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Statewide Contract Index

you good morning and welcome to the team Georgia marketplace statewide contract index webinar the Department of Administrative Services is providing you with the new statewide contract index which is a new way to access and search statewide contracts the purpose of this webinar is to introduce you to the enhanced statewide contract index show you how to access the index and review functionality of the index my name is Doris Scott and I’m a procurement training specialist and I will be your presenter today if you have additional questions my contact information is here at Dorna Scott at DOAs Gao and my phone number is 404 four six three four zero four four we are going to have an answer a question and answer period at the end of the webinar and if you will look on your screen you do have a field to enter questions please type your questions in and at the end of the webinar we will read your questions verbally and we will also answer them verbally but let’s get started let’s talk for a few moments about statewide contracts on the state purchasing division of DOAs establishes competitive statewide contracts for products and services that are used by local and state government technical colleges and universities using statewide contracts leverages the state’s purchasing power thereby allowing these governmental entities to receive better pricing for products services and equipment there are currently over 80 statewide contracts with over 200 suppliers ranging from products like tires and office furniture to services such as temporary and IT staffing here’s a view of the old statewide contract and that in the past in order to obtain pricing information from statewide contracts a user would have to navigate through pages and pages of text sifting through suppliers so there was a fragmented view of information and prices which oftentimes cost users to circumvent using the statewide contracts before there are many discrepancies in the information provided in the index sometimes with glaring omissions or redundant information on July 15th the statewide contract index migrates a team Georgia marketplace to become the sole source of information now the enhanced statewide contract index provides enhanced advanced search capabilities to include using search criteria to find suppliers related nigp codes issuing officer contact information as well as supporting documentation related to the contract in the enhanced index information is managed and updated in one location to prevent discrepancies in information that is posted so you get the same information as before with one exception if you want unit pricing information you will have to access the window shopper in team Georgia marketplace or if you are already a team Georgia marketplace user you will find unit pricing in the hosted virtual catalogs we will talk about this a little bit more in a few minutes so let’s take a look at how to access the new and improved statewide contract index first you go to the department administrative services website at WWDC a govt angel select state purchasing under the state and local community of interest once you have arrived at the state purchasing homepage look under the direct link section in the center of the page and click on statewide contract once the page loads you will see information regarding several different audiences of users state of Georgia employees the general public window shoppers and team Georgia marketplace

agencies any of these users can use the public site but each requires a unique sign-on user ID and password combination to access the index you will click on the team Georgia marketplace icon the general public will use TGM guests for the user ID and password so on this screen you will enter a TEM guest twice for the username and password and the login information is case-sensitive so be sure to enter a TGM guest in all lowercase letters if you are a window shopper or that is an agency that does not yet live on Team Georgia marketplace but you would like to view the statewide contract index you will click on the team Georgia marketplace icon and enter your personal specific window shopper login credentials if you don’t have a window shop or user name an ID or password you will have to request access to window shopper let’s take a look at this screen you will have to complete in order to request access to gain access to window shopper complete the fields on the screen selecting a username and password and create a security question you will then complete all your fields and click Submit you will receive two emails the first will acknowledge a registration request and will indicate that you should be receiving another email the second email will indicate your registration status and will indicate whether or not your registration has been approved once your registration has been approved you can then access window shoppers to view the statewide contract index if you need more assistance with window shopper there are a series of quick reference guides as well as online training available at your disposal on the DOAs website the web address is listed on the screen or you can go to the DOAs website and look in the Features section on the right and click on team georgia marketplace and select window shopper I’ll give you a few moments to jot down this website address all right so let’s move on if you are state employee and you have not yet completed window shop or training or if you’re waiting for your registration approval you may click on this link to access the statewide contract index so on the screen where it reads state of Georgia employees you will click on the link statewide contract the screen will show the former statewide contract index search screen which allows you to access the old statewide contract index you will be able to perform your searches based on your nigp codes or by keywords or by your major nigp category so let’s now go back to the new statewide contract index from this point on the information for the statewide contract index will be the same for all users once in time once inside team Georgia marketplace you would select the contracts tab to access the statewide contract information in the contract viewer you can perform an advanced search for various types of information in the index for this example we will use the contract type search option so you will click on the drop down arrow in the contract type field and select statewide contract the resulting list will be broken down into each supplier that is listed on the contract the headings are available our contract number contract names renewal number if the contract has been renewed supplier name the effective and expiration date and the status of the

contract there was also the capability to sort your list by contract number contract name supplier name effective dates and expiration date once you find a contract that you desire and click on the contract number a contract summary screen will open where you will find the following general information contract number and name contract type supplier name contract status contract description including relative nigp codes effective date and time expiration date and time and you will also find contract details such as link to supporting documentation group category name and spend data also provided is contact information for the issuing officers or the owners associated with the contract let’s now take a look at how to use the supplier search option you can either enter a supplier name in the field or click on select supplier a secondary supplier search box will pop up giving you an opportunity to type in a suppliers name for this example we will use NASA so we will type NASA in the search field and click search to see what happens the supplier result will give details about the supplier including supplier name and contract on contact details it also shows preferences in team Georgia marketplace if you hover over if you hover your mouse over the icon the system provides descriptions for the icon so let’s review them first you see the visa logo which means that this supplier accepts the state’s beat the purchasing card as a form of payment next you see the map of Georgia this indicates that this contract has been favorably negotiated as a statewide contract the last item that you see indicates that this supplier honors early payment discounts once you select the supplier the results will include the contracts on which the searched supplier is listed click on the contract number for more information about the contract so once again click on the contract number we’ll give the contract summary information and links to supporting documentation when you are performing your search for suppliers if you click on select supplier and search that will yield the entire alphabetical list of suppliers that are in statewide contract remember that if you need descriptions of the icons hover your mouse for a few seconds when you will click select next to your desires of supplier the system will then show the contracts on which the supplier is listed now let us perform a search by keywords in the contract keyword field enter a keyword for the contract for which you are searching in this example we will use the word tyres using tires with an S versus tire without the S will yield different results then click search after entering the keywords look through the results to find a specific contract and/or supplier that you desire in this example we will select s WC 9 0 7 8 2-1 tires and tubes for Goodyear clicking on the contract number link will open the contract summary screen and you will now be able to view the information for the supplier on this contract

in addition to the advanced search criteria that you have just learned you can also perform a quick search by entering a contract name description’ nigp code etc to get to the quick search look in the upper right corner of your screen and click on show quick search a great feature of the enhanced statewide contract index is that you can search all contracts that contain specific nigp codes just enter the code into the search field and click search remember that once you perform your searches you can sort the list by the available options we have come to the end of our statewide contracts in this webinar we will now open the field to question and I’m going to introduce a few people that are here to respond to your question first we have is teleology owns who is our director of our knowledge center at state purchasing division we also have Terry zoom close with our director of strategic sourcing in the state purchasing division and we have George Hawks earth who is our lead project manager for our statewide contract index project so go ahead and if you will please enter your questions into the questions field you’ll be able to read your questions out loud and we’ll answer them verbally as well you you you you you you you you you all right so we’re back and we are ready to answer your questions the first question that we have is where can you find out whether the contract is mandatory or convenient and that would be on the contract summary screen that appears once you click on the contract number link the second question is are you going to be entirely removing the statewide contract menu on the DOAs website and the answer is yes in three days it will remove the statewide contract menu from the DOAs website the index itself will be removed there’ll be a link to come over to Team Georgia marketplace so that you can find this

information using your window shopper username and password and we also have a public view for suppliers who want to view art state by contract basic contract information but it will redirect to our new location the next question is can many people be logged in as guests at the same time and the answer is yes there is no limit to the number of people that can be logged in as a guest on the website the next question is is this best viewed in Internet Explorer or Firefox and the answer is that there really isn’t a difference for your browser so you can choose which whichever browser you prefer the next question is if my agency is on Team Georgia marketplace can I still use a window shopper function yes the answer is yes you can still use a window shopper function and you can also always access the public site for the statewide contract index my recommendation is that you continue to log in 15 Georgia marketplace with your PeopleSoft username and password so that your requisition can bring over the nigp code there’s a lot of benefits of using team Georgia marketplace versus window shopper you would have to print screen’ if you went window shopper versus Team Georgia marketplace the next question is will this training session be available on the intranet so that other staff members can access it and the answer is yes we did record our webinar in addition to that on the statewide contract index page there are links to quick reference guides as well as an online recorded presentation to you but you will be able to have other staff members access the presentation and we highly recommend that you let your end users to utilize statewide contracts to have information so that they can do a self-training through these two tools that we just described there’s a question when will that be posted I’m going to assume you’re talking about the training session this recorded webinar will be will be posted next week but there is currently a presentation that’s available for you on the statewide contract index page that will allow you to go through the steps of how to access the new index next question is are all state contracts listed in Team Georgia marketplace and the answer is yes all the state contracts are listed in Team Georgia marketplace next question is is there a way to get an alphabetical listing of just the contracts without multiple vendors showing up when you search the window shopper the answer to that question is no there is not a way to get just a listing of the contract without the multiple vendors you can sort the list though but you will not be able to just get an alphabetical listing of the contract the next question is you need to be a permanent state employee to gain access to window shopper um we’re allowing all local governments to also access window shopper so no you don’t have to be a permanent state employee to get access we also have a public view that just gives them to the contract tab for the general contract information that was normally viewable by our supplier community but they do not have access to the unit price sheets next question is will contract to be listed even if the contract content hasn’t been loaded into the marketplace that’s hosted or a punch out content and the answer to that question is yes the contracts will be listed even if they’re all the content hasn’t been loaded next question is what is the difference between what a guest can see compared to what a window shopper can see the guests gdm guest password ID and password only grants access to the contract information window shopper has full view of all the catalogues

the next question is will this be on a PowerPoint available to us the reference to vendors that can call so yes the answer is yes to that question once again on the statewide contracts index screen there is a link to a presentation that is referencing the public the next question is where do we find the most current price for fuels yeah actually you can find the current price list on the ordering instructions for that contract as well as via search results through window shopper and the pricing for fuel is set daily through opus which is what we use to see what fuel costs are the next question is is there a way to easily spot a convenience contract to a mandatory statewide contract and the answer is yes on the contract summary screen it will indicate whether the contract is a mandatory or convenient the next question if you wanted to order a certain kind of label printer excel and pro – how can you search for a specific item when you type in labeled printer those results will be returned if you’re logging in via people’s via PeopleSoft or using your window shopper ID the next question is are you planning to email the PowerPoint presentation out to all attendees and the answer is no the presentation will be available on the statewide contract index web page that’s on our website you you all right the next question is will authorities only be able to access contracts through the window shopper feature and will we be able to make the purchases directly from the TVM site with purchase orders as well as P cards appear at Sao user in PeopleSoft and you rolled out in team georgia marketplace yes if we’re the board of regions no you would not be able to bring the information over on the TGM site you’ll have to cut and paste the information off the website so it depends what kind of use you are with in team Georgia marketplace the next question is do Team Georgia marketplace users have to dummy or requisition to see the index you can initiate the link to Teen Georgia marketplace by creating a wreck and then canceling or you can request a window shopper user ID to access the index the next question is please repost the statewide contracts website address and I’m going to go ahead and pull that up all right so on your screen is the statewide contract index webpage and at the top in your address bar this is the URL however to get here you can go to state and local and state purchasing and once a state purchasing page shows up you can then click on statewide contract in the direct links area and that will

bring you to the statewide contract in next page again we recommend that everybody get a username and password as Windows shopper because in 30 days that old link for statewide contracts will go down and you will have to login as a window shopper or as a general public we are not going to maintain price sheets in both sites and that’s the primary reason why we’ve moved everything over to our side questing’ georgia marketplace to provide accurate pricing for all our statewide contracts you you you you you you you you you okay we’re back what I wanted to show you all is where you would be able to see whether the contract was a convenience of mandatory once you go into the contract in the contract summary when you click on the statewide contract information sheet the information sheet will come up and it will indicate the contract information field whether it’s the mandatory or convenience contract I think those few of you several of you had that same question so this is where you will be able to indicate whether it’s mandatory or convenience and there’s a takeaway to improve search capabilities we’ll update that information in the contract description so you’ll be able to reference it a little easier going forward all right the next question is for some IP contracts listed on a do a a statewide contract and menu there are no item schedules for example and then statewide contract 908 one four – oh one computers are the items listed and window-shop for now if not are we just supposed to take the vendors were that it’s on contract for that particular contract you can now access it directly via a direct link from the window shopper the main search page so that will that will contain the current price list we have another question about copies of the presentation and just to our reiterate the presentation will be posted on the statewide contract index web page the next question is are expired statewide contract archives in a separate database now going forward they’ll actually be archived there already archived on the old index and going forward the archive will remain in team georgia marketplace the next question is can state employee register on Team Georgia market please yes they just need to request the username and password and we highly encourage all employees to buy or a requester to get a username and password for toon Georgia marketplace window shopper you you you the next question is where will the

statewide contract furniture information be listed if the old statewide contract page goes away and I am going to show you how to access that give me a few moments you you you you so currently here is our resulting screen for our furniture contract search and this is where all the information is here currently and so given the volume we’re not actually able to list all the suppliers because there’s over 70 on contract but you can gain all the information you need for that contract off the information sheet which is currently how you’re currently getting the information off the old statewide contract index we brought over all the information sheets and the benefit sheets which you currently would find if you went out to the old index so we did not remove any information we just made it easier for you to search the pricing and to find the information sheet in the benefit sheets here under the contract summary tab the next question what do you do when you get a vendor estimate and they’re supposed to be an authorized dealer but they aren’t listed on the statewide contract and they want you to make the PIO to them rather than to the vendor on the statewide contract with respect to statewide contracts you should use the authorized dealers that have been identified in our n8 Georgia marketplace as your supplier in the event a secondary supplier is trying to do business with you I would request that you work with your issuing officer also noted in this in team georgia marketplace to ensure that we can also be as effective from a cost compliance and service delivery point of view next question is we are a Board of Regents agency will all of our campus users need to apply for a user ID and password yes again if they purchase or request items off of a statewide contract they’ll have to get a window shopper username and password we are planning to have one more webinar for the Board of Regents so that we can have a training session for the requesters and end-users for the Board of Regents since many of them are not on campus at this time the next question is what is the purpose of giving the public access to state contract information while the Department of Administrative Services oversees 123 agencies 35 University than 22 technical colleges we recognize that in the marketplace or a local constituents cities towns municipalities etc that don’t have the buying leverage capacity or in some cases wherewithal to go out and negotiate effective costs and pricing for its products or services so in essence by law they’re allowed to piggyback off of our agreements to help them better optimize the use of their funds in addition to that suppliers because we have information or contract summary sheets all that information was public access and when suppliers are ready to rebid a new statewide contract they’re able to provide or get that information for public view instead of asking for a public records request the next question is why aren’t webinars posted the same day of training for DOAs website does it take a week to have one posted in translation services still not posted in webinar was last Tuesday the answer to that question is that when we do webinars we have to formally answer questions and then all the information is posted to the web at the same time both the presentations the webinars and

the question another question is can you please review how to get a state-wide from a window shop or user ID for non PGM users and I’ll go back to the website on the website we’ll go back to the state purchasing page in under statewide contract under the window chakra section it tells you to click on the team Georgia marketplace icon and then using your window shopper ID to navigate the contract if you are not yet a window shopper there’s a link that says if this is your first visit please register here and it takes you through a series of fields that you need to complete and you will receive two emails indicating that your registration has been approved and then you’ll be able to access the window shopper those steps are also included in a presentation that I went over today and if they will be posted to the statewide contract index page as well there also is online window shopper training that you can access by going to the features under team Georgia marketplace if you click on the Chevron to the right I’m gonna go to deal with some and try it from this way so under team Georgia marketplace there’s a section for window shopper if you click on learn more there’s an entire page dedicated to just window shopper and it gives you some additional training and resources on how to use window shopper how to register as well as some quick reference guide that you can read for different functions in window shopper there’s a question here could an agency register for one years of our damn passwords and make this login information available to all fast it’s actually recommended that every individual user have their own window shopper ID primarily the it serves the purpose if you’re a non enabled agency not on the team Georgia marketplace the entire solution the idea is to use window shopper to go out grab the items you want to purchase and create a in essence a shopping cart if you have the same user used being used throughout the agency you’re gonna see orders or shopping carts that are created and it’ll cause quite a bit of confusion if you just have one user one person per user ID that person will have a better better chance of managing the items that they want to purchase there’s a question regarding window shopper training and hopefully we just answer that a few minutes ago the next question is if someone is new to purchasing how is the best way to obtain this training um I think I just went over the window shopper training in addition to that there is training for all agency buyers you can access the training webpage under state purchasing and that will give you additional information about the training you’ll need to take the next question is will we continue to be notified when new contracts are posted and renewed and the answer to that question is yes you will continue to be notified the next question is why do we get notification about some contract changes but not others for example I just noticed on the audio video storage media electronic storage devices statewide contract that the vendors tape online is no longer on the contract can you notifies about all changes we can certainly notify you of the change and the rationale behind some messaging and some other messaging that doesn’t occur is a function of as things change we look to see if we can synchronize

with our webinar schedule to ensure that as changes occur that we we share that information with you and in some cases there are no changes to report but we can certainly as changes to occur by statewide contract and there are over h2 we try not to inundate all of the end users with a plethora of different webinars so we have a schedule for everything which sometimes explains the delay in some of the messaging and we apologize for that we’ll do our best to be more efficient all right the next question is the one will that information be loaded not quite sure which information you’re referring to but this is for mr. overbid you could give us another question that kind of further outlines what information your references I’ll be appreciating the next question is will agency contract to be available for review by other agencies for possible piggyback purposes we have a contract with side-quests that an agency can utilize but it would cost them to put their agency contracts out on SciQuest right now we only have statewide contract on SciQuest in Teen Georgia marketplace but ultimately yes agencies could load their own agency contracts the University of Georgia is already doing that if you have any questions you can contact George in regards to that all right the next question is to know do we report inconsistencies on the statewide contracts for example on the Dell HP Lenovo computer contracts the first page said the contract is a convenience contract with the last page says it’s mandatory okay thank you for yet another question from you we certainly appreciate the feedback anytime that you see inconsistencies please feel free to reach out to the issuing officer that’s noted on the index and will make sure that to rectify the inaccuracy so thanks for that I hope you everyone has noticed that we have cleaned up our statewide contract index we’ve worked on it for the last four months to make sure that the information that’s out inside questing’ Georgia marketplace is accurate and up-to-date and we do appreciate any inconsistencies letting us know where it is our the next question is please state again the exact date of the old list will no longer be available we’re into anticipating August 15th that was 30 days but if it needs to be out a little bit longer we could go probably 45 days so we just need some feedback Judy we’ve been working with Michael in regards to this with the Board of Regents to see when the best date is but we do not want to keep it up much longer than 30 to 45 days because the price sheets do change and we do not want to maintain to price sheets both in team Georgia marketplace and on all the old statewide contract in deck the next question is instead of listing mandatory or convenience on the summary page could it be a column on the search list yeah and unfortunately we don’t have the capability to customize the search columns however as noted earlier one of our takeaways is to update that information so you’ll see that at the very beginning of the contract description the next question is Colleen define convenient contract great question Anthony and I would and I really appreciate that one contract of convenience stairway contract is exactly just what it says I mean we have an order of precedence whereas if a net being a mandatory would be your first option an agency-wide contract would be a second a third would be state used council chats and then the fourth being that of a statewide contract which is one of convenience however I will say that those are enterprise-wide agreements the convenience ones they have been favorably negotiated and are very cost effective and I would ask that if you do have other sources please make sure to let us know as well one of the things that our function provides is audit as well so we want to make sure that we continue to drive compliance and usage of the contracts which helps us to be more effective and drive down costs even further across the enterprise and

increase service levels alright the next question is if I am a buyer in team Georgia marketplace and use a procurement is there any reason why I would need to be a window shopper as well I would say no but Scott Hall from DJJ says he would use all requisitions coming in from his buyer and he would want to have access instead of having to do a dummy rec he could come in to window shopper to view the correct unit price and description but as a buyer I would say there would be no need for you to come in as a window shopper the next question is if you currently have a PGM username and password you also need another for window shopper and the answer is no you want to come in through TGM because by coming into TGM and doing a requisition you’re bringing over all the nigp codes at a line-item level so it’s much better plus you can either use your P card or kuttapi o versus on window shopper it’s only a view only you can do a shopping basket but those buyers would have to cut and paste into their P o if they’re non SI o team Georgia marketplace users the next question is why do you suggest that all employees register with window shopper and not just purchasing officers the reason we’re requesting all employees to register and it’s only employees who are requesters and request items off of statewide contract to register as window shopper because otherwise you as a buyer will have to go out and get the unit price and get the description most of your in requesters want to know what’s on statewide contract and they’ll buy off of those items so it’s this higher visibility and it reduces the workload for the buyers that are non SEO team Georgia marketplace users the next question is please show info sheet on furniture statewide contract and how to find authorized dealers for the manufacturer okay then the next question is actually a statement it says the University of Georgia would like to clarify that UGA agency contracts are only being loaded into our application not to the SPD contract manager other agencies will not be able to see UGA agency contracts and clarify may if they’re any questions who should they contact if you would want to just put that down and we will add that to our question and answers so we can publish it on the web all right let’s see another question we have is can employees make arrangements for a translator or interpreter services on statewide contract through a window shopper so the answer is no not directly through window shop or however if you seek out these services through window shopper there’s an instructional form that allows you to better understand how to order those specific services that you require great question and the last question we have is mandatory contracts which takes precedence statewide are mandatory I would like to know exactly where it fits in the list or is there no rule of thumb if you go out to the Georgia procurement manual it’s very clear the order of precedence in regards to a mandatory statewide contract versus a convenience statewide contract mandatory has precedence over convenience and you do have to buy off the inventory contract for the GPM I want to make another point about that as

well the agent our state person division does have training that addresses all of the policies and procedures for state purchasing and you can find that on our training website and I do want to show you that because we do have sort of and programs as well that will enable you to understand how to better purchase in the state and so if you go to state and local and state purchasing on the website here on the right where it says purchasing training go to agency training and on this page you’ll be able to understand the curriculum that we have it’s a purchasing and all the requirements that you will need to take in order for you to start procuring items and also in order for you to understand more about the purchasing process so we’re going to conclude our webinar this morning thank you very much for your attendance if you have additional questions you may contact our procurement help desk at procurement help at do AES Gao we will be posting this webinar on our on statewide contracts index page so thank you very much for your participation and have a good day