(ENG CC)「Thunderball」TES5: Skyrim 外人実況プレイ その31

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(ENG CC)「Thunderball」TES5: Skyrim 外人実況プレイ その31

Putting business first! It is I, Hagu It’s been quite a while I’m not sure when… or why I saved here, but, um I do know I was fighting the rebel army, yes Ah, great, I looks like I’ve forgotten the controls again I see! Today, we’ll be receiving orders not at the Pale, but the Rift On a different subject, I just noticed this new weapon It’s Higeyoshi’s uchigatana model Wonder what its enchantments are Wrong! Hmm, it appears to have vampiric, and fear enchantments?! Maybe I didn’t really intend to use this Fear’s not nearly as useful as shock damage Anyway, if I use this, I’ll be able to level up again Oh, I see, upon upgrading this weapon, I saved and exited [weak laugh] Starting this episode, let’s make sure to do everything during the day, so it’s not too hard to see Right? Eh? [whistles “Boku wa Tori ni Naru”] Uh… I was being a bird [sigh] That’s a stupid reference, and I don’t remember the song anyway Yello’ there Well this is interesting I thought she’d send me off saying “go get this fortress” or something I’ll find that evidence you need You can always count on me This… calls for invisibility potions Ah… I put all of the ingredients away Well, I might already be walking around with some, I think…? Let’s check and see Er- poison, poison, poison, poison, poison restore magic… not here How did my recipe go, again? [hums “This is Alchemy” (ep 12)] Nirnroot, canis root, some impstool to That’s poison! Um Now what do I Ah! That’s right! Forget fast travel Let’s go back to the college with Recall, for old time’s sake Okay Sorry, J’zargo, you’re walking Hey, now, what was Ah, heh, once I open the door, J’zargo will teleport here having said that I already hear him Now then, uh… oh!

Vampire dust and wing of luna moth…? For the… [groans] something something Hawk! That’s right, it’s a hawk-something Well, fine, I’ll try both I doubt it’s the beak, though See, not the beak So, 60 seconds of invisibility That is unacceptable What am I going to do if it suddenly runs out? That’s right: Archmages Be Ambitious And this time? Hmm, 151 seconds About two minutes and thirty seconds Hmm… unacCEPTable! I’m bringing out the item wot should have been sealed away! The “Chef’s Bracer,” first edition! Now, THIS TIME! 297…5 seconds…? If my memories of using the Windows console shutdown command are accurate, that’s almost 50 minutes [laughs] How’s that for needlessly long But that’s what’s good about it With this length A single one might last me the whole mission if I don’t fight Mm…hmm! This’ll do Hold on Guess I’ll bring the disguise with me Okay, let’s go, J’zargo! Let’s go back to Riften! Alright Ah Come- come to think of it, I heard an unpleasant noise around AH?! Right, let’s go! Let’s go! We can’t stop here, this is lizard country Finally at last I guess Speaking of Riften, I wonder if that person’s here What to do Yeah, before we start the mission, let’s try talking to to her Where is she? She’s not here? That’s a shame. She’s a pretty funny character if I remember correctly Ah, this person’s An… Anyu yuriel… Anuriel An, Anuriel J’zargo! Would you mind making polite conversation with these people? Yes, that’s right Go for it I didn’t think you were that shy of a cat- HEY! Where did you- Did you– oh, I see I was just about to drink an invisibility potion and sneak in, but Pray tell, exactly what has you so occupy’led? The heck was that This is the kind of nonsense I’d expect from Star Trek Um, if it were me, I’d use the blue thing Yeah. [mockingly] So you do get it! Eh- what if you used calipers?

See, it’s a reference– to Oblivion Geh- that’s easy. It’s nine! How, exactly? And what’s that last one? See, a funny character Now then, to work Don’t follow me for now, J’zargo This, will be the first time I sneak into Riften’s keep, but experience tells me that most people’s quarters are on the second floor I wonder, is the XBOX controller making this mini game… easier? or… harder, which is it Good You see, it’s Anonymous’s room What I mean is that it isn’t the Jarl’s I’m not sure whether or not it’s Anuriel’s Well, this stinks The room, that is No, the invisibility potion was interrupted Seems safe for now, though I would have been satisfied with 60 seconds had I remembered this More like, I should have made more “Immortal Blood?” A rather creepy title Speaking of rather creepy and blood, I haven’t been putting much effort into collecting Elven blood lately More like, I haven’t collected anything Sadly, the Stormcloaks are almost exclusively Nords I won’t be able to work on Hermaeus Mora’s quest for now said Hagu, as he read the first sentence Uh… guess I’ll read it later I think I’ll just take this gem, too What are you saying?! It’s all in your head! The-there’s nobody here, here Bah humbug! You can’t even see me! I told you, there’s nobody here! [explosive groan] It all would have been fine if I hadn’t moved! This is an embarrassing first [laughs nervously] But, Wait, this is a good chance for sightseeing, isn’t it? In Oblivion, I was never sent to jail because I was always rich, but anyway I see. So this is where PRISONers are locked up, I say I say Err– so

When do they let me out? I see, it’s self-service GAH! That’s not good! Right then, would somebody kindly point me to my equipment? Cabbage Can’t very well wear that I’ve got a bad feeling about this But magic? Magic’s the same wherever you go Magic’s the same even when you go to jail Is something of the matter- HEY! I’m already in the cell, you don’t need to KILL ME- All right, back to business Um, so, you see Not using markers is fun! That’s why I ended up on this detour Honest I haven’t forgotten the game’s basics Goodnight, Jarl Why am I still rifling through all of these…? Good, now then I think we ought to try going to… Anuriel’s real room I’m just a little black shadow… oh? It worked Then let’s go [groans] This is why invisibility potions [groans again] This is why invisibility potions are largely useless! Oh well Let’s… [sound of surprise] You were asleep!? Don’t surprise me like that! [sigh] I’ve had enough for this night But, let’s read this letter-thing This is the one Dearest Anuriel [reading] Mmm! Mmm Her connection the Thieves’ Guild is quite clear Then I’ll… come back later, I guess Hagu departs quietly. Outta the way. Oh? It worked Well, anyway, while Anuriel is in the height of worrying about the missing letter, We will launch our surprise attack and strike swiftly! J’zargo! J’zargo, that’s enough for tonight Our mission begins tomorrow! Eh– good night, doc Les’go What a miserable wakeup call I may be the Dovahkiin, but give a celeb his privacy, eh? Somehow it seems bizarrely loud in here Odd I’ll be! This is some mighty fine weather Perfect for blackmailing

It’s no Cyrodiil, but the Rift is one of the prettiest places in Skyrim, I think Nature is number one! Actually it’s number three Bah, stuff it! I know you’re Anuriel More… to the point… what the?! Wha- how are you sitting like that! [sigh] Recognize this? Shall we be off, then? [reading another impression] [mechanical breathing] You rebel scum are doing a fine job destroying yourselves I’m more than a mere spy! Your fate has been determined, but depending on what you have in mind I shall grant you brief freedom And how much do you consider “large?” Ah, shoot- [attempts to imitate breathing again] Continue your explanation Acceptable. You will tell me where I can find this caravan Very well. Enjoy the last office post of your life to the fullest, wretched thief Awwight! Once I’ve reported to Miss Rikke Next time! We stop the Stormcloak caravan! Prob’ly