Surface Pro 2 Gaming Performance Analysis, League of Legends, War Thunder, Civ V, Team Fortress

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Surface Pro 2 Gaming Performance Analysis, League of Legends, War Thunder, Civ V, Team Fortress

well hello guys today we’re gonna go over the surface pro 2 and its gaming capabilities we have four games that we’re gonna look at we’re going to look at war thunder we’re going to look at civilization 5 League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 and how the surface pro 2 actually handles itself for the ones for the guys who are watching who doesn’t know this thing actually just came out and it comes with the i-5 4200 new CPU which is pretty good it holds itself it gets great battery life and I think it has the HD 4400 for the video card and we’re gonna see how that internal I mean the right internal the video card the embedded video card to the CPU actually handle oh so this thing does not have a dedicated video card before we start let’s check our settings make sure that we’re on high performance which we are first of all I like to apologize for the exposure and the gain settings of the video right now it looks like really bright probably but it’s kinda just itself during the game because most the games are kind of dark and then without that exposure being set high by me it would have been really that you wouldn’t be able to see anything so without further ado let’s start with war thunder we double click on war thunder and there we go we have it set up at 1080p 1920 by 1080 which is the native resolution of this screen I have the graphics set in medium I’m not gonna try hi max or a movie they don’t even want you to try movie while you’re playing the game under any condition that’s just like usually just to play replays on my desktop I played on max but you know if this thing can play this thing on medium I’m probably happy I’ll be more than happy so we’re gonna see what happens apparently the client is already updated which is great and selling us the video settings or just for your video memory size I guess that’s because the memory of the the internal video card is sharing just the random access memory that the whole computer is using anyway without not too much right there I think we can skip all this so we’re logging in to war thunder throughout today that I’ve been playing this game on my regular computer I kept on having bad network connection so we may get some bad network connections I apologize for that upfront however at the very least we’ll see the frame rates how many frames per second this thing can display while it’s in during the battle which will give us a great idea and for now I’m just going to select Americans merica that’s right and the p-51d which is great this is the Mustang my favorite aircraft although it’s been horribly modeled in this game and it is really weak and it gets killed by Opie Japanese British and German aircraft we’re gonna fly it because it’s our favourite aircraft and if this thing was so weak you know we wouldn’t lose the war in the first place right with no speaking German or Japanese but we don’t why because Mustang was great without yeah I don’t want to keep you too much at least while waiting for this thing but I really like this aircraft this thing should be better gaijin make mustang better make Mustang for what it was if you’re watching gaijin you probably are not you’re probably busy buffing the British Spitfires yeah searching for a session it’s been it says average waiting time 25 seconds that’s actually fairly high normally the average waiting time for this game is well it takes about 30 seconds for matchmaking but usually it says seven or eight and we’ve been waiting for a full minute now and if this thing doesn’t really find this a game I’ll just exit out I’m not gonna make you guys wait for this I’ll just go to the next game and then we’ll come back to work on there these are the things doing things like on the go these are the things doing things on the go Wow okay is that a sentence probably not all right 123 I’ll wait oh okay we got it we got the game I don’t have to babble anymore so we’re gonna go into the game right now and we’ll see what our frames per second going to be I’m not expecting a whole lot from this thing it’s a tablet it’s like one inch ish in thickness it’s not even connected to a power source right now although it’s in high high power high performance mode to battle there we go and we’re finally flying there you go that’s pretty good that’s real good

actually it’s probably choppy for you guys I’m gonna keep on saying this throughout the video that it’s gonna be choppy for you it’s not gonna be as good as it is that I’m saying the main reason for that is first of all I’ll tell you the exact if he is the frames per second is 38 between 30 and 40 frames per second which is pretty good this is a fairly new game and we’re playing that 1080p without a dedicated video card so it’s actually really good although we’re not oh I have bombs on this thing that’s not good I probably can’t like a big old bumblebee right now anyway um so what you guys are seeing right now is from my webcam and my webcam records at 1080p but at a you know stupid 15 maybe 30 frames per second I don’t even know probably at 30 frames per second so the jaggedy motion that you see does not appear on my screen I’m actually seeing fluid motion at 38 to 40 frames per second which is which is great so if you don’t get killed do we have a tail already we already have a tail we’re probably gonna get killed here because Mustangs get shot really fast like one shot into the Mustang and it’s dead and I just want to drop my barn up for my wheels yeah geez there’s the armored car I dropped the bomb I pull up without dying I didn’t even kill the armored car most things ready to do it let’s drop this bomb so I have a little bit more and we’re gonna die here which doesn’t matter because at least now we know thanks sir thanks for ruining the video for me whatever you’ll a bit bf-109 flying person you thanks for ruining my video so we’re gonna exit war thunder I’m fairly happy with war thunder this is great I’ll play this game on this thing without any issues I will probably load the detailed settings to low and then play it more than likely to get even higher frames per second when you’re playing some time outside really first for a second is the most important thing that you’re looking for however it’s good it’s it’s this is a tablet this thing is a little bigger than an iPad guys imagine that right I can hear the fans going right now I don’t know if you guys can or not but he’s a hero my goodness right anyway continuing on let’s go with the SIP 5 I have the gods in Kings edition of civilization 5 and then let’s launch it I’m gonna launch it at the higher DirectX 10 11 version not the older one not that x9 so we’ll see if it can actually handle that Puma yeah I can see just had some coconut water what kind of water is good stuff get some coconut water I love it yeah we don’t need this gods and Kings why I’m recording this during Halloween night like I have nothing better to do in Halloween then to record this video that’s pathetic that’s the life of an engineer student scientist mixture are you gonna do still loading loading screen is taking a while oh not do that that’s pretty much what it takes on a scrambled content continents not like available okay we’re not gonna buy a map pack right now that’s pretty much what it takes on my computer on my home computer which has SSDs and you know overclock i7 2606 80s a lot more than everything like that so it’s it’s pretty good so we’ll play now apparently wants us to play with the hunt Empire which is funny because like my ancestors are from Turkey and Turkish people’s ancestors are the Huns and and apparently they’re like most renowned leaders / Sultan or whatever was Attila and give us the Attila okay let’s take a city right here really quick take our warrior first of all let me see if I can move around yes again you’re seeing jagged motion you probably seen 1520 frames per second I guarantee you I’m seeing 60 frames per second at the very least this is very easy let’s see choose protection Adam me I don’t care so I’m moving around the map very easily very nicely the graphics look great everything is crisp clean and I’ll choose your church research I don’t care there we go and now next time I just want to see really quick if I can get into a battle and see how long the battle will take I mean obviously things are gonna slow down as the turns go forward you have a

bunch of Nations and waiting for their turns and everything and they need to be calculated but for now this is excellent I don’t have I just installed this I don’t have like the auto and turn so I can constantly have to click it but I’m gonna attack this barbarian town right here while you guys are here thank you go away please thanks appreciate it next turn so we’re gonna me zoom in a little bit of a zoom right there please go away sir go sir thank you there we go we have our warrior Punic warrior I don’t even know what the difficulty is actually right now versus the barbarian brute it says it’s an even fight we attack and the Turkish people lose 20 for help and they gain 580 sir go away are we gonna be able to take it is this the end of the Turkish Empire or the Turks are going to defeat the barbarians who are drenched in their barbarian pinky there’s a little bit of a delay between turns just a tiny bit I can feel oh we’re gonna win this sir go yes I know it’s easy to talk after I win doable promote the unit oh yeah yeah let’s promote this guy there’s just a tiny bit of response issue not this turn is it next turn okay so okay so we can put let’s put this with shock because they’re an open train we’re gonna attack that open string we wanna take the least amount of damage as possible I’m not gonna heal it actually normally I would heal this unit and we’re gonna take this guy down and Turkish people win this is how you win a game of civilization very quickly that’s it it’s end credits we don’t even need to watch the rest let’s go back to Windows I’m pretty sure most of you have been waiting for this usually people who view these videos they look at it for League of Legends because the go ahead legends has a massive player base an insane amount of people play League of Legends and that’s why we’re gonna do League of Legends unfortunately I don’t play League of Legends I mean I do but I don’t meaning like I have an account and I played when I first made this account but I don’t really because my friends were more into demigod and then they were into dota 2 and I played dota 2 with them and demigod with him and they were really got into League of Legends and didn’t have the time to invest in it but um it’s actually a great game I know it is a great game and I should probably play more often but I don’t anyway I’m gonna create a game and I’m gonna add some bots ears that’s good that’s totally fine and give me Warwick rockets now let’s make this fun no I can’t let’s let no I can’t do it too much coconut water alright by the way this is a p-51d must’ve hummed on my wallpaper man I’m obsessed with that thing I love that haircut I will fly that aircraft one day guys I will fly it I promise you guys I will fly that airplane at some point in my life technically speaking it’s a single-engine a aircraft so anybody who can fly a single-engine Cessna should be able to fly that right single-engine single-engine I mean it’s just a really really really really big Rolls Royce engine but it’s single engine single propeller come on it’s not that big of a deal single engine single propeller like there is a double engine single propeller aircraft out there anyway we are at 40% I don’t know why it’s not loading oh I guess it didn’t meet I don’t know what happened something happens that we’re gonna retry this start the game let’s like this guy Oh everybody dies some just need a little help knows better I can do that better than work or Warwick Warwick’s name is making my accent sound thicker than it already is

I’m totally prepared the battle about to begin just start please thank you let’s see what happens this time this is me I should be there okay loading 20% 30% 40% we passed 40 we didn’t even make it anything about 40 oh but now we’re stuck at 57 we’re going up 59 60 I don’t know how long this game normally takes to load so you guys can compare that yes 68 69 1985 100 100 okay there we go my resolution is really messed up not sure why oh it got dropped – there you go there is 1080p there it is so I can see my frames per second up there they’re locked at 50 – 60 frames per second which is amazing you’re not saying 60 frames per second I can see what you’re seeing on my own computer monitor I’d be like oh you look at that no this is really good actually guys this is 60 frames per second graphics are crystal clear and I’m pretty sure this thing can actually show you more than 60 frames per second attempting to reconnect I know we’re having network issues it can do more than 60 frames per second it’s just the vsync is causing the frames to be locked 30 seconds until minions form and I want to go there yeah I I’d like it let’s take this ability I don’t know what it does piercing light you use I is I for it no hell oh we got dropped again steam update steam update okay means house phone let’s get some minions in get out hey guys before this thing actually breaks come on minions I have some weapons or something in my hands what do I have I I have weapons I was right and there we go the first set attacking I don’t think this is how you’re supposed to play this game I’m pretty sure this is not how you’re supposed to play that game there you go that’s a little bit better do I get it like the last hit or something take the last step to get the money something like that that wasn’t over attack this guy wow he did something to me I hit him with something I’m gonna die here too like an easy computer everybody’s gonna laugh okay that’s about it that’s great I’m glad we won that battle that was easy oh by the way all the graphics are in high except shadows at medium which you don’t even need so I’m very impressed with two things number one League of Legends optimization for being able to deliver this kind of product at that resolution and without taking too many system resources and surface pro to being able to deliver that and our last thing let’s take a quick look at Team Fortress 2 see if you can smoothly play a first-person shooter because we did a strategy game with it in an aircraft simulation World War 2 simulation game with the the dota style hero type click and move type of game and now let’s look at a first-person shooter as our last game really quick without running this video too much know that I’m gonna play searching for the best available server so apparently there are like 340 servers meeting my criteria but I still need more because I need more selection I guess I don’t know why just choose one or let me choose one is like top 666 60 is currently I play this game a lot with heavy that I don’t play this game that much anyway it’s because I’ve been just studying and doing work I haven’t playing a whole lot of games as well that’s except warthunder I think I may have put in close to 80 hours on the last two weeks into war thunder but except that yeah so we’ll play with the heavy why not continue thank you to the blue team will take the heavy select

them all right there this is the this is pretty hard because right under my chin there’s a camera to my right there’s a big old microphone and I’m trying to like kind of flare my arms out just to be able to play this game so I can’t even see the screen I’m actually looking at the my home computer screen where the recording is being done already let’s find someone to kill yeah and you got killed really quickly what happens is I was getting at the very least 50 to 60 frames per second III didn’t print it out anywhere but I felt that it was great well I acquired new items good job Andy level 100 spell book so it’s great this thing looks good this thing can play games surface pro can play a game surface pro 2 I’m sorry service pro 2 can play games very very very easily and will do one last thing that you guys gonna like actually this was on battery powered the whole time and when I started the video I think it was around like 50 or 52 percent it’s down to 38 percent so you know that you will be spending twelve to fourteen percent of your battery life every 20 to 30 minutes of gaming with this thing which means you could play on a fairly high resolution and at a great frame rate for about an hour and a half close to two hours with this thing on a full charge two hours of gaming without plugging using a 10 inch small tablet at 60 frames per second is impressive I it’s impressive I usually do a lot of reviews and I usually don’t like the things that I’m reviewing I hate them I’m like oh this thing sucks this thing is just this is good for gaming it’s good for the it’s expensive but for what it is I mean please oh good offensive stuff it’s it’s great for what it is so thanks for watching the video I will make another video actually I’m gonna make two more videos one video is gonna be lean Lenovo ThinkPad tablet 2 class stouts note-taking and then I’m gonna do one more surface pro 2 video where I’m gonna be taking notes on this thing live while I’m video recording and then so you guys can see how this beautiful pen comes into play and see if you can actually use this thing for your student endeavors at your current school again thanks for watching and I have a good day