How-To Install Lights Emblems Window Louver Ford Mustang Motorz #40

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How-To Install Lights Emblems Window Louver Ford Mustang Motorz #40

I’m Chris Duke and today on Motorz we’re going to do a complete Mustang makeover welcome to motors this season we’ve got some exciting new project vehicles to work on as well as a few from the past two seasons that are going to return along the way I remember our good old white Ford Mustang GT now we didn’t give it a paint job in a hood scoop this is its brother a 2008 Ford Mustang GT as well but in grabber orange obviously this car gets a lot of attention on the road I mean how many orange cars you see driving around out there probably not very many it gets a lot of looks and this is a stock paint job from Ford well today on Motorz we’re going to be making sure that gets even more attention with a complete Mustang makeover with a ton of appearance products from we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff for the engine compartment for the front end for the windows and the back end and we’ve got a few more surprises to complete the look and we’re all done with that well we’ve got a lot to get done so let’s get started for the engine compartment we’ve got a whole bunch of custom painted engine part covers from Midwest Auto gear we’ve got our radiator cover right here which also has the extensions for the sides got our shock tower covers we’ve got a fuse box cover a plenum cover fuel rail covers there’s two of them with the brackets for mounting those and from stack racing we have these chrome engine caps for the back end we’ve got this tail light trim and for the front end we’ve got replacement headlights and fog lights that feature this really cool halo effect and finally we’re going to install this retro rear window louver for this installation you’re going to need some flat blade screwdrivers a Phillips head screwdriver a soldering gun with some solder or you can use some electrical connectors some wire strippers some cutters a Torx t20 bit an allen wrench and a hammer a power drill a 1/2 inch bit and a smaller bit for a pilot hole 7/32 socket ten millimeter socket with a ratchet and some electrical table to put on your new plenum cover you need to remove your stock one to do that grab a deep socket eight millimeter you’ve got two nuts on the front here that you need to remove and then there’s to these black tabs back here you need to pop these guys off and then there’s two ten millimeters that you need to remove here and one over here now before we put the plenum cover on we need to put the fuel rail covers on first because they go underneath to do that use the provided brackets that you get this one’s for the driver’s side is marked with a big old D and there’s one for the passenger side which is marked with a P we already put that on that’s pretty simple process of lifting up this wiring artist put it on underneath there and that provides some mounting holes for the fuel rail cover itself which kind of sits in here nicely like this we fasten down with the provided screws now over here on the driver’s side unfortunately it’s not as easy you got to do a lot of work to get this guy on there first thing you need to do is pop off the mass airflow sensor off the airbox disconnect that slide it forward then you’ve got to remove this vacuum hose right here we’ve got to disconnect this off the fuel rail now lift up your dipstick a little bit that will allow you to slide that on in after carefully moving in the driver side fuel rail cover which takes a little bit of wiggling because you’ve got all these hoses need to sit on the outside go ahead and clamp it down with provided screws reconnect your hoses and put your box back together now that we’ve got the painted fuel rail covers installed we can finally put on our plenum cover this just kind of sets into place like this there’s one stud over

here on the passenger side and once you’ve got this set down you could put your 10 millimeter studs back into place one over here de pon shock tower covers it’s pretty simple you just point this towards the passenger side these just snap on these little fingers down there in the bottom that just grip right into the air you just place it on top just like so and smack it the fuse box covers a little bit more work than the shock tower cover because you have these little stickies on the back so take an alcohol prep pad clean off the top of this once you’ve done that peel those off stick it we also have the painted radiator cover and extensions but we’re not going to put these on just yet because we’re also going to swap out the headlights and the fog lights now we’re going to dress up our engine compartment with some chrome caps from stack Racing and that’s going to include the windshield washer reservoir or oil our radiator fluid our power steering our oil and our brake fluid in order to put the new oil handle on your dipstick you have to remove your old handle you can pound it out there’s this little spring that’s inside here grab an allen wrench or something like that and pound this guy on out of there and you want to keep that because you’re going to need to reuse it on the new one which looks exactly the same it’s got a little hole right there we’re gonna spring back into the dipstick is quite tricky takes a little bit of coaxing but once you do get that sucker back in there wipe off your dipstick and put it back in available from stack racing and black and chrome is this tail light trim and it’s pretty easy to install you take the provided alcohol wipe and you clean all around the outside of the edges and between these lights and then peel off the backing from this 3m tape and stick it on firmly and once you’ve done this side repeat on the other side now in order to get the headlights on the fog lights out we have to remove this entire front bumper now we already did that back in episode 21 for the Mustang headlight episode so go ahead and check that out for the step-by-step after you’re done removing the front bumper you need to remove your stock headlight and there’s a 10 millimeter bolt on top and two on the bottom here that just slides right on out then to prepare your halo headlight you’ve got to put this transformer on the side that just sticks on right here with some 3m sticky tape and we’re going to connect this up to the parking lights next install your new halo headlight making sure these wire is off the transformer accessible to get power for your halo light you want to take the two wires that come off the transformer connect it to the parking light wiring harness right here which is the black one you want to take the black wire and connect it to the black wire which is your negative on the harness and then take the red one and connect that to the white one which has the red stripe on the driver’s side on the passenger side of the vehicle this wire isn’t white it’s brown use a t20 Torx bit to remove these four screws that are holding your stock fog light on and install the halo fog light making sure this vent on the back is pointing

down from your new halo fog light connect the two black wires to the black wire here on this Brown wiring harness and connect the two white ones to the green one that’s right here in the middle now this is on the driver’s side on the passenger’s side the middle one is actually black with a pink stripe well we’ve made all of our connections and put some wire little on here to make it look a little bit nicer and turn them on and make sure everything works now we can go ahead and put our bumper back on before installing our new radiator cover we have to draw out a couple of holes here for our hood prop clips they’re marked right here on the bottom as drill-point there’s one there and there’s one over here we need to use a 1/2 inch drill bit we’re going to start with a pilot hole insert the hood prop clips into the half-inch hole you just drilled and then using the factory push pins reinstall the radiator cover to install the driver’s side extension wiggle this provided well nut into the factory hole I just hand tighten that one down front one then this point using a ten millimeter socket for the passenger side extent you know also want to install this well nut into the factory hole but you’re also going to need to put this over the hood prop rod slide it on down next we’re going to install this rear window louver for the installation of the rear window louvers you’re going to need all the hardware provided by the manufacturer which includes these thumb screws and washers as well as these top brackets and these tie down plates you’re also going to need a grease pencil some clear silicon rubber some tape and some rubbing alcohol to install the top corner bracket which has this 3m sticky tape on the backside of it take some rubbing alcohol and clean the top area of your window here real good now this brackets got a little bit of a lip here so open up your trunk and then just slide it along the side of your glass being very careful that you don’t scratch your paint in the process once it’s up to the top then you can carefully remove this backing stick it down onto your window to position the side tie down plates on the window just loosely put them into position for now because where they need to line up is with these holes there’s two of them on the side of the window louver itself you’re going to need a buddy to help you do that part position these studs into place they come on through that’s where that thumb screw is going to tie it down and take your grease pencil and Mark a little lie on your paint so that you know exactly where that needs to be positioned do it for this one and the other one and take the louver back off again so that you can attach these with the sticky tape on the back by lining that post up with the mark that you made on the side to create a moisture barrier around the adhesive backing mask it off with some tape and then use some clear or black silicone and push it in with your finger great a bead

after waiting 24 hours for the adhesive and the silicon rubber to dry you can install your window louver and all it takes is to put it into these top brackets and tie down the two thumb screws on the side removing it is just as easy just to remove these two thumb screws tilt it up and lifts right out so you can clean your window or the backside of the loop now that we’ve installed everything from AmericanMuscle we’re going to add some finishing touches of our own which includes these GT on ones which we picked up from Ford sand them down a little bit and painted them black and we’re also going to add these side graphics which we also put on our other project Mustang you can buy these also at the online store at the Motors TV website but before we get to those let’s put on these GT albums using some thirty pound test fishing line wrap it around a couple of rags around your fingers then slowly move it back and forth to loosen up the adhesive behind the emblem now if it’s a little bit too hard you might leave this out in the Sun for a little bit if it’s not sunny out grab a hairdryer and warm it up a little bit you just want to move it around there’s a couple of posts back there so if you hit a post just back it up start in from the other side eventually you’ll get it all once you’ve loosened up the adhesive behind the emblem then you can take your fingers and carefully remove it I can sit here and remove all this adhesive with your fingers which I do recommend that you do for the big pieces but you’re going to get to a point where there’s a lot of little pieces that you can’t get off very easily you can get one of these erasers pads from body shop it’s safe for your paint that’s half is to drill just make sure that when you’re using one of these eraser pads that you take your time you want to use slow rpm and go very slowly make sure it’s all clean then you can stick on your new emblem to install the motor side graphics which you can get at the motors TV website you’re going to need some detail spray and some application fluid which you can get at a sign shop where you can use you some water with a couple drops of liquid soap you need some blue painters tape a squeegee and a microfiber towel now take your detail spray and clean the entire side of your vehicle and you want to make sure that you get in between the door seams right here as well as the very edges because you want that decal to wrap around the end a little bit take your blue tape and you want to make a hinge at the very top of this decal about half on half off and you can put this on up to your vehicle just kind of eyeball the alignment about where it should go because then you can take a tape measure you can fine-tune it by measuring from the bottom of the sticker on down to the bottom of the body panel once you’ve got your decal aligned flip it up using that tape hinge that you created carefully peel off this backing kind of at an angle really close you want to pull it away too far real slow at an angle once you’ve got that off take your application flute it spritz it on there and lay it down using your squeegee get rid of that fluid out from the back of there once you’re done squeezing out all that fluid let it sit there for about 10 or 15 minutes before you try peeling this tape off slowly peel this back at an angle it’ll type to the paint like this if you’ve got these at the end you can wrap them around with your finger when it comes time to dealing with these here you can just kind of push them in there open up your door and use your finger to kind of push them on in the paint on the

inside lining up the next section of the decal make sure that the stripes here line up perfectly so you just kind of want to measure them up overlap it a little bit and put your first section of the tape down and press out along the side again use a tape measure to make sure that this is lined up there we go three and a half and once you’ve got next section lined up you can flip it up go off the backing lay it down again when it comes time to clean up the inside of your doors with this vinyl that wrapped around just take an exacto blade or a box knife just lightly score the vinyl want to do is very lightly so that you don’t also score your paint just make a nice straight line all the way down once you’ve done that take a pop off the extra vinyl you get a nice or extreme Mustang makeover is finally complete and all it took was a couple of basic hand tools in a weekend to do the job everything was relatively easy to install now we even tossed in a brand new Optima yellow top battery not orange to finish up the engine department now for more information on the products that we install in this episode head on over to and be sure to mention discount code motors 10 for a discount on your next purchase and of course for more episodes of motors head on over to motors TV we’ll catch you next time check out the motors TV website to watch all of your favorite episodes and more and talk with other viewers online in our popular forums area catch the latest news and information surrounding the show as well as the entire automotive industry take motors with you on the road with our free app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch and win free parts by entering in our monthly giveaway it’s all right here at WWDC TV you