SpongeBob SquarePants: BFBBR & Ninjala | Ep 20 | 2020

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SpongeBob SquarePants: BFBBR & Ninjala | Ep 20 | 2020

hello and welcome to GG SP I’m rat today on the show we have so much stuff we’ve got sponges we’ve got SquarePants we’ve got ninjas we’ve got bubblegum and we’ve probably got some other stuff too yes everyone’s favorite absorbent yellow hero is back in our review of Spongebob Squarepants battle for bikini bottom rehydrated it smashing – wow that’s great Patrick and we check out ninjalah then you free-to-play brawler all about chewing gum and hitting ninjas with thumb paddles and yo-yos oh that looks pretty fun but you know ninjas are not to be underestimated they could be anywhere at any time waiting to pounce no we better get the show started swish wouldn’t it be great if we had real robots to play with Patrick yeah these are real robots you’re kidding SpongeBob SquarePants battle for bikini bottom rehydrated is for starters breaking my secret rule of two to three word game titles max and also a remake of the 2003 platformer are the days of the ps2 and original Xbox my my how time flies but what hasn’t changed though is the wacky antics of everyone’s favorite sea creatures plankton being plankton has once again had an evil plan spectacularly backfire as his army of robots turns against him and goes on a rampage through bikini bottom so our pint-sized super villain enlists the help of spongebob Patrick and Sandy to sort out his mess and take down the robot menace now I’ve never played the original so I have no nostalgia to fall back on and like most of you spoiling links I’m coming into this as a first timer and as a first timer my first thought jumping in was this game feels old while there is an obvious improvement in how it looks all bright and colorful and 3d it still feels like a game I’d play on the ps2 the whole campaign hinges on finding golden spatulas around each area which he used to unlock new locations which you then explore to find more spatulas it’s a big old collectathon is what I’m saying the levels you get to run around in are all very cute from sandy beaches to lush fields to neon bathe slopes all are littered with enemies and obstacles you’ll have to destroy and/or navigate around using the abilities of our three heroes spongebob can blow bubbles and launch missile attacks sandi can use her lasso to crush enemies and cross great distances and Patrick can throw heavy objects Sandeen was by far my favorite and every opportunity I got to play as her was awesome swinging between boys and lasso and unsuspecting robots I just wish that changing characters wasn’t such a slog help me find Patrick I have a task that I think he can help me with you have to go to bus stop set up around the area to change to another character that level allows you to play us it’s just such an unnecessary hassle especially without a mini-map to look at you just have to retrace your steps trying to remember where you saw it anytime you want to change over it’s little things like that that show that this is less of a remake and more of a remaster just adding a shiny coat of paint on top as opposed to improving the product itself that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself because I definitely did at times the combat though very easy is fluid and there’s enough variety in enemy types to keep things flowing and feeling fresh it might even be too easy for some but the way I look at it there are plenty of games out there whose sole purpose is to drive you nuts it’s nice to just run around doing simple tasks without the threat of failure hanging over your head and I won’t lie it is quite the ego boost walk into any level and know that you are the most powerful creature there even as a 4 inch tall sea sponge there is also a multiplayer horde mode to which you can play online or in local co-op but it’s not exactly the most thrilling gaming experience but it does let you play as Gary though so I mean do with that what you will at the end of the day I feel that battle for bikini bottom rehydrated is a fine game but one that’s wasted too many opportunities to bring itself into the era of next-gen consoles something it’s fancy new look

can’t hide and in fact maybe exaggerate a bit I’m sure for those who played the original thing this classic rejuvinated or in this case rehydrated would be quite the trip down memory lane but for me that just wasn’t enough here to capture my interest no matter how many spongebob memes you throw my way so I’m giving SpongeBob SquarePants battle for bikini bottom rehydrated two and a half out of five rubber chickens it’s time for the scoop this loads of gaming news to discuss so if they’re tracking first up some Kingdom Hearts news a rhythm game called Kingdom Hearts melody of memory is due out for the current generation of consoles later this year it will feature songs from the Kingdom Hearts games and Disney’s music catalog this is in addition to Kingdom Hearts dark road which just arrived on mobile moving along now to some more news and a delayed based developer team cherry has been challenging fans to decode a series of riddles in order to reveal info about new NPCs for upcoming game hollow Knight silk song rising to the task players have solved their way to reveal nbc’s like the Huntress described as a towering old predator known as a snitch back gotta love all that’s rich highlight Lord Maul or how do you like it how do you like it normal or we also heard about rocket League celebrating its 5th anniversary with a special event running until the 30th of July the spike rush and 2v2 heat seeker limited modes will be part of the merriment as well as some festive in-game items happy birthday rocket League in other news we’ve been treated to a tiny update or should I say update about the upcoming cuphead animated series Netflix shows behind the scenes glimpses of the cuphead show including some of the animation art and the introduction of the actors voicing cuphead and Mudman themselves and now for the extra Scoob the clever team from arc attack a known for designing musical Tesla coil systems that is they use the electric coil device invented by the brilliant 19th century inventor Nikola Tesla to make music amongst their latest covers is the Animal Crossing scene also featuring the talents of a robot drama rock on my robo dude what a lightning strike of genius and that’s all we have for the scoop this week until next time farewell don’t actually need to have a signature sign-off alright Jim give it your best shot okay here we go ninjalah I’d say it’s more like ninja that was pretty good okay I’ll try it mmm ninja [Applause] minge Allah is a free-to-play multiplayer battle game that has finally landed exclusively on the switch hey we’ll do you want to try and take a crack at explaining this game’s wacky world Oh certainly try long ago the world was guarded by a clan of ninja whose powers may have come from an asteroid it’s not overly clear now decades later the world ninja Association has been formed in order to find the next generation of warriors these potential candidates must fight to prove their worth there’s also a mysterious property known as ninja gum that helps fighters summon the strength of shinobi ninja gum battle royale I got it all right couldn’t have said it better myself and not think we’re there mentioning the gum as it does form this game sticky foundations there’s your standard light and heavy attacks you can dash and run up walls but the big game changer is that your weapon can be almost anything due to the power of the ninja gun your melee attack can be a simple upon katana a yo-yo with ranged abilities or even a doughnut plus you can summon a big bubble of gum to shoot at an enemy or help you construct a larger more

powerful weapon you can also morph into items scattered around the map for a short time taking the idea that a ninja can blend into any environment to the extreme and if bonking people over the head with a corn cob wasn’t fun enough the whimsical ninja gum allows for a whole variety of special moves once your super move is fully charged you can unleash its devastating ability from a dragon that deals damage to your closest enemy to a sticky wad of gum that instantly knocks out your opponent taking cues from its squiddy shooty brother splatoon ninja ologist uses charm and style in all its strange attacks now with so many moves and attacks at my disposal I did find the controls a little confusing up front using the right trigger for my basic attack just didn’t feel as intuitive as I’d like while I agreed is a bit of a shake-up to the expected control layout I actually didn’t find it that off-putting mapping each move to a designated button took away the reliance on button combos and made combat feel more streamlined in a way I know that the right trigger will give me a quick jab and the X button will launch my special move the online battle arena is punishing enough without having to worry about playing twister with your digits yeah that’s a fair point no matter how confident I thought I was with the controller it did not help online there’s currently two game modes on offer a simple eight player battle royale match or a 4v4 team battle well it’s nice to have teammates backing you up nothing really tops the exhilarating rush of the Battle Royale desperately trying to accumulate more points than all of your fellow ninja which I rarely did those smug anime faces will haunt me forever alongside the soft sobbing of my poor failed ninja I will say though despite the chaos there is still room to plan your attacks after about your twentieth ko you’ll need to start taking note of your opponent’s attacks taking a moment to decipher how the flurry of movement worked and what it did to you you can try to get the upper hand try being the important word here I’ll go take out two of you as long ago never mind there’s a surprising amount of depth hidden beneath this fast-paced button-mashing combat though it’s like me brain is slow you only have to wait and sit and shop for about three seconds before you’re thrust back into battle and aside from opponents you can also destroy respawning drones with each respawn they grow in size and point value again like splatoon if you’re not confident in taking the brunt of the fight you can just try and earn a few additional points by taking on the optional objectives again try being the important word those pesky ninja there’s no escape now this game requires a constant internet connection so you should absolutely keep that in mind the game constantly checks to make sure you’re still online with every button you press even the opening tutorial videos aren’t in-game they pop up in a separate browser tab despite relying on a steady connection though it took no time to find a match online so it’s safe to say the servers are holding steady plus you won’t need Nintendo’s paid online subscription for the multiplayer so you’ll just need to make sure your fellow ninjas have a strong intimate think what Jen was gonna say there was you need to have a strong internet connection how ironic well while you wait for your mates to jump back online you can always check out the single-player mode you’ll take on the role of up-and-coming ninja van as he’s trained by his master ninja grandpa the story is told in these lovely motion comic panels and each episode acts as a little training mission teaching you how to fully utilize your abilities we also get to experience a lot more of ninja Allah’s weird charming world and fight some bizarre alien bosses only the first chapter has dropped so far but I’m super keen to see how much deeper into the weird we get to go the only downside is that you can’t play the story mode on the go because you’ll still need a solid CNET connection yeah it’s sad that wasn’t more to do offline like maybe a version with both modes filled with AI baddies there’s also only two maps in rotation as well and whilst they each offer a unique landscape to traverse and fight upon the game does currently feel a little lacking in content but given how quickly the community has jumped on board hopefully we’ll see it expand in the future the gem we do have to talk about the ninja gum elephant in the room despite being free-to-play and in geologists have microtransactions pretty quickly you’re introduced to the game’s ninja path system with points earned unlocking different tiers which unlock different items you want any of that you’ll have to pay for the pass there’s also a few cosmetic items that can be bought from the store and the story mode itself is a pay-to-play on a chapter by chapter basis and after being sold on this being a free experience it kind of hurts to see dollar signs yeah I’d happily pay for the just to avoid seeing those dreaded microtransactions because what I do see here is a pretty fun multiplayer

experience there’s some really unique abilities and attacks that I’m so keen to master plus jumping online with friends only heightens the chaos in color I’m giving ninjalah a solid four out of five rubber chickens it’s just simple frantic fun right though I have my controller troubles early on the constant thrill of the beta map makes it pretty hard to put down so I’m giving it cleaning off out of five rubber chickens ninja another week another Ross gasping no time to waste let’s begin barreling through this beguiling bunch of gaming queries starting off with this video from violet and Felix hi JJ SP we love your show I’m violet and I’m Felix and our parents won’t let us get games they’re too expensive so do you recommend any free games and the Apple arcade Thanks oh thanks violet and Felix so Apple arcade isn’t actually free it’s a game subscription service while they currently offer a free one-month trial period it then requires an ongoing monthly payment that means you can play all the apple arcade games without paying for them individually it’s all covered by the subscription and there are some good games on there I love the road planning some mini motorways all the thoughtful puzzler assemble with care or you can check out the neon musical motorcycle racers sayonara wild hearts or pinball with a twist in the pinball wizard all the wacky sporting hijinks of what the golf or cricket through the ages and that’s just to name a few but it’s really up to your trusty grown-ups to decide if they think it’s worth that monthly cost but if you’re looking for some fun free games for your mobile device then maybe check out the bopping road crossing of crusty road and Disney crusty road all the excellent tower defense titles plants vs. zombies 1 and 2 soon to be joined by plants vs zombies 3 then there’s the board game like our mellow strategy game clash of clans any of the Angry Bird games and you might like to try Mario Kart or Pokemon go or animal crossing pocket camp for some mobile style experiences of those well-known gaming series although as we always say watch out for in-game transactions and ads especially with free to start games right now moving on to another question and this one comes from sand dune II in Hampton Park Victoria dear Gigi SP how do you turn sheep into rainbow sheep in Minecraft oh and if you don’t answer I’ll turn you into minecraft noobs wah-ha-ha-ha oh and Darren do these Oh some emoticons for Darren I better get him on the line just some emoticons from you please Oh splendid rules for boot shades cyclops thanks Darren and thanks for your question sand Unni Oh Darren would you like to do the honors of explaining how you change a sheep into a rainbow sheep in Minecraft Oh our former selves now if you want to give minecraft sheep a Technicolor makeover if you’re playing in survival mode you’ll need an anvil which can be crafted with three iron blocks and four iron ingots you’ll also need a name tag which unless you have cheats enabled you’ll have to find instead of craft they can be found in chests in dungeons or nether fortresses or sometimes through trade or even fishing otherwise you can just search for them in the inventory if you’re playing in creative mode so with your anvil nametag and a sheep of course open the anvil menu place the nametag into the slot and then type in Jeb underscore it will cost you one experience level grab the gem tag then simply equip it and approach your sheep click on the sheep to name it Jeb and look on in ores your sheep’s fleece cycles through the various colors alternatively if in creative mode you can use an anvil to name a spawn egg jib underscore as well these colorful chameleon like Shiba also known as sheep I like to boogie right well let’s now hustle on over to our next question and it’s a video from Jesse hi Gigi SP I have two questions for you question one does the iOS version of terraria have the journey’s end update question two what’s the most dangerous ghost in Luigi’s Mansion three by the way do you

like my sunglasses thanks Jesse to answer your first question unfortunately the iOS version of terraria does not currently have the journey’s end update according to the terraria website journey’s end is being evaluated for possible porting to mobile devices but there’s no timetable for a release yet so who knows if or when it might actually happen and the same goes for the current generation of consoles as for the most dangerous ghost in Luigi’s Mansion three well that depends on a few things the hammer ghosts generally have solid HP for example but some ghosts just have pesky abilities like thus linkers that seem to come out of nowhere and can use toad as a shield Oh dastardly the multiplayer scare scraper mode also has rare versions of ghosts that can have other abilities like health regeneration or bombs they can throw which can be pretty menacing at least you can take these on with friends but if we’re talking about bus fights in story mode well I found my main challenge was more in managing the timing and controls rather than the ghosts being that dangerous themselves for example the fight with Clem in the boiler works is pretty tricky but it’s mostly due to having to maneuver yourself around that pool of water using the Poltergust as for my thoughts on your sunglasses Jesse those are some sweet shades very cool but that’s all the time we have for ask SP this week if you’ve got a question you’d like to ask us then go here and send it in and make it a video question and if it ends up on the show we’ll send you some cool Gigi SP Lu so much coolness you know it’s making me want to pop on my own sweet shades check this out clip the clip-on sunglasses how cool is that ah well will you look at the time it appears we’re out of time for this week but next week on the show it’s an exciting one because I get to become Iron Man well as close as I’ll ever get to be I’ll be reviewing the full virtual reality experience of Marvel’s Iron Men VR Tony quit screwing around just building suspense Nick Oh also next week we’ll be checking out a bunch of new mobile games from a trip to the center of the earth in little obvious – playing golf on Mars and running a Pokemon cafe in Pokemon cafe mix and of course make sure to check out the ABC me app for some snack size G GSP this week rat escapes to the wilderness in a look at the woodland survival of among trees but until next time may all your games be iron man pew pew will out gen Alan