November 18th Money Masters with Tom and Tommy O'Brien on TFNN – 2015

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November 18th Money Masters with Tom and Tommy O'Brien on TFNN – 2015

the following is a presentation of TF nn the money masters call now toll-free at 18 779 276 648 traditionally at 72 74 4 5 10 4 for now tom o’brien welcome folks Tommy O’Brien’s humblebrag appreciate your girl and a problem with us out here right now we get the dalek 109 you get the natick up 33 SPS or up 11 gold is down a buck 60 at a thousand 67 we have silver off six cents at 1408 bonds the 10 year is down 10 ticks and night eight tix rather and 126 15 the 30s off 17 we get King dolla up down five tix at 99 64 the euro is up 19 at 106 and bottom line is that we had a failure on here yesterday and this market wants to make another run for these highs yeah we got some acceleration that’s for sure there’s there’s no doubt and if we if we take a look what was intriguing last night is that what you have folks if we take a look at Asia we had in Asia last nitee Asia basically wasn’t holding price last night you go take a look at the Hang Seng you know down 75 bucks it’s a really flat market to slightly lower inside over in Europe however the the footsie is basically pushing it to a ties the pushy the footsies up seven bucks at sixty to seventy six the dax in germany dachshund germany is hanging up right out of ties you know it’s flat this morning the mover out here this morning which is moving all the indices is Apple Apple is up 334 right now that is going into the downdraft that would gap down at on what 59 million shares with 13 million and inside the if we go inside the you can see apples the mover inside ndx inside all the indices right now and that’s about Goldman putting it on the conviction list you got well the first one is it’s really with vipul communications I can’t figure out why little is like a three dollar stock and it’s always like a heavy waiting on the way up with a way down like that’s the leader out there today tripAdvisor’s is number two that’s up to 56 apples number three and commuter associates is number four taken away from it on the way down this is getting hit pretty good citrix is down 579 yeah Qualcomm is off 321 American Airlines is down a buck and you got Mattel down 58 cents inside the Dow Industrials we take a look at the Dow the Dow Industrials apples the leader out there also that’s AB of 329 you get caterpillar up 87 Home Depot went topside yesterday that’s down a buck 31 today let’s go look at home depot for a second because what does happen is that that’s interesting okay you know this has been on a big tear yeah they came out with good numbers they did and that is yesterday they did and and what seeming to happen is this so so picture we’ve been talking about folks the fact that you know every day well actually let’s look at this right now see we have when we’re operating up you know we’re over it highs in the marketplace okay and then what it seems like is that the amount of stocks that are down with down pretty good look what we got it again this one you get citrix down seven percent ty gets off four and a half quo comes up five and a half syngenta is down three no no big deal you can’t in the FCT oh yeah we can’t do that one go pro oh look a GoPro man they’re in trouble no one’s buying any GoPros GPR with your expensive man they are they’re not your great they’re great cam is cameras I have an old one I looked at the ho dia no i don’t i have not but they’re good cameras but they are they’re like 350 450 bucks for the high end I mean you really see p ro look at that man that’s going to another low and Andy coming oh that is a tough industry when you think about I know they separated themselves out but where you know there’s a lot of devices including your phone that everyone has the only agreed be to cost you nothing right so is the GoPro the the IPO was twenty-four dollars okay and then they did a secondary at 75 that’s intense man yeah that is absolutely intense that’s unbelievable actually yeah um you know so in the context of what we’ve been looking at is it you have all these equities that have been down the indices are still at highs yeah and they said

this why I wanted to bring up with a bit with the the Home Depot because obviously listen to this yesterday so if we go PCLN so let’s picture that if we’re running the fund it seems like all these funds get in the same equities do you don’t I mean because there’s only so many equities right they have almost month sure so what seems to be happening is that like a priceline they kept going up pop up until it wasn’t up anymore all right then the thing blows up it goes from the 1500 down there were 12 is 70 now we go over to Nike and you know priceline bottom line makes a fortune okay nike makes afford to do it didn’t get this bad but that just went from 135 to 125 so what I’m think is that oh man is everyone at home depot cuz you know in the same things that happened we’ll see do you not I mean because what does happen is that when you have well there’s only a limited amount of stocks and and yeah it’s definitely more castration them don’t work for sure well so it’s it’s it now now the sick thing about this market right now it’s not sick but this is always intriguing to me when I was doing the program yesterday right we had lighter volume in the spies lighter volume and the sps and the IWM what happened at the end of the day however is that we had divergence come in in this heavier volume and the Dow okay and it was like oh my god so when that happens it’s like okay man you can go higher yeah so now what we did here the small and we just test that okay okay and how’s the volume this morning is it’s got in the anywhere early is only 45 minutes into the market and that’s that’s all it’s a little bit harder look at the dial one dude I mean is that well that’s saying it slow you know it’s it doesn’t mean it’s it’s saying it slow when they yells besides a look but what we had yesterday right into the clothes and wrapped up ten minutes afore I guy had pulled up it was light volume we went from 685 million at like maybe 20 or 4 to 1 billion okay was like oh man what just happened yeah now the volume inside the ETF structures was all low ok so that was their divergence and and this is what is up what I’ve seen is that you can get more I can learn more information out of the market the market gives you more information when it is um divergent then when it all goes together do themselves again anything when it’s just moving together as yeah stronger than right yeah right so you know we’ll see where the shakes out today because what that would mean is that we’ve done the test of yesterday now what end up happening in order to have lower price come in tomorrow is that we would need lower lower volume again on the doll shot higher volume oil guys right creeping up on the toes is creeping up on the test cuz see if we look at if we look at the Dow right the high of yesterday this is sickliness does it so 17,000 599 was the high of yesterday and we had 17,000 605 today yeah rivin barely over it it’s not crazy yeah like how does that work you know I don’t know I’m just you know it’s one of those things it’s one thing when you’re hitting numbers let’s say if we just deal with one to ten to say okay you’re gonna go test seven but we’re talking 17,000 like it’s like okay so you go up that level and it’s like the same person is selling at that level they just decided hey I want to sell this level sure no it always blows my mind though man i’m not kidding it’s like you know when these tests come out it’s like man does someone just sit there and just keep selling and you know what the other side of that when stocks good out if someone just sit there and just keep buying let say they want to buy at that level that’s it right do you know I mean so it’s a certain degree I’m sure yeah it’s right in demanding rights that’s where demand is that’s what supply is right now that’s where you know this wasn’t really cool about this is that i saw that you sent out last night the withdrawn logans right for the task and or update yeah everybody right sure right yes oh so the updates are out there yeah because if you were downloaded the trial right he’d sent out an update to yep and and that’s how that works that the profiles I mean if what happens if they test driving right now can they do that do they get that workshop they get the archive if they talk about right now so if you test drive the taz profiles folks you get the archive because at the beginning of that archive you really want to pay attention to what John shows is how the software is set up it’s really cool gern of the methodology behind methodology because that methodology is that the profiles he’s taking the volume and price and turn them sideways yeah he kind of does a quick five-minute market profile type yeah his market profile right type right um PowerPoint literally five minutes but it’s a nice little precursor to everything well then goes to the scanner and then how it takes that market profile and applies it exactly look

which is nicely you know what you’re looking at no you don’t i mean so what happens folks is that you know he’s just not saying it’s take you do this because you know he’s saying to do it he explained it to you at the beginning we don’t know what the software’s doing it has its own you I don’t know where it is in the box all right is the box what’s the high right into the box exactly you know if we take a look at some of the higher volume stocks in this market which I thus far we’re not sure whether we’re gonna have volume or not you have a chevron up a buck 60 a buck 40 for rather home depot’s down a buck 36 apples the movie continues to be the mover and some of the let’s go take a look at the big blue and so big blue can’t get out of its way that’s up sixty-eight cents Walmart to test in the highs let’s go take a look at Goldman Sachs what’s going to be interesting is some of these banks right now see these banks are not getting traction topside and that’s that’s given you a little bit more information that the rates more than likely are not going to go up in December as you know that in your newsletter yeah exactly because because yeah Mesa means between the bonds because what will end up happening folks is this the amount of money that’s in banks right now they’re gonna make more money oh my gosh okay get ready a quarter point would be so much money because of cloud point percentage wise it’s almost when we’re at zero so quarter point is represented why is a big number right pretty wild man you stare at their folks tell me and I come right back I phone numbers eight seven seven nine to seven six six four eight two dollars of 90 now except 26s appease our fate and a half and the ESPYs a week out here just as they were yesterday learn right back Larry pesavento has just started his brand new service Fibonacci 24-7 and he’s already delivering content to his subscribers on a daily basis when the markets opened and even on weekends each Monday you’ll receive Larry’s written report that provides detailed commentary and a summary on the charts and videos that Larry sends out and throughout the week when warranted Larry will send out via charts or videos or both the key markets that he is watching during the day this will be up to the date active trading information that will help you in your daily trading in Larry’s first week alone he sent out 25 charts six videos and a full report to his subscribers in just one week if you’re a technical trader that uses patterns and retracements to trade then Larry service Fibonacci 24-7 is something that you must try right now new subscribers can get a full 30 day money back guarantee with nothing to risk sign up now to Larry Pesavento spit bonacci 24-7 by visiting the front page of TFA nen Kham under trading newsletters platinum grains crude oil gold copper kettle hogs gasoline natural gas coffee content cocoa and sugar these are just some of the commodities mentioned and the most recent issue of Andy hacks techno mental commodity report Annie publishes his weekly newsletter every Thursday morning where he breaks down the commodity market and provides the subscribers with specific training recommendations based on his training methodology by signing up for a free trial to the techni mental commodity report you’ll get a full 30 days to try out this powerful newsletter service and see for yourself two types of trades Andy has recommended for us subscribers when you sign up for a 30-day free trial you’re under no obligation to pay anything and should you decide to continue you will lock into low rate of only seventy nine dollars a month sign up right now for the techno mental commodity report and make sure you’re ready to catch the next big trade in commodities for more information and to get started today is it the front page of TF n n dot com are China a shares hot or not if you trade China a shares now may be time to take a closer look trade CH au or CH ad directions daily csi300 China a share bull and bear ETFs China a shares in either direction visit direction investments com today an investor should consider the investment objectives risks charges and expenses of the direction shares carefully before investing the prospectus and summary prospectus contain this and other information about direction chairs to obtain a prospectus or summary prospectus please contact direction shares at 86 6-4 7-6 7-5 23 the prospectus or summary prospectus should be read carefully before investing an investment in the funds is subject to risk including the possible loss of principal the funds are designed to be utilized only by sophisticated investors such as traders and active investors distributor foreside fund services LLC you know what’s cool taking something

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per gallon yeah that was a 66 I had a 67 Chevy 283 and that was anything about 12 12 yeah sure whatever how they get what um like 23 yeah all right 320 dumps something around there depending i mean i’m sure they’re a regular pickup truck these days it’s getting 60 and seven I don’t know right no no exactly it’s a lot more so look at this it it rejected that higher price once again then so someone just sitting there on as there’s nq’s just pull back eight points yep just sitting there selling you know I mean you know a good place where you can just put your stomach crazy but I know man n qz5 that not is the third time up there and we’ll see whether you know they can break it now that’s a classic folks you know and you know it get up over it you know and 7s I mean nine yeah you’re talking nine and cue points that’s 180 bucks account got contract yeah it’s two-tenths of one percent practically it’s a big number it is isn’t it five minutes no I know right no it’sit’s I’m telling you man you know markets every day is such a trip it’s a mind-blower gold you know goal just can’t catch a bid man you know I mean it’s pretty amazing when you think about multi-year lows nowadays that’s it it’s almost the same spot we’re talking about Nasdaq what’s testing those lows where we you know I would it’s tough area when you’re out of those Louis it’s dangerous always high yes I’m telling you you know I like it but it’s dangerous man I mean you know you know yet you have calls out there I like what what’s happened today okay but the bottom line is that we’re dangerous territory here there’s no doubt this tummy O’Brien Tom O’Brien we want to hear from you folks out phone numbers 877 nine to seven six six four eight the dow is up 82 now except 24s appease up a seven and a half ago right back today it’s hard to tell if the economy’s coming or going regardless I want my money going in the direction i choose if then she stands as well then you want to know how ever been can help keep your money thriving just the way you want it’s growing your money a priority every bank is committed to a yield pledge promise to pay high yields on your checking money market and CD balances looking to diversify everbank ingeniously developed accessible ways to spread your money around the world into foreign currencies and even non fdic-insured metals and when it comes to your wealth they bring a highly experienced in global perspective to help you manage it ever banks financial philosophy flies in the face of the status quo they believe your money’s performance should not be determined by today’s economic circumstances but by the drive to rise above them and create opportunities that favor your objectives if that excites you like it does me visit every bank calm /t fnn to find out what they can do for you again that’s ever /t fnn visit them today everbank is a member FDIC and Equal Housing lender if you’re an active trader looking for that extra edge when it comes to trading and investments then now is a great time to get a two week free trial to Tom O’Brien’s daily market letter market insights Tom O’Brien’s daily newsletter market insights comes out every market day at around 930am and provides Tom’s daily commentary on the broad market including the Dow NASDAQ and SP plus specific trade recommendations there’s even an update published most afternoons to keep you informed about the day’s market activity he’ll give you the entry price price target and stop price of each stock and option trade with market insights there’s nothing left to guessing for all the details and to get your two week free trial to market insight started today visit TF n n is excited to offer a brand new piece of market scanning software unlike anything the industry has ever seen John Logan and his team have spent years developing their market profile tools to finally be able to release the TAS profile scanner plus and right now you can get a two week trial absolutely free just by visiting TF n n calm and providing us your name and email address the TAS profile scanner plus is the premier market profile based scanner in the industry powered by the acclaimed taz proprietary algorithms this feature-rich scanner is a standalone desktop software that instantly filters over 2,500 global financial markets such as stocks ETFs commodity futures and Forex within three minutes of signing up you can have the software downloaded and running on your computer with the complete road map of market indicators and inflection points to trade off using the task profile scanner plus sign up today and try this amazing piece of software by visiting TF and mcom TF + n has just announced a

brand-new morning lineup that is geared specifically for traders in this volatile traders market every morning at 8am John Logan starts things off with his daily program the global market pulse at 9am Larry pesavento trades the market during the market open monday through friday on trade what you see at 10am Tom O’Brien hosts the money masters for the hour and basil Chapman hosts his tiger technicians hour at 11am from 8am till noon every market day these traders are with you as they provide up to the second market information so that you can make the most educated and profitable trades possible the new key F&N morning lineup is happening right now tune in to see for yourself what kind of actionable trading discussion they have each morning monday through friday starting at 8am live only on tiger TV at TF NN com this segment is brought to you by think or swim for more information just click to think or swim banner on the front page of T F&N com welcome back folks we get the Dom 85 now except 26 SPS are up by six and a half and you got some week we got some weakness inside the ESPYs and that’s what happened yesterday the ESPYs were basically the first ones that stop pulling back you know and we’ll see where you know this goes today but that’s that’s that’s quite weak if we put this up let’s put this up here just the futures es z5 if you just elaborate on what you’re saying when you say it’s just it’s quite weak I just well inside the context anomaly you know you got the ESPYs or at 2055 so you know the high of yesterday was 2063 the high today was 2060 and what happened yesterday is that the Nasdaq was up much further than the ESPYs and that’s and it’s not unusual but the SP is normally a lead in this market dunno to me because he had 500 stocks inside it Sokka when the SP is a weaker that’s giving you an indication that okay the market itself is wicked because the Dow only is 30 stocks in a true the nasdaq-100 has a hundred sure the SP is 500 okay so inside of that when the SP is weaker the SP gave it up earlier than the Nasdaq yesterday and that’s it took a long time to give it up yesterday you know so if we if you look at these nq’s then cues out here well this is today uh you know we we hit the 40 60 140 with 4592 right now Tessie if one says yeah I think if you just go down here you want to see yesterday yeah win this that was yesterday right you know so he can see that you know it stayed up there that’s a ten-minute shot so we stay up there like 50 minutes and then went back up there and we didn’t croak until like two o’clock in the afternoon yeah you know just clear right at 22 yeah 210 right yeah it came down fast man I mean literally that’s the open on this bars to 10 so right and we know once it once it went it went now as you as you’re looking at this this is what ends up happening is that we’re back inside you know the range the key is gonna be is that right with that two o’clock range we get back inside that range and we’ll see more of an expansion oh yeah right there what is that number that’s 45 90 oh that’s interesting we’re right at it cuz cuz that that actually real at as has a little support there on the way down so we break that and then you’re gonna see some action on the way down yeah we’re at that level day yeah you know if we if we look at I always just look at this for a second so that so the leader on the way down is ctxs and if you pull this up this is like a classic but it but you’ll blows my mind about how long equities can actually stay at highs and what they do what I say this I’m gonna pull this utterly back actually let me do it on this one it’s just clearer CT excess look at this man ok so I get this back for years now right and and what you’re gonna see folks is this ok so is it for years yeah it’s 2012 well three years right so it’s been in this range and what you can see is that when you come off a high so here’s what we come off

the high you know just at the downdraft it kind of like sticks out like a sore thumb right so that’s that right there is 10 million down 25 million down the price point is $71 right it comes down to 56 it gets all the way back up there the 75 comes down again is not only done a lot there’s not a lot of identification here what is doing right but then see the identification pop up again here you get together seller comes down on 26 million comes all the way back on nine million comes down at eleven nothing big there then goes all the way back up and you’re coming against that again you know so now you know you you get what it’s down nine percent but the Boeing that setup is gonna go down to the bottom and arranging yeah i mean that’s you know i think this is when you look at this entire chart it is for years and so looking at that i mean yeah it’s just bouncing around from 85 to 55 you know you know it’s wild is that what it’s hard to comprehend is that equities can fall out of bed by ten or twenty percent in his hand a heartbeat yeah isn’t it everything can change with a little bit of news ya know mean they can yeah they’re crazy she just went it just so what happens to is that you know the company knows that just so what happened right now you’re seeing that within the company’s why there’s been a change of usually its earnings you know your numbers does it you know you know it absolutely is the longer turn it’s always weird to some use in making money or not make again how much is so that’s you know you’re getting you’re getting three months of data in the span of you know five seconds as it gets released and can they grow okay right everything everything in terms of that data no no so this would be intriguing because it’s the the ndx is holdin that 45 90 but it looks like there’s gonna be some pressure coming in here you know cuz the Dow just pull that back a little you know nothin 20 points it’s not a big deal but that and let me pull us and cue up again just so we can see this because this is so the more that you actually test an area to folks okay just like anything else you know on the way up you keep testing its gonna break the ceiling on the way up on the way down you keep hitting that that floor it gets weaker yeah well and so still inside the ndx though that Apple is gonna be hard to break down you know Apple right now is at 330-4 so if you’re trading you know the way that I would look at this okay when you’re training the in queues or even the smps you just want to keep your eye on Napoli’s where Apple goes today’s gonna be the number definitely you know cuz they’re holding it up the IBB still hasn’t done anything you know that’s kind of that’s laying flat you know up to 69 right now but that baby’s wedding flat you know so I said as we get through this day so we have a Wednesday why don’t we um why don’t we take a look at oil to buy the last great thing you know with the oil numbers oh yes let me just pull that so we’re so you see this oil pull back slightly is CL f5 so let’s see a crude oil ok so the EIA was up 252 I don’t know what that mean like that’s billion barrels me okay so yeah I have inventory changes crushing crude a Cushing crude 114 14 95 k i’m not sure what k-means actually so another thousand listen oh that makes sense yeah thousand barrels right so crude is up and that would that’s pulling back ce o– f5 this is this is Adelaide quote though so yeah unfortunately the numbers were straight and because if we go look at us Oh which would be a real quote that just went from thirteen dollars and twenty cents to 1304 yeah so that was the move the big bar right alright so that’s pushing lower bottom line with some juice you know 4141 96 thanks Jay that’s the Z contract okay so let’s pull this up so 40 196 no that’s uh it might be coz 60 cassie five yeah that’s that’s

that would be saying this Apple huh um there it is 405 thanks Jay 4098 so it is done yeah so far it is is done so that’s gonna go after the lows that’s gonna be crazy man cheap oil and well you know in a fry you folks in the Northeast and in the Midwest um yesterday we were bringing this up this is pretty amazing yeah you had covered this on the show last night too that is talking about had broken his foes and was talking about the this yeah we’re talking about heating the same you know you got you look at oil this is where he’ll go into tomorrow night right you gotta look at heating oil you gotta look at jet engine oil yeah you know you look at everything and that’s really where a world slow down and that’s he’s saying that you have a look at the price of oil well world slowdowns economy slowdowns for oil or huge effects right so that is something to take it in you know just to be aware of in terms of where is oil going that’s saying where the world markets going because right what market uses oil that’s you know that’s it and and if you’re the heating oil folks this year it’s phenomenal because the bottom lining is it has to be right with ya you know but if we’re still in boston right our tanks are 250 gallons yeah right yes but your I mean so it’s relevant air night the card you know it’s not like saying okay I’m gonna put 20 gallons in the car you know 250-gallon right that they come that’s big numbers man cost at one point in time right heating is almost free yeah not not quite j.c like it said in December and January no there’s no doubt no doubt well if we go if we go over to the natural gas you know it’s you know tomorrow we get the natural gas numbers coming out you know it’s not holding price out here today well you’re at 2 339 and that’s been consolidating one for a couple weeks out here you know on monday we did have some juice when it wanted to pop higher though so markets are just laying out here again yeah they’ve been pretty steady since we’ve been on the air for the entire hour they have they have think about let’s go over to the we start with the gold market so if we if we look at this gold market so the bad news is that it just continues lower and if we take a look at this gld this is a crucial number you know which were under right now the it’s testing the high the lows of where it broke off 10 325 right now we know we’re a point underneath it and it’s like man that’s a problem you know it is light of all the reason I’m saying it’s a problem it’s like if I go to the next place where volume is it’s like oh no here at 92 men you know it’s like okay so benign again 20 gold I admit I can make a case that it’s a hundred player too but that’s that volume bar folks if you’re in your car we’re looking at the volume bars after where this breakout goes back to like march two thousand eight there give a timeframe you can make it you know cuz that’s still alive but it’s like home man once you know what when you we need to get something this nasty it’s like it gets snatched you talk about seven years of yeah right back to where we were yeah no don’t so the the contract not now what does happen this is pretty good last night they had the CEO of silver wheaton on and so Silver Wheaton is the largest silver streaming company just means it’s not that the largest minor in the world the Silver Wheaton of the world the Franco Nevada FMV the Royal Gold they act as banks okay basically so s so what ends up happening if we bring up Silver Wheaton you see it’s trading at 12 25 they this is this gets pretty cool so this is what I always like to see so see this there’s only 33 employees ok I see it yes 33 employees right 33 employees they take in 622 million but the way it works folks is this is that they work like a bank okay so you know me and you a silver wheaton we go out we find mines they need money right now so what happens is this is that we give them money for gross royalties off the top without expenses it does it does not matter what their expenses are we say okay they say okay we need 10 million dollars is okay we gave you 10 million dollars for that 10 million dollars you got to do two different things wake on it yet whatever that percentage is you know three percent five percent okay for a certain period of time now this is where the kicker comes in this is how they make money if if the metal stays at the same price right the bottom line is

that you just get your money back and they’ll make whatever that is three four four percent you don’t I mean like it back with a kick that comes in and this is where if you’re bisecting and dissect than these stocks what you want to do folks is this inside there 30 their filings is not 13f filings it has the exact contracts and it’s so cool because we to do is this you look at the contract and then what it says is this so let’s say Silver’s at $14 and six cents right now so let’s say they don’t know what the number is but let’s say they’re getting five percent at $14 right there what happens is that if Silva not only goes to $16 $17 the kick up for these companies goes up dramatically it doesn’t go down with it they do an option inside of that saying okay I gave you this money if it goes to sixteen dollars i’m getting six percent was a $17 yeah its intent so you want to be aware of that if you’re buying them because the first time this happened which was like two thousand three or four inside real gold i was looking one of these contractors this is amazing man because in that in that case they were they were in the gold they do gold okay yeah and in that case you know gold had to go up 100 hundred fifty dollars for them to really kick in but that’s what it did do it yeah and when it kicks in they would they would getting royalties of 16 14 and a half percent like outrageous number cuz there’s risk to that that they’re taken if the price goes down big time oh ya know if the price goes down that’s right that it’s not like it they’re only getting that percentage of the price down throw this right back to it into their you sure it’s a good deal no no no no it’s fact it in because what ends up happening is that that’s a fine ideal it’s like five years and it’s over it’s like that it’s in one down five years it cuz cuz it the only plans for five years you know that’s it told you stay right there folks Tommy and I come right back dollars up baby six now except 24s appease your up seven and a half we’re gonna break back has the current market volatility continue to stop you out of trades when the market spikes against you now is the perfect time to open up an account with nadex nadex the north american derivatives exchange is a brand new completely regulated chicago-based exchange and unlike most other exchanges nadex allows you to trade directly through them with direct market access when using their completely free trading platform which also features real-time charts and full customization capability one of the advantages of trading with nadex and volatile markets is that your risk is always capped and you have the ability of keeping your trades open even when the market spikes against you maytex is completely brand new with a line of unique trading products that are unavailable anywhere else see how it works at nadex calm that’s na de XCOM or click on the nadex banner on the front page of TF NM calm futures and options trading involves risk and may not be appropriate for all investors Tom O’Brien’s weekly gold letter the gold report gives complete and concise coverage of the entire gold market inside you’ll get toms commentary on gold the dollar the r and the bond the x au the hu I and detailed coverage of nearly 25 mining stocks he’ll give you the entry price price target and stop price of each stock trade the gold report is a long-term newsletter where the focus is on building real wealth through the management of a successful portfolio of gold stocks with a lifetime of knowledge and almost 12 years of riding his informative weekly newsletter the gold report Tom O’Brien can provide you with the important market information to help you make better trades in the gold market don’t let the next Bull Run and gold pass you by to get a month-long free trial to the gold report an 85 dollar value visit the front page of TF and today david white’s newsletter the technology insider is focused like a laser on finding the next big things in technology if you had invested only ten thousand dollars in microsoft in 1986 you’d have been a millionaire by 2000 disruptive technology like microsoft’s is the key to these massive long-term profits and the tech insider is the vehicle from TF MN to capitalize on these opportunities this is the go-to newsletter that identifies monitors and profits on mostly little-known cutting-edge companies with great long-term prospects David’s experience is as an inventor of emmy-winning animation products for TV and Hollywood that propelled a company public match that with 14 years as a full-time trader and he’s uniquely qualified to guide you through the light speed world of ever-evolving high-tech if you’re ready to ride the next big technology full market for less than forty dollars per month log on to TF am calm and get your two week free trial to the technology insider get in on the ground floor of the next big thing today hi I’m Steve Rhoads host of the traders

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Chapman wave methodology to call the markets the tiger technicians our next on tfn ed welcome back folks we appreciate your Corral in a problem with a sudden I don’t forget no matter where are in the world right now well actually if you’re in the world you’re gonna be listening on on your cell phone but if you’re in your car in the west coast remember that you can go on your cell phone listen to Tiffany m.o.b I to get the full audio tiffin and calm for the video we get on there mr. basil Chapman coming up next and then of course we get Darryl Martin Steve Rhoads Dave White I’ll be back this afternoon you know we look at target now so check this out Tommy targets down for 26 right and they had a conference call this morning and you know the CEO is basically saying hey listen online sales are gonna be slow now I know you like target right you know k yeah yeah yeah but it’s like you never think I said I don’t think it’s gonna tie get to UM trouble online right I know I’ve been there Oh have ya oh yeah okay what’s interesting is that so they have their red card which I don’t have oh yeah which is a great deal i think you get something like five percent of your purchases cash bag or something like that okay and it doesn’t need to be a credit card i don’t think either it’s time you can tie it to your bank compliment and when you go online yeah they you might get free shipping okay I’m it’s that type of deal where they that’s if you’re gonna be shopping online at target consistently you want to get their red card but if you have it it’s not that bad of a deal and I’ve definitely price shopped for it um you know it’s not often not as often as i pull up amazon right but if i’m spending a decent amount of money on anything right um and usually online you know i wouldn’t be buying clothes online or something so it’s usually electronics or somebody like that that i would do a quick price check to amazon for everything right but i would you could just do a quick price check kind of across the board on the internet for that same product exactly non-target i have and i see their new day so everything they’re doing on black friday will be available at target com which is interesting too so there’s no reason to go into their store for any other and buddy I’m a recent because my holiday shopping i love you know as long as you’re ahead of the game and you’re not waiting too late and really doesn’t have to be that late amazon has one to two day delivery um how easy is that right especially target you don’t have to go race for those deals not that I go anyway but I might I could sit on my couch and go after those deals on black friday morning or something like that while I drink some coffee and no no doubt yeah and what amazon has done and this is I had hate to be a retail against amazon they come out with this morning I believe what’s happening right now let’s pull it up it’s something every 5 minutes right yeah yeah hey I saw that too every five minutes leading up to black friday yeah I mean every five minutes like it looks like unbelievable you know it’s like you know you look at alibaba 14 billion dollars in one day um sales are where it’s at one day deals or where it’s at right that you know right Bobby get one day for that singles day all right amazon probably saw that and says we more deals more deals 24-7 and you know what folks says something if you if you have carried bata right now i don’t know if this is all the public’s but carry bata okay are not public’s right here Carrie but uh folks is great by the number one I put that’s how the bulletproof coffee we put it in our coffee it’s not only three dollars and fifty cents it’s two for four bucks right now and that leads to say I’m by side brake 241 butter at publix okay well of the set up where they have hit once a huge I’m gonna go by like 40 40 40 40 of them 44 days why not 40 butters okay yeah you put them in the freezer it’s not gonna be song with you I’m with you I know I know fadi bothers Savior 60 bucks sure that’s a no-brainer I’m just laughing because we’re just good I bet there’s a lot of good sales at publix right now oh that probably is I’m to say to yeah that’s

what day it’s an unusual that i haven’t seen harry potter on sale like that for about a year and that’s the butter just so i don’t think anybody most people don’t know what carrie butter is it’s like a very natural right there’s no scratch scratch yeah it’s not that I mean right most people don’t know Kerry buddy means I think all those tigers and tigers do are they better watch Nico show if they do hasn’t totally vas solutely man oh well we’ll explain it for him anyway okay totally you stay stay right there folks I’m a mr. Bell something’s coming up next we appreciate the growling problem with us out here thanks Bob thank you go get him folks since 1984 basil Chapman has been using the Chapman wave methodology to advise traders of his expert market opinion while originally hand-drawn charts from the late 1970s into the 1980s basil noticed that prices under most circumstances virtually always had a certain number of legs to the upside before declining sharply later basil found the computer software which included the standard market technical indicators enhance the degree of accuracy and calling price turns as well as market trend calls thus was born the Chapman wave sequence using the Chapman wave methodology along with other indicators basil Chapman advises his subscribers of his expert market opinion each market day with his opening call newsletter right now you can get a two week free trial to the opening call Basil’s daily trading newsletter by visiting the front page of TF NN com cancel at any time during that trial and pay absolutely nothing get your two week free trial to Basil’s newsletter the opening call today by visiting tfn this is TF n Oh