Video Game Pick Ups #16: Another grail off the arcade list, SHMUPs & More!

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Video Game Pick Ups #16: Another grail off the arcade list, SHMUPs & More!

like a man hey what’s going on youtube this is garrett DJ deuce with another pick up video for you guys had a pretty decent week this week despite all the snow that we’ve been getting as i mentioned last week we got hit with a pretty bad snowstorm we finally caught a break on tuesday so on tuesday that allowed me to pick up what I mentioned in the last video in the last video I mentioned that I was saving some recoup money to purchase something pretty special so I was able to get that on Tuesday and I wanted to thank Lauren and Vernon for helping me transport it and bring it downstairs without a scratch so we’ll get into that later on the video of what exactly that was so this video is going to cover that pick up my calls I also got a pre order in the mail so I’m you know pretty excited to share that with you guys as well as some thrifts pawns some trades what else what else do we have that’s pretty much it so let’s get started alright so let’s start with some indoor flea market pickups there’s a indoor flea market that’s off a Palmer Park in Colorado Springs that I go to every once in a while because sometimes you know I can find a few gems there or some great deals so I went there today and I found a couple of good items can I paid a total of fifteen dollars and seven cents for everything here we’ll start off with a copy of wii sports for the wii this is going to be a recuperar these are really easy to sell on amazon and if you can pick them up for like a dollar up to like three three dollars you can make a decent amount of money for it so in this case i paid three dollars for this it isn’t a generic case but the disc is in there and it is in mint condition also picked up a copy of destruction derby to for the ps1 and I paid a dollar for this one got a complete in box nintendo DS browser I haven’t really seen any of these complete I had a loose one but I sold it a long time ago but I paid five bucks for this finally I got a copy of doom 3 bfg edition for the ps3 and I paid five bucks for that all right from an arc off of south academy I picked up a couple items pretty good prices for both I picked up a ps2 controller and I paid a total of a dollar 99 for that also picked up Activision anthology for the game boy advance and I paid a total of a dollar 99 for that as well all right from another arc this one that’s right by my work the same arc where they started the price charting stuff picked up a bunch of stuff to UM found one gem there and a bunch of CDs so let’s cover those we’ll start off with this parasite eve that i picked up for 3 99 for the ps1 I pick up a bunch of CDs there too so it was real quick I’m a huge metal and rock fan so I picked up kitty and each of these CDs are a dollar 99 also picked up the Rolling Stones hot rocks from 1964 1971 some other best tracks art arch enemy the root of all evil are sending me black earth dr. dre the chronic Kitty funeral funeral for yesterday music from the motion picture resident evil as well as the crow also got a copy of otep awesome metal band and finally a sealed copy of The Cardigans the best of the cardigans and this is a Japanese import all right so these next pickups come from an ez pawn picked up a couple of wheat idols which are going to be mainly Riku purse and a bunch of other cool things so we’ll start off with wii sports resorts which i paid a dollar for it also came with the instruction manual for the standard version of this game that comes in the wii case also got a copy of Wii Sports earthworm jim which i paid a dollar for as well as these two little gameboy titles revenger the Gator and frog or two for the game boy color they tossed in the star wars battlefront

for free it was in a generic case but it was pretty beat up so I just pulled it out of the case so this is a loose copy for the original xbox final dreamcast game their legacy of kain soul reaver which I paid two dollars for and finally a copy of a legend of zelda twilight princess for the wii i paid four dollars for this alright so these next pickups are from a goodwill I found a copy of Lord of the Rings battle for middle-earth this was 299 and these are excellent recuperes i’m not sure if i had mentioned these in previous videos but like i sell these all day on amazon for about 30 bucks more if they come with a big outer box which i also found a copy of it another thrift store and i’ll get to that but anyways these are excellently cooper’s so definitely keep an eye out for them especially battle for middle-earth too and then there’s an anthology which i also found as well so anyways 299 for that also found a copy of black dawn for the ps1 for 299 got a copy of shrek fairy tale freak down for the game boy color and purple was half off so this was 399 but i only pay two bucks for it also find a copy of all-star baseball 2001 for the nintendo 64 came with the instruction manual and i pay 299 for that finally i got a copy of south park the stick of truth for the ps3 and i paid a total of three ninety-nine for that awesome deeds alright so we got some more art pickups we’ll start off with the sims 2 pets that i paid to 99 for for the playstation 2 copy of Kingdom Hearts one for a dollar 99 got a copy of crash bandicoot route the cortex for 399 for the original xbox BMX XXX i paid for 99 for this Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance which I paid 399 for found a complete LITTLEST PET SHOP three biggest stars it’s a toys r us exclusive for the nintendo DS and i paid ten bucks for this found a copy of jade cocoon for the ps2 and i paid 299 for that finally this is the big box battle for middle earth that i was talking about that i found that an arc paid to 99 for that i can sell this for about thirty-five to forty dollars so this is another Riku / found a Microsoft play in charge this is an official one that paid a total of three ninety-nine for that one as well as this nunchuck for the Nintendo wheats official as well they paid a dollar ninety-nine for that alright yet some more art pickups I found a copy of star wars knights of the old republic for 799 Wolverine Adam Adam Adam an IAM rage i picked up for 699 and it’s complete I don’t know why I picked this up but i decided to anyways because it has everything in the box and this was only five bucks this is a game dr premier like dis cleaner i’m not even sure if this works or not um I guess I’ll just test it on a few games that I really don’t care about that are just too scratched up to even play to see how well it works but for five bucks couldn’t pass it up went to a entertainmart and actually found some good games for once these were all each 799 so I found total carnage for the Super Nintendo bomberman 64 and duke nukem 64 alright so from the DAV i picked up a bag of GI joes for 298 there’s just a ton of figures in here so i have to go through them and sort them out and whatnot 298 and I think these are like originals all right so from an ez pawn I picked up to PSP UMD movies children of the corn for two bucks and a copy of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for two bucks these next pickups are ebay and a pre-order I ordered a copy of jade cocoon so it was kind of kind of funny for me to find Jake cocoon to for the ps2 this week also got a copy another copy of Matt Hoffman’s pro BMX to looky games actually sent this one out originally and it got lost for like two weeks so I

I messaged him and said hey never got my game and they thought I got lost so they sent out a replacement they sent another another copy out and this finally showed up at my doorstep yesterday so I had now have two cops in this game I also got a copy of steamed bok chronicles a demo disc off of ebay and finally this came in the mail lat yesterday this is the european version of The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3d this differs from the US release because it has the steelbook as well as I think it’s a poster and a pin so very happy to finally get this I got a notification that it shipped like two weeks ago so I’ve been basically waiting for this to show up at my doorstep but I’m gonna do a unboxing of this later on so definitely cool to have an ad in my collection because I’m a huge zelda fan all right so this next video covers a couple of cool Riku person I found at an arc and the goodwill one of those games i only paid like three dollars for and it’s actually worth about a hundred and eighty dollars so check it out alright so when I got here a couple recoup urge that I picked up from a goodwill and an arc first off it got battle lord of the rings battle for middle-earth one and I pay to 99 for that got another copy of the battle for middle-earth 1 for 2 99 at an arc that’s complete the big box and finally this is probably the creme de la creme of all the Lord of the Rings video games this is the battle for middle-earth anthology this title goes for about 180 190 right now and it’s all three games built in one and not only Paige at two dollars a million nine cents for it so these are all going to be flippers sell all these because i’m not in the pc games and that’s pretty much it for those pickups alright so let’s go over that item that i mentioned in the last pickup video this week i picked up a punch-out arcade cabinet this was on craigslist and the guy wanted 700 or best offer for it by the time two days of negotiation went by i got it for five hundred fifty bucks plus fifty dollars in trade so check it out alright so this is the latest addition to the nintendo game room this is a punch-out arcade cabinet this is the item that I was talking about in the last video that I was trying to save some recoup money for this took a total of two days of negotiation and I think we finalized everything by friday i couldn’t pick it up over the weekend because the impending snow storm that hit us pretty bad so i put a deposit down and cross my fingers and hope that i could pick it up at least by monday that didn’t happen by the way on monday another snowstorm hit us so it wasn’t safe to actually move this i transported this in a open bed truck thanks to my friend Lauren so we were worried about you know snowflakes and everything damaging it if we couldn’t find anything to cover it so luckily on Tuesday the weather cleared up enough for us to get this we laid it flat on its back and it got downstairs in less than 10 minutes so very happy to add this through the collection so what did I pay for this I pay a total of five fifty plus fifty dollars in trade he originally wanted 700 but after being a little persistent and you know having great communication with him back and forth about this he decided to drop it to 600 and then when he found out that I had a lot of 80s and 70s memorabilia he said hey let’s trade some of that towards this as well so without further ado let’s take a look so we’ll start with the left panel as you can see it’s an excellent shape the side artwork is pristine no tears or anything in it there is a little bit of a scuff mark there on the right side from it being moved this has been moved a total of three different times not including the move from his house to my house the control panel overlay is an excellent shape everything is in mint condition including the Plexiglas and both top and bottom screens don’t have any burn in the quarter slot works just fine in fact it’s set to take quarters right now I’m not sure how to program it’s a free play mode but let’s take a look inside so as you can see it’s a little game counter and I guess these batteries are for saving the high scores and everything but the inside of this cabinet is in

immaculate shape no dust bunnies no rust nothing alright so let’s move along the bottom a coin box houses the instruction manuals so that was pretty cool to have that included in this some slight scuffing over there on the on the front panel as you can see speakers work going to the right side besides an excellent shape as well with exception to a little scuff mark up there so very glad to add this to my collection my history with this arcade cabinet is back in the mid to late 80s I still go to a arcade in Daly City California called the launchpad and funny enough it’s what I’d named is this game room plus a facebook channel that I run so anyways back to the launch pad I used to go there every day after school to meet up with some friends and hang out and whatnot and they had a arcade there that had tons and tons of classic games and I played this one a lot this is an exciting cause excitebike was next to it to the right of it at this arcade I played there this excitebike there was Tron their discs at Ron that is not the actual Tron arcade as well as like Return of the Jedi and the star wars arcade you know the little cockpit arcade cabinet as well as like gapless gyrus I’m just tons of classics there so lots of history and memories behind this machine I dumped a lot of quarters in this one as well and it’s a lot harder than the home versions home versions of this game so anyways I just thought you guys should meet alright so after we moved that arcade cabinet downstairs Lauren Vernon and myself we did a bunch of trading that night so i traded like a madden PSP which is the blue one plus starfox 64 for the 3ds i traded that with Lauren and got the following I got this little Pokemon Pikachu kind of Tamagotchi looking a little mini game thing a sealed copy of b2 raider for the PSP a game that I’ve been looking for for a while for the ps1 in the hunt I don’t know why this game is a rare I haven’t played it yet but it looks interesting but I’ve been looking for this one for a while so thanks Lord for the trace for this and finally a copy of a tell yer to Tori the adventurer of arland this is a collector’s edition complete for the ps3 so once again thank you Lauren for the trades all right so this next item I got from Tom the guy that sold me the punch-out cabinet in addition to the stuff that I traded for fifty dollars you know towards the cabinet I also kicked him in some free stuff so in return he gave me for free this Coleco Telstar he says it’s not working he can’t find the power cord for it or anything so I actually think it might work because without the power cords you can’t really tell whether it works or not so I’m hoping that’s the case I’m gonna try and locate and track down a power cord for this so as soon as I do I will let you guys know whether this worked or not so thanks again tom for the freebies and hope you enjoy all that other stuff that I gave you alright so this is that $60 craigslist lot the nes portion of this was forty dollars and the wii portion of this bundle was twenty bucks let’s go over the games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kings of the beach TMNT turtles to arcade game contra Batman wheel of fortune wheel of fortune featuring Vanna White cyber stadium series base wars ramble jaws Gunsmoke Top Gun second mission Top Gun Tecmo Super Bowl and that’s jumped up in price T 2 star trek 25th anniversary rest in peace mr. Spock Friday the 13th the simpsons bart vs space mutants Double Dragon one and two ultima gotcha zelda and finally the adventure of link it also came with a

zapper and the retro duo which didn’t have the power cord and that’s why he knocked off ten dollars off the price for that lot let’s go over the wii portion now tomb raider anniversary we play mario and sonic at the olympic winter games deca sports a first generation wii console with two wiimotes and only one nunchuck the remote wireless bar the stand and the AV and power brick so paid a total of sixty dollars for this entire bundle alright so let’s go over these amoebas that i picked up we’ll start off with the top row which is just Luigi Mario Pikachu link Bowser Zelda princess peach which was only ten bucks samus Toon Link Donkey Kong chic boo sorry oh rosalina king DD and Captain Falcon so these last four I traded a Nintendo with three semi common games and total carnage for the Super Nintendo alright so obviously since the wardrobe change just a different day it’s actually sunday march first yesterday went out with the homie vernon and we hit up a couple of thrift stores i did a couple craigslist pickups did one offer a pickup and a facebook pick up so tons of items to cover so let’s get started start off with some amigos i found sonic at a gamestop tons of them so these are not rare anymore found a Kirby picked up a couple of PS PS from the ark got both these each or 2499 apiece these are both PSP 3000 s and they both came with the Chargers also picked up a copy of ghost recon for a dollar 99 a fusion frenzy for dollar 99 and star wars jedi starfighter for a dollar 99 went to the PX well a gamestop in fort carson and pick up a bunch of DS games for a dollar apiece and there were a couple ever two dollars so these following games or a dollar piece we got exit spectrobes feel the magic my friends what’s cooking with Jamie Oliver Jake power policeman senses jam sessions zookeeper Daniel X big brain academy another copy of exit des this is these are two dollars apiece Kate West vanishing files mystery dungeon de gata and finally drawn to life also while we were on base we actually picked up a wii u starter kit these were 13 something and it with 75 percent off so ended up costing about three dollars in something since I don’t know Vernon paid for it because he had to use his military ID but here’s that starter kit and seventy-five percent off of that all right let’s go to this Facebook pick up got a bunch of super nintendo games or commons but for 10 bucks couldn’t pass it up nine games in home and we’ll start off with a NHL stanley cup super play action football michael jordan chaos in the Windy City the ignition factor Brett Hull hockey 95 super high impact Bram Stoker’s Dracula ken griffey jr presents major-league baseball and finally WrestleMania the arcade game 10 bucks for all that and the woman was only about five minutes away went to an arc and picked up these two titles for three dollars apiece got star wars 3 lego star wars 3 the Clone Wars and mario party for went to a cash america and pick up all these games for four dollars and

forty-five cents for 45 I’ve got a copy of harry potter and the chamber of secrets marvel ultimate alliance ready to rumble boxing round 2 sonic heroes the naked brothers band video game for the weed amf pro bowling world tour world lanes excuse me dear drive line rider 2 and MLB power pros from another arc picked up a battery kit for the Wii this was 299 also picked up scrabble for a dollar 99 we fit for a dollar 99 clue finders search and solve adventure this is brand new sealed I think this goes for about 20 bucks or 25 bucks but i only paid a dollar for it it’s a yellow tag so it was half off finally mozart the symphony’s this is a classical compilation CD paid six dollars for it and this sells for about thirty to thirty-five dollars so this is a goodra Cooper as well I’ve always got to keep your mind open because when you can’t on days that you can’t find games to flip to refund the hobby you should go for other things too like cds and pc games any calculators just anything that’s pretty simple and easy to ship that can get you some money back from what you spend on games alright picked up a brand new but no box you draw studio instant artists this is sealed and the tablet also has the plastic wrap still on top of it so it’s got everything but the box and i paid 999 for that at a good will find a copy of crash mind over mutant at a pawn shop for a dollar picked up these two Castlevania games for fifteen dollars on craigslist it’s Castlevania order of ecclesia and dawn of sorrow and they’re both complete got a copy of Battletoads and Double Dragon for the Sega Genesis pick this up for ten dollars on craigslist got this iPad Mini gold this matches my iphone 6 every time the new iPads come out I upgrade so I picked this up for 300 bucks its brand new was never used and once I flipped my old 32 gig mini 2 with the retina display this should only cost me about a hundred bucks pick up a pink DS Lite complete and box with the manuals and everything stylus and GBA cover all matching all original parts 25 bucks on craigslist ok so on offer up I saw 5 360 games for twenty dollars so I mean for thirty bucks I made an offer 20 she accepted so we met up last night and I got saw to viva pinata minecraft Mortal Kombat and finally grand theft auto for a couple of our pickups I’ve got a bunch of first generation Star Wars figures for twenty dollars there’s a couple notables in here like ig-88 they’re see-through p 0 and here an original stormtrooper reach Skywalker Han Solo a couple of droids so very happy to get this because I’m a big star Wars fan and for twenty bucks can’t beat it another arc now keep in mind that every single tag was half off except for white and green so I picked up a copy of driver 2 and this was a dollar 99 Sonia buck didn’t have disc 1 in there but I got a copy of croc in there a black label so that bonus disc is probably worth more than the driver to CD itself got a copy of NASCAR racing for 299 half off a dollar fifty wii fit plus got four dollar fifty dance dance revolution extreme dollar-fifty DRX for a dollar ninety-nine and finally MC grooves dance crazy this was 399 half off two bucks finally this is the cleanest ps1 that I’ve ever seen in the wild it’s got almost no blemishes smells brand new no cords no controllers no power but I have all extras of that this was 12 99 half off so 650 and it came with a greatest hits version a crock and another arc I picked up a Sega Saturn game this was where’s a sticker I believe this was 299

um I don’t know what happened to the sticker PGA Tour 97 for the Saturn I got this empty croc case for free um there was a demo CD in here for something else so I asked him if I could keep the case or sell you know they can sell me the case and they said they’ll just give it to me so that’s pretty weird how I got the empty greatest hits and i found the croc greatest hits in a ps1 keep in mind this was picked up before that ps1 was picked up so I found this first and then I found the greatest hits CD later on the afternoon alright so what you’re looking at right now are six shoot-’em-up games that I acquired in a trade tonight I actually ended up trading out those forum evils that I acquired in another trade and those were king dedede rosalina Lucario and Captain Falcon so in return I got these six games plus 50 bucks cash kind of stuck to see those amiibos go but sony always takes a top priority in my collection there’s a couple of shmups in here that don’t have so I you know when this guy offered this plus cash I couldn’t resist plus from what i’m hearing the doc structure over and all the amoebas that were stuck in those shipping containers should be shipping out soon and hopefully this whole craze will kind of tapered a little bit and things will be a more more affordable so anyways let’s go over the games got our type Delta are types raystorm thunderforce 5r a crisis and radius 5 figured am as well cash out on those amiibos while the iron is still hot so that’s pretty much it alright so that’s all the pickup’s i got for this week i hope you guys enjoyed watching the video and don’t forget to click that like button if you like you know if you like these videos you want to see more and also if you haven’t done so please click that subscribe button over there really helps me out and it keeps me motivated to keep making these and if you have any questions please leave a comment below I will be doing the 200 subscriber contest soon I was debating on whether to do 100 subscriber contest because I have some other content on my YouTube page that I have subscribers for for those like DJ videos and whatnot so I didn’t want to count those tours the amount of subscribers that I have now so I think if I reach to 200 subscriber mark that should cover most of all the video game-related subscribers that I have so anyways uh once again thank you very much for watching and happy hunting like a man you