7 Days to Die Previous stream june 17 2017

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7 Days to Die Previous stream june 17 2017

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what is up ladies and gentleman there we go we’re nice and Sun how’s everyone doing welcome back to a Saturday episode of multiplayer I’m actually just hopping onto the server now so we can go ahead and start playing hopefully it’s not hard night again hopefully I don’t login and have to deal with the Horde night right away gotta love it when that happens and wow it’s Saturdays the kids are real good work cupcake and Jolene thank you very much once again the natto community we don’t tolerate that here but cracking off to release one of those endorphins okay Chris yeah sure dude whatever that means and we’re in okay let’s uh let’s get going here sweet where did I end off last time oh yes look at that it’s eight o clock in the morning it’s perfect I was out getting some clay and we were doing some just general gathering gesture how you doing man welcome welcome hey Cody how are you doing Cody is that Cody cool cool why does gaming I don’t even know how you doing man welcome to the stream almost home I’ll be back soon okay cool pup tiny so it’ll probably probably be a longer stream today depending on how things go it is Saturday I won’t be streaming tomorrow tomorrow’s Father’s Day and I got to do some volunteering early in the a.m. with no strings attached so yeah I won’t be around tomorrow but I am releasing that 24 about like talking about it’s 12 hours of the 16 hour stream now I found out the hard way that the long is a stream you can post on YouTube is 12 hours long so oops yeah whatever it is what it is maybe next time I’ll start recording up to 12 hours and then just upload the recording afterwards I don’t know but we’ll see we’ll see happy Saturday everybody how’s everyone doing I can’t take on my phone for some reason uh you know what as much as it sucks for you I think I kind of like that should be playing this later this evening when I get back to town that’s awesome Sam yeah we also had another update last night as well too didn’t need to white though so we’re still on the same same playthrough we’re

on day six did broad day 69 giggity 5 p.m. here in the UK and the summons beaming uh I hope it gets nice out today it’s it was all crappy like it ended up being crap either as the day yesterday all thunderstorm and and stuff and then it rained all night but it looks to be okay today it’s still warm forgetting humid as hell but whatever it is what it is hey what’s up chance a little legs how you doing Skippy but not awake Oh yet no Skippy BOTS not awake my bud I actually restarted this PC before the stream and once again I didn’t have the fuzz fuzz spot load it up thanks man let me know that so from now on the 24 hour streams and upload two parts to YouTube do you’ve now that works dude do you know how much information 24 hours of video is but the tanks nice thanks man what is a facility what do you mean stairs intentionally Hey yeah I’m not entirely awake either I am I woke up in the middle of night there’s a dogfight outside and gave me a like a panic attack no [ __ ] reason so I was up from like 4 – like 6 for no reason and I fell asleep again so I had a weird sleep last night but whatever it’s Saturday I don’t care I’ll just do stuff I’ll have some coffee come [ __ ] off [ __ ] off a fate coffee I’ll have some come Fei Fei and wake up here today hey J what’s up me you haven’t had a coffee a day for months really why okay so how much do we have 735 that should be more than enough for now we do definitely need a lot more stones so let’s go in the gather some more debt here there we go I need to make some iron so we can start making some iron tools as well here kill some more zombies got some more XP do some more leveling this isn’t bad this isn’t bad to do guys if you’re asking what platform this is on take a good look at it just just take a good look at this there you go okay I should I should probably answer your question I’m having my coffee Fae right now nice yeah I got down I got a giant giant thing of coffee it holds half a coffee pot I love it and it stays hot for like 12 hours umm I bring it fishing with me it’s nice to have nice hot fresh coffee the whole time you’re fishing it’s amazing it was funny too because when I bought it one of the selling points was that you could fit a bottle of wine in it friggin women I laughed what I saw that I just show people I’m like look the main selling point of this is that you could put wine in it mmm and use some delicious coffee a fatal yes if you’re gonna ask about traders go to the forums and ask Claire asked us Claire when they’re gonna get traders yeah notifications are random even sometimes if you have the Bell notification clicked it doesn’t notify right away if you guys haven’t done so yet hit the like button guys does help push a stream up search results and help spur bonus a bottle of when that is a bottle of win actually the whole bottle of wooden okay see you later mark any black butterfly what’s going on seems like a legit selling point I know laughing so much cuz it’s a good paint like seriously guys stuff is so [ __ ] overpriced right now like this is like a double-walled container it literally does keep my coffee hot for like 12 hours but they wanted 50 bucks for it was on sale for 20 I should have bought it for 10 but ya know isn’t seen how much stuff costs now as just wow who that [ __ ] would pay $50 for that like $50 you can actually go and get like an actual like army canteen style thing you know what I mean and it comes with a cup this one then imagine the came with like a little wine glass on top there you go the BOTS connected now guys you should be good to go no no it was connecting okay we’re gonna scrap this and hopefully stream Labs is working today I really hope it’s working it’s frustrating I won’t be able to do shoutouts for follows if it’s not going today there we go okay I’m gonna switch over to the right screen perfect and I’m overheating of

course what am I wearing oh I’m wearing my fancy suit jacket that’s why I have to have fancy pants on and nothing else everything cost a lot these days everything was just like way over price like I guarantee you those cost $5 each to manufacture like I guarantee you that this is the 50 bucks on the shelf yep there she is there she is okay hey Skippy my first time watching the stream all cool amber welcome to the Strand from South Africa nice I actually got I had to make four four flashy and classy classy um here we go I actually had to make I had to get that that’s my baby right there that’s my beast right there the top of it didn’t come with a filter and it has like it comes with like a cap if you’re not using if you’re if you’re not using the the water cooling it comes with a nice white cap to it but otherwise like then you have like big Phil Gramm Phil’s you know what I’m trying to say right now I haven’t got enough cough a fee um anyways when I’m trying to get to is I had to order my custom screen this little sucker here from South Africa this thing came all the way from South Africa and it all it is is a magnetic filter that goes on the top of it what oh [ __ ] yeah whatever there we go a hundred bucks to my door the holy crap do does Canada ever charge you tariff on stuff out of South Africa it’s insane ah let’s get up here [ __ ] there we go perfect clothes optional stream oh my god I almost want to it’s it’s so humid in here today yeah you guys would never know if I’m not wearing pants on stream I could be like a news anchor and just sit here and do the news and be all spiffy from here on up but you’ll never know from down below that’s I stood up then then I’d be busted but yeah it is what it is ladies answering the question say serious are you doing that when is the update for pac-man coming out the game board as soon as Tuesday hits 25 o clock I guess it would cost more to ship from South Africa to here yeah yet well the actual filter itself was only 25 bucks but then I had to pay for the shipping and then I friggin got charged tariffs on it like mad I was like holy [ __ ] like the tariff itself was like 40 something dollars I was like you gotta charge me for T always tariff on a [ __ ] $25 item yeah I don’t know why hey what’s up how do I play games how you doing man did you take down the charity stream no I haven’t released yet I’m releasing the charity stream tomorrow morning because it’s a super long stream right I can’t really release something that long on a day that I’m actively streaming it makes like zero cents so tomorrow’s Father’s Day of course I won’t be around so I’ll be uh I’ll be tossing it out then hey what’s up Brad how you doing man I would know it would show somehow if you weren’t wearing pants okie dokie oh yeah why do I have feathers on me I do we can go ahead and make some arrows now perfect there we go oh we need some wood let’s go get some wood folks not that’s a Sam be up there does it see me already nope she’s going too soon though hello how are you nice of you to come over second floppy on the head swing the Miss yeah stream blab still doesn’t work god dammit whatever I tweeted them the other day and they said they knew of the issue and they’re trying to fix it so was he able to find know what happens is I learned the hard way that the max recording you can do on YouTube is 12

hours for streams at least it’ll only render 12 hours of the stream so maybe next time like you can’t just stop a stream Midway to cut off the recording as start again it dumps all your viewers and stuff so I think what they’ll do next time is that attempt like if I go over 12 hours attempt to record it from there I didn’t record it as well but tastes then it takes up so much information to record like that however yeah 143 would we definitely need a lot more wood Oh thought I saw some some goodness sir may as well cool rob that house up too while we’re at it go and give a hell us a Rob oh there we go another level nice nice we’re gonna do we’re going to invest you know what can I get miner 60 hour I’m sorry bad mechanic nope I can’t damn it but I think I might be able to make a oh [ __ ] I think I might be able to make better tools now I can okay I’m going to buy the better tools weapons oh I can actually get a few levels here yeah there we go nice and I’m gonna make us more tools here so we can go a lot better yeah wait till night to do that that’s not very smart oh boy stupid phones on vibrate so I could like hear clear across the room there we go that works I don’t want it to like vibrate off my PC get mah bad guy okay hurry up arrows I’m gonna go down here and we’re gonna rob this house I guess well while I wait for my stone eggs scrap oh look at this let’s go kill some zombies may as well get some XP for that as well – hello lady s okay and bam and bam do I build a base and stay there the rest of the save it’s a pretty big generalization dude okay yo come everybody I’m down here come down here come here stop holding your leg see that I don’t understand I think it was actually games for kicks on Twitter that I was talking to that said they feel pain and I was like what but yeah they actually like grabbed her leg and [ __ ] when you hit them like they feel pain it is a little odd that they do that now that I think about it because but that’s not something a live person with you right oh my god my leg my leg but a zombie hmm oh my god yeah you could tell it’s a Saturday there we go that’s the level 150 stone axe thank you very much all right let’s let’s rob this place for everything it’s got nothing some water and stuff oh and you know what they did they reduce the amount of meat you get off of animals too but they still increase the amount of meat that it takes to make meat stew so that’s a little bit of an interesting balance that this update was a little bit of a rebalance as well to go this way PC has much better graphics no PC doesn’t have better graphics and console dude if you have a [ __ ] potato it’s not going to do better console grab graphics and consoles I’ve seen pcs pull off way worse graphics and console man my pcs worth several thousand dollars man and my console is worth five hundred dollars so it would be silly to expect a $500 machine to run the same thing and it’d be silly to expect a $500 PC to be better than console so that’s that’s a pretty pretty broad statement man consoles great for people who can’t afford to dump a whole shitload of money on PCs constantly I have nothing against them Bam Bam haha there goes the head and not to mention when you buy a console every single game that comes out will work on your console you won’t have to upgrade it or make any changes to it in order to access the new what’s up bye um yeah we’re a fanboy freestream cover their hey come here big lady ya hungry oh she’s just walked through the other one there we go nice lay down Bertha I do love though how they call them a hungry zombie that’s

funny as hell okay here we go search wouldn’t dusk oh I think yeah we already have all the painting stuff so that’s useless whoa someone took the bed over here really uh-huh oh you can’t want punch curtains anymore oh well dang whatever I’ll take them they’re good for cloth that’s why I always set up the curtains and yeah and that’s what I mean you can sit on your couch and play the console as well too that’s an added bonus not everyone wants to sit on the [ __ ] computer desk and play a video game you know what I mean I actually rather enjoyed sitting at my my couch playing a video game with one controller instead of like the keyboard and mouse setup is that the Screamers mom um note that is actually the Wild West homies dad are bad Wow the Wild West Ami’s mom lots of my mom oh you know what that would laugh of those ones spawn in the trailer park like crazy that definitely would look like a trailer park zombie let’s get going big mom broke it yup do you have a rough estimate when the update comes to ps4 guys I I repeat to you what I see off the forums so I’ve learned my lesson now though console people don’t know how to constant like not not all of them do but a lot don’t know how to read properly because I wrote estimated date or it should be out on Tuesday the 13th because every other single update has this one got delayed for some reason there’s probably something wrong with the update so it got delayed but people like jump down my throat because they said I said it was gonna be and I was like guys know so I’m not doing that anymore I’ll do the update videos but I ain’t saying [ __ ] and when the update might come out because you guys guys get really pissy with that [ __ ] I understand now why the fun pimp stopped doing that I really do PC is more better come here let the rabbit hit you with my ax oh nice bone shave there we go give me your meat rabbit it’s like twitching out in the ground I see oh yeah they didn’t lower the meat a bit I only got two meat off that rabbit not like I’m complaining though to me does actually sounds a little more realistic for a rabbit oh [ __ ] Ouisa he’s not going to do a shortcut through there yeah guys like if you want the information just go to the forums guys it’s amazing there think I don’t mean to sound rude but there’s this great tool called the Internet you even have a browser on your console units if you don’t even have a phone for it but you go to the forums all the information is there it’s the official fund pimps all I do is give you the information where you get off there that’s so you guys don’t have to like constantly spam check the forums right as soon as I see it because I’m on the forums every day but as soon as I see an update I’ll let you guys know about it and then I even say in the videos you know go check the forums guys that’s where it’s at ok trash pile we need that I’m going to scrap this [ __ ] ok what can I get rid of here we don’t need the sand we need I actually pretty much everything else at this point we need those I’m actually going to go ahead and scrap I’m not going to use those at all ok I wonder if I wonder if my ladder is still there it’s got to be still there just better freakin still be there have I tried using extremely steam link there’s a reason steam link never took off okay here we go 90% of Steam games don’t even use console our controller support anyways seven days to die finally actually actually seven days to die finally added support for it so what I’m going to do here is a we’re going to go ahead and get this forward rhythm and I’m going to leave all the looting up here and everything for the overnight because it’s just a little more efficient that way okay how long am I going to relieve it running for 40 minutes oh yeah that’ll be more than enough to come back to it

perfect huh this building has so much loot in it it’s awesome then I get to do some building as well too so let’s go and get some more wood stuffs and we can do some more buildings on the overnight because I want to start making my my hovel up there yeah yeah I took over the top of a building this time actually this ladder is damaged ergo fix it up a bit I do love the new ladders and new ladders are friggin awesome that is so much quicker than trying to go up through the maze of what what is the middle of that building watch the floor they break out oh yeah we’ve already woah did someone remove all the land mines from here already I thought it was this holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] that was close the land mines oh there oh it looks like animals and [ __ ] have been taken out the land mines and probably zombies as well holy [ __ ] that was lucky guys I thought those sandbags were this right here oops you [ __ ] good the [ __ ] off of me oh they got a little generous with a how much your wellness goes down with hits that’s I really don’t like that at all here we go I get the health going back up get some of them pills in go get some trees stay away stay away from those military camps so for psycho yeah that would have been really close not paying attention wouldn’t been the first time though I’ve been killed by landmines when does the update is coming that’s all I have to say to that I like the new zombies they’re not they’re not new zombies or they’re that they’re the old zombies or just not um a anymore the the new right the radiated ones are new and they mix them up a bit like gave some Farrell’s but really there’s not any technically new zombies they’re just redone and it’s about time too because that um a delivery system with absolute garbage yeah hopefully it doesn’t storm out here today it’s nice and calm my Internet’s running really well this morning I have them coming again actually on Monday to take another look at it hopefully they figure it out this time around I don’t know how much they can more they can do though to try to fix a problem it’s got to be something like way down the street or I don’t even know I don’t even know I don’t know much about cable so I just know that they they went through a lot of effort already to try to fix it like restringing the hole in the whole street play that every time someone asks well beep read that my you wouldn’t even see my cam it be the colbert thing the whole the whole stream are you planning to play through survival item or how am i supposed to do that now 416 experimental man giggling and bam why do you look so much like John he looks like me oh I love your last name dude you are delicious actually let me drink some of you ma’am I need some of you right now in my mouth mmm that’s so Terry’s date yeah I think um DC wolf jeez man dude time out for that grow up man all right uh so far we took out the graphics cars and it’s running on the internal oh okay yes Peters can be such a pain in the ass sometimes go and bam I should actually make a new one of these as well to get one of these going do I have any iron on me I do okay let’s make an iron club here oops we are appointed oh is craft with the W nice because I increased all my skills up this shovel we don’t need either so I’m gonna get rid of that oh the bow we should make a new bow as well here too you get one of them going I increase my skills of it like I said guys this is a zero fanboying stream so if you judge

yourself worth over that you play PC or if you play console then you really really need to find a new objective in life it’s just a gaming unit guys I never understood that that added a to [ __ ] I’m going to try to launch lol to see all that runs it should run fine that’s a that games pretty low low intensive if that’s if that’s a word holy crap looks like someone robbed all the shelves out of here there’s no shelves at all Oh someone really needs some iron or what they must have holy crap I owed tabs at 2035 ok we’ll gather a bit more Whittier and then we will head towards home and do some building on the overnights I’m gonna hit that like button from behind and if you guys haven’t done so yet go ahead and hit that like button helps promote the stream my my channel guys just go a little more in-depth into that my channel is a cross-platform channel I like to I like to judge my worthiness on what I do in life and not what I game on and I see a place for console and I see a place for PC PC is great if you can afford it console is perfect if you’re just a casual gamer a lot of PC gamers are hardcore gamers so it’s a lot better for them right but for the average person you don’t need a [ __ ] PC just buy a console there’s no need for a funny guy what if we fanboy you is that Alright I generally don’t actually respond to it very much okay we’re gonna catch up with these follows guys I am so sorry extreme labs is so [ __ ] up today the boss fireballs Bryce Jimmy is here fire heart welcome to stream guys thank you for the follows my hair is puffy today that’s funny yeah I just I never understood that attitude it’s just really immature and it really gets me when I see it out of like full-grown adults as well to UM like seriously what do you work at McDonald’s and this is like the best you can do okay oh yeah that’s if you guys see my tweet the other day that’s what that was all about PC is better no thoughts all is better I’ve always wanted to quote that that that picture to you and I never quite had the quote for it but as soon as I thought of that I was like yes I finally got a quote for that meme okay let’s go this way we’ll go pop up and start making some forged iron because I want to make some better tools here as well nice okay so we got we got a lot of wood that’s good let’s go start filling in our wood stuffs oh you know what I can make a paint brush now and we can do some painting as well – tonight dick around with the painting a bit that would be fun I got eventually take all this so here – I want to replace this whole floor because we still do get sleep responds up here so they change the sleep response oh so that’s going to be interesting to find out how much they change that [ __ ] ah got to get rid of that here – no ice I love these uh I love these new curved blocks the the arch the arch blocks the arch blocks are gorgeous for the longest time Joel said they weren’t going to make it an alpha alpha 15 so I’m really impressed actually I’m really happy to see them or alpha 60 in my body all right what do we get here we got a got to put a couple torches out there we go that looks a little goofy alright I will straighten it out so that they match oh yeah 150 is so much better than 50 we had a creepy Scorpio who was a dick when you weren’t here hey I think I’ve read that one other context Wow all right I can’t even catch up with that just chat amongst yourselves all right I love the overnights now I do all my buildings on the overnight and ones like ah why don’t we supposed to do on the overnight now that scram grinding doesn’t do anything bill do [ __ ] like why why you building during the day you build at night you have all night to build and that’s what we’re gonna do you gotta adapt your game play that’s

what I love about every single alpha is you have to you have to adapt your gameplay that’s what you have to do 14 to 15 wasn’t as bad but definitely this time around the game plays a lot different like the host sleeper thing totally throws a hook into things because I used to like going and robbing buildings at night nighttime was the best time to go and do some looting but ya know you don’t want to be looting at nighttime with a whole bunch of runnin sleepers you can get quite a bit of surprise and get cornered very easily so I do like that change it’s kind of made me rethink that as well so we upgraded those frames you know what I wonder if I can upgrade these ones down below while going down I wonder if this ladder allows me to do that oh yeah look at that Oh sick nice I can upgrade these without having to uh oh I love these new 3d ladders they’re perfect you never really used to be able to do this before is really really finicky I love it nice and guys have no idea how much that just pop me yeah alright alright I’m gonna stop Dorgan out on that and we’re just gonna do some general housekeeping stuff here Word handheld Donkey Kong as a future right right yeah did you buy your skills per level now man I [ __ ] love it love it bad mechanic increases your oh actually I’m gonna buy a next level now oh it gets expensive as you get up there holy [ __ ] the next next levels 20 points holy crap okay but bad mechanic increases your you receive more resources when harvesting with construction tools and then you got minor 69er which increased both the block damage and harvested resources while decreasing the stamina used with mining tools so I’m actually going to buy one of those too because we’re about to make mining tools you also instead of like grinding I like grinding and grinding and grinding and making the same [ __ ] filling up boxes of it up multiplayer servers in the common public areas what you do now is instead of like you can you can still make them over and over and over again if you really want to it’ll give you a small amount of XP but to actually level your weapons and tools it’s a skill now so you got weapon smithing and tool smithing and there’s 10 levels of it and the cost keeps going up every level so craft handheld and motorized tools faster and a better quality decrease repair penalties and get more from repair kits so instead of like spam crafting you can actually get [ __ ] done at night I [ __ ] hate it spam crafting hated it this is such a nice change I can actually concentrate on other stuff at night actually what’s the second level this looks like no it’s not bad the new tech stories are gorgeous I love the new wood it looks perfect I actually looks like wood now less like minecraft and more like wood we’re gonna get rid of some of this [ __ ] here too I’ll need all this sham sandwiches whoo first aid I will keep that I probably need to eat as well go meet I’ll stack that in there too we have four meat six eggs ooh I can make some more bacon and eggs it won’t make some of that up boy hi okay where’s my health and stuff at oops character derp food 56 okay we got to eat some some bacon and eggs here get that up now I can add some coffee while I’m eating bacon and eggs actually what I have for breakfast this morning was bacon and eggs it was so good I rarely ever make breakfast but this morning I was like I gotta make some I gotta have some breakfast I don’t love all voyda has to be has to be really nice-looking wood the old wood was my favorite at all damn you hoarder okay let’s go in here Chad’s going absolutely wild guys I’m sorry I tried to keep up to it sometimes but it makes me go cross-eyed on other times I can actually make myself and you ship as well well you know what I should be able to make a hunting knife I think I already found the recipe for it so that’s cool too awesome all right where’s my paint where’s my paint we can go paint some stuff now I want to paint that little entranceway there we go we got 1:59 paint so let’s

go over here I don’t know what I’m gonna actually paint it yet I want to take a look at what we what we have I’m going to hold down our and then I’m going to go up to materials it’s on paint brush not roller I could pick the texture I want like let’s say I wanted to copy this texture I can if I point at it if we go like this if you if you look at the brush it actually has a wood texture on the background that’s what textures on right now but if I look at the item I wat do texture picker it actually takes the texture and it changes the paint brush to the texture I don’t know if you guys can see it that well but it’s pretty damn cool actually I wonder if it does it for stuff like this nope now it won’t do that okay but let’s say this actually choose our texture here so we’re gonna go to materials and we’re gonna take a look yeah this paint ball Lovins all over it that makes sense or it okay a black granite that’s sexy um good curb plains grass haha oh that’s [ __ ] garbage why would you be able to do that [ __ ] alright what else do we have here metal duct soft we have some rusty green stuff metal stainless steel I honestly I’m really gonna be rebalancing this stuff guys Oh beer cooler side was that look like oh it’s just black beer cooler side is literally just black okay actually I kind of like that that black looks good there’s pate these up black here yeah that looks nice I do like that there we go so you have to paint like each and every single side each side cost you X amount of material the metal stuff cost more the brick stuff cost more obviously like some of the some of the textures cost more than others basically when I’m trying to get to rot oh I kind of wish they added all the primary colors and that would have been really nice how are you and this doesn’t even need to be strong so it’s not that bad you know oh wait no I’m not gonna paint this white down here or black we’re gonna actually go ahead and paint it white let’s look for a white texture what do we have ceiling white I don’t want that white fabric blinds that’s actually a decent color maybe floor white mmm so that’s what I mean like they didn’t add in all the like concrete red like they have these ones I don’t know why they just didn’t add them in as just like colors period that would have been nice okay I guess we’re going with a drywall ceiling white cool cool cool cool cool is my guy cold now oh he’s such a [ __ ] I gotta put his uh I got to put his fancy suit back on there we go nice love [ __ ] around with the paintbrush it’s actually kind of fun let’s go over this way we’re gonna drop the paintbrush brush off and actually do some bass a building I’m gonna make a an entire wood floor to cover up the other wood floor so we need to make a bunch of wood frames as well wood frames let’s make up oh I don’t know 100 I’ll cost us half of what we have and it sounds like there’s a screamer downstairs they won’t be able to get to me up here which is actually awesome turn that off and now I’m warming up because I’m by the fire just flannel shirts +5 insulation ok you know what I’ll wear the final shirt for the time being and see if that keeps me balanced enough go up to wood frame and oh wait wait wait wait wait we need to start making some tools that’s what we need to start doing let’s grab up some that forged iron ice make some more as well there too whoops recipes to get the recipes I press a I love the shortcuts they added the shortcuts in our console I don’t know why it took them so long that the shortcuts in on on PC okay we got the iron pickaxe we’re gonna make one of those right away then we’re gonna make the wood frames oops there we go how many did we end up making 48 okay I’ll make another 50 yeah and I need to start taking away like all this stuff that’s sitting on the bottom whoops oh I love that how it does like the the loot container if you drop stuff on the ground instead of actually dropping the items that is their way of reducing lag which is actually makes a lot of sense I can really appreciate that rotten flesh in the garbage bag mmm sounds like dinner my temperature going

down I still going down it wasn’t warm enough guys such a [ __ ] holy [ __ ] it’s almost morning again his eyes are way too fast I’ll put the pain away the light away I’m gonna bring the iron with me because we’re gonna go today and I think do some there’s so much looting I can do in this building though that’s that’s a thing right hey you know what yeah it’s go do some looting in this building during the daytime we’ll get some more looting done try to find some more stuffs ooh I can reach these out those air conditioners this way look for a wrench because I pretty sure I’ve looted a few of them pretty sure here’s one noise let’s go and rent chills air conditioners out instead of pounding them out because that would just be a waste what are the major changes of the update you can go in the forums and look yourself man it’s 28 pages or 28 condensed pages of changes yep I’m on the multiplayer server for the pain train that’s why we’re on day 70 man I haven’t paid 70 days yet I would have literally have had to start playing this last wipe and like not stopped whoo that would have been insane he contacts people contacts who needs to context oh you can break these pipes down – I did not know that that’s cool all right gives you a decent amount of materials – cool all right we’re gonna go out [ __ ] it we’re gonna go put some stuff away here and then head down into the building and do some looting holy pipes they say there’s a screamer nearby – I hear she’s got to be like way downstairs oh she has to be okay we’re gonna put away two bandages keep the first day bandaged definitely kept keeps of splints and everything else on us you know what I don’t really need this anymore because we have two splints so we should be good on that pistol don’t need because we are out of ammo if I’m correct yeah we’re out of ammo and I don’t really have that much shotgun ammo to to really carry it around okay I’m cool we’re good to go on that one I’m going to actually catch up with the follows here guys as we get going here we are a bunch agen letters thank you for the follow a key green sticky 4/20 well then with that Mathias the boss welcome to the channel guys thanks for the follows they don’t come up live for me right now Stream Labs is a little broken so mmm delicious delicious coffee hey let’s get going here cool dude my community of 58,000 players is pretty excited these bookstore boxes they keep giving me the same schematics I really don’t need I can be frustrating at times what’s this a motion sensor cool beans I’ll take that I can’t wait to dick around with the electricity yet it seems we’re going to have leg problems with the electricity I’m I was hearing this morning that there’s there’s some problems we didn’t last night though when we’re doing the hard night so I don’t know actually when is the next horde night oh it’s tonight looks like we’ll be doing hard night tonight guys that’s actually kind of sick we’ll be doing it at um what is it Jay is Jay is Jay here with us right now I think it’s a kill zone I think it’s kill zone we have set up we’ll be doing it at kill zone tonight always join it always go and start the stream when a horde nights just around the corner it’s how it goes how it goes all right anything in here cupboards and still nothing good I’m always taking these empty jars I’m always taking these empty jars now because they stack up so

high I really like that because actually if you guys haven’t done so yet hit that like button helps promote the stream and it gets others into 7 days to die as well thank you for streaming on YouTube skip you have not figured out twitch twitch is a great service I just refused to sell my soul to stream on it that’s all because like if you want to get like partner do the stuff on Twitch you literally have to sell yourself you can’t stream on any other platform you can’t do [ __ ] at least on YouTube I can do whatever the [ __ ] I want I can stream eight platforms at the same time if I wanted to I’m not a big fan of like exclusivity stuff especially when they just like ripped a whole bunch of new people with the affiliate [ __ ] all they did was lock in a whole ton of people they’re only being able to stream on one platform even if even if you’re tiny even if you’re real tiny BAM take an everything yeah they definitely they definitely changed the sleep response we’re not having them like we were before they’re they’re insane before Wow were they every the same I’m going to start collecting brass up as well here do ass I only hit that actually for the bonus to be honest my mighty tools is up to level four already nice that’s good news okay we’re gonna scrap that up oh you know what I should throw some points in the quality Geo I should have enough to get quality Joe now this is so weird scene like painting and stuff at the end where is quality Joe what’s under here derp wait [ __ ] I’ll just search it up I’ll just search it up come here or is there is there no quality Joe anymore get this guy funny guy huh oh here it is okay I was going to say it’d be weird for them to take away quality Joe perfect now we can get better better items out of looting that’s always handy chainsaw schematic already have it I’ve rubbed this building a few times so I already have actually a lot of my schematics going on you know Buster here get my mining two levels up as well to scrapping schematics when I’m also what else am I supposed to do with them buddy erm that was a crossbow schematic yeah and I already read it you know what just a piss you guys off here you go there’s a chainsaw schematic here you go scrap uh where’s the other one here I want to trigger my stream right now scrap itself is sixteen guys it’s a whole new balance there we go oh I almost forgot that toilet and there’s a gun in it let’s take that I am I can’t even pick that up so that can stay there I can stay there all by itself quality go Joe and scavenging are broken we’ll see this first time I’ve heard that read them I read them anyways once again it’s alpha 16 it’s not the same balance you can’t read them did you see the read thing come up in white it didn’t so guys forget what you know about the game right now alpha 16 is a whole new balance guys especially with your own console it’s it’s a whole different game like I obviously know after thousands of hours in the game that you can reread schematics but you can’t now 416 so says random Jen yeah yeah it’s all random Jen I haven’t done Navis Gannon I haven’t done that was gaining forever it was it was good to dick around on that first when starting but it’s too predictable now you know where everything is I’m not gonna also start collecting the [ __ ] as well two-second holy crap yep I almost fell through the floor there wow that was close Wow let’s do the follows now catch up with the follows stupid frickin stream labs oh just walk my desk zoo super creative Whitley and Sycamore gaming’s welcome to the channel guys thank you for the follows love this game can’t wait for the official release to play with my friends are you waiting on alpha 16 stable is that what you mean gee there’s so much loot in this building it’s not even funny like I spent two days I think looting this building alone behalf of it was

breaking all the damn containers open get this guy funny guy scrap that and keep searching here God love that looting get this guy funny guy here we are Oh guess I catch up with those two as well yeah the sleepers don’t seem nearly as common as they were before smile good gaming low low on that beat welcome to channel guys thank you for the follows bottoms these are good for scrap I love all like drops three pots like you’re ever going to need three pots especially when you have a Ford you can make as many as you want I think I got it all I think I got it all here we go book Starbucks nice huh okay I think this is all wait wait wait wait wait wait did we come up here last time get this we come up this way yeah we came up this way derp derp Timothy ward small good gaming welcome to channel guys I think I just had another follow there as well – I literally have to press refresh on it every single time you know what I should pop it out so they don’t have to scroll it as well – Viper J welcome to channel dude thank you for the following funny guy iron miner you as well – man and those for those that are actually sticking around you guys are freaking amazing you obviously have a little bit of skin it could take and could take it I love it love it we’ve been building a great animal community it’s absolutely amazing we go scrap that shit’s and scrap this shit’s repair kits oh that was a lot of wood actually that was kind of nice what was that that must have been a construction box I already know it you know what just to piss all of you offs I can’t can’t read that I’d like to like to backseat Drive but but can’t do anything observe ation I’m gonna scrap that there you go trigger some more people BAM I I’ve only found one engine I’ve only found one engine in those generator banks but they do they do drop engines that’s quite useful whoo 153 nice yeah these are those working stiffs box the working stiff box in the construction-site boxes are pretty freaking cool bunny guy they they’re so good for loot okay let’s go up here and if you guys haven’t done so yet smash that like button helps puts just the stream up to search results and exposes a game to more people guy funny guy I played over at the 1000 hours on this I’m addicted yeah it’s a good good game I really like the updates I actually could personally I can’t wait til they just finish the game work out all the bugs and then let the modders go to town on it yeah because I’d like like everyone’s like oh why would you want them to go to elf and stop updating the game well that’s that’s what modders are for right once we have a mod kit we can we can do some crazy [ __ ] with a game and then you can literally play the game any way you want just find the appropriate mod oh do I have the hunting rifle one yeah I do dammit dammit okay it looks like I have a few photos to catch up on here again skilar Mario’s and our keys Martin welcome the channel guys Tristan you as well – dude I almost missed your follow so if I do miss your follows guys it happens if you don’t see your follow coming up it’s because I don’t know these ones it’s because you have your privacy settings set to not show your subscriptions so we can’t tell when you’ve subscribed if you do that YouTube has a lot of privacy settings now look at this I can actually get into this in decent time now all right I’m gonna grab some coffee here while we break open this safe and hopefully we got something good what’s your sub count at now I see 58 K how close to 60 K are you – K away Oh Sam man yes sometimes you just make this sometimes you guys just make this smartass and me come out I have to try not to be as much of a smartass sometimes because some of you get really [ __ ] butter and don’t know how to take a joke I grew up being taught that you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer um all my teachers were like you have a book go look it up now that’s kind of the way I was raised right go do your own research figure to find figure out how to find out answers on your own

instead of relying on other people so I got that little bit of a smartass to me every once in a while yes Sam though that was a great question – Jesus [ __ ] nothing in there let’s break into this gun safe here these ones are good as well too when your hand slips eating Cheetos and you click on the video link below alright are you still thinking about doing some follow content ah I actually kind of took a little bit of a break from gaming up until alpha 16 drops so I didn’t really do much with fallout probably not at this point in time maybe if seven days of died slows down again but other than that probably not people get by hurt when you give them a stupid answer yeah it happens but whatever whatever get this guy you got no exact number oh I did just do the bad for you man you’re like you’re at 58 K Oh close are you to 60 K 58 K R 2 K Babbitt I even [ __ ] up my own math on that one ah did you Shh I actually don’t know what I’m at 4 4 4 subs I could check it 58 mm or 58,000 261 there we go wow that number is off a bit okay and guys like I said we are an idol community we are an adult stream if you if you’re spamming and [ __ ] in chat you get banned so no matter if you’re if you’re a child or your nate’ll doing that kind of stuff you just get banned it makes it hard to read like I don’t want to see a thousand friggin icons floating up the screen I want to see you say something cool you know what I mean I want to have a conversation with ya uh we already know that one hey guys that’s right I just did that I’m not even gonna bother searching these bookcases actually because honestly like a look how much that one drops it’s like every second freaking bookcase every second bookcase that’s what’s happening well I’m not back on my full screen here funny guy uh Jacob a Moe’s and Frank Torres and freight haste welcome to channel guys thank you for the follows hey what time’s 11:14 we still have lots of time I wonder where this screamers at I can hear she must be down below it’s gotta be down at the bottom cuz I don’t think she can make it up the building zombies aren’t great and like doing like tracking like that it’s at a hidden door I see oh wow there’s a hidden door behind here look at this guy’s there’s a hidden door behind this refrigerator whoa this flexing bust in here and see what’s in here guys I didn’t even notice this and I’ve been through here twice nice I wonder what super secret stuff is in here oh yeah my stamina back up the same time I had to turn my volume up I wish I would track my watching when I watch on my ps4 the bots guys I should I should have used an axe for that the bots cannot track you unless you’re active in the chat it cannot tell if you’re afk in it because once again privacy settings I can’t tell who’s in the chat and who’s not in the chat okay here we go go I’m looking for those frickin I need I need a mining helmet no mining Alvin god damn it is seriously that that frigerator is blocking off a frickin bathroom I thought there’s gonna be something cool in here I kind of sucked thought maybe like I found a secret room full of like awesome secret stuff but no it’s a [ __ ] bathroom who puts a refrigerator in front of a bathroom door who does that it’s a trap you know what I’m kind of thinking that too the floor is lava why eat that seat that okay yeah that’s right I mean like why hide the bathroom that that screamer literally sounds like it’s right beneath me I wonder she’s made it up to building

a bit Oh get the mining tools up all right we got into the shipping room we’re gonna we’re gonna Rob this floor as well too I already know it damn it I think I pretty much have all the schematics known I don’t think there’s too much that I don’t know yet okay start to sink nothing on Dee yet oh yeah we are you know all this debits I’m having like no luck here now water seems to drop a lot more often as well – I’ve been noticing okay oh I already know it so yeah I mean look I think I literally know all of the schematics just by going up and down this building I think I think that’s what’s happening right now a special bathroom yeah that’s the UH that’s the boss’s only bathroom ah stupid paper I would literally have enough paper to keep my forage running for eight hours on this stupid thing okay yeah I don’t want to search any of the I can actually just go ahead and skip over the bookstore boxes because there’s really nothing then number we need anymore it’s the construction boxes and cupboards and [ __ ] just for like basic foods and waters that I need get this guy the construction box is working stiffs and all those actually drop or they get [ __ ] this book start boxes suck though construction site box there we go what do we have a whole bunch of nails awesome it’s like I won’t even need to make nails anymore Oh got another wrench nice I can use that to work make a workbench now nothing that was a bookstore box bookstore bookstore refrigerator okay we’re done with this floor let’s go down another floor now I’m starting to slowly know my way up and down this building oh yeah this is where we had that little that one fight with the the zombie and it ended up actually just running off the edge that was actually pretty funny oh there’s a sleeper what’s up me didn’t even have a chance nice to drop in on ya yeah that screamer is definitely down there Megan’s doing some damage to gas cans I don’t think I know that no I don’t know the gas can one yet awesome awesome well there’s finally something I don’t know um Nathan and dude and talks a gamer welcome to channel u to Jacob and Frank Torres if I missed you guys welcome okay so these are all the office levels where all the construction levels and stuff now so these ones aren’t nearly as good as I I found oh yeah we already know that stuff of course oh I can make a spike club now actually I can make a way better way better Club here we go let’s make a spy Club sick hold on to this one until till time comes okay pretty sure I already know that one yep alright alright so I best basically just gonna go for the kitchens and stuff here I was so paranoid running through here last time cuz I fell through the floor it was it was scary oh sweet beer I don’t even have any right now that’s useful I guess I may as well make up some arrows on the fly here as well boy fect you’re planning on getting a laptop awesome whoo click the dislike children for some reason they think it matters this light guys doesn’t matter whatsoever I could honestly care less some content creators pandered to the dislike like button ratio but and all relative it actually means nothing when it comes to algorithms if anything hitting the dislike button is the exact same is hitting like button it just gives interaction to the video doesn’t hurt anybody so I laugh when like I trigger a some some like hit or something I’ve said something real stupid and they go in like I disliked all your videos I’m just like thanks for your support yeah we already know the compound bow I already know that yeah let’s pretty much get outta here well put on the bottom of the building we’ll see where this screamer is at and maybe have some screamer fun how do I get down again it’s got it there’s a stairwell or something around here that I can use ska to be okay we already went that way and we never in that way gotta get around the other side here I think yeah

it’s I think we gotta get around to this way to get down nope that just brings me right back to that same hallway whoops okay here we go there should be a stairwell or something over here to get down oh yes this is where I fell through the frickin floor last time these new fall blocks are insane see oh that block is like that that’s a trap block if you step on that you’ll fall through and you can paint them to match whatever whatever they’re lined up too so I could see a lot of trolling in people’s bases oh and even says beware in this room I never even noticed that Durer I love how it gave you a warning as well too and I just didn’t see it my bad I just like the sight on the compound bow I find it difficult to know where it’s going to hit uh yeah it’s kind of like working a flaming arrow you can’t really see but whatever hey what’s up Doug troll good to see you again man hey beau what’s up don’t worry about those unskilled gamers what do you mean men oh like people press the like button or the dislike button yeah it’s funny hey I have actually a good handful of people I’ve pissed off down the line and they they faithfully dislike my videos when they come out and help push them up the search results it’s amazing because I could tell you people who are obsessive like that and going dislike every single video every single time you release it would never be the type to go and like every video every time you like it so if they’re gonna be a douchebag you may as well use them to help promote your videos mmm nice some ammo another hunting rifle I will take that I will take both of those these parts are going to leave in there what have to do is get down to the bottom go back up to the top drop my stuff off and then we got to go I think it was kill zone that we have set up for our tonight yeah the [ __ ] did I get up here in the first place ah here it is here is she be oh yes now I can I can get my spike club out this thing is sick sweats all aboot oh here’s another sleeper down for the count nice hello what you’re alive ah damn head fell in the wall supplies surprised you haven’t made a crossbow yet with what okay let’s go downstairs and take care of the screamer where is she where is she ah here we go this is how we get down I hear she’s literally right beneath us somewhere where you at [ __ ] even make a noise this entire time it’s time to take you out I’m surprised she hasn’t killed herself yet like really surprised she hasn’t killed herself yet she must be outside oh there she is what’s up ha you weren’t fast enough oh there’s more than one I hear another one let’s go Gator school Gator boss I actually might I don’t like the the crossbow I like the bow a lot better than the crossbow to be honest oh [ __ ] I was in the headshot are you gonna scream wow she didn’t scream what the hell okay different I’ll take it I guess alright let’s go get ready here for horton i guess then i’ll come back down and maybe do some some grinding before that yeah how cruel right no I do blink but I don’t have the stuff on me to make it through let’s go up here whoa thought I seen an unpainted part must been tripping out okay no nevermind look how black that black is oh it almost looks like a hole in the world Wow is that ever dark looks [ __ ] cool though I can’t wait to make some pies and stuff guys actually after this dream today I’m gonna be downloading the peel winemaker and I’m going to start [ __ ] around with it let’s see see what I can

do with it start learning how to use it in stiff go there’s pretty much like pop all of this in here I don’t need any of it at the moment I’m also going to eat and stuff to make sure I’m gonna good on those supplies before we do anything else tonight cool and eat some of that bacon and eggs tasty I like the compound bow I know I don’t like the the crossbow um zico I want to make a YouTube channel see how many people I can get to hit to this like button man it is so much easier to get people to hit the dislike button than it is a like button that’s why you have so many troll channels around that’s why I like cancer channels like friggin leafyishere existed for a very long time it’s cuz people would dislike and be like ha I got you know you didn’t you just help them promote that’s all silly [ __ ] ooh you know what I should make a better axe as well here – here we go oh I need some more iron if the spider is Canuck i’m the curb blocks if they can’t I’m pretty sure they’d be able to hit it man oh did you knows okay okay okay okay what did I come up here for get this guy oh yeah iron third you needed to make an axe oh look at that it’s been 40 minutes and it’s not going anymore but that’s okay because we ran out of supplies anyways so I think I can make a hunting knife as well here now – I can sweets I’m going to make the axe and then we’ll make the hunting knife as well you know that’s a hunting knife cool beans 86% I’ll lead another one that’ll bring our wellness up a bit here – well I got to catch up on the follows here guys ah dab it on the wrong screen again this guy funny guy jakers cichlid levitation emotional goon and a Nathan Cherokee welcome to channel guys thanks for the follows alright let’s go down how long will I be streaming for as long as I want it’s Saturday I won’t be around tomorrow streaming so it’s Father’s Day gotta go and pay my respects to the guy who tolerated me for 18 years this is a little purse right here is it searched no nice right on so we still have a few minutes here before a hard night which is cool not going for that military camp though again I could tell you what let’s go over here and uh take down some trees some Trez because it looks like everyone’s complaining about the wood I don’t understand what you guys problem is with with wood frames and stuff it is so easy to get frickin freaking guys oh [ __ ] there’s a bear right there not going for that bear yeah they balanced it a lot more there’s a lot more zombies outside then there is inside again I like that because I hated not seen zombies outside then you go to rob a building you know what’s about to happen right now guys oh whoa whoa they change the wood frames the hell the wood frames are different now they don’t have the middle things anymore they’re just a cube okay that’s different whatever deal with that [ __ ] get get up there there we go and then I can go off this at a like a deuce and then oh here we go aha someone someone took this over what everybody you know what mm-hmm so we need two O’s and two ends yeah two O’s

and two ends two and then and we’re gonna make two of those here we go nice that it fix this place up here this guy’s gonna log back out and be like what the [ __ ] hurry up knife [ __ ] I’m to a patient right now I’ll make the knife again this guy funny guy ah here we are and bam every day we’re gonna to ends ha ha horny Harry’s there we go much better much much much better ah there we go that makes more sense now what do you think guys you like it I like it I like it I like it I’m also gonna get a screenshot of horny Harry’s yeah stay classy all right I’m gonna get down here whoa didn’t mean to fall what’s up guys come for the party stay for the food welcome to horny Harry’s how can I help you they’re nice Oh these this is so much better with a spike Club I love the spy Club okay how much time do we have still only twenty hundred we’re good to go yes it’s horny Harry’s you guys like horny Harry’s I like horny Harry’s I’ll had to do is jage two letters I couldn’t say hurry Harry’s yesterday and I kept saying horny Harry’s so whatever we’re just rolling with it oh my god it’s not um it’s it’s Sophie today that’s spamming us Jesus Christ really you didn’t want to take the feathers must’ve been just looking for eggs or something it’s wear some goggles damn are sexy see what we look like with the goggles on nice well done no here’s horny Aries how can I help you horny Aries can I take your order please we have a special on burgers today okay grab that because I don’t need it and then we’re going to be banging wool trees with these things so now I’m going to get more from the trees more from each swing it doesn’t make the trees have more supplies it just makes you able to gather more efficiently from trees right instead of wasting supplies as you can level up you get more back from doing it and I actually really like that I really really really like that change the sexbots purgatory and horny Harry’s was open yeah the sexbots are like all right here we go this is our stream let’s get in there we got a we got a few suckers that will click on us right horny Harry did make it a name for himself he has a best chicken ever I hear he chokes in himself I thought you had the special on hotdogs footlongs Shasta drunken levy so Lou soldier ooh and welcome to the channel guys thanks for the followers mmm hey sty yeah we still got an hour here it’s a hard night funny guy yeah I know the the Screamers so I do not spawn as sleepers that’s not a thing Big Mac sauce I actually have Big Mac sauce in my fridge Big Mac sauce is delicious it’s almost like Thousand Island it’s not quite Thousand Island but it’s almost like Thousand Island I really hate having to refresh this to do this Jacob pee and drift head gaming welcome to Channel guess you know what I’m actually going to do a few kill walls before hard night just to make sure it works right we’ve been having a problem with spawns on the server yet all kilvo kills the traders as well – huh okay guys don’t spawn in anymore traders kill all kills the traders as well that’s for my men’s actually a darkened Jade don’t don’t even bother at the traders because when we do kill all you just seen it just killed all the traders no more traders for anybody on the map but we got to do that to actually cut down on the spawn so that horde nights and [ __ ] work properly

you guys McKellen I can’t even keep up with that chat now all right so we’re gonna we’re gonna go ahead and fly on over to the Horde base I think they said oh [ __ ] what’s kill host that’s a kill house no I hate how we named it two words it should have just been one word kill house okay we’re a kill house now and we should be here with everybody else oh all right so see how this madness goes looks like mostly everybody’s here again Tobey is here but it’s fungus hate money I lost on my own or I crushed Hey hi why can’t I disable mmm that’s weird all right anyways here we go guess something says special time you can’t disable voice chat apparently right now all right whoa oh yeah oh it’s people teleporting here that looks so funny when they teleport over here we got some coming this way Oh someone put spikes out you are there zombies down there already Jay you need to put more light in here dude this is brutal all right these lights are oh there’s a radiated one over there let’s go over this way Wow yeah we really needed some lights this is brutal we can’t see anything anyways I don’t want to get too close to these [ __ ] ready all that oh they’re out there I’ve seen what they’ve done they threw some spikes out and stuff so that they can run around and try to kill him oh hi radiated zombie how you what you up to whoa the feral right there what’s up feral Oh [ __ ] I don’t want to get in on that these these these traps are like super Opie like they’re way too Opie give me your Luke decayed mother yeah someone else searched it anyways oh here’s one I don’t get too close either because I don’t wanna get shot by arrows hey everybody ah seriously stop it did I kill them haha BVB supposed to be off that job is going raping them now whoops yeah hey I’m an [ __ ] how much friggin health did you have come to hard night with no health well I guess I can’t get kicked from my own server for doing that how bad don’t look like I said guys I guess I got a player kill what the hell PvP supposed to be turned off I’m gonna have to fix that out to this dream that’s not supposed to be happening I’m overheating as well – I got to take some this stuff off Wi-Fi overheating get this guy funny guy I guess I’ll get rid of my fiber hood yeah I’m covering up my beautiful hair I shouldn’t be doing that let me catch up on the follows here Eric welcome to the stream thank you for the follow Toby what you doing food hmm Toby just killed themselves on the traps that sounds violent right bud okay guys

why are you shooting down here with arrows guys shoot the outside with arrows come down here they’re melee weapons Jesus some people’s children but ppp’s fairly should be turned off I don’t know why it’s on mm-hmm Bob’s not supposed to be on they must have we must accidentally enabled it during the wipe my bad well that’s what you get for stealing my [ __ ] loot you see me killing some don’t come over and loot it after I kill it that’s just a jerk move why am I [ __ ] overheating so much like what what is happening right now like I know I’m in the desert but still I got my gonna have to go home Toby go get go get your backpack Toby I dare you go get it he’s all scared now he doesn’t want to go anywhere close to it that’s funny I’m experiencing heatstroke what the [ __ ] that’s not cool okay I’m gonna have to go home come on move Jesus guys if you’re gonna be like doing hard night you’re right don’t get in people’s way I can have to go back to base and get get some yucca stuff I don’t know why I’m overheating that’s that’s [ __ ] insane okay where’s my guy here we are here we are I can’t even drink it cuz I’m not thirsty [ __ ] I guess I’m gonna have to let myself cool down and wait on top of the building that guy is seriously butthurt is he is he is he being butthurt in the chat hey that’s funny that is so funny yeah he just left the game what everybody you walked up and stole my [ __ ] loot I killed the zombie and then he came up and stole my loot that’s why I hit you alright so uh am I gonna go back there was it called again well [ __ ] what’s the place called again kill house I think was kill house yeah kill oh there we go there we go you have shorts in your chest yet no that’s not gonna be good enough huh put your juice in about tool belt yeah I know some of these guys got to learn some some etiquette you know what I mean like it’s not your kill you don’t do it it isn’t sup buddy and you don’t shoot arrows in the middle where everyone’s melee where there you go he’ll lay down how does an easy guy to took quite a beating we need to uh I think we need to get some lights on the outside of this cuz yeah is like incredibly hard to see it’s too hard to see ah your mind lady whoop she went back down Oh a barrel it’s a feral one all freaking cool friggin cool I love the red eyes the red eyes looks so badass that red eyes stuff is friggin sick there we go I hope bring my temperature down a bit do I have anything to heal I do some painkillers well yeah I’ll use those and then uh what should i help me first time sup new oil dammit I was hoping you’d drop like a mining out oh wait no that the miner zombies drop the mining outwits dirt he has greedy eyes and can see nothing else yeah that’s what it was like that that is that is pure they pure greediness that’s not what who a feral tourists oh that was cool I got lots of xp for doing that one as well whoa careful there Duke save your ass oh

[ __ ] the turrets are the the traps downstairs must be must be crazy broken I gonna have to drink some beer I have a feeling I’m about to get smacked up what’s up lady oh [ __ ] she ran right back into the trap yeah suffer effective guys look at this bait radiated one ah guys stop hitting them with your arrows from here come down to melee them that’s what the middle parts are to stand here and do it ma’am this is all trapped in this hole now oh [ __ ] this is about to get dangerous it’s updating see like no one killed her so I can go ahead and looter that’s not gonna be a problem reanimated corpse I don’t want your shorts he has short shorts nice um why is there like no light in here I gave him it even a couple torches would work better not possible to place here oh he protected it Oh Jay you protected the building dude oh okay are you how are you supposed to fix [ __ ] if you’re protected here guys come up here I don’t want to get caught in those blades I think like one hit and I’m done I get hit by those blades yeah well are we slowing down though it is 3 a.m. so it should start slowing down a little bit just over there now it’s nothing over there looks like mostly everyone’s up in here Murr nada I’ll help you Toby look at Toby down here naked with the club beat number that’s not some tough as balls there Toby look this guy’s taking a beating guys stop with the arrows stop with the goddamn arrows down here Jesus guys oh it happened it happened time for turtles argh I told I told Sark not to [ __ ] around with it I told them not to [ __ ] around this world at it [ __ ] dark oh thanks I’d like to let me know a day I told not to do that to told me naked beating them with the clubs yep MJ I guess I’m not bright that’s funny that is funny okay so I’m not gonna do pack because that’s that’s gonna kill me yeah but now kill house is [ __ ] completely useless you can’t repair anything you can’t place anything like once those traps are gone then that place is [ __ ] useless now uh I don’t know if you’re watching dart but there is reasons why I was holding off man and that was like number one reason whoa are you coming after me [ __ ] off I’m bleeding out – son of a [ __ ] is running around the circles it’s wait got my stuff back I just don’t have it all in my tool belt drive band-aids on me I do and I can even use one I got to get upstairs though and let’s use this right on sweet let’s go get this guy this guy’s looks badass still a little too bright though they really need to change that that’s a little too overkill my god that’s insane whoa whoa there lady there we go there’s down you hearts help take those movies still got a tourist over here crawling around what’s up buddy

are you feral no he’s just tough as balls oh wait he is feral his eyes are glowing oh [ __ ] oh that was close you got that kill assault so that one’s yours man some people’s children yeah I’m not going down there that’s just that’s just way too dangerous in 15 you left loot then check it later and toss old loot new loot would respond know now that that still works if it’s gone past a respawn time you will be able to to do that I know what you mean okay how the [ __ ] do we get out of here without going through all the traps 107° again okay I guess we’ll drink some yucca why is this so hot the desert here today holy [ __ ] a hot day in the desert see like this is broken you’re not going to be able to replace or fix it now you’re gonna have to build a new a new place Jack I want to draw these guys out but they seem happy running around in there maybe if I hit them at the bow they might come out oh hello sorry ma’am I had to okay awesome everybody I love that sound of the arrows hitting love love it is so satisfying thunk and unless you know to like especially if you’re doing some long-distance if it actually kills them seriously Romare buddy where is he going where you going little bit to the leg on your way through why not yeah there he is Hey holy [ __ ] these guys are spazzes nice I’m still [ __ ] overheating son of a [ __ ] right sir is there gonna be weather problems in the game again come here like I know I can wear clothes but even still it’s it’s good it is a little silly there we go and you still up dammit I can’t run either because [ __ ] I’m overheating I guess I’m doing this on my own give everybody well they [ __ ] these guys are tough as balls Jesus Christ I wish I can run should give me some stamina back there we go I’m gonna put some distance between me and this guy really hitboxes on these guys suck mer really Jesus Christ look at him go this is this is lame they gotta fix this [ __ ] like soon I hate him when they run around like that the Wolves run like that too pisses me off like why are you even doing that you should be running straight at me [ __ ] painful [ __ ] I think it might have me I don’t have any beer either I’m dead I’m bleeding out ah there we go sweet I just got the achievement bite the dust on my second account he looks like a lizard man he does he’s actually a pretty [ __ ] tough zombie it is derpy like it they’re hard to hit like that it’s more annoying than anything else lizard people confirmed yeah it’s a lizard people that survived the apocalypse and then they got turned into a zombie proof okay whatever I can just go back to my pack and we’re gonna go we’re gonna move along [ __ ] up duck down the 777 health and stamina that’s

fantastic is he dead no huh weird oh yeah back to base we go Skippy but ignores me yeah it does if you spam it man they can only do X amount of commands for you in X amount of times so who okay we’re back home we’re good to go I’m down to [ __ ] life 77 health and wellness oh that was a night and a half it’s a super mutant that is what it is spike Club the iron axe bone Shiv can go [ __ ] itself I don’t need that anymore so what we can do [ __ ] what we can do is go and do some more grinding of materials because we need what some more materials to do some more building so I’m gonna put it into this chest here whoo it is hot in here today guys extremely hot in there yes you guys just learned some hard night etiquette you don’t fire arrows where people are mailing you just you don’t do that it’s stupid because you’re gonna hit the other people but also at the same time the PvP should be turned off I don’t know maybe they broke the PvP on this update that’s a possibility as well – we’re gonna push that into there and we’ll go down and do some outside stuff and eight how are you doing man thanks for the like button Nate much appreciate it you guys haven’t done so yet hit that like button helps promote the stream to new people oh [ __ ] oh but that was some [ __ ] parkour [ __ ] right there guys why do you slide off those blogs oh you know why is cuz ur they’re not there were their wedges they’re not actually oh I see why I’m sliding off of them oh that’s frustrating oh I got to remember that it’s like the second time I’ve fallen down the face of that building hold it crap what’s on the agenda we got to do some more grinding looting basically what you do in seven days the DA we’re gonna go down this way though and check out some of the other buildings go do some killings and stuff yep I decided that building is [ __ ] dangerous as [ __ ] even is it so it’s a car parking lot yeah I don’t need any of that crap let’s go in here and check out this place over here I’ve already checked out this place it’s kind of cool it’s a little bit of a [ __ ] to navigate around for the amount of loot that’s in it I’d rather go luta skyscraper at that point but ah oh yeah we’re already in here nevermind so I already went in and took out all the shelves in that building my suit you know what I should do is get some hay bills down at the base so that I can jump down now someone’s actually been here through here really recently alrighty then you know in a dovish up a dare yeah someone took all the freaking hay bills out of here yeah hey bailers lost control of your legs yet but happens AM FM SS sky how you doing welcome man good to see ya clunky oil company this is new oh [ __ ] hey wolf what’s up man I’m gonna turn you into meat come on buddy as you can see they don’t clip through the car anymore they don’t they don’t go as funky they still won’t climb the car but they don’t clip through it anymore right in the head how’d you like that and a butt in the head nice it’s got some meat off this bad boy whoa this hunting knife is nice and quick okay so we only got nine meat from that guy so yeah they definitely did lower the meat drops as for sure I’ve never checked out this place this place is brand new oil company let’s go let’s go flex and bust into this place guys I hear him don’t know where they are though oh hello execution love it sweet we’re starting to get a buildup of painkillers as well now – oh it’s gonna take forever to get my friggin health and wellness back up son of a [ __ ] can’t believe that two deaths in one

night ah it is what it is IRA we have an air of course it does with some useless stuff in it all right desk untouched sometimes you can find some decent in here like like trophies or brass trophies that’s why I like searching those [ __ ] okay so this is absolutely nothing in here it’s cool-looking room though I will admit that looks like someone’s been through here so we shouldn’t have to break in much second layer wow there’s not much in this place at all scrap those still looking for that elusive headlamp be nice to find one uh yeah we should we should scrap that up as well here – and if you guys haven’t done so yet do me a favor and hit the like button guys it helps promote the stream up the search results for seven days a die mmm hasn’t gotten I hear you out there buddy okay uh so who’s the butthurt guy from earlier what was his name again nada damn it I guess this would be the best place to you to come and grind those those work those those zombies to try to get a mining helmet off of them they’re all over the place in here all right let’s flex and bust through this sucker here this one close by yeah I can tell you there’s no gas barrels left now here either so someone’s already gone through it all well this is safe back here though we’ll head up that safe nice can you play two players at the same time on console split-screen yeah console has split-screen that’s the one that good thing about console is the split-screen stuff mm-hmm I’m trying to catch up with the chat here I don’t have a PC yet but I guess I could check on that home yeah you have a browser on your phone out of work you have a browser on your console that works as well – you still plug a keyboard and [ __ ] into your console this doesn’t work for gaming oh here we go get this guy funny guy hmm am i behind on the follows I probably am Sean Hensley welcome to the channel dude thank you for the follow much appreciated okay we’re gonna go eat guys if it’s not working it’s because it’s been done recently read the chat oh you know what though I will take both just because I do have the extra room on me right now Matthew Walter grow up man all right I earned us oh sure sure just trash can I’m still looking oh sweet I was just about to say I’m still looking for pills and nuclear define in a trash can show oh sweet let’s go kill this guy come on mining helmet come on mining helmet come on mining helmet and nothing dammit get this guy funny guy alright you guys gonna make me refresh my screen again aren’t you pro gamers and Dakota Alan welcome the channel guys thanks for the follow must be upstairs are you upstairs oh there’s one upstairs two upstairs this is the other one that was making all that noise how the hell did you hit me [ __ ] what’d you get nada this guy really quiet though one shot done nice I love those sneaky shots Wow that’s it that’s the gas station alright that the oil plant that’s all it’s got hmm I thought it’d be more a lot more a lot more cooler than this but I guess not I guess I stand corrected oh well

it’s a this searches gas pump over here that gives a little bit of gas and like I’d love to find a knob I’d love to find an LED that would be that would be really really nice not an LED what am I thinking a night vision I haven’t seen the night vision for myself yet I haven’t even cheated it in on a playthrough just to see what it looks like because I want to experience the the light on a survival playthrough I want to find it as well search this gas can as well gas is good to use as in the in the fireplace as well do I like using it as fuel mining helmet can’t be made with a lantern and helmet no there’s no lanterns cool well first of all I don’t have a workbench second of all I don’t have all that other stuff on me either but I’d rather find one it’s much much easier at this point in time I think it’s [ __ ] lame that you can make mining how much I really do I want to actually take it out that’s why I’m like actually legitimately searching for one dammit I can use this person’s why did you would you guys use flake stone to get over this funny you guys are so hardcore with a flagstone I had no trouble with finding wood when I first started my playthrough you guys having a wood gate going on my hobby loves split screen until I started in the multiplayer private game and then he loved the game even more we once spent 24 7 hours a while a that’s oh that’s a lot get this guy funny guy let me catch up with those follows here mysterious death welcome to channel thank you for the follow it’s a stretch is putrid girl here she’s got nothing for us but I get it that’s some of that sweet sweet XP we leveled up a few times just kind of sucks I lost all my friggin wellness on the last hard night damn it bro your video is not clear yo bro my video is at 1080 60 frames per second and I’m streaming at 14 megabytes per second my videos clear your internet sucks turn down your quality settings man bro god I can’t wait till that that fat like actually ends up going by I hate that word with a passion I’m not your friend guy I’m not sure I’m not trying I’m not your pal friend I need to go South Park on that [ __ ] okay I’m not your friend pal break in here see if these drives just have anything good for us yeah boy like bros been around for way too long now bros arms kind of like dude just shouldn’t be used anymore I’m guilty up dude I’ll use dude every once in a while I try not to but it happens it happens Jolene hey oh it’s funny no I broke into this place and I didn’t even need to eventually all these buildings are gonna end up getting trashed but we’ll probably have to wipe again anyway so it doesn’t matter oh yeah where we going here am I going to head off in this direction because we haven’t been down this way so let’s go check out what’s it this way over here and this could be in his [ __ ] sassiness he never fails for laughs yeah I tend to trigger a lot of people especially when they say something stupid like that scene like if it wasn’t like a gun backed at earlier if it wasn’t for people telling me yo that’s [ __ ] stupid don’t be saying [ __ ] like that you know what I mean I’d still be saying stupid [ __ ] yeah mysterious death welcome the channel thanks for the follow who else does followed Lake Lackey lucky welcome to the channel thanks for the follow now we’re all adults here so we all can joke around with each other like that it’s usually like children or like child man at adults second that get triggered by that [ __ ] or saber oh that’s a Oh Dave pop I hate bro yeah it’s exact same thing as bro bro it’s like guys like hey say hey mister cuz

I’m like 80 years old back in my day back in my day if you said bro they better have been your family I finally got to use a cane again that made me really really happy bro just seems rude you know what I mean like bro bro like don’t say it like that like come on if you’re if you’re not satisfied with something just speak to me like a person does help blueberries blueberries my favorite line though my favorite line though is when when someone does say something really stupid to me I’m just like cool story bro because it’s demeaning right like that’s why I think bro sounds demeaning it really does and maybe it’s all the the guys wear board shorts that really ruined it for everybody yes my my server does require does Rico it does require getting a password it’s in my discord dudes like get a job tell you what dude I probably make more than your parents doing this job so would you would you rather me go work out Walmart and and bring in $10 an hour yeah jolene jolene why aren’t you all over that one looks like looks looks like I triggered a bro guess we have a triggered bro here that’s funny Jolie and you missed it twice he’s right there [ __ ] one second uh hey Ben Greg you only wish I was a petal because you want to get laid by me [ __ ] I can’t get it Julian can you get that please oh there’s a sleeper right beside me let’s go get him there we go see this is what I do to Bros there you go bro did that feel good bro uh eat let’s eat that [ __ ] we’re gonna scrap that [ __ ] and scrap that [ __ ] and back got stuck oh wait I didn’t even search the whole upstairs of this place we went backwards I’m wet in here killed this guy search the fridge and got nothing out of it scrap scrap perfect there you go Jolene good job I’m making necklaces ah okay okay yeah yeah yeah yeah get this guy funny guy and Brett is better than bro none of that’s good it all sounds like you’re [ __ ] [ __ ] when you say it it literally does like it literally sounds like you can’t pronounce a word properly whoo we’re going here little rod welcome the channel thank you for the follow I wish I have four more arms I know right I know you know how long I’ll be streaming until I delight I don’t feel like streaming anymore okay get this guy funny guy then we have another one here I had to press refresh every single time people follow cool kids rules welcome to channel dude whoa what’s up pop come here I’m gonna turn you in a food seriously how folks not even possible like not to sing when of those bullets hit them the arrows work though okay oh no you’re not running away [ __ ] I’m turning you into meat right in the head yeah there we go nice we’re gonna go back upstairs with a whole ton of meat this time yeah it is getting a little ridiculous I knew I need you guys um one more help on that one it’s like it’s like shrugs I like Ming but see mang mang doesn’t sound like you’re talking down to people right like hey man what’s up man no I mean like it’s not like a bro it’s I don’t know what it is about bro maybe brute movies and [ __ ] really ruin that word I think that’s what did it when you get like the movies where you have like the typical like jock I guess and they’re all walking around saying

bro to each other I think that’s what did it I think that’s what we’re in that word it’s not really a bad word it’s just a way it’s used remember butter I’m gonna slap you down I need somebody need some business shoes I’m dropped any business shoes yet though damn it which way we headed here okay we’re still headed west so we’re still finding new stuff I’ve been down to this area town you see my base from here still at some that way crack a book tower see you like brother makes a little more sense how you doing brother you know what I mean that sounds respectful I think they just like overuse the word bro and stuff and it just kind of killed it nice let’s get some more meats it’s just trendy it’s not even trendy anymore like bro was like trendy like six years ago it’s not even really a thing anymore oh wow there’s a whole nother city over there look at that another city it’s uh let’s see if we get a good view of that from here looking like a pimp with some business shoes I know right I wish – yeah I wish a business suit didn’t heat you up I would be wearing it all the time all the time the business suit looks wanky Oh pick up well I was gonna say am I out of water there’s no way I’m out of water now looks like someone’s building a base over here they have chosen their residence nice it’s to save time save time for what dude is it too hard to say hey man hey brother so basically you’re you’re saying it’s cool to say bro cuz you’re lazy stuff just makes it even worse Skippy bought hates all it does it’s gonna steal all of your dukes it wants all of you dukes come here lady there we go so Monday guys I think I’m gonna be streaming late because I have the Internet guys coming to look at my place again on Monday we got some random bases out there yeah we got a tooth right there so built a toothy I’m not actually building a hard base this time what I’m going to do is build an outdoor one where I can take on the zombies hand by hand outside I think that’ll be a lot more fun this time around business suit of onesies I love it yeah that extra syllable it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of work oh my god Sean I’m not even answering that one man okay let’s bash this one out yeah it happened to blink usually the the weekends are the worst for a dude it’s okay though I really don’t care Oh looks like we got another follow its refresh that screen Nova airsoft welcome to the channel dude thank you for the follow Rabbids don’t make that sound you’ve never heard a rabbit make those sounds before I have uh Letterkenny he yeah that’s good to go savage ain’t no savage yeah that’s what I think of when people say bro I think of the two hockey players off Letterkenny like I can’t take you seriously if you’re gonna be speaking like that it just doesn’t work oh my god you know what I think I ruined it – um back on Emmett Enright I had to teach it took a full 8 hour shift to teach a 21 year old at his first job ever how to sweep it took a whole shift and he kept saying [ __ ] bro and I’m like dude stop saying [ __ ] bro I was a broom good bow room oh he was getting so pissed he’s like I don’t get it like he was he was sweeping but he wasn’t making contact with the floor like he was like hovering above it and like do put the broom on the ground sweep forward and lift up and he just couldn’t get it I actually had to go tell the boss at the end of the day not to bring him back in again I was just like this is ridiculous and on top of that he wore like a [ __ ] hundred and fifty dollar blinged-out frickin stupid ass those like bro shirts I don’t know what you call them so yeah it was just I think those experiences really ruined for me J boy Starr welcome to the channel dude thank you for the follow I’m a patient guy but when I have to teach a 21 year old something how to do something that’s like common sense farcry dragon welcome this dream mechanic and it ruins that [ __ ] for me

yeah I worked out Nebadon for a while I found a lot of that out there though like the parents didn’t make their kids work and they’re dumb as [ __ ] like they are dumb as [ __ ] they don’t know how to do anything for themselves 21 years old first job and he was driving around like an eighty thousand dollar truck – on top of that and it’s just like well you’re gonna do well in the real world not fun with that hopefully inherit a lot of money because otherwise you’re gonna get chewed up out there I’ll be back alright see you later man I can even deal with that oh it was hard believe me it was hard I was getting pissed out on by the end of the shift oh and then he did the typical of people who like to be like that you did this typical oh you don’t have to be such a hard-ass man I’m trying my best and it’s like bad if I wasn’t a hard-ass you’d be sitting in the corner right now checking your cell phone like you’ve been doing half the shift but yeah it was amazing like I’ve had a few run-ins like that where he’s just like shake my head like you seriously don’t know how to do a basic thing like sweep the floor you shouldn’t even have to be taught how to sweep before honestly it should be that common sense put the broom down on the ground push a broom forward he couldn’t get it he was he was pushing stuff all over the place he wasn’t wasn’t pushing it into piles he was pushing it into the corner I’m like do what are you doing like you at one point he was working from one side of the room and pushing it up against the wall and I’m like man what are you doing the girl no it was so funny uh my boss was laughing at me though I was actually kind of pissed at him for that one still still owes me one he’s he’s a good guy though yeah the guy we hired was a temp on top of that as well too so he wasn’t even nicely looking for a job what it probably happened oh I see where I saw the plane I got to throw some black down there where probably happened was his parents our friend like you know what get the [ __ ] out of the house and go and get some work experience so he signed up for four temp work thinking that he wouldn’t have to [ __ ] work oh I rode that guy’s ass all day long I wasn’t allowing any ditch he it’s gonna go and turn these and arrows got to do a drop-off then we’re gonna go and get some more wouldn’t do some work buildin all of this stuff I don’t need any of its especially those rounds I don’t have a hunting rifle on me right no no I don’t I think the nanny should be paid more could you imagine having a deal like I wouldn’t be able to I wouldn’t be able to do it I’d snap okay yeah me yeah though like I know people that are well-off and as soon as their kids were 16 they made them go work I don’t know what’s with this new generation where they figure that their kids don’t have to work until they finish college but seriously like working gives you basic life skills it gives you the ability to learn problem-solving it gives you the ability to learn how to work with other people everyone should work with minimum wage job in their life every single person is then you get to like actually learn what real life is like get on that ride for dude I am oh there goes the head oh that’s sound of fact that’s where those facial piercings nice there we go I got some gun a nose ring now to go along with my goggles and my hair see this is a bro yes then I’ve been working since I’ve been 16 I was doing lawns at 13 I had a part-time job at 20 to 30 hours when I was 16 and I honestly like if I have to go out into the job market again and compete with these these newer kids coming out into the market I have no fear of job security whatsoever I could work circles around them this is what happens when Skippy gets triggered I’m not triggered not triggered at all we’re having an adult conversation kids must do chores it’s bad parenting not to that too I grew up doing chores when when we [ __ ] up as a kid we didn’t get sent to our room with all our electronics what would happen is our parents made us do chores you want to [ __ ] do it [ __ ] like that go out and do the lawn I don’t care it’s 90 degrees out today go out and do the [ __ ] lawn that’s what I grew up with and honestly don’t regret a single second of it 17-year old daughter is doing landscaping for the summer nice see it’s good for them too right because then they get some extra spending money they get to spend their own money that they worked for so they actually have a value

behind the dollar I don’t sell one that like buys orchids friggin iPads every six months and they just smash them like a month later they’re smashed up to [ __ ] and I’m like why are you doing that like you can barely afford food but you’re buying your kids friggin iPads make them go get a job work for their own iPad realize that they’re gonna have to work a whole month to buy an iPad and then they won’t bust them all right I was a laborer since 15 try catering plastering mechanics and travel and tourism nice and and on top that – if you go out into the job world early you do know a lot better of what you actually want to end up doing and on top of that you’ll have a lot more drive to succeed in college because if you’ve ever worked a minimum-wage job I like McDonald’s believe me you’ll want to get an education and get a better job once you like once the rents are done they’re like and those jobs are [ __ ] get treated like [ __ ] and get paid like [ __ ] it is hard work it’s not the hardest work but for what you make it is hard work don’t buy I don’t buy iPads period oh I know I know I get just I don’t I don’t get it come here yeah nice come on zombies is fun I’m still keeping that sham I got a dog I got to start doing some modding here soon – guys do some modding out there should be respawn by now there we go now it’s because I remember looting that last time I was playing actually and that was yesterday so it’s been a whole day’s cycle since when I was a kid if I wasn’t anything I’d have work and buy it myself yeah like that that’s basically the same thing we did my parents actually taught us money management my dad would take my check give me X amount and percentage of the check I forget how much it was for spending money and then we put the rest away and by the time I was 18 I had two years of college paid for I’m so glad he did that because instead of going into thousands of dollars in debt I was able to take some time off concentrate on college and get my college done instead of trying to do college and do a job at the same time that [ __ ] is hard I respect anybody who’s in college and working a job at the same time that shit’s intense shit’s real intense join the canadian army it’s hard work and the pay is good and the rewarding and on top of that you get in shape right don’t they with you guys right in the [ __ ] shape in the army like why do I go why go to the gym and buy a membership when you can go and work an actual hard job and get paid to work out right when went on that one All Right see you later Jake rub okay let our Kayla I always felt bad asking my parents extended money buy me expensive things and everything’s so [ __ ] expensive now dad onto like an iPad is a thousand [ __ ] dollars that’s not a small chunk of money even if you have money that’s still a lot of [ __ ] money for this little tiny pad that you’ve surfed the internet on you know what I mean like that’s it I would never buy one I don’t find any value in them uh fade score and welcome to channel shadow blade thank you for the follow as well to you men you just told my life in one sentence yeah that’s a I mean like it’s just boggles my mind sometimes but whatever like I said their loss fire after if I ever have to compete them in with them in a hard job market I’ll have the job before they do because I have the skills yes they do we get a lot of time in our day to work out yeah that’s what I mean like honestly um I’ve thought about like not so much now I’m getting a little older but I did think about joining the army though the only thing is it’s like I really wanted to boot camp experience but at the same time I didn’t really want to be sent overseas you know what I mean so yeah uh I’ve been thinking like recently because I used to be a cyclist like a mountain biker and I was in competitions and [ __ ] and then I completely [ __ ] my ankle up breaking on both sides so I can’t compete anymore but I’ve been thinking about doing something like jujitsu that’s pretty cool it’s not expensive either and it’s from what I’ve seen of it and it looks like is right up my alley get get all stretched out again get back

into shape I’ve been good trying to get back in shape I’ve lost a lot of weight since because well after I broke my ankle I spent a lot of time with my ass and I did gain weight like that that does cupcake thank you very much I have worked carried a full college load and graduated with a 4.0 yeah that’s amazing big props to you that shit’s hard to do um I actually I want to go back to college as well too but not for like profession I actually want to self-improve I would love to go back to college for something like graphic design or like video editing or stuff something along those lines that’s actually in the field of what I like to do because honestly like growing up I used to love doing this kind of stuff like video games I used to love break in the video game down learning how the video game worked I used to love spending time on the computer but growing up that was really nerdy right like that you’re not gonna get anywhere doing that type of thing my like I had something on my parents now I definitely do I was like you told me my whole life growing up video games I’m gonna get me anywhere and look at me now or really wilykat yeah it’s a lot of work to go like once you get out of the routine it is a lot of work to get back into it like a ton of work to get back into it it’s not easy at all I tried welding I just I can’t see the I can’t see through those glasses I just I can’t do it I can’t hack it and all even like even when you have the thing going I can’t [ __ ] see I can’t make it out I wish I could because I love building stuff my dream is to home own a home with a garage here and have the garage filled with like woodworking tools and [ __ ] I would make stuff all the time I love building crap I already have a ton of tools but I don’t have like the big stuff like the planer isn’t crap that you need to do like full-out woodworking it’s locked we not break into this oh yeah we did break into this gun safe yet let us break into this bad boy hey how you doing the only book stuff just go do it I try guys with all the different types of welding glasses I just I um I have a like it for any things like if it’s dark out I have really bad night vision that’s what it is you don’t have the big toys yeah that’s what it is is I don’t have the big stuff that you need a garage for if you find bugs in experimental where do you report them on the forums do seven days to die forums flex um busting time you know what what do we get ah just parts gavage cabbage oh you know what you can actually go ahead to let’s get let’s get some iron let’s get some iron going into the for each other I do that it’s been pressing too many buttons at once is that another screamer holy crap it’s not hard to get screamers anymore apparently I don’t think we can make steel yet I think it’s locked yeah it’s still locked yeah whatever so what we’re doing right now is kind of cleaning up the top of this base because I need to put a floor across here I need to do a player place floor so that we don’t get any more sleep response up here this is where my base is going to be and you don’t want sleep response bonding inside your base it’s not fun they smash your [ __ ] up a project zomboid now I can’t I can’t hack those type of games dude like the overhead or the scrollers and stuff is not my thing they’re cool they’re just they’re really not my thing screamer’s coming out to play yup oh yeah do you have tutorials shadow they’re kind of outdated now I might do like a painting tutorial I’ll do electricity tutorial I’m waiting till it goes stable though because electricity and painting can change right so I’m going to wait till it goes stapled and I’ll do a few tutorials will do like a tutorial on traps will do all the other crap but I gotta get learnt before I can do that for you guys you know what I mean and that is what doing this is all

about playing survival alright see you later Sam thanks for stopping in and if you guys haven’t done so yet hit that like button helps promote the stream I recently bought seven days to die on the PC and it’s hard do you get knees to the keyboard keys it is but like the keyboard and mouse is superior to the to the controller that’s why games like Call of Duty on console have like Amos system [ __ ] on it it’s just not as accurate but it’s much easier to hold a controller you know what I mean like you don’t have to have a whole computer setup you can just sit on your couch so this is like wins ups and downs to both sides mm-hmm I see a lot of flip coins going on I like turtles as well man right now guys as far as the server goes we have it password in and it’s password for the community so that our regulars and the ones have been around for a while can get on it and it’s experimental as well too and we have no problem filling it with the password it’s so it’s password right now once we go stable and we set up the new server the new stable server will go public again but for now you have to be involved with the discord community and everything to get to get into the game Oh am I getting cold again I am too son of a [ __ ] let’s put something warm on here gonna get a lot of iron from punching those things out let’s put my swanky suit jacket on there we go I love the shortcut keys I got to get used to using them gotta get used to them shortcut keys guys yeah what you can do with you deuce is play the minigames when we do giveaways you use your dukes for the giveaways as well all of that stuff alright Shadowblade thanks for stopping by judo is good to have me here man ok William I me too as well guys look enough to cut this off pretty pretty soon myself I have a lot to do today I got to get ready for tomorrow as well too guys you can you can only do the commands with the bots so many times guys it’s to slow down on the chat spam hey what’s up gunner something so much for faster crafting screw room faster crafting I can’t even [ __ ] see right now all my torches are put down but I know I’m hitting a fence I don’t have to fortify a thumb I’m on top of a building man Zombies Ate making it up here mr. Mason stop doing that dude click the screen because of a thumbnail what’s up that panda Skippy bud is having a heart attack yeah this is just simply to cut down the amount of bob the amount of spam going on in the stream that’s all so you can only do it every once oh well I don’t know if I have the flip coin the flip coin and I think has a timer on it too okay this uh scrap some torches here I’m going to throw some iron and they here as well to you how we doing all [ __ ] we still got a lot of iron kicking around in there okay awesome pick up a torch can’t see [ __ ] I still don’t have a mining helmet I gotta take out all of this here too all of this fence this fence gotta come out so let’s go ahead and take out this bad boy here too you know what it actually might be faster to take out the bottom and let it collapse then to do it from top to bottom so let’s go along the bottom and just let the fence collapse easier oh look at that we’re level 17 you know what we should actually spend our skill points here ah get rid of this there we go okay so we have our weapon and tool

smithing up here we got to get our minor 69er up another level here we go ten points and bot okay there we go let’s go to all and see what else I can spend these uh these points are burning a hole in my pocket here you know what we should do a health health nut as well – uh uh what is another ten points cool okay there we go it’ll push that there we go I just got some points for free okay another ten points nice there we go that brings us up to 20 and I should probably eat – we’re down six percent so get some health and wellness back from that as well I think so Vincent I don’t know if they address that one this time because yeah the you’re right there the scrap piles do give a lot of iron compared to the fences mmm some tasty meats Chad always takes a turn it happens we had an adult discussion earlier on why people shouldn’t use a word bro I love you you miss that gunner but oh my god man Luther we pissed off so many people in the trap serious no you’re not allowed to do that man I think I walked into the right time or the wrong the wrong time or the right time done and done hey what’s up earnest how you doing man yes send all your news to Jolene sorry Jolene we reported you out on that one why is this not collapsed yet this fence is strong as hell so are they wiping the surface again if we have to wipe yeah we’ll be wipe in month all the way up until stable once stable drops will have a permanent map now but up until then we this could end up getting wiped any day part of experimental oh there she goes what the [ __ ] I don’t get what just happened there I really don’t what just happened guys did you see that the top of that tower collapsed okay why why oh why did the top of the tower collapse while we’re taking out the fence all righty then that’s a little odd okay so you get you get thirty let’s see how much more you actually get from a scrap pile they’re not a piece of fence so you get thirty from a scrap pile five six seven and ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen oh yeah you get twice as much from the scrap piles whoa why do you keep collapsing up there yes eyeko something right here whoo the seven days to die aphasics god I love them I’ll send over some onions onions are delicious delicious you better listen to the server you got listen to the server brace that’s funny God love those uh those sideways you know what I into collapses say because it’s freaking me out I don’t know why this thing keeps collapsing that is so weird because they’re not even in st block like I can’t even say this is helping support this because they’re not

even in the same block okay this just collapses thing period and this is holding it all up one ladder all by itself mass is tons of iron alright guys I think I can enter the stream here for today I’m really hot it’s it’s humid as [ __ ] in here I’m feeling a little uncomfortable I have to let these little guys out here for the washing break I will be back though Monday I won’t be around I think my appointments from 11:00 to 1:00 with the with the internet guys so hopefully it gets resolved pretty quickly in an owl stream after that but anyways guys I want to thank you once again for coming out to the stream it’s been it’s been a blast I got to shake my cane a few times so I’m happy about that that’s pretty satisfying and I will see you guys in the the next stream and in the community as well let’s go up here there we go perfect so cheers guys it’s been it’s been a blast today you guys have been awesome I will see you guys later what’s that building I removed the second floor completely and it’s still in closed yeah these buildings are too big to collapse man the physics will just come to a stop if it’s too much mmm-hmm got all my lips oh there goes my internet it’s nine [ __ ] windy oh [ __ ] well I guess I chose a good time to end alright anyways guys stay classy have a good one enjoy the end stream I’ll see you guys over on the discord if you can still watch this because it’s flying all over the place peace out guess you you you you you [Applause] you you you