Đồng Tiền Xương Máu – Tập 02 | HTV Films Tình Cảm Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2020

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Đồng Tiền Xương Máu – Tập 02 | HTV Films Tình Cảm Việt Nam Hay Nhất 2020

Let me ask Hoang Don’t let them know Your piano skill is good Thanks It’s a waste for her to play music here That is Lan Trinh’s sister Congratulations Excuse me. I need to go. See you Let’s go to karaoke. I know you like it What do you mean? Huy told me everything about you What did he say? I am the one who took him to your house last night. If you love me, I will take you to American. It’s heaven Wait for me Who can keep her not going? I think she is any easy person Why do you think like that? I saw Huy slept with her Is that Huy who fixed LS35 machine? He and I used to study together. He is a careless man I am sorry for her. Don’t talk about that What can I do to make Huy quit that factory? I need a good engineer like him That LS35 machine is very hard to fix Toan also wants to have him in his new company It’s better to not let Toan have him Why did you say that? I am sorry. I am just joking. It’s normal in America No more thinking like that. I don’t want to look bad in front of my parents Thanks It’s normal for musician to play music in such this place Thanks I need to go home

Lan Anh I was waiting for you all this afternoon Why are you here? I don’t want to see you I am sorry. I am crazy when I am working I don’t care about that. Don’t talk about in front of your friend. I am not a naughty girl What did I say? What happened? I will never go to your factory again. No labor training at all Why are you mad at Toan? I would better become a begger than work in your factory Why do you talk to me like that? I am sorry. I am tired Focus on your work and don’t change anything You and your daughter are the same Open the door. Don’t be childish Why are you mad at me? Answer me. Don’t be silent Leave her alone Tell Lan Anh that I say hi Lan Anh is not mad at you. Don’t worry See you Don’t let us be worried for you Toan is home Why did Lan Anh go home and be mad? What happened to Lan Anh? I was joking at the restaurant and she was mad at me She said she would never go to the factory again I told you before but you didn’t listen to me. She doesn’t like schedule work like that It’s necessary to let her work at my factory for training The concept of making people do manual labor to train is old. Who knows the wisdom, he will succeed We all have official degrees. We do not like manual labor You are wrong. All labors are the same Skilled workers are much better. People like you would do nothing without them Lan Anh must go to the factory tomorrow if she wants to live in this house I want to tell you about my business. It’s not worth for me to work at the state company, no future Why did you say that? Because I cannot promote my full abilities and get rich When the country is rich and strong, the standard of living of people will follow. That days are close You must be practice for you own better abilities I will leave the state payroll Are you crazy? I will set up a technology transfer company Where do you get capital for that? My friends will invest in it, especially Ly and Long. I will loan the bank later that

Are you the owner or working for them? I am the owner It would be like having company and letting a foreign business hide, against the law and not paying taxes I don’t want to argue with you. You are not allow to leave the state company and open your own business That is a dream job. Why do you want to leave? Doing private business is complicated Not so many of your friends can do it. All the rest went bankrupt I am matured. No more teaching me how to live my life Why don’t you sleep? Sit down Why do you want to talk to me? Where did you preform tonight? It’s French culture theater Where was you? We saw you playing at Montana Restaurant How can you know? It’s normal. Why do you hide from us? That’s ashamed. Your talent cannot play at the restaurant. We don’t need that much money I know I am unemployed, but I do not want to continue. I love to performance I need to hide it because you and Lan Anh are mad at me, also our parents I am sympathy with you but I am also worried. It’s ashamed to play piano at restaurant We are all employment. Your salary also cannot cover for us. Our parents have worked all the life I will open my own company. You will be work for me. No more playing piano at restaurant Let me drink I have a feeling that Hoang Duy is not good. He looks like mafia You are good at imagination Why do you get the capital to open company? Long and Ly will invest in my company.Are you sure you will be successful after leaving state company? I will succeed. Give me another drink Have breakfast with us Let’s shoot them because it was a lot of money

That’s belong to the state. Don’t worry too much Should I call Lan Anh? Let her stay at home. I don’t want to care for her anymore She is always your daughter Will you have breakfast before going to work? Let him eat first. I will take a bath Do you go anywhere today? I want to go to Tu Liem’s house Can I talk to Lan Anh? Wait You have a call Don’t call me I am sorry. I couldn’t sleep last night. I will wait for you at the coffee next to your house, or whenever you can It’s enough I need to go. I will come back soon Please take the shoes and bag for me Why don’t you get married and ask her to do for you? Your daughter in law will take care of you Is anybody looking for me? Yes and he is gone now Lan Anh I went to your house yesterday. Did Lan Trinh tell you? She doesn’t remember anything. I was working yesterday but I quit. I only do the job that I like it Long time no see I have just come back here from Australia. She was in Ha Noi How are you? I am happy to meet all of you Have you had job? Lan Anh is still unemployment

The joint venture where Hoa works for letting him to study abroad. He has bright future Nga will go to Ha Noi this afternoon and work for a foreigner company Dad gave you a lot of choices but you refused all. You blamed it will low salary or no future When will you work? Work is more different than study. It’s so boring. Give me some money, I will do my own business Your father is a director of company. We had a hard time to raise all you up That was the old ages. At this modern time, we need to make a lot of money to get a comfort life Her talking is better than her working It’s good to have the will. I agree with Toan for his idea to open company Where is Toan? He is working and very busy He is always the idol of us You don’t notice him because you like Hoa only Hoa doesn’t like me. We are just friend We had lots of memories. Hoa is famous for being smart and studying well, you was in emotional all time You was famous because your father was the highest position and you got lots of money We needed to work a lot at that time. You also need to work more Come in Come in Sit down Don’t give compliment to Toan when Hoa is here Hoa is always be my friend, he will never blame me You are matured now Find for you a good wife Marriage is a destiny Do not be superstitious like the elders I am not superstitious We are the one who decide our own life Sometimes we don’t get the things we wanted He doesn’t look like the characters in a story I read I am not kid anymore Take your future boyfriend here to see me before you love him What if you don’t like my boyfriend? Be careful I need to go to the airport. See you Let’s have lunch with us See you later See you later Don’t looking for handsome boyfriend. Find a good man instead See you We are on the way to finish the plans. We need a lot of imported materials

175 company has asked for our help to fix electronic systems of plastic manufacturing machines Have you discussed it with Huy? I haven’t seen him, that’s why I am asking your opinions. Huy and his partner are off for two days It’s not good at all. Find him. Tell him that is my order You need to punish him It’s not easy to find a high skills technical manager as him Wait Can you find another one who can replace him? There will be a lot of people if you post newspaper to recruit Let’s do it Long time no see. Come to my room later Hello Did you wake up all night? It’s not your business Why do you come back here? I miss Toan, I come here to visit him Have a drink with us this afternoon Are you writing a love letter? Let’s go out Go to eat this afternoon I am writing a resignation letter It must relate to two overseas Vietnamese last night Why do you leave this job? So did you. Did you come to Montana restaurant last night? My friends from Russia invited me there. They has a lot of money. Tell me your business plan Will you work for a foreigner company? Yes My advice is to not do it. It will be a lot of works. If you want, I will introduce you my business friends in Russia They has big capital money, many foreign companies are not even as good as them If you quit the state company, you must become a business owner. Don’t make profit for foreigners I will think about your advice. Do their groups have mafia? Business is war. You need to have your own rules to survive Maybe I will need your helps Don’t refuse me when I need you. See you Yen is beautiful She is only my sister There are a lot of beautiful girls. Don’t worry You cannot except from her Wait and see Long time no see I am busy Huy was drunk. He sang a lot last night

He is so bad Come in Why are you still here? Surprise I am sorry This is the last time. I am no more work at the factory Don’t do it. Open the door or I will go home There are a lot of kids here, that’s why I close the door Stop Is it good? Yes It’s good that you listen to me Is Huy here? No Hello Trung Are you looking for Huy? Yes. He is bad behavior Do you know where is he? I think he has more extra works See you I want park the bike here to meet Huy Thanks Nobody loves you Who is that? It’s Toan Why don’t you tell me this before? Hide another places Why did you open the door so long? Why don’t you lock the door? I have resigned from work. When i set up my new company , you must join me This will be our benefits. Come in, don’t let your girlfriend wait See you Is he gone? Yes I need to go. I asked my mom to go for only two hours Find me my shoes I am sad that we haven’t done anything There they are Let me help you You are good What do you think about Toan’s offer? I don’t trust him. I would love to work at the factory with stable salary, and do with Toan on small projects Have you ever thought to become an owner?

I like engineering work, I don’t like to do business I will open a company if I am still unemployment You can only the owner of mine Huy Why do you come here? Mr. Khai asked you to come to the factory Tell him that i still have three more break days Khai and Trung are mad at you. Please write me some words if you don’t want to come You said you didn’t find me I will tell him I met you and Lan Anh at your place You should come to the factory. Don’t be stubborn. See you I will go How can I help you? I want to meet Long and Ly room 201 They have gone since this early morning They have an appointment with me at 8 a.m this morning Mr. Ly said he would come back at night I will come back later. Tell them that I was here We will beat her Stop Don’t do that anymore What happened? Go away What happened? Is she okay? Nothing to look at Are you okay? Why did they beat you? I don’t know I don’t know why they beat me Did they want to take your bike? Be gentle They were waiting for me across the street Tell your dad to come home and report it with the police Were they waiting for you at the door? Yes A woman was staring at me, but I did not take precautions Why don’t you call him? I don’t believe they hit you for no reason The line is busy Are you sure that you didn’t do any wrong things? I am crazy Is it because you went out last night so they took revenge on you? Don’t think too much Let me take her to the room Do you think they were mistaken? I really love your talent, but you need to adjust your temperament, so we can be long time partner It’s not good for you if i work as normal worker

You should follow the factory’s rules I will follow the rules This system was manufactured in 1995. It broke down after one year. They want us the find the solution Do not work on the road I love my work or not is my own business. You don’t need to care New machine is one million dollars. You charge 500 thousand dollars for replacement electronic parts They want to sell products, so they reduce prices and increase accessories prices to cover losses We cannot expect this prices It’s up to you. I cannot discount Please discount for us This is my imported prices Wait for a moment You have call Excuse me Wait for me. I will come out right away I have guests. I will come back Hello New machine costs one million dollars. To replace the electronic part, they asked for five hundreds millions That is their way of doing business Take the catalog MM95 on the table for me Thanks Give that to one of our best engineering Go away to discuss He doesn’t respect anyone He is young and crazy. Ignore him I was mad with the other Overseas Vietnamese, now is him It’s good that he is crazy How is it? I can do it Are you sure? I will guarantee with you It’s good. Take a look at my factory. I need to go. You must carefully look at my machine See you Look carefully the machine and find the solution. I will pick up you later See you

We have a solution for the electronic processing system. Don’t need to discuss. See you I want to have a private talking with you You should be carefully of your opinion We are an exclusive authorized company. How can you find solution without us? I have my own solution There is director of Tan Tien I don’t believe that they can do it We will loose big interest if they finish it Are Ly and Long here? Not yet. I will wait for them Give me one cocktail Toan is waiting for us at the hotel Let him wait. Go to Montana restaurant I am not sure if I was attracted by her or her music It’s early. Let’s go to eat. I like the feeling of waiting for some one You must follow this drawing plan, no more extra costs In my opinion, if you don’t renovate all this house instead of building more floor, your house is still not value No. Do it as I wanted This is old house. You need to renovate all. It doesn’t cost much The youth like you and my son only want to renovate it without keeping any past We need to keep up with the time The youth nowadays is better talking than doing Hello Is that your son? Yes A person like him won’t like old style. What is your final decision? I am the owner here. Do it as I wanted or I will invite another partner Let me recalculate and make a detailed contract with you See you Who is that? They are constructors. He keeps his thinking and won’t change I object Follow him. Don’t make noise in family. Let him do as he wants Where is sisters? Lan Anh went to her friend’s birthday party in the afternoon. Lan Trinh is in her room There was something happened to Lan Anh this afternoon. Someone hit her in front of our house

Is she okay? She thought they had hit the wrong person What is it related to Lan Trinh? She seems not normal from that time Pay attention to Lan Anh more I want to listen to Lan Trinh’s piano Lan Trinh works from 8 p.m We will wait here for her Come in Mom said you were tired. I took pills already Are you going for the show? I cannot quit the contract That’s a silly contract Why do you call me? I need your help What is it? I heard that you know some gangsters I will help you. Come here and take me Where are you going? To my friend’s birthday party You ask me like my father does. I am not kid anymore You are talking and doing differently. I cannot trust you We will be single all your life There are many girls waiting for me Liar Nga was looking for you this afternoon Who is she? You used to say she was beautiful No one of your friends is beautiful. Is that Nga rickets? Forget that nickname. She is beautiful now and she likes you. She has asked for you all the time Forget her Come home early Is Lan Anh home? No. Who are you? I am Nga We have just talked about you. I cannot imagine who you are now I am not that thin anymore

Do you have boyfriend? I am waiting for you Can I be your boyfriend? Don’t joke with me Maybe I like you but you haven’t noticed it What do you do? I worked for foreigner company. The boss was not nice, I left it You can work at my company Congratulations I am afraid that you will not be a good boss. Don’t worry My mom is here. I cannot come. I am happy to talk with you Tell Lan Anh to call me. See you Huy is not here. No need to give me the extra money I will tell you this thing, but don’t tell it to anyone I have lived here for long time, I know the time that people come and go. You should knock Huy’s door Open the door Don’t let me wait out here Open it or I will break this door Huy Hurry up Open it Why don’t you go away? I have something for you I give you five minutes Nobody is here. I will stay longer This is book, not money. I will stay Nobody can distract me when I am working I will stay here three minutes. Did you come to Hoa Binh factory this afternoon? Ly and I was on the way to do contract with them. Will you fix MM95 machine for them? Yes My contract included that electronic brain. Can you help them with that? I am searching but I believe I can do it You must be a genius if you can do it. In modern countries, they also need the help of manufacturers They sell spare parts with an expensive prices If you do for Hoa Binh factory, Ly and I will loose a lot of money. I can give you ten thousand millions instead Go away. You cannot bribe me If you are my friend, never do that to me again