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Gasquet lift pump there I wear the lip pump connects to it Longway right all right nothing happens till the bottom look at that all right yeah this is this is Don purpose till if you look back here you’ll see that the arm there’s no contact with the arm yeah because the engines moving it up and down there’s a lobe and eccentric on the cam that pushes it that’s how it actually works so they do it on purpose so there’s no interference but you sit there and do this absolutely nothing will happen you’ve got to go all the way the bottom uh-huh that’s where your actual public comes from now realistically you’ll probably never use this because you’ve got that primer pump and that makes life so much is no I’ll have to learn about that okay if you put sealer on it interferes with the ability the gasket to seal Wow so if you grab a gasket and it’s got that silvery smooth feeling it goes on dry okay this one is that way this one is that way or else on the engine you got it I believe the intake manifold has it over there this gas it’s the same way here okay okay I can’t see that one No when you’re putting any we’re installing you want to start all the bolts before you tighten anything mm-hmm I have lying sometimes it gets entertaining because these are all little tiny components and none of us have a little Japanese hands you’ve probably got the advantage there you do mm-hmm or fatigues and no longer seats hmm when you push this down you’re drawing in here and you’re pushing out here okay but when that is tired in there doesn’t happens the field of move it just dances around that’s we start losing it whew get your surging or your know starting your weapons in there there’s a spring or something there’s two Springs and a little bit check valve and a diaphragm a little rubber diaphragm yeah oh they rarely leak usually if they’re leaking is because the fittings loose uh-huh okay now you’ve got to bleed screws on here and we talked about this the other day we’ll go through it again this is for the incoming fuel from here this looks like this this bleeds the line from here to here but you don’t have to do that you’re going to bleed this use the big one okay because it needs to go through the whole filter anyways might as well bleed it out to here but I’m going to show you a little trick downstream of this up here your injection pump is another bleed screw so if you take and open this bleed screw here you’re going to bleed everything from the tank all the way up okay you don’t have to mess with this hmm the reason I tell you is this has a

plastic screw underneath it in other words this just goes snug you can’t just tighten it up if you can be tightness too many times number one you you beat the plastic washer are there number two you’ll strip it that’s what happened the other one this one is stripped this only has about that many threads right there okay okay it has a copper steel washer underneath it so realistically you don’t ever have to mess with these cuz I’m going to show you how to do it from there okay okay good I’m too low again run your finger over that and see what I’m talking about how smooth it is mm-hmm they have very highly machined surfaces and everything and that’s how they might hear seals very sharp on the sides very much though their entire fuel system is done using primarily copper gasket mmm now a copper gasket with a bigger one okay so much thicker that one is yes and this yeah there’s a reason for it when these gap when these little lines are made you can see that the fitting is crimped on here under the hose mm-hmm you see how close that is to that yeah there’s only a little bit distance between that vertical and this vertical anything and try and put this up against this pump right here okay oh yes it in gasket in there it’ll hit so in this particular application it takes this thick gas okay so the thick ones on the inside right and the thin ones on the declarant settle so it doesn’t have see doctors see how the standoff is if the hose doesn’t hit the pump yeah okay all right okay these these are called banjo volts because this isn’t as if it’s known as a banjo fitting it looks like look at that much of it like a banjo okay that’s the theory I’m the old is open in the center it’s got holes to the side of it so fuel or any kind of liquid it’s in place flows through the line through the bolt into the fitting you see this what is this is called a banjo but it says this is a banjo bolt yeah has a hole into both sides and through the middle and it goes through it what’s called a banjo fitting yeah that’s our blade screw right there that will be yes and that goes to the secondary pump okay secondary filters thank you okay now once again notice everything is loose you want to make sure everything seems everything is fitted before you type anything up oh he’s between everything so the fuel line yes it’s a rubber hose this is the one coming from that I’m that one right there primary okay and what’s nice about it too is if you notice it’s kind of Phillips it’s got a Phillips head on it yeah oh yeah but you can take a screwdriver loosen it zip it out plead your system and put it back in and you’re done this all this is very simple it’s very quick there’s nothing complicated about this you watch me do it you can do it tomorrow without

any problem maybe to start point a and work your way up movie mm-hmm if you weren’t if you weren’t around more I could show you I could you could sit here on the phone and just step by step one thing about these engines is their you’re actually stupidly simple all right let’s see what I’m doing with screwdriver and a hammer yeah rule number one never take hammered your screwdrivers rule number two this is the perfect tool to do it I’ll show you why oh yeah yeah okay hey filters up in there yeah I showed you a little ring that goes in here you have some spares in there okay you can see this comes up this seats this shoulder seats up in here and this gasket makes the seal yeah okay you don’t change this gasket periodically the gas can get flattened and then get leak it will leak let your leaks fuel out it’s gonna leak area air is the enemy of a diesel as far as running any kind of lubricant with that oh nope just flat and we have extra so every time we do a filter are more often no every time you do a filter containing change add and we do have extras on board so we should have them we’re going to go through all that again mmm-hmm now this comes up like that I want to once you watch me do this because what will happen is Oh thumbs up salad okay you’re done that’s it it goes up to the shoulder seats and that’s it that’s why it’s important that Odin gets changed this time it will leak yeah and the interesting thing is diesel fuel is oil it’s not gasoline gasoline will walk through things that dissipate diesel fuel is in oil it’ll sit there they’ll slowly leak out but allow air back in the system the big thing is to keep the system care tight so this is air tight always start and always run okay even if you give it crappy fuel it’ll always start and run got air in this system won’t start okay diesel needs three things air compression and fuel that’s all it need that’s why they’re so that’s why they’re so reliable right the piston comes up compresses the air makes it real hot yeah and then the fuel is sprayed in there nice that’s what ignites it right you don’t have spark plugs you don’t have dark plug wires carburetors electronic controls and all that right that’s why these things are so dependable okay questions uh you will have to bleed that air out of there then but with the help of that fuel pump that’ll be tomorrow well we’re gonna do it right now oh good let the salt what is on he’s blowing up in the ignition they’re right here okay think there’s this automatic pump ring coming down until Phil comes up you’re looking no air bubble stream like that yeah the color is waiting here Eddie nope so it went show me the circuit it went in comes in here yeah through the lift pump into the secondary fuel filter filled it up out of the secondary fuel pump into the injection pump okay and then you want to take your ten millimeter and just snug that snug it okay okay that’s one we’re rubbing on it right but it’s got metal on both sides that’ll come up against come up against the stop just like this one okay I only see a lake there Dale tight turn that off yeah no so you’re just gonna

Snug it up a little bit more let’s clear now now that type of pump doesn’t shut off it continues to click mm-hmm some pump will shut off that one pick it up just holds the pressure yeah continue it had a out of these out okay got a drain valve on the bottom you can drain off anything that comes in you’ve got a little bit of dirt see it sitting there that little bit of dark and I’m not surprised that about this age right I would expect it yeah some of these I get on you can’t see anything through it looks funny but well notice the ones that haven’t taken care of yeah okay thank you when the poison knew they’d have a there there’s a black coating on them I don’t know what it is almost like an epoxy that the silver then painted over those are the wrong parts put into the parts book that is correct is it the same water pump yeah awkward that is yeah salt water pump right yeah

see what I’m doing no it’s my reciting Thank You belt oh let me see you again home plate up Jackson yeah this belt does not get really tight hey he’s loose okay see that movement in them yeah and what you want to pull the bolt up the up side of the sock and you push it down so it’s time yeah that’s better that’s going in there maybe from nope okay When in Rome just created an adapter see the filter is empty the oil a now yeah this is mounted horizontally it will drain back another reason you’re not trying to handle fight and a half of oil right you got a little butter tab see where it just fits my underneath there yeah we got a yogurt container we can cut that works these happen to be cranberry relish make my ocean spray but they’re amazing anymore

oh I can’t give them away I’m down to my last three or four the perfect size okay uh-huh did you stand the butter tub will fit in there as well you just have to cut it down a little bit all your new filters these days are painted with a paint it’s not just an air dry paint it has a hardener in it so you put a filter wrench on it it’s going to slide or if it slides and get frustrated you end up crushing it take a paper towel over the end of it and you can slug it out look at that oh my god no Joe I mean I got that tool your deal your filter wrenches have little fingers in them right there yeah they won’t grab on that hard paint Wow in an oil canister by manufacturers very thin the theory is is designed to rush through and let you know that there’s a problem there’s a puddle on the ground underneath your engine yeah if you get the funnel to tighten the hole creates an airlock what’s a gauge how do you know when change just changed one to you or whenever you do the oil that’s what I do yeah see there’s a again the copper steel washer boom so it needs to be stunned we’ve got a low mark mm-hmm and a full mark the NMR for some reason has a broad range between high and low I would not like to see it more than about a half inch lower full mark okay all right you need to check this after you run it run the engine shut it off wait a minute or two and check and gather you got to remember that your filter is going to drain back let sit overnight and you fill it to the full mark and you check in the morning it’s probably going to be about here uh-huh there’s a physics going down it’s going right back about it I know uh-huh so you’re checking it Cole and you see it here not to worry you’re checking it hot you see it up here then there’s an issue okay run it so when it’s cold it ought to be it’ll probably probably be right there at that not oh it should be okay a little higher than here because the filters going to drain back get that dude again tell me a few cuts the fuel lot this shuts the fuel off right here for whatever reason you stopped this engine now you come down here and you just push there sat in and you can access it from this door readily you don’t have to go behind and stare true true you just reach in here you open the door you see it’s right here not anywhere near the belt yeah you can stop that engines right away could you also turn off the fuel sure it won’t stop the other one won’t stop the engine oh well cuz there’s still much fuel my field on this engine will run from anywhere from two to five minutes oh well whatever right yeah if you need to stop it now that’s where you go got it what is that is that a like a carburetor no this is a fuel shutoff okay it’s what at or then yeah it shuts the fuel off this is your injection pump right here okay your injection pump has what’s called a rack in it and it’s a geared slide that slide goes back and forth and where you put it as depends on where the throttle is and stop is all the way back when you push this like that pushes aside all the way back shuts the fuel off and that’s the only function for

that to be manually done yeah Wow better but if I were to pull the knob doesn’t Bering that’ll come in to the cables attached it was a black knob out oh okay my god that is connected out there oh yeah looks like a painting it red no this is hook drug you can do that too emergency yeah okay okay are we clear they’re clear okay you’re looking at three cylinders with called the things that go up and down about rocker arms these are your rocker arms here one preached bell they use it but you