Gadgetman Ron Hatton at the 2012 Bedini-Lindemann Energy Conference

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Gadgetman Ron Hatton at the 2012 Bedini-Lindemann Energy Conference

our next speaker began his quest for better fuel efficiency with his brother Don modifying fuel systems in nineteen eighty-four Ford Tempo taking it from 18.6 miles per gallon to an amazing 108 with huge gains and performance in March of 2009 you discovered the modification for intake air systems now known as the gadget man grew it is proven to increase mileage substantially boost power at the same time using a multi gas analyzer the gadget man groove which is currently patent pending as shown a reduction to hydrocarbon emissions of up to seventy percent and sometimes more let’s welcome Ron no stretch of Mactan been on stage a lot first of all thank you everyone if i get teary eyed I remember where I come from um three years ago I was nothing more than a garage little tinker working on my ex-girlfriends landover okay always had a passion for fuel efficiency I remember when I was so maybe this big welcome by our redwood station wagon my dad was working he always worked Leslie thought he was mechanic yeah anyway uh so I won’t buy it and this stitch was coming out with tailpipe and we all know what that is that’s true floor right we do know now numbers go into your agent here and feel the smell coming up to tell my it’s not air it passed it under fuel all right so anyway but I said hell is that smell he said all you have the carburetors running a little rich that’s fuel to use now at that point I realized there was something not quite right because we’re putting stuff in the teeth of the tank it goes through the engine and comes out the tub I without really giving us any benefit right so i worked on things and I’ve seeing some pretty amazing stuff in pictures just as many of you know how many of you guys are are excellent development actually working on something you have an idea if it’s only on paper counting thing the developer how we have you longer and that’s about about ninety percent of the group all right I guess the rest of you guys are just curious right okay well hopefully you’re going to get a lot of curiosity satisfied this week you know my Kurata I’m going to talk to you I this man how you heard what he’s doing you saying exactly what we all need to be doing is taking whatever resources we get out and then sharing it with people in the best way that we know how to help you accomplish your goals okay well since that time when I mark my nose on my dad’s exalted right now there’s a few people here that were with the yesterday when I did some modifications what you guys raise your hands I can quite see you all right how many of you guys actually smell the exhaust coming out vehicles one two three all right but you guys just stand up more sexy easier all right let’s let’s start with you I tell me what you smell to tell about the tub well just now huh okay thank you what you said oh my warm air means Melanesians my secret isn’t working don’t exaggerate but i don’t i don’t think they did thank you thank you yeah hardly Carlini fumes out of the truck thank they hire a lot of Holly which is what you would find on stage today too let’s see what what has happened in the automotive industry is through what I believe to be surreptitious means with alternative ends they have designed many things into the engine to force it to consume more fuel okay now this is a very common idea but how have they done well i’m going to give you guys a couple of things to gauge we take home use on your cards right now number one there’s there’s two things to consider when you’re considering vaporization vaporization has to occur before combustion can take place okay it make sense to not gonna live it because it has to mix with the oxygen before it convert make sense okay so but there’s

two factors there’s temperature for me to view content and pressure by the standard wall of temperature pressure plus what’s the point point of water somebody yelling 12 right 212 degrees right at sea level that’s the whole equation but most people forget the second half they say 212 grades most people don’t even know what the point of oreos to I’ve asked hundreds and hundreds of them most of them say oh I forget exactly what would you repeat that place stand up stand up but everybody here pressuring put a little wobbler on the top raise your pressure you’re going to go up and it stays in liquid state under pressure right here what’s an altitude about thousand feet maybe 2300 ok so far doesn’t boil 2 112 degrees here it boils at somewhere around 209 maybe 208 Denver it wasn’t 203 why is it to bless me boiling because there’s less atmosphere pressure put your honor now this is a standard thing that is taught in the sixth seventh eighth grades now all right and these automotive engineers that go to school for eight to twelve years are pretending like they don’t know it because how many vacuum lines do you see on your intake manifolds animals okay let’s go it’s a nightmare right okay but everything you attach the dimple which is where the vacuum is created in the engine creates a load on that fact so the piston starts pointing out the hoses collapse infinitesimally but it’s enough to soften the vacuum that could be presented to your fuel now what the game’s main group does is equalized a natural occurring process inside the engine way the engine works right now it helps it do what it’s already doing which is what we should be doing is working in harmony with our engines right PCV valve this is a pollution control device right no is a pollution creation realize because it drains off a substantial portion of the vacuuming your engine so first thing I want you guys do is going to check this out for yourself pull off the vacuum line on the intake manifold to your PCV valve in a vacuum cabinets place and drive your car all right you’ll notice that your power will up you’ll notice that your missions will go down and you’ll also notice that you’ll get probably one maybe as much as three or four extra miles per gallon out of your car just by capping off the PCT on how come you guys ain’t right in his name okay write it down vc deve a positive crankcase ventilation that means their reason of force to create event well it doesn’t need of course it just needs to them the crankcase ventilation system is a system is the supplier comes from before the total body between the throttle body and the air filter runs in one side of the engine goes down to the crankcase picks up the fumes and then goes back up into the PCV valve when you disconnect PCD though we still going to bits just going to be in a different location it’s not going to steal your engine vacuum okay what L on the same page with that all right there’s another area where they steal from us and we just accept it okay your spark plugs now this is not true on every engine but about ninety percent of my work on this works okay your coil does a maximum rate say what we’ll call it a hundred thousand volts just to make it easy to pick your spark but there’s a decay in the all electronic systems over time right so if they manufacture a car the coils rated 100,000 volts and they know that they want the last setting five years well over a five-year period that coil make a cage to say eighty thousand volts or even more right so what they did they set the spark plug at say forty thousand volts but the coils charge on a ramp and what happens is as soon as it hits enough charge inside that system it discharges based on the gap of the spark plug got done okay a wider gap requires more voltage and narrow gap waters webs try this if you have a single coil system it doesn’t matter you get a single coil system then it’s easier to do pull 1.1 start the engine put one foot water listen to the change in the engine shut the engine off pull the spark plug increase the gap by twenty percent of okay reinstall the spark plug listen the engine pull the proper notice how much a change it’s what you want to do is you want to hear a lot of change until all of a sudden it doesn’t change you then you’ve hit the maximum value sylheti continue to increase the government is

quite left by twenty percent until that smart home begins to misfire okay then you know that you hit the maximum value go back to the previous setting and apply that value to all of your spark plugs by doing this for one with nothing else to an engine I’ve given as much as five miles to the gallon on car five miles to the gallon just might be getting your spark plugs the engineers don’t know this you know you know I didn’t even graduate high school he’s got good call for eight years they don’t know their basic science talk somebody’s not don’t repeat that sure real real simple increase the gap by twenty percent over stop what you’re trying to do is find out what the max value of your coil Hills you don’t know it doesn’t really matter what the max down don’t get too into details because they’ll kill you alright just get to the maximum that that coil will put out so you just keep increasing the gap on that spark plug until it’s fun no longer fires you listen to the interior use yours okay you can tell by the way the engines running when it starts missing okay if when you pull the plug wire the engine doesn’t change then that plug is missing you say okay so you pull that and come back down to the next step and then you apply that down to all your spark plugs guys got that yeah because they think why I don’t know and why does it what why does the increasing efficiency because with the wider gap it allows the coil to charge it to a higher level which is more voltage more voltages more energy more energy delivered to the spark delivered to the field inside bastian chamber equals better combustion Sesame County count them yeah look just look at some some have coils right there on top the spark plugs now those you have to do individually ok it’s a bit of a process but once you have that maximum value for your system if you ever go back to change the spark plugs which you usually don’t mean to me right then you’ve got the back just light it down and whenever you sell the part of them I don’t want to get out by said keep it forever until the next element this techno to this this will save you some money do this on rescue cars will be happy all right there’s a few out there I don’t remember what the specifics are that dumb respond to that they’ve already maxed amount in the interest of better efficiency but the vast majority of vehicles out there on the road are poorly poorly adjusted and we’re using factory settings I’ve done so many to nuts where after going full turn up new plug wires plugs yep rotary all that the mileage goes down one because of a little thing called gap creek now use do you say yes is having to you right there’s probably a bunch of us out here Elmo it’s time we do it to not I want my mileage go up and it goes down instead right why is that because if you’ve ever bother to check your spark plug when you pull it out there’s a thing called gap creep every time that spark plug fires it burns a little bit of the metal off so your gap is supposed to be like this keeps getting wider and wider and wider as it gets wider the coil must deliver more voltage to jump that gap it also returns the timing a little bit so it’s firing later in the cycle closer to top dead center most of the cars out there on the road today or putting 30 degrees before top dead center piston hasn’t even come up to the top and then already fired why because the fuel is crap right somebody told me I can’t repeat the guy’s name again I get interesting photos I have some really interesting okay yeah you guys go to you got it if you don’t want write it you probably do that I called me up and said Ron listen I got some news for you said you know oh my company ABC company will call it I just received a shipment of chemicals all right hazardous placed said they put it into the refinery into the refinery think about that for just a minute the garbage that the manufacturing companies can’t get rid of your now paying the oil companies to put it by the gas tank okay now this is just rumor has it but doesn’t it make sense deal it makes if you’re a business corporate man you say well i can’t pay to get rid of this stuff ooh you know what i’ll sell it to the oil companies will make a profit and the people will never know what hit them not until it’s way too late cancer

asthma the list goes on right if we the people suffer because okay now while i know that the gaming room is only a small piece of the puzzle of the true freedom truth power for the people it’s rocking with okay so check the price difference opposed you possibly can yeah guys it’s spread around the world it’s now in more than 20 countries 20 countries okay I’ve got an organization of Russia is growing here’s no Tippett for the Russian vehicles they’ve received a gas main riff respond in a certain way not a single russian vehicle this received engagement group has got less than fifty percent increase in mind not less than fifty percent now a young idioma this for three years for fifty percent is not impressive team okay it is to you guys but you just now hearing about this right okay if you get less than 20 increase in mileage after magrib applaud your vehicle I apologize okay every modification has been a 100 money back guarantee what would I do that once I have your money should not be happy oh but if you’re not I’m not okay deep deuce insurgent you’ll find there are people out there that try the group that somebody else put on that I didn’t teach how to do it all right there’s one that bears got the curt lives up in there look mom all right call me one day said I’ve got that pd catch me i’m gonna tell you about Carlos like that or or or and he was screaming at me I said well hold on the head Parliament I don’t remember your name did you know my forgetting you he said he said no no no you didn’t do that brother so and so did I said wait what you’re the pikas name now I help everybody in my first name last name where they live usually their spouses name the children to write something about me I remember people for years they’re surprised and I said I don’t know him I did not teach him how to do that so whatever he did your throttle body was not the gadget manager that’s the bad news here’s the good news I’ll fix it for you he said what I said he’ll fix it for you I didn’t get paid for it I usually don’t but I want you thought your bar in the gauge man rude you didn’t get the cage man group you sent me your throttle body I’ll fix it also at no charge okay why I’m sure why not right so it says be a throttle body to take one look at it and it was just a disaster I reach out I’ll be my shot so just reach over like this and Chuck I’m turn right over to the computer and start doing a search for a funnel anyone call them up same time get the throttle body $42 no problem hey parentless I got some bad news i deferred it’s all about anybody get me fixed this is just too far gone you know I said that good news is I’m gonna order you do it I just wanted to call you and let you know it’s gonna take a couple of weeks before i can get it maybe two days what’d you do there for me I said yeah just don’t even know so I don’t know you I am just like so many other people on this planet that had bought what something they thought they were buying action to not be something else well this is the important occasion and group I may not impossibly much to be rude right so I’m in a position where I’ve got a few dollars i can afford to buy on the throttle body and i can’t afford to make it right so I did he said Bosh did you really do that one yes you messaged you know what Prescott I shouldn’t matter of fact I’m getting ready to hit the buy now but he’s had done he said I’ve got a spare saw you say no but it’s cool right so he says mr. throttle body I modified I sent it back he gets sixty-eight percent increase in his Jeep now he sent me five more lot of bodies without her asking for distant i really love those customers he is one of the most outspoken proponents of my business block because I did the best I could okay that’s what recently what he should be intending to do for everybody all right the more we do that the stronger we become as an organization because it’s not I didn’t bring me here you guys problem in here whether you can leave before or not it’s your efforts to make this bet planet a better place that has brought me to where I am today everybody in my network I’m just published currently you know I’m not a rocket scientist I don’t have a PhD I didn’t I join our school right on just a temper with a dream that God smiled on one day you gave me flashing inspiration that first Carnaby it was a 2000 land rover discovery get about 200 miles of time go to the airport talking to a pilot holds the world record for efficiency in flight from his own record like six times right he’s describing the turbulence over his wings I go the cinetic loiter at your crappy says

shirvan so I walk up to the scrap and you think about fish you see a flight you think it’s slicing through the air right you want least resistance possible right everybody agree with that right ah now i look at this main jab and there in front of a sailor on skis plastic things stick it up we’ve see I’m right context generators right let’s sing I knew what they were but I couldn’t figure out what they were to hear all right so I moved on i said string must been 30 al on each way and i said it’s good what are those he said those are called boredom generators want I said I known that but I could never quite been in my head could never quite grasp what was happening dear I said I know that there is it one thing they do you know and that’s when it hit me he said wrong with those things Dave is they grabbed the air and force it to roll down over my ailerons so I have more control of my path in flight ding ding ding ding ding ding I don’t know where gave him I never studied aerodynamics until after the group never before in my life have I ever stood in turbulence ever and I go wow if I could do that inside an engine something great what happened and there’s this energy comes with a good idea right you know you can’t put the idea down and I couldn’t and then is to take the shape was in my head as to what I have it in never studied aerodynamics putting the idea come from didn’t come from me all right i’ll get dr. Porter so I’m like man in this this idea will not leave I cannot get it out of my head and as soon as i get home i can’t wait I don’t even go in the house I pop the hood on the land rover and pull the throttle body off it and guys I’m broke I don’t even have five bucks to my name and I look at this and I use a dead man’s driven folding table gravel driveway 102 degrees right Phoenix is not a cool city all right some people think it is nothin on ya and that’s where this came from when I cut the groove into the first of all values nowhere near as good as it is today the first thing they haven’t when I step on the gas that was the tires broke loose you guys don’t land over there dogs they may climb a tree that they’re not going to it best okay the typos something happened I start getting worried because it’s something worked oh my god is it gonna break you know this is having holics we do something it really responds well at first but then just ask us right oh my god but I can’t afford to lose innate in a Land Rover like 10 grand right so okay well you know another mess but it seems like the engines running smooth it’s look at the sanding good it’s got more power and we take it out right my girlfriend’s out running around until the following Friday she pulled up to a red light and she’s got a cheap Maynard it’s night bikini and so so she wasn’t a red light and as do the Corvette pulls up next to her I should tell the story today it looks up ahead and go from room right good day for good yeah um so she looks back in from Rome bad get your son right when the light changes they both punch it okay to this day she swears that that Land Rover was in front of the Corvette for 400 yards 7,000 pounds being pushed by a four-point-oh leader beginning you guys know your physics right 7000 s plus the brush auburn running boards from the driver you look at 75 or maybe eight thousand pounds my time you get done with everything she had on that hard including her oh I’m running a 2,000 pound car with an LMS 3517 engine that’s impossible the Corvette is designed to race not 11 / having it be but these stories continue to come in day after day today I need phone calls all the time my favorite a little women little legs right 80’s 90’s karna everyone skin it’s crazy but yeah then I take the informations Phoenix is one of those things blessed with that organization um and I went again says fails because the computers not ready so here’s a ticket here’s a slip right this’ll teach you out of maintenance is good for 30 days take it up drive it for a couple hundred miles and come back to city oh ok good time for a road trip alright so we leave things go from northern Arizona which is mountain asleep we don’t stay on the highway

we’re doing national forest land we’re finished telling around mountains and stuff like that 630 2 miles I drove that thing without stopping for fuel and I still had an eight the table reserved 632 miles but when folks to our all before is that cool can I hear big Iran hell yeah subscribes and I come on no there’s something wrong with gasket sup raw logistics but you know I put it to gallon gas can in the back just in case right and we just drove that thing and drove it and drove it and drove it and drove it velvet and it had more power more pep you could smell the tail pipe and I said man it’s a way around right so it’s got everything to make it out yet one does it work on other cars one little thing my neighbor’s crosses faith is that one thing so I go to my guy said mine what’s that brother I see ma’am you don’t want to do it right because I can’t keep my mouth shut it’s phone off me 200 billion dollars by the way one of the stipulations will never speak about well that totally makes the deal sorry I can’t keep my mouth shut anyway so good Mike this is my club turn in your truck there he’s supposed to my wives is it short the little did he know her her truck was getting max at 14 miles down which isn’t too bad for two 450 well it’s about average when from 14 to 21 miles a gallon okay this is pretty cold something I start doing other neighborhood coach I still have done anybody let’s accept the people i’m doing the lawns for may the 23rd as a development launch of 09 prove it during the month of april on the land rover many started doing other people’s cars may the 23rd and phone call hi this is Jim black from General Motors I’ve never about what you’re doing we’d like to talk to you okay who told ya I’ve got half a dozen different projects on my I still come to my head today right then I’m going to be bringing out so I don’t know what do you say exactly he’s talking about much billet that don’t take sit yeah I said well what are we talking about right what are we talking about here it makes perfect sense to me tell me what you’re interested in we’ll talk well we’re going to talk about let’s start with not fifteen eighty dollars I went into instantaneous shop because I was not expecting like you catch all that I hadn’t filed a patent on it yet okay so i started laughing lock behind could not control myself yeah yeah i’m sure the guy thought I was nothing to open that long people agreed and he made some noises started with everything it with you and hung up the phone i’m still laughing okay and it did then i’m laughing for good reason i just laughed away 50 million dollars what are you giving laughs a crumb you know yeah and then i have a father said you’re simply to myself well then I guess I’m not supposed to sell and when I hear that thought this feeling of rightness came over not just peace just yes that’s right and then with a hippie let’s we all need to know by then I’m going to take people in this wave of energy has been just that’s the right choice at the very right choice it’s exactly what you’re supposed to do that’s only after a crowd little bit plus 50 million dollars at all I decided that that’s what I was going to do it I started with my mindset into bringing this to the public to the people on this planet to help with corporations right they’re interested in line their pockets at our expense and more it costs us to happier they are vast majority I don’t know of one that is oriented to help people I said but it is true so do the first to make the announcement public well as unum the 14th for cult they’re all for it was quite a bit more substantial this time says Ron we’ve heard that what you’re doing pretty much the same opening says we’d like to fly up to Detroit which up and talk florida high hit you a rental car for a whole week tickets to all their shows and down this when they come taste all the best shows in town all we want is about six hours in time on friday meet with a bull okay um what are we talking about here they said well we’re going to start talking at four

hundred million dollars as well okay now by this time I’ve had three weeks to condition myself get ready you know this offers going to come in I said well okay well we can talk licensing for that nothing sense to me they’re a manufacturer right but they don’t they want to license the technology to put on new cars because that’s what they do right not exactly I said what we can talk about something for that base about pub what do you mean wisin see mr. happy like it’s a foreign language damn right I suppose you be the only new car manufacturer authorized to use the technology in the United States for a limited period of time oh no no no no mr. anything us understand I say oh really well clarify for me help me understand no we want to buy their technology we want to buy the technology I say okay all right what does that mean to all the people who have the groove on the cars right now well mister Henning those crews would have to come off I said what they don’t want to sell me their info box I am a new car it’s 400 million you can afford it and I’ve got you know i’m a member of this family dies just like you guys are and I’m dr keeping along with teaching because I’m only one person I can only do so many talks but but you guys we can do a whole hell of a lot more right so I said a lot about all the people I promised to teach technology to they said well mr. Hatton any contractor he turn into on the hemp the technology would have to be forged the guy want to make more than me to make myself out to be a liar to my customers and my colleagues that ain’t happenin not this one I said well let me let a couple things on the table for you sir I said I don’t want your response i’ll let you know what i want you to answer me but I’ve got a few things over saving I said there are 54 cities in Mexico right now under pollution area where the air is considered unfit for you mr. breathe and it’s ninety percent due to the pollution created by gasoline engines you know this I said they won’t even talk about Pakistan and let Mongolian India and all the other places that are from extreme pollution caused by combustibles in combustion engines let’s bring back home I’m starting to charge now I said there are 30 million people out of work in the United States right now today that was the publish figures back then still alive like it is now 30 many people out of work I said at least half of those are men at least half of those men were on the wrong Congress I could put them to work I can teach them this technology they can apply it in their various help their families maybe save their houses I said what about major cities in the United States right here asthma rates are going up over two hundred percent as a direct result of the pollution coming all these engines I can help with that sipping forget it all that and they fill background my dad was around very much when I was kid my mom works second third shift place called lectin pipe manufacturing odors I’ll remember it to this day so many weeks we ate peanut butter macaroni and cheese you know tuna salad the cheapest stuff we get just so we can keep our bellies for and I would go down the street but we need if you know I’m not the fastest right now handheld constituting blisters right there I had a lot of listeners and I go to my neighborhood second hey let me trim in from the yard football and I take the money giving my mom for gas a lot of us have been like that you know a lot of good bands like that I said I said sir final statement I said what about all the families out there right now that we have to choose between gasoline to get them back and forth to work and grocers he don’t show it what about him some of it he said he left onion tears just like I am right now it was so frustrating how many times have they done that he said mr. happy he said for four hundred million dollars you never forget all

about them uh-huh yeah wrong answer way wrong answer I said then you have to forget about me and by technology hell up the phone and I set it down to broken six pieces new cell phone and that’s what these guys have done they continue to do it that you use money to buy people because people think money is the answer to their problems it’s not it’s community working together is the answer that’s why I’m in tears right now on a stage because God saw fit to give you a better get with not bitching and now does we have something that only works every time doesn’t learn you don’t have to continue eight-week stuff like that and it’ll help whatever your you because it works in harmony with the engine how much time do I have loved all right thank you all right all of you is I must show you if I may have everything you guys have seen some of my videos oh hopefully few I guess I’m not as famous as I thought I was oh yeah gadget man global are you really going to do is look up one more gadget ge ge ge ma a.m if you type that into your Google you’ll find me on my page if you type if you type G apg into youtube on your own computer by the time you get to the e it’s already suggesting that you look at gives me room ok that’s definite Presley my first of all it must have been somebody else’s computer center holy wow I guess I guess YouTube does recognize me a little bit because my videos have been washed only about two hundred thousand times that’s not a lot on YouTube something gives get a million views right was it to Jonathan deeper as a baby thought million music right alright so so gage mango and write this down for you real soon this is this is my corporate channel I know you guys probably can’t see this and if you want to learn something about me as a person also get another chance wrong the public okay I think I do want to do a puppy doesn’t I’ve never done talking before group like this all right so that’s that’s you too Joe you guys can see that gadget man normal almost one word just leave the pie but just look at gauging yeah in an internal combustion engine piston driven yellow crankshaft that rolls the list is connected to the top right it pulls the piston down as the French chef holes pretty simple right top dead center 45 degrees rotation to crank there’s virtually no vertical movement of the piston hence no demands for the area right here at 90 degrees five degrees rotation the piston moves the fastest the highest demand for error then as the crankshaft continues to roll it up to the bomb the demand decreases until it reverses direction it goes back up the other way on the compression strap we’re only going to talk about the intake stroke because that’s when the fuels better that’s when everything happens with gage you’re angry after the after about 95 degrees rotation his men groom is almost done ok so the piston speeds up and slows down this creates a pressure curve inside the ax technical that runs something like this from about 19 inches to 15 inches and just like EPA says your mileage may vary these numbers will change so don’t hold me to this but that’s about wrong well it gives me a room well this creates a pressure wave right well there’s a hole in the neural lots of the pole so it’s just like this is constant way forever going on your inches long as its way up and down another name with the group the latest yes the following plate sets like this it sits like this inside of the tube right all the air is moving this direction done alright so all of the air is moving this direction that means whatever there is this throttle plate right here and we’ll refer to community going that way has to come down the foul play see it okay so that means all of this air underneath there also gets compressed so you wind up with a very

high pressures on right there at the bottom of the throw blame okay as it is it’s got to shrink down so this is a huge level of compression you getting that little crack and then it starts expanding as it goes out ok that’s the wedding in mountains now now with the gauge mangrove this is what creates late in between those large balls is this stuff okay so what we’re going to do is I’m going to put the cage me and groove in there for you if my tripod falls over just shoot me alright okay alright so now here’s here’s it’s all about now the gauge man group is extremely particular if it’s off by more than six degrees it ceases to provide my lodgings okay it is freaky sensitive that being said no matter who you are the first time you apply a group your vehicle will run better this is consistent and I guess I’ve done a good job with the training on yo guys just understand it I don’t know alright so here’s the tall but now i’m going to put the groove in those in right here is kind of semicircular this a little bit Margaret probably do is machine out of the meat of the throttle this kind of thing so that when you’ve got that high-pressure compressed air here is being pushed up it drops right in to the group as an expanse extent of both ways liquid with errors of fluid it molds itself the shape of its container okay so when I cut the groove in there has the pressure zone you’ve got some errands being drawn in this way has to be going in right well this air speeds up and is this speeds up this direction so does the downward pressure on the dirt of solemn as the experience against this curve right here because this intersection point the radius of this arc at this intersection point and this angle here is all critical to this test okay yes this here and rolls up here you guys can see that happening right okay this is the this is the way that is ejected but there’s more the true secret the magic power behind the gates memories of this ball which is huge it’s right down here because there’s also airbending along the throttle passage right down through here if it gets forcing on this side the river right okay so when these two balls of air yet they collide and they roll up just like that okay this Airstream right here the faster it moves the more pressure is put on the group cause you to gather more and more here this is all in the first 90 degrees the downstroke guys okay and yeah forget it so this follow gathers up more and more there this Airstream creates this ball this ball why’s that be about a thousand times and I think that’s extremely concerned that i think it’s vastly higher about a thousand times more dense than the engineers can itself okay UCLA what happened it’s only an eighth of an inch deep way out of scale alright this stream creates this ball this pressure this fall creates this one so this one to a thousand one to a thousand this one’s at being a thousand times more dense than that or 1 million times as this is the entire stream there is a huge difference between a thousand times something and a million times huge it so the first half against authenticity speeding up right but the air is being gathered in the groove it’s not in the intake manifold so what is it about control causes it to spite for the first thing if the down stroke is holding the air right well then as the piston endpoint this secondary ball the aerodynamics reversed because the pressure gives couple of the growth this has just been sent earlier like a scallion a roll and then when the pressure begins to reduce this goes off like the primary shotgun shell and shoots this ball up into the entangled okay so you can continue its travel down the intake to provide the air that is needed to put in the fuel vapor that your vacuum just created got it yes no no I mean it is as the end result but the way things now is they’re going to atomizing fuel with injectors that’s not paper it’s the liquid state liquid does not mix with paper just doesn’t you’ve got to have both substances in the same state so brother have to liquefy your auction with thousands of pounds of pressure you’re not going to get that inside a gasoline engine okay or you reduce the pressure on the liquid to turn it into a vapor you say so it only takes a fraction of a second anybody

that’s done any experiments with the pressures will tell you that as soon as the pressure hits the right point it just dissolves just turns into vapor state what happens now that calls for Custer’s telling me that they’re digital gauges are reading 28 to 29 inches of vacuum there’s no liquid I know of that will withstand 24 inches of vacuum in stained only mistake I don’t care what kind of chemicals and garbage is in there it’s still liquid you get more than 24 inches of vacuum one that intake valve opens where the fuel is delivered and your fuel must be rendered into vapor state cannot resist it it has to it’s a law of physics so the more vacuum you get applied to your fuel the more fuel you have ready to mix with the oxygen so here the fuel is being of the air is being gathered that while the fields being delivered the feels being ripped into vapor state halfway through each X this because you press rise to about six to eight inches of actor so what it’s doing is this not reducing the amount of air or increasing the amount of area those in traditionally it does reduce it minimally what it does is it changes the timing with which the air is delivered okay that’s it it’s that simple there’s only one other aspect to this that matters and that is the vacuum leaks whether they are engineered or accidental doesn’t matter that you witness to evacuate anything that allows air into the system will allow more area to the system here okay so your vacuum leaks must be done it too if you have a bad back in with you lose manage this is that you know okay if you put it into the manifold it is a vacuum like but doesn’t have to go to the manifold does it doesn’t can be delivered before that’s all play yeah see that’s where the main Rover I was also playing with hho all right yeah i went from 202 I think 275 miles tank I put the groove on it went to 350 okay turn it off the hydrogen because I had to go through emissions right I turned off the hydrogen 600 miles of tank did I turn back on the hydrogen unit no no no because it was half of my fuel consumption why was that because of the extra oxygen ehh ahh it was being in the system I couldn’t find anything to work but the sensors on the way over nothing because the electronics just use different waveforms either bought a brand-new computer to go into it may be that right so I did take over the fuel delivery because I’ll do not like that the car manufactures decide how much fuel I should burn I want that decision okay yes people have burnt up their engines before my playing with their adjustments in the computers but that can be avoided if you know what you’re doing take some time researchers stuff first learn what you need to learn before you act look before you leap sound player okay people that get out there your big races do something on their car and is go back okay then within a week they’re out there telling me oh man you got to do this you got to do this tribe to this device looking for the answer but ok great then a week later the car blows up but they’ve already told 15,000 people and 15,000 people out there or never doing the same thing their engines and telling everybody about it for the first week until their agents bullet okay don’t do that please don’t do that okay gage man broom I just for months and months and months before actually took it to a more direct level okay everything about an engine is better yes but you know there’s a magic letter written by the director of the EPA he doesn’t remember this write this down look for it find it I’m not going to provide it to okay the judge of the EPA wrote a letter explaining why or explained that the terms of this $5,000 2,500 are 15 whatever the hell how much money they want to try to take for playing with the emissions control systems said so long as the emissions are not adversely affected so long as the emissions are not adversely affected DJ then you want the other thing you want your own heart too but at first I was I was so scared that I would have my customers put the back you kept on the pc vivo okay so it wasn’t meet what they’re doing it uh no I just helped them you see and that’s how you get

around to get the customers if you’re scared just let the customer don’t just say what you do that phone as long as they finish it you help them right okay but don’t be scared don’t be scared okay would you see what happens to vehicles now there’s what the EPA hasn’t mess with me because I’m showing the one out of every three vehicles that I do show one hundred percent reduction hydrocarbons one hundred percent reduction hydrocarbons one hundred percent complete total elimination of carbon monoxide complete and total elimination of oxides of nitrogen and as much as 95% production co 2 emissions operating temperatures drop like a rock I got calls from customers that woke us from trevor prius right he did a whole trains right after I did the bottom case on his vehicle was getting 42 miles young again the estimates lie ok his place 142 miles per gallon afterwards 66 miles per gallon 66 and that’s not really impressive it’s building is unimpressive I want every day will get doubled against much everyone says Ron safety off about 10,000 miles from a car since I had it grew up in him please call me up with a mullet report said you know how do you think I should change the world I said are you a fool I cetera yo three to five thousand miles is pushing it they said no I don’t think so no not a member thank you come on tell me what’s going on this is that piece of art is a dip the truth is that the oil is still honey brown he said there’s no sign that of using in the engine why why why how can you produce it but why would such a report come in because when you kept PCV valve this vacuum is no longer pulling off the higher level hydrocarbons in your oil to make it turn pick a black ok it’s also not sucking as much on the on the fuel that lines your combustion chamber on the walls as the distance moving up and down before the ignition stroke some of that puke is in your world well it’s episode more of its potent the higher the vacuum is and crank games so there’s less pollutants going into your own system next is right operating temperatures the most demented change in operating temperature I’ve ever seen was on my RV it was 1988 john deere with 460 exhaust manifold temperatures were in the high 60s to the low settings all the way around the engine I check each individual point I did the modification high 32 low 400 300 degrees of the exhaust medical changes routinely documenting 100 150 200 degree drops and saw spell checkers why how can this be true because the fuel is burning inside the engine is not inside the exhaust manifold you say yes I he says like that fireworks left now is that five minutes okay I don’t matter that wear a watch okay cable can keep or keep right the quality things all right so is this fondant so let’s sit it who’s got questions Wow okay yes sir yes sir stand-up set up let everybody here and sitting back to you know according the bank encode the vacuum is actually on which side is is there or back order this this is the low pressure zone on the throttle plate this is the high-pressure zone ok the air is going this way this is the engine side yeah this is the air filter side huh yeah the badging was on this side so the low pressure is always on the engine side yes ok hey there’s a way yes look it up and I want you to send me a copy of it I want all of you to simply college i’m showing you that do your research ok i kid you not that’s one of the biggest hit xiao is I put up this information because it’s real technical but there’s a lot of dynamics and I understand that it’s not easy to understand sometimes they’ve just got to be a little lot of things drop to all the information out there internet anybody that wants to can look at what a bill and build it up if they want it it’s better to get my beds all right but if you don’t do your research if you call me I’m going to ask you look it’s not formally I don’t know I’m dinner did you look at my videos of your videos okay well look go up thank you yes I don’t mean to be unkind the

other state yes sir yeah but he said that mark except the one hears it a 74 mark for Lincoln what I won’t point I want to make it jumped up he is about five times more I hold my foot on the brake going out the driveway in geo take me going down with ten miles an hour and I know no I decide they live with this thing burnet on the carbon it keeps getting around your right stronger and he’s got a 460 motors three and a half times late Robert in the car yeah yeah a little better with your pill birds were supposed to amazing things having your engine yeah somebody back there when out of time one more question please guessed it up does it matter does it have a throttle plate that is the only question for matters not even one kind of fuel in parts of it has a throttle plate two guys mangoo will help it does that answer your question okay I guys open up afraid amount of time all right i’ll be available i’m going to be getting out of these duds I like to dress up day but I got to go to work alright so if you want I’ll be outside here doing modifications please get a hold of me get my engagement long happen you originally ketcham an engagement groove anytime god bless if you