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Broker | Full Length Telugu Movie | R.P.Patnaik

Bribe for operating to deliver a baby Bribe for cutting the umbilical cord Acquainted to bribe even before getting to mother’s breast milk Bribe to live, Bribe to grow Which makes us lend our inner soul, is a bribe Bribe for believing truth as true Bribe to instill belief in a lie to make it true 6 00:01:45 –>01:01:51 Even to have a world free from bribe, we must give bribe Chocolate is the bribe for a baby to kiss Cell phone is the bribe for the boy to pass an exam A necklace is a bribe to a wife for her services of home making Husbands are to be bribed with hugs Bribe which started as fun at every home, grew and spread all over the world Bribe in love, bribe in marriages Bribe plays with human relationships at its finger tips Bribe sucks out the livelihood of the poor Bribe steals the food being held in the fist On the name of projects, bribes will be taken Bribe swallows the lord in a temple stealing officially on the name of duty is bribe Bribe is degrading the development Bribe to get a birth proof Bribe to get a death proof Bribe doesn’t leave us, even after going to graveyard Bribe has no morals and religion This bribe is harassing even more than the english men Life is too short, and hence we need a shortcut for everything and That is when you’ll need a broker Yeah should come through this person, then your work will get completed really soon Otherwise your file will remain at the same place for another year Look at this file, it just came by, got its work done and is flying away bye sir Shortcut! Hi dad I got an interdepartmental transfer thats a good news Inspite of disliking the law and order department, you took a lot of pain and worked for it all these days Yes thats true, looking at all those struggles you are going through in your job with those criminals and dead bodies Just now, I prayed to Lord Venkateshwara, that i will break 108 coconuts, if u would get a transfer By the way which department is it? – Anti Corruption Bureau Thank god, the 30 lakhs loan taken on the home will be cleared Poor boss, This is fourth time in an hour

If he gets tensed, the piston gets actived and then it becomes necessary to go without a gap Why wouldn’t he get tensed, when a 200 crores flyover project gets stopped in the middle Till now, 10 Crores has been already spent on that project for miscellaneous purposes We didn’t expect that the Joint secretary would not sign on it This work will be done, only if it is handled by the right person What.. will it get done? Did he accept to sign on it? No sir, We called a man who has already done these kind of deals Come in Chinna Excuse me!!! How are you? Sir, he is the person whom we talking to you about – Hello sir Tell me what should we do now? – Nothing very simple If you want get this flyover contract Offer bribe to the Joint secretary of that wing, and your work will be done Oh! he is come to the start all over again hey haven’t you told him about that matter? As you said, we offered him huge amounts and got recommendations from some big shots – Then, its tough! Wait..wait. Don’t get tensed The one who has capacity to handle these kind of complicated issues very easily is only my boss in the market If he takes up this work, your job will be done So, won’t you be able to handle it No, I handle only small books My boss handles all the big books What do these books mean? – if its small book, it means lakhs If its big book, it means crores If it has to be handled, it should be handled by our boss only – Who is he? Ganapathi – Ganapathi! Om Ganapathi Ganadhipathi The leader of geniuses Ganapathi Paapa Moray Ate half the laddoo Ganapathi Paapa Mopriya Hello Ganapathi – Hello Oh its a long queue! – Yeah madam Devotion and sin, both are equally increasing So happy, by the way Why do you have to stand in the que? come with me Wait for a minute madam I thought it would take a long time to see god – If we offer money, there’s shortcut even to see god What have you asked God for? – Nothing Why? Good scores can be achieved only if we study, not by just praying. Isn’t it? Okay..drop this ten rupees in donation box and wish that you should stand first in the class What..? Bribe to god. I won’t give – No its wrong! That’s why i won’t give Enough, He’s just like you Hello!!! Yeah!!! Tell me chinna Is he that strict, then we’ll get him transferred – Not possible If we do that, He’ll close our file permanently and the person who comes next, will have no chance to reopen it The previous projects, that you’ve done lack quality and hence your company is in the bad books What’s this man! I asked to him complete my job and he’s showing our loop holes to us Sir..You said 5percent right! make it 10percent Then, He’ll take care of everything Oh that, Getting the work done is more important. What’s there with percentage, take how much ever you want to Joint secretary..??? – Kranthi vardhan Where will he be now? – R&B guest house I’ll meet you again, after completing your work bye Sir.. he said it right it’s his responsibility to keep you tension free I’ll take the advance in the account section. bye sir Hello sir. My name is ganapathi I’m a lobbyish sir Everyone lovingly call me “Broker” Though Jamon India Ltd.offered you a lot of money, for the flyover contract, you aren’t accepting to sign on that file You are great sir It is Because of people like you that the society is so balanced That’s why i came over to shake hands with you okay sir, I’ll take a leave Sir, i forgot my bag Urvasi sir our urvasi. Understood sir bye sir This girl is mind blowing sir This girl is eyes blowing sir, This girl is lip blowing sir! This girl is heart blowing sir, this girl is stomach blowing sir This girl That’s enough, don’t go down anymore confirm this girl. – Rupees 50 thousands At least increase the commission this time, sir Hey our Gana brother One minute Hello brother. What’s the matter?

There is some work with you – Tell brother Do you know that movie star Urvasi? – Will there be anybody in the Andhra State who does not know her you have work with that girl? – What does she take? Two pulkas, one glass of fruit juice, dieting – Are you kidding i’m asking how much does she charge? – What… charge? she is as pure as fire brother Then we will cease that fire where does she stay? In this town only it seems they are remaking a telugu movie in English, and she is the heroine heroine She is staying in Hotel Banjara Heavens I don’t know, what you are going to do Confirm that girl in an hour and give me a call Lets go Brother, listen to me brother Go and play inside Why didn’t you call me yet? – Brother Mumbai, delhi, kolkata, Chennai i tried in all the channels I couldn’t find her on any menu card If you say okay, Prema mani, Samitha, Udya thara, Ambheswari and – Where is she now? In the Hotel All these are also heroines right Eswar, start the car Hey, drive to Banjara Heavens – Okay brother Do you like heroine Urvasi? Not just liking her, she is more than life to me If there’s a fans association to her, i will be the president to it, brother Oh!!! Do you like her so much! – As i told you already, i’ll do anything for her Okay will you go? – Where brother? Where else will you go, other than Urvasi – Stop joking brother Actually, what is her cader and what is mine? Okay just wait Hello Vara. its me Our Eswar, lost his heart to Urvasi and now he wants to lose himself to her body Is it possible? Right now – Brother! What happened? – Is it true, brother? What do mean! Do i look like the one who jokes around? I mean… Brother i just spoke infront of you right – Yes of course brother, but i’m not able to believe it Okay, lets drive Room no.333 – Brother, i still can’t believe it You go, i will take care of everything But, don’t bring my name up – okay brother Hey one second She should get the manly side of you, as soon as she looks at you Otherwise you’ll become cheap in front of her – Understood brother Okay She’s having bath. May be for me As soon as she looks at me she should get the manly side of me She should know Raju, I’m getting ready Come after ten minutes I should ask you that question – I’m sorry, i don’t know who he is Without knowing eachother, how have you both been staying in the same room? I have seen so many of this kind But..i’m not such a type of woman Everyone says the same thing, after getting caught red handed You prove these issues in court Go and change your clothes first, we need to go the station Come here My name is Naveen, i’m the manager of this hotel

Sir, madam is a regular customer to our hotel She’s a very important guest to us She’s not a woman of that kind Do you want me to file a case on the hotel along with them? Sir if u don’t mind, can i have a minute – What! Madam, now if you want get out from this problem, there is a person called Ganapathi in the lobby He has good contacts with higher officials If you say an okay, i’ll speak to him Good!! it is necessary to be strict while doing your duty – I know it How many days has it been since you joined in the duty? – Is it necessary now? Should i tell Its been 5years Native place Rajahmundry Your father’s telugu school teacher Sports quota. Got married, two kids One fellow 4th class, and the other one 3rd class. – How do you know all these? There’s another thing, which you need to know Your next transfer is to Nalamalla forests Home minister sir Hello sir, its me ganapathi – Yeah gani, what’s the matter? Nothing, I just want to speak about a small transfer matter – Okay, I’ll be at home in the evening Do you want me to come home directly? – Yeah, we shall meet in the evening Okay sir Congrats..Your transfer is confirmed Tomorrow morning onwards, your duty is in Nalamalla Forests – what’s this sir Hey, why are you here? go what do you think of yourself? Do you know who is she? She’s a big star For a movie, her remuneration is 1 crore 25lakhs If you arrest such a heroine Outside, There are 14 News channels, 10 entertainment channels and All these reporters together will question her, Madam you have got arrested for prostitution isn’t it? By the way, Is this the first time that you are getting arrested. or Have you got arrested before? When you accept for a movie, do you only accept for acting or..? Will you add this package to it? When they keep irritating her with such kind of questions, 169 she’ll have to shamefully hide her face and get into the police jeep Though, We have so many problem in our country, leaving aside all those, All the channels will only telecast, Breaking news Urvasi got arrested for prostitution Can she bare all these, is it necessary to her? Aren’t there any other cases in this world, is it the only case? Here finally, will you take this 1 lakh and go away? Or do want me to put the transfer order in your hands? Decide for yourself Take it! Thank you very much – Its okay madam I helped you and you help me sometime, isn’t it? I’ll take a leave madam Come on ganapathi..come You came back with my file By the way, the work which we couldn’t get done, how did you get it done so fast? If we know the weakness, how much time will it take to make him weak I arranged a dinner meeting for him with his favorite heroine Urvasi and it continued till the breakfast in the morning – Oh By the lunch time, we got our file back into our hands You are a smart guy Don’t think your work is done with this Going ahead, we have to do so many ventures together Sure why not. But at least for fun, do construct your structures a bit stronger sometimes Nice punch What about the commission? – By the time the file was getting signed, your brokerage was at your home with your wife You are really quick sir Not more than you!!! Hello sir – hello I’m FishLake Chinna rao i’m the best in East godavari I want to purchase a piece of land on the moon Where should i come to meet you? Another bigshot batch hello, Where are you speaking from? – From Darling cave resort Look in the exactly opposite direction from that circle – Yeah i’m seeing Is there a hoarding, with a young man drinking coconut water Oh sir, yes i did, infact I’m speaking to you while looking at it How is that young boy who is drinking the coconut water to look at? The Coconut looks very nice, but the person drinking it is really bad to look at Hey, don’t let your tongue slip so easily WWhy are you bothered about his age? do you know who is he? – Who is he? Its me – Oh my god! is it you Your face is as lit up as the moon is Sir, how should i come now? Come straight from there – Yeah coming Stop. I’m here but cannot see you anywhere, Where are you sir? Raise your head once – Yeah i did Is there a hoarding of a man who looks exactly like Devendra who came down from heaven? From does he look like Indra sir He exactly looks like the one who repairs punctured cycle tires in heaven That is why i’m saying that you are doing too much – What happened sir? Have a look at it properly Oh my god!!! it is you – Yeah its me You won’t believe what i’m going to say, but you exactly like Devendra himself who has came down to earth from heaven

But, before a while you said something else – Tell me how should i come from here Come straight – Go straight, you please be on hold Take this file and go – Hello master Hello – You are elder to me, and please do not greet me in such a manner My life span will decrease It will decrease if i greet like that, it decreases when you do bad deeds, and when you don’t do good deeds You have been making me roam around your office for the past five years for a silly pension Mean while two prime ministers and three chief ministers have changed I’m have been telling you since past five years Even then you haven’t been listening to me and on top of that you keep talking about rules i’m asking you out of ignorance? Are you doing a job or prostitution? Eating on husband’s money, deriving pleasure from a husband If a housewife does prostitution, it is a big sin Even while taking salary from the government, if u take bribes, it is a much bigger sin than prostitution is Bribe is the cost of sin Atleast give me ten thousand – Ten thousand!! won’t you come down from that figure Only because its you, I gave you a concession, for everybody else its fifty thousand I will not give you even a paisa, i have been saying this from past 5years and Now also i’m telling you the same thing Then your work will not be done I’ve submitted all the documents required to get the pension You are not the one who can give that statement I should You’ve not submitted your Date Of birth Certificate Date of birth certificate, i’ll bring it, I Surely i’ll bring it Then i’ll see how won’t you give my pension I’ll will die, but i’ll will never give you a bribe My mother isn’t a prostitute What!!!! Sruthi, Jamon India – Suitcase? I kept it in that corner Where? – On that side On which side? There What! you kept it here!!! Do you know how much is inside it? 50lakhs of cash Its cash for you, and trash for me! Who is it all for, I’m doing all this for you only – No, it is for the sake of sin Try to understand me – Are you a ‘Bhagavath Geetha’ to understand you? Okay where’s is Siddhu? – Upstairs He’s draws pictures of the people who play and you make people toys and play with them Made for eachother – That’s enough! Lets go What my dear? – Look at what i drew What’s is this? – I won’t tell you, you’ve to guess the meaning of it Its so simple You are trying to potray how people are going mad after money, right? What dad!! I took so much pain to draw it What’s this dear Siddhu, dad is just pulling your leg You tell the meaning of this painting Its about, How money is making people go mad Oh that’s super U’ll surely get first prize But, dad you should promise something to me – What’s that? You shouldn’t call anyone to make me win the first prize Awwww!!! So nice of you! That’s my son No, he’s like my dad What’s there in it! A Peace Maker’s Statue in front of the schools This is the plan Contract is 20crores But there are thousands of schools – yeah Take out the stick and leg, and make the head as a statue The Contract is of 20 crores But the expenses are only 2 crores Thank you sir, for giving such a good idea – Its not my idea, it was given by our ganapathi I’ll send him directly to you He’ll talk to you about the matter as well as our charges That’s so very nice, do that sir By the way, what are your children doing? Nothing much!!! I have two sons The Elder son is the successor of my political life If some glamour gets added to that politics The power will become permanent isn’t it! That’s why i’m trying to make my younger son a hero in the films Now i’m have to listen to a story for him You please hang up Start narrating the story – Sir, in the opening of the story we show a huge bungalow If we cut there, fifty jeeps are coming from the left side. If again cut there From the right side, people are coming with hundred axes. If we cut there too Two hundred people are coming from the front If we cut all these scenes First let me cut the conversation and stop you If we keep on cutting like this! Then what will the story be to shoot the film? – The Story is okay dad You haven’t still put on make up, yet You are talking about the goodness and badness of the story You just cut yourself away from this for sometime Don’t tell me these kind of faction stories Tell me another nice story you have, – Yes sir, there is one but its costs 10 crores sir Doesn’t matter how much it costs, Budget isn’t a problem, you tell the story – You keep quite for sometime Hey call Gani – What dad, for everything why do you keep calling Gani… can’t we do that Tell us what you want, and we will do that job Okay, we need a budget of 10crores to make a film With your brother. – if not 10Crs, will make a movies with 15 crores We too know that! Without taking out a penny from our pocket Tell me how can we do that Are we mad, to shoot a film with our money If draw money from our swiss bank, then the movie will be done That’s not our Swiss bank, the bank is theirs but the money in that bank is ours, right – oh okay Brother, are you still listening to stories? We listened to fifty stories, but dad isn’t saying okay for any story How can i say an okay when He’s cutting the story more than narrating it It seems it will take 10 crores to make his movie Give me an idea to make the movie without spending our money We can spend 20crs, if not 10crs – How is it possible? When its not our money Our granite industry, Appal Swamy is there right He taken 60 Acres for lease offically, and has occupied 20 acres unofficially

If we send a notice for that 20 acers, then we’ll have 20 crores at our place and then his Movie will ready That’s why i called him You should have a little brain too hey director. – I will open the story And I will close you Not these type, One Owner, two sons and trusted assistant. Prepare a story on these lines Something similar to our story Sir, its time for us to go to old age home opening ceremony That home is a place meant for People who are not capable of giving birth to these kind of sons Nothing much can be done, lets go!!! By the way, i forgot to tell you one thing Gani The Peace maker’s statue in front of the schools I told the contractor of that you’ll talk to him – go and talk – okay What dad, at least you can ask us to do this work – Didn’t you prove what you are capable of just now? You go and finish it – okay brother Who are the most dangerous people in our country? Is it Terrorists, Religious fanatics or Politicians Lets ask and find out. What’s your opinion? Amongst the three you asked, i feel there’s more danger with Politicians Your’s opinion – Politicians, – Terrorists Okay Tell your’s – Terrorists, – Politicians Religious fanatics There are a lot more people around here Let us find there opinion too We are from the channel TV9 We are finding out people’s opinion on a certain topic Will you tell your’s? Yeah you can ask me The question is, Who are the most dangerous people in our country? Is it Terrorists, Religious fanatics or Politicians Isn’t there a None of the above option? Do you think, there are even more dangerous people? Then,Tell me who are they? The Common people, the common people who are silent The silence of the public Will you please explain in a little more detail For these three categories becoming so dangerous The silence of the common people is the reason As long as common people keep thinking that what ever happens how is it going to affect us and keep silent A terrorist will get shelter in the country A Religious fanatic will create the religious riots A politician will rob the country with corruption the day the common people bid good bye to silence, and open their mouth against injustice That day, there won’t be any injustice being done in our country That’s why the most dangerous are common people who do not raise their voice We shall remind ourselves these words said by Napoleon With camera man Srinivas, this is harini Okay good job harini Okay Srinu, you go and submit this immediately in the studio How many times do i have to say That I don’t like to speak infront ofthe camera – Leave me please Its none of your business, you go and do your job Do you know what will happen? if you go against media Srinu, who do u think he is, He’s ACB Inspector Surya, So what – Will he fight with the media? Hey keep your media attitude aside If you marry Harini, there’s one advantage one disadvantage. _ what is it? The disadvantage is, not only outside but you’ll have sound pollution at home too. – I’ll beat you Then what about advantage That’s i’m going to tell you You no need to buy a televison. – Why? You have her beside you, the woman who keeps covering all the news 24/7 – harini TV She’ll eat your brain repeating the same thing all the time hey wait i’ll kill you Hey don’t pluck that plant. its important Hey Sithaiah, come here once Sir came for you what sir! how many times do i have tell you Not 25 lakhs, i won’t sell this land even if you pay me 50 lakhs What’s this! we bought, 320 acres that side 500 acres on this side are given by government Why are you troubling us in the middle? Why are you talking to these guys? Sir you may leave Sir, shall lets make a move Why this guy is not accepting, how much ever we offer him? You don’t worry much about this sir We shall acquire this land with the help of the govt and Then we can handover this. It is much safer for us if we proceed in that way. What do you say sir – That’s correct way to deal with this fellow If its govt. then he’ll have to give anyway for just 5lakhs only Sir, for the entire process to complete it will take 6 months Should i talk to a broker to speed up the process? Okay lets see – Okay sir Madam is exactly like the ‘Tolar gold mine’ i’m gazetted officer’s wife, i’ve to at least maintain this much Your words are also similar to gold madam – You caught the point so well You came from such a far off place But my husband went to camp for Food Corporation checking If the officer’s wives are smart as you are. we don’t have any work with the officers.. we have work with you only With me, what work do you have with ladies? Sir is a big FC officer right, if he signs on this file approving That the stock of rice is in godown is useless Incase if he signs like that, you’ll go and sell the rice in black market Madam you catch things really fast If convince your husband to sign on it

If i make him sign on it. Will you put a piece of jaggery in my hand? A piece of jaggery means? I’m speaking in a code language ACB officers are raiding to much these days Thats why Jaggery piece means 1cr Oh its very funny. Okay then we will put a piece of jaggery in your hand No a piece of jaggery would not be enough, you will have to put coconut piece of coconut in my hand Coconut piece Means – 1cr 50lakhs So much! – Yeah, thats it Okay madam here’s the cash and this is the file madam Sir will come back from the camp in the evening You can come and take your file in the morning tomorrow – okay madam Why are you looking like that at me? – Sarasu They came for you Why did they come? I need your signature – How many times i told to you, not to make me do this kind of things Is money bitter to have? They offered 1Cr 50lakhs – ACB are conducting rides these days I’m there to take care of it right – What will you take care of, me getting arrested This is wrong, we will have a lot of sin in our account – Let it be Why gods are there To free us from our sins isn’t it! Please listen to me. I keep rejecting these files in office and They come home and deal with you for my signature And you come to me and pour your love out to get it signed Oh my god! with all these tensions I’m being affected with B.P, sugar, thyroid and all kinds of health problems Won’t you sign on this? – I won’t Won’t you sign on this? – No Won’t you sign – Is it a must yeah you must I’ve the weakness for you You have the weakness for bribe, take it Oh my goodness, 1cr 50lakhs.. You are such a sweet heart – oh my god!!! I haven’t completed yet He has given us a time of 5 mins only Did the minister call again? I made him to do that sir Do you another thing? The secretary inside also belongs our community I have handled it that way also For this small work of making a call, Is it necessary to give a 10% commission to that broker Excuse me, Sir is asking you to come inside Hello I want to develop that Agricultural land industrially give employment to a few people develop the nation financially and Industrially and increase its growth Everything is in your hands sir When everyone is developing their own community We should also develop our community, isn’t it? If you pay those farmers at the government rate We shall discuss if there’s any other private rate for us The 5mins time given to you has finished Time is running by so fast, while talking to you We will meet you later sir – Bye sir He’s too strict, we do not know whether he understood what we said to him or not! Did he at least listen to us or not! What can we do, even if Minister’s recommendation did not work – Work will not be done by this officer Even, If you want to build a house in hussain sagar or want charminar to be registered on your name That officer will make anything possible – But he doesn’t seems like that Will it be written on his face? Actually, he was the one who gave the information that you people are coming here That’s why we said we will do this for you But, you wanted to handle it directly That’s why you are going directly out within 5 minutes If you get this work done. We’ll give you the commission you ask 20 percent. – But you asked for 10 percent then! It was 10 then, but it is 20 now, if you are okay with this Come to our spice restaurant in the evening at 7:30 This is a work dealing with big books, my boss will deal with it. okay Hello Subba rao!!! Did you receive the packets? Have you explained the matter to sir? – All your details are with him How much are you offering? – We are thinking it to be 3 One..two..three No. The Sugar is not enough Make it 4 Four If there is too much Sugar, you might get diabetes – If your work isn’t done. you’ll get Blood Pressure Even though he signs on it, i have to manage the local MLA and counseller too. You knew all these right Make it 5 crores, this is final, no more increasing, okay He drank coffee – Did we came to see this! That means, your work will be done So, did you get the cash? – Here’s the file Sir we got the total amount, Shall i send this to home tomorrow?

It seems, my younger brother had seen a land beside vizag steel plant, Make arrangements to send this money to him Okay bye sir Its my responsibility to send it to vizag sir Oh! he is the man who took 5 crores in one settlement I thought he’ll go in a benz car But he’s going in Ordinary one It’s none of your business, he’s being careful about his profile Your boss while leaving in the car asked you to pay the remaining balance amount First do that job Seethaiah your land is being taken over by the government Bribe will be taken on the name of the projects Bribe swallows the lord in temple Stealing officially on the name of duty is bribe Bribe is degrading the development Bribe to get the birth proof Bribe to get the death proof This is the land, which gives you food Bribe to get the birth proof Bribe to get the death proof Bribe doesn’t leave us, even after going to the graveyard Yeah brother – Where are you gani? I just got down near the secretariat I’m in my chamber, come here directly – Is it urgent brother? Its n’t urgent, That silver stone guy is talking about some grape wine Our’s is Large scale industry department How will i understand, i he keeps on saying wine wine… We aren’t in excise department right? I’m not able to understand anything here, you come here fast – yeah coming Yeah, now tell me Hesitating because he is here, Don’t worry he is my own person, no problem You go ahead Again he’s repeating the same thing Tell him we are not the liquor ministry Are you speaking about the ‘rumor’? – Yes Do you know telugu? – Yes sir i do Were you drunk, that you have been speaking in English for the past 1 hour. Tell me Sir, we need a rumor now that your ministry is quiting the subsidy given to our company If we quit the subsidy, it’s loss to your company right! 500 crores.. What you heard is true Our share is 500crs – Why should i give you that much? Now your company’s share value is 250Rs In that your share is 25% the rest of the 75%is with the directors and the shareholders of the company And they are not accepting to what ever you say That means, you need 51% stake compulsorily on this shares You don’t have the capacity to buy another 26% shares at this rate This rumor will help you to bring down the value of these shares from 250 RS to 30 Rs That’s why today you came here, for us to spread this rumor Then you’ll get a profit of 2500Crs In that, our share is 500Crs Its just 20%, this is quite common everywhere Okay sir!! But a small We understood what you want Exactly after one month, after you have bought those shares Our Minister will personally announce that this is a rumor Is it okay Then, how will you transfer the amount? Its your wish, i will transfer it to any bank you ask me to If you want me transfer to swiss bank, i’ll do that No, the swiss bank is a hot topic now in the parliament Brother,Is British Virgin Island okay for you If its okay for you, its okay for me to Can you transfer it to British Virgin Island? I’ll give you all the details required for the online transfer Yeah all the best Sir, C.M. has sent this file for your signature This Sliver stone guy is doing too much! i think it is appropriate to stop there subsidy Rumor has been spread out 500Crs brother! Brother i always wanted to ask you question From very long. – What’s that? I’m not getting the courage, until i get drunk You can ask me even if you aren’t drunk, Common ask I have lot of questions coming up from within, I have to ask you one brother – Common go ahead In this dress, you look 10 years younger than your age, do you know that? Then instead of wearing this dress daily Why do you wear those white costumes? You innocent fellow. Do you know why people like me, wear white clothes when they go outside? To hide the bad colors which they have within them Brother, i’ve one more doubt? How many more doubts like these do you have? – I’ll ask all my doubts today itself? I’m in full mood today Yeah let them out We have a small stomach, and to fill we need a bit of food To cover our body, we need a small piece of cloth For staying, we need 6 feet area of land For these things, why do we have to earn so many thousands of crores? You fool, my father without giving a single penny to me

and even without a word, passed away He left me as an orphan I did not what to do I did not have single penny to even cremate my father’s body Then, i got a cruel idea I sold his body and earned money After that, they cremated the body Then i did some brokerage work, pick pocketing Did all the bad things, and earned money and then filled my stomach Hunger is the cause for everything Coz I had enough for stomach I committed myself to a platform woman After getting committed, a doubt arised Oh my.. What if i have children now How would they survive? No..I shouldn’t and decided not to do the same mistake which my father did Then i decided to earn money by hard work How can i, i’m an illiterate That’s why I have done all these bad jobs and earned crores and crores of money Why do think i did that? my children are more important to me and they should live happily For their children and their children like that, i have earned for the next generations to come They shouldn’t struggle like me and This is the ambition of my life You are correct brother Dad, a New racing car got launched in the market. I’ll buy that car Not only a race car, if you want you can buy an aero plane too You granted him a car, As soon as he asked I’m born with your qualities, will you not ask me what i want Ask me, i never said a no to you I’ve booked apartments in mumbai built by Reliance I have to pay money for that – Do you have to ask me for that! All this money is yours Yes its yours, gani it all belongs to my sons You are correct brother Hai my dear wife Why are you staring at me like that? Whether i am drunk or not, isn’t it? – Aren’t you drink? Walk straight and show me Didn’t you drink… Didn’t you – Where’s our child? He’s sleeping in the room, don’t disturb him I need to tell him a lot of things My dear dad _ he’s sleeping No please – Leave me Dad All this money is yours Let us go to our room – All this money is yours Slience he’s sleeping – Is it! Dad Okay, all that money belongs to him only Lets go Yeah brother told me that Okay, come on Sidhu all this money is your’s Will you come or not? Are you feeling bad that i’m not giving it to you? If i give it to him, he’ll be happy and he’ll keep us happy too My son, all this money is yours Siddhu its yours Please come on..move – Let me complete what i want to say Take him fast, please take him fast – What happened sister? I warned him not to invest in shares, even then he invested he came to know that the share price fell down while watching the television He got a heart stroke, quickly take him to hospital At least today, will you gift me with my birth certificate Surely we will give it to you sir Oh my god, you guys saved me Its repaying for guru’s teaching nobody else is more important to us than you are I’m slowly getting the belief that our country is being run in a just manner, at least sometimes But, My superior officer told me one point strongly. – What’s that? Since he is our master, just take Rs 2000/- for the birth certificate Is it concession – No sir, its respect Oh, concession for the respect Do you know, how much it costed my mother to give birth to me One rupee – The value of a rupee has gone down sir It is not the value of a rupee that has gone down, It is the value of people like you who are craving for that rupee, that has gone down Tell to your commissioner, that i will not give a rupee even if i had to die You stick to that word But, you’ve been born long back in 1947 That birth proof will be available in Naiyapool maternity record section Go there and get that Is that sufficient? Or else, You need a certificate from the registrar confirming that my father got married to my mother and do you need certificate from the M.R.O stating that i was born to my parents If i give the money you asked for, there is no necessity for getting any certificate! You will generate certificates on any name and you can create papers, even for the unborn I’ll bring it, i’ll definitely bring it

Only after bringing it, i’ll take my birth certificate! Hello master – Hi gani, how are you? What master, what happened? – Those people Just Ignore it, Anyway how are you? How is siddhu and your wife? all of them are fine What happened to you master? I was born just now and got my umbilical cord cut and for my birth certificate, I have been roaming around through the same entrance These government employees making this 65 years old man an 85 year old one, by making me roam around Why do u have to suffer all this I’ll do it in moments for you I don’t want my pension with recommendations or bribing It should come for my 35 years of service and should come to me as my right Master listen to me – Ganapathi As a teacher i taught you to follow values if i cross those values! There will be no value to those values Here it is What’s this? Is that news? Lovers in Sanjeevaiah Park Will you do a half an hour program on this It is in the news, Breaking news, and even in the scrolling too Every where its the same news Lovers in Sanjeevaiah Park We do not want TRP ratings, what we want you to do is collect sensational social issues and Do programs on that People are suffering with so many problems Design programs on those Look at Harini, she did a program on Most dangerous people in the society, How nice was it Why don’t you do like that Day before yesterday, When one news channel was opposing a politician, & another channel was supporting him People are getting confused about whom to believe and whom not to The situation has raised where they do not believe the channels anymore The news which we telecast must be genuine, and useful to the public We should show some social responsibility Then TRP ratings will come automatically Harini the program that you did the other day is nice, but thats not enough. Are you planning anything new? Sir i’m working on that only – Fine get on to it Tell me Chandra mouli He is warning us to stop the scrolling, tell him that i’ll do a half an hour special program on it Ask him to do what ever he wants to This is totally moon, okay Moon! Its your Flat That’s our venture – Is it the center one Yeah the center one The First flat belongs to Shahrukh Khan Besides that is Salman khan’s flat By its side is – Aamir Khan’s No, you have mistaken. Its Hrithik Roshan’s So that means none of our telugu hero’s have purchased , is it? – Our heroes haven’t gone to that stage yet! This one on this side is Mallika Sherawat’s flat Is it? By any means you should arrange that side flat for me – No its impossible Jackie chan will not accept it He’s giving double the amount for this flat – I’ll give triple amount sir Triple! then one square yard will cost you almost three lakhs, is it okay? – No problem sir, if she is going to be beside me i can give you even 10lakhs What business do you do? – Al bum business sir Al bum business? I fix up the photos of ladies in the album. We shall discuss about it later, How much should i pay as an advance? Give me a 20 first – I also exactly brought 20 sir What’s your height? – Why ? will you give a concession? No, not for that, If Mallika sherawat asks me, i have should tell her right Say 5 feet 2 inches, Take it sir and the bag is free for you -For you also the stones in the flat are for free Have a seat sir – Give me some water Anand bring a glass of water Have it sir What do you need sir? Is your age 30 to 35 years, is it? – Yeah right I was born 30 years earlier to you were But, it seems Until you certify that i was born they are not going to believe me What’s your date of birth sir? – August 15, 1947 You were born in the BC, and if you are asking for certificate now. How is it possible sir? Its very necessary, If i do not give that I will not get my pension I will tell you, one way to get your pension If you give away a thousand thinking that it is not your’s I’ll give you a ceritificate that Ayodhya Ram Elizabeth taylor, Mahatma gandhi all these people were born in our village If you do like that, Won’t they enquire about it? They won’t ask why did we issuse they’ll ask us about how much did we take to issue because even our higher official will also have a share in it – Okay Is it a must to give? – Even the God also has to give a bribe necessarily Our country is Independent India I forgot that our country is independent. I forgot I forgot, that 65 years earlier itself, Our independence has been lended away to bribes I thought, i was born on Independence day. But it is in the search for my certificate that I came to know, that our country didn’t get its Independence yet!

Will you please explain, what’s happening inside? My senior officer will come and speak to you The search is still going on So far we estimated the assets values to be in Crores We’ll give you the full information after we finish the search completely This is a trap by my opponents.I earned this property with my sweat and blood. Thank you Sign on it sir We need to check you once – Is it necessary? Just a formality, We need to I can show the accounts for the property in the ACB ride But the pen drive they have has the details of the illegal property They shouldn’t come out Even before they enter those details in their record We should get the pen drive back to us Dharma teja is a person who has high political influence – I know it Though he might get suspended today he might be appointed as your higher official tomorrow Yeah of course, but every thing got recorded We have changed our constitution itself Can’t we change the records. – Yeah In one of the covers, which you have during the raid The entire information related to Dharama teja’s assets is in that pendrive That pen drive values some crores If you get that out If i get that out! For you Two crores You too..! – I’m a human being too You forgot that point – That’s why two crores If you want, I’ll give you a share too Finally you did it He got shocked, when i said two crores All these days, I never counted how much i earned Only after this ACB ride, i came to know that i earned 100 crores Any how we got this back into our hands Surekha Bring tea for both of us Dear, come here What happend? I’m unable to raise my head in the school – Why? Every one is calling me a corrupt person’s daughter They do not know anything They are just telling you lies In order to fill our stomach, do we have to deprive somebody of the food for their stomach? i wish i was never born to you Shutup, you are talking too much above your age Is this is way speak to your father, go inside Too bad Gani i want my reputation back That means they have to cancel my suspension You do, What ever you want They have to cancel my suspension Mother Teresa Charitable Trust We are not allocating land even for car and software companies Why should we give it to you? We are doing social service, for this also you are asking us to give ten crores! What’s wrong in that! On the name of social services, this is a direct or indirect method to earn either a small or big position in the politics Do i not even know that, i have so many of your kind in my service tenure Go and meet my Personal Assistant Hello sir – Come Gani

Its been so many days since i saw you Its okay, have a seat You have come here after so many days, Is there any work with me? To speak about Dharma Teja, who was caught by the ACB He was caught with 20 crores, how can we cancel that suspension? he wants to show his brother in law’s NRI account as a proof for it Legally there’s no problem, if you say its okay! Forget about me, how will you manage the remaining people? I have arranged something else for them You are a smart guy C.M. is also ready to help us In order to cancel sir’s suspension That file should be generated from the concerned minister If you speak with minister once – Okay i’ll talk with dad For the remaining things we have to manage the officers, you know that isn’t it? We’ll arrange a get together for all of them, including you Then your work is done – Thank you son!! Your dad will never say a no to what you say, convey my regards to your father The Whole night is yours, enjoy it Sir welcome Immaculate it baby Immaculate it Immaculate the cob webs with your hand Immaculate the lust with the end of your saree Immaculate That side is Vangapadu, this side is Kankipadu That side is Dondapadu, this side is Dosapadu I came here after covering these towns and villages By knowing that men can be found here, i felt pity, and came here to see you guys In fornt of my power, your strength is becomes low What should i do, other than dancing and giving you a glance of my beauty Immaculate my baby Immaculate my darling I’ve roamed across different places And i have seen many great men Which type of men did you see ? Officers, Producers, Politicians, Fighters, Actors, Factionists, Business men Jolly men, Class men, Mass men, and my neighbour the one who stays upstairs, the one who stays in front of my house the one who stays Behind our house one I have stepped into all their houses, and chased them to the corners Do you want to show those pictures and scenes sensuously? Immaculate my baby Immaculate my darling Oh my god! you also have too much dust on you Where is it? – How can i say where is it! Dust is there in your body. In your eyes, In your heads, and in pockets. – Greedy! My heart is burning watching all those and my body due to habituation says dust it off If you say okay and want me to jump in come and clean off the dust, will i ever say a no? Immaculate my baby Immaculate my darling How is it?

Bring it here Sir, for bringing the register post Its okay sir, bye From where is it? My pension has been sanctioned i guess, they have sent me a Demand draft After a long time, our troubles came to an end Lakshmi bring my shrit Dear, my tummy is getting bigger isn’t it? I have to work out on it It has grown with public’s money How will it get back to normal! Siddhu are you ready? – I’m putting pants on mom Master!!! its you, come inside – Hello master I think you are getting ready to go some where We are going to delhi tommorrow That’s why we are going out to shop for something What’s the occasion? – Our kid got National Award in drawing competition That’s why – Where is your kid? Siddhu is getting ready i will bring him Have a seat Take your seat master You put in a lot of hard work for me – Its my responsibility master It isn’t your responsibility It is my incapability This is not the pension sent by the government You stupid master, doing a job for 30years Taking an award as the best teacher preparing many I.A.S and I.P.S for this country by teaching them does not give you a Pension Draft, This is to say that the pension is given because of a mediator’s recommendation Instead of Lending personal character to corruption, and living with this money Its better if i drink some poison and commit suicide Disgusting! Look Ganapathi So far what our government has done is Injustice But, what you did now is ‘Insult’ It hurt my self respect Whatever your path may be, If you had respect on for your Guru You should have showed it in some other way Come fast. Where’s master? What is this? If they are asking birth certificate of a retired person, that indicates that they are troubling him intentionally He’s roaming for it from the past 5years, He won’t understand it too. If i do a favor This is what happened! Lets go Where should we go brother? – kalaniketan mall We shall go to Toy shop – Yeah we shall, first we’ll to Kalanikethen No first to toy shop – Kalanikethan will come before the toy shop comes Then i won’t get down there – If he has video game in his hand, he won’t get down anywhere Why you bring the video game – I haven’t got it, he only brought it with him Eswar you stay with kid – Okay brother Whatever you want for the kid, take it Regarding discount Hello sir – Hello After your selection come directly come to the counter Principal secretary’s wife has selected some piece Yes Sir, They asked me to show you Whenever you come. – okay move Sir have a seat Hey show the piece that was selected by madam Show me that How much? – Four lakhs seven thousands sir 4lakhs 7thousands! We will get new car man – Its Neetha lula desgin sir When its comes for free It appears cheaper to them Hello sir – Yeah tell Gani I’m Kalaniketan, Principal secretary’s wife has selected a piece They want us to purchase it – Then purchase it, how much? 4lakhs 7thousands sir – It is not their money, so they must have selected a really costly one They helped us a lot in the cancellation of the suspension – Take it Here take it sir Eswar come and collect the packets Brother!

Eswar come here once Take this amount and pay in the reception – Okay sir Clam down please, clam down Who’s the contracter? – Jamon India Pvt. Ltd. brother We only got that contract done for them At least occasionally build your structures a little stronger Sir!!! To whom does that dead body belong to? – I’m his uncle Come with me Jamon India Chairman is on the line Opposition leader Narayan Reddy is planning to make a big issue out of this flyover accident He wants you to speak with him once and settle this matter, brother Keep him on the line – Brother? Make a call to Narayan reddy Its ringing brother Who is that? Sir, hold on the line Ganapathi wants to speak to you Brother Narayana reddy is on the line Hello brother – Yeah Gani tell You want to make a big issue that fly over accident, is it? Leave it sir What are you talking, after a long time we have got a opportunity to go against the ruling party and you are asking us to leave it – That contractor is offering upto 10lakhs A small kid also lost his life in that accident – He is my child brother Sorry Gani, I’ll ask our people to stop Brother! What is this brother? Sister-in-law Look at this brother! Come on, don’t feel sad – Brother I was in Delhi When this accident happened Even my consoling will not help you get out of this grief My dear Time will only recover your from the pain This is the solution to it Come on go and have some food Please take her

Get up come on. Unless you eat i won’t move from here, get up What is this sir! the way you keep stock in FCI godown the same way you stocked up your health problems? Because of my wife’s greed for money, I got all these health problems doctor I don’t know how many more sins she is going to commit with her hands Being a human, don’t you think you would be affected by health problems! If officers like you, don’t take bribes it will be a matter of shame in the market At least, you tell him doctor What can i say madam, my brother-in-law works in the same office It seems he committed some mistake, and he suspended him. If he cancels that suspension, i’ll give you 10 lakhs I brought the advance madam, take that and Cancel the suspension Dear sign on this – No, I won’t Won’t you? No, i won’t – Really won’t sign on it? I’m tired dear – Com’n sign on it dear Is it must? – Yeah you must Doctor, give me the pen Take it sir You’ve have a weakness for comforts and i have a weakness caused by health problems If we keep on waiting like this, our work won’t be done We should do something today. What do you say? Chinna Rao, – There he’s going Come here How many days he’ll cry for his son. We relied on Ganapathi sir, and paid the broker fee in lakhs If we ask that engineer to sign, he doesn’t sign And he says, let Ganapathi come I have same problem too. He told me that he would get the murder case on me cleared By talking to the S.P. and left in half done For me, he made me give 10 lakhs to this registrar After taking the money, he stopped responding And its getting hard to catch up with Ganapati – Hey you Don’t brokers have feelings? Don’t they have sentiments? We are human beings too. As soon as Ganapathi brother gets back to normal, he’ll finish all your jobs Then there is no need for anyone to cry for it, and wait for us here. Damn it You kept telling that all this money belongs to him and You’ve killed him with your own hands We shall eat all this money Common eat Eat Yeah eat I swear on me, you are not going to answer the call Can we use Televisions and Cell phones there Yeah you can use anything sir, coz on the left side of your flat there is a satellite station and on the Right side is a space station How much distance do you think is? Its just the distance between Ameerpet to Punjagutta. That’s it Listening to what you are saying, i feel like going there right away Can i go there in my life time – It depends on your luck Then what it is the use of buying it now! – Foolishness What? What i mean to say is, if you’ve survive you’ll go Otherwise, Your next generation will go Otherwise, the generation after them will go For example, you’ve earned so many assets Will you take with you? You’ll give it your next generation, isn’t it This is also similar to that Yeah its logically right Any way we can’t take anything with us after we die so i any how have to invest it somewhere or the other and there won’t be anybody their to occupy my land Moon land mafia hasn’t started there yet – and so my property will be there securely for a vey long time This old man has earend enough money and hence, Came with a bag full of cash Here’s the advance amount Oh my god! Why did you pinch me like that? – For you to remember If He pinched me so hard for 10 lakhs If it was 20 lakhs, he would have pinched me even more harder! Oh some one is calling Of you want to know when we are gonna start the venture on Mars First let it complete on the Moon Why don’t you take a flat facing towards the venus Another fool I don’t want – Its okay have it If i wouldn’t have made that contract possible, that flyover would have never collapsed and sidhu would have never died under it Its my fault brother Look, the one who cuts the umbilical cord and separates the baby from the mother’s womb is a doctor If that baby grows up, becomes a terrorist and kills hundreds of people Is that the fault of that doctor? i’m feeling that this broker job is not correct Hey Gani. The word broker may sound wrong to hear but Doing the job of a broker isn’t wrong Why because. In order to fix a marriage or make it happen

To register that marriage, or for the registrar to give any certificate If the registered couple wants to get separate Incase, if they want to get back together again A Broker is necessary Inorder to purchase a Agricultural land, a Plot, or a House if you need a finance to purchase the same, for registering the same after getting finance Again to sell that property Isn’t there need for broker? Suppose if you go to a hospital For getting a berth and medicine Blood and eye. Heart and kidney or for the certificate issued for birth or death To even implement the ‘Aarogya*** ‘ scheme run by the government properly Will it happen without a broker Lets us speak about Ration card, Voter card Driving license, and passport If you want to get any card from the government Can we step inside the office, Without a broker So my dear Gani A vehicle may run without wheels Crop may grow without rains But, without broker this society will not run. Have a seat It is not wrong to stop eating food in the grief of your son’s death but It is wrong to quit the profession that gives you that food. Take this You can take liquor when you are sad But you shouldn’t take any decisions Come on take it Take it Why are you so serious? here also are you tensed? I’m calling you only – Shall we have ice-cream I haven’t come here to have an ice-cream – Then? I came here thinking that you’ll ask me about when are we getting married – Why are you in a hurry? How are you? – Fine Is he your husband? – He is himself! Not my husband yet Okay I’ll leave, my husband is waiting outside She’s thinking that we both are wife and husband – Is it? She’s 2years younger than me Do you know that she became pregnant after a month after marriage What she got pregnant! How is it possible? I will – Hey cool. Will you be like this after our marriage too Let us talk to our parents, Okay? But – What is your problem? You shouldn’t become pregnant within a 1month – Then? Have to become pregnant in 15days Should we get the Viswasanthi Orphanage Home vacated for dubai company? Yeah, only if we give that land to them in the centre of the city they are willing to give us a partnership Brother will not accept for that – That’s why we approached you to deal with this How will he not know about it? Do you know how strongly he is attached to that place? Every birthday, he goes there and spends some time there That too its running on his donations What you said is right? If necessary, we shall build another one in the outskirts and will make him open it Do something and make sure that they vacate from there Our black money will turn to white I won’t do any work, which brother doesn’t like – What are you talking! One fellow cheated us, saying that he would sell us land He also took lakhs of money in advance from us – Please find him, and recover our money back for us Where’s his office? – He doesn’t have an office, he just keeps roaming around here and there Without knowing his address How can we figure out the station under which this case comes Or else do you know, where that land is? – Its on the Moon On Moon! – Yeah Have you seen it? – Not possible sir Shutup, If i kick you all You’ll fall on Moon If a stranger cooks up some stories, will you give him money? Go and compliant in the moon station That doesn’t come under me Sir please do not say like that Sir please, only because you can only deal well with this case we have approached you sir How can we catch hold of him without knowing who he is and where does he stay? Idea sir, i have his contact number We shall try to that once. – Okay do it Do it Its ringing You should not tell your real name – We too have brain Sir, Baachi speaking – What Goochi? I want to purchase a land on Moon I want to meet you once Sorry brother, all plots got sold away Put the call down you fool He changed the name but was not able to change his tone He might have recognized your tone You speak once. – Take it Hello sir – Hello We have a plan to purchase land on the moon I have two wives, i bought a land for one wife here and For the another one i want to buy it on the Moon If you come to us. i will be nice sir Otherwise we will come to you Sorry sir, I’m busy right now We shall meet later. Cut the call This fellow has changed tone, but didn’t the number. I have sold plots to many people

Since you are talking with the same number so many times, he is able to recognize you Sir, try from your number once – Tell me the number This is a landline number He’s thinking that i can’t recognize Why are you shouting like that? – I’m not speaking from near by I’m speaking from a very long distance Tell me the matter, i’m very busy I too want a land on the moon We are planning for second venture layout We are busy in that, so can u talk to me quickly Otherwise incoming is costing us 1lakh for 1 minute One lakh! why? – This isn’t STD or ISD. Its IPSD Means? Inter Planet subscribers Dialing – What are there cell phone towers on the moon too? Why do we need towers here We have satellites all around us here What happened? – A Satellite hit my head Cut the call I’ve trapped so many people like this You won’t get your money back Don’t have hopes on it Are guys insane? Will you buy anything if you’ve money! these kind of cheaters will keep cheating you as long as people like you exist I said go, people are suffering due to lack of money and These guys are misusing it Its me C.M’s personel assistant Gopal speaking – yeah Gopal sir tell me We have cancelled the suspension on Dharam teja and reposted him right We haven’t received the amount related to that yet It has been two months already C.M. asked me to remind you once I will speak to him right now Gani speaking sir – Yeah tell me Gani Where are you sir? – Image gardens Shall i come there to meet you – Okay come Drive to Image gradens Doctor, don’t bother about the cost Human life is more important I want the update of her health condition from minute to minute Common Gani – You and here Sorry Gani, I came to know about your son At that time, i was in the Nellore health camp Its okay sir What are you doing here? – Is it surprising, come on i’ll tell You also got the same doubt, what everyone has got Death and change both happen suddenly For that you just require a minute I have seen one such moment One day when i was coming from Delhi to hyderabad in a Flight They announced, there was a problem in the engine and that there would be a crash landing Flight started falling down very fast Every one inside started shouting and crying All through the time when it was crashing, I have seen my death very closely During that time, all my life came across my eyes like a picture All i could see was the illegal deeds that i did till then I don’t why, i couldn’t even see a single good deed Then i got scared That feeling was more worse than the fear of death Holding my life in my fist, the moment when i was getting closer to death I paryed to God to give me one chance That’s it The flight which was about to crash started flying again into the air I survived safely like this God gave me a chance and I should utilize it Tell me, how many good deeds will erase the bad deeds done in my past That’s why i took long leave from my job and the money which i earned from people illegally i’m utilizing it for them only through these health camps In these few months Gani, i learnt one thing Not only that i’m earning money with fear, but i’m also scared to enjoy the money, and instead of saying that money is mine happily, and Looking at the assets papers on benami names and being unrealistically happy, feeling that is all mine the happiness which comes from a person thanking me saying that i am re-born because of you Is greater than crores of money Thinking that only we should live is desire and thinking Others should also live is aspiration Desire makes us live But Aspiration makes us eternal In tirupathi a cheetah was caught what would me more sensational than this! Not this one, our boss is expecting something different That too the one which will be useful for the society But i’m unable to do understand how should i do it

I will tell you how to do that I’ll tell you how to get the sensational news that you want – How boss? Catch the corrupted officers Instead of catching them one by one catch one broker then you’ll be able to catch a hundred corrupted officers – Broker? Without a broker, not even a single job can be done in India Get hold of one powerful broker, then you’ll get the sensational news that your boss is expecting Okay then, who’s that broker? VKB Ramakrishna speaking from delhi In the previous transaction, the remaining balance of 5 crores, I’m handing it over to Hawala Sir Stop nonsense, this is a routine to us, isn’t it Sir tell any note number Its a thousand rupee note – Okay note it down 1-9-2-6-7-1 – Okay sir noted By the way tell me how does the person you are sending look like Be on the line for a moment Hey Gani Gani He’s not here dad – Why is he not here in the right time What if he’s not here, We’ll go instead of him How will you go – Why are you looking at him? we said that we’ll go Can you manage properly? – Yes dad I’m sending my sons this time Do you know them? – Ofcourse i know them sir while going take care of this thousand rupee note, and while coming back take care of the 5 crores – okay, lets go Who’s this? Driver siva, tell me Sir, TV9 news channel vehicle is following the vehicle in which your sons are there Why are you telling this to me, instead of telling it to them? They’ve left their mobiles in our vehicle sir Hey, call Gani where ever he is Hello what? won’t you let us live our family lives? Does your media want the bedroom issues of our family too? Actually – Go out from here He’s drunk – So, will he argue with media How are you my elder one? my dear Younger one If you wouldn’t have saved my sons by coming on time This Rayudu wouldn’t have been the Ministry Of Large scale Industries anymore Instead I would have become a Ministry of Hawala Hey Gani you’ve not only saved my minister position, you have also saved my sons, who are equal to my life Its my responsibility brother I don’t know what you’ll do You told me that the work will finish in 2 months But you’ve not started the work yet – Definitely it will get done, dont get tensed I won’t listen to you anymore Give our advance back Either start the work or give our money back How many people will you kill more? – What happened? Oh you don’t know! – How can i know without telling me Our master died He hanged himself in the school You are responsible for that He was trying to get pension on his own, and you are the one who bought that pension by bribing the officers Aren’t you the one who killed the self respect of the old man who lived honestly all these years He was roaming around the offices till his footwear got worn out, and looking it this i helped him with kindness Why are you pointing out at me as if i have committed a sin Why did you show him kindness You thought that you helped him But you struck on his honesty you bought his honesty with bribe He’s not broker like you to buy everything with bribe. – Shut up Did i take commission from him? I know both old woman and old man since my childhood They are the ones who adopted me, brought me up and educated me I helped them because they were in troubles Is that wrong? How will it be wrong? – Yes, it is wrong Tell me Chinna I’m coming right now the crookedness of the dog’s tail can never be straightened

Even more crooked is the desire for this money desire the crookedness of the dog’s tail can never be straightened Even more crooked is the desire for this money desire A person for a need, another person to rob him off Between these two persons will be a broker A person who throws out money Another person who gets sold to it And the People who get crushed between them are you, me, and all of us the crookedness of the dog’s tail can never be straightened Even more crooked is the desire for this money desire Government suspended me You have to get that suspension cancelled urgently If i wait for a few more days, They might dismiss me What’s the problem? I withdrew the pension on the name of a couple of dead people. Now it came out Aren’t they really dead? Actually those people never existed I created the names of persons, made up their existence And withdrew the money generally, such problems do not come out But some how it did You’ve to get me out this anyhow – Yeah okay Those days are gone where we used to lay roads for villages Those days have came where we swallow the villages for laying the roads Every one is sharing their profits bloody burglars But these are the rogues who would bite the breast of their mother when asked to drink milk These scoundrels Cunning jackals If i scold them like this, these bad words would also feel ashamed about calling them so the crookedness of the dog’s tail can never be straightened You’ve to get our district IAS officer transferred – What’s the problem? We have a school in our village called Palamuru From the past 12years, for the Afternoon lunch scheme Salaries for four teacher Maintainence of the school we have been getting funds from the govt in the right time He has come and asks to stop them – Who’s he to stop it? I will speak to Education minister If he warns him, he’ll definitely sanction it again No Gani, All our staff wants to get him transferred at any cost Transfer will cost us money and this is just a matter of warning Doesn’t matter how much ever it costs, get him transferred I think this isn’t actual problem Frankly speaking There is no school in that place The people who stood on their words had broken their backs Recommendations have increased for earning bags of money The rascals who destroy the homes And enjoy themselves Fraudsters who earns money even on a dead body All these are becoming politicians and insulting the nation Literally they have become a competition to the blood sucking leeches Brother i told you about these guys Say your problem we do medical distribution Generally we are the ones who supply everything from cotton to medicines to the govt hospitals We write 100% material in the records But we send only 10%, the remaining will be shared amongst everybody starting from the hospital superintendents to the district officers and this is common in every Govt. hospital but keeping everybody aside, they are targeting only both of us If its possible they should take action on everyone, or else should leave us both too If we put pressure on the district officers, and if they get involved we will then be out of this problem It is difficult to speak with everyone Is it not going through the ministry? The person who joined newly in that ministry is only doing all this He joined in the duty just a few days ago New officer? – Brother, we know him very well We shall talk to him But it will cost a little – Yeah sure, their share is their’s and your share is your’s You settle this matter, sir and we’ll be grateful to you Okay, no problem, i’ll speak with them You go and talk with them – Okay brother i’ll do that You Trading the medicines which belong to govt hospital and doing business on it, your business is great!! Truth is like fire. The truth which we are going to show you, may put fire in some lives

But then, Its going to enlighten the society You have seen sting operations like ‘Tehelka’ but We are going to show you even more dangerous scams TV9 is all ready to show you the scams of many politicians and government officers Tomorrow evening at 6pm Look Gani, if you do fraud in the matter of food grains You’ll end up without getting any food grains If you bring someone and say that you want to sell low quality food grains, i will not accept it I already spoke to madam regarding this matter Madam you tell him What’s your problem? – You are asking what the problem is, if you use food grains of low quality for farming, you will not get crops, you will get nothing If you plant 100 seeds, only 40 seeds will grow Remaining 60 seeds will dissolve in mud Do you know how much loss the farmers have to bear? I’ll not accept it all What you won’t accept! why should we bother about those farmers and people That’s their headache, you are not born to take care of all of them Listen to me. – I already told you, they need your signature And i need currency Above that, they are giving us Gold from Dubai, and diamonds from Europe. Isn’t it Gani Isn’t all the gold that you are wearing enough? – No, its not enough. you do a signature on it I won’t sign Will you sign on it or not? – I won’t You won’t? – Is it must? You have to dear Do it sir You have a weakness for jewellery and I have weakness for your curves Why are you looking so irritatingly at me? Whether he is ever going to change, Isn’t it? I’m Riding on a Tiger I can’t quit it I can’t I’m leaving You are dead as a human being I can’t kill my soul, and stay with you here Sruthi Another point. Don’t send a mediator, i mean a broker for me, to my brother’s home Try to understand me Brother Brother I didn’t come to home all these days so that sister-in-law does not feel bad Actually TV9 news channel persons did a sting operation So, many higher officials got trapped Its better for us to be a bit careful brother Nothing will happen, no one will come to us Okay bye brother – Carry on with your work Corrupted Persons who are swimming like free whales are being brought to the shore and Will tomorrow’s program have as much content as their publicising What do you say P.A.? – Yes sir, from two days they are doing too much Yeah, at last they’ll catch a R&B Engineer Or a town planning officer If those are persons, they’ll not do this much publicity, Sir It seems they are some higher officials Higher officials! Will there be anyone among our people? I have seen so many programs of these kind Don’t take it so lightly, it seems they have used some spy cameras and a lot higher officials got trapped Is it! Then i’ll inform all the members in my village to watch it What may ever happen, i will not miss it No i can’t break any more, my hands are paining -dint they pain when you took crores of bribe with the same hands? Suppose if you got caught by those TV9 news channel? Oh my god! come on break it The pujari told me that, if you break 1000 coconuts in this temple, you’ll be freed from your sins 1000 coconuts! How many did i break so far – Seventy seven Only Seventy seven! No i can’t break them anymore – Come on break them, do it Not only in the State but also in our country You might have never come across this type of sting operation

and Now you are going to watch it Many ministers, MLAs and politicians who have promised on the constitution that they’ll be loyal towards the country Many IAS, IPS and government officers who took the charges by declaring that they would offer their lives to serve this democratic country have forgotten to do public service and instead are doing things for their own benefit We are going to see this today The Media which is called as Fourth estate in our country Has certain limit to go inside and know about the government transactions Crossing that limit. To bring out to our notice how the government is working by crossing the rules It is only possible for a certain set of people to cross that limit Instead of saying that, we have done this big sting operation Taking our channel help, the one who did this whole operation with us is called as ‘lobbyist’, ‘ Mediator’, and ‘Facilitator’ To say openly, He’s ‘Broker’ Did u listen to me when i told you, You harassed me for Currency, Gold, etc Now see what happened With your hands so many big transactions have been done In the market also you have the name as the Most successful broker But, i got the same doubt as everybody else got By profession, you always been around illegality and strangely today you are sitting here with us What’s the reason? I realized I started this job to earn money I thought that i’m a bridge between need and chance but i came to know how many people are suffering because of this I thought my success was in getting any work done in the government, however big it is, by my intelligence but i realized how many are fighting for with their lives and losing themselves What is the reason for this change in you? One great person – Who’s that? I don’t whether its correct or not to mention his name But everyone should know what he told to me What’s this? – Thousand rupee note This? – Five hundred rupee note And this? – Hundred rupee note What is commonly on all these notes? Gandhi ji’s picture With this money For this money How many illegal activities have we done? Gani, is this the respect, That we are giving to Mahatma Gnadhi on this note? Change yourself Gani. If we change, our perception of seeing will also change Brother – What happened? Mother – Operation done, isn’t it? My mom opened her eyes brother – Then why did you come here, without staying with her She is alive brother If you were’t there, my mom would have died, brother She’s alright now, isn’t she? Then why are you crying? I’m not crying brother This is Happiness As soon as my mother opened her eyes I felt like hugging you tightly and crying Calm down and go Doing good is new for me right, so seeing so much love at once makes me cry It is difficult to bear love also I haven’t got habituated to it yet For every person, god will give a chance to change On that day when my daughter asked me In order to fill our stomach, if you had to deprive others of their food, Why did you given birth to me! That might the moment that God gave me to change myself But i did not change Again he gave me a chance in form of flight crash. Then i realized For you also god might have given a chance May be, you might not have recognized it Its not important to get a chance it is very important to recognize it Life is not just what we live when we have life it is what makes us live even after death too For a person to change, Its not important to get a chance it is very important to recognize it My son had died in front of my eyes

Might be that was the chance that God had given to me Even then i did not change Keeping his dead body in front of me, i did brokerage I saw the happiness in that great man’s eyes who changed Identified the truth in his words I thought that was the chance that i got to change myself and I changed I changed You’ve changed okay Is there any strong reason to come up with this risk of exposing so many corrupted persons? Yeah My master I was the one who taught students the lessons which instilled dare, courage and confidence in them and so I’m not a coward to commit suicide The persons who are ruling us today, are not politicians and public servants it is Corruption in the form of those people I understood that nothing can be done in this society without bribing Every moment, i feel that i should fight for a corruption free society But, i don’t have that much energy at this point of age The youth capable of fighting, is not bothered about this issue To fight against corruption, i should quickly take a rebirth with fresh energy That’s why i have to die honesty lost in front of corruption When i saw everything from the other side of the line I never felt what i did was wrong But, i understood when i saw everything from this side If only corruption was done through my hands, transactions worth some crores had happened My son, master, a farmer They all died! There are thousands of brokers like me Because of us, many lakhs and crores of money is getting corrupted Lives of some many people Only me changing is not enough many others should change I don’t know whether my master will be born again or not Suppose if he really takes birth again by the time he opens his eyes i have to show him that, this society not only has corrupted people but it also has honest people To see the such a society with honest people We have to show the people, the corrupted persons, To the people who are watching this program Mr.Ganapathi, before you reveal them, We shall take a small break I think he’s going create some trouble P.A. ask them to cut the power for an hour in the state We shall think later about what has to be done Turn the speaker phone on Are you giving live on TV9! If you reveal anything about us or discuss anything regarding us I’m not telling you as Minister Rayudu’s son Warning you as Das I will not care for anything First you come out of the studio, bloody broker Hey what ever you are speaking here is being telecasted live there. – Shit! who are you calling again? – Will you shut up. I know what to do Kill him These type of threatening calls are not only coming to Ganapthi, but They are also coming to our studio Tell me Mr.Ganapathi, whom does the first scam that you are going to show is about? about those people who just called up Play this one Viswasanthi Orphan Age home Where is it now? My father who says he won’t do anything without Ganapathi You who said you won’t do anything without brother’s intimation Can’t we both do anything without you two Ash.. we made it ash We turned the total orphanage into ash My brother’s plan is a super plan – Of course Incase if they find out, do you know who would be accused. Its your brother Keep on watching like that. Within an year we will turn this into a 7star hotel Viswasanthi Orphan home! As everyone knows, this orphanage is a fire accident mystery

A footage relating to this accident was telecasted in your channel also Small kids, that too mentally retarded kids who can’t even ask when they feel hungry The chains which were tied to them in the night for safety Made them helpless and did not allow them to escape from the fire these devils lit Skin, flesh, bones all got burnt and these cruel animals are building a seven star hotel on the ashes that are remaining there Everybody should watch these people Specifically my brother has to watch this who thinks his sons are his world Forgive me brother, If i told you this before I was scared that you would forgive them because of the affection you have We shall take a small break I’ll manage you don’t get tensed Dad actually what happened is I wanted my sons to grow up with money But i forgot to make them grow up with good behavior I have taken the curses of many people, only for the sake of you two I’m feeling ashamed of myself now If for a moment i forget that you were not born to me you look much more worser My father made me orphan, only after his death. But you? made your father as an Orphan, living a useless live. Shut up this property will be given to those who deserve it According to latest information that we’ve received In response to the clips we have showed Police took the culprits into custody Very good Mr.Ganapathi this is a good sign Lets us hope A.C.B will also respond in the same way by watching the evidences that we are going to show You mean A.C.B? – Yeah They are also in my list – What? Life is more important than everything but Respect is even more important than life Humans start earning money for that respect but with a desire to earn that money, we commit many mistakes At last because of those crimes he comes to a position where he loses both the respect as well as life The persons who did crime, either here or there, Should get punished, isn’t it? That’s why, the next name will be revealed by Mr.Ganapathi Oh god I have decided not to reveal anyone’s names anymore – What? With whom ever i did transactions, all of them who got their work done by me, know it In this one minute, people who thought i would reveal their name and underwent tension Who felt torchured, and at last decided to give up their lives for all of you, what i say is, Think that, this is a chance given by god to you to change yourself 1359 01:54:23–> 01:54:25 Fourth grade employees aren’t accepting for power cut sir For the mistakes that i had done, I have lost so much so far The curses that are given by the people whose lives got ruined by your selfishness, even if it does not effect you now it will effect your future generations That’s why without revealing anyones names I’m reminding the chance that you have got Because of this, it is good for you as well as for others What are you sir, After coming so far, it is not possible to accept if you say you won’t reveal the names

those who did mistakes should be taken out like weeds Weeds! If taking bribe is a crime, then Offering bribe is also a crime If you see like that, everyone in this society is related to corruption Will you say a no to it? Then if you start treating those people as weeds and start plucking them out No human being will remain in this society You are speaking without awareness and i’m telling you with my experience Not even single person will change But, i have the belief I’m giving a one hour’s time I will keep all phone lines open After watching this program If at least one person calls up and says that he has changed and declares all the illegal activities that he has done and Then i’ll agree that you’ve won If i dont get any call in this one hour You’ve to handover the evidences to our studio and I will telecast them Okay Sir we got a call – Is it, connect it I’ll lit myself as a wood stick for the earth’s fire I’ll add my voice to the earth’s sound Gani, I changed and thought that i should do a service to few But you wanted to make a few who can be useful to many others You are great Gani Hats off for your thought I’ll be the first person, for the Noble cause you’ve started I’ll be the first voice to express the agitation and ambition that you have in your heart That why i’m announcing publicly so that everybody knows The money that i’ve earned illegally is 100 crores, and in that the money that i spent for public is 3 and half crores I’m daringly announcing the rest of 96 and half crores through this tv program I’m saying only one thing to all my friends, who are watching this program We may buy a bed with one lakh But, we can’t buy sleep We may buy bungalows and cars with crores But we can’t buy peacefulness Peacefulness comes from peace of mind That peace of mind will come only when we accept the mistakes that we have done You might have thousands of acres Might have hundreds of crores money, or you might have tones of gold but never feel happy that you have all these friend if you see properly, the earth is just a small sand particle in this giant universe In that how much are you and what you have? Mr.Surya prakash you asked, will at least one person come out? Your assumption is wrong, not one person They will come like a storm The inner soul of the man buried under the tomb of illegality, In order show its existence, will breathe change and come out like a storm Hey Gani Goodness does not know how to fail You are going to win You will win Thank god, dear, our names will not come out anymore Why did you beat me? Haven’t you understood yet? He made us stand nakedly on road Don’t you have a self conscience? With the gold that you wore, we can give a golden future to hundred kids We can cure the heart problems of a thousand kids with the money that you saved for yourself Will you beat for that I’ll kill you You played games with my weakness Sir, we are getting calls from many areas I have behaved like a leech with so many helpless people The mistakes and sins that i have done May be because of that mistakes only, that my wife is on the bed without any movement I have earned 60lakhs illegally I’m accepting my crimes sir I’m accepting! This is irrigation department’s C.E. Officer speaking

Till now i have earned illegally two crores Three crores sir I’m speaking from pathapatnam, srikakullam district 1427 02:00:12–> 02:00:15 I’m the head clerk of Pension office I have earned 25 lakhs illegally P.A. arrange a press meet urgently Hello is this TV9 Office? This kalyani speaking from vijayawada My husband is working in Excise department he earned 35 lakhs illegally and hid at home I know that he’ll will not reveal this That’s why i’m informing you This is opposition Political leader Narayan Reddy speaking Leaving such big criminals outside, Why did you kept me prisoned inside sir who does only a small thing like pick pocketing Please let me go out Who are you idiot? Security come on take him away Catch this idiot Sir Chief minister is on Live – C.M. is in Live telecast On one side when the whole state is with eagerness, I came in front of you to talk about a very important thing After discussion with the Prime Misiter A historical decision has been taken In the program conducted by one news channel Some persons has revealed their illegal assets many others are scared to reveal their illegal properties When a naxalite surrenders himself to the government after realizing the mistakes that he has done We are giving him a chance to live in the society again In the same way we took a decision, that There’ll be no cases filed on all those who are revealing their illegal assets through this channel We declared so many times in so many meetings that our country in going forward But today i felt that our country has taken the first step to go forward I’m heartily appreciating, our Ganapathi and TV9 channel, who are responsible for this to happen Now i’m revealing my whole property details Feeling happy singing a song like this, is enough Lets come, we have to change the story of our motherland it will not change if we wave the national flag Vande Mataram isn’t enough Again our Gandhi or Netaji will not come for us again To repair the society You’ve have to fight with yourself and come over corruption Young india will keep shining We are the real manually handicapped people who killed those innocent kids This is our small contribution to recover the loss that happened Take it sir Who sent this my dear? – My Brother His name? Diwali in the buildings

Darkness in the Slums Too much food in one place Starvation in another place has changed development into a question Robbing that side, struggles this side Luxuries that side, sorrow this side For what is this partiality! For Hard work to always win and for inequality to go away Have a determination for all these Feeling happy singing a song like this, is enough Lets come we have to change the story of our motherland For a man to change, it is not important to get a chance Its important to recognize it May be this film is chance for all of you to change yourself