New Employee Orientation — Benefits

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New Employee Orientation — Benefits

ok my name is Terry McGill I work in the benefits department with JCPS then with JCPS for 11 years so I will be going over your benefits with you how many people have picked up their benefits bag so everyone has the bag has anyone turned in their benefits packet yet okay let’s do it alright so i’ll be going over your 2014-15 benefits as a new hire employee benefits are available to all classified full-time employees working at least 20 hours per week our benefit plan equals or surpasses many other local employers the effective date of your insurance plans your benefits go into effect on the first day of the second month following your hire date for example if you’re hired August fifteenth the effective date of insurance is October first so when r us heartaches aeona during the ninth so your benefits will begin august one yeah obviously july first so yours will begin September one probation and your benefits all classified employees serve a 90 working day probation this probation affects your ability to use sick personal emergency and vacation days if they apply days are accrued but not reflected on pace up until after probation contact human resources for instructions if you are sick and can’t work doing your probation probation does not affect your insurance benefits so if you’re going to be sick doing your probation please tell your supervisor and and also contact the leaf center because doing your probation you’re not allowed to use any days and I think if you miss up to 10 days on your probation it could be grounds for termination and also your benefits bag they need to be turned in within 30 days of your hired a this has nothing to do with your 90-day probation so just remember your 90-day probation and your 30 days to turn in your benefits packet they don’t coincide with one another they have nothing to do with one another okay JCPS for policy gcb be sad leaves and absences the superintendent show established procedures for granting leaves of absence authorized by law board policy and absent from duty not associated with an approved leave shall be treated as job abandonment regardless of intent to return to work and may result in termination contact human resources at these numbers if you need a request if you need to request a leave of absence as I stated before if you’re going to be off doing your probation just make sure you contact human resources to let them know and then they will let you know whether it would be approved or not approved JCPS benefit counselors for questions on your benefits you can call LaDonna roser Lori Stewart or myself tearing the Gil LaDonna handles with custodians instructor 3 plant operators Lori handles bus drivers knitted security and maintenance and I handle all nutrition services and structural assistance and clerks I am is I believe that would be LaDonna yeah if not with Donovan it may be Lori if it’s not Lori and it’s far you me so just narrows it down right so but i believe it’s LaDonna but if Madonna is not available then one of the other counselors can help you mm-hmm and you have to fund was right I’m sorry you had the fanboys yes where the vendors catch that would be LaDonna she handles all administrators JCPS website if you go to this website to access the JCPS website from the homepage you can click on employees and then scroll down the page and click on employee benefits information for brochures and explanations of our insurance offerings you can also get information on participating providers get addresses customer service phone numbers etc don’t forget to check out JCPS plus at the bottom of the employee page so if you go to you go to our home page this is what our home page looks like and if you see up there the third tab it says employees if you click on that it will bring you to this page down here is where you have employee benefits information everything that’s in your benefits package since you receive the bags everything that’s in there is on the JCPS website also so there’s a form that you messed up or you just want more information on what we put in the bag the information is out

there if you do mess up a form we also have it in the benefits department so we can give you another one if if you mess it up the JCPS plus is also down here this is where you go to find vendors that offer JCPS employees of discounts on different things such as I think they have car washes out there great wolf lodge if you buying a home of cell phones it’s a lot of different things out there and I think it’s like 150 vendors and all you have to do is show your pay stub or your your JCPS ID so if you want to know who those vendors are you just go to the JCPS homepage and this is what it looks like we also have employee self-service you go to back to the homepage the JCPS homepage click on employees then you kick click on quick clicks click on employee self-service in the drop-down box click login in the upper right hand of the screen helpful hints your username is your six digit ID found on your pay advice not your social not your social security number the first time you login use the last four digits of your SSN as your password you will then be asked to change your password at that time choosing for yourself service on the left of your screen again you see that quick click drop down box if when you drop that down you’ll see employee self-service and employee self-service is where you can go to find copies of your pay stub your w-2s what you claimed on your w-4 it’s all your personal information benefits information used to be out there but for whatever reason my director has removed it so if you want to know what you signed up for you can always contact the benefits department but the employee self service is very helpful if you want to just you know get a pay stub from three weeks ago and you need it printed you can go to employee self-service in them that will give you all your information approve leaves these are the proves leak approved leaves if you’re less than 260 days up to 60 days employees this is how your holiday sickly personal leave emergency leave and paid vacation will follow and it goes on the 209 and 260 so depending on where you where you are as far as the days that you work under your contract this is how you’re approved leads will follow use your approved leads wisely you’re sick days you’re on your sick days accumulate from year to year your personal days your unused personal days are converted to sick days for the next year insurance benefits are tied to active status and may be adversely affected depending on your FMLA eligibility so if you don’t use your sick days of JCPS this fiscal year is July to July so if you don’t use all your sick days you’re sick days will roll over your personal days will turn into sick days and then the new fiscal year you will get another batch of sick days and you’ll also get another batch of three personal days your emergency days you will have two out there but that’s only if you have some type of emergency death naturally dancing disasters anything like that it does it automatically pretty kind of here in there but the flex day is you get that you can use that as your most people use it for their birthday if if it’s an election year for the president then we don’t get that flex day we get that flex day for election day and then right exactly and then I think you have up to June fourteenth I think it’s Flag Day to use that day and depending on how your birthday follows you can either use it on so it’s exactly another reason to use days wisely employees are paid at thirty percent of their current daily rate at retirement but unused sick days up to those earned in their 30th year of service credit with the retirement system for classified employees the other seventy percent goes toward the purchase of up to six months of additional service credit with the retirement system depending on the

number of sick days accrued the seventy percent purchased credit can result in either return earlier or higher monthly annuity for the rest of your life so if you don’t if you plan to retire from JCPS and you continue to let your sick days roll over and accumulate you could be paid a big amount at the end of your retirement of 25 to 27 years I ever say that I’ve been in with JCPS for Jason what 11 years and we’ve done retirements and we’ve seen people walk away with checks for forty fifty thousand dollars and that’s the next thirty percent of their 30 days that they they had at the end of their retirement so it’s a good benefit if you decide to to stay here and do that yeah and depends on their daily rate so you know how much money they’re making yeah so it could be a nice check at the end of your retirement I mean you know and then there’s been lower amounts 10,000 we’ve seen people walking away with 5,000 but we’re just trying to tell you that you know if you save your sick days don’t use them just because you have them because you can you can’t benefit from them in the long run so you know if you’re sick we understand that you do need to use them but you know you will get paid a good amount at the end if you decide to retire with JCPS and as it also say to the other seventy percent will go toward return earlier or a monthly higher annuity for the rest of your life so it depends on how you want it done in the end yes yes anytime you take off for a sick child you can use a sick day more proof leaves you have paid leaves with your jury duty military leave unpaid leaves our medical leave adoption convalescent leave showering leave education and training Lee Union Association lead and military lead it is crucial that you contact the human resources department to formally request and approve leave and that’s what I’ve stated to you all in the beginning if you’re going to be off especially doing your 90-day probation make sure you please contact the human resources department because we don’t want you all to lose your job and just you know don’t just stay home because you don’t feel like going and don’t call nobody because you don’t feel like go so just make sure you contact someone it if you’re going to be off jury duty notify your supervisor as soon as you receive your notice in the mail jurors called to an automated telephone scheduler each night if you are not required to report for jury duty the next day you are expected to report to your assigned work location the court will give you a statement showing each day he reported for jury duty bring that statement into your work location at the end of your scheduled service time to confirm your jury attendance jurors will pay five dollars per day for their service plus seven dollars and fifty cent per day to cover parking lunch etc when you return to work make a check payable to the treasure of JCPS for five dollars for each day that you report it for jury duty example if you work eight days served by five dollars equals forty dollars give this check along with your chime verification to the payroll person at your location in return you will receive your entire paycheck just like you had been at work the whole time so this is a good benefit that not all employers participate most importance do not pay you go on jury duty so if you do go on jury duty you will if you do this you will get your paycheck as if you never miss any days of work no no not at all and but if you’re on your 90-day probation linda has told me that it’s easy to get it waived if you’re you know hopefully you won’t get caught doing your 90-day probation because you don’t want you don’t want to delay your probation but but yeah I heard if you contact them they will waive it and you can do it at another time your benefits i’ll be going over the state health insurance to stay flexible spending cleanse your life insurance your long term disability retirement plans optional voluntary benefits and the Employee Assistance Program the employee assistance program is a program where JCPS offer solace employees you get up to three counseling visits so if you feel you need to talk to someone regarding anything with your life or something that’s going on with the job you do have you can contact the Employee Assistance Program there should be a pamphlet in your optional packet with

that phone number and who to contact it is confidential you when you make an appointment you won’t be sitting in the waiting room with another JCPS employee and no one will ever know that you call no one but you and the counselor so it is strictly confidential so you ever need that it is there for you your new hire packets since you’ve all picked up your bags this is what will be in the required packet you must complete all forms in the required envelope of your new hire packet and you must complete the required packet regardless of whether you’re not wanting anything you have to complete everything in your required package and you have to turn it in in person you can’t put it through the mail you can’t put it through the pony we want to see you just in case you don’t have everything filled out then we can either give you the form or let you know what’s missing and when you do come in make sure bring your bag with you because there may be some things missing or that you know we need for you to fill out yes now the question I had was we have 30 days to return adores you at the same time the general opening a little bit it’s going to be in the cocktail yes and I’ll get today i miss my 30 days to return that for personal reason I want to just wait for that opening enrollment is that going to cause any issue for me not returning these or not now you still have to return the required packet regardless of whether you’re going to wait until open enrollment to do that because there’s life insurance information that we need from you so you still have to turn that required packet in regardless and we will contact you if you haven’t turned it in within the 30 days we will contact you and give you you know maybe a couple of days to mr if I don’t sign up for the health insurance mm-hmm I didn’t have a chance to sign up doing are doing opening wrong we don’t know yet we haven’t got that information yet and that will probably come in maybe july then I’ll get second we might get it an early September but we haven’t got that information yet but as soon as we get it we will get the information out to everyone in the district so in your require packet you have your health insurance application waiver form you have your standard life insurance beneficiary form your nationwide life insurance enrollment form and beneficiary form and you also have the JCPS benefits enrollment change form C optional envelope for information in prices you also have your health insurance checklist initial each line and sign at the end of the form so this is everything that will be in your required packet yeah if you don’t if you don’t enroll into if you don’t turn in your require packet and you don’t enroll into a health insurance plan they will default you to a plan that you probably don’t want it will be a single plan I think that default plan is like six dollars and fifty cents a pay period oh but every two days yes every pay period so but I need to see them to feel out that sing like I don’t want and then put it back that is correct me if I don’t do that thank you yeah so if you don’t fill out your health insurance packet or if you don’t turn the require pack it in to us the state will default you to an insurance plan that you may want you you may not it’s really up to you but you know I would say you know choose the plan that you want that’s best for you and you do have that opportunity to do that so and that’s why we give you 30 days to read over the information and if you have any questions you know feel free to contact the benefits counselor so you know that’s what we’re there for just fill out as much as you can in the require packet your name address and all that stuff and if you have questions write your questions down and when you bring in the packet will be happy to answer any questions that you have but fill out as much as you can as possible because you feeling out as much as you can don’t just bring the packet in and you haven’t even looked at it because that could take you 30 minutes to an hour to complete if you have most of it filled out it could take you maybe 10 to 20 minutes if you have everything filled out we’ll just look over it make sure you’ve signed everything make sure you select it what you what you want and it could take you two to three minutes to get it to get in and out so just be

aware that you know it depends on you what you’ve done in the packet as to how long you’ll be in our office filling out the paperwork and if you haven’t filled out everything then we do have a room that we put you in to do it and we can’t we can tell you about the plans but we can’t make the decision for you the decision would be to you okay all employee benefit packages must be completed and delivered to the risk management risk management and benefits department second floor van hoose Education Center within 30 calendar days of your full-time hire date our office hours on Monday through Friday 732 430 just know that the doors are locked at four-thirty so if you’re going to come over and bring your your benefits packet just make sure you get there at least by i would say four or 415 because if 430 they do lock the doors and once they’re locked you can’t get in and I wouldn’t want you to make that trip out there for for nothing because everybody says it’s hard to get to the van hoose so but and if you have to turn your packet in and you know you work til 430 just tell your supervisor that you know you have to get this packet in and the most of them understand that you have to get it over there so that will allow you to leave you know a little early to get over to the van who’s they can drop it off but if something is missing all they can do is drop it off if something’s missing we will contact you and let you know right so they can drop it off for you but we’ll just take it and then we’ll review it later we won’t review it while they’re there but if something’s missing we will contact you yeah your health insurance the Commonwealth of Kentucky provides you around coverage through the Kentucky employee’s health plan review your ke HP handbook and choose the plan that best suits the needs of you and/or your family the application is inside the khp handbook for questions on the health insurance you can go to this ke HP website or you can call the state helpline at this 888 number you can also contact us as benefits counselors if you have any questions if we can’t answer your questions then we will refer you to the Department of employee insurance which is located in Frankfort Kentucky so we are there to answer your questions but you know some most times we can we don’t want that to happen sorry okay but yeah we can’t answer your questions but if we can’t we will refer you to the Department of employee insurance in Frankfort and as I stated before if you don’t turn in your your health insurance our select that you want to wave it or anything the state will default you to a health insurance plan waving your health insurance coverage you must complete the state form even if not taking the health insurance if you wish to waive your coverage complete section 5 of the application and sign the second page if eligible a waiver automatically enrolls you for the HRA HRA health reimbursement account amount of 175 per month if you are not eligible for contribution you must write not eligible in section 5 so if you have health insurance someplace else like your spouse carries you or you’re in the military or you just have health insurance someplace else and you don’t other than the state you have the option to waive your health insurance and receive a health reimbursement account that account is not 175 on your check you’re not you’re not going to get that on your check which what will happen is that if they will put it on a Humana access card that looks like a visa and you can use that for co-pays prescriptions dental vision anything that’s medically necessary if your benefits begin September one then you’ll get 175 a month for the remainder of the year and if your benefits begin September one whatever that amount is from sep tember to December you’ll get that full amount on sep tember one if you use it all in September one and you resign September second or sep tember 10th you’re not penalized if you if you resign or something happens that you have to leave the JCPS so you’re not penalized but that this option is available to you if you waive health insurance we you have health insurance someplace else or if you just don’t want health insurance you have this you know that’s your choice that’s that’s if that’s what you want to do wellness information for complete details about the new health and wellness program sponsored by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Humana vitality you can go to this website I

just went to a camp yesterday regarding the Humana vitality I was held in Frankfort Kentucky and they just want our all our Kentucky members to be a healthier you so if you go to this website I think we have to live in the state has to live in well plans as far as health insurance if you select the Living Well plan you have to do a health assessment I believe because of your hard day you’re not required it’s not mandatory like it was before but they do want you to go out there to do a health assessment if you do that if you select a living well plan and you can see all this in your your health insurance handbook in your require packet if you select one of the Living Well plans and you do the health assessment they will ask you questions as far as your weight your sleeping habits do you exercise what type of things do you eat it won’t whatever you answer we’re not prevent you from being on that plan it just gives you a guide and gives the state of guide as to how they can help you be a better you and as you when you enroll and do the health assessment you also have the opportunity to earn books to go shopping in their mom and you can win gift cards cameras hotel stays of tickets to to the movies there’s a lot of information out there you can also get five to ten percent off at walmart you can receive a card if you buy the certain of the healthy foods that they have on their list you can receive five to ten percent off it at Walmart so I say if you’re you know if you want to be a better you or you’re into exercising and you know doing the 10,000 steps a day I would say go to this website because there’s a lot of resource for information out there that that could that could win you money and make you a better you yes did you have questions you go to Humana com to do the the health assessment I’m sorry yeah it’s consists of the questions like they actually your age and they just want to kind of get a a guide on how you live in your life and like I did the health assessment and I’m 48 but they told me I was 15 yes I just turned 48 so what thank you but yeah but what when I did the health assessment and I answered all the questions you know they came up that I was 52 54 or something like that but you know and it’s because of the way I answered the questions and I’m you answer them as truthfully as possible you know I’m not a drinker you know they want to know if you if you have diabetes in your family if your smoker you know and things like that so it’s not any type of incriminating questions you know it’s normally questions that your physician might as so but if you go to Humana com are the KE HP website there’s a lot of information out there on the Living Well promise and and things you can do to to earn points and game rewards I’ve had people that get they gained so many points from you know from exercising and eating right that that you know they’ve bought iPads at you know forty to fifty percent off you know they get oh you get a lot of benefit if you really if you want to improve your your life and your your health and all that so yeah it’s a good website to go to to to view that information and if you have any questions you can contact us benefits counselors and we can we can kind of tell you what you what you need all right spending accounts the state offers flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement accounts for more information and a list of eligible and ineligible activities for fsa’s and hras you can go to the ke HP website and click on the 2014 flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement forms now I did tell you about the HRA which is the help reimbursement account just remember that the health reimbursement account the HRA is state-funded that’s the 175 that the state gives you if you waive your health insurance the FSA is a flexible spending account of your money that you decide the amount that you want to put into a flexible spending account so that money will come out of your check if you choose to enroll in an FSA so that that’s the difference between

the HRA and the FSA the HRA is state-funded the FSA is your money going into account an account and if you happen to have an FSA and an HRA and some people do what they’ll do is they will take the money off the FSA first because you will lose that money at the end of the year if you don’t use it if you have the HRA and you continue to roll in it every year the money that you have on December 31st will roll over to the next year so also remember that your HRA funds will roll over but your FSA funds you’ll lose if you have any left over come December 31st if I cancer that injury if I cancer that then I’m sorry you say the money roll over for the next year haha what about if I cancel they’re going to reimburse me all the money right that’s unused for the hid no no if you cancel it it will it will stop the day that you cancel it and you won’t be able to use it for anything after that day right if in October you sign up for a health insurance plan then January one you will have the health insurance and you won’t have the HR n so let’s go over the life insurance at no cost to you the Commonwealth of Kentucky gives you a policy through nationwide life insurance its twenty thousand dollars death benefit term light Jefferson County Public Schools gives you a policy through standard life term life is equal to end to an annual to annual salary minimum is 10,000 maximum is 50,000 both policies double if accidental death so as I stated in your require packet these policies are in your required packet and we need those back from you you this lets you know that you get up to seventy thousand dollars in free life insurance at no charge to you the twenty thousand dollars you have the option to select additional on yourself and you also have the option to select additional on your spouse or children if you do up to do the additional on yourself or children just keep in mind that they will bill you at home for that the Kentucky State Treasurer in the in Frankfort will bill you at home for that amount it won’t come out of your paycheck so just remember if you do sign up for the optional on the the nationwide policy you will be billed at home for that and it’s worth if you don’t enroll in anything other than that you would get the 20,000 at no charge to you and the same with the the standard life this doesn’t offer any additional it just get you can get it up to fifty thousand dollars so if you make 25 thousand a year then your policy will be 25 and so these are in your required packet and you have to turn those back in to us beneficiary information and this is the reason why we need your beneficiary information please keep your beneficiary forms up to date at all times you may change a beneficiary selection at any time by coming into the benefits Department and showing a picture ID remember a signed and dated beneficiary form becomes a legal document don’t forget to change your beneficiary information with the retirement system as well so just make sure when you fill out your beneficiary forms that you have listed who you won’t list it in case of your dead if you need to change it you do have to come in and show a picture ID we if you call us and want to know who you listed as your beneficiary we won’t give you that information over the phone you have to come in and show an ID we won’t give socials over the phone do the HIPAA laws we can’t do that we just make sure you keep your beneficiaries up-to-date I mean spouses die people break up people get mad at each other just just make sure you know you keep them up-to-date we did have one gentleman that worked for JCPS and he didn’t turn in his require packet at all and he did end up getting killed and so he had no beneficiary listed so you know we’re talking to all these family members trying to figure out you know who’s next weekend so it just gets real you know the waters get real muddy you know at that time and you know and everybody is fighting you know for this money and trying to bury him and you know and do all that so it makes it easier on us and it also makes it easier

on your family if you have someone listed as a beneficiary now on your beneficiary forms you do have a primary and contingent you can list one you want as your beneficiary it’s up to you on who you won’t list it each section the primary and the contingent has to equal one hundred percent so if you have like three children and you want to make a mile primary and get 33 or 34 percent all right you can break down the percentage however you want you can break it to 50 75 of 15 yeah 50 50 75 25 however you want to do it but as long as the equals one hundred percent in each section then yeah that that’s how it will work out and contingent is if the primary is deceased so you can list a contingent if you want you don’t have to it’s up to you yes right exactly yeah and that’s normally how people do it with with children so and if your children are under 18 they whoever their guardian is that’s who the money will most likely go to our it will go into a trust until they’re of age so most times if you list the child is under 18 I’m assuming that most people you know may have a will that that indicates that you know your life policies to your children need to go into trust until they get a certain age so but just make sure your beneficiaries are always up to date and normally a since I’ve been with JCPS I’ve seen where people normally update or want to know who they listed for their beneficiaries they normally do it during the summer because that’s when they’re off and then that’s when they can sit down and you know and really evaluate things that that’s going on long-term disability this policy provides financial protection in case of a disability it’s one year of employment for full-time hired a for eligibility it pays 66 and two-thirds percent of basic annual salary based on medical eligibility employee must be absent for 45 consecutive work days or use all sick days whichever is greater it’s subject to coordination with other benefits you are automatically enrolled on your one-year anniversary contact the benefits department if you need to submit a claim so this is the benefit that’s automatic it’s not you don’t have a few reached your year with JCPS you don’t have to call us and say I’ve you know I’ve been with been here a year and now won’t you ought to know that I’m eligible for the long term disability oh that’s not something that you have to do if something should happen to you and you’re going to be out six months to a year because you’re having some type of surgery or you know something major has happened in your life this policy if you’re approved for it it will pay 66 and two-thirds of your of your income it doesn’t pay your health insurance but it will give you some type of income while you’re off so you do have to be out at least 45 consecutive work days or have used up all your sick days so whichever one comes first so all you need to do is contact your benefits counselor and we will send you out an application for the long term disability hopefully you’ll never have to use it but it is there if if you have to now short term disability if you’re going to be off for six weeks now that’s something that’s in your optional packet that you have to pay for yourself so if you enroll in that either through american fidelity or colonial that’s something that you would have to pay for yourself so just know the difference between the long term and the short term disability county employee retirement system uh this is the retirement system that all classified employees pay into if you’re hired after january one the retirement system has a new cash balance hybrid plan if you want information on this plan and how it works these are the two websites that you can go to the employees contribute 6.0 percent before taxes district contributes 17-point sixty-seven percent which is adjusted annually you’re vested after five years as long as you do not receive a refund of your account this entitles you to future benefits even if you are not currently contributing to the system for retirement equals rule of 87 members age plus years of service credit must equal 87 and member must be a minimum of fifty seven years of age know if you are a previous employee who has returned to employment context cers for specific information on your retirement eligibility criteria it may be different members do participate in social security and medicare so if you

have any questions regarding the retirement systems that you pay into their number is up there the 800 of us benefits counselors we know little bit we know little about the system and how it works so if you call us and ask us a question we may be able to help you but most likely not and we will refer you to the 800 number if you pay into the this retirement system right exactly but it must be a minimum of you must be a minimum of fifty seven years of age they want you to do 27 years to have a full retirement but depending on your age and I guess when you came in and how many years you’re putting in you know I guess that would all reflect on on how your retirement will will pay out do I have any one that instructor three or they may pay into Katie RS which would be the Kentucky Teachers Retirement system’s no one okay well if you find out that you do pay into the Kentucky Teachers Retirement this is their number and this is for administrators and instructor threes and teachers it’s as if you’re in a position that requires a BA but I don’t think we have any one in here are you in a position that requires a VA so you may pay into this Katie RS okay so this is how your this is how you would contribute as a que TRS and employee a que TRS member you’ll contribute 11.35 5% before taxes state contributes 14.1 oh five percent employees make no contribution in Social Security employees contribute to Medicare and you are vested after five years so if you have any questions regarding your retirement system you can contact that 800 number no I don’t think they’d be sending rule applies to this section 125 cafeteria plan JCPS provides a section 125 cafeteria plan that provides substantial tax havens by allowing deductions for the plains below to be pre-tax you have your health insurance dental insurance vision insurance supplemental health insurance accidental death and dismemberment insurance cancer insurance dependent care medical flexible spending account so all these if you select any of these if you enroll in any of these these will be pre-tax optional voluntary benefits through payroll deduction you have your auto home these benefits the information on these benefits are in your optional packet you have your auto home your cancer your dental legal short-term disability as I stated earlier your supplemental health insurance vision insurance whole life insurance tax sheltered annuity supplemental term life insurance you you have the class act credit union deductions are taking pre-tax a qualified under the section 125 cafeteria plan deductions other than the health insurance can be taken one month in advance health insurance taking current month so if your benefits begin September one your help your first health insurance deduction will be the first paycheck in September if you sign up for dental or vision those deductions will be taken in august if you don’t turn in your packet in time for us to take those deductions those deductions that are taking a month in advance we will sometimes have to double up on them and so if you sign up for dental that’s like two dollars a pay period and you don’t turn your packet in until after those two those two pay periods we will you might see six dollars taken out because we’re trying to catch you up on the two you miss the month before and then the current pay period but then the next pay period you will see is it just the two dollars coming out for the devil so just know that if you see an odd amount that’s because we’re trying to catch you up and it depends on when you turn in your your your benefits package and as I stated the health insurance is taking current so if you’ve benefits begin September one you will see your deduction for health insurance the first paycheck in September and the tax sheltered annuities of I know we told you you have 30 days to enroll in those in your benefits you can enroll in your tax sheltered annuity at any time so you don’t have to wait 30 days you just have

to contact the provider of the representative and that information is in your optional packet but you can enroll in a TSA at any time it’s not a time-sensitive within the 30 days open enrollment open enrollment is the timings here when you can make changes to your insurance plans open enrollment normally takes place in the fall just after the start of school you may choose new plans add or drop dependents or cancel your insurance all open enrollment choices take effect on January one of the following year changes may be made outside of open enrollment only if there is a qualifying event so as I said it earlier i think i mentioned something about open enrollment the open enrollment is normally held in October last year it was held it’s normally held for two weeks but last year was held for the whole month of October but you all will know you’ll get information through your email you’ll get it from Monday memo your secretary at your site may mention it just make sure that you you know you listen to the buzz is going on around October the september-october for the open enrollment and instructions on how how to enroll if you want to make changes so and make sure you have access to your e mail because email is very important around open enrollment because my director sends out a lot of emails regarding opening roman and also know that doing open enrollment of the Commonwealth of Kentucky add that to our insurances through it’s just a minister by Humana they have their own website JCPS has their own website for optional benefits such as dental and vision so you’re actually going to have to go to two websites during open enrollment normally with JCPS if you’re not making any changes you don’t have to do anything and it will just roll over but with the state we’re not sure most last year it was mandatory that everyone enrolled in their health insurance but just remember that there will be two websites that you have to go to two in row doing open enrollment you have your state website and you have your JCPS optional website a lot of people think if they do their health insurance that they’re doing they’re optional know a lot of people think if they’re doing they’re optional they’re doing their health insurance and that that’s not the case so just remember to read your email of read Monday memo and just make sure you you know you listen to the buzz that’s going on around open enrollment and we’ll also will have a benefits fair sometime I believe in October over at the Kentucky fair and Expo Center and you all are welcome to come it is during the day I believe it starts from seven to six and you can meet all the vendors of the Kentucky what is it Kentucky help employees for a mug from Frankfort they’ll be there for the health insurance and then we have all our vendors as far as dental vision and the retirement systems will be there so you have any questions you can come over there and talk to the individuals they give out prizes and give out little trinkets toothbrushes just stuff yeah and grab a little bags but yeah so just just make sure you listen to the buzz around September in October when it comes to open enrollment your qualifying events are birth death divorce marriage spouse games insurance through employment staff losses insurance through employment call your benefits counselor immediately since these are all our time sensitive transactions and requires specific documentation so if you get married and you want to add your spouse to your health insurance or your spouse has added you to their health insurance which means you can drop your health insurance with JCPS just make sure you come in to make those changes you have 30 days because they are time sensitive you have 30 days to come in and make any changes with the qualifying event you can contact the benefits counselors and we will tell you what what what proper documentation we need in order to to process the qualifying event so as I say that if you get married if you get divorced if there’s a death just make sure you contact us if you have this person on your health insurance or if you just want to drop your health insurance because you have health insurance someplace else or you know if you have some type of life-changing event what about children under age 26 like they work somewhere they get an insurance and then summary clearly right that’s that’s a qualifying event up until they’re 26 so you can you know that that would apply to them up into their 26 and they would just need to bring us a letter from their employer stating the effective date coverage end and their name needs to be in the letter so and all children can be covered up to

26 escrow all less than 260 day employees have money escrow from each paycheck throughout the school year to help ensure they receive equal pay checks each pay period employees who are hired after the beginning of the school year may not have enough money escrowed to pay them through the entire summer dependent on their hard day if you have questions regarding your escrow contact the payroll department at this number and we have Sarita Clarkson she’ll be coming up to speak to you she’s from payroll and she’ll she’ll be coming up to speak to you about escrow summer insurance premiums deductions will be taken as long as there are paychecks to support them new employees may be responsible for submitting deductions directly to the vendors if their summer paychecks do not extend through the entire summer this will not apply to you so don’t yeah don’t worry about this questions thanks for your attention and your interest and welcome to JCPS are there any questions the official packages you that all happens notice i was looking at last night and so in the column Mary right courses the employee contribution their surprise so I’m assuming that’s what you’re going to see the nan Batian white of that it says all contributions are per month per worker per month so its weekly half those mmhmm yeah that’s a monthly amount in the book and then you just divide it into two