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Auto Repair With Personal Care with Matt Gibbs

Oh sheshe yes we will treat you right five minutes after ten o’clock Matt Gibbs is in the studio from sunrise auto motive and crossroad auto sales and I am a customer of both most recent customer IM of is crossroad auto sales and i hope that i’m not a customer of sunrise for tomorrow at least except except for a booty call and oil changes and things like that in fact i check my all the other day it’s beautiful I mean thank you for selling me such a nice vehicle and how you doing I’m doing okay yeah it’s a figure something out I just I’ve just right I’m a note writer so I so one thing I wanted to tell the audience is that it’s maybe a few months ago Robbins car needed to jump I hooked up the cables did it backwards you said thank God you didn’t get exploded on or whatever right and Phillips hope told me the same thing I could be you know dead or blind or something and it seems like maybe when I did that even though took a while to manifest itself it looks like I short-circuited one of the cells in Roberts battering long story short she needed a new battery right so but the extent of the damage is it is it d can can you um what is it doctor do that diagnose all the damage yeah oh that’s all that’s all she needed that’s it that’s it except for the light and oh my I ruined that somehow turn I don’t think you did I know I know you feel like you did but I don’t think of it wow wow so let’s take this phone call a new theme song you wanna take it no so how’s everything over there and you and your place how’s your daughter can I ask oh she’s doing okay she’s been a physical therapy I think three times now she’s going back today she went to the nephrologist the other day and then her kidneys are doing well her knees doing well mom now I gotta I gotta call a flank time to get a hold of a blank all right yeah turn turn well it’s a it’s a supple miniature set with him I love that fly do you yeah he serious serious are you no I’m sure he drew hell but we’ve had it since about like 2,000 I think we allowed you know offered a plaque for our employees and stuff and I got several policies when when Joey got hurt in 2008 Aflac really stepped up to the plate and did really did what you know they that little duck says he does TV so the the one of the publicists that brings guests to our show when some place anyway he posed with Gilbert Gottfried Gilbert Gottfried used to do the Aflac thing uh-huh but he now he doesn’t do it anymore guys he got in trouble or something so they separated themselves from him but can you imagine that being a thing you’re famous first it seems like anybody could do that voice oh no I mean what were you charged for that like if somebody said to you and you do it pretty good what was your chart I’m sure I’m sure Gilbert Gotham charge a fortune I bet he did just to say half life right you kind of phone calls good morning you’re on the earth Matt yeah the my guys man damn at uh you know Eagle for oil change you got a choice of your ear your regular standard oil your your part doesn’t edit your full synthetic I see now where there was uh what they so call a high mileage oil at what time would you consider using a high mileage oil and what’s in there different from the other oil you know I don’t know III don’t put high mileage oil in anything and what you know if the if the manufacturer says that this engine should run on this just type of woman like you know 5 w-20 is it’s probably the most common now it the manufacturer doesn’t say use 5 w-20 till you get high mileage it just as used 5 w-20 good point yeah and you know in it if there’s a knock or if it’s smoking or if it’s something you know you got problems anyway there’s a problem there so yeah yeah you know I just you know I put in what the manufacturer says to put in and let’s just let’s just do that let’s say let’s just say for instance you have a Chrysler 300 with a hemi and it but it’s got high mileage well you put thicker oil in it and you’re going to you’re going to really do miss problems cause

more problems so this high mileage oil normally thicker it’s it’s usually you know 2050 1030 you know you’re changing the weight and velocity of the oil so therefore but now that oil doesn’t work properly in those engines so I don’t see where you’re really benefiting yourself now they got the now they got the oil that’s you know recycled oil you know it was made from old used oil that’s been recycled okay I have no I put that stuff in my car there’s a reason why it’s used it was already used yeah I met know what you say what you’re saying is okay by a brand new cars here going with 10w30 stick with that delays the car roll up to a baby 150,000 miles but what’s okay but what’s okay let’s look at it like this i buy a car a brand new car but i don’t take care of my car very well I don’t service it the way it’s supposed to be serviced okay I’m lazy I don’t have time whatever my excuse me okay then you have someone else that has buys that same car the same day but that person takes care of their car they service it they maintain it so a 50,000 miles is thousand miles is the same 50,000 miles the same as far as it is the other car nope one person takes care of it maintains it services it there’s the difference between the one that he doesn t change the oil whenever he feels like it when he gets around to it it doesn’t matter it’s 8000 I was over but they still have 50,000 miles on it which cars in better condition better shape so if that if you take that thought of high mileage which car actually has higher mileage but they both have 50,000 miles on it but this car has been abused right right you said I’m saying so so I’d say if that if the manufacturer says use 5 w-20 put in 5 w-20 a service it the way you’re supposed to service it and use 5 w-20 rica my car has a hundred in eighty nine thousand seven hundred and forty three miles on it because I just looked at it right before I walked in here because i got a service mind a day huh i’m gonna put the same oil that the 520 that i put in a car that has a hundred miles on it i’m going to use the same ol my car doesn’t knock doesn’t smoke it doesn’t use oil it because i keep it made that’s a good message here thank you here yep thank you cree she has a call what will and more now than when i was younger i actually followed those rules wear whatever the manufacturer says that’s what I use but when I was a younger guy now tell me you did it matter as much in the nineteen seventy Nova as it does in a 2000 finally more so in nineteen seventy oh really yeah cuz back then I mean you everything was 10w30 all right I don’t remember ever getting anything different than right but one of the many water in the radiator was no big deal no well no it was a big deal but I understand your point you know having a thermostat in the nineteen seventy wasn’t that big of a deal but it is today but but here’s a one of the biggest differences between 1970 and today it has nothing to do with the oil has everything to do with the fuel see back in nineteen seventy we still had leaded gas yeah right now let it gasps made a mess inside an engine the less inside the engine made a mess letter as a lubricant and that lubricant it made a mess engines that we used to work on in the 70s or work I mean they were disgusting inside of them really yeah that they’re a lot cleaner today like for it like Mike my engine right now you can take the valve covers off my motor with 189 thousand miles on it and it looks like it’s clean I mean it would be exceptionally clean and in the 70s you take a motor you know take the valve covers off a chevrolet motor and we used i remember when i was young we have to drill out the the drains to allow the oil to drain back into the back into the into the block because they would be so plugged up with sludge oh and a lot of that had to do it to fuel so we can do that this is an interesting conversation because i have not been the best steward of my vehicles in the past but i will be no i will i’ll help you good yes and that’s what I need alright well it’s like a coach yeah what I’m 61 years old you should I should learn right now we’ll be right back the weather is brought to you by my FWC calm safe boating there’s no accidents times of clouds and sunshine and breezy today can be a shower even the Thunder showered spots along the coast the high today 75

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worked at a dealership okay as a technician in the dealership someone comes in and says you know I got 30,000 miles on my car there’s a huge service that needs to be done to 30,000 miles and all the mechanics in the whole shop we get all excited and fight over and fight over he was getting a job because that was a good paying but very easy job to do okay because it was basically all this maintenance and and and what I have learned over the years is is that and what I’ve seen over the years is people will come in and you know how I want to get my tires rotated you know you rotate your tires they last twice as long you don’t carry the dry air pressure rotate your tires so these people come in and get these services done during the course of the year or whatever and then when they get 30,000 miles and now they’re coming in to get near 30,000 mile service but ninety percent of what they have already done in the last year has already been done so they don’t really need a 30,000 mile service but if you go to the dealership and say I’m in for my 30,000 mile service they don’t care if you did five of those services last week they’re doing on the all day okay you see I’m saying right so in our office that’s why we are so I am anal just just a diligent would have been a good work diligently diligent about about so then lets user don’t quite get that for for keeping records in history so if someone comes in and said I need a 30,000 miles service well the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to look back in history and say okay well you really Harvey’s gun last month you did this miss you don’t need to do that today you just had it done right 6,000 miles ago there’s no reason to do it again so so you know honda honda is incredible with teaching customers timing belts i have more people that own Honda’s call they call us and say hey I need a timing belt I need a timing because they know their mileage they know their mileage and they have been taught that at 90,000 miles you need to replace a timing belt on a Honda they just know it why doesn’t everybody else it has a timing belt in motor know these things right they don’t educate them white Honda sure under there’s an incredible job sure and some would say well that’s a marketing thing well it’s more than just a marketing thing because if that timing belt breaks on your honda what was going to be five hundred dollars is now three thousand dollars because it’s going to tear up your engine there’s no ands ifs or buts it’s not engine damage may occur no indeed damage is going to occur replace a timing belt my goodness I take a phone call we have a couple of calls coming in good morning you’re on the air with man he again dodge that get 75,000 miles on she’s bringing over we had spent the career at hood which I believe is a synthetic i’m not mistaken and also did a serpentine belt what would be the average iowa that you would hardly a couple and every trailer every is in 4,000 pounds would be a good mileage to do that dreary and the serpentine belt well I’ll be honest we the serpentine belt I don’t care if you’re pulling the shuttle the serpentine belt isn’t something that i would i would be worried about because of a load that you’re carrying the rear in if it’s if I didn’t you were breaking up really really bad and I didn’t get quite the year dodge ram 1500 k and what i would do is i would i would definitely I mean 50,000 miles is what comes up to me every 50,000 miles services we’re in is a full drive or two will drive it you will too well and but I would I would I would just just so that that um i would check myself i would i would look it up on my computer and put that under a severe driving condition and see what the manufacturer actually says not driving it under normal driving conditions but under severe driving conditions and then and then and then I’ll there’s another there’s another part to this that that we need to look at is if it was a posi rear in or open we’re in and and there may be a synthetic fluid that does not require an additive or a synthetic fluid that does

require an additive 13 focus i kinda like you know if it’s if it’s about you i just go ahead to get you a point where you get a break that one time well we always look at the serpentine belts but the rule of thumb is every five years just get on it it does look like you’d run all right I’ll make an appointment with you got your things set up appreciate your time thanks thank you for the call and let’s take another call good morning thank you for calling you’re on the air with Matt yes good morning morning there’s a popular red antifreeze that claims that you can run it a hundred thousand miles in your car I know I degrees is good for a hundred thousand miles don’t try to go and I got two years with an antifreeze and I totally agree with this gentleman hey Dave is it have a good morning thank you yes some-some of the stuff the red stuff if he’s talking GM side it’s called deck school that’s some nasty stuff it just is just someone so okay so forgot like me who doesn’t know any of this time I just drive okay when you say follow manufacturer’s guidelines in this case the manufacturer’s guidelines aren’t worth you shouldn’t follow them right absolutely I mean that’s why you know to be honest we at the end of the day we deal with this stuff every day from morning till tonight you know yeah so we get to see things here here’s one of the here’s one of the philosophies I’m looking at it might in a way I think is that if the manufacturer says that this antifreeze is going to last 100,000 miles there’s no reason to service it it’ll-it’ll it will maintain its stuff whatever its stuff it does for a hundred thousand miles when you get to the hundred thousand miles and let’s say something in the cooling system is affected by that antifreeze well guess what you’re probably out of warranty anyways so it’s not going to be the up to the manufacturer to take care of the problem if you went 89,000 miles and something happened with the cooling system you’re pretty much on your own then so the manufacturer it’s it’s no sweat off them to say hey this will these spark plugs will last 100,000 miles this coolant will last 100,000 miles this transmission fluid or last 100,000 miles it’s no sweat off then if it doesn’t because you’re out of the warranty period screw and here’s a like here’s a spark plugs they’ll last a hundred thousand miles okay and they will last a hundred thousand miles but you can see you want to know what we see more than anything we can’t get them out of the engine after a hundred thousand oh oh good taking out a nice easy spark plug and screwing in a nice easy spark plug that’s simple take out a broken sponsor how often do you do that I tell folks like I’ll give you for instance if it’s a Ford f-150 35.4 3 valve engine I tell them to tune this truck up takes two days and for every spark plug that breaks it’s an hour’s additional labor just to get out the broken spark plug because people will wait a hundred thousand miles and that spark plug doesn’t want to come out of that so no more so every how often every ten now well know what what I tell folks is is if you get if you have one of these cars I don’t care what kind of car if it’s got aluminum heads on it take you know it’s going to cost you a little bit of money up front but it’s going to save you a ton of money at the FD a– at the back end of this deal is just say you don’t even have to replace them take them out and put some anti-seize on the threads put them back in there now those smart plugs will come out forever as long as they have anti-seize now the thing that bothers me is why the manufacturers saying here we’re going to put these hundred thousand miles spark plugs in this engine why can’t they put a little dab of anti-seize they put lock tight on other really really do what they need to do on others why can’t they put a little dab on there so that people won’t have an issue yeah that makes sense to me and what I don’t think okay so I so from my perspective I just needed to come to you that’s it that’s the easiest thing to do I’m going to do Matt what is your phone number my phone number 35 26 90 1993 for those who know me you know that I if I tell you I’m a customer somebody’s i am and i want to let everybody know the pumpkin run is this friday saturday and sunday coming up and on out where the old Calla pumpkin run out of the old castro farm all right thank you Matt will take a little break we’ll be right back this is wo CA oak our box link radio I’m paddle Neil the u.s. stepping up efforts to help stop Mideast violence Secretary of State Kerry to me with Israeli and Palestinian leaders this week today in Madrid expressing support

for Israel Israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens as it has been in the past month nine Israelis and 41