Minecraft Survival Let's Play : PS3 Edition : W/Friends

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Minecraft Survival Let's Play : PS3 Edition : W/Friends

hey guys it’s meridian HD here today’s beginning of my brand-new let’s play for minecraft ps3 edition and before the video starts I just want to say one thing I want to apologize because unfortunately while I was recording my Elgato didn’t pick up my voice and stupidly I didn’t check so for the first five videos you can’t hear me so I’m very sorry for that and I hope you enjoyed the video thank you make a comeback me wait wait that is like not even Rockies okay wait we’re going to the village dude wait wait what are you soaking we’re working as a team Bailey okay I lost everyone else but I’m yeah I’m getting the plants oh I’m all alone aim oh you’re always alone yes as you don’t I’m going to live in the village forget the morning i’m a loner and only yeah I didn’t always see summer brain you’re definitely streaming right now right I’m glad you told my cousin you watch my father go watch the watch now watch this work on him in Africa and as you might be that long it would take for you doubled up it is an upload it just like whoever’s watching right now can hear you heard you said that so all right y’all we need to find somewhere to to like maybe part all right what do you got what do you got oh and i had to tell y’all story when my cousin gets on cuz it he just told me he just called me it’s gonna be funny go and get very easy to get very pissed at me I’m can be funny this will be so pissed at me I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it alright alright um I don’t have any couple stuff all right we’ll all right look everybody take their map and we need to like move up in one spot I’m working your work bull [ __ ] happen from come why did you dad collect food I bring e11 cheat well I save the photos we need to get those to see look at you sand we can’t even girl is a girl she’s just say much as yeah season San offered me food ASAP please forgive me please or are you what color are you careful you’re white of course your wife I’m

racist cuz that’s it Wyatt and they so much sense yeah okay that’s racist that’s definitely raises that’s it I’m course I’m tink Wow I’ll go I’m blue whoever is green dream are you underground bring him down no one no one pick up myself I want a cup myself save me Neos turning into the demon hey standing it’s a good evening yeah run my friend Adam on no yeah where were y’all oh yeah i know that Sand Village no family sure someone bring me food or something uh she’s attacking me and she’s she’s saying eat yeah I know oh no they’re doing girl things oh he will die oh wait you should broadcast it it where’s my map boss on that icon that sweet all right where are you marrying oh okay look I’m gonna go look for a place to uh yeah hey I think we’re crazy they’ll be reducing I’m getting into my areolas i’m just all right well whenever whenever you get whatever you’re doing find the white guy that means man that’s uh the blue guy on the mound by the white guy find the blue guy I’m the boy guy me cobbler stop gambling history has one of my chest yeah that’s right you are in the mine shaft I know we’re on hard right yeah oh how that song is so wrong okay that’s not just subtle bad oh all right let me find somewhere to put camp okay let me go find somewhere it can with our house gonna be big I’m gonna make those know we could just have like a few beds there you go what do we need a house we’re too cool for a house though all right fine whatever all right we need people gathering wood like right now I am all right good i did i’m just gonna look for a spot that place i’ll set of course you are their chests and we look ferraro a huge mountain that we can call our home our mountain will be the gods this look I don’t know what it’s pissing me off yeah so my talk I think it’s crazy new garage Bailey or crazy never on an ink crazy editing crazy alien crazy is it crazy to Billy and it’s a week it’s big way all right who has food I bring it to me please okay I almost died you had all that iron issue yeah cuz I Irish group number well what yeah some people yeah yeah but I

mother died so answer your water bottles so much someone bring me some food please Mike out there’s no don’t think I can kill inside either I’m not like 10 okay bring it to me where are you I didn’t add a nap I know cuz there’s a wait who was i run the wood I got you i’ll just run towards you she wants the would bring 40 deal okay no no you’re running away run towards me should see my name why are you off oh no I over 64 I all smelter to show me the of stuff all right good right behind you oh no did someone grab my stuff yeah you can’t eat food yeah an uncle yeah come on grab mouth so that’s kind of weird thank you active building Isles wait now I’m coming this because I’m all alone and by myself all right Abby I need a [ __ ] I got you where are you yeah I have it I have this chest are you sure right next to a building so no one take it all right it’s full with all of our stuff so no I don’t want to be [ __ ] please are you shifting well I’m gonna live in the blacksmith’s I thought about for now are we gonna do beds okay listen are you so lost mini food oh here well wait let’s you need to smell this huh okay and then you see the apples that we were going to use for the gold metal Oh get it kill it kill it no I nothing I had not signed i’m making a sword yeah towards me guys there’s no way pick up my stuff please okay you don’t like spiders Wow dying I’m dive I know I’m just saying dying don’t even get out of there seriously i can see don’t name tagging over all the way down there but there’s just like it’s just us two up here oh it’s us through down here well i guess a little will start on the house then yeah let’s go i hope you pick up the wood i really do hope you pick up the wood I did I pick you didn’t you didn’t you forgot a whole sack there is some pieces Oh where’s the rest of the iron yeah it’s like 30 pieces here take this oh wait you have the hex right yeah I’ve alright may go get more wood I’m gonna go filled I got him can I make the house two stories you said she’s gonna kill herself tell her she does I’ll kill yourself I’ll kill myself too I shouldn’t make separate rooms or just make one room for the bed I’m not sure what I should do yeah just one room oh no we don’t we don’t need individual

chests all of us that’s gonna be shared anyways no way in hell wouldn’t survive like them oh i just read my message when is your ipod gonna come I don’t know I know it comes when do phone gonna come oh wait no you don’t have dick yep guidelines over my hand fifth biasing are you guys stay down there all right now is the best dream ever Bailey are you getting would you know what the hell have you been doing this whole time okay ya know what he seems I don’t know where that just can’t be kidding me right there wait a minute did you pick up my map yeah all right good see it bring it to me I’m blue I just put it I got it okay you’re gonna make me run all the way back over there yeah and she was there okay she’s that um did you ever did you have a mapping inventory by any chance yes damn it boy I would like buy the books yeah whoever’s rats please don’t pick it up oh I’m not a traitor all right I gotta grab hey ya played all that iron yeah dude dude it up me too much it with my hot wait i just dropped it off today okay i had stuff my hand my stuff can i learn math and pain I’ll that’s minus minus my backup no oh my god you have my mother here have that my mom yeah oh you need them out of you need to my line pick up what do I meant about Bailey take the map take er easy oh Jesus swim fins people sorry all right here i put the crap in here that you’re not using okay yeah well we all needed at least an iron sword all of us all of us i need that need at least one iron sword now we need to establish jobs like my parents are DC gotcha gotcha so good what what all right well is this full all right i’m gonna make another one oh yeah you guys there’s a thing if you’re down if you below there I made a tunnel all the way up somewhere beside you I don’t know that somewhere beside you isn’t it I don’t know it is it I really don’t know it oh ok I did you see it [ __ ] yeah ok it gets a little bit thankee when you guys go up hey I’m not the night the house I think I have enough wooden planks for it though I need someone go get off more wood we’re at bellins well and pumpkins good I need I need food whoever has food is to give it to me cuz i must die I have nothing somebody didn’t replan okay it’s a couple of seeds we didn’t replan love me crazy do you have any food I

have right Dinah awesome dude dad first what do you need babies we’ll go find food alright we will find food I’m gonna build a house as much as I can until I die oh ok you I am I’m gonna go build the house mm-hmm well I haven’t I haven’t melted starting I don’t think I have enough to finish it and I’m call I’m not really that’s my only have two steps I forgot to get my map up and right toward ever get enough right decked out you’re gonna handle this and I go cuz I’m a bit open [ __ ] like this and then we’ll find some comments like that finds them all right behind your door pretty start-up i am building them I’ll seat you for the balls here oh really i usually like building line and flatlands on top of that mountain right there that was your internet mountain wait if we just do it in the mount we won’t even have to build you just live inside of the mountain we’re going to just build a house on top though the top of mine in and with cows dead I got three steak but did you bring food I didn’t either I didn’t either damn it Oh we need a flat we can build it right here record we need a foot need a like spread it out a little bit i’ll let you build something are you starting with some fours or something oh I never heard

that how I side with the walls yeah we can build this air case that’s easy or just carve out one just build one right up top here I thought I’d diamond on a diamond again Chester ok good how many times you new furniture my table I think oh ok