Puri Plays: King's Quest: Mask of Eternity [Part 2]

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Puri Plays: King's Quest: Mask of Eternity [Part 2]

alone As it will come OK the rights of it if the rate of skip the old keyboard playing the hair of the book is in the general chat off of unfilled have if OK quicken the E sports the sports keyboard Emmys and for the windows 98 have a adventure game of cat that the bee sports mouse turned on I really like to set up the setup worked really well for a fool if the stream Lessig also in case in case you don’t know what the Whitsitt if I’m using for their PC games here , it gets turned on are so where it played off of the the lead here I still got the chatty chat of the Vermont monitor here in the notes machine and then I have on this little laptop cart and funny if we got the goal line an buses is doubly two stands of an aide to put four GHz so it’s got the there’s a second USB Port on this thing’s I just put in the 2.4 GHz toggle of this and then that goes to the computer me get this is really nice setup here for this the biggest little desk for um for the steps games as all the other stuff over there it got all that already go IE’s avalanche for consuls on here that III move them back into their their storage up here: the working on other stuff and I Gotta get the data to place cleaned up like a bunch of a bunch of stuff electronics work of last week are so the rights to all of us are welcome but denied him on that course the latest thank you for a for archiving does sound as bob’s for me I grab those from from the sit , in all my own vowed server so thank you again have for keeping keeping the loss history of of late 20 16th months for me all rights of the Illini of the Mason industry up a scissor where we can stream for me where we can string are hardly ever stream on weekends but here we are actually system Sunday nights I guess it’s not quite true by your are an soulfully all had a fantastic day of my data and other both my of my NBA teams lost today have date all the still good records of sunsets fine OK if so king’s quest mass maternity of aligning keep this as an adventure game in here but I think cords Ian republican to change us to what should be whichever feeling is of this is so far more of an action adventure game rather than in the adventure game,

and if something can in the mail them are apparently cool if on status of this is probably to the request five overdone fit who when as a survey of three half hours and lip balm and we got all the way through with the the data entry section and we are at a media court of the way I’m guessing through the the land of the dead, having run into any of real roadblocks in terms of regression or anything like if the game feels a little easy but it is a meeti paid you have the ax is so hit this thing with the ax puzzle selloffs have a ad is been like one proper puzzle so far which is banned the bomb of the jumping puzzle in the land of the dead and there’s also a duke of offense quest set to make a spell to get to the land th , but yet to have a flooded is more puzzle as puzzles later on but we’ll see we shall see if a right to as if the battery cap wasn’t enough here is what happened previously on king’s quest them after Germany as allen’s the rights that meet on mute the game hair all right king’s quest mask of the mask Atty That set the timer hair are half of this game is sure is something that all of that’s gonna be is ounce early dog are eight of dimension of death three mention of the of the edit all is well all is well so far if so II change this two of the bombed the digital input for a for this so they should actually be more accurate belt, it was kinda going between 20 and 30 th duets of most of the game of the notion actually be accurate so if I move the mouse and thus is updating about 3040 and then he’s animating that 15 ish said that that should actually be accurate now if a cat sold off so weary and the secondary the game

of whizzes at Kitsap it’s one of those pixels are aware that have 1/2 services the secondary the game where they did almost all services were restarted the game up here, as far as unresolved things and entry there is up here there’s a unicorn that’s missing its horn, ’cause there’s a eight a poisoned poison pond in here so that’s that’s something of this with this path stone wizard is possibly unresolved and I believe that’s about it of there’s also this area here which is the on the feeling well so I might be coming back there later if this is the Teleport Point right here on it and close it only were right here is that help or 0.4 the land of the dead and if so the dimension to death at work early and this is where we started an array of Canada jumping puzz make it through to the other side which is like there’s there’s an entrance to the swamp or something somewhere someone here so , according to the back of box in the Manual there’s like high eve five big areas like this and then there’s the the final boss are apparently so we still have quite a bits of game left to do on CE I am pretty sure the nice idea to sequins break here last time so I thought he said normally don’t I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to make it over these walls as that happens but I did this last time and I actually made it over sole half of the Mets sure if that’s so if that’s intended to not let me do that, as was items and c of the numbers how much the PSC do I think ID of armor as well that some it’s not like you can easily switch that out B of perl for our slots hear the laughter healing items and on the radar magic item of this can use to climb up stuff the use of stones and had no real you so far and then up here it is our quest items of the final goal the game is to get all five pieces of the the mask of eternity here and then replace that to its its dice that it was on before months of its pretty much what what we’ve done so far of service said this game plays a whole lot more like a action RPG then a king’s quest adventure came so far but I actually don’t mind that does this so I actually like that again plane so far all Jews But there’s another one like a rate here and not gotten He can stay alert of the address book by team’s loss tonight the what half OK it’s a so far they haven’t been that many like Indian riddles to save our home, government are minus a fifth of the combat controls are safe and even swap between the two of two different types of weapons with a hockey of and sometimes you get easy that on short notice like now this appears to be in a boss Skelton are sure OK to have a home became the six like another one of those spots ryken cheese my way

there ago although are OK RI fine in west was back flip away from have a heap area OK had gotten done of have a update that he’s got less so than other thing I Gotta keep my 1:00 AM playing this is at the b that I need to not be using healing items because you get a file he’ll done each level up yet we got up back flip with more problems as we do of this looks like a puzzled me over here II am also up for reading sure that are you not supposed to be able to be up here like the the Manual says you can do a day you can’t take it out there like that and as a single for jump will work of Kinney actually get up there from the than on combat stance OK that this is gonna be unintended up its he locate also hear what you’re wondering how I’m playing this kisses is a tricky game set to actually get running I’m playing this on at so far been the best best way I’ve I found a play this even though I do have a computer from the from the time this game came out of a I missed great Of some running this on windows 10th through A of essentially a video card emulator is called e.g. voodoo two 30 PM here half this this does not bode well of a GS have my chickens break and on the air if a right of the others say a hastily called the devoted to that you can use to emulate an old three defects card so I’m running out on windo book but it good enough ticket are if at all of these blotter and you’re barely locate and out there’s the blood Column and so healing adams’s game I’ve been really hard to come by this OK That just back flip away from our problems bucket if so we have 42 healing mushrooms but they don’t have much so here it is a much that heals for not much so these heel for like a third of the levees and probably half and this is before deal and in that set up that’s all I got

school will do that and then these that that magical like this is defense potion here those really haven’t been dropping all Though they can hidden spike rather than the is on the butt of of a cut Are the work if by little mini keyboard doesn’t have an NT he can’t have his which is unfortunate if OK so what if this is anything like the first day the game than once we kill an enemy they’re just gone and it’ll respond so I guess that that kind of makes up for the the lack of of healing NMS but it just means you Gotta be you really careful on your your first time through areas set to not need a season healing That services all that their son guessing this whole area is just one big maze that If have a the bridge of life I see no assist as Islam law now judges schools and judges schools on the left down creation are whole of fact I have

I’m sure this is important that I have sure all of a war were looking for are the the hall of sip Sump and a hollow respite shore actually what does the was a Manual say about this but so did mention a death of a magical portals found in each polls and selling an holding places souls awaiting judgment and that’s a that’s else’s back of a cave sure home if sure bouquet since it’s something about an O a step a nice if since it started dropping healing items of god And all they can write to the cheeses are you as I have up to date each it skeletons gotten the right and if only they drop ceiling items a case of aris there something of their clearly so secret in the clipper weights of the progress that doesn’t click it can we back and we do this are not quite aren’t as an effective that there actually less we go from here are and what if we if I’m sure I can just walk around have a look over their of the AK note that read about we just walk around which we can probably just to know OK this dump more like a loaf of bread by does is box have all for this sure aspects of humility has actually think about alleged a bottle of have a tough again why but if all you know OK if it’s good a rate cut into this area is our free heels

cooled that set that is really handy if there is safe and free he’ll never a heavy land of its leaves that a setting a date have a nice the case we got all bouquet are battling the London is my aid might go two of the PS one testing game because I have actual disks of the Japanese and Dan U.S. version sly contest to see if my of my modification on the all my systems and been working on a case that the hall of respite says judges calls on the left and down creation one complete so so we have to do something here apparently have the rights are deleted before the meeting puzzles in this area at least the music is good here there’s this thing, unlike the purpose of the sentence might be pushing will all were not have a updates not that’s OK home this must be like a boss fighting a rear something in I was a of the Hutus punch open but let’s see if this OK though that was filled spooky ghosts OK if so the area here was was trying to jump into before bucket and I had actually really glad that I found the the temple here at the healing because otherwise I would have to keep a running back and forth the good entry into folders load zones again a case of those things you on a stairway from effort ball and a different to up Are so according to the the Manual we need stones for for throwing an enemies and also there’s like pressure plates barely this looks like a great place for an ambush of art something something down there made a sound of an the Oken but I think dropping down there is probably about IDs will host a pure for now I’m not sure what that what the zeros are pointing for its I’ve seen these and a few places around the around this area appears move those so as far as I can tell

stealing items are finite and this game I could there is a the currency in this game so maybe you can buy them from somewhere but I’m I’m running the assumption that if I use a healing item then that sentences otherwise gone and now that I know that there’s a a healing pool in this area I’m in a year more in the side of caution in tears are healing and all just come back here if I need to heal hi, I’m about to die in a a O It looks zones of the way SIDS allen’s please Common in recount So we’re told that to seek the hall of respite which is the one in the upper left so that it’s immortality were spent more war in our own and then OK so the boatman said holly respite judge the schools on the left of dell and creation one complete stands out at an said judging the school that I’m assuming those are the schools as any I’ve said Selling the click on charges and update us so far not really of like your sense since it had people rolling in a after the star here all give you a brief summary video of what happened previously into the first bit of the game as allen’s are set that’ll bring it to speed on king’s quest

the mask of Atty. to have it up if it’s up to the king’s quest series is mostly I just pointing click adventure games of a for this one this is the last one made by the original creators of its market action RPG of some not really hasn’t been too many puzzles or word of like that the original kids close games were mostly exploration item puzzles and dialogue and this is none of that has a but of that this is like this is almost too great a risk in a wave like open weld two later with a with items kind of its weird this game is very weird OK but nowhere in the the secondary the game if there is there’s more puzzles that looks like , else’s and help with this game has a draw distance of not very far have have a loan loan Of the right leg sounds a bit off inside too loud error of duke repeat as I did change some settings to second turn down the the compressor their offense sounds a bit better for the avid reader right in and it turns out audio is difficult , a case that goes back to the the work of the right thing to design a all rights , since ~ this can explore to north of here but it I think if relaying mail it was the other compressor built into my of my hardware are mike processor OK so for this may be that OK so there was a double wasn’t we got something at the beginning of this area to unlock a guy just like this and I forgot what the thing looked back up all OK but we can’t go there to guess we’re back to explore in it done by this looks like something I can pick and choose up to note actually maybe have to be like a step away from the together properly open up quite all will our type of sounds like it’s over here somewhere yet it’s it’s definitely like right here in in their eye whenever it is done at the business now are gotten me get a fair level up with it all I could just give way this is up this is behind a locked gate is not all I can as walked here have a R at what’s cool sequence break I could’ve just walked around the wall

are in the north New that Our maybe we can choose this not a kid got a gallon meant that the 316 a scope are services on the a normal difficulty by the way to this could be even easier apparently OK if I wonder a cert off to the boatman say anything about Britain puffs and a member of a stills had as Jed schools on the left down creation and one complete stands out and then there is there some math problem he said at the end but you know me and math all of that looks like this is where they been hiding all the healing items in this whole area and in a box as so far it’s been a woman in an offer of the range weapon which is quite nice at the very beginning I assume that that it wasn’t unlimited that this this number was how many as how much Ali had but no pitches the bid EPS that it does and does more than adequate damage book if note that all Jews are can get some Skelton have a R819 90 a path finding that pulled up Skelton all be over here on out are in a mine goods than that it takes forever to switch weapons and so Are to Rebecca put the river again as where the zombies were last time also had a dumb thing about the crossbows that you can you can back away while you’re fired it have a a a busy are playing as some guy know it’s just that it’s a literally some dude seems Conner I think new I think that’s the bet on the another marker somewhere else

yet we’re actually playing as Ken Williams says the early ventures and Ken Williams all men are bad that is so broke in that you can do that have a a a a cute as backup lost the ball still attacking so as long as this one on one that makes that really easy account but we’ve we’ve almost explored it was the map now OK there’s there’s three schools here soul judge schools on left is what river may and colas At the saint do anything if at that are we made it yet this is this is the early years of Ken Williams and a copy of this game as great a kid a call if you if you wanna play this bomb so that it by selling it is on archive.org so g of you want a program called DG of routed two of that’s the the video emulator for it and then on you wanna use the patch for the game of its own see your help and then it just runs on windows 10 and it it if runs fine as you can see so so that’s a point that sai I highly recommend playing a senate hasn’t crashed on the Internet thing so you should be good ago and that won’t say the problem here money is that all the other glide emulators that don’t work with this game so if it’s DG the oth that’s that’s kind of problem here , OK unless a fix it for the dog release I’ve no idea if if they do for the dog release but that this is just how I personally got a so I’m using a of a and saucer nice amount are for um for mounting the ice own windows 10 of ends up by die so on and envy me as is the ivy game installed on an Indian as envy me as a steep and it still takes forever to l it could be macabre but II kinda doubt it ’cause I’ve I’ve still heard that that the version as issues of NS like like I’ve tried playing the playing the game on a pledge it not windows 98 PC a ran a life by the PSC even on a machine that is over spec fort of I also tried running it on a single pool or Windows XP machine of that has like a 2.5 GHz half long enough of an like early two thousands hardware in that can run it will either have set up so this on windows 10 with the DVD two is by far and I spend life 10 hours mucking around at this in a loss like two weeks so that’s that’s been the result set by Mike Spearman tuition yeah this is as a helical to an idea yet because I bought this when I came out 20 plus years ago and I didn’t run on my machine of services this is the first time I’ve I’ve never even played this game of a filter back to the

the temple and Hewlett and so far this this game is been amazing this the this is probably in the the top four let’s say things close games for mate like to think nothing’s gonna be better than six of Aydin really like the the first few that much at three says probably like sexism best three 2nd best five 3rd best and maybe this a four , and Seidman while for the heat was also hidden for a for sacrifices IDG vendor two of this is that’s the same thing that I’m using for this that’s what’s recommend , the rights cells continue exploring and then probably get to put on our thinking Of some point here we currently have our shared everything On the cut that this might be a witch from left for dead a row are this is this is clearly a trap article on whipping child life to get healing items but if an ole when of capturing a the if you have multiple monitors you could add just a monitor capture maybe a law that will be as if are a little girl first you do this and then they go are again made just just do this all GS a kid maybe it maybe don’t do that now made I can see why she did all the better off if I have that say a satisfying sound but those on the snake

, okay as another one behind that box there are of a recess to skeletons I favor kind are that is a personality and the animations to a service game me and I’ll buy don’t have to be reading all these down as a lot of different cryptic messages A a a a law that that is on these around here somewhere in there date of a relation of what you move backwards while shooting in this game is at that really breaks us And that But if it be nice if the draw distance wasn’t like 10 feet and I can actually see what’s OK whenever it is it’s over there gotten a kit so now is one way if we go back to that healing area are of probably go by this way to see if there’s anything a thick wool over their it’s also chemically is only one ascend the little girl back to Devon tree where there’s like even more monsters rallied around it probably is safer here them back and entry just in case is named washer something Okay loan sure of where you never know they might respond to a bed at that scandal worries me is I’m still not sure if there is responds , okay as myself: the map over here make sure it does nothing else over on the edge Arts are still have this area up their and all this so come back to this when I go visit boatman against its scope of this way

than on king’s quest tape yet know I can maybe those points of where the temple is why I was looking through old issues of PC gamer well as bedridden last week and that one of the issues had a review for this and II think this guy like a 782 percent for something from PC gamer and I think that was one of the this I can probably use that for that of the O OK can’t I can’t click on have a bit dull Miami all this is just the right to block are OK cert that circular none of polygons as an so it’s not a weapon upgrade are art our strategic rock did not the distracting the cave will we got nothing in that cell from here , jeez a bucket of a case it is that although the traps OK Bassett those are are likely we can not ‘pastor and one OK that will the the Manual said that there was there’s armor sets apparently and I’m assuming that the that cover the game armor is probably like the armor set that you get that the endgame if I had to hazard a guess

are likely those of the slowest moving arrows and video games and the kids back of a of a bowl bucket art serve almost filled in the map That’s in nearly all the switches in the game had been for turning traps on and off some assuming this also disables a trap somewhere and probably turns office of a so that’s that’s the one II know the way from us and Longo book it so that fills in that It would turn off these if not I think I can back up for it kept related a rate not brings me back to the services where II does jump over the wall to get to the assay point another were point so we haven’t been in here and all eyes will heal up on here OK that controls that city traps off to the right is the starting area for a bit his own are a kit service should be a new new area here So we got so that I can probably back flip up to me get some sort of temple thing in the middle of this spiral looks like a of all we can all that I can play for comments is that can act have it only shows up in the bottom corner of the screen and then you couldn’t begin just tap on W to go up one frame at a time all great but his armor of grated as have a bye this epic fight of a a a a a a a I will give on the wind up five exit a

incredible combat are come on what if response to knock them off the this is this epic battle against female Skelton gotten all my god what it amazing fight a hook up up up up up up of Jesus mine and actually hurts after that have a AF sit all my god OK if let that was the first played a game that’s been like that by the way although the fight said been just a tough fights but this one was 80 a combat puzzle ole boy are let’s let’s see bode she’s are sold from armor class 15 to 16 all baby O boy OK if allows exciting if I’m pretty sure it’s optional to butthead we got it and I used up like half of my healing recess and have a a a S says bob but I’m guessing what this trap probably is for that is too late hit that the Skelton once and then run away from it to update its position itself with bits of its back to the wall OK to go ahead back there for now get new model their exciting , OK out probably weighed of the drop those down all that’s the citizens are on the map about those are like those were bridges may be about as are impassable spikes Bettis is so far much better than sugar three have an of sugar views of the disappointment of what a bummer but as I’ve maintained for years

I never really minded if a mediation Mr. Not because two so good that they couldn’t just made a standalone game a note in just fine if it OK if sold you still have all that’s a clear it so there’s another tower like that so this is probably another gear upgrade fight of saint see it support for their own if I can get into this area just buy back hoping in their presumably have said that the spikes to go down but if the feeling you can you can back flip pass to problems of all that also the thing with me that sugar three is that I didn’t have high expectations for it is a no update at up to the game crash a bid of inches up up if it’s an idea for talking should about sugar three OK the game just that’s our first crash by the way but as we know that of a a a a a a a I’m sorry you Suzuki sugar three was incredible is the greatest game I’ve ever played also read Williams is the best the best writer bucket so that that lets me know that I need to be saving more of it but but but Eddie Suzuki hacked into my computer and shut down king’s quest of a a a set the EC year like this that the copying files to her died by have been both a game and the disk I sell are both line and in the ms and the Emmy as a state that is good for 3 GB of its up so there’s no reason why they should be taken so long other than pay its own medicine game from 1998 of open a school to those not as if if you see right here I saved 2 minutes ago so no more skills and battles the issue probably hit that that goes to the the mace though the right of open so family was a ghost is trying to spawn it said a crash to give it a base loan OK so we got a key from the the skeleton brawl area that as scum me one of the time great strategy Skelton is art camera: gotten are two that one just one other ground bowl no , the slick

extra powerful Dolphins’ Sure , jeez OK but with this wall is pretty low to beef up this looks like a wall weekend we can potentially deal with so we could weaken either solve the puzzle here or the solution might be back flip over the wall of a pick up a love seat let’s see if my thinking is correct to figure like right here almost 85 after these boxes intact and I’ve been able to make it actually have a call that a ball that you are up by a five to puzzle up a all no lack of date of a Kay R8 outsmarted by behind an IQ play they have the 200 ECU invisible wall or brew of the case are that lowers the spikes I ate I didn’t get that one today at the a sorted out to all of a a R a mud on a hit that ASCII and equip this and all of that type I’m sorry Skelton I did mean it all stocks ship have a if a bygone era have a a a a a RII thought the Skelton will be frustrated that the spooky ghost or that the they did a lot of damage OK if sudden attack me until I all I am reading first so let’s see if there’s anything are 76 OK a beacon running gravatt arrow it a try a standoff I was Skelton but II think I know how this is gonna go home. If we could beat it out here actually that sounded like it hit it but it didn’t

it didn’t I grow out in this camera scammers not amazing If I the feeling they can probably still him even from here are the foxtail to have a heap of have a up up up at the Mac unit skills and would you go are in Iran off like this way And I got it out of a no if a a a a wish I knew where 111 over there bucket art Skelton ridge ago that I’m all make up up up up up but he left it at all is good of the mouth of the base but got a bouquet are zones a lack a case of those turned and the ago to get past of those things somehow all man OK these things give you the business all the gifted and like one health but the OK so whenever would have visited today here we can Apparently all OK so now back to back to heal town a cave where my

system that can sure are so we still have we still have that over there to do and then I think we can go hear none of the we’ve lowered the the spikes and then that’ll that’ll probably be all the enemies clear the deer in that it’s it’s a puzzle solving time and looks like the puzzles are slightly more involved than you’ll hit it with the acts like and Evan trick of at least I’m hoping of new looks like there’s something here to balletic another one of those things are there that I somehow missed the interesting and we get up Let’s pose begin now of them as might be part of the little girl puzzle sure When is it it is the surprise out sometimes the the right mouse button gets stuck in game and I’m not sure why awfully she does it mean this is the purse of a lady could just walk between the stones that’s OK all to pick up up up if I keep forgetting we have is roping grapple I had only get up there at all it’s a mystery if only we had some sort of climbing tool of R well OK all those exciting what what wife of its key step up with a bomb idea of what we’ll have a have to have a a a a a a a half of the root level all but clearly that was not supposed to happen a calyx is redundant if a if so the dumb that the swirling green texture was a one of the portals to different land of and then we’re clearly and clearly not there yet bite of a M locate king’s quest eight of sure

that it locks up for a second waltz loading living and things book a well they lease we know it’s over there and give up up up if bad things are over there bookcase lots of I wanna see if those those spikes retracted all boy that was something of a cut of a father attracted these list of rig loaded the saver something Of those already killed five party been here apparently on all I had a shot those of the other side of the the wall and those But this is probably what that that others which controls Art cities were up the last time I came to hear it can probably back flip and there the whole spooky desk and spooky ghost of those things currently those things can node GS Are And service that might be open now and if that we recruited out of ceo need to assume this shield peace now Oven so there’s still the one big unexplored area left and we’ve am still this a kit Sophie head straight this way and go through their that should take this in their where there’s at least 1. of interest and their OK

Bono that note to have he that magical spells not gonna be useful bucket such a good start Ken meant not a whole lot of iron drops from dalton’s and said that not sure what that was up sure we got one and kept looks like this is slipping downwards in this deftly something above us All this is the we have been here Hadley this must be that area that I got two and then the I thought II should stamp on the upper level so we’ve with raping here I think one of the okay camera are all this is this is probably a pressure plate that won’t use these are probably pressure plates find a guess that’s not so the Manual mentioned that’s you up rocks to put on pressure plates and as are small boulders in various places is falls for solving puzzles pressure plates that depressed when Stepup on rocks mis the way down the plates bucket sure sufficed upon this yet OK the flea pressure plates of a book eight weight of the zombie corps pushes down appreciably up up up up update all that works to a guess saved us a rock at ‘belief rush Robles

that’s that’s actually really neat that they the physics system in this accounts for a for monsters to as is practically breathable wild edge of Roberta it works out nicely because I only have three rocks have a a a city that is an intended solution is to play the is on the corporation’s does indeed spawn Also little alarming that nothing happened a baby’s those are pressure points to the artist as a group appoints let’s see what’s up their guests hopefully not another Skelton oh, what that is really help book is slated to pick up the the three rocks and I’m guessing that probably have to use the new some of the temple either that are right I used in the wrong order maybe a guy thing climbing up there’s probably the faster way to get out of this area are answers to a gaunt said that part of their undersides that we been nearly everywhere else we haven’t been here yet it looks like there’s something there book a so will head for their next and it looks like the I just for running out this way is falling into the street ago assures a way to zoom out the meaning of the Belize sits there still better than sugar to raise many map arts over here is all new note not not not cut missive are unaware loose by Vanessa progress on symbol should death OK and I did it take so long to save in this game possesses six screen shot to its price 18th pick a bitmap file its way bigger than it needs to be OK there’s another rocks and only at we got four rocks at least baby those the whole point of this area are eight we got another of the human

of bike and you repeat that are well where he found the hammer which is protected by spooky goes all those it behooves a living error could of sewer years Skelton fight club so where did in that , I wonder if we can army came back for book, there could have been open about the a OK so we still need a way to get past the the extra spooky ghosts over by with a hammer was actually I haven’t been over here but still listen on the map over here I guess I can talk to the little girl again but the last time I was here of the game kind of freaked out soulfully there won’t be have both the issues is time , all pass that we have to pick a fight three different Skelton said impressed of the Skelton fight club organizer and we’ll get access to the lead building sure of a nightgown of trying to do the glitch like I’m not involved in speed reading in any capacity more I don’t really care about sequence breaks me that I’m here to just play video games will pass of interesting so the bitmaps is that there’s a lot if it just means that as it’s it’s clearly right here have a half late this is a lot like that but what what what there’s all that all that home offices is that , not even ride down here unicorn horror and Paul of respite is where wannabe apparently OK but sooner this goes , if I know this a R. Reid of three a case of those this isn’t the hall of a right to the problem here is that I’m not sure how I activated as Teleport of a is probably sit

our wealth are apparently rocks bucket whenever it is we don’t have it sure that the hall of justice , if interesting I am I’m not sure how this activated but a AB eight maybe it’s because I walked over to the point on the map that those were the pressure plate was spouse to be so maybe if I walk raid on here that Watson date or to flee back flip a notice of what it wants clearly not that an OK would’ve been here yet and then we’ll have to solve this mystery of how these portals even but this is gonna be something to do with the is marks on the map book a impala talk to the boatman again to you can probably tell us about the the extra spooky ghosts sure a case of the boeckmann previously said one complete stands out old man as god OK it sounds like a debt of the pay attention to all these these little real fry in this are News open over there apparently are this is this is one of those things I can back flip upon to souls to death have a all good another one of these I can’t wait to spend 10 minutes clicking on a Skelton again or not I don’t the I don’t see a grapple icon cargo of R if an this is not a whole lot around a fight at the white to fight something

While there’s a bunch of healing stuff over there and don’t really see anything too dangerous I’m sure this would be fine yet again to find the the log that sticking out the a side of it to synchronize are a known and we only get one of great it’s probably not permit either of them Maybe like one of the the walls on this thing on the second floor is a visionary and like that the visionary door from earlier perhaps an as might be one of those occasions where you see the game use the item and then load of have a as clearly they let you do that in most cases so so why not let see if there’s anything illusionary here they probably give it a potion just for that, died or the hammers though ’cause it seems I’m doing things slightly out of order Whenever it is I hope it’s not the top of the tower of a lot of stuff here apparently and that potion last slight 10 second half of that that’s an upset that’s that’s how long that’s Paul us while bouquet who lets of fat seems useful of an side I believe that’s pretty much everything we haven’t explored yet wait now there’s a there’s three portals activated seven everyone but the one on the bottom left now as walking on those two anything, are running and head back to that that area we’re gonna keep them at the open the safe the changes

interesting OK all this is this is the one hall of respite is where both men said they go , wait that this isn’t a portal though of a of a lot of its what is it a portal either love up up up up this one is that and then another have a up up up up up here a shoe were it’s the begin to save have a cave fascinating are so that’s that’s where the hammer was so we need that in order to cross the river , and pretty sure if it’s probably no more combat left as we’ve we’ve killed pretty much everything it can be killed far as I know on the map so now are in puzzle solving mode are still check in with the bowl ban again are OK and the hall of respite is this one and the maps is the portals active but it clearly isn’t a tent and cures that this is this is bug for something to say here I am a reload the game and see if the map maybe resets itself as it should be and only the one on the bottom right active is is this might be just another weird bug are let’s see an unnamed interesting and with a workout or maybe this this is working as its past have a the fascinating , OK in ago he then check and see if those into the ghost decided that the spear or need to use like the that C through illusions potion next the spooky ghosts are something that I can’t be eight so anything consumable on here

it most likely not a puzzle solution because those errant those a consumables and you can like getting back so there’s also of t how we do the portals as these are for moving the spikes up and down , so out of this is either for the portals or its four those up at the prison area which I think this one will maybe open the till one of these had a OM had up a treasure chest and on souls and that is further in , that one of their cities are all still up even those poll and switches arts are clearly I don’t know what that debate the NAZI , a dying you to chat I’m not looking for conservatives have a cell please stop thanks a bookcase this is where it we got our armor upgrade , who was serving as nothing else over here if so maybe it may be to get the little grow latter there are maybe they have to go all the way back to hear and then there is a of we can give it all clear like there’s no more spooky ghosts and where something camera will OK with the spooky ghost are still here and a locked up for second as a floating something OK if on so let’s see so perhaps and then eight visibility spell out war their review old reveal tricks spell bucket to freeze this OK that does all man of have a a a a update shore of the sea and if we all man are comely setup those hurt you buy you can eat is gulping grabbed at what I want that they did let me do that before of up up up up of maybe it’s because those under the effects of the event that are levied rabbit what Mel and this is arraigned way this is our range weapon all of a a a a a a a a a R8 weeks for now boys bouquet and it can we do a strong attack with it open up a right shore but that sure was something like adults can get a health back sure that’s only tour of and unfortunately this thing has a much lower fire rate than the than the crossbow so the unfortunate side effect of this is that it’s going be hard are two of cheese things that have a but I don’t think there’s any way around that as we need this think the

across the river so in MPC earlier mentioned that we need that in order to get the ball bands the way what all sure are left as an it isn’t doing that So clearly that doesn’t break those boxes of our own seat there’s any new dialog with that this guy actually it does is give dialog if we see are peace all case old say I I’m guessing that is on the corps is still on this one and that’s why this one is still active to that that still doesn’t explain why the map as blood death of a a book a share of nitze looks like we just need to go there and rougher rock on each of those pressure plates are the other three of whom have that it still doesn’t explain these other for a marks on the map that shore book it and then we’ll probably be done with the the underworld once we solve that still looks like the data entry took us about 3 hours and in this part looks like also 3 hours so since there is five other worlds in the game of that his heart 15 hours with a 15 hours left as much as it to skip all this out actually probably died as it slips downwards sets to actually better I didn’t submit the shop also know that now that I’ve thought about it this game and this area in particular reminds me of the PS two game of it was eight launch ish game remedy was a launch game four for PS do is called Sumner it’s actually on the on the backlog and something about the graphical style this game reminds me of some other a lot and I and some other was the a 2000 game, say but so we could hear one is on the body spawned in because it triggered the pressure plate have maybe that’s why the map as buy back as is on the body that the spawning so we’ll just will just make sure that that stays down as some areas interesting game it’s got the it’s got kinda weird mechanics like it’s a traditional party based RPG you a western RPG but it’s also got like tiny and based a and iran’s elite FPS of and I also remember ate some of the game shark codes did not really work for it back when I cannot set so I have probably never

in action required some skill to beat the game which is why is never told a bit of a a a young blocks are the box art is little a little bad they paid slightly better box are for summer two but I never played some of the two and a daughter and a one and new Arts and all four arm of allegedly active on the map now we really can’t trust the snap and this game so does this portals and airmen not be active , gaffer search a respite and which are beyond of the Witcher series on netflix came out early this week and I’ve been watching watching that before go to bed and men it’s really dead by I’d ever played the games I’ve seen a little bit of an but never played on and I really liked of the flick series for it became wants the the upper left one is a respite from over their first but are sure that evert I never read the books either so this is this is where my only significant exposure to the which are the wisher verse and so far really good man apparently they already ordered a second season of it so there’s going to be more of it all just excess here All good this looks like jumping puzzle area O god almighty god are you serious as a limited range on the OK it did you have to keep old, god yet to keep holding down on the left mouse button in order for to keep going if you just tap it might not want out of homeless thing to have a better if I will make crossbow back into my crossbow back game , oh man Searches are a pretty sure you just have to have to jump but let’s see eternal ring on PST up that some doubts in V of a Kings Field universe I think that’s a a from soft game , bucket of up up up up up up up up a bit of a a a a a cap that would only inadvertently solve the pop up up up up here to hook up up up up up have a a a a if a K R that season are headed all boy lay what what what what of the eye of bomb so there’s there’s a shield potion thing here late

in the game one system of it up a bit of a while I almost made it of a a a a bow of these of deny that push this note OK says a cases is on the map of Cisco suits and the other portals first or we owe she’s OK sure there’s a whole bunch of some things over there a cave belly of a debt of them to have a a a a bouquet let’s see what’s in behind door number to show we the first Hewlett that hole for surely no combat here What is it wise it sometimes not travel out whenever I really don’t like the stammer bouquet of the cells jumping puzzle great more difficult than the combat so there’s there’s are running for jump which jumps for 30 feet apparently this is standing jump which goes like by FIFA word and then the back flip is like 20 feet that that’s why I saved OK this one’s a back flip a pair of a as a four jumpers probably gonna be strained about second. I guess we get right to Kate are a works how now OK Sinead shortly And that all that’s a step of the cave are so this one we need to find a key item of the statute header something old boy whose jumping puzzles are so we’d been dumb respite war

so we haven’t been to the one on the self southwest yet Mckay are accountable should really would’ve been nice if there’s a quick say function this came up nothing in the read me or the Manual says anything about a quick save this is what The Winfrey back flip on that the ad so that that bob and did say something about the sacred heart but then he started talking about mike and ‘why not knew OK we cannot we can ‘past our problems here if the czar false will hear many if there’s one and probably be Ford’s the middle and zones sweated it only be argo OK sounds OK judge schools on the left down creation them. It’s homer spit the vigor thought of a man again of a heirs of the debate as heart on the floor of their Carlos checking the little girl and eight baby she can tells what we can do with the charts as long as the game doesn’t blow up actually made eight maybe a little girl can only because the citizen away clearly I’m no health so there must be some mechanism to the to move this thing and maybe that’s why it that’s what this is for its that’s a little girl was probably like a an endgame quest kinda like that the unicorn horn and entry and guessing like we we pro much later in the game so I think I think it’s probably not worth

trying to figure out what her deal was 30 fall that so this this was kind of a fire the top of it I don’t know if there’s any significance to that is all we got there was the the reveal hidden things potion OK well maybe now that we been set up the hall of respite maybe boatman has some new mail info for us and ’cause of its but I think it’s unlikely that the solution to that is hate sister really precise jump that might just be you put that what it is so like it said Hayden did it by forming thing but I’ve a feeling that’s not the solution , that on cedars and the new at the sky of an artist us a previous conversation that we interrupted a case of Simone half and the interesting maybe that there’s pressure plates and many fees and we get the the Permian spell it might be can move those in a reveals more pressure plates if OK and maybe if maybe you if a key here is here’s a thought maybe you’re not supposed to have the hammer right now and you need a crossbow what the range to hit that pillared and often ove and we’re just we’re just not able to to knock over the pillar because we have a limited range hammer out a word or bad as far over as we can get now it’s Gotta be that because of a week finally knocked over the Bechtel are there I could even even looks like it’s broken but we just care who it ,

it might be the crossbow and a crossbow should be where we got the hammer still , yeah I jumped in debt but II don’t think that’s the highest close to a trigger that those who clearly that that’s not how those must happen as between died and we can’t complete the jump so I just happened tough to look into the last time otherwise I probably would’ve never notice of the poll was different type of bomb arts are enough women again a crossbow back from spooky dose if I can get past this thing of is also the matter of of these switches on the walls here before I’m still not sure what a user for but then I know what the date of the thing that killed me was the AMA was falling in the very edge of that the blackwater edessa gone. So that’s progress and crossbows gone to a idea what’s problem across posed on bouquet I wonder so we don’t have the hammer in this one bucket idol owed an earlier save and all we know how the ball respite is and herbal buying and up load up all respite with a crossbow and see if that’s what I was gonna get back down there again as if that is what was going on there than to have the means we have to live to do a section over again essentially ’cause I know I suspect we might be saw flocked me when the Kings close game a lesser saw flocks so as to be expected a guest but will say we shall see soon enough com a case we got the go down that way hopefully this isn’t only as lieu are down into their souls of those but not sure if those things have any significance are new

at the zombies RT Holdings and down but we’ll be fine all case so we can pressure can climb this is the shortcut back to their out arts it was the upper 81 are perl a phone and think bucket let’s see if my theory is correct , book it at all OK let’s see if so if this if this doesn’t do as I think it will then will load the shore one save interesting OK to that that rules out that then media is just a fairly precise jump the maybe it’s all it is an a six , OK respite and soon a spousal another another possibility is there’s this guy in here who cast us with the visiting above an may be made about guys got new information when some

a character might be something here made a bet that I missed as this is where the views on these were under the check this guy is that the newest him , is a late but maybe there’s there’s second illusionary Bridger something here that they you need the the reveal hidden things thing to reveal a cave air is there something you can walk on right there something of an we got that from the the whole of there’s another health as a whole of whatever was in the southwest port old city give you another does this one so they give you another potion of those and maybe that’s what it is you have to use the potion of potion to see magic will things in the behold respite is also have fizzles of this thing still Is that the doesn’t give you the bidding that you get from most of the rest one home if interesting , located the rights and maybe the spell of revealed secret will reveal something and will locate sure to have a well nothin’ doin’ there I guess the cave great art that’s but skinner spell back all cave nuggets are trying to jump again as both Pacific of exhausted all other all other options for that are of a bow my god , and this is a big inning for the skeletons you probably don’t need as much a run-up isn’t getting back and probably just go straight/or improbably just barely make it an

perfect mail that of jumping puzzles is like that the tomb raider Playfair is all over again are new art about receive appear to enough to keep doing this up over and over again the cave are they can just barely make it a OK sure are so no according to the boatman of a judge the schools on the left down a creation one complete stands out and a seven has something to do it that oh my god that a Oprah book sake of this lie of god at judge the schools on the left down creation one complete stands out and then there’s also something about like , sank arts is sure all these look the same enough of a a a six and we just , god at the service of about 714, 678 and 10 least 10 schools and we can only take one one complete stands out you didn’t say anything that time OK to discover stops saying things up if the am not sure what the purpose of this event is the half to put these like half so all those just does that seem to be a soap received were here right now But so what if I use this potion

OK but nothing new there nothing new here either own interesting half a II don’t think it shows and livelihood and at a at the half may be that maybe now that we’ve gone to those at maybe we just take the school all day up but so services this is all to get above the feather of of something or other are so we’ll just was one complete as it is air like one of these that that has more than the others they they all look the same me we’ll just all take a school with us and then back flip right into the off so it I’m not sure if we can perforce us either like my thinking also is maybe they’ll be obtained is it going to be a ding only get the arrival of an Ide the feeling no and so far the icons have been the same every time of an committee for the four Ed yes is this is a tomb raider right now a

the first 3 hours of the game is pretty good but were worth were punching things twice until they exploded like its fist and mor and now all were in no part of the game with his actual puzzle of hooves and think things are done pretty rough year of the game is also crashed and as a bit but there’s also a eight a sequence break I think that II stumbled into so II probably could escape this entire portion of the game have a lack of idea really fed up these puzzles I can I can go back to life out of sequence break earlier of Seybold man has anything new for us so that there must be eight on one of those tablets somewhere so so what I’ve gathered here is that one complete stands out so polite but one a complete his seven Sobel will be able to find out how much all things are if if we can find out how much eight creation as so maybe there’s a there’s a tablet somewhere that it says how much a creation as at noon on the abyss also bothers we’re here Sonya and it over there and all that and just of just to be sure that there isn’t something I missed maybe that’s that’s where the tablet is that says a tip that the sch that from the right Sure it also appears that I’ve I’ve killed everything that can be killed in a in this Parham sent us nothing but puzzles have until we’re rather this area as puzzles and running around aimlessly actually it sounds like there’s there’s something over there but we don’t have the key to get over there yet is locked can we back with that of course not OK if OK we we got that same same prompt us to get that same prompt on the other side of this wall archie’s a bit maybe 1/2 could go into the blood here and get get that item that’s their but I’m pretty sure walking and blood damages to Once as it’s nice and all but that’s not helpful of

I’ll sit still and I go back to the down here and console with lord of the dead if I still cannot implement reich and the will see as is maybe he’s got some sort of critical thing for us and should be reading these as I Pass by on Although nights I could just walk around it are are we haven’t been over here in a very long time OK if anything you overhear out that slick and help us bucket service this is not gonna be useful These week in and get some items from his no vote and cut and there’s a lot of back cedars immune to chat today he’s Christ of the little in a miss that from streaming of Mitzi the Skelton fight club I’m assuming that still empty as we got our rethink if not all we get a key regatta key from one of the the guards there are consumed off news that the symbol here sure are Skelton fight club still empty I think there was there was so this dissemble is the the kind that the hints things that can give you and according to the map there’s one on topic here but I don’t recall reading one up there and in the one up here I don’t recall had anything important on that

says of the beating heart the beating heart was in there and so if we’re looking for that by we’re getting into some some lomeli mission here and I guessed king’s quest fairly fairy tale stuff so that balancing the scales you need a feather your souls, the lighter than a feather and there’s also something about a Hertz I think from them that your heart has to be lighter than a father and there’s a big as heart just in one of the halls and maybe at the spectrum appear not to own the services are we got the better reveal hidden objects potion and according to the map there is one of those the tablet things appear maybe just means that it was no is no grapple up like Anna OK I assume I can’t think jump out there and I don’t I don’t see one up there have been I don’t see one down there either , says the hall of war holders But he made if I go back to the the hall of the hall of justice with the with the school now it is going into any of the other other halls of the school will do something maybe when the case so that one half I’m still if I still don’t know about those those switches here like I have a feeling there is there’s a cookie item and maybe the states that figure out which one of those brings down all one

and a pressure and tried that one and these are all still up and interesting to the lower lower right one was the scales to maybe using this random school and it will look at no , we can’t just The data 32 in altering half hour circuit at as a play for a couple minutes and then the we will resume being completely lost to have greats are death up

up up are at us continue off and cave and such word that there wasn’t they are hoping that there and know that there’s what their own we still have a key to this this north and are part of them out and I think there is there’s two like of the year two I think are , in this second headset might sunlight to do list to get a different headset might this is one this one is not made for people of glasses she it if OK sitting up there there’s a platform over here I think , and to have a six jump over it OK and I thought they were more for here , I guess not Are maybe the quarter that thin is in port and Now think there is anything below this specific pressure plates and also that the hair look on their again but the games probably gonna glitch at again if I do that , if which is unfortunate is up a play that there might be pop regression up there but the I don’t add even know what’s a glitch anymore in this game are suffered on these and border that that tablet said , so war was this one came ready for the sordid did this one the Almeida said the bridge was just a there is safe as

look sick of a likely this doesn’t matter because we were not losing any progress here so that of so that statues missing ahead and we have a head now so maybe just putting any old school on that the audit statue will do something that is none of them but no big deal ’cause it’s it’s not like we’re we’re missing progress anything ’cause no progress is a base of have since all estate the god narrative but that’s that’s probably what we need to be doing like maybe you could just take any any old school and it will just work for for the worst a chair and then the real puzzle was getting across a bridge that dying off but I’m sure the the game is gonna be very picky about which which school we put on the worst that you and new OK are hopefully this works , boy if I does little backed up with the punching pigs into into two pieces have to be indicative of a that is partly actually it’s all puzzles not so great bucket are how now have a statute does not rein all for flat to save have a up at a almighty god does his book and kill me now of my god both black and up flunk the cave if a if you think if you think this is great as Wayne Salaam a lot of the pier this on you chose Willie the boy OK weight is that the pillar resets would believe are what are you serious game by all the doesn’t it just didn’t of its moment king’s quest must paternity of ole boy they’re both equally bad , and if such am trying to think of

what the if any of the other halls have given us hints as to know what the school might be , then added playing this game is a 10 year old is probably even worse and actually a little glad I was never able to get this to run when it came out ’cause I probably I probably would’ve done not a whole bunch of an is all we’ve really gotten from the boatman is judge the schools on the left down creation and then one complete stands out and we we know that a complete is has something to do was seven if because reasons are all savior to stick his students that reloading get more schools of the judge to schools on the left so that the deal emanates all designed guessing it eliminates all those sit so it’s it’s Gotta be one of these down creation but if I’m not sure what it means buy down creation maybe that means the bottom row and then one complete stands out and a complete is seven to 01234567 perhaps it’s not one perhaps says 8910 but the school Are well we got we got a school will will say that one and will reload the respite one if we if we chose poorly have I can remember which of which tablet told us about seven years just so ran a mass tablet somewhere although a case that perfect just as I intend of a th of Kate and are and only gets up fall through the cracks and a bridge over here who’s ready for that O god was that this did not and then there’s the whole being hurt thing which I’m not sure bet that either like maybe after it may be out of an opt up act this game up all white is OK as apparently will read that why is that gap exactly as long as a long jump is a a fox IC the NT code that turns Conner naked of god of where you know how you tube is so

will a balloon frame from that I guess for now all sake will do a special special periphery live only stream for remaking Conner a that’s like the dump will lower craft nude patch from back in the day of that amazing amazing texture mod here is eight triangles of movies that’s all we needed back in late nineties OK OK OK OK OK OK OK but if it has got it all OK all right we did a voice that sounded a bit stuck some more of a a th way what is this out Sure there is an annual there all Kay will leave we figure that shootout a boy that at some good time and not die here all man that was awful hopefully that’s the worst attack up up up its all my god and I guess I guess now we know that if there is some sort of in game tablet or something that looks important I need to write i the game is not gonna hold your hand by some of the other of all the king’s quest games are it’s another that the father of probably the judgment won his bottom right , if Kirk of bomb OK if but we take that back as Tacoma feather OK Deleon a data mart a K a sodas does this mean all the weird blood in the incendiary is isn’t there anymore maybe a subtle that means like if I if I go into this portal here is a still gutsy a system that sponsor a ship of all but II just use of these accident all

are that just as making sure that heart still still work in a cave so all this is of this is in read anymore , and there’s also blood of your a a and I don’t believe there’s blood anywhere else maybe it actually over here and on the other side to budding person first to go check and that the boatman what that what’s unnerving about a giant being parked perfectly normal low that it are calmer art so we did all that make up the hammer an area that’s all we need are sure as all the blood here is gone now to lead and I’m not sure in debts of the big obelisk that was over here actually did it a must be that walked some behind a locked door like this must be stuffed with the bridges but there’s the there’s a lock on the door but maybe it’s not lock no but it’s Gotta be past year bouquet so maybe maybe there there’s eight they hid the key and in the mall the area as you do OK OK I don’t think remold as can unlock the door Do we need So here he was the other par with blood in it so as to check and are now , if a teacher could hear the response and no big egos may invite me happy we’re done with this area

are says in here and on the other side of these two things as with the blood used to be a period and pull out enough in all right and also nothing OK that have assume we can’t the AMR can’t go back and talk to the lord of the dead again analysts is that OK to our own blood AL so we needed to eight like maybe so there any areas that were previously inaccessible size ones we’ve already been to I guess I haven’t I have an exploit up here yet maybe that something’s different along here as I don’t think they want their own man because gonna be in for all real fun time for the sounds of death of a lovely guys don’t give them any help when you ask for it is gonna be on a zone for figuring out all visible ship OK None Are nothing but the new here if that are good loot of one of mortality But nothing new there I’m assuming the the bridge didn’t just missed your sleep here but maybe him if it does go along here and in cheese pass that are some fun think maybe you can sequence break that are so now were if we’re looking for T and the pass that gate so there’s still the locks jail cell things there’s still that the force which is next to know where we got the hammer com I’m not sure the purpose of those those that we can only flip one of those such a switch is set a time away Sousa case before we were seldom been harping art and I’m curious if we can so almost are Willie made it that far in there may be made to just make it may be those intended to another something over there OK so wait so clearly there’s been an edge over bridge there but the the bridges and active

OK so we sri scouted an area at least it’s okay so we clearly get a given their as intended , where mites a diluted and more more the level apparently like that that wasn’t there before clearly shore admit they can begin but the three D our weight over there that this this is probably just add a guaranteed kill plan as it does let you use cart along the edge up until about a third of the way through and then I’m feeling for girls above to do if you go any further end of but I’m not I’m not intensely trying to sequence break your own way all end up at an office of the above Eric weird sequence bright thing that I got a really running up and go over them to find it completely unintended but I think ice ice skates a decent portion of the game by accident which wouldn’t be the first the first unintended sequence breaking peace explosion the other one was in a loan of dark two which , to be the sixth as short of apparently people do speed run this game I think I think I recall there’s at least one speed run for this but but apparently the the state of of Sierra’s be running last I heard is eight absolute should show especially the Kings close adventure team speed reading from a from everything I’ve heard about what’s been going on at that a case oh is is up here services this is a grapple up points which I’m gonna legitimately check this doesn’t maybe there’s some new plot thing it’s appear but of the first time when I came through here I use to grapple to get up to the the top of this building on in front of there’s and things didn’t didn’t quite go the same on the way back down so let’s see if it happens again have are says there’s nothing here on top of this building right so I think all I did was I use the grapple here and then all can actually work this time but so what happened last time was it worked me to a completely different area the game of a of a bed of sure how that happened but it actually ate like showed me a cut saint of a different part of the game maybe it may be to grapple down the side are something is pretty amazing yellows and here either date of refresh it so well all to give you an example of just just the drum a ship that I was tangentially involved in a there’s a guy who asked me very nicely for um of it and said be a moderator of the up of the boards for the game and those like share this disc as I say I have anger seen his name around and I give a mod of of the king’s quest games in the first thing he did within minutes of the giving excel was deleted all my ti a a a a heap of fairly he did offer for other people to and then one lived and the like a weird power struggles of people who actually like ran the games and the boy but some nothing nothing of her

and light and then there’s like apparently boxing and should involve of all is said and click that was all have to run a pie IP staff and speed reading but like a cat things go really folk and ugly apparently with the with all that literally the guy I gave mod two which II could revoke was a real pieces should apparently watched us have a lot of depth of I’ve picked up the boy sold say up speed reading speed running as usual the bookcase I’m pretty sure we’d only thing left to do there and here it’s a really the games fault but it’s it’s just involved in any of that of it back to that the speed runs itself just remove fr are turn up the CPU speed or 100% all work like your CPU Jews passes it goes and then play the game at warp speed so you does beat the game in like a minute with everything going in a million miles an hour and you can even tell it’s going on a even though I had rules in place of the time for like a you have to add you have to play on this set speed in DOS box at this but the second I was gone people just threw out the window and said a word were going through space quest three and 2 minutes deal with it and yet that’s an speed runner for a bookcase I hope that I still think about this and the switches over here are likely to have likely the next avenue of the looking for permission and have press a button yet all the other thing that they have pressed seven the button is that it’s a press piñata release and and that double as the mind of a lot of people became a neck and back flip and aware that that boxes is also trying him these all I can’t a case it is another downside easing as Don hammer is that you can’t you can’t hit things through the tip of babies anymore are at the hammer sox a case of this thing I’m I’m pretty sure that this probably has the key that we need the IR legitimately have any credo by the way this game as you may have a ball boy and it stayed away fast lane NSF that’s progress for the vendor for it or try to go fast and there’s nothing faster than playing a game that at Caspian Sea now but why I’m no longer involved a speeder of it as a toll on a deal pebble should Newmark a but it may be maybe that did something new and one Mary left the station at all which is it just points will great wall great nice bite to the all the NEA progress R us just as is pressing buttons and we didn’t we solve the puzzle of a a R its of it we stumble their way into the puzzle solution avoid if Somalia 64 is on the news on the backlog by the way of of the farthest I’ve ever gotten into play fair that was like 10 stars and

I certainly seen as the speed run enough but I’ve not play to the game much of a casual a look at I’m hitting the heel key and it’s not doing anything but if I was hitting the perhaps you heard me slam in that he’ll button and in not doing anything at all for fox eight are not the first 1st real fight there there’s been plenty combat just once a clear enemies are discovered on , at does it take to six combat amazing combat night game half in a second skip these cut scenes and art skeletons and get some nice by had a crossbow and we can just do the business from a mile away a dolphins to tell me he’ll know though at the ski it a cave art so once you once you take out the two old melee guys and two archers that guy comes after you and he just he does a ship loaded damage and best new are written a foreigner trade after this and make is another save us that we don’t have to keep saying this

at a sure art to keep come after me here became that windows funnier than the scenes to so much damage bucket so it’s just a set an embossed Skelton now Are death of a strained back to the temple then he let unsure ba Skelton will mind and maybe I can I can lower and backed the bee’s buyer pits but I’ll bet that seems like an excessive amount of damage that the that Skelton was doing like maybe we’re we’re not specify damages to run past and an avid batters we give them some old we talk about it this were an earlier king’s quest game , if are either try running past on and maybe that’s that’s a positive as winemaker so the visible there’s invisibility think that that’s that’s for lesser monsters is what the a bucket of a a a a red Skelton so what what if bucket and can we can we talk it over a Skelton once we love the bitter like maybe if they just have to use the the tube of potions and endowed he won , one of the

vote but bucket but I know I wasn’t quite was a quite prepared about one ¥star juice and that’s not my care only our only chance of beating the boys golf and had us are some some puzzle solution set to be in it but what that would be I have no idea maybe maybe he’s an illusion are bucket we got this all you do is click the hell out of that left mouse button all gave up a a a what was that was difficult hold OK well if a malaise a little underwhelming and other date down those nowhere near as a tactic with the that the battle with the the Skelton on top of the of the platform thing a kit unloading files from the hard drives when it’s currently doing and that it’s got a copy the other files from from the disk which is on as is the avoid what a great speech incredible equally stream in music from the the CD what’s doing this but 1998 technology a case where we’re now in this area of the game currently which is the swamp baby and they did a lot of mileage out of this texture I guess OK so that nothing is one of the enemies so I remember that from the Emanuel are small start made it off all right at these things from the the end of half life one are barely didn’t have been sleeping to tune in and OK to wear women out Interesting way we start and roughly the same place on every map that we we enter oh jeez Mchale there is a thoughts and emotions of this have appeared , when the game he owed

that that would second thing over there a cave I can already tell this areas can be awful nominee pick up these mushrooms OK if so according to the the map there are there’s something here that OK if Kate short of a mushrooms are a musher with curator properties so up everything in the before slots on the left here are healing items are they go up and strength and then these four are magical magical effect potions and then everything up your is setup plot stuff as we get another sort do it over here but it certain level up elite concord if copper tell an hour on to lead O. O. Skaggs stumble into this a Kent one at bats this apparently call that a glut I stumbled into that the boys side probably would’ve had no idea who this guy drop something moving to stop it sure the ever informative swelled one save open was the music is is better in this area have a I’m sure it’ll become just as annoying as the the realm of deaf music by the end of this area but so far I think this is an improvement isn’t giving me like other resident evil by and his music by 000 a friend What what what what what what Mel of R hold off a bullet that yield the Manual bucket the swap swap is an area not far from the entry with all the overnights box a fund with Erica Davidson enough yet poisono of Skelton as a Commander Skelton that someone would we blow up a prepared to user health items quickly a post and shields not about it either Sure of a case can injure slime

signs a creature not only in swamps but was this close lunch fast and skittish roast merit active the creditors plants a highlander water and pop up with a bite of your routed where they are range weapons are ineffective oh Major birch tree is the most powerful opponent heard of the beast Oman OK this is this is probably the boss of the area I’m guessing a kid bubble monster of live under water some can attend school struck by warning watch listen carefully a case I matched I’m not sure if we can even if we can even to feed these but it from the sounds of this we just need to steer clear of them from the looks of things of immense wealthy and this on dumb watch out the one impacts sure swap which of those fireballs heavy battle plots healing potions great can’t wait that nance of the Sonoma OK are have sold will continue heading north the guests and just stay away from the Lord Jesus OK have a so maybe are sick or to the Manual this is one Bedouin over here Alles Ezekiel Kay are good I’m so glad they put in these he’ll things are debts we found that also very lucky I found that early on a cave large users to one well as we once we kill on they will respond at least but I think I wanted you all those layer so maybe start and destruction can I get that from here I can are good displays attacked me nearby the healing thing the locate in selling these aren’t designed enemies suit against as critters Are wet suits are here that I’m so excited me is in here don’t rob money which sure all believe that why is this enlightening super loud have a date all man there been a reboots of of walking on walking and swamp water in this area that is if it to move this quickly throughout the whole area of this is gonna be lots of fun all the cases and the sky as come over here

perfect are that were set all hello however they pay first of all goods and services now , of oak debt and some of their of looks like there’s something the north of error and to be on the lookout for small bubbles to what what see what what OK out below almighty god I hate this hammer and lord is just give me another bowl game what a case so it said Dole is so that book a bucket I figured if have it figured it out against what Allstate of the president the seat of a a a a a thought those like somebody in a cloak standing there old man a Kay I thought I thought that was I thought this was an PC like but they have a green cloak on with the red fringe on it but clearly that some MPC note is not OK so there’s says the house of their of can probably is the rope and grapple Yet if NBC does not a friendly one they like it could’ve been just like that the unicorn from the the start of the game that clearly a thing needs to be killed afire but no puts a friendly and PC low it’s and this random hot low no I don’t really see a need to Teleport out here just yet but Mr. Found it But that’s a from a portal that The bomb use the magic map to Teleport two the other Teleport points of RT found in other lands as I know there’s only one Teleport Point in each each LAN there’s there’s one and entry in the old castle there’s one in a land of the dead and the the kind of in the mill them up and others as one OK are saying that’s that’s sure it could be Roberta playing tricks on us again interesting some of the

the bouquet so since those are marked on the map maybe we can’t get past there until some later point why does the music it’s a loud at this light of a noted that unnecessarily loud and all services II published a book of the map where a dance poison oak as Ren and not with an , can go this way cave or Jesus OK so so some of this this doesn’t clearly no where though the walls of the valley are great sets can make exploring extra awful the Jesus bouquet almighty god of have a right has just come me all my god parasites bouquet RII think actually one head back to that his week we use a lot of healing move away a wonder if I can if there’s a spot around here where I can run it may belong here and I can explore pass these guys are I’m curious how much damage these guys do or what they even do with their tax , if OK maybe if if you’ll bother them they don’t bother you all are we got rid of the dumbest hammer are those worth of have a Buddhist get the Puck by Ritz buck a worth it when Atwood at a net all right all right worth that I’m so glad I checked mannequin who would dump and now OK excellence of soul

I get the feeling of this area’s lot smaller than the other ones as it’s it’s more natural shapes of slits and down this way this looks like there’s something important there is the deadbeat but says there’s the bubble monster are quite that weight that I defeated the bubble on star by the static speaker something OK you can beat the Beaumont suck a and now you have yet infinite ammo for a for range weapons in this game me so far all man this is great this is great argues that the Decree tree but first we get errors to shoot cave that is Bo is pretty good of a six like that’s the kind of tree that the Liu to forget to close but I guess that of the country also technically eight you so all shore up up up up up at a retreat shore that bouquet so we finally have a use for gold it’s giving it to a tree of all my money back have a soul so we are getting acts P from this at least so it’s it’s kind of halfway right now between this and too much we get all OK so we got we got a little bit of Expedia Air so are we getting scam to buy a tree right now OK to talk trade betrayed its gender music some reason our that can catch these arrows

are at the Boz pretty good those like four hits and Don But this this infinite all ammo is little busted , Simi bubble monsters are in A cave well but it’s a business is always and I think so we can’t take over there and think so even if OK you can get close to home So we’ve already been up this way we can go there site itself from the the trees come overnight spot date down caves to get a deal I am having a fantastic all the season play in some king’s quest are I know a solution to this puzzle is that those esteem puzzle as the first year the game , They must find it and it’s pretty good up this is that so can a little sure arms don’t do that if Yet we got we get a tree to pay R one very narrow bed for the 2:00 AM sure it out that this come right at me for EXP and it’s just bowled of the horn at a hearing horn Interesting and

I don’t know if there’s anything over there that certainly another place to look yet as of this one is a very different from the other Kings close games this sounds more like an action RPG a of it is it is not really an adventure game like the other ones in the series this ones that this was close to the quest for Gloria but even quest for Glory had that the large emphasis on of exploration dialogue and puzzles in this game the emphasis is on exploration combat the end in and then puzzles is cut out that the three priorities for this game and combat really wasn’t a thing in the the previous ones besides the like one technically considers combat if you if you decided to kill like the dragon in the the giants , two I don’t think you could kill anything on our member of three year was in combat four no five no aside like the magic ballot the end but that’s those of puzzles six of the incredible combat sequence of the very end of seven no combat and then this one will work to a wish shooting things until they explode into blood and then the very beginning of this game you start off with their bare hands and you can buy you can punch things until they exploded into a clotted blood which that so I come to king’s quest for a that is king’s quest and a nutshell from a bookcase that’s that’s more poison says this poison here for tone of this no So there is another thing over here and Kevin Michael Richardson by the name is not familiar to me add though these servers wasn’t it is OK as I can be the the grapple point around here so they wait approach this from from that way so he to go all the way all the way Rivera looks like a case of its base of the camera like tilted up a little bit of cake and we can we go along here note a kit to have we can heal our way through it though the there’s another that another bowl monster there but there’s a tree and wave that don’t are these are the tree was a nice set prolific voice actor OK let’s go to the the fuel thing again that the HP back all that the thing with with this and why they they kinda change that the formula was a that industry has a hole in the

Lakewood say from 9695 a day are moving away from from traditional venture names of it does this for the most part on that there was a lot of really bad enough and the games in the early nineties that the kindest soured above the general gaming public’s opinion of the adventure games of the time sold by releasing just a straight up an adventure game in the late nineties was kind of asking for to be up a flop at the time which is kinda live at the john retired out for a while as the eight there was a lot of of garbage that was released it in the car out of time I pretty much every Sega CD game that that’s essentially what adventure games can determine two for a while and that’s why they , make this version of the game or this installment of the game more action oriented in L.a. RT had they more action the franchise in the quest to raise another quest for Glory anthologies they made their their flagship Kings close game adventure game and then they up a I believe the year afterwards after this was s and that was those pretty much the last the last request game from Sierra and I think about it besides like police quest SWAT watch those aren’t adventure games really this I have fun sleep in Beit OK this is probably what this is for a mask because a drop are nice going Conner OK well I probably could a guess that but shore at that that some it is this it is this as some are you guys up of Figaro and there’s a daily dose may some are OK so over there to have to get up there somehow so I don’t if I don’t think we can get passes poison poison bog just yet and I have a feeling what we need to get past the poison bodies probably passed your past the bee stings and maybe now that we have the the bow and arrow we can get past that may be a boon I don’t think this does dumbest reason to be any help that I like this area the game way better than the last year of a of a a bucket this is a lot more fun than running away from skeletons and arctic puzzles and Kate say I’m pretty sure there is nothing we can do their

eye like this area will buy the bow certainly helps but I like that I can see more than than 10 feet from a week and see like 15 feet now of I like the music a OK I think Baker had maracas we can’t get past this this is just poison bog from what I thought these guys were probably don’t even have to defeat and I don’t I don’t particularly want a try a soul will head up to the healing spot first and then quicker way over here in seeking to pass those the those plants all mayor of eight or already know where the witches towers sits a trader is clearly this has taken over there yet it is clearly that that we can’t we can use the ball on the untreated AIDS and speaking of which is the the Manual but does say that the swap which a heavy battle of healing so CNN that the mandatory trees range weapons are completely useless against 26 oh oh that’s that’s the witch of the witches tower apparently the right of what’s a freak and somehow make it plus those as guard plants and maybe maybe Galloway of the Bowie can what went pretty smoothly of a right of the cave of a cert ferries will they take the secret of the mask peace being in which just our

OK are beat that whole thing Longo O god of a a a a a a bouquet are eight so now we can be radically a and cross poison soul week and we can probably go straight to the the witch’s place now I guess I’m assuming you don’t need the tamika swamping or anything OK Are let’s test and see if the poison care thing works OK are celebrated by its lineup as bat book eight so no one can cross poison week and over here and go down here services likely where the mask of eternity pieces but I’m guessing that before we can like open a door we need a key in the keys probably over here are some fun as that’s how these games work so let’s see the services the van which is place now stare at their radio care since fall of no doubt. New set that’s probably the entrance to the next the index land the land of gnomes sure there’s something here

If anything sure locate let’s that’s clearly for later Kent old are so that leaves the other which is placed at this is a much shorter area than the the death area assuming this is all there is to this area a cave so that leaves just down here as it I guess it in check and what was calmer tree again but can it on to the point Mr. Can pick up these that we can enter this area So now we look for the way up For all those are skeletons out by you diet Jesus out a ad are eight 09 ensure from hitting are I let a cave that the that took a lot of arrows and then disguises watched have a OK not sure if it’s a bubble monster but OK are daughter sure that this is the which tower If sometimes itchy strat is is gonna be the best wrapper for games like this is these games don’t always play fair so unicorn warrant all this is this is where that that was the which all Kay they

zones sure this is the six safe A right under rock Arts this is clearly a trap OK maybe the book eight neighbor we just run to right book eight sure this one that one would probably be the rock for that mushrooms for days here Thank But I’m guessing we got up trigger the trap here why should explore outside first That’s probably where the mass pieces this could be song for the a creepy which is I doubt this is like the one of the grand stream dungeon games ever get which one and while I have to play the game again to the refresh my memory That’s one of those good are we’re doing pretty good on healing items now and a magical labyrinth baby OK so if my thought is correct yet perfect celebrate by jumping face person of this wall are zero which appear as at really the only width of a a a caveman is that the fire extinguisher and sets 27 armor is posed the oh my god are buying and assume that is a that’s better are fine but let’s just assume that sped up a bit Ilya exhibit you need a there should banjo the battleship banjo and Bio Bio

old man Dave now we get all OK set that open a gate that we came across all OK excellence that ate a fuse and a force anything can be a stabbing weapon ever hamlet in 2019 of sure that’s straight eyed I could just gone there to give up OK whenever what error if as a tree so that this is an if locate all OO know of a a bed is our second crash but will they lost 4 minutes of the tape on the bright side here on the bright side a ship we get enough play gave up a bucket now and I know in advance that that the fight’s not too bad cutting falls hard drive are so now I know in advance that week in the event I can save my healing items added that began to see that incredible may stab again at an off the hackers and install over here of so I think I got ago to pick up that can pick up all these again We really got all those by a rate of bomb of love god all that bad and go to plan are they remember when I and all days ago but this way at least a boy bucket

but this time with class was failure bucket now we can see the incredible may stab at it if a if Betty just adds about the days of up a sure unavailable up anyway is OK what pat what what house are low on health last time than they’ve been because I was because of this that that’s lack of a bucket that it’s more sense that is why are all OK north of here by what if I go of this way on the way out Merrill crash of Mr. Daly none of those am so each time you you equip a suit of armor of the meet I know we haven’t come across a sea and the game’s all all point to set your a book but but but armor so there is a anise some armor comes as a complete suit if you’re wearing a suit of armor and click on a single piece like gloves, remove th of it in almost all cases you want to keep a full suit over swapping for single item so that’s that’s why so this is a complete set of of armor and this is a first complete set we’ve come across in the game so a day dropped all those items on the ground when he got the co and our alarm are used to be 25 announced 20/7 to get a whole two extra armor from from the deal here are the crash game all year rate of have a a a UC and that that’s a city of a rare that you write thank you all a set of your date we need that bed you’re absolutely right in my hurry to leave completely forgot that we need of a key item from defeating the Tigard yet emanuel’s the manuals are pretty thorough like of this is probably one of them or if earl manuel’s of the other games like that that the most sparse one was seven as there’s not much to seven of buying king’s quest ones was unnecessarily complicated because it’s a KB was necessary poses cut is kind of the first game that type a lot of people and they do have to beat really specific for

how to king’s quest , and probably the best Manual so far is some basics as it is all done in character I destined in lore and it blended the the lore of the the world with with how to king’s quest as is theirs is a whole lot to like about king’s was six and that is just one small part of it as excel at a lectern for the things to six so far ahead of the coolest puzzles of ohm of like a of the eight games a king’s quest games made by Sierra that we’ve we’ve played through the ones that stick out the most to me are 63 and um kind of this one so far I’m still liken this one despite the despite issues saying the the land of the dead this one’s been pretty good are so the a school open up that area can export are some just straight west of here if that that certainly different service sticks out so as far as like future play through his of CIA request games of probably gonna be a least a month before we we move on to those like I might do something like podium iceman worked on actually thinking of tracking down a copy of the of a mystery house the very first the Roberta Williams game of that amazing one a week and we can do that one ago but there’s like they’re standalone games likely mystery house and the code name iceman of Willie Beamish had accounts that’s that the dynamics came was like those that ends for the next like full series Playfair the the possibilities are space quest was for Glory and police q are those and tonight I know I don’t really have a preference for which women do OK if zones all god Apollo no ole boy if this looks this looks great are I’m I’m guessing these ones are spikes and they’ll probably pitched all that’s

a shore OK sinnott that one how the Fokker your spouse to know what assists actually trial and error OK Willits as its sole pat S are all OK of Shiite I don’t think that recall us of archaic and we can we get up and the graph paper here Mrs. Fokin awful bouquet so it’s six by a by seven one Marie Wu, 67123456 oh OK so the first one is this one Paraguay of some of that one and then this one service on this one and then this on perhaps yes and then that one this one no two we just short shore fine and then there are never get jumped at the end of it while one at the lot of fans have a case that the golden legal So that probably turns off the traps and guessing , I see so that the goal and ladle cure the poison the poisonous want a low of a so I need to know which ones won’t hurt me on the way back bell , Mrs. the start and finish These better not be hit newer fire a kit could but I’m assuming there’s nothing else over there if the Welsh it I don’t know where the bench instead the next areas that have a a I thought this was it but apparently not maybe Dole reveal itself to us that we’ve

rebuilt secure the poison may be a new one low does not know me and shore nice so why I’d buy the delivery coming in that been waiting for for about a week that got delivered third chip from Detroit animated two Sacramento two days ago and a diskette and update and pay it still is Ackerman off of as a scandal delivery is tell our own not not the it delivers Tuesday in a Monday so there it there sitting on my my delivery of FedEx a OK so maybe the use this year no OK with deaf to give the lilt said that the tree I guess we can numb we can also go back to gallantry and the Div the horn back to the unicorn so have only do that it’s up this way that is the holidays they usually one of a one to deliver eight lightly last week for example they they actually did deliver it when they got the package in the area before Aquino was scheduled for on a Friday if they if they get it into the Arianna Wednesday they actually be delivered on on Wednesda Which they didn’t do when I was living in San Diego but here in the bay area aren’t central coast I guess is technically around , they’re a lot better with deliveries here for servers and the moi with his cousin and a much smaller town know that are Swope and Devon tree , we’re gonna give the unicorn are hopefully the game does it crash visits it’s been awhile since we say picked of sorghum against the unicorn back its horn and hopefully that that does something open the first and foremost I hope the game doesn’t crash some assuming this area is the next area visiting with the underground kingdom of the gnomes is the next thing according to the Manual least and then after that is the desert and then after that is the snow area and then it’s the this guy area nice of the Manual to just strip tell you the entire game before even play it that CIA corn was done over here were also an avid aid that I did about it were level 20 of the level cap and the game is level 25 apparently what is there some sort of restriction that that comes into play level 25 says is unicorn by the way a kick out that the cedar court

that’s a pretty great talking enemies sent thanks although god are we in all But can we hear this with this note Kelly walk for the smelliest While great thanks unicorn Gift of whatever the hell that thing as com I don’t think there’s any any remaining things I dissent and a check in with wizard wizard again the book besides the unicorn I don’t think there’s any unresolved things left in the booth and entry on their if there’s no response so like night I kinda suspected once you clear narrates that’s cleared out a tip that that love worst have a a three frames of course course john animation and then the that the unicorn just kind of pulled itself into an all black hole and then then pieces out those those equality seen look at all none knew the wizard OK so now what I don’t , so as for as for things left to do in in this wont maybe we use a legal in that the cooking pot and which is area may be or array or we talk to the treaty but it it sure seems like we’re done with the the swampy area but we don’t have access two of the next area , that’s the way You don’t think there’s really much left to do here are the site we probably can’t that can help her go home and less so we have the potion and might which we can’t quite make yet , we still made up the mandrake are something out, we don’t have everything ready for that yet , the swamps and then we can Teleport to Kassebaum tree

a case of activists won’t but what we do when we get there I’m not sure it even talk to the the pics ease again perhaps an an open and the mystery seminar half hours into this one at least 2 hours of that has been just me being stuck up so far which to bet that that’s about right for the ratio for the Susskind a game the wall will never really know how all of how much I would again stuck on 56 and seven ’cause I applied a replay of those before part of this Playfair five I probably would’ve gotten completely stuck on a few Wu, the F , in a book as well we we don’t need to week we can do the unicorn thing later Kazakh clearly was nonessential that’s crash number three were doing so good on not crashing , god king’s quest king’s quest king’s quest, each OK over beckons will boost book as old school this the anything with ado near top aide ever know you never know of new light it probably is essential but II might not need a right now though it could be a SyQuest is eight I think the the Manual actually just read essays like a you don’t have to do everything in the game and I was a case for art for all the previous games to a server seven in the pretty much had to do everything in seven aside from one minor thing at the very end to besides the one thing also speaking of other possible see your adventure games to play that aren’t in a full series will not quit if ulster’s the OM the lower bowl games this to own as a colonel’s bequest and the dagger Vollmer of never both of those games are really good and I’ve I’ve never played them before I’ve never seen them play before I’ve never heard of what however played so it’ll be about as blind as blind can be or a a play for those and they OM the mechanics of those from what I what little I know is that it’s so it’s pretty significantly different from a Kings close games it’s almost like a LucasArts game and the a

the mount a different actions taken to an zero you dial a terse is OK if after the tree end of may be the betrayed once our legal body of a cave a bouquet that still really they’d know all OK OK server would wreak OK so one of my initial thoughts for the label is using it in the the cauldron those are by the witch’s and maybe that the that’ll do something maybe less like you sit here all your within that at all And it’s probably this a

sure that seems safe are eight oh. Hopefully the this area is gonna be just as straightforward as the the swap is I have a feeling it isn’t though his usual eve of underground ones aren’t just a mess of a maze at the fourth for games that have an underground area it it’s usually an excuse to make a maze and of not looking for to that yet this disc’s like amazed me yup yup yet all my god and its enormous to it’s an enormous make it a O god and the ISO rubble the dead was kind of an enormous maze to book a that’ll be where we call it for tonight though Noland starts good progress tonight salomon’s Sunday’s are save did it but it stop the timer are so they’ll do it for tonight’s Baker watching of I’m probably not in the streaming tomorrow if they have things to do tomorrow at the sea bed after that is what the 2820/4 Christmas Eve thumb polygamist Ruben and other Christmas day two, but some are good things to do and then later in the week event I do at things to do is why I also am not saying the next five are surveys and pub industry and 2 to 3 times of the deathly not tomorrow so market calendars as brazen osterman more of a update bucket at all the other great day night morning or evening whether you are thank you for watching and I will see you next time they can’t