contest is about let’s start oh yeah we got mister naked gold me over here trip yeah they how many of the stories have you done I’ve done everything but the shores yeah me too I’m bent to it I’ve been to it I’ve made it to this through your shroud and been to the island and I like fell asleep playing effective I see I think I’ve seen the morning star or no I haven’t seen the warning store two three four blue to four green for free so yellow is gonna be deducted group yeah all right yeah honey beat got a sore now I only had two last time maybe they had all four you still lurking zircon I was trying to watch you this morning buddy with it I got busy at work breathe breathe North Islands longers war so we got wondrous

refuge we’re in the yet North West is that little island I don’t know oh my god you all started right next to each other dude oh yeah nice I have rum runners i Canton coves right in front of us everybody’s gonna go there that’s such a hard one no run runners got five six on it and it’s tiny we should go there gold moving for a run runner yeah we have to crack out gold all right let’s do that all right let’s try and get some wind I they happen to green like they dropped out maybe cannoning over to Cannon yeah Nikki few minutes upon any chest action so damn they already discovered stuff man what the fuck but happen stop me from moving completely I couldn’t move that’s four for gold already yeah because they knew it was gonna be rim runners next yep oh shit and this is the map right this is the place that I need to be at Glen Cove cannon cannon Copeland’s one of them you yeah I’m almost there there’s a shark on my ass oh and I don’t have coconuts I’m scared Poseidon told me so it’s you’re gonna do they have one left to left mercy yellow still has people on the island they moving the air moving all right who shooting over they probably stashed them somewhere I’m on Canon right now trying to get just I’m going over feldy you’re not in chat higher than maybe blues here get ready to fire out on blue who’s here who’s here no jump and you not hear me I can hear you now we can hear you now raising mid harpooning if you can be able to harp on the ground brick work you deep yeah too deep right here all right I’m flying over to the island that’s good I’m gonna try board blue or go for the chats weird blue yeah they’re going for chest still they just got Onix I’m going to the boat oh wait we’re exact are good nope blue

sunk here there’s still chests on here though red is shooting us who killed you yellow well blunt uh somebody for blue blunderbuss whoever they had on the island all right there now there now dead in the water well literally dead in the water what yeah alright you got red coming in on our ass – it’s ok fine help me ourselves if you can yeah but do you need me to do I’m spawning right now are they still following us up uh actually we go to the island and look for the chest yeah they have to have at least two there yeah let’s raise him up there gold already sold a chest what’s so many they saw they found five red is coming in behind us blues right here and go it over all right there’s two people from blue yeah loose coming in behind us ah oh come on you need me to get bummed out yeah is sniped in with my pistol oh good mermaids I got two pistol shots on them and I still good well I hit them but they didn’t die but do you need me on the boat no no I’m okay okay so far I’m just circling I got one of them all right blues dead lose that reg trying to harpoon me yeah brides trying to do something loose coming in attacking these shots on his bed whoa boom nice play all right buck I’m going through the oh never mind I’m saying with this razor maybe we’re gonna break we’re gonna wreck we’re gonna wreck no we’re not okay I’ve been trying to get the same chest for a while now so if there’s a mermaid right next to where you earned okay you got shots on red I’m on the island I don’t see a single chest I just seem ran right in the water they’ve been running the motor both swimming the mouths of their boat turn work turn Michael huh I smack somebody trying to climb the ladder she’s trying to swim the tests back on their boat they’re not even on their boat right now and they’re getting pounded loose on repairs not me right now I don’t swim into a marine okay mother I’m at ahem I’ll get them dude I’m painting their fucking waterline oh nice all right no holes here nice no but there’s probably chest on the red I’ll tell you what they try to make the board raising sail a bit oh here comes blue yep oh my god all right I see blue get rid of shots on damn missed him with the harpoon cannon turn it dude I think yeah nice did you

know they’re still moving our thing no they caught it I think no I don’t think they did this one was just turning into all PvP oh nice one you’re gonna roll fuck them up I landed on me Versailles help me with so I’m gonna sort of fight and die we’re gonna need them to the left here in a minute Taylor to the right circle right yeah there we go just like that okay I’m on hope okay you shut up shots on him I’m really sad I’m missing the action right now you guys notice the yellows not doing anything yeah cuz they’re digging nothing like doing that fast so just sit with the chest they have seen what the score looks like yeah Jeremy you should be able to get the board on that’s blue in front of us here know Brad’s going on this here this is just gold is here at the island bird you got me never nothing we could do I know I just said you got me now you got to fade a little bit you left yeah Oh Oh God about to dig up every single one of those because they know exactly where they are then they just drop sale oh we anchored them look at that we have holes or Sun holes I’m about to do that so who is your parent Fisher parent I’m not I’m bailing and focusing on bass pong it’s about reach map room okay I’m coming I’m coming oh this is gonna be ugly we’re gonna Ram yellow Oh be good get the biggest tools first we didn’t hit anybody all Ben there’s there’s so many people here why are they all here Oh blue team’s right behind us big hole right there I’m going there they go hiring blue team Shawn get out of here wait where are we load autocannons that bring us to the right and again okay oh that’s not you turn to see turn us

I’m going over to Red John the last Jeremy did come onto the Highland oh I think okay sorry all right we’re fine we’re fine it looks like they’re anchored buck I’m gonna try and hit one of these barrels you ready whoa whoa whoa don’t they’re both filled II almost I’d be careful there was a one shot questionable they’re raising it right now I’m telling you I just shot her twice one shot I should not have died how is he behind me already what the fuck I’m telling you all right we need to they’re anchored yeah I thought a pomegranate nice let’s just chase down the red here yeah thought that killed two of them dropped their anchor almost killed the third guy I hold on I’m getting back on there I’m getting on the boat we’re down on red we’re just going for kills damn it it’s so much fun hey we’re gonna get second place they’re still anchored yeah I’m down below it’s just me I know where one chest is on the oily we’re gonna miss our show we’re gonna miss it it’s okay I’m just 70 sandins yeah keep getting them I’m down at the bottom Dern holes harpoon harpoon dad he’s dead Zach race race right into the dirt there you go straight down there at map level map level can’t I’m Troy shut oh yeah they’re filling up quick all right we’re good we’re good they sunk oh yeah all right then get to the southeast side yeah let me get to the southeast side of the island actually their dad’s I hit it yeah while we’re here we’re right southeast yeah Nick right here look at that ship go so if you look at the map on the southeast side of the eye rats dead where the little black dot is on the son of a bitch go kill that motherfucker just let’s just who’s in front of me let’s see it work Gold’s on the island bill we just got a chest twin groves his rig near us you want to just grab the chest that Nick found in the stash and go to twin girls how many chests are on twin groves for or that’s enough to win all right coming grab his chest and then I’m on the way I looped around the island because I know there’s someone on this island here with you on top the island fell to go cookies on the west side I got my chest go to the west know the back yeah head north yellow goes on yeah where so oh come on I’m going for my chest he’s not gonna do anything nah but we gotta get shit and yeah just sit oh yeah this feels glitchy cities on the island was on the west side he’s not anymore but yeah he was

the west of you I’m swimming up to the boat now all right Oh to me if you can I am on portside yeah we’re gonna cut this close you gotta have a couple chest Gold’s in the game so they just discovered another chest yeah yeah cold front when there are twin girls aren’t they yeah there yep all right so it’s gonna be a song by one person off with our one chest and that’s goes for Assam oh hey guys yeah going all right let’s go like we needed you yeah harpoon me get me on your boat kill you heading over to the outpost okay oh we get three minutes power fine they’ll post us right here we only have one chest and then we got to go harass gold or we can split to the outpost one man on each side I mean gold doesn’t even need to sell why did my mermaid just spawn out farther away don’t know okay and I guess that works alright who’s running it yeah one is there another one no no big boy one chest there wait for me Jeremy I’ll come with it just in case it’s a joke yeah you’re good buddy still swimming good news is she has not won away we’ll crack the cannon did you make it filthy yep yeah fuck yeah are you running me over all right let’s try wear yellows up so I can see their flash is often the fucking storm that’s all you can see it’s the dope however guys it’s nothing on black that’s good guys we did well yeah I’m happy with a second place we’re definitely the PvP crew on the server yeah fishing in and they do and dude they didn’t even really sell that many chests they just dug up a bunch yeah that’s this we’re digging them up and hiding them on the island smart because you can go back and get them later all right so we really try for bite attempt number two now that I think calzone is literally my arm

nobody’s leaving again aren’t we supposed to get a quest item with our scores on it yeah it’s map thing it’s just the consistency it feels like some man know what I mean we did it last time when I did it just there was a sauce wasn’t dirty can that be yeah hello hello hello hello greens man how are you hello Bree came over yellow this – what is going on in games i ck i see captain bird – yeah thought it was the illusion or a white we he’s listed on her shit no no we’re yellow now holy i switched our color but excuse me Purple’s got three three looks like there’s a guy in the hot tub my pirate legend there’s four to four red unter of the shrouded ghost hmm unread team doesn’t exist he’s got the got the title yeah it’s fake hacker he’s he’s a dev he could just spawn it in whenever he wants to well if I ever find that stupid shrouded ghost I would and where its title to yeah yeah apparently said I am the air code you don’t steal anything nope instead I have the hunter splashy tail

who puked on me oh hell no idea what title my using is it the legend of cursed irons curse breaker oh wait no let’s think where are you you know cursed iron yeah nice what’s the cursed iron one and from that reason okay for I think a the skeleton ships with the cursed balls gotcha okay I texted chef yeah let him know that there was 2 p.m. i mean ii am insta text then you tell you to suckle this Diggle Oh yellow team so be a good one so there’s this right there Chris on aisle as three it’s pretty close to us whose Lagoon doesn’t have anything say there’s not stronghold this rate there it has three okay tell me lost gold kind of want to go nine let’s go east are we going to discovery I don’t see anyone going for discovery right now that has nine chests on it oh yeah that’s gonna take forever to find them that’s food all’s go let’s go I’m watching the met let’s go you sorry can go eastern Rick yeah let’s do that what correct pink down for a for you they have a bunch of justice anyways over there I like this little chick you know I like this when there’s like a whole bunch of maps at the start yeah anyone have eyes on red just curious what they’re gonna do need to make it Nick will here right suppose gold for digging up chests now and blue is that they’re going to Discovery Ridge they’re going fishing yep some people come here to go fishing yeah yeah because you can catch battle gills right I don’t know what do you catch they say on the front I don’t think it’s which one maybe you’ve got the 800 fish damn it think sorry getting stuff he’ll be alright we’re gonna get there cracking up they’ll be well you off the boat okay you ready ah hey guys we’re here turn ship turn to shit I’m coming back oh shit we’re gonna hit we’re gonna hit oh maybe okay harpoon harpoon we’re good we’re good harpoon no no not that harpoon the other side they’re safe we have board or coming Oh orders and there he is

I’ve tense I’ll be back on the boat coming back you fucked a on the border fucked it turned us in a bit I’m gonna shoot myself onto their boat and there goes Philly ila will stay on the boat oh these guys tell me that we’re moving they are let’s get that front sail down rainbow rock do I turn it are you bored you see a chest yep I’m a penny guy with Ches Ches Ches there is they got a border left-hand side yep ready about the board purple how did they go through him I see him missing their chest I’m about to grab one who talked about it good he’s back on that’s me okay there’s your chest the water right here I’m dead I got it I got it I got a sniper got it we just rammed them anchor is already down oh hey he’s gone wait you guys get back on board North oh yeah we need help fuck I’m dead oh I’ve died um climbing the ladder I can’t believe I died that was terrible yeah I’m dead blunderbuss one fuckin sword slice that was gross hey buzz to the face and died there’s two other students I spawned in and you dead I’m patching you got a second one no two chests he’s here he got me we had two chests on both of these evils yeah I’m heading over to those oh I’m dead we should get out of here if we can oh we anchor Holly got me blunderbuss up this ladder say oh you can huh fuck I’m dead son of a bitch I’m not playing very well this room so just climb it up there’s a guy behind you there’s a guy there’s two of them coming up his ticket I know Nick the guy I’m spotting spots like you oh he stole our chests I know we did yeah they’re stealing both of our chests no Connor do it oh that one guys dressed just like you next I got them all dead they’re all

dead where’s the chest I don’t know they’re both yep oh hey the tide again here’s one and I am just doing terrible this is definitely not the way to win oh good but I put one of our chests back on our boat I got a boat I’m spawning I’m spawning where’s the chests yes fucking blunderbusses where a blunderbuss is one hit kills now dude I always have it I got him I got him he’s dead I’m putting a chest up in the crow’s nest yeah it’s gone he’s down there good and stashed that’s there okay oh let me raise this guy coming to the right side of our boat right side of the boat okay somebody trying to bail right now we got a swimmer knock out a mast damn it I said right side I’m just glad he’s gone me dad why I’m going help me help me everything yep I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming there’s one chest the roses oh my god go kill a guy and still try and raise sad news that he’s dead okay Breann raise quick oh I’m dead cannibal to the face someone want to be on repairs Delon oh shit oh shit I have a bucket water in my hands I’ll be back in four what sounds bad it’s better than it sounds it sounds alright almost LD they move in I think all right sales was a mermaid all right I just heard a mermaid pop are they all there right there you’re staring I don’t know where we’re going but we’re going this way I was just gonna go hand in what oh they took out it oh we should got a peg in this wheel oh shit oh shit lost left how much peg in what way go mister in our wheel huh

fuck someone get up here and fix it please and try idea would be turning it keep going I have to race raise raise raise raise raise there’s a ship to our left are you going morden them all right grace I’ve worked on oneself get ready food go steal their food no food filthy start with their food Aladdin me come on all right there Oh dope Yancy left side guys we’re friends are back all right yeah here you they’re gonna shoot us up you probably want to go left cracks red cracker it get that going to Kenan Jeremy I’m not even respawn I got 400 bucks face stay on cannons save shots though That’s not me Red Sea respond brain else here raise raise crazy yeah it looks like we’re good already so we have one chest though just so you know you have to – chest sleeve – aha there’s one in the crow’s nest and there’s one right in front of Kathleen’s baby nice oh they’re gonna hit each other great red and blue just hitting nice nice Zak go put that back downstairs you’re graphing it I’m almost no I think that’s blue oh it’s Red Rackham that’s enough team oh yeah heard them Bankard straight in so extreme so straightening getting some work animals come on um that I see a mermaid I forgot to steal bananas when I went down straight to write yet turn Nick there Dawson all right to the left purple to the left that’s that’s the book that I was not a fun read about this so I forgot to get little help I’m looking to sleep on them go I’m on red if you want oh no I’m one braid I’m looking to see if they have anything oh I killed somebody we have water below like eight shots on them got you going down below I’m patching a bailable don’t see anything on red they’ve read have any chests don’t see any although they have to come back back raising sail anchor turn hard right three the f3 anchor turn no no on the anchor turn three of us on the boat the stringer kind of move this big there is a ship coming in which way am I going with home they’re going you’re going Southwest yeah you want to turn right turn right oh wait you’re coming in full sail yeah TURN RIGHT drop sail Oh dropping

we hadn’t Southwest backwards are we facing you now I’m trying to not get eaten yes story straight right there right there I’m straightened out they’ll drop their anchor feldy oh the plays okay you guys see my shot off the bow yeah see I’m dropping answer oh fuck oh I don’t know final drop but keep hitting them he’s hitting them oh my god crash I’m gonna get eaten by a shark do you guys see that that was their mess I got the second get fucked just get that Durban a little closer book trying to find sharks all around me I pulled your corner there’s one word I’m raising no man left behind I got the chest one more chest there’s one more chest there’s one more chest up there’s four there’s one more in there unless you got all three I got all three they’re on a boat one on the boat one on the boat Oh No on the boat mom I’m almost uh their boat almost of their boat they got a swimmer coming up on the right hand side right inside swimmer he just died oh he just got drunk on our boat and killed us Wow what the fuck ever all right at least 10 times yep yep no damn dad sucked fuck if I were that close I would have said just go or not anchor or something fuck I think anchoring was what did us in yeah but I could have shot all three of them and then got out of there he just needed like one more person on the boat we’ve been good to raise anchor and get out of this yeah only four minutes left to dam we could have won that very good that boat that left oh yeah sure you totally did this referee here up so know you seeing all our Chester here yeah right here though right no not right here so right over there we’re blue and radar pretty sure it was purple that killed us I think what yeah straight ahead there that’s where those chests are let’s get some three points Purple’s coming up on the right hand side purple we do have one hold something over there – huh – holes we’re good see if we can get third he’s getting shots on people clothes guys were close oh no I’m not turning not on the wheel no oh we got we got a guy on a boat yeah

there’s an enemy on a boat oh my god still under bus how oh my god you I’m so fucking stupid if I land two attacks I should be able to like miss my third swing right one would think so where is he still he’s down below deck sprinting around it’s so fucking stupid I don’t see anybody oh I hate the blender boss right there hate the blender bus so much yeah he’s gone he’s dead you thought that fucking nerf it and it was like a fucking 2-shot and then whether you pump it back out it’s a camper van we would have won that have we not had sunk took our Jess those bastards oh I hate using the blender bus it’s a weird I want my pistol back but I need the achievements are you doing I don’t have the same aim with a sniper with the pistol or the blunderbuss with a sniper sniper do you have to aim down sight yeah man fourth-place boo Oh this black screen has to be fixed and sweet this I wouldn’t go we’d like actually sale you it I wouldn’t mind actually sailing we need to be Thunder unlike a tight boat where we could just like you know like a single sailboat I’m talking about on see if he’s like actually sailing instead of playing arena but that – yes I think do you want a project project I bet you we could do it build a replica loop that’s seaworthy and there’s some obstacle sticks yeah no no no like lumber like wonder hey Mike make it seaworthy too much money when how much would you like to look at it see how much it would actually cost and wonder what okay cannons broken no I can’t use that piece yeah I know trav we’re working on it buddy so I get this mouse and keyboard we shot it with you down I have a totally new group of people now looks like Red’s gone you have all new people blue but the guys that were never left there they go yep one of the guys in the chat says we need to be more coordinated what he’s the one that’s not I know how he came

more coordinated we can all fish together at the same time hey fishes all right yeah I agree trap so close to one there’s just some days we like to go PvP and wreck people losing is okay I think we won what the first two matches yeah something like that yeah fifteen thousand and sixteen thousand two really good matches just absolutely demolished them yeah second place on the third match and fourth on the last one maybe this one will be better yeah last one was to be fair you were watching we were close had we cashed in those chests we would have wonderful so that would have been three wins and one second we’ll just forget about that fourth place which and pretend it didn’t hide song you know what what d-nut him for stock eating fucking asshole that’s rude who’s talking he’s gonna be talking shit just he roasted me did they not know they’re about to get clapped what’s he saying buck oh you just said that your roasted them or something yeah it’s all I didn’t know such thing daddy daddy you saying coming in person to our bed do you know what they call us no what is it we are pirates we will fight you we will kill you take your booty steal your soul everyone will want your gold go here go there we will take you everywhere from the seven seas across the land we will make everything expand because our para nice is that sleeping behind the bar it’s funny okay we’re gonna win this one we’re gonna win it for trav all right buddy you’re gonna see top-notch pirate in here buddy y’all ready what the fuck this dude just duplicated themselves what he thought I’ll there it whoa whoa you just appeared out of nowhere a tramp thanks for the follow buddy instead of do it for Dale let’s do it for trash let’s do it for Travis right all right let’s go Jenkins all right where we going here guys

leave us alone hmm all right four one two three four five six yeah let’s go to Devil’s Ridge all right where to in spring yeah I was heading there now let’s go get him I’m getting rid of this stupid blunderbuss go back to my pistol I don’t care about the achievements like yeah the head due south you’re gonna get two hands-free I can imagine do you have a crew that usually play with oh yay sales too stupid fantastic oh we got a swimmer that’s me you’re not impressing trim I’m falling off the boat music well tell them I was fishing for sharks that’s enormous not as I can is trying harpoon a regular shark and not like the Megalodon don’t really know what happens whenever you get sales right side and I’m gonna cut in hard left purpose it’s the left side blue nose over left yeah yeah very very part look old has four chests on board and that I’m gonna go look at where gold is that rare to our left we was gonna cut him off here in a second all right those sails to the left that’s cool trap there’s about six of us than play Oh blue just anchored and we’re full wind already have shot on race day oh yeah every mid risen mid alright I’m Gordon when are you boarding blue yellow yellow target is gold we’re

pulling right at ball yeah we’re pulling like right next to it here we go haha but I’m right here all right I can’t hit him sure it’s too sharp if I turn alright cutting back we got blue on the oil in here too oh there’s a lot of people waiting oh yeah there’s a few good teams all right I’m bored and yellow I will anchor them here in a second they’re anchored not what am i doing though okay that goes off they want that mast they did it though I did hit it Oh under busted okay we’re gonna build a yellow is in bad shape right now Oh get him filthy trying to raise anchor oh okay I’m taking another shot don’t know where from one more hit to the mast in their master but mid mast let that Oh hitting them below waterline there Aloha good month fo not a whole there goes our middle mast yep all the dead they’re raising back he’s dead oh sorry son my god boat sunk we have green regular suggests green is behind all this other shit oh shit you want to go silver yeah I’ll take care of the ship behind us under purple Jeremy get on yeah get the chests offer I’m not a purple okay they have five chests on golden chaser though filly so we need to grab those greens right behind us yeah yeah I’m dealing with that we grab the chest sluice coming in as well and deal with the chest I’ll grab the green ship right behind us cuz I’m boarding them hello I have no idea where I’m turning yellow didn’t have shit on their boat they probably hid them on there yeah you better go back bitch this is that fort March left side watch left side why can’t I see that guys I have reach now it shows up whoa watch out for green they’re here if they’re here I’m gonna lose hits on them in size and contender keep trying to light up and back away Oh mother canons I’m gonna dig up this chest we have no holes we’re still good – hi – hi how are you there we go I’m still – hi oh don’t have anything you look oh shit feldy are you here with me oh fuck who Buckra uh LD go grab the chest I’ll go back to vote we got green there’s a deer is it dude Flo I’m black screening onto the boat nope I missed don’t think at least turn the boat turn the boat telling them go alright thanks got it I lost the harpoon I carry them with I’m boarding green I’m

gonna anchor green here in a second Green’s anchor huh mm that last shot drop both me Oh address the front sale said I’m gonna angle it greens anchored right now get ready yep we’re pulling up they’re ready sir you have one anchoring other one on the cannon somebody’s repairing down below hurry they’re gonna raise just get a shot up wake up start shooting them very hurry Oh motherfuck Zack get down tag out tag out straighten up my thing go yes that’s what that means tag out I just landed three shots right on there big man going down morning meet the tail you’re ready to hit purple bringing us to ride across the backside on the boat if you don’t have a chest oh okay they’re hurting really bad mast down anchor someone’s repairing down below they’re putting shots on us from their boat they’re gonna sink if they keep it up though I’m down below we have no holes they’re in bad shape right now try to light them up if you can getting back on the wheels killed somebody on the purple boat put more shots I’m back we got a border on its way but he is not gonna make it I need big cannons 12 minutes later oh but that cats do it Oh Oh your turn it’s more lost angle yeah I know down the aisle got you get ready on starboard side refill your hands while we transition turn in sales here okay turn this to the right if you can’t sales down guys all right here we go we’re gonna lose him about to start broadsiding I think you just anchored they did get rid of the harpoon if you can they’re going forward oh my god get us in shot aah they told me to keep my fucking shit all right thank you take it to the right and we just said anchor dude I’m gonna bail I’m numb below I’m down below my race I got a filthy unless you can get them off the can I’m patching right now oh they cracked our mast it’s gone yep wow man that’s fine what can you raise this anchor oh we got blue here too okay I’m coming we’re taking on water water to be patch injury occurs up I’m patching okay there’s one more hole that’s in the little all right raise the sail come on we have a lot of water all right should be good okay having board say Oh have you fucking boards got it someone repair we don’t have any cannibals seriously we have ten minutes left and I smile purple

right in front of us get ready boys what that’s her thing starving carpets all right got it Oh filthy do we have any chest when you go get one and pull away with the wind right now we need to go with it to whatever this island is dig them up and go central low on chips please be right bias north it’s not nice Boulder gambler you know it’s not bogus nothing over Nancy shit the Sun I know man it’s gonna fucking it’s probably right salty cents North yeah that’s all T it is fool’s greens heading there right now it’s angle sales all the way to the left go for yellow yellow has seven chests yellow too there was no oh you mean in the island here alright I just sold three yep they sold three we’re gonna head alright yeah we should be fine well my god he was right they really recover on every single one of them yeah they didn’t have any chest so when we sunken in the beginning okay stay like go get a second nah we’ll get fucking first because we’re about to grab four from this island and son of a bitch we’re out of cannonballs I know yeah eight minutes Oh barrels move girls girls girls Oh missed him all right okay we’re gonna come up on green you guys board him all right I’ve heard we don’t really have any other option no really don’t know how we board and we take their shit yeah I have eight on me I have zero on me there’s 10 in the bottom left cannonball barrel I’m ready for rails up sales up say yo what’s up we’re gonna light them up here as best as I can my god feldy ld1 we’re fuckin a mosque they crash like dumbasses someone needs to repair someone repaired I got 10 hi there got one I got one as well got purple on us here he killed me but I got 10 paintballs for stole shit bottom right barrel got purple coming in green sky water how is that not a one hit yeah how do you how do you figure yeah I would like to know because everybody else gets when he kills on me but I just fucking barrel stuff to me he’s still alive is there anybody here missed your buffing sword ones with I’m on our boat I’m sorry I’m patching we have two holes in the bottom huh I need might need some help here in a minute I killed one I killed mama you’re good you’re good

thanks he killed me finally he they’re sinking other done they’re about to go down oh yeah they’re done yep they’re done all right good job guys look at those chests sitting pretty yeah go grab them go grab me oh my god guys get the chest it’s gonna bug you get on work in the heart Poonam old buck get on the hip get on the harpoon holy shit Lolo Lolo up harpoon harpoon then his harpoon chest in harpoon fast we’re getting hit they’re right here floating in the water it’s our time I’m bailing I’m bailing bailing and preparing you guys just get the chest on got a raise anchor we’re getting the fuck out we will we will just get the chest on come on how is it how is it that happens I can land two hits but the third one isn’t guaranteed okay go something where the very hill there’s a chest they’re still Purple’s taking it it’s a Korean it’s one of the two I mean I got emails I’m about to be on the boat oh my god there’s we just got an anchor guys what from who yeah somebody’s on the boat oh my miss my fucking sword lunch he’s here I’m about to die before I do the vector boat oh my god you can’t ever come here I didn’t order coming right up behind me I’m trying to raise I’m bailing hey Zack I can’t all right fair what’s fair I can keep it alive somebody Jeremy help me help me Jeremy some No okay I’m almost there almost there I wrote that right two minutes no what happened I got stupid go bail go bail go back Oh No somebody threw a bucket of shit ah more time I’m going to be done with this game I have seen it glitch so many times whenever I run up to the top press right trigger and it doesn’t throw the bucket this times where it fucked us nice you know let’s throw some more water on the boat whoo damn it it’s that whole time that we fought gold in the beginning and gold sank did they really recover all of those chests oh yeah thanks Trev apparently dauntless is really popular yeah once it move the lane yeah pretty

cool okay it’s like an easier version of Monster Hunter world all right guys I got enough time for one more I think yeah one more do you guys postgame did you do two hours late there at least the wait time is better I lost Jeremy look at my money 1 million two hundred to 1 million two hundred thousand children don’t bring out necklaces and hingle mccringleberry see this see this is where said there’s a guy Nick that had the same fucking hat on as you and that was last game my last game but game before last you guys were a complete trash have an audio glitch I can’t hear you here we go Jeremy still no party is he doing he’s gone he’s out of the game man he’s out of the party right now huh pretty good I wonder no idea man because audio is hopefully it comes back yeah everything much all kinds of shits fucking up on my xbox right now something that’s wrong it won’t send messages I have an audio glitch yeah he’s off the line fix yourself fix yourself Xbox all right then just the three of us we are the team sound right here look that re chests right in front of us goes and then purple has one two three four five chests in front of them purple has the best bond fuck you wanna hop on the wheel yep turn astray

right go ahead trying to turn holy shit this is the island you know oh fuck here we have arrived I think we’re that close sure trap I think are others other guys going doosh doosh if you’re up for plan you got one more at least name a chest is there any more chest here is it just – yes there’s one more chance it’s old Buccaneer it’s in the description of my a mixer thing as well purpose got five already okay three free yellow secret Purple’s that we’re pretty close to us say we go sink them you have all the chess on after we got this last chest go balls to the motherfucking whistles but even can’t do it over so we did the past few games maybe this time we’ll collect the chests bullshit there is one more on that little islet see when shooting Nick on my screen Nicola don’t up just swim over this way after you get it all right I’m inviting you now there you go trout got it we got all three okay I’m gonna what the purple is here Purple’s still hanging out in there Flinders young Nick yeah let’s go I didn’t fess down below what’s that trip chip chip chip where is Miko put up all right we got purple right here in front of us a bit all right get it done there right blue miss Ternan heard person to raise sales of battles position yep can just go turn your hips and don’t engage they’ll be in there they have five chest we’re not gonna let him get away with them and they gotta go same output so you guys do them yeah that’s true there’s two out I hit somebody on the on the dealership

they’re driving into the island are they no no they went around it’s good sales and order here come on let that be the fucking one no anything on this island no it’s fun too nope swimmer they got their five in there underway yep he’s on see him just drop it I got it what’s up we’re gonna hit we’re gonna hit pretty good fry it okay they are swimming over red to the old post damn light just one two three all right I’m in and get all of them in here where’s the you guys got chest on board yeah we have to yeah it’s like my to re-litigate the right of the stairs we’re good I see you they’re coming up on our right side real quick too yep they’re gonna get all Nick we’re about to shoot yep they got it there’s your last one Wow killed one so it does go for the capstan dr. Giese tankard got him yes turn raising mid yep getting on their boat don’t let’s try them on their boot in they’re gonna get ten more shots check the water level dry the picking water for sure purple is yeah about him don’t for the fourth straightening this out here it’s gone trav and I took out the boat taking on water it’s a oh hi there purple hi welcome back he got me he got and he thought he got me ya know I got I got him to the okay good good don’t get there about it there better be second floor do we have anybody on their ship stuff that is good yeah I should sing yeah this time just some somewhere on the right-hand side swim we’re on the left-hand side left hand side left hand side I hear him hilarious he’s dead he’s alive what I’m out of bullets how am I not hitting him dude Zach look I know I shot him like three times a girl I finally did it and that went through there’s anybody on her ship can you raise up sail yep if I grab the right fucking sail I know I did please all right come on they got one

guy swim into the outpost but he’s hurt I don’t think is any more food I’m bringing up her just how did he not die all right he has no health swimming up to our boat right now all right I black waters right next to us we need to go back to black water first island you guys shouldn’t be East history straight East everybody on yep everybody’s on board we’re heading east east no Delta then right-click on the other side yeah let him stay there and that’s fine it’s wasting this team’s time a shot guy really doing damage what days dead I think I shot him hey got sniped yeah alright we need to excite right up here yep it’s straight its straight ahead to the right up Purple’s coming in behind us I’m in up this thing yeah help me change sales for the right side mm-hmm I’ll be forgotten test what’s up juvy yeah I had one hit and load of stairs up how you doing there buddy run in the counter you enter all sales up guys yeah we have purple moving chit chit chit it’s uh let’s take purple out again real quick before we go and dig all these sales every weight we allow much yep I’m in the water we an angle of shots yeah yeah yeah a little bit more they’re gonna hit the rock alright let me get it they’re fucked they just they’re just anchored oh I miss them getting on the wheel and getting on the wheel I miss the board they just hit the island swimming over all right get ready straighten the wheel out straighten the wheel out they have one on the island he’s digging yeah that’s fine they can do that all they want they’re about a sink you should probably yeah the round waters Map Room there we go I’m going up nip the Sun all right we’re taking water I’m yep coming down below I’m helping I got there just I got their chest and I still kill them real quick and take the chest go know what’s up for yellow Chester the jig there’s one more Chester to dig out there soon stay on the boat real quick Zack you’re on the boat yeah I’m on the boat yeah there’s two Chester grab behind you buck yep Gold’s coming in Gold’s coming in Gold’s coming in we got to move you stood over there oh yeah oh yeah everyone back to the boat everyone back to the boat right now don’t don’t even get the chest don’t even get the chance track go to the boat bill I really just go just hiding it over here in the corner that’s no good spot doesn’t matter about I don’t know we just need pirates go I think they’re actually going but so yeah they’re gone so so yep it’s right here on the chest yeah let’s get the chest to go just to be on an island there you go to the house cotton month we’re on the way yeah yeah though it’s gonna so we’re gonna have to take care of them in a second all right we got all three could yell Oh piss off yeah yeah they do just as well though we still

have more hair this straight to shirk and all right do the try button maybe she’s chosen right here right here got this one there’s another one right here there’s two there yeah let’s go back to the boat bounce so we all have one yep yeah yeah we got a good streak the shirt and we’ll do a drive-by on the way there maybe a yellow it’s got a ton of chest all right shark fin is hmm another one oh hey where are we putting these chests out I usually put them right here in front of the right side and I dropped one in front of the captains quarters where are we going we’re gonna go so we have four chests or dude all right how did they get so many got fast just go to the one on that just go to the one on the left side barrel there’s no every drop let’s go straight to Marauders we got a good straight straight north time for yellow they just set and then yeah we’ve got to go over there because my audience is out you ready laughs I can’t you really looks like an Regulus I can’t well nice there you go didn’t get the anchor but whatever oh did you shut that great when I got on the cannon or other to land it on their boat there you go he thinks going to see what they’re doing over there we have six minutes we should go cash in yep all right yeah yeah Gold’s waiting for us time nation’ they’re just jumping around the boat lose another one they’re hard left turn around I was bullshit nice treatment well let’s take them in friends we need sales kind of we’re just gonna have to sink gold on the other outpost is occupied as well and Rovers green selling damn we’re leaving that outpost if he goes so I’ll go over there who is green mm-hmm we’re coming up on yellow here yeah yes I got mint dog it’s good at just just there turning left just and then just scoop the sales down just start turning left spirals fire we’re gonna keep on going passing in it so it’s the fire you just shot somebody preparing I got it all right and greens coming in to block this block or sell at the fuck I doubt those sorry we need sales up a bit you get the franchise up right now you’re turning in so you’re saying yep I would only need keep the sales down keep all the sales down dividing this show we’re about the

grass yeah gotcha I’m dead took a can of ball to the head yeah just grab it just grab a chest and go to my van run off the boughs burn run on mm Britt everybody run off the bowsprit grab a chest and let’s go so it’s just shot someone over now we just gotta not sink if we got a guy on our ship greens ownership no but still we’re still gonna bear this we just greens ownership or we’re gonna sink we just sunk it’s fine yeah but their boats gonna see the show any Chesire left see if you can get him we sold four of them you’re at $3,000 there was that one that was hidden down by the bottom of the stairs that we forgot this up we got three chests from Blackwater and then the fourth one that was yellow some green discard the fucking uh I’m gonna try to hail the boys income on their boat right now there’s somebody right there things got weird the person down with the fuck I walk why is everyone from yellow on green right now sir dick Ulis they got one oh yeah there you go fill it green I’m dead green might see them a second floor these guys are all talking shit because they’re fucking me sweats fucking hi great game and this niggas talking shit yeah there you go Nick the plays oh my god dude go fuck yourself guy going down green you that was a good solid second yeah that was good no oh in this next game I don’t know yellows pretty good yes that’s true they were on greens boat every single one of them around green I think I see something magical pay for this and letting this kind of leak here right yeah he’s gonna make it wax yeah how do you turn it back to wax so we can turn that desperate same to look at wob the end of it I bet you can roll a button just saying just making sure we don’t waste that bit of oil I guess talking about pressing it with an iron oh yeah or like so what had happened was Jack can take piss and he stood up with his hand and crushed the heavy hitters cartridge yeah I completely cracked my fucking he said cartridge oh that’s glass I don’t think unless what glass though I think you could smoke glass but yeah completely shattered the cartridge and then I set it onto a piece of like plastic and now I’m rolling a cigarette in the oil that

put the little pencil grippers on those things not that that would help your jeans hitting on it alright guys yeah head to bed alright that was fun those are first-time sailor in quite some time I know well last week I know quite some time for us yeah it’s try I’ll have to do it again soon oh man thanks for joining traffic that was good too yeah yeah for sure man we play a lot all right have a good night guys hey no